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eurOut magazine Dear reader


As I’m writing this, my fingers are

As a magazine exclusive I had the

cold, I hear the wind blowing outside


and the streets are covered in snow.

lesbian filmmaker Nienke Eijsink,

Winter has definitely kicked in and

who made a very original debut last

within a month 2010 will be history.

year with a documentary about her

And what an eventful year it has

childhood lesbian fandom. Should


you ever be able to watch FAN, don’t




hesitate to do so. It’s quite unlike I will always remember August, the

any documentary I’ve seen before,

month where a part of the eurOut

and I mean that in a good way!

team headed off to Germany to be at the Gay Games and of course

So, next month we’re starting a

the other events we were able to

fresh year. We’ll keep on doing what

attend this year, like the ILGA-

we’re doing and I hope you will keep

Europe conference and the premiere

providing us with feedback, news

of Dutch series Hot Grass, have

tips, suggestions, etc. Even though

also been wonderful and unique

Christmas and New Year’s are still a


few weeks away, I wish you all happy holidays on behalf of the entire

To keep you entertained during the

eurOut team. Have fun, be good, be

upcoming cold days, Natazzz made

safe, and most importantly: be with

a list of ten lesbian web series that

the ones you love.

are worth checking out. Meanwhile, Anna looked at lesbian storylines on TV and paid extra attention to

Warm regards,

the latest lesbian developments on German soap Forbidden Love. Also

Saskia Joreen

be sure to check out our TV listing

Chief Editor

in the back to see which shows with

This magazine is a biweekly publication of, the leading website for European lesBian entertainment and political news in the English language. was launched in September 2008, and is now one of the most frequently visited sites on the web for gay women who are interested in European lesBian entertainment news, storylines on television, movies, music, events and political news. On a day-to-day basis provides thousands of readers with news, columns, in-depth articles, opinionated pieces and interviews. Readers also have the opportunity to connect with each other, to learn more about each other’s culture, environment and life, or to just have chats about the concerts they visited. Besides giving lesBians their much needed visibility, wants to create more understanding and solidarity among European lesBians, so that we can grow and develop into a European community that supports each other. Feel free to contact us with any questions, tips, remarks, or to just let us know what you think. Find our website at

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DidFamous You Know? Lesbians in European History

Renée Vivien

(11 June 1877 - 18 November 1909) Renée Vivien, born Pauline Mary Tarn was a British poet who wrote in the French language. She took to heart all the mannerisms of Symbolism, as one of the last poets to claim allegiance to the school. Her compositions include sonnets, hendecasyllabic verse, and prose poetry. Born in London, England to a wealthy British father and American mother from Jackson, Michigan. She grew up in Paris and London. Upon inheriting her father's fortune at 21, she emigrated permanently to France. In Paris, Vivien's dress and lifestyle were as notorious among the bohemian set as was her verse. To read m ore about this amazing lesbian who lived life out loud, but whose life was tragically too short, visit e_Vivien

Editor of Entertainment: Natazzz ( Editor of Politics: Maxime ( Art DirectION: Embla ( ContributORS IN THIS ISSUE:

Vivian lived lavishly, as an open lesbian, and carried on a well-known affair with American heiress and writer Natalie Clifford Barney.

Pam Harrison is the creator of the award-winning historical fiction series House of the Muses. Suggest famous lesbians you would like to see featured and check out her series at



Gwen ( Little G. Special inspirational thanks go out to Sandra Showtime, founder of

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Finland’s Church and Gays?


More LesBianism on German soap ‘Forbidden Love’




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Lists Are Hot: 10 Lesbian web series


How Effective is Online Activism?


Lesbian Life: Out in the Work Force


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Love Does Not Exclude in Poland

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Where Are We on Television?


A List of LGBT Organizations


Finland’s Church and Gays? A TV debate in Finland on homosexuality and the church has recently led to so much uproar that great numbers of people have digitally resigned from the church. By: Gwen

Finland Turku cathedral

Above you’ll find the short answer

this 80% pays 2% Church taxes. The

was some sort of spirit or life force, and

to the question posed in the title of this

average amount of money paid by a

16% answered they didn’t believe there

article, and it is also a weird sentence

single tax payer is 300 euros, and it is

was any sort of spirit, God, or life force.

that raises a couple of new questions,

estimated the Church has lost about 6

According to another survey from 2005,

so I’ll give you the long answer instead.

million euros so far.

between 28 and 60% of the Finnish

For instance, what exactly happened

Although about 80% of the Finnish

believers. Still, it seems like a large

the night of the TV debate? Can people



portion of these agnostics, atheists and

just digitally resign from the church?

Evangelical Lutheran Church - and small

non-believers are a member of a church,

Why would you actually resign from the

minorities a member of the Finnish

and it would be safe to say most of them

church? They won’t notice it, will they?


are probably part of the Evangelical

population are agnostic, atheist or nonis







churches, the Roman Catholic Church,

Lutheran Church.

First off, yes, the Evangelical Lutheran

and a probably even smaller percentage

Church in Finland will most definitely

belonging to the Muslim, Jewish and

I think this is something common

notice it when you withdraw your

other non-Christian communities - by

around Northern Europe, or perhaps

membership. There exists a to me quite

the end of 2009 it was estimated that

less so in the more populated areas.

peculiar system in Scandinavia (like in

about 18% of the population was not

But I grew up in Catholic schools and

Great Britain) where there are ‘state

religious. This is when you go by the

knew many people who were baptized,



memberships of some sort of church.

went through their First Communion at

Church in Finland traditionally accounts

In 2005 a survey was conducted in

age eight or nine, and Confirmation at

for about 80% of the population (the

which 41% of the Finns responded that

age eleven to thirteen. These occasions

numbers vary depending on where you

they believed there was a God, while

would be celebrated by a large group

look), and everyone who belongs to

another 41% said they believed there

of family and friends, and they carried




Finland’s Church and Gays? great importance, but during the rest

to and sign up again.

of the year, most of them would be

That’s nifty, isn’t it?

Räsänen, Evangelical Lutheran Church reverend Leena Huovinen and the bishop of Tampere Matti Repo took

seen in church only with Christmas and sometimes with Easter. At the age I am

The people who do remain in church,

part in the program. The TV debate

now, of most of my friends I don’t know

even though they are then required to

was called Homoilta (Gay Night) and

how strongly they believe. I think I have

pay taxes, do so to remain allowed to get

dealt with several gay rights issues,

only one friend from high school who

married in church. Which, having grown

including the right of same-sex couples

still wears a cross necklace. She’s Greek

up the way I described earlier, I can

to marry in church. Recently there has

Orthodox, but she doesn’t go to church

totally understand. That the existence of

been a proposition of replacing the

except for special occasions. A few of my

God or the weekly attendance of church

existing marriage laws with gender-

other friends are decidedly Catholic, but

masses may not matter that much in

neutral marriage, similar to what the

the same goes for them, last Christmas

your day-to-day life, doesn’t mean living

Netherlands have.

was probably the last time they were

your most important moments with a

in church, unless there happened to

connection to the church community

Before the program aired, already

be a younger cousin’s Confirmation in

doesn’t matter either.

150 people had quit the church, so it


was a fairly average day. During the On the 12th of October, a TV debate

first hour of the program, 83 people

So since we’ve established a Finnish

aired in Finland about gay rights.

more renounced their membership, and

person pays about 300 euros a year

Christian Democratic Party leader Päivä

by the end of the day there were 371

in church taxes, and quite a number of them are similar to the people in the area I grew up in, why don’t they simply end their membership? Well, some of them do. And this is where the online resigning comes in. On any given day, between 140 and 150 people leave the church over the internet. With the end of the year in sight, and with the end of the year the due date for church taxes, these figures are typically higher. Finnish broadcasting company YLE reports that while on average 2.000 people leave the Image copyright Eurooppalainen Suomi ry via WikipediaWikipedia

church in May each year, in December this can sometimes be as much as 9.000 people. The website enables you to resign from both state churches, so both the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Orthodox Church. You can fill in your name and the names of any children you might have, after which the website sends the paper version of your resignation to Tampere to get it processed. According to the Swedish FAQ on the site, there is no specific reason Tampere was chosen, because the paper version then gets forwarded to the parish you are part of. If you want

Päivä Räsänen

to re-join the church, you can simply go


Finland’s Church and Gays? people who had quit in total. The next

and that it would be ‘appropriate’ to give

the other hand, the archbishop comes

morning, another 177 did the same.

officially registered same-sex couples

across to me as a reasonable man, and

the same legal rights as those enjoyed

I wonder if maybe we shouldn’t be more

Because I sadly don’t speak Finnish



worried about the opinion of a member

apart from the numbers one to three



of parliament, opposition or not. But


Archbishop Mäkinen would rather see

it could be I underestimate – or can’t

people stay and voice their opinions

determine – the power of the clergy in

within the Church.




never and

helped haven’t

anyone found


subtitled version of the fragment, I

opposite-sex the




all new. all european. all lesbian.

all new. all european. all lesbian.

can only go by the reports of what was Although it seems like a lot of Finns

gather is that Päivä Räsänen says the

see no other choice and have quit

Bible defines homosexuality as a sin.

the Church, the chairwoman of the

She also says this isn’t new – “I have

main Finnish LGBT rights organization

spoken about the views I outlined during

SETA, Outi Hannula, has praised the

the programme on dozens of previous

more enlightened voices from within

occasions.” A response to Räsänen

the Evangelical Lutheran Church. She

comes in the form of Stefan Wallin

wrote an op-ed piece in a newspaper,

(leader of the Swedish People’s Party

together with the bishop of Espoo,

in Finland), the minister responsible for

Mikko Heikka, who said the Church

church affairs. Wallin says Räsänen can’t

wants to defend the rights of same-

escape her responsibility for the giant

sex couples. “It is a good week when

number of people leaving church since

a second ecclesiastical person in a high

the TV debate.

position makes a statement defending the rights of same-sex couples”, said




Outi Hannula.

Image copyright Scoo via Wikipedia

Mäkinen has been more friendly in his statements. “I understand that

As in many places, I think the general

many are expecting that the Church


would more clearly show that it accepts

‘exodus’, as I’ve seen it almost ironically



referred to in several places, gives a

previously said he supports offering

strong message to church leadership as

blessing to same-sex couples in church,

to what the people think and want. On

Stefan Wallin









Kari Mäkinen


Further Reading: Hundreds quit church following news programme on homosexuality: Wallin blames Räsänen for church’s PR disaster: Religion in Finland: wiki/Religion_in_ Finland

Image copyright Soppakanuuna via Wikipedia

said in languages I do speak. What I

More lesBianism on German soap ‘Forbidden Love’ After the departure of lesbian couple Carla and Stella on popular German soap ‘Forbidden Love’, the show introduces a new possible lesBian couple: Rebecca and Miriam. Anna takes a look at what the internet can tell us so far about these characters and their storyline. By: Anna McFaith German




(Verbotene Liebe) loves us. It’s fair to say it’s done right by us. Even though the storylines were handled in true soap story style; Carla Sophia Gräfin von Lahnstein has been a lesbian from the Image copyright ARD

near-beginning and stayed a lesbian throughout the remainder of her stay. She married a woman, had a child with her and eventually left the series with her new love, Stella. Now, we hear, another lesBian storyline might be developing! The website of Bild loosely reports the following on the new couple: “The sweet Jasmin Lord (21; plays the noble Rebecca von Lahnstein), and the as sweet Romina Becks (22; who plays waitress Miriam Pesch) begin to develop feelings for each other. Hot scenes! For both girls it was the first time with a woman. ‘Jasmin’s lips are incredibly soft,’ says Romina. ‘And when we kiss, we don’t have to look up all the time, since we’re about the same height. I’m very open when it comes to homosexuality, I find that gender makes no difference in the ‘game’. That’s also how it should come across in our scenes.’ Jasmin Lord is also pleased with her new love: ‘For me kissing a woman is breaking new ground - but I find them more tender. I haven’t kissed a woman privately and I’m attracted more to men. But who knows what the future holds.’” The homepage of Forbidden Love tells

Rebecca & Miriam

us the following about Rebecca von



Forbidden Love has done right by the





gay community in both lesbian and “Rebecca von Lahnstein is attractive,

homosexual storylines. Even if this turns

and a fashion talent. The beautiful

out to be a bi-curious fling, the writers

daughter of Ludwig Graf von Lahnstein

and directors might handle it really,

has trouble with men: again and again

really well.

she falls in love with the wrong man. Her friendship with the gay couple Olli

At the moment of publishing this

and Christian is put to the test, because

article the storyline has kicked off on

Rebecca has lost her heart to Christian.

the soap. We will keep you informed

But it is strong enough to cope with her

about its progress! If you have access to


German TV channel ARD, you can watch

all new. all european. all lesbian.

all new. all european. all lesbian.

Forbidden Love from Monday to Friday Miriam Pesch is described as follows: “Miriam is the heart and soul of ‘No Limits’ - She is always in a good mood and supports Olli and Christian behind the counter where she makes many a man’s heart beat faster. But her dream man, the sweet blonde has still not found...” Forgive me for being slightly worried here. I recapped Dutch soap ONM and I’m pretty sure the bios of the ‘lesBian’ lovebirds on that show read about the same.

at 18:00.

Further Reading: The official ‘Verbotene Liebe’ website: verboteneliebe Videos with English subtitles: MiriBecca


We Are Everywhere

By: Natazzz

Here is your overview of everything that happened and is about to happen in the world of European lesBian entertainment. We’ll keep you up-to-date on all the latest events and movie releases, what’s been happening in TV land and who did what to whom.




If you like your Christmas TV

There’s a brand new Swedish


watching to have a little lesbian

lesbian web series entitled

The Jewish Film Festival, which

flavour, you might be happy to

STHLM Darling, which will

is taking place in Vienna until

know singer and NorwegianTV

premiere December 12. They

December 12, includes three movies

presenter Heidi Marie

have already released a trailer,

with lesbian themes. The movies in

Vestrheim will be hosting the

which makes me think this

question are La finestra di fronte

Christmas morning show again

series is going to be fun, but

(Facing Windows), La folle histoire

on NRK Super. The show will

also very dramatic. Go to blog.

d’amour de Simon Eskenazy (He’s

run from December 18 until for

My Girl) and Fucking Different. Tel

January 2.


Aviv. Check out the festival’s site at


Sports: It was announced this week that


British Heather Peace is not

Belgian basketball player Ann

only an actress (she played

Wauters and her girlfriend are

cop Sam on Lip Service), but

expecting a baby. Wauters, who

she’s also a singer. You can

normally plays in Russia, said

catch her live all across the UK

she’d stay in Belgium until after

in December. For details, go to

the baby is born.

Winter Pride is being held in Hamburg from now until right before Christmas. What can one find at a German Winter Pride you might ask? Well, for example, a


queer Christmas market! Go to


programme details. The Netherlands The






Lesbian place


Image copyright by Greymatter

Amsterdam next year on February 25 through 27. . Sweden Do you like women? Do you like cycling? Then you might like to know next June Tjejvättern will be Christmas is getting near, which means you’ve probably started worrying about what to get everyone or what to ask for yourself. If you’re looking for a gay-themed present, you might want to get/ask for one of those cool Stonewall ‘Some people are gay. Get over it!’ T-shirts or mugs, or what about a ‘Love your inner lesbian!’ T-shirt? For more information, visit


held, which is Scandinavia’s largest recreational bike ride for women only. You do have to be rather sporty though, as they’ll be cycling no less than 100 km. Go to vatternrundan. se for details.

We Are Everywhere TV-land:


Dutch author KARIN GIPHART is going on a literary theatre tour through the Netherlands together with fellow author YVONNE KROONENBERG (who most Dutch readers will probably remember from her books like ‘Het zit op de bank en het zapt’ (‘It’s on the Couch and It Flips TV Channels’)). Every night they will have a different literary or musical guest who they will perform with.

Sports: Norway’s national handball team is important and newsworthy, because of the high amount of lesbians and other hot women on the team. The Norwegian media seem to agree with us, because last month we could see them in the media visiting an air base wearing overalls, it was reported they will be unable to give fans autographs during the European Championships, and the most exciting news: they made their own calendar. For a good cause, of course, but it’s also pretty hot. To find out more about the calendar, go to Also, Norwegian Soccer player Lise Klaveness has been nominated for a number of awards this year, including the most recent one; the Fair Play Award of the Year.

L-Shorts - Die Zweite is a DVD collection of lesbian short movies, which was released in Germany this week. The DVD includes an interesting, diverse collection of shorts from Poland, the Netherlands, the


US, France, and Canada.

If you have been a eurOut reader for a while, you might


remember the cute Danish singing sisters Pil & Liv, who did a vlog for us when we first started out. Well, I’m

Former French tennis pro Amélie Mauresmo ran the

excited to say that they have a new single out entitled

New York Marathon in 3 hours, 40 minutes, and 20

Relationship, and they were played on Danish radio

seconds, which I find very impressive. Then again, I

for the first time recently. If you like their music, you

think that of anyone being able to actually run for such

should buy their song which is available through iTunes.

a distance. If you want to know what else Mauresmo is up to these days, you should check out her website at

Movies: The documentary Two Prides, Two Worlds… One Europe?, made by Belgium LGBT youth organisation Wel Jong Niet Hetero (Young, But Not Straight), had its premiere in Lithuania, where the documentary had quite an impact. Find out more

Discover more entertainment news at:



Lesbian Visibility: outing Out Fashion ModelOnline Jessica Clark: Beauty & Brains Little G shares her friends’ story about how Facebook unintentionally turned a faithful, married, straight woman into a lesbian home wrecker, and asks herself how far people should go for the sake of lesbian and gay visibility. By: Little G A bunch of American friends of mine

and Galinda took the pictures down

their own reasons to be out or remain

make annual trips to Canada. They

immediately. It turned out her husband’s

closeted, I don’t condone outing others.

leave their spouses/partners at home

sister saw the photos, called her brother

I understand the need for visibility and

and enjoy a (short) vacation together.

at work, and got him really worked up.

role models, but it shouldn’t come at any

Finances and schedules permitting I try

price. There are still people out there to

to meet up with them, like I did last year.

Long story short, the husband was

whom being out is a luxury they can’t

Hanging out with them is always fun,

convinced Elphaba and his wife were

afford. I don’t refer to career suicide

and often involves wine (not for me - I

having an affair. He even asked her if


prefer whiskey).

they got married in Canada. Galinda

safety. I firmly believe personal safety

pointed out she was already married

comes first.




The other day my friend ‘Elphaba’ told

to him, and Elphaba’s married to Thor.

me she’s a home wrecker, and that

Husband Thor thinks it’s funny. And

I also think that closeted queers should

men everywhere need to lock up their

in defense of Galinda’s husband, I

come out on their own terms, when

wives when she’s around. Something

have to mention he’s Southern Baptist

they are ready to do so. Remember the

obviously happened during their last

(very conservative, but he’s slowly

time you were still a closet case? Did

trip and it involves wine and Facebook.

overcoming that.)

the prospect of someone (accidentally)






outing you make you poop your pants?

changed to protect the innocent. This is

Princess Paranoid, the queer lady

their story.]

in the bunch, is pissed at Galinda’s

These days social networks, such as

husband for responding the way he did,

Facebook and MySpace, are big. Millions

This year my friends (Elphaba, Madam

and Galinda is pissed at her sister-in-

of people have accounts (some even

Buzzkill, Galinda, and Princess Paranoid)

law. Thanks to her, Galinda’s husband

accounts on multiple networks). Some

revisited Toronto, and one of the things

couldn’t think straight anymore. (No pun

are totally out, others not so much. Are

they did was explore the gay village,


you completely out online? If not, do

situated around Church and Wellesley

you fear possibly being outed, and do

(for those who don’t know, but would

When I heard about this I was both

you take any measures to prevent it?

like to visit).



A corollary issue is that the existence

couldn’t believe that actually happened.

of Facebook and MySpace can make

That day, Elphaba got a cool ring with

It was hilarious and very sad at the

people forget that there is such a thing

Canadian flags. Galinda happened to

same time.

as personal privacy and reticence.

hotel room, my friends shared a bottle

Both Elphaba and Galinda are straight,

There are people who possibly have

of wine. Galinda and Elphaba got goofy

married, and not straying. But the

to deal with (peer) pressure to come

and had a picture taken of their hands

above raised a few questions. If you’re

out. There are folks who push or even

with the matching rings. Silly, innocent

closeted, or not out to everyone, would

taunt closeted queers to come out -

fun, really. They linked arms for a toast

you post any pictures that could indicate

or whomever they perceive as queer.

for another photo, and Galinda posted

your sexual proclivities? If you were

Regardless of the consequences. I’m

them to Facebook - the latter one with

having an affair, would you post any

pretty sure you’ve heard or read about

the caption “first toast!”. Needless to say

pictures disclosing that online - for the

the teen suicides in the US. I am not

they had a lovely time. Did I mention

entire world to see? Or, in Elphaba’s

ok with that. Not all is fair game for the

the wine?

case, by having those pictures posted

sake of visibility.





get one as well. That night, in their

online she was suddenly ‘outed’. The






text from her husband: he was livid,






all new. all european. all lesbian.

all new. all european. all lesbian.


Image copyright Facebook

The Lesbian News Stack

By: Maxime

Another fresh pile of political news with a focus on European LGBT content.

Austria Ulrike


Co-President Parliament’s






Rights, is one of this year’s holders of

of legal and social equality of lesbians


the GALA-Award, an Austrian award

and gays in Austria.


for extraordinary merits in the cases




French Gay Pride marches will use

French and other countries’ media

three months if gay marriages shall

a national motto next year (2011)

are head over heels over the fact

remain illegal in France.

Coordination InterPride France (CIF)

that France’s Cour de Cassation (High


Court of Appeals) directed a question


concerning two paragraphs (75 and

Homoparentales) is a new French

French website Yagg launched the

144) of the code civil (civil code) to

association for gay parents and gay

first campaign on health, sexuality

the French Constitutional Court.

persons/couples who want to become

and visibility exclusively directed at

short, the Constitutional Court has


been asked to decide within the next






The Lesbian News Stack UK

World: Most of us thought the world had gone crazy when ‘UN accepts executions



and similar headlines appeared in





tickers. that




the publishing of the bi-annual resolution



summary or arbitrary executions, an amendment calling for the removal of the reference ‘sexual orientation’ had been accepted with 79 to 70 votes.

An inquest about the police officer

all his official activities following

who committed suicide earlier this

criticism over his remarks of “being

year found out that she accused

concerned” about the visits of Sir Ian

members of her training team of

McKellen to schools in his district.


The visits were organized together with Stonewall to promote their anti-

Joining the ranks of numerous recorded


Sue Sanders, out lesbian, LGBT

Cameron recorded his message for

rights activist and co-organizer of the

the Stonewall ‘It Gets Better... Today’

upcoming LGBT History Month, has

campaign end of November.

said that there’s still lots of work to

Italy: made



be done to overcome homophobia in Chris


bullying campaign.

Members of Parliament who already




councillor from Bristol, suspended the



again and not in positive ways. After the latest of his scandals hit

We are thankful for those politicians who don’t forget that they were elected

the news, he came up with the

to represent their voters’ position, like those ask for adoption to be accessible

really original argument that it is

for same-sex couples living in a civil union.

better to love beautiful women than to be gay. It is actually

Three judges were selected last week by the Bundestag to join the round

Julianne Moore, at the time in

of judges at the German Federal Constitutional Court, one of them being

Italy for the Rome film festival,

Susanne Baer, or to be precise Prof. Dr. Susanne Baer, LL.M. She currently

who gave the best comment. “I

works for the Humboldt University in Berlin, at the Law Faculty and the Centre


for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies and will join the Federal Constitutional




and idiotic,” she said. “To hint or

Court in January, 2011.

to say that there is something wrong


The Bundestag (Parliament, Lower House) rejected a motion by the Greens

It’s embarrassing when people


that asked to end discrimination of income taxes for same-sex couples. While


this is not really surprising, it is shocking to see that even gay politicians like

untruths.” children



She need

added: is


these “What

Minister of Foreign Affairs Guido Westerwelle voted ‘no’.


parents. It doesn’t matter if they

The Bavarian Lutheran (Protestant) Church allows, following up on a decision

are two moms, or two dads, or a

taken by the consistory earlier this year, lesbian and gay priests to share a

mom and a dad.”

roof – under certain conditions that will be looked at separately for each case.




priests accused of pedophilia grow


Léonard, enthroned by the pope

old in peace. Several persons of

rainbow families was founded in

earlier this year, is at the center

importance condemned his saying,

September and set to work on

of a heated discussion he started

including the Belgian Prime Minister

November 1st.

himself when calling AIDS a “form

and two bishops.



of justice” and asking to let retired



for 13

Lists Are Hot: 10 LesBian web series Ten years ago it was pretty hard to find lesbian content in anything but movies. These days, however, lesBians seem to be everywhere! To be fair, lesBian characters and storylines on television are still rather scarce, but luckily there’s an entire internet universe out there that is filled with gay. By: Natazzz One of the greatest creations of the

The good thing about web series is

and some might be new discoveries.

last few years have to be web series.

that they are relatively easy and cheap

As there are not that many lesBian web

When they first came out I was so

to make. However, because it’s pretty

series out there yet, this is not a top 10

excited about them, I watched them all

much a hobby or side project for most

of the best, but just 10 web series you

the time and pretty much any web series

people working on them, it can take a

should check out, listed in no particular

I could get my hands on. I am a little

while for new episodes to show up.


more picky these days, but I still like to check out any web series involving

Some of the lesBian web series I am


about to list might be familiar to you,

10. B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye


B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye was created by Regan Latimer and revolves around B.J. Fletcher, a very clumsy, stubborn, unprofessional, yet very loveable PI and her sidekick, best friend George. Together they solve crimes the best way they can, and try to balance this with their love lives. As with any crime solving team that spends a lot of time together, soon enough they start to realize who they really want is each other. I am a big fan of crime shows and good humour, and I am definitely enjoying B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye on both counts. So far there have been two seasons of the web series and it looks like there is much more to come. We’ll let you know when there’s more news about a release date for season 3.

9. Anyone But Me

(anyonebutmeseries. com) Anyone But Me is the web series by Susan Miller (The L Word, thirtysomething) and Tina Cesa Ward about “A new generation seeking love and belonging in the post 9/11 age.” It tells the story of 16-year-old Vivian who moves from the big city to the suburbs, leaving behind all that was familiar; her school, her friends and her girlfriend Aster. Being a teenager and figuring out who you are is hard enough, let alone having to do it



Lists Are Hot: 10 LesBian web series 8. Emma Stahl

Anyone But Me cont.


Upcoming German web series while






Emma Stahl is something you


don’t want to miss. The web series



yet at the same time holding on

is produced by Sandra Uredat and

to those old connections.

is about a bad ass female special agent, who loves adventure and

Vivian and Aster are the cutest

beautiful women. Or as the official

lesbian couple ever. Not only

press release summarizes:

that, but even the ‘non-gay’ parts of the series are worth

“Emma Stahl is a special agent for the fictional

watching. The web series has a

European police unit EuForce. This elite team fights organized crime in

great storyline and good actors.

Europe. When normal police action does not go anywhere, Emma Stahl is

So far there’s two whole seasons

called. Her bosses tolerate her unorthodox methods grudgingly as long as

for you to enjoy, but they are

they lead to success. Emma Stahl is addicted to adventure and beautiful

currently busy creating season

women. A sometimes fatal weakness.”

3, which should be ready in the spring of 2011.

Now doesn’t that get you excited? I am a huge fan of crime shows, films, books, you name it, as long as it has strong, interesting, hot leading women. Therefore, I cannot wait for this web series to start airing. So far, we have to make do with just a trailer, but we’ll keep you posted on when you can expect the entire web series.

7. Girl Seeks Girl (Chica Busca Chica)


Germany is not the only European country with lesBian web series, Spain even has more than one. Unfortunately, none of them have made any new episodes since 2007. However, just because they are a little dated, doesn’t mean they are not worth checking out. Girl Seeks Girl is a 16-episode series about the lives and loves of a group of lesBians that can best be described as a Spanish version of The L Word, and I mean that in the best possible way. This web series is really well done and you would not be surprised if it would turn up on your television. Last year, the maker of the show was looking for funding to make a second season, but unfortunately not enough money has been raised so far. The web series is available on DVD though, but I think only for those in the United States.


6. Plan V

5. Out with Dad

( Another

great web




the Spanish

language is Plan V, which comes from Argentina.





This 11-episode web series revolves around Ana,


a 30-year-old lesbian and her interesting love life.


The main plotline, that is explored throughout the


episodes, is that of Ana meeting a girl named Laura


on the subway, who she falls madly in love with.


Only it turns out Laura just happens to be dating


Ana’s brother.


plotline. Interesting fact is that the actresses who play Laura and Ana are a couple in real life, and the reason they


is with




a girl

lives her

single Plan V is actually quite a fun watch, despite the



father is


out of the closet. The series is written, directed and edited by Jason Leaver and so far 8 episodes are available online.

in the show is to increase for


Like most series, they would love to come back for a


second season, but are not sure yet whether they will


have the time and/or money. What I like about this web series, is not only the original outlook, but also that it is just really well-made.

4. The Real Girl’s Guide to Everything Else

(therealgirlsguide.wordpress. com) The Real Girl’s Guide to Everything Else was a nice surprise. I didn’t know this one before writing this column and I didn’t think I would like it. But I was wrong, it is actually pretty good. So far there’s a 6-episode first season (created by Carmen Elena Mitchell) about a Lebanese lesbian and political journalist who is trying to write a book about the Afghan women’s struggle for civil rights. However, she needs to write a real Cosmo kind of book for girls to make some money, and thus she goes to find out what this straight girl world is all about.


3. Girl/Girl Scene (

Girl/Girl Scene is a web series that came out this year, which follows the lives of four “unapologetically queer women” in Middle America. This doesn’t mean the lesBians in this web series live average lives, as already in the pilot we are thrown in the middle of an indie movie set. With only two episodes finished so far (they are working on more episodes as we speak), it is hard to get a good idea of the series, but I watched the first episode and that wasn’t too bad. I didn’t think it was great, but it has promise, so I am looking forward to more of their episodes. Read our detailed account of the pilot at

2. Hot Grass (Heet Gras) (

There’s a great new Dutch series entitled Hot Grass, which tells the story of two teenage girls on the same soccer team, where one of them then falls in love with the other. So far, only the pilot has seen the light of day, but this definitely makes me want to wait for more. The makers are hoping to be picked up by a TV station, so that the entire series can be made. Thus, technically this isn’t really a web series as such, but they are planning to put the pilot online, which would make it a web series, I guess. Read our recap of the pilot online at

1. Seeking Simone

( Online dating is something many of us have experience with. You might not have met the love of your life that way (or maybe you have?), but it has probably enriched your life with some fun and embarrassing experiences. If you want to relive all the fun and horrors of online dating, check out Seeking Simone created by Renée Olbert and Rosemary Rowe. Their tagline is ‘Online dating has never been so gay’, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s such fun to watch Simone go through one bad date after the other. Five episodes is nowhere near enough, so I am happy to tell you they are currently working on getting more episodes done.


How effective is online activism? With the pervasiveness of the internet and online social media such as Facebook and Twitter, a lot of activism seems to have moved from the streets to cyberspace. Anna takes a look at this development and wonders what can actually be achieved with being an online activist. By: Anna McFaith I believe in activism. If you want

That ‘I’, by the way, is capitalized for a

feel the ‘like button’ has taken over from

something to change, you will have

reason; my parents are left-wing people

actually typing your support.

to go out there and do it yourself, and

who don’t believe in the power of war

with as much friends and like-minded

or government, but who were born just

I have recently started doubting the

people you can possibly find. Most of

shy of the flower-power era. Their ideals

effectiveness of such efforts. The fact

my activism is online — be it in surveys

were (and are) a large part of their

that a couple of hundred people ‘like’

and petitions or through social media,

lives. Unfortunately they didn’t have

a petition for a protest against hate

websites or e-mail.

much to protest in their lifetimes so far

crimes doesn’t mean it’s a protest. It

(although my dad did refuse to serve in

reaches no one in power. A like button

the millitary).

doesn’t give a face to these issues; no

My Twitter avatar has gone green for #IranElection, has had various ribbons

human voice. What it does is show you

to raise awareness for AIDS/HIV, breast

I have a lot of Ideals. I have shaped my

you’re not alone with your anger, your

cancer and LGBT issues, and has even

life around them. I also realize I have

disappointment and your righteousness.

supported multiple fandoms. In my

too few ideals; Ideals which have been

quarter century, I have had enough

put into action, changing the word from

That having been said; there are two

issues to deal with which could benefit

a noun to an adjective.

types of activism; one aimed at the

greatly from a good protest march. Only

online community and one at the offline

I didn’t. Sure; I changed my Twitter

I have realized I’m not the only one


avatar and spoke to anyone who would

who does this; rely on internet activism

opinion that a ‘like’ button will never be

listen about the injustice, but I didn’t go

to get a point across. There are online

equal to speaking out; showing support

out there, on the streets, to reach people

petitions against or for everything,

is never a bad thing… when aiming at

who could really make a difference.

from politics to religion to human rights

the online community. If your goal is for

issues. Everything has its own Facebook

something to actually change, you have

page. Another recent trend? I strongly

to go out there.

I come from a home with Ideals.





But of course, going out there is scary, takes time and effort and seems so outdated. Maybe it is outdated. Maybe Image copyright AJ Alfieri-Crispin via Wikipedia






activism, but right now at least 25 percent of those in power only use their computer to check their e-mail (if anything). This means that in order to reach them, one might have to write, gather all new. all european. all lesbian.

all new. all european. all lesbian.

people for a protest and spend the time and effort needed to make a change. If it’s something you passionately believe in, I say it’s worth it.


Lesbian Life: Out in the Work Force This edition of ‘LesBian Life’ deals with how ‘out’ you want to be at work or when looking for a job. By:Anna McFaith I’m graduating college this year.

on society. I know, I know, generalizing,

In a little over half a year, I’ll be going

but it’s true. A straight male (most

out into this terrible economy and I’ll try

bosses) will never be able to relate

Coming out in the work place is always

to get someone to hire me for the way

completely to their lesbian consumers.

hard. It’s just as hard as coming out

I can communicate as well as the way

In communication, my area of expertise,

in school, coming out to your friends

I look.

it’s extremely important to know your

or coming out to your family. You’ll

for diversification?

Image copyright Kurt Löwenstein Educational Center International Team via Wikipedia

be working with these people for a I’ll ask someone to hire me despite the

lot of hours every week and suffering

fact I’m a woman, despite the fact I’m

judgment for the entirety of that time

young and have limited experience,

is less than desirable for all of us.

and despite of the fact that I’m I’m not sure if there is any

gay. Judging an employee on



orientation in














give in regards to coming out at work. Yes, it’s






that it won’t influence

and yes, it should be


accepted everywhere.




selection process.

Unfortunately it isn’t

My CV holds a couple

people still lose their

always accepted, and of














when it’s not the official



them. It’s not a stretch for to






bosses a





like coming out at all, is an

Now, some might not see it as

incredibly personal choice and

a problem, some might, and some

there is no right or wrong. If you don’t

might request an interview because of it.

want to or don’t feel safe, then don’t come out. No one will judge you and if

Hopefully my future boss will see

target audience.

they have never been in your position,



ring someone who knows that audience

they are not even allowed to.

experience. He or she will see it like just

because he/she lives it might be the

another company I worked for. Those

key to successfully reaching that target

Sexual orientation should be a non-

who see it as a problem will use my

audience. We used to call it ‘positive

issue and I don’t want to hide it. When

inexperience, my age or my education

discrimination’, but because that sounds

I get a job, I will take my girlfriend to

level as a reason not to invite me for a

bad we’re now naming it ‘diversity

corporate functions, because I respect



her too much not to. Even if she would

Those who invite me for a conversation



further my career. The corporate world

because of my sexual orientation might

somewhere or in an area where diversity

is a man’s world, but it’s also a world

be a) perverse or b) looking to diversify



where you are judged on your work and

their communication teams.

encouraged? How do you deal with your

not your person; at least that is what I’d

orientation then? And what if you don’t

like to believe.




hide the nature of our relationship to what




all new. all european. all lesbian.

all new. all european. all lesbian.

As a lesbian I have a unique perspective




want to be the company’s poster child


The Consequences of LesBian Storylines on TV While writing another article for our website about lesbian versus straight storylines, Anna started to wonder: are lesBian storylines helpful to or hurtful for our image and emancipation? By: Anna McFaith life outside of their relationship with each other. I think - but that’s just a personal hunch - there is a direct relation to the amount of hype around the relationship and its chance of success. The more the relationship is flaunted in promos, the fewer screen time and development it will actually get. When the hype is over, the relationship dies. The second storyline is usually shortterm and usually ends badly. Hollyoaks comes to mind right now - after all, how much worse can things get than stalking lesbians and parachute ‘accidents’? I estimate that about 40 percent of the American ‘sweeps kisses’ come from this type of storyline. The problem with this type of portrayal is that the side character is almost always



They are there to have a relation with and almost never get screen time without their partner. The third type is tricky as it’s easy to confuse with the second type. The setup is the same, after all; a side character is brought in for the sake of a lesBian

Amar en Tiempos Revueltos

relationship. A lesbian or obviously bisexual





I’m always wary of lesBian storylines,

mostly because they always follow along

character is introduced to prey on the


similar lines and end in disaster. From

innocent straight main character who

at all; she’s seduced by the obvious

the top of my head I can name the three

‘goes gay’ for an episode or two.

lesBian into something that’s not at all

most played out lesBian storylines in

this time the main character wasn’t her



her. It’s not so shocking to learn these The one most doomed out of these

storylines usually take place in prisons.

three is usually the first one; Dutch

Bad Girls had them and Dutch prison

• Two previously straight (main)

soap series ONM and GTST fit this bill

series Women’s Wing (Vrouwenvleugel)

characters fall for each other;

perfectly. It can, however, work.

as well.

questioning her sexuality as soon as a

UK series Skins or Bad Girls are great

Now, where am I going with this?

lesbian or obviously bisexual character

examples of how two main characters

After the void of lesBian representation

joins the cast;

can fall for each other and still have a

we have had the last few years,

straight productions:


One of the main characters starts

The Consequences of LesBian Storylines on TV representation is going up a bit. We’ve

but whether they have an impact on the

stalked by a psycho ex. I also hope you

had our bad (ONM, GTST, Hollyoaks),

heterosexual or homosexual community

or your lover have never had to smuggle

but there was also the neutral (Amar

is doubtful.

coke, had your parachute sabotaged, or

en Tiempos Revueltos - say what you

had your partner die/die yourself.

want, but I’m not ranking them under

That brings me to another point; does

‘positive’ yet), and the good (Coronation

TV further lesbian emancipation (or that

TV is not meant to resemble real life

Street, Lip Service).

of any majority/minority) at all? Has

but, as our American icon Ani DiFranco









storylines doing and are they doing any good? I don’t really have



you. I can only tell you


based I







actually thought up myself.


I think the loss of Skins is a big blow to


“There is a direct relation between the hype and the odds of success in TV relationships. “





imitate life, but life imitates lesBian




help us emancipate ourselves?








something to look up to, the bad ones something to fight against. Do


portrayals emancipate towards

help us the

Coronation Street is picking up the

anyone every identified fully with the


slack somewhat; they’re cute, relatable

storylines on our TV screens? Of course,

ones might, but the bad ones, and those

and give a sweet face to lesbianism.

we’ve all felt the fear of coming out or

are unfortunately the most frequent

They lack the following and sheer

getting caught with your first girlfriend.

ones, most likely do nothing but further

awesomeness of Naomily though.

We know what it’s like to have our heart

stereotypes. In the end I’d say it’s still

broken into a gazillion pieces.

up to us to represent ourselves. TV is

Lip Service could be the new L Word but




all new. all european. all lesbian.

all new. all european. all lesbian.

meant to entertain and make money,

that, of course, would put it completely

I, however, hope you have never

not further our agenda. Let’s focus on

in the ‘watched by lesBians’-group. In

experienced your wife bleeding out

the good portrayals and draw strength

short; we have more representation,

while in excruciating pain or being

from them.

all new. all european. all lesbian. all new. all european. all lesbian.


Studying LesBians Fun with Academia - The Dyke Diagnostic Manual This edition of ‘Studying LesBians’ is about a fun article from the ‘Journal of Lesbian Studies’. By: Natazzz

A few months back I told you

grabbed my attention and I was both

a serious scientific paper, but simply

about this awesome scientific journal,

intrigued and appalled.

author Dr. Michele J. Eliason having

the Journal of Lesbian Studies, in

some fun with lesbian stereotypes. You

which real researchers and professors

From the title and the abstract it

don’t see people in academia make fun

publish articles about lesBianism. As a

looked like someone had attempted

of their profession often. In fact, most

researcher and a writer, getting paid

to write a diagnostic manual especially

people I’ve come across take their

to write about research on lesBians is



work way too seriously, so it was a nice

about as cool as it gets.



surprise to find this article.




among and






I read the Journal of Lesbian Studies

the DSM manual, which describes the

Reading through it, it did make me


most common disorders, ranging from

wonder just how accurate these lesbian

depression to schizophrenia. The notion

stereotypes are.






interesting research being conducted.

that lesbians have their own special set While looking through some of the

of disorders or need a new manual is

To me, the list came across as a list of

articles from the last few issues, I

kind of offensive.

stereotypes I have read about a lot, but

came across a piece entitled ‘A new

that I have never actually seen in real

classification system for lesbians: The

But when I actually started reading the

life. It might be a generational thing or


article, I soon noticed that this wasn’t

a cultural thing, but hardly any of these






Studying LesBians Fun with Academia - The Dyke Diagnostic Manual supposed disorders sound familiar, not

become obsessed with either.

and never buying sex toys shaped like a

when it comes to me or most lesbians

penis) of the rules that applied to when We have now arrived at the third part

I know.

the author came out in the 1980s.

of the manual, where things get a little Let me share a few ‘lesbian disorders’

weird, but also strangely familiar. This


with you. The supposed manual is

part is called ‘lesbian ex-lover fusion

behaviour or the need for rules or

divided into many parts, the first one

syndrome’. Eliason refers to the strange

conformism. The way I see it, being a

is entitled ‘lesbian fetishes’. A fetish

phenomena where lesbians turn their

lesbian just means that you are into




aroused by something that’s



thought of as sexual. For


people a




some have feet




“How accurate are these stereotypes? “




all. But maybe others




differently. The


or leather. Eliason suggests lesbian

ex-girlfriends into their best friends. It is

then goes on about obsessions with

fetishes come in four categories: the

always possible that after a relationship

things like going to brunch and partying,

femi-feline fetish, the dog park cruising

has been over for a while, you become

neither of which I think are specific


friends with this person again. But to

lesbian things. The only familiar thing

keep all your ex-girlfriends around as

among the remaining lesbian disorders

friends, or even have them as best


friends, just feels wrong. Or am I being

syndrome’. I don’t think it’s as prevalent

too judgmental?

as some people claim, but I do know of





polyanimalry. The






lesbians who are too obsessed by their cats and dogs. I have heard so much






some lesbians who moved in with each

about all lesbians loving cats and/or

Then there are a few other categories

dogs, but in real life I have never really

I don’t really relate to, including ‘lesbian

come across it. At least not to the extent

mother superior’, which is supposed to

All in all, a fun article in a place where

where lesbians actually think of their

refer to someone in a group of lesbians

you don’t really expect it, I just wish

pets as their children. Do you know any



I could relate to the examples a little

pet obsessed lesbians?

‘the rules’. This includes real creepy

more. But it was definitely nice to see a

examples (like wearing 100% cotton

bit more humour in academia.




other after just a few weeks.

all new. all european. all lesbian.

all new. all european. all lesbian.

The third category refers to being too obsessed by or having too big a collection of stuffed animals. The author illustrates this with the most unbelievable story ever, of lesbian friends of hers inviting her over to dinner where they had set the table for their teddy bears as well. Although if you’re reading this and it sounds familiar, go for it. Teddy bears need to eat too! The second part of the manual is called ‘lesbian celebrity groupies’, for which two examples are given: Rachel Maddow and The L Word. I like both Rachel Maddow and The L Word (ok at some point I started to love to hate the latter), but I can’t see how one would

Studying LesBians Studying LesBians is a regular column written by Natazzz, in which she discusses current and not-socurrent research about lesbians and bisexual women.


Love Does Not Exclude in Poland Find out more about the Polish campaign Love Does Not Exclude, which is the first ever campaign in Poland that fights for civil partnership law. By: Maxime Don’t you sometimes get tired too

testimonials including one advert with

the right to equality! We don’t want to

when all you hear on a specific topic,

English subtitles and so much more.

be excluded any more! We demand civil

country or even person is negative

partnerships law!”

news and everything new just sounds

Most of the website is in Polish, but the

like more of the same? Making you

campaign’s vision has been completely

And on the question of as how to

wish they would disappear into a black

translated in English and is accessible

achieve this:

hole? That’s how I sometimes feel and

on the website too. Within they actually

I actually started hoping Poland would

deliver a great summary of the reasons

“We want to show that even the tiniest

meet this fate soon enough, especially

and what they want:

gestures count and that the fight for

after the latest developments with the

civil partnerships can be fought in all

so-called Minister for Equality, who sent

scales, large and small. The ‘Love Does

censorship requests to the media after

Not Exclude’ campaign, consisting of

they reported she was wrong about

four elements (social networking on

EU law regarding homosexuality.

Facebook and Twitter, billboards, webpage,

I absolutely admit that it is




founded on its recipients –

difficult to impossible to get

ordinary people who care for

a balanced, fair view of

changing the Polish reality.”

something when you don’t speak


All in all this is the ‘stop


Imagine my surprise


when I found quite


acting’ type of news

a different topic in



place and space.






So please help to get this campaign known

Discover campaign Not Polish

Polish ‘Love





all across Europe (and

Does for


further won’t hurt either)


and share this information


widely. If you have ways to


help Love Does Not Exclude

website reads: “The aim of the

directly, please do. Most of us

campaign is to draw attention

know that LGBT legislation isn’t all new. all european. all lesbian.

all new. all european. all lesbian.

to the fact that Poland has no civil partnerships law, and Polish

self-regulating and I guess it would The official poster which reads ‘We demand civil partnerships law’

legislation provides no regulations for same-sex couples.”

other countries. “The creation




Love Does Not Exclude (Miłość nie

framework for same-sex couples in

wyklucza) reaches out to the LGBT

Poland is an increasingly urgent issue.

community, they registered a website

We don’t want to keep pleading or

in the campaign’s name and created


billboard posters which have already been placed.

With the ‘Love Does Not Exclude’ campaign we want to show that the

They also have YouTube videos with


be great if Love Does Not Exclude could profit from experiences made in

time of demanding has come. We have

Read More: Website:

Interview: Dutch Filmmaker Nienke Eijsink

With her documentary ‘FAN’, Dutch filmmaker Nienke Eijsink allowed people to enter her personal world of lesbian fandom that was dominated by one, to Nienke, very special woman. A year after the release of ‘FAN’, we exclusively talked to her about making movies, strong female characters and being a fan. By: Saskia Joreen


Interview: Dutch Filmmaker Nienke Eijsink

I started working on FAN back in 2002. I had to combine it with work to pay the bills, so I mostly eurOut:

worked on it in my spare time.

Can you tell our readers a bit

It’s about my quest to find and

about yourself?

meet Liz Burch, the actress that played Dr Chris Randall on the Australian




eventually you did, in fact, meet Liz Burch. What was that like? Terrifying! Even though I had been doing well in my role of filmmaker that knows exactly what she’s doing, when it finally


series The Flying Doctors. She was my

I’m 33 and I’m a filmmaker from the

childhood idol and also my first love!

Netherlands. I have a background in

FAN is about finding her and asking her

the arts and studied in Amsterdam

to star in my debut film, which would

and Rotterdam. I used to do a lot

also be the comeback for Liz as an



to come out to her and told her she was

that filmmaking would offer me more

What would your life have been like

she took it really well and said she took

room for my creativity. My work varies

without Dr Chris?

full responsibility! (laughs)


Very lonely! She functioned as my

Is FAN your most lesbian production


only role model and somehow I felt



S o




public spaces, but later I discovered

from cross media concept developer and






designer and editor.

understood by her. I wanted to be like her, I wanted to become a flying doctor

You were brought into the (lesbian)

too! On the show she was the only



female in a male-dominated society.

documentary, FAN, was released.

But she stood her ground, she was a

Can you tell us a little more about

feminist. She was also cranky a lot; I


loved that!





came to meeting her I felt like a child again. I also didn’t know if I should come out to her. I didn’t want her to reject me because of that. I eventually did decide the reason I’m now a lesbian. Luckily

to date? Well, I also made a short film called Small Talk. It’s about a dog and a cat that are talking about lesbian hair styles. But I guess the main theme in a lot of my work is strong women. For example, I worked on a project where I turned very well-known heroes, like

Interview: Dutch Filmmaker Nienke Eijsink James




need to focus on doing interviews as

What are you working on right

much. For instance, the girl in Racer was


pretty much fed up with me interviewing One of my last two

her after only ten minutes. So then it’s

I’m directing the pilot episode of a


fun to find other, more visual, ways of

comedy series about street sweepers

youth documentary

showing people the story you want to

from The Hague in the 1980s. And guess


what? I’m directing eight men and only


called Anna’s Story, does have a lesbian

one woman… I asked the writers to give


So you had The Flying Doctors and

her more lines and not only make her

about the daughter of

Dr Chris in your youth – are there

the pretty face of the show. So now

any characters you worship right

they’ve turned her into the character


that’s kind of in control of the whole

element two





who loses one of them due






bunch, even though the male characters


Someone just gave me all episodes of

decides to stop puberty to

Cagney & Lacey on DVD. I still can’t

not bother her other mother

decide whether I’m more in love with

So eight years ago you started out

Cagney or Lacey! (laughs)

with making a movie about your

with it. She feels supported by her idol Britney Spears, who acts out puberty for the both of them. What’s




documentary about?

don’t really seem to notice it!






And in general I love to watch shows

seven years later you end up being

where you can put in a lot of lesbian

nominated for Dutch Lesbian Icon

subtext. It’s not as openly gay like, for

of the year. How did that make you

example, The L Word, but for me it’s


much more fun to watch. That doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s important to have

It was really nice and flattering, though

That’s also a youth documentary

shows like The L Word, but for me it’s

it was a bit strange to be considered as

and it’s called Racer. It’s about a girl

just more fun to watch and play with

a possible lesbian icon after only doing

with a rare muscular disease who is

characters like Captain Janeway from

one lesbian-themed film! But because

very determined to become a Formula

Star Trek. And now with computers and

of FAN I did get a lot of messages

1 racer, in spite of her illness. It’s not

the internet people have the means to

from young girls saying they were also

about sexuality or lesbianism at all,

create their own femslash videos, for

coming to terms with their coming out,

but I do think that lesbians can relate

example. That’s awesome! It’s also

and that FAN helped them with that. It

to it. This 12-year-old girl, Sophie, has

always very funny to me that when I

made them feel less alone. That was

a passion for a very male-dominated

google my female character crushes,

really great and rewarding to hear…

sport. In spite of being different from

they’re usually big lesbian favorites. Like


other girls her age, she is unstoppable

this one character from Law & Order,

when it comes to following her dream.

Detective Olivia Benson.










European countries as part of the

lesbian visibility in the media at the





all new. all european. all lesbian.

Read More:

By the way, this documentary will be broadcasted

all new. all european. all lesbian.

series. Well, it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot What is it that you like so much about

going on, actually. We have popular gay

making youth documentaries?

TV personalities in the Netherlands like Paul de Leeuw, who has his own show

I like working with children because they

in which he has the opportunity to be

are visual thinkers, like me. So when

himself and to also address gay topics

making a youth documentary you get to

sometimes. There’s no Dutch lesbian

work much more visually, and you don’t

equivalent at all. That’s too bad.

Website: Facebook: YouTube: eyethink1977


Where Are We on TV? ‘Where Are We on TV?’ lists what to look out for in Europe when it comes to TV series with a lesBian storyline, lesBian characters, or just specific TV programs about lesBians. E-mail your lesBian TV tips to


however, claims to love Céline and

Airs Mon-Fri at 20:15 on TV JOJ.

wants to stay with her.

Denisa comes out to a guy.

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Ann and her brother Tom clash over Ann’s daughter Sandrine.

Verbotene Liebe:

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Mon, Thu & Fri at 19:30/20:30 on ITV.


Miriam comforts Rebecca after getting

Sophian stand up to their pastor, but

her heart broken. They go to a spa

he – and the Church with him - still

to relax and get away from annoying

gives them the cold shoulder. The girls

men. At the spa, they’re bothered by

then decide to find another church that

a group of young men. The girls kiss

will accept them for who they are: a

and pretend to be a couple in order to

couple. Read full, weekly recaps at bit.

get rid of them. The kiss leads Rebecca



Thu-Fri at 20:00 on YLE TV1. Laura’s daugther Kerttu comes home from school feeling sad. She’s being bullied about her family situation. Krisse tells Kerttu to stand her ground. Later, Kerttu brings home some class mates to meet her two mothers. Salatut Elämät: Mon-Fri at 19:30 on MTV3. Heli asks Sonya to either commit to their relationship or stop this thing between them. Sonya commits and tells Heli she wants to be a part of her family. However, she seems to change her mind shortly after, as she leaves everything behind to go back to Africa and lets Heli know via a text message. She realises she’s a coward, but this doesn’t seem to stop her.

Céline develops feelings for her client, Myriam, who has been accused of plotting to kill her husband for the money. They kiss, but Myriam doesn’t feel ready to start a new relationship. Frémont (Céline’s dad) thinks Myriam is only after Céline’s money. Céline promises to take care of Myriam after her accounts have been frozen. Myriam lets her true colours show



out how Miriam feels, and the girls

Mon-Fri at 13:45 on BBC1.

end up making out. Overwhelmed by

Jack and Immie’s sibling argument

this, Rebecca tries to keep her distance

spirals out of control with shocking

from Miriam, who out of revenge turns

consequences – he punches her.

to Constantin. Rebecca is angry at herself after alienating Miriam, and

Pobol y Cwm:

Miriam also feels regret for her actions.

Mon-Fri at 20:00 on BBC Wales.

Christian successfully reunites the two

After Ieuan Griffiths picks on Gwyneth

and they end up having sex. Rebecca

in the cafe, she realises how hard it’s

confidently comes out about their

going to be for Gwern to have a father

relationship to her friends and family,

behind bars. She shares her worries

but Miriam doesn’t feel quite ready for

with Yvonne, who is battling with her

such a commitment yet. After flirting

conscience due to the part she played

with a guy, Rebecca agrees that she

in Garry’s arrest.




Tue at 20.00 on TV2. Even though Lone let Heidi leave Hvaler without her, she’s still hung up on the girl. She receives a postcard from South Africa from Heidi and decides to go after her. This will probably be the last we see of this couple on the show.

Slovakia Panelák:

Rebecca & Miriam on Verbotene Liebe

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Mon-Fri at 20:10 on France3.


be a lesbian? She then tries to find


Plus belle la vie:


to question her sexuality – could she

might not be ready yet either.



Coronation Street:

A List of Helpful LGBT Organizations per Country European






Lithuanian Gay League





Association de Médecins

Malta Gay Rights Move-


Gais. www.medecins-gays.





LGBT Network IGLYO ILGA Europe Austria Rechtskomitee Lambda (RKL)

SOS Homophobie



Inclusive Foundation



The Netherlands



Greek Sapphites


Çavaria Wel Jong Niet Hetero

Greek Lesbian

COC Nederland



ciation for Lesbian and

Lesbian and Gay Fede-

Gay Liberation

ration in Germany

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Queer Bosnia and Herze-





Belarus TEMA information center



Bulgaria Bulgarian



sation Gemini


Norwegian National Asso

Campaign Against HomoAsso-

ciation Lambda Warsaw

Iceland Samtökin ‘78



ILGA Portugal

Kontra LORI

Ireland Gay & Lesbian Equality


Czech Republic


Gay and Lesbian League

Arcigay Opus Gay Romania ACCEPT GlobaLES




Danish National Association for Gays and Les-








Estonian Gay Youth

Estatal Gays,





Bisexuales Confederación


de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales Sweden Swedish Federation for Lesbian,



and Transgender Rights HomO Switzerland Pink Cross INFOBI Turkey KAOS GL LEGATO Ukraine Nash Mir United Kingdom Stonewall Queer Youth





eur ut .org


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