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Salon Art + Design 2020

Legado Arte Founded in 2003, Legado Arte has always set out to discuss furniture as art objects that transcend form and function, whether it be in a piece’s historical value, its relevance in establishing a school or style – a case in point being Brazilian Modern furniture – or in contemporary creations by new designers working with concepts that conflate art and design, with items produced in limited quantities. Beth Santos Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, 500 Sao Paulo, 01442 000 Brazil info@legadoarte.com.br +55 11 2936 9702 www.legadoarte.com.br

(Right) Sergio Rodrigues, Itamaraty Desk, jacaranda and chromed metal, 1960 (Below) Maximiliano Crovato, Centipede Bench, painted leather and polished brass, 2019. Photo: Romulo Fialdini

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