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“Specific colors and patterns weren’t important, but creating the emotional response was,” says Dane Pressner, director of design for D’Aquino Monaco, of a cottage he designed in Snedens Landing, New York. The turquoise Elitis bamboo wallcovering was the starting point, with a Josef Frank floral chair fabric inspiring the rest of the palette, which Pressner used to color block the space. “We love when wild elements get paired together; instead of becoming crazier, they find harmony with one another,” he says.



Italian company Illulian was founded in Milan in 1959 and has been producing some of the world’s most luxurious, handmade rugs available. Recent designs include dramatic wool-and-silk patterns with electric color. Roy (far left), created in collaboration with Emtivi Studio as part of the Limited Edition collection, is an Art Deco motif made contemporary with a vibrant palette of pink, green and black. Skyla (left), from the company’s Design Collection, contrasts equally dynamic colors in overlaying geometric forms.

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Luxe Magazine May/June 2019 Chicago  

Luxe Magazine May/June 2019 Chicago