Salon - The Intersecton of Art + Design - September 2021

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The Great Design Disaster The Great Design Disaster is an ambitious project born out of a respect for the design process. It initiates and facilitates an intimate conversation between collector and artisan – a dialogue that takes the creative process to new heights. The brainchild of art and design expert Joy Herro and interior designer Gregory Gatseralia, the project challenges the understanding that a design’s success lies in its replication, and celebrates the ‘design disaster’ of making just one, only once,

The Great Design Disaster, Tetris table, plexiglass and black painted stainless steel, 60 × 60 × 55 centimetres. Photo: Marella Bessone

for a single person. Through a careful understanding and communication with the collector, The Great Design Disaster connects the dots of concept, design and final one-of-a-kind experience. Joy Herro Via Daniele Manin 35 Milano 20121, Italy +39 380 376 9322