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Ask the Expert Share your influences and inspirations. My father. He arrived in the United States in 1979, in his early 20s, dealing with the passing of his father along the way. He worked as a machinist and, in order to start his own shop, took multiple eight-hour shifts each day for years. I don’t share my father’s passion for machining, but his work ethic drives me every day.

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FORMA CONSTRUCTION For more than 10 years, Forma Construction has been fostering growth. The award-winning general contractor set a record on its very first project, building the most expensive nonview home ever sold in Noe Valley. Since then, it has won an impressive range of awards, satisfied countless clients and built a portfolio that conveys its skill and collaborative ethos. Throughout this time, the company was known as MT Development, but such evolution demanded—its founder felt—a new identity. “We have focused on hiring ahead of needs and investing in people, systems and processes,” Victor Mezhvinsky says. “As a result of that approach and our incredible tenured team, we have experienced steady yet striking advancement. We wanted a new, simplified name that speaks to our core values, while reflecting the firm we are today.” And what kind is that? One that values deep relationships with its clients and partners, obsesses over bringing visions to life and endeavors to enhance the journey of creating along the way. “Our greatest success is being surrounded by authentic, creative and talented people,” Mezhvinsky says. “I am humbled by the team we have built, the homeowners who trust us and the other trade pros whose designs inspire us to build great things.”


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What project would you love to take on? We have always found winery work to be the most amazing projects. It often demands residential quality, but for a commercial application. Whenever in wine country, I am inspired by the craft and scale of landmark projects throughout the region. What part has the digital age played in the success of your firm? I am a huge user of Instagram. We have not only found trade partners there, but also a broad understanding of the market and trends.


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Luxe Magazine January/February 2020 San Francisco  

Luxe Magazine January/February 2020 San Francisco