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Peter Lane Studio Peter Lane is a New York-based ceramic artist who specializes in large-scale architectural installations, monumental furniture, and decorative objects. Raw and refined, brutal and elegant, his practice is based in hand carving techniques inspired by the material itself. This photograph taken in Peter’s studio showroom shows the full-scale maquette he created for the Hotel de Crillon Pool commission in Paris. Peter Lane Studio 302 Scholes Street Brooklyn, NY 11206 United States (347) 891-2822

Peter Lane, Crillon maquette, jade-glazed stoneware with 24-carat gold-leaf cabochons, 2016, 95 × 104 inches Peter Lane, Trumpet vases, glazed stoneware, 2019, 22 × 60 inches each Peter Lane, Starburst lamp base, glazed stoneware, 2018, 12 × 22 inches Peter Lane, Dining table, solid sandblasted white oak on ceramic pedestals (not shown), 2019, 120 × 48 × 3 inches