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WINE STORAGE, PERFECTED SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE UNVEILS THE IDEAL TEMPERATURE- AND HUMIDITY-CONTROLLED SPACE. Whether you’re a sommelier or the only thing you know about wine is that you love to drink it, you’ll want a dedicated space for your wine collection. Signature Kitchen Suite’s new collection of integrated column wine refrigerators pays deference to their subject’s earth-cooled subterranean origins with Wine Cave Technology™, designed for precise wine preservation. Carefully tailored to mimic the ideal environment of historic wine caves, the exclusive design reduces vibration, minimizes temperature fluctuations, limits light passing through and locks in humidity. Key features include Wi-Fi monitoring, providing owners peace of mind that their wine collection is in its set storage settings; touch display lighting (LED lights activated by tapping the door or with a mobile app); independent temperature zones, which can be set between 41° F and 64° F; dark-tinted, triple-pane glass for protection against damaging UV light; and the integration of another Signature Kitchen Suite innovation: the True Sommelier™ app. Powered by Wine Ringʼs patented machine learning, this is the first software that learns preferences and makes wine recommendations.

FOR THE OENOPHILE, NO VIBRATIONS ARE GOOD VIBRATIONS. Vibration is a primary impediment to wine storage and preservation, causing chemical imbalances that affect the quality, flavors, aromas and texture. In addition to causing wine to lose its flavor, new undesirable qualities are added to a wine when it’s shaken. Signature Kitchen Suite has designed their wine column refrigerators with a major emphasis on reducing vibration. An inverter linear compressor and metal interior help minimize the vibration to less than 2 gal (cm/s²) and precise temperature controls to maintain the lowest fluctuations among leading brands.

The NEW MINIMALIST INFORMED CONSUMERS AND A NEW CONSCIOUSNESS ARE CULTIVATING A LESS-IS-MORE, STREAMLINED KITCHEN. The kitchen of the future is a microcosm of the new age of minimalism. Essentially, people just want less stuff, giving rise to multidisciplinary products in multifunctional spaces. Kitchen shelves, cabinets and work stations packed with elaborate, redundant and bulky appliances are being replaced with drawers of fresh vegetables, bowls of organic fruit and natural ingredients for easy-to-prepare meals, while built-in cooking equipment is increasingly more flexible to prepare food in the best possible way, with numerous functions that eliminate unnecessary appliances. The pioneers at Signature Kitchen Suite are at the forefront of this paradigm shift. Their 48-inch dual-fuel pro range, for example, is the answer to greater flexibility and precision in cooking, with built-in sous vide, induction and gas all on the cooktop—a first of its kind.

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Luxe Magazine May/June 2019 Chicago  

Luxe Magazine May/June 2019 Chicago