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Cooling, mist systems, humidity control, dust control systems

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Natural cooling


Cooling, mist systems, humidity control, dust control systems

how we cool Our systems are ideal in open areas or even indoors. Cooling works on the theory of flash evaporation, where cold water sucks the heat from the surroundings and use this energy to his own evaporization. To maximize the capacity of pulverised water to absorb as much heat from the atmosphere without any moisture problem, our devices use special nozzles which create 5 micron water droplets (which is 10 times smaller than the diameter of hair). With these nozzles the system generates around "mist", so that water drops absorb as much heat from the surroundings to completelly evaporate.

to reduce the temperature of al ide is d an n" tio ora ap ev h as "fl d This method is calle "getting wet" or moisture problem. 10-15 째 C ambient without any sign of thout the

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Simple and easy operation of the sys Cooling on places where previously

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And all at a significantly lower operating costs than are conventional air conditioners, which can be used only indoors, another drawback is that air conditioners are drying out the air in the area where the unit is located. Operation and maintenance of the system is simple and easy. Our systems are designed so that each activity outdoor is a pleasure and is offering outdoor cooling on those places where it has not yet been possible. Another important factor is the psychological effect and visual effect created by falling mist. Another beneficial effect of mist created by the cooling device is that they are filtering the air. Free sprayed water droplets fall to the ground, draw dirty air components to the surroundings. This is also applicable to flying insects, whose wings get heavy with water and drop, using our systemss we create a natural filter wall, which blocks the hot air, dust and insects.

where we cool rature outdoors Creating an ambient tempe faction and will increase customer satis restaurant. traffic at your hotel, bar and

Greenhouses, large garden astic production greenhouses, pl g HVAC Production area, pre-coolin units, dust control ring In animal husbandry, lowe heat stress at animals In sports halls, tennis cour fields

Natural cooling

ts, golf

Cooling, mist systems, humidity control, dust control systems

fog Residences

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ideal for Our equipment will ensure a pleasant cool climate where classical airconditioning does not work or has high energy consumption. Devices have low operating costs, have a modern look and easy operation. This device turns your environment to better, many architects, landscape gardeners and experts for events use the system in gardens, around fountains, artificial waterfalls and pools. The results can be achieved in various ways, for example: simulating natural steam or using different effects, depending on the radiation and the creative spirit of the place.

Natural cooling

fog Commercial

Cooling, mist systems, humidity control, dust control systems

ry xu lu r u o it h w s si a o d le o o c a Change your terrace to s designed UFO and line system ents and t g i b n i r i a ooled Efficiently c cost of e h t f o n o i t frac domes,for a ologies other techn

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best for: Outdoor cooling at terraces, pool areas also terraces of bars and restaurants from 15m2 - 2500m2.

Promotions, product launches Bars, restaurants, caffeterias Pool areas, aquaparks, wellnes centers Supermarkets, vegetable stands, flower shops

Discotheques Outdoor restaurants Golf resorts Tennis courts

Natural cooling


Cooling, mist systems, humidity control, dust control systems

Agriculture and Industry ideal for Greenhouses, large production greenhouses In animal husbandry The production of flour

Production halls In wood industry

SANFOG pays great attention to all agricultural sectors. We understand how important it is to use the latest technologies and processes at all stages of agricultural production, we were able to produce the highest quality products that will stand the strongest competition in the world.

did you know? SANFOG technology can be used inside the premises of various types. Their installation and maintenance is very simple, thanks to very detailed instructions. Automatic system allows you to set temperature in advance, which is very important for example in the garment industry, flour mills, timber, where the relative humidity and low air temperature apply to strict regulations.

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Natural cooling

Cooling, mist systems, humidity control, dust control systems

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