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The Bookafé began its activities in mid 2009, expending soon after that to many places around the globe. Today, there are nearly 500 units of the Bookafé.The context in which the Bookafé came about was the feeling, given by God himself, to infuse all men with His life and nature, so they might enter His kingdom and eventually reign in it (John 3:5; Heb. 2:5; 1Thess. 2:12). What is most appealing about the Bookafé is its informal yet spiritual environment. Inside, there are spaces dedicated for prayer, reading, and fellowship, no matter their beliefs. Coffee and snacks are also available inside. The main goal of the Bookafé is already implied in its name: Together, the words ‘Book’ and ‘a Fé’ (meaning ‘to Faith’ in Portuguese) convey God’s economy, His plan, which is recorded in His Word, the Bible. Hence, in this pleasant environment, people can come in for a cup of coffee and read books on the meaning of “Faith.” We thank the Lord for the Bookafé, a place where everyone is welcome!


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Christian Life “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.� Romans 12:1

Called To Promote The Faith

A faithful and Wise Servant Author: Dong Yu Lan

Author: Dong Yu Lan

Pages: 96

Pages: 77

Today there is an urgent need for all those who love the Lord to be faithful and wise servants. Thus, through His churches, God can have the reality of producing new ones and creating a true organic structure of loving mutual care. This will cause God's children to grow and His life will have a way to spread in all the world, fulfilling God's will and hastening His return.

Faith is not for discussion but to be kept because it contains the whole plan of God, whatever God wants us to receive of Him and practice. In this book you will see that the objective faith must be wrought into our inner being to become our subjective faith. This happens when we believe, when we appropriate all that God has planned and revealed to us. Dong Yu Lan shows very clearly that God also expects all His children whom He called to be those who promote the faith. For that, we need to use simple and practical ways as mentioned in this publication. Even if you have recently received the Lord, you can apply these words in your life.


God's Focus: The Kingdom

Author: Dong Yu Lan

Pages: 71

Author:Dong Yu Lan

Pages: 96

Consecration must be our first life experience after regeneration, our new birth. In this book Dong Yu Lan shows us that in reading the Scriptures, we find men such as the apostle Paul who are mature in the experience of consecration. Among the great spiritual men of the past, we see moving stories of consecration and by comparing their stories to ours we are led to believe that we will never be like them. Is this how you feel? If you think that having a prevailing experience of consecration to the Lord is a privilege reserved only for a few, you need to read this book immediately. Furthermore, you will also become clearer about this matter and you will be able to encourage other children of God to continue their life of absolute surrender to Him.

How many Christians really know that God’s focus is the kingdom of the heavens? If you do know, do you live according to that realization? The Bible records that from the beginning, God desired that man would participate effectively in His government. Today He is calling us, regardless of our background and abilities, to take on this great commission. However, to exercise it effectively, He wants to perfect us that we might be more useful today and not be distracted by seemingly good things, like accurate biblical knowledge, that do not promote the divine will. The author tries to awaken us, helping us to see what God has done, is doing, and will do in order to establish His kingdom on earth.

Life for All

Like God in Life and Nature

Author: Dong Yu Lan


Author: Dong Yu Lan Pages: 58

Pages: 79

In this book you will see that the high peak of the divine revelation is found in the simple words of the apostle Peter's epistles: God became a man so that man would become like God in life and nature. It is evident that we will never be like God Himself in His deity. But Psalms 82:6 says, "I said, 'You are gods, And all of you are children of the Most High.'" God, the Most High, is the only One worthy of worship and we are His children, thus possessing His life and nature. When His life and nature grow in us to maturity, we will be like He is (1 John 3:2), but not in the Godhead. You will see this matter in a very sweet way by enjoying the content of this book. We hope that your Christian life and church life may be much more enjoyable and full of reality!

Do you feel like there is something missing in your life? Have you ever wondered why you are here on this earth, and what you were made for? As human beings, we feel, think, desire, all the while carrying inside a constant sense of longing. It is as though we are born with this inherent yearning for something our hands and mind just cannot fully reach. This book will help you see that the only way to achieve full peace and contentment is to understand why we were created and live a life that is consistent with that original purpose. God created man with a marvelous, noble and special purpose which remained unchanged in His heart throughout time. Find out what the meaning of your life is!


My Goal: To Reign With Christ Author: Dong Yu Lan

Pages: 96

No Longer I, but CHRIST Author:Dong Yu Lan Pages:280

The legacy of a dreamer: that’s what we call the lesson we can learn from Joseph, a straightforward biblical character who was dignified. In him there was no contradiction, and he taught us to dream. He faced pressure, mistreatment, and insults, but he was preserved by a dream; he did not retreat, lose heart and never gave up. In this book, Dong Yu Lan leads us to the proper understanding that God created man to rule for Him and with Him. Joseph’s experience, as well as the experience of other biblical characters, are used to broaden our vision about this subject. They are a motivation for us to set our dreams according to the will of God.

The book of Job is often referred to both by Christians and non-Christians, because it apparently speaks about sufferings and the injustice of suffering. Some only know Job for his patience. Others emphasize the fact that, just as it was with Job, we also will be abundantly blessed by God after going through suffering. We cannot say that these concepts about Job are totally wrong; however, they are very superficial. In fact, what the book of Job teaches us is that for God to do something in us, we need to put off our self, our natural life of living in ourselves and for ourselves.

Our Vision and Commission

Promise of Life and Reward of the Kingdom

Author: Dong Yu Lan

Pages: 92

Every man needs a vision in everything he does, both in his personal life and in his occupation. Without a vision, he does not really know what he is doing or why; therefore, his life does not prosper. Thus, he lives according to only his basic needs. It is the same with spiritual life. Without a proper vision, we do not know what way to take in regard to God’s will and our cooperation with Him. For this reason, the children of God often have difficulty advancing in their Christian journey or go on without much impact. The content of this book is very helpful regarding the vision which should govern us and our commission. Read it and find out!

Author: Dong Yu Lan Pages: 101

Spirit and Fire

Spiritual Progress

Author:Dong Yu Lan


This book unveils the words of John the Baptist, who said,”He who is coming after me is mightier than I.... He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire”(Matt. 3:11) Using the experiences of Jacob in the Old Testament and especially the experiences of the apostles Paul and Peter in the New Testament, the author, Dong Yu Lan, helps us understand and appreciate the “baptism with fire” by the Lord Jesus. With this awareness, we can more easily submit ourselves to the work of the Spirit in our daily living, whose purpose is to make us more useful to the Lord today and prepare us to reign with Him in the coming age. Read and find out!

The promises of God are for everyone because He died for us and came in order for all to have life and life abundantly. If you think that you are still immature spiritually, not where you should be in your Christian life and are thinking of giving up in this race or thinking it is not for you, you are mistaken. The gospel of God is for all, so you are included! God is longsuffering toward us and desires all men come to full repentance and spiritual growth. If you are born of God, you have received the eternal and divine life. This is what you will find in this book by Dong Yu Lan who, besides showing us the promise of life and the reward of the kingdom, shows us a simple way to obtain them in our spiritual seeking.

This book addresses the importance of spiritual progress. It is not uncommon to become stalled at some stage of our Christian life. We easily fall into traditions and our life with God becomes routine, uneventful, and without freshness. It is also common to concern ourselves only with ourselves, with our own well-being. Meanwhile, God is waiting for us because He wants to count on our cooperation in the care of others to carry out His work on the earth. The author's charge is to awaken us and show us the way to grow in life until we reach maturity in order to reign with Christ in the coming age. It is worh checking out!

The Greatest Suffering of Jesus

The Lord's Return is Near

Author: Dong Yu Lan Pages: 113

Author: Dong Yu Lan Pages: 135

In this book, you will find out the reason why Jesus passed through these kinds of sufferings. You will find out, when Mary anointed Him, why He highly valued her act of pouring on Him what was most precious to her. At the same time, among His disciples, one would betray Him for thirty coins, another would deny Him before a servant girl, and almost all the others would abandon Him at the most critical moment of His life. You will also understand why His death had to be on the day of Passover, and what is the relationship between this day and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. You will surely be impressed with the content of His prayer at Gethsemane, while His soul was deeply grieved and sad to the point of death. Even more, you will find out what was the greatest suffering of Jesus.

The Gospel of John describes the way to spiritual maturity very clearly. It also reveals the peak and climax of every Christian’s career: to be mature and ready for the Lord’s return. This publication, other than showing us that we are close to the end of this age, also encourages us to be alert and vigilant at all times in order not to be caught by surprise when the Lord returns. The Lord Jesus said that no one is able to determine the day and hour of His return. He also said that since we do not know exactly when this age will end, we must always be prepared. Although this matter is profound, the author’s approach to the subject is very sweet, simpl e, and also applicable to our experience. It is worth reading, for the Lord’s return is near.

The Peril of the Good Side of the Soul

The Way to Live and Reign with Christ

Author: Dong Yu Lan

Author: Dong Yu Lan Pages: 128

Pages: 94

It is easy to identify the evil side of the soul-life, such as being impatient and aggravated, or criticizing others. Its good side, however, is extremely hard to recognize, for it is often confused with a spiritual living. We never fail to appreciate our good deeds: our refined behavior, our dedication towards pleasing God, and our concern for people. We lack the perception of the danger behind it all. In this book, the author approaches the peril pertaining to the good side of the soul in a very clear way. In order to see it, however, we must be under the light of life. Read it and find out!

This book shows in a very sweet way the cooperation that God expects from each one of us for the continuation of His work on earth. You will see clearly how to prepare yourself to take up the responsibility of ruling with Christ on the coming age. A clear vision of this responsibility will certainly change your values and your living. Among other pearls, this book opens a portion of the bible that many children of God sometimes are afraid to read, because they consider it impossible to practice:Chapters 5,6 and 7 of the Gospel of Matthew. The author, Dong Yu Lan, shows us in a convincing, coherent and lively manner that it is possible to practice these words.

Unveiling of the Mysteries of the Kingdom

Walking According to God's Will

Author: Dong Yu Lan Pages : 100

Before believing in the Lord, our conduct was completely contrary to the will of God, but after being saved, we came to enjoy the church life and have a new type of living, a different walk. The apostle Paul besought the saints in the church in Ephesus to walk worthy of the calling with which they were called, with all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, bearing with one another in love. What does this mean? Dong Yu Lan shows us that this means to walk according to the will of God. You will see the details of such walk throughout this reading. The reading of this book will bring a substantial change in all aspects of your Christian living.

Author: Dong Yu Lan

We live in a time of uncertainties; while science and technology move forward with long strides, offering comfort and ease never before imagined, fear and insecurity about the future also grow in the same proportion. Amidst so many international crises and broken hopes for a better world, man begins to realize that the nations are coming to an end and that no earthly ruler is capable of changing the course of the kingdoms of this world. God’s Word had already foreseen all of this long ago. The Bible also speaks of an unshakeable and everlasting kingdom which will be manifested in the age to come. However, this matter is presented through mysteries, and in order for them to be unveiled to us, we must seek revelation from God.


Pages: 117

Church “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. {Peter: this name signifies a rock� Mathew 16:18

Growing in Life Author: Dong Yu Lan

Pages: 72

In eight basic lessons, this book will help you preach the gospel and shepherd new believers in Christ. You will learn to impart important spiritual practices to those around you; practices such as calling on the name of Jesus, praying, reading the Bible, and other ways to progress spiritually. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Nehemiah, Rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem Author: Dong Yu Lan

Pages: 95

To RESTORE means to return to the original state. The book of Ezra is about the restoration of the temple in Jerusalem and Nehemiah’s book, the object of this publication, speaks regarding the restoration of the walls of Jerusalem. We know that God’s purpose is eternal and no one will change it. Therefore, Satan appeared to try to destroy God’s work of building up. Thus, God comes to rebuild what was destroyed, restoring what was there originally. Therefore, in order to understand God’s restoration we need to know His original will, what He had done, what was lost, and even more, what is being restore by Him. Don Yu Lan, the author of this book, aims to give us a clearer vision about this matter so that we may we where we are, what we should

do, and how to cooperate with God in His work of restoration today. Even though the subject is very serious, the approach used in this book is very sweet. It is worth to checking out!

The Desireable Church Author: Dong Yu Lan

Pages: 196

The Word Ephesus has a profound meaning, and throughout this publication you will enjoy and discover its true significance. You will also discover what the situation of the church in Ephesus was like when the apostle Paul wrote the epistle to the Ephesians, covering a way through which we can attain a normal church life that fulfills God's heart's desire.


“Flee also youthful lusts; but pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.” 2 Timothy 2:22


Prepared To Reign Author: Dong Yu Lan

Pages: 142

Do not take as common or banal what the Lord wants to speak to you through this book. Its content is simple, easy to understand, and extremely practical. Through this book, you will surely be helped to get into the reality of the divine truths with regards to reigning with Christ in the coming world (Heb. 2:5). Additionally, you will find that you can make God’s Word real and practical in your life today (Matt. 7:24).

A Young Person Who Makes a Difference!

The Attitude of a Young Overcommer

Author: Dong Yu Lan

Author:Dong Yu Lan

Pages: 154

Pages: 72

What kind of young person makes a difference? It is not simply a matter of being different. It is to conduct oneself in such a way that causes others to reconsider their own behaviour. Do you feel weak and helpless? What can you do to change that? The Bible says, "But the people who know their God shall be strong and active." The key to being a young person who makes a difference is to seek God! Seek Him and you can be sure that people will feel the difference.

Today the Lord is calling out of this evil age we are in, overcomers who will shine as lampstands in the world. Our attitude in response to this calling will determine whether or not we will overcome and reign with Christ for a thousand years in His coming kingdom.

Our Hope Is Not Limited To This Life

The Potter’s House

Author: Dong Yu Lan

Author: Dong Yu Lan Pages: 93

Pages: 116

God is the Potter. We are vessels of clay. Are we vessels of honour or dishonour? This book, which is composed of messages that were ministered to high school and university young people, is for the purpose of causing you, dear reader, to reflect a little more on your Christian life. What has God been able to do in you? What kind of vessel are you? Are you a soft vessel, easy to be molded? Or are you a hard vessel that will not give in? God's intention as the Potter is to work in you and recover you to make you a vessel of honour, sanctified and useful in His hands. Read and see how He can do this in your life!

The content of this book is messages given to young people of elementary, high school and university level in a Bible conference given at Estancia Árvore da Vida in Sumaré, Brazil in July 2003. The Holy Spirit dispensed Himself in such a powerful way through the word that a new spiritual milestone was established in the life of the young people that participated in that event. We published this book so that you also could enjoy the Spirit and life contained in the word a little more. Read and Enjoy!


“Who also made us sufficient as ministers of the new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.� 2 Corinthians 3:6


Genuine Authority Submission Author: Dong Yu Lan


Ministers of God Author: Dong Yu Lan Pages: 128

Pages: 71

The stories of the ministers of God presented in this book, as well as their victories and failures, are recorded in the Bible to clearly show God’s great mercy in choosing impure and unworthy people—such as each one of us—to be His minister s. The life lessons experienced by those ministers are valuable and were written for our benefit, so that we do not make the same mistakes. God desires to use and perfect us as His New Testament ministers. May God have mercy on us and help us to learn such lessons! May we be the ministers that God seeks!

There is a spiritual principle that maintains the order in the universe and keeps society as a whole. It can be summarized in two words: authority and submission. What is true authority and how can we identify it? What is true submission? The author of this book considers this subject and highlights some biblical examples of authority, submission, and rebellion and its consequences. The purpose of these words is to help us deal with this matter in order to enjoy a healthy balanced life in all its aspects. Thus, we will be made sufficient to cooperate with God and His kingdom in the coming world.

Servants of God: Good, Faithful and Prudent. Author: Dong Yu Lan

Success and Failure of a Leader

Pages: 128

Author: Dong Yu Lan Pages:92

In this book, Dong Yu Lan presents the experiences of some servants of God from the past, especially the apostles Paul, Peter and John. The author shows us that God is not interested in calling only men with exceptional power, strength and capacity to serve Him today. Instead, He expects all His children to be His servants. Among good and faithful servants, God wants to find wise and prudent servants who will receive a special commission in the coming kingdom. How can we be prudent servants? It is through His Word, by knowing God in an intimate way.

Throughout history, God has always sought appropriate leaders. They were role models who perfected people to cooperate with God in fulfilling His will. In this book, through the experiences of success and failure of a wise and powerful leader among God’s people, the author, Dong Yu Lan, shows us important principles that will certainly make us more useful in our spiritual service and prepare us to reign with Christ in the coming age. Open your heart and learn from these experiences of success and failure.

The Character of a Man of God

A faithful and Wise Servant

Author: Dong Yu Lan

Author: Dong Yu Lan Pages: 96

Pages: 71

Today there is an urgent need for all those who love the Lord to be faithful and wise servants. Thus, through His churches, God can have the reality of producing new ones and creating a true organic structure of loving mutual care. This will cause God's children to grow and His life will have a way to spread in all the world, fulfilling God's will and hastening His return.

It is possible for every Christian to become a man of God. In ourselves, however, we are absolutely unable and inadequate even to be called men of God. Nevertheless, we can gradually achieve the standard accepted by God which is revealed in His word, by exercising the divine life that dwells in us. The emphasis of this book is not the doctrine, but the experience with God which will enable every thirsty Christian to become a genuine and useful man of God. We invite you to read and put it into practice!



“I write to you, fathers, because you have known Him who is from the beginning.� 1 Jhon 2:13a

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Hannah’s Prayer Author: Dong Yu Lan

Marriage Mutual Help

Pages: 70

Author:Dong Yu Lan

a Marriage Hannah's affliction was so great that she The prayer that changed the history of Israel

If we use the example of a fire, we see that oxygen is a basic requirement for a fire. Wood, gasoline, alcohol and other items are exellent fuel for keeping a flame burning, but become useless when there is no oxygen. Without it, there is no combustion, there is no fire.


M U T U A asking L HELP wept and made a desperate prayer God to change her situation. Thanks to that prayer, God not only changed the bitterness of Hannah's If we use thelife, example of He a fire, wealso see that oxygen is a basic for a fire. Wood, gasoline, alcohol and other changed the life of arequirement defeated people. items are excellent fuel for keeping a flame burning, but Discover how your become prayers can also useless when there is no oxygen. Without it, there is deeply touch God's heart! no combustion, there is no fire. In married life, we need to find out what is cutting the supply of “oxygen� because nothing can replace it. But what is the “oxygen� that maintains the “fire� of a marriage? You will discover this in the articles in this book.

Pages: 72


In married life, we need to find out what is cutting the suply of “oxygen� because nothing can replace it. But what is the “oxygen� that mantains the “fire� of a marriage? You will discover this in the articles in this book.

Read and see!

Read and see! Jasper Life Publications

Marriage - Mutual Help.indd 1

10/8/2014 8:50:51 PM

How to Shape Children Pages: 84

Azuthor: Dong Yu Lan

We know that when a mother conceives a child, she goes through many restrictions and suffers pain. Producing children, therefore, is not a simple task, but it is even more complex to raise them. So, based on God’s word and the experiences of several children of God,

we decided to prepare and publish this

book in the form of short lessons. When you read htm, you will surely be much helped in the care and upbringing of

your children.x


CĂłdigo 80845

11/10/2011 10:28:00

Marriage is a controversial, viral and challenging matter. Seminars, lectures, courses, books, tips and many guesses try to help us in our search for happiness in the day-to-day life of a married life couple. But how can we really achieve it? In this book, marriage and family are considered from God’s standpoint as revealed in His word.

! "

9 788573 044096

Author: Dong Yu Lan Pages: 93

ISBN 978-85-7304-409-6

Marriage & Family

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“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” 2 Timothy 3:16


God's Unchangeable Love Author: Dong Yu Lan

Pages: 123

God’s Unchangeable Love reveals God to us based on messages on the books of Hosea and Joel ministered by Dong Yu Lan in September of 1992. Read and Enjoy!

Daniel: The Destiny of Human Government Author: Dong Yu Lan Pages: 191 Daniel is a book of mysteries. It contains visions that are crucial for us to understand the destiny of the nations and of the people of God. The great human image revealed in chapter two is what governs today the destiny of the nations. However, God's children are under the heavenly government, and they will be part of the great stone that will crush this image. We are now living in the end times, and the last of the seventy weeks prophesied in chapter nine is about to start. Today the Lord is calling overcomers for this. May the victorious experiences of Daniel and his companions inspire us to live a victorious life for the fulfillment of God's purpose.



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