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Web Hosting Solutions: a Brief Arvixe Review If you are a website owner looking for a web hosting solutions that is at the same time versatile, economical and reliable, you should consider reading further, as Arvixe.Com might be just what you need. A company that has started in 2003 already has the required experience and level of professionalism to provide real customized solutions for its clients. Click Here to know more about arvixe review. Superior Shared Hosting

Arvixe can host websites, blogs, forums, CMS, shopping carts, video sharing software and social networks or communities. On the company's website, each of its services are described in detail, and the information is just like the panel you are going to work with: easy to use. An Arvixe customer gets unlimited disk space

and data transfer, obtains free access to the site builder, as well as to the online store, and also gets a free domain for life. Moreover, there are no hidden fees once you've signed up. The site uptime is 99.9% and the month's pay is refunded in case the company fails to keep to this promise. Benefits for the Existing Businesses When you already have a website hosted somewhere but it needs to be moved, Arvixe will ensure the free transfer. It is simple to get it as your new host. The technical support personnel is ready and willing to complete this operation. All the existing databases on the site will be transferred, along with the domain name, for no additional costs. The chat service works very well and is US-based. Having a 24/7 customer service is surely useful when having just started your hosting affair. If you are a returning customer, you can benefit of 50% off of all the hosting account orders, for life. The discounts will automatically add up. An additional 10% discount is obtained when the client links the company to their own web page. Even more important discounts can be enjoyed through available coupon codes. For more information about arvixe coupon please visit http://

Web Hosting Solutions: a Brief Arvixe Review