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Friedman Benda Friedman Benda identifies and advances key narratives that intersect contemporary design, craft, architecture, fine art, and cutting-edge technological research. The gallery promotes synthesis between leading creative thinkers and makers by creating opportunities to advance new connections within the global design community. Friedman Benda is committed to a critical view of design history. We aim to expand the design dialogue from its established sources, exploring perspectives that have previously been marginalized. Spanning five continents and four generations, Friedman Benda represents a roster of seminal established and emerging designers, as well as historically significant estates. Since 2007, the gallery’s exhibitions, publications and collaborations with institutions have played a vital role in the development of the contemporary design market and scholarship. 515 West 26th Street New York, NY 10001 United States (212) 239-8700

(Left to right) Adam Silverman: Tide Jar, 2019, Untitled, 2017, Untitled, 2015; Faye Toogood: Maquette 243 / Wire and Card Table, 2020; Carmen D’Apollonio: One More Time, 2019; Faye Toogood: Maquette 057 / Canvas Chair Tapestry, 2020; Bruno Gambone: Untitled, c.1980s; Jonathan Trayte: Soft Pair, 2019; Daniel Arsham, India Lounge Chair VI, 2019; gt2P (Great Things to People): N1: Revolution Aux Table S, Quitralco, Osorno Volcano, 2017, Remolten N1: Revolution Aux Table M, Quitralco, Osorno Volcano, 2017; John Mason: Four Stack Figure, Eggshell, 2015