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Sandor Kwiatkowski

Born on the 24 of September 1965 in Interlaken (Bern) under the Libra sign. He attends the Swiss german school of Muralto, and after the high school Papio college in Ascona where he obtains in 1986 a D type federal maturity.

He drows since he was a young boy, and in 1986 he decides to enrol him self at the CSIA perfection course of Lugano, and in 1989 he obtains a diploma as a graphic illustrator (SSAA). For two years he works with Harald Doering, at the HGS productions of Losone, and at the same time he starts to collaborate with the youth association Diario e/o Tazebau of Locarno, and at this point he look after the graphic aspect of the biweekly “New Go” offered by the “Giornale Del Popolo”.

In 1984 he presents a series of paintings at the Papio College in Ascona, with two of his colleges Lele Hofman, and Lucio Pedroni. He improves him self in the “Air brush” Technique, and he executes several paintings. He presents several art gallery exhibitions in Locarno “Bar Sport”, Lugano “La Chicca”, Ginevra “Le Forum” in collaboration with Lele Hofman, Basel (collection of samples fare) and Cevios “Artisan centre”. In 1994 he exposes several paintings at the Boccalino Restaurant, and he executes at the Mexican Restaurant in Locarno. In october 1995 he presents a new series of paintings, in an exhibition with Alberta Jacqueroud-Meroni at the Electricity Company Sopracenerina in Locarno and at the Carlomagno restaurant in Minusio. Via P. Romerio 1 CH-6600 Locarno Switzerland

+41 (0)79 226 88 71

After a period of reflection, he dedicates his time in computer graphics, in particular in developing Electronic video games, and in the year 2000 he restarted to paint. Then he participates at the third edition of “Painter at the film festival of Locarno”.

Since 2004, he has been working on website design, together with photodesigner Edoardo Oppliger – "O.K. Design".

He designs CD covers for bands/artists such as: Jungle, Clepsydra, Snowhite, Changes, Shakary, Freedom, William Red Rossi. In 2006 he did the CD artwork for AMPLIFY (featuring Rachel Z., Bobbie Rae & Tony Levin) and in 2007 Rachel Z.'s new project "Dept. of Good and Evil" (released march 2007).

«Burning Rose» (2007)

«Ballerina» (2007)

«Untitled» (2007)

«Behind The Eye» (2006)

«Amplify - CD Cover» (2006)

«Amplify - CD Back Cover» (2006)

«Shakary 2006 - CD Cover» (2006)

«Shakary 2006 - Time Trap» (2006)

«Wiliam Red Rossi - CD Cover» (2006)

«Wiliam Red Rossi - CD Back Cover» (2006)

«Wiliam Red Rossi - Angel» (2006)

«Wiliam Red Rossi - Time Has Never...» (2006)

«Solitude» (2006)

«Sphaerus» (2006)

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