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Message from the CEO


12,000 litres. That is the volume of air a single adult breathes during a day. Small wonder then that the quality of air that fills your lungs will have an impact on your well-being. I believe there is a link between health – both mental and physical - and the purity of the air we breathe. Hence why people meander through pinewoods on long walks to clear their heads, or go on a cruise to deeply inhale the ozone-rich sea air. Having suffered from asthma during my youth means that indoor air quality is extremely important to me. I am passionate, driven and uncompromising when it comes creating the right conditions for air indoors quality.

I am also edified by the overwhelmingly positive reviews from our customers, which have helped associate Saniservice with exceptional quality. It’s not just expertise and reliability that make us a leader in our field. It’s our entire way of thinking where nothing less that perfection will do. And as I say that, I’m very aware that nothing of what we’ve achieved would have been possible without our teams. They are our greatest asset, and best ambassadors – which is why their training and well-being is foremost for me. Their dedication and determination has led to delighted clients, who them in turn have made our reputation.

Pure, clean and healthy air is necessity, not a luxury. But it’s a necessity that needs to be safeguarded. How often you get your central air-conditioning units cleaned, and whom you trust with it, is enormously important. When we established Saniservice back in 2009, it was to further my passion for guaranteeing pure air indoors. We didn’t want to be general AC cleaners. Nor did we want to be jacks of all trades. Our ambition was to focus on a select portfolio of services, and deliver them better than anyone else in the market. We wanted to be the gold standard for AC cleaning and disinfection in the Middle East. Looking back, after having helped thousands of families breathe better air, and hundreds of workplaces improve employee well-being, I’m proud of our consistently meticulous approach to our work. François B. Larsen CEO, Saniservice



A story of excellence


We’ve been providing residential and commercial clients with the gold standard of disinfection services for almost a decade. Through the years, we’ve tested, honed, refined and revised almost continuously to guarantee a level of professionalism unmatched in the market. Our story starts in March 2009, when we tried registering as a disinfection service under the name Sanicar. Back then, our business model simply didn’t exist as a category in the ledgers of the Department of Economic Development. It took a few weeks to get our category of business added to the records, after which we took proud ownership of a brand new license. Sanicar became the very first firm in Dubai to formally operate as a “Disinfection and Sanitisation Company”. It was at point that we realised the significance of the journey we were embarking on. An initial team of 8 began offering vehicle AC disinfection services. Our goal was to go to clients, and service cars wherever they were parked – using fully-equipped vans packed with equipment. Later that year, the bird flu scare shook the world. Disinfection was key to containment, and Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) recognised this immediately. We were contracted to provide daily disinfection for their entire fleet of airport taxis. Dubai was only the second city in the world – after Hong Kong – to provide this extra level of security to passengers. Disinfecting a fleet of hundreds every single day posed a significant challenge. But Sanicar’s small and busy team rose to the occasion, and harnessed the latest technology to serve our cause. We relied on a 100% chemical-free medical-grade disinfectant that rapidly broke down into water and oxygen after application. 7

Customers could board disinfected taxis seconds after our team had finished – which kept passengers on the move and the airport humming without disruption. We had demonstrated our worth. But now, our customers wanted more. The market wanted us to bring the same levels of expertise and professionalism to buildings and homes. In 2010, we complied with our clients’ wishes. We officially changed our name to Saniservice, and started offering residential and office AC sanitisation. The move prompted growth. Year after year, we took on new clients and trained new team members to cope with demand. In 2013, we installed ourselves in a new headquarters in Dubai’s Al Quoz area to give ourselves room to grow. Today, we’ve grown from an initial team of 8 pioneering people to a complement of 75 people – 60 of whom are frontline technicians. Our size and capabilities may have changed for the better. But our ethos remains much the same – to bring meticulous care, expertise and preparation to each job, and leave behind satisfied clients and purified, healthy air.





For us, quality is not an act, but a habit. We know that quality is only ever possible as a direct result of high intention. That’s why we set ourselves strict goals and high benchmarks. For us, quality means preparation, dedication and persistence. It means paying attention to every single detail, and making minute improvements every day. It means creating a “Right First Time” culture of service delivery. We understand that our definition of quality needs a compatible organisational culture. That’s why we have a corporate culture of competence, where every single team member is encouraged to achieve the highest possible quality standards. Quality also requires investment – in people, processes and technology. We equip our teams with all the tools they need to perform above expectation. More importantly still, we instil in every team member a sense of pride – in themselves, and their work, so they can represent the Saniservice brand in the right manner. At Saniservice, quality also means conversation. We have structured quality control processes that are very responsive to customer comments. We pride ourselves on quickly turning customer concerns into customer delight. We believe in feedback. Our customers are encouraged to rate our teams after every job. Our teams are also monitored daily, and are given incentives to perform above and beyond the call of duty. Every month, we choose a “Best Team of the Month” based on client feedback, with every member of the team awarded a special achievement bonus. Quality is never an accident. It’s something we aspire to, and plan for, every single hour.




There is no substitute for expertise. Neither are there shortcuts to it. Genuine expertise is only possible with prolonged experience and constructive feedback. As of 2017, we have delighted some 5,000 clients, and have sanitised over 20,000 AC units – giving our teams unparalleled expertise on the job. We carefully nurture this accumulation of expertise. We assemble teams with the right mindset and capabilities. Then, we train them rigorously. We also create an employment culture that values long-term retention, so our teams grow in stature and expertise over time. And we ensure that our teams adhere to our ISIAQ, QUADCA, IAQA, NADCA and NAFA accredited procedures every step of the way. And now, we’ve gone a step further. We have established the Saniservice Training Centre in India, which takes budding technicians through scenarios and simulations. We mimic installations and challenges they might encounter on the job. And we choose the best and brightest to join our teams in the Middle East.




Good ideas are but the first step in innovation. Translating these ideas into products, services and actions that delight clients is equally as important. We keep our eyes fixed on industry trends. We look out for technological breakthroughs, and new ways of doing things better. We study some of the world’s best service providers in our field, and benchmark ourselves against them. We also invest considerably in research and development, and technology acquisition. Our R&D team constantly monitors the tools and machinery we use, and explores technical improvements that can create even better results. Our Swiss biosanitiser technology is unmatched in proving safe and environmentally-friendly disinfection. We combine this product with state of the art misting and fogging machines that disperse microscopic droplets evenly over a wide area. We also innovate solutions for specific needs. For instance, schools and nurseries benefit from our Sani360 surface disinfection technology specifically designed to keep young learners safe and healthy. It’s where we use electrostatic sprayers to evenly distribute microscopic droplets so they coat all the surfaces and toys in a room. This dispersal technology guarantees excellent coverage for longer-lasting protection against germs. For us, innovation isn’t just a quality in its own right, but also a powerful tool to delight clients with exceptional results.













After 24

Because good health is a gift


We created Saniservice to improve health. Our services are geared towards the goal of creating purer air that helps people breathe easier, and live better. This focus on health informs everything we do. It’s why we only use the best products available, and vet our chosen tools and techniques carefully. We understand our industry, and the terms it uses. Just because a disinfectant is termed “green”, “natural” or “biodegradable” doesn’t mean it is non-toxic. Many antibacterial products contain Quarternary Ammonium compounds, also called Quats, which can breed antibiotic-resistant bacteria and also trigger asthma after frequent exposure. Our goal is to avoid toxicity altogether. That’s why our product of choice is an eco-friendly and non-toxic EU-certified biosanitiser. It is totally free of harsh chemicals, and is instead composed of 98% pure water, and around 2% of boosted hydrogen peroxide. This boosted solution turns into water and oxygen after use, leaving virtually no residue. Yet, it remains incredibly effective against germs and microbes, and eliminates 99.9999% of them on contact. At Saniservice, our goal is not just to sanitise but also to help people live healthier and breathe easier. And we believe that chemical-free products are a very important part of fulfilling that goal.



There for our customers


The Saniservice promise is simple. We want to provide exceptional customer service, time and again. It’s what sets us apart from in our field. So here’s what we promise. First, we promise to be available 24/7, round the clock, to field your queries and answer your concerns. Then, when you book an inspection with us, we promise to honour our scheduled appointment, and to use GPS technology and show up at your door without calling you over and over for directions. We promise to be completely transparent. We don’t believe in obfuscation, and don’t like confusion. We’ll take pictures and give you a detailed report on everything that’s been conducted so you can see for yourself. And if we find any technical issues that need your attention, we’ll tell you about those too. And if you have any concerns, a technical maintenance team will be at your door within 24 hours to investigate malfunctions. We also promise to respect your homes and offices, and the people living and working there. We clean and restore after we’ve finished working to ensure everything is left pristine and just the way we found it. And finally, we promise to understand your requirements, and reward you for putting your trust in us. Our proprietary CMS helps us track your preferences and requests, and understand you better. It also helps us suggest follow-up services. As a Saniservice client, you get access to additional services – such as vehicle disinfection and technical maintenance.



An Academy of Excellence


We’re passionate about contributing to the community, and giving people opportunities to develop, grow and find gainful employment. We’re also extremely committed to quality and excellence in customer service. When we decided to combine our two passions in one ambitious project, the Saniservice Academy was a natural result. We partnered with the Little Flower Engineering Institute (LFEI) in Kerala, India, to create a training institute par excellence. Our Academy is a home for excellence. There, we recreate complex HVAC systems within detailed environments complete with furnishing and parquetry. We train our students to navigate this warren of technical infrastructure in challenging environments. The aim is to take trainees through real-world scenarios in fully-furnished surroundings. 12 HVAC and duct systems of varying complexity guarantee that our students have trained on systems more complicated than anything they might encounter on the job. The Saniservice Academy also performs the value task of community uplift. It gives people a chance to learn the technical and vocational skills that help them find jobs back home, and around the world. The best talent from the Academy is also given the opportunity to join the Saniservice team and being a rewarding career overseas. It’s this combination of community contribution and excellence that is a hallmark of Saniservice’s approach to corporate social responsibility.



Contact Us


We want to demonstrate why Saniservice is considered the gold standard of sanitisation and disinfection services, and why our clients swear by us. We would be delighted to help your business or home benefit from purer air and better health. We guarantee that we’ll be responsive, communicative, and prepared. We’ve included a small contact booklet at the end of this brochure for you to find your nearest Saniservice office quickly and easily. Alternatively, please visit our website for a full list of our locations. We’re standing by to serve you, and will be delighted to hear from you.





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