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America’s Favorite Gift Basket & Flower Shop 215 N. Wood Ave, Linden NJ

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Sandy’s Sandy’s is the place to get your gifts, whether you need one, ten, 100 or more. We will customize your order. We have been satisfying customers for over 35 years. We can make any size, any style, to fit any budget. After receiving many requests for fruit baskets in our little produce market some 35 years ago. Sandy`s made her first fruit basket on a crate of tomatoes. Since then, we have progressed to one of the industry’s best and biggest gift packers. Everyone of Sandy’s gift baskets is loaded with our fresh jumbo fruit, that we purchase from America’s greatest farms. The fruit is hand picked at the peak of readiness. Our reputation is on the line, so we strive for perfection. At Sandy’s we are not just gift packers, we are designers creating a thing of beauty with every basket we send out. Both eye appealing and mouth watering, always keeping our customers in mind. Baskets are made fresh daily and can be custom made to your price and specifications. At Sandy`s, value is everything. We stand for the highest quality, finest taste and best service anywhere! Sandy`s guarantees every gift to the recipient, for the recipient will be our next customer. In addition to our wonderful gift & fruit baskets, we have a complete floral department. We carry a full assortment of all types of fresh flowers, flower arrangements, vases, mixed arrangements, green plants, dish gardens, balloons, and stuffed animals. We will cater to your party arrangements needs, & customize, and coordinate any style arrangement to fit your needs or budget. We make all style funeral arrangements, baskets, sprays, casket covers, wreaths, hearts, & more. We have over 100 years of combined experience. So feel confident when calling, & let us know how we can help you.



Any size, any price, any style, anything at all, we can do it. Call us today!

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Goodie Basket....$45.00 The Goodie Basket, yes it is, all goodies. It includes several kinds of cookies, preserves, chocolates, candies, nuts, and a topping of fancy hard candy. All of this arranged in a fancy handled oriental wicker, and topped off with a beautiful holiday bow.

The Westside....$35.95 This Basket offers the juiciest and plumpest fruits and an imported delicacies such as fresh roasted nuts, mouth watering truffles, or a jar of our finest imported preserves. All packed into a reusable wicker basket. A true Westside story.

The Royale....& $95.00 Overflowing with all types of goodies & treats this is a showstopper. Included are Liqueur cherry Pralines, Assorted chocolates, chocolate covered cherries, Walnut fudge, chocolate mint creams, Costa crackers, Lindt truffles, Swiss roll & Belgium chocolate.

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Jumbo Cookie....$59.95 Just like our Cookie Delights, the Jumbo Cookie comes with plump and juicy fruit and a large tin of cookies. In addition, some mouth watering truffles, and a can of imported nuts are added. A definite delight

s ’ y d n a SCelebrating 40 Years Basket of Treats....$45.95 Basket of treats indeed, this wicker has chocolate covered cherries, peanut cookies, cheese spread, Costa crackers, strawberry bon bons, Biscotti cookies, fiorelli preserves & lindt truffles. The perfect “Basket of Treats”.


Sandy’s 908-486-9222

800-446-4438 Fax 908-486-8626

Cookie Delight....$40.95 Sandy’s famous Cookie Delight, is just that, simply a delight to both eyes and the taste buds! Our hand picked fruits, stacked high on top of imported Danish Butter cookies, along with Fiorelli preserves makes the perfect gift for any occasion.

Sweet Expressions....$34.95 Made on top of a 1lb tin of imported Danish butter cookies is a collection of different types of chocolates, cookies, & candies.

The Park Avenue....$65.95 The Park Avenue is arranged in an imported wicker tray heaped with our choice fancy fruit and a large variety of gourmet delicacies. Fancy cookies and candies, assorted varieties of nuts, coffees, and teas, gourmet cakes, cheeses and fancy crackers. A gift long remembered.

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The Time Square....$50.00 Just as Time Square bring the world together, so does our Time Square Basket. Complete with our finest fruits, imported Fiorelli fine preserves, chocolate covered cherries, assorted nuts, a large selection of cookies and Swiss Roll Cake. You won’t “drop the ball” with this gift.

The Lil Guy....$34.95 When a little something is all you need. Arranged on top of a tin of imported Butter Cookies, our jumbo fruit mixed with two of our mouthwatering delicacies, makes a .... “Big hit”

Holiday Medley....$54.95 A connoisseur’s assortment of cocktail meats and cheeses that are sure to please a variety of palates. Contains Salted Peanuts, Butter Toasted Peanuts, Two Tins, of Shell’s Liver Pate, an 8 oz. Ham, Rounds of Gouda and Edam, Sticks of Brick and Colby, Loaves of Muenster and Cheddar, Beef Sausage, Summer Sausage, Apricot and Blackberry Preserves, Dill and Stone-ground Mustard and our Petits Fours.


Sandy’s 908-486-9222

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The Broadway....$ 75.00 A walk down Broadway as everyone knows is always exciting and diverse, just as our Broadway basket is. A fancy imported wicker basket overflowing with only the finest fruits and our most scrumptious delicacies. A grand basket to remember.

Carousel....$74.95 Spin this basket around and you will find an excellent array of delicacies. This gorgeous arrangement features, Walker shortbread, ice cups, Droste chocolates, pralines, Bavarian mints, Boccini cookies, Swiss Rolls, & nuts. This gift will be long remembered.

The Entertainer....$89.00 Martinelli’s sparkling cider, star peanuts, cocoa cookies, Walnut fudge, Tiramisu, Lindt truffles, Belle Flour cheesespread, Biscotti, peanut cookies, Belgium chocolate seashells, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate cream wafers & caramel nut clusters, make up this crowd pleaser.

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A mouthwatering assortment, of the finest fancy gourmet cookies, arranged on a fancy tray or a gift box. Over 10 varieties of flavors & fillings, all made of the finest quality. With several sizes to choose from, your fancy cookie order is ready for you. 1lb............................. $17.95

Gourmet Cookies

2lb..........................$27.95 3lb..........................$32.95 6lb..........................$44.95

Fancy Deluxe Cookies & More Arranged in this fancy tray, along with our gourmet cookies, we have added chocolate cakes, and chocolate covered pretzels or chocolate covered peanuts............Two sizes to chose from, $49.95 & $69.95


Sandy’s 908-486-9222

800-446-4438 Fax 908-486-8626

Half Boneless Ham....$44.95 Smoked and cured over wood to produce a sweeter old world taste. Approx. 6lbs.

Whole Smoked Ham....$74.95 Special cured. This ham is smoked over wood to produce a sweeter, Old World taste.

Ham‘N Fixings....$94.95 This whole smoked ham is accompanied by an impressive array of spices, condiments and after-dinner treats. This ready to eat ham is smoked over wood to produce a sweeter, Old world taste. The trimmings include: Ham Glaze, Soup Mix Dill Mustard, Butter Toasted Peanuts, Butter Mints, our Petits Fours, plus spiced Tea and English Breakfast Tea. The ham,from Corn-fed hogs, weighs 11-13 pounds and is closely trimmed.

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Purple Passion....$85 & up A theme basket, colored coordinated to your liking. To match a logo of yours, or that of your recipient. If you have a color or logo of your own, let us know and we will custom make it for you.

Tonka Truck-$89.95....Large Truck-$139.95 Baby first little Tonka truck a genuine Tonka truck, loaded with the finest fruits and lots of goodies for baby’s new family to share in. This Tonka will surely carry you away.


The Cradle....$100.00 The perfect gift for mom and her new baby. This actual doll cradle is packed full of the finest fruits and the most delicious delicacies anywhere. Complete with the baby’s first rattle. This is sure to make some noise!!!


Sandy’s 908-486-9222

800-446-4438 Fax 908-486-8626

Delivery Page AVENEL.........$10 CARTERET....$12 CLARK.............$9 COLONIA.......$10 CRANFORD.....$9 EDISON..........$12 ELIZABETH......$9 FANWOOD.....$10 FORDS...........$12 GARWOOD.....$10 HILLSIDE........$12 ISELIN.............$12 KENILWORTH$.10

RAHWAY................$9 ROSELLE...............$9 ROSELLE PARK....$9 SCOTCH PLAINS.$10 SEWAREN............$12 S.PLAINFIELD......$15 SPRINGFIELD......$12 SUMMIT................$12 UNION..................$10 WESTFIELD.........$10 WOODBRIDGE....$12 WINFIELD PARK..$7 STATEN ISLAND..$15

LINDEN..............$7 METUCHEN......$12 MOUNTAINSIDE$12 N. PLAINFIELD.$15



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Deluxe Assortment....$150.00 Assorted chocolates, walnut fudge Belgium cookies,Belgium chocolate ball, German chocolate cake,Ernest Borgnine’s Coffee Soda, chocolate peanutcookies, coconut chocolate wafers, Lindt truffles, chocolate tea biscuits, Boccicini wafers,bStar peanuts, butter cookies make this a treat for all to enjoy.

Millennium....$200.00 Celebrate in a big way. This basket has it all, Botticelli chocolate, several types of Belgium chocolates, Zachary chocolates, different kinds of Italian cookies, Lindt truffles, Walnut fudge, Bread sticks, preserves, Amaretto cake, Costa crackers, Belle Flour cheese spread, chocolate raspberry creams & a host of other delicious treats.

Picnic Time....$75 This two in one gift will be remember for years to come. Long after the plumpest fruit and a variety of delicacies are gone, you will be picnicking with your wicker hamper. A variety of sizes to fit the occasion, from a picnic for two to a grand family outing

Jumbo Picnic Time....$110


Sandy’s 908-486-9222

800-446-4438 Fax 908-486-8626

Snack Time....$70.00 With an array of snacks such as chocolate covered cherries, chocolate butter cookies, peanuts, cheese & crackers, Droste chocolate, Biscotti wafers, yogurt sticks, & chocolate sticks . The time to snack is now.

Strainer Basket Fruit....$54.95 This gift basket is filled with our mouthwatering fruit & delicious delicacies. After the fruit & delicacies are gone, the strainer can be used over & over again. The perfect gift.

The Mulberry Street....$59.95 This gift loaded in a reusable pasta strainer with three kinds of pasta, Balsamic vinegar, imported olive oil, & a jar of imported pasta sauce.

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The Epicurean....$55.00 Liqueur filled chocolate covered cherries, Costa crackers, peanut cookies, Lindt truffles, Madonna spring water, chocolate cream wafers, Tiramisu, chocolate covered butter cookies & chocolate covered cherries make this aperfect gift for any occasion.

Celebration....$125.00 Start with a box of Italian Botticelli chocolates.Tiiramisu, Lindt truffles, Star peanuts, & chocolate covered cherries, add some chocolate filled wafers, Italian cocoa cookies, Biscotti wafers, peanut cookies, and you have yourself the perfect gourmet gift.

Gourmet Delights....$55.95 This basket is ideal for gift giving. Amaretto Liqueur cake, Rumballs, cheese spread, crackers, chocolate mint wafers, cocoa cookies, strawberry bon bons. Lindt truffles, peanuts, Biscottibutter cookies, assorted chocolates, & sparkling water make this is a gift for any occasion.


Sandy’s 908-486-9222

800-446-4438 Fax 908-486-8626

Baci ...$24.95 Finest Italian Chocolates

Fancy Flaked Truffles ...$24.95

Lindt Truffles ...$21.95 Assorted Signature Collection

Biscuits a la Carte ...$24.95 Fancy European wafers & buicuits

Chocolate Covered Pretzels ...$19.99 We will gladly gift wrap with holiday paper & fancy ribbons to match, at no extra charge.

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Beautiful Flowers by Sandy`s Welcome to our flower section. Choose between a vase arrangement, a basket, or a container. A beautiful, long lasting flower arrangement.


Sandy’s 908-486-9222

800-446-4438 Fax 908-486-8626

You can choose from different styles, colors, & sizes. Anyway you choose, we will gladly make you a

Seasonal & Holiday Arrangements Please call us toll free

Arrangements > $35.00 & up Delivery is extra and priced according to town Call us for pricing or see delivery page

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Sympathy Arrangements come to Sandy`s for all your funeral flower arrangements.


Sandy’s 908-486-9222

800-446-4438 Fax 908-486-8626

Whether it is for a loved one, a friend, or a business associate. Sandy`s will assist you in choosing your flowers at this difficult time.

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Sandy’s 908-486-9222

800-446-4438 Fax 908-486-8626

Custom made novelty & specialty arrangements

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Baskets Arrangements > $50 $75 $100 & up Standing Sprays > $75 $100 $150 & up Hearts > $250 $350 $450 & up Casket Covers > $175 $200 $250 $300 & up Crosses > $150 $200 $250 $300 & up Wreaths > $175 $225 $275 $350 & up For custom made novelty arrangements, please call us


Sandy’s 908-486-9222

800-446-4438 Fax 908-486-8626

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ROSES ROSES ROSES Sandy`s long stem roses are the best quality roses, at the best price and have been for over 30 years. We are the originator of the long stem cash & carry rose. Sandy`s is the Rose King, and has been for a long time. Are roses and flowers are imported, not bought locally from a wholesaler. They are flown in , directly from the farm, ensuring our customers, the best quality roses at the best possible price. We have many different colors to choose from on a daily basis. Call us anytime.


Sandy’s 908-486-9222

800-446-4438 Fax 908-486-8626

SANDY’S DISH GARDENS Our newest item that we now make is our very own Dish Gardens. We get our bulbs & plants directly from the farms and nurseries. Passing on to you, our valued customers, the value & freshness, from buying from the source. We have many different sizes, with all types of containers. Please call us & let us know how we can help you with your Dish Gardens. A perfect gift for any occasion. Great for a business gift, a thank you, a sympathy gift, or just treat yourself.

Starting at .......$34.95

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T-Shirt Teddy Make that gift extra special, by adding a “T-Shirt Teddy” With many different sayings, this adorable little guy adds a little extra, and will bring a smile to the recipient. You can say; I LOVE YOU, THANK YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, SMILEY FACE, YOU`RE THE GREATEST, YOU`RE SO SPECIAL, IT`S A BOY, IT`S A GIRL, GET WELL SOON, HUGS & KISSES, GRADUATE, SPECIAL TEACHER, SWEET 16, WORLD`S GREATEST MOM, GOOD LUCK, CONGRATULATIONS, OVER THE HILL, THANK YOU, I`M SORRY, GREAT SECRETARY, YOU`RE # 1, SEASONS GREETINGS, FRIENDS FOREVER ........ $9.95

For home or business

Velvet Bows Balloon Arches Poinsettias


Sandy’s 908-486-9222

800-446-4438 Fax 908-486-8626


“America’s Favorite Gift Basket and Flower Shop” Call us at (908)-486-9222 * (908)-486-1700 (800)-446-GIFT(4438) Fax us at (908)-486-8626

For home or business

Door Swags

ay ions d i l Hocorat De


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Sandy’s Gift Baskets, Flowers & More

We Deliver! Fruit and gourmet Baskets Cheeses and Chocolates Nut and Cookie Trays All Types of Flowers Arrangements

Party & Banquet Arrangements Funeral Flowers Our Specialty Church and Ceremony Arrangements All Types of Embroidery

The Perfect Gifts For Any Occasion!!

visit us on the web at 908-486-9222 800-486-GIFT FAX:908-486-8626

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