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The goal is to go very personal with the experience. We feel people are craving instant style, so we are trying to cater to that. ment, Compton says, “It’s still a few years away so we are not giving it too much thought, but I’m sure our children will be able to make it a fourth-generation store. The staff is like family who have been with us for decades. It’s just the type of business we are.”

Casey Roy,

CASEY ROY DESIGN, waghaus, Citrine Home, FRAMED

Casey Roy is the owner of not one but four different businesses — Casey Roy Design (CRD), waghaus and the newly launched Citrine Home and FRAMED. Every design detail excites her. She thrives on the vibe of what they are doing: “I’m a sucker for creation. It fuels me.” Roy started her career in Dallas, where she was born and raised, after graduating from Texas A&M University. After working in Charlotte, N.C., for a brief time, Roy landed in San Antonio with Baxter Design Group in the fall of 2004. Roy has always loved fabrics and interior design. She loves good classic design principles. It was with this passion that she made the entrepreneurial leap and started her namesake interior design company, Casey Roy Design, in September 2011. Like many women who go out on their own, her storefront was her two-bedroom bungalow home, and her mom and loyal staff supported her. Outgrowing that space, Roy established Casey Roy Design and waghaus on McCullough in March of 2012 after renovating the space. “I wanted it to be a canvas for style. It’s a backdrop for what clients can do,” she says. Roy asked her mother to come manage resources and vendors. She has worked with her mom for the last several years and says, “My mom is a very strong woman, and that is probably where I get my drive. She has always worked and supported my sister and me through college, so I respect and admire her drive and ambition. She gave me the foundation from which to work.” The company is staffed by a talented group of women, all of whom 64 |

Roy calls her heroes. She wants it to stay small and connected to clients. “There is not one person in the office who isn’t involved with day- today client work. That’s the best collaborative way to get results,” she says, proud of her team’s talent, dedication and enthusiasm.. As proprietor of waghaus, Roy gives us insight as to how she named her business. She explains that San Antonio has a huge stray animal problem. When she stumbled on SNIPSA (Spay, Neuter, Inject, Protect of San Antonio) five years ago, she signed up to be a foster parent for dogs, and the next day she received a call to serve as a foster. She was hooked. She could see the difference it was making in the animal’s life and the families’ lives that received the dogs. Naturally, as a foster parent, she had numerous crates and kennels in her home, and she wanted to substitute something beautiful. The business concept for waghaus is stylish living for the privileged pet. A custom-designed doghouse that is created for the individual’s interior space, a waghaus takes the place of a crate or kennel. Each one is appointed and styled to complement the patron’s home. A percentage of each waghaus sale goes to an animal rescue group of the client’s choice. Roy’s next goal is growing waghaus. One day she wants to personally deliver waghauses to clients across the country. This past December Roy and a partner decided to add a complementary business concept, Citrine Home, to the studio. Citrine Home is an accessories retail boutique, offering decorative pillows, unique gift items and even a custom candle line. “The goal is to go very personal with the experience. We feel people are craving instant style, so we are trying to cater to that,” she says. Amazingly, as if not busy enough, Roy also recently launched her fourth business, FRAMED, a custom art and picture-framing studio located in the same building. When talking about work-life balance, Roy sets goals and accomplishes them and then gets back to basics to recalibrate: “No matter what it is — design, volunteering, starting a new venture — I think I’m just born to move forward. Ruts bother me. I’ll find myself with a piece of paper and start scribbling. We don’t all move forward in a straight line because life happens, but I’m not afraid to take a risk to make something happen.”

San Antonio Woman May/June 2015  

Women's lifestyle magazine for San Antonio and surrounding communities.

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