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Aphrodite shines at The O2

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The whole family can explore, play, sing and dance their way through sixty years of music history at the British Music Experience – Britain’s interactive museum of popular music. Using state of the art technology, decades of iconic memorabilia are brought to life, learn to play instruments, or record your vocals, saving it all to your unique hi-tech Smarticket.



The whole family can explore, play, sing and dance their way through sixty years of music history at the British Music Experience – Britain’s interactive museum of popular music. Using state of the art technology, decades of iconic A new benchmark in whattoboth and can and memorabilia are brought life, fan learn to performer play should expect anyour entertainment venue UK. instruments, orfrom record vocals, saving it allintothe your With near perfect sight-lines from every angle, crystal clear unique hi-tech Smarticket. The whole family can explore, play, sing and dance their acoustics, obscenely comfy seating, wide concourses between way through sixty years ofof music history at the Britishto enjoy aisles and a huge variety snack and drink options Music Experience – Britain’s interactive museum of before and during the show. popular music.


Welcome to the worlds most popular venue! Using state of the art technology, decades of iconic memorabilia are brought to life, learn to play instruments, or record your vocals, saving it all to your unique hi-tech Smarticket.

Key to restaurants, bars 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A new benchmark in what both fan and performer can and should expect from an entertainment venue in the UK. With near perfect sight-lines from every angle, crystal clear acoustics, obscenely comfy seating, wide concourses between and entertainment aisles and a huge variety of snack and drink options to enjoy before and during the show.




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Box Office

The O2 arena entrances

The O2 Box Office 10 O2 Concierge 19 O2 Studio 28 O2 Fan Space to the most popular venue! American Bar &Welcome Grill/Loft 11worlds Union Square 20 TGI Friday’s 29 Starbucks A new benchmark what both fan and performer and Starbucks 12 inGarfunkel’s 21canInc Club 30 ha ha bar & grill should expect from an entertainment venue in the O2 store 13 Thai Silk 22UK. Gourmet Burger Kitchen 31 Live Quarter With near perfect angle, crystal clear Margin Gaucho 14sight-lines The Slugfrom andevery Lettuce 23 Water 32 The O2 bubble acoustics, obscenely comfy seating, wide concourses between 15 Rodizio Rico 24 Zizzi 33 Brunels News and Food indigO2 The O2 arena aisles and a huge variety of snack and drink options to enjoy 108 34 Thames Clippers 16 the Frankie 25 Nando’s entrances before and during show. & Benny’s PizzaExpress 17 Wasabi 26 Spur Steak & Grill 35 Nissan Innovation Station Armadillo CineWorld 27 Las Iguanas 36 Sky Gallery Welcome to the18 worlds most popular venue!

Key to restaurants, bars and entertainment





A huge variety food and drink options available inside the arena before and during the show.

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Arena Entr

The O2 arena entrances

North Greenwich

10 O2 Concierge 1 The O2 Box Office 19 O2 Studio 28 O2 Fan Space 2 American Bar & Grill/Loft 11 Union Square 20 TGI Friday’s 29 Starbucks 3 Starbucks 12 Garfunkel’s 21 Inc Club 30 ha ha bar & grill 4 O2 store 13 Thai Silk 22 Gourmet Burger Kitchen 31 Live Quarter 5 Gaucho 14 The Slug and Lettuce 23 Water Margin 32 The O2 bubble restaurants, bars and entertainment 6 indigO2 15 Rodizio Rico 24 Zizzi 33 Brunels News and Food 7 108 16 Frankie & Benny’s 25 Nando’s 34 Thames Clippers 8 PizzaExpress 17 Wasabi 26 Spur Steak & Grill 35 Nissan Innovation Station 1 The O2 Box Office 10 O2 Concierge 19 O2 Studio 28 O2 Fan Space 9 Armadillo 18 CineWorld 27 Las Iguanas 36 Sky Gallery 2 American Bar & Grill/Loft 11 Union Square 20 TGI Friday’s 29 Starbucks 3A Starbucks 12 Garfunkel’s 21arena Inc Club 30 ha ha bar & grill huge variety of food and drink options available inside the before and during the show. 4 O2 store 13 Thai Silk 22 Gourmet Burger Kitchen 31 Live Quarter 5 Gaucho 14 The Slug and Lettuce 23 Water Margin 32 The O2 bubble 6 indigO2 15 Rodizio Rico 24 Zizzi 33 Brunels News and Food 7 108 16 Frankie & Benny’s 25 Nando’s 34 Thames Clippers 8 PizzaExpress 17 Wasabi 26 Spur Steak & Grill 35 Nissan Innovation Station 9 Armadillo 18 CineWorld 27 Las Iguanas 36 Sky Gallery A huge variety of food and drink options available inside the arena before and during the show.

Welcome to the Innovation Station. Explore, play and learn about the future of personal transport. There’s something for everyone in this highly engaging and entertaining space, from interactive fields of LED light, to electric vehicle drive simulators, and everything in between. Open from mid-September 2010 – free admission.



The red carpet’s laid out for you and your friends at Sky Backstage – our exclusive bar area for Sky customers situated right behind the arena stage. Get snapped by the paparazzi, see yourself in 3D or simply relax. Plus be transported into our world of 3D at Sky Gallery in the main entrance. Sky Gallery open everyday, Sky Backstage event nights only.

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O2 Fan Space – Style your phone, watch the latest music videos, or just chill. O2 Studio – Ever wanted to be number one? Make your own music video or send a video postcard and we’ll email it to you (or text it if you prefer, which costs the same as receiving a video message). Then you can release it to the world.


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The red carpet’s laid out for you and your friends O2 Fan Space – Style your phone, watch the latest Welcome to the Innovation Station. Explore, play at Sky Backstage – our exclusive bar area for Sky music videos, or just chill. and learn about the future of personal transport. Cineworld is an 11 screen cinema customers situated right behind the arena stage. wanted to number one?Station. Make Explore, There’s for red everyone inlaid this out highly carpet’s for you and your friends 2 Studio – EverWelcome Style your phone, watch theOlatest tobe the Innovation play somethingThe 9 with state-of-the-art technology Get snapped by the paparazzi, see3D yourself in 3D or your own music video or send a video postcard and engaging and entertaining space, from interactive at Sky Backstage – our exclusive bar area for Sky just chill. 9 and learn about the future of personal transport. and one of the biggest screens in of simply relax. Plus be transported into our world we’ll email it to you (or text it if you prefer, which fi elds of LED light, to electric vehicle drive customers situated right behind the arena stage. wanted to be number one? Make There’s something for everyone in this highly London. 6 3D at Sky Gallery in the main entrance. Sky Gallery costs the same as receiving a video message). Then simulators, and everything in between. Open from Get snapped by the paparazzi, see yourself in 3D or video 8 or send a video postcard and engaging and entertaining space, from interactive 6you (or text it if you prefer,you openof everyday, Sky Backstage event nights only. can release it to the – free admission. simply relax. Plus be transported into our world which fields of world. LED light, to electric vehicle drive mid-September 2010 For the cinema lover, you can s receiving a video message). Then simulators, and everything between. indigO2 isinthe hiddenOpen gem from within The O2,3D at Sky Gallery in the main entrance. Sky Gallery 25 purchase an unlimited card that 7 open everyday, Sky Backstage event nights only. it to the world. mid-September 2010 – free admission. the smaller entertainment venue under gives unlimited films for just £13.50 The O2 tent. a month. 33 30 24 29 With a flexible capacity of 2,400, and unrivalled sound technology, indigO2 is 18 the perfect space for live music, comedy, 36 28 35 35 32 club nights, private events and more. 28 18 Cineworld is an 11 screen cinema 27 19 with state-of-the-art 3D technology 17 9 and one of the biggest screens in 26 Cineworld is an 11 screen cinema 29 London.Explore, play with state-of-the-art 3Dto technology 6 O2 Fan Space – Style your phone, watch the latest The red carpet’s laid out fo Welcome the Innovation Station. 8 25 23 and one of theand biggest in future of personal transport. at Sky Backstage – our exc music videos, or just chill. learn screens about the For the cinema lover, you can London. 22 customers situated right be O2 isStudio – Ever gem wanted to be number There’s something for everyone in this highly 6 indigO the hidden within The O2, one? Make 2 purchase an unlimited card that 35 7 Get snapped by the papara 24 your own music videovenue or send a video postcard and engaging and entertaining space, from interactive 28 the smaller entertainment under gives unlimited fi lms for just £13.50 21 20 For the cinema lover, you light, can to electric vehicle drive simply relax. Plus be transp we’ll email it to you fields of LED 27 34(or text it if you prefer, which 2 tent. a month. indigO2 is the hidden gem 18 within The O2, The Ocosts purchase an unlimited card that 3D at Sky Gallery in the ma the same as receiving a video message). Then simulators, and everything in between. Open from the smaller entertainment venue under 6 26 gives unlimited fi lms for just £13.50 open everyday, Sky Backsta can release it to world. mid-September 2010 – free admission. With ayou flexible capacity ofthe 2,400, and The O2 tent. a month. The Thames Clippers fleet of high-speed is unrivalled sound technology, indigO 2 25 23 36 catamarans leave all major piers every 28 35the perfect space for live music, comedy, With a flexible 22 capacity of 2,400, and 20 minutes. As well as the scheduled club nights, private events and more. 19 unrivalled sound 34technology, indigO 24 2 is16 17 9commuter service, Thames Clippers also the perfect space for live music, comedy, 21 20 operates The O2 Express between Waterloo club 18 nights, private events and more. Pier at the London Eye and the North 8 The can red carpet’s laid out for you and your friends 18 O2 Fan Space – Style your phone, watch the latest Station. Explore, Greenwich Pier at play The O2 where you 15 5Welcome to the Innovation at Sky to Backstage – our exclusive bar area for Sky music videos, or just chill. and learn about the futurepurchase of personal transport. direct tickets with the option 7 customers situated right behind the arena stage. O2 Studio – Ever wanted to be number one? Make There’s something for everyone in this highly upgrade to a VIP ticket. Cineworld 14 4 Get snapped by the paparazzi, see yourself in 3D or your own music video or send a video postcard and19 engaging and entertaining space, from interactive with statesimply relax. Plus be transported into our world of 13 3 we’ll email it to you (or text it if you 16 prefer, fields of LED light, to electric vehicle drive 17which 9 and one of 34 Open from 6 3D at Sky Gallery in the main entrance. Sky Gallery costs the same as receiving a video message). Then simulators, and everything in between. 12 2 11 London. 6 open everyday, Sky Backstage event nights only. you can release it to the world. mid-September 2010 – free admission. 8 34 The Thames Clippers fl eet of high-speed 15 5 For the cin catamarans leave all major piers every indigO 2 is the hidden gem within The O2, purchase a 7 20 minutes. As well as the scheduled the smaller entertainment venue under The Thames Clippers fleet of high-speed 14 4 gives unlim 34 catamarans leave all major piers every commuter service,The Thames Clippers also O2 tent. a month. 13 3 operates The O Express between Waterloo 2 20 minutes. As well as the scheduled 6 12 2 5 1134 Eye and the North a flexible capacity of 2,400, and commuter service, Thames Clippers also Pier at the LondonWith www.cinew Arena Entrance The O2 where youtechnology, can 18 indigO2 is sound 4 operates The O2 Express between WaterlooGreenwich Pier at unrivalled 10 purchase direct tickets with the option the perfect space for to live music, comedy, Pier at the London Eye and the North 3 club nights, private events and more. Greenwich Pier at The O2 where you can upgrade to a VIP ticket. Cineworld is an 11 screen cinema Car Parks purchase direct tickets with the option to with state-of-the-art 3D technology one of the biggest screens in upgrade to a VIP ticket. London. 5 6 33 30 29 4 31 10 For the cinema lover, you can indigO is the hidden gem within The O , 2 2 purchase an unlimited card that 3 the smaller entertainment venue under 34 gives unlimited films for just £13.50 35 32 The O2 tent. 28 34 a month. fice 27 With a flexible capacity of 2,400, and The Thames Clippers fl eet of high-speed 26 unrivalled sound technology, indigO2 is catamarans leave all major piers every the perfect space for live music, comedy, 2 23 20 minutes. As well as the scheduled Car Parks club nights, private events and more. 34 commuter service, Thames Clippers also 22 operates The O2 Express between Waterloo Pier at the London Eye and the North 21 20 18 Greenwich Pier at The O2 where you can e their purchase direct tickets with the option to tish upgrade to a VIP ticket. f
















r can and e UK. stal clear s between s to enjoy

Car Parks



The Thames Clippers fleet of high-speed catamarans leave all major piers every Parks 20 minutes. As well asCar the scheduled commuter service, Thames Clippers also operates The O2 Express between Waterloo Pier at the London Eye and the North Greenwich Pier at The O2 where you can purchase direct tickets with the option to Car Parks upgrade to a VIP ticket.

15 5 14 4 13 3 12 2



5 Arena Entrance

The O2 arena entrances




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Box Office


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February is the month of love. With Valentine’s Day on everyone’s minds, Venue got our hands on three of the world’s hottest heartthrobs for your reading pleasure.

Cover story

11 Kylie Minogue Australia’s finest export, Kylie Minogue, discusses her upcoming dates at The O2 arena this April

Whilst romance is in the air, we get up close and personal with the dream girl of an entire generation, Kylie Minogue, about her impending Aphrodite tour. For our female readers, we bring you the inside scoop on the planet’s hottest teen sensation Justin Bieber. As if that wasn’t enough, we get up close and personal with a hunk who has been there and done it all, Enrique Iglesias.

11 Features 14 Justin Bieber

Plus we welcome to The O2 arena the Royal Ballet’s production of the greatest love story ever told, Romeo and Juliet.

We take a look at the achievements of the world’s man-of-the-moment

Happy reading,

Ahead of their first arena tour, we talk love and heartbreak with the Irish hit makers

Venue and The O2 team

16 The Script

18 Enrique Iglesias Contact Numbers for The O2 Book Tickets by Phone: 0844 856 0202 For Customer Service after ticket purchase: 08444 999 999 Pre-book Parking: 020 8463 6718 Customer Services & public enquiries: 020 8463 2000 Lost Property: 020 8463 2030

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28 28 Batman Live

The chart-topping Hero singer smoulders on The O2 arena stage

We get an insider peak at the characters that will swing, jump and fly on stage this year

20 Romeo and Juliet

32 X Factor

The ultimate love story prepares to be played out at The O2 arena

The most talked-about TV show begins its arena tour

Regulars 8 The O2 News

37 Steal Their Style

All the latest from the world’s greatest entertainment venue

Get the effortlessly cool Ne-Yo look

31 BME

45 Competitions

London’s finest music exhibition unveils its stellar line up for 2011

WIN 2 tickets for The X Factor Live tour date of your choice

34 Style Spy

49 The O2 Listings

Spring trends unveiled and tracked down from the high street

Your definitive guide to all the shows at The O2 and indigO2



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Hi Venue Mag,

I’ve bought tickets for Dinosaurs Unleashed at The O2 but am a bit confused about where it is. Is the exhibition in the arena? Cheers, Sarah, Luton

My friends and I are coming to Usher in February. It will be my friend’s birthday and she would love it if Usher wished her a Happy Birthday or invited her up on stage? Can this happen?

I’ve booked lots of tickets for The O2 arena online using the ‘best available’ option but have never been offered the best seats! Please explain what this means.

I’m bringing two very excited young boys to Dinosaurs Unleashed in February. Can you give me some information on how to make the most of our visit to The O2?

Dear Sarah,

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Dear Sophie,

Dear Anna,

Dear Rob,

Unfortunately due to the number of requests such as this, artists are rarely able to make any announcements during a concert or invite guests on stage. We hope your friend has a lovely birthday and you enjoy your visit to The O2.

Tickets sold as ‘best available’ are those deemed best at the time of purchase and are allocated on a first come first served basis. Seats are generally sold from the front of the floor first, then from to Level 1, the back of the floor and then Level 4. You can choose to book a specific seating area from the drop down box on the booking page. If available these seats will be offered.

During February the outdoor Ice Rink in front of The O2 will be open Fridays to Sundays, as well as during half term week (21 to 28) and on Valentine’s Day. Times and ticket prices can be found on our website. You could also check out the British Music Experience, the national interactive museum of rock and pop where there is plenty for the whole family to do If you are here for lunch or dinner visit one of the many restaurants in Entertainment Avenue. Downloadable menus and information on family visits are available at

Dinosaurs Unleashed takes place indoors in a temporary exhibition pavilion in Meridian Gardens – an area in the grounds of The O2 used for special events. To reach it, enter The O2 and walk approximately 500m down Entertainment Avenue. Please allow at least 15 minutes to walk from North Greenwich Station or the Car Park. We hope you enjoy the exhibition. Thanks,

Thanks, The O2 Team

The O2 Team Thanks, The O2 Team

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We hope you and your boys have a fun visit! Thanks, The O2 Team

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The NaTioNal TelevisioN

Dinosaurs are back and Unleashed

Get ready for Britain's most popular awards show Dinosaurs lastthe roamed EarthTelevision 65 million years ago, butto now when National Awards returns from from 18 February. they’re The backO2 and at The O2 stars in Unleashed January. Join all the the small Dinosaurs is the largest animatronic screenUnleashed at the 16th yearUK’s of this incredible event, and dinosaur adventure, more than 22 life-size experience allfeaturing the fun and excitement of being there dinosaurs, a CGI created holographic in person. Hosted prehistoric by Dermot aquarium, O'Leary, the NTAs will video presentations by TV wildlife expert Chris Packham, real include special guest live performances as well as the and replica fossils, interactive features galore and more than awards for television excellence we love. It won't just 40 educational interpretation panels. This unique exhibition be the celebs who are in the spotlight when Dermot has been developed to appeal to family audiences, especially picks an audience member to come on The O2 stage budding young agedas2it–could 12. be you! with him,palaeontologists so dress to impress Take this one-off opportunity to walk alongside the giants of Triassic, and Cretaceous periods. Bethe The firsTJurassic To heAr ABouT The sepTemBer Meet Stegosaurus, Triceratops , Megalosaurus and marvel voTe LAunch And speciAL nTA offers pLus at massive Diplodocus which threeTickeTs times theTo length a how you cAn winis vip joinofThe double-decker sTArs bus. on The nTA red cArpeT, reGisTer A truly interactive experience, kids can get their hands now AT dirty and dig for fossils, piecing them together in the Fossil Zone. They can also design and colour their own dinosaur skin at the popular Dino-Paints by using an innovative digital interface and projection system. Book tickets for Dinosaurs Unleashed at

s s s s s s s w w w w w w e e e e e e n n n n n n s s s s s s w w w w w w s ne ews ne ews ne ews ne ews ne ews ne ews n n n n n n s s s s s s w w w w w w s ne ews ne ews ne ews ne ews ne ews ne ews n n n n n n s s s s s s w w w w w w s ne ews ne ews ne ews ne ews ne ews ne ews n n n n n n s s s s s s w w w w w w ne ne ne ne ne BeaTnelaKers

TiMBerWolves N oo Nd lo e iv l e P ill o ad r m u Ar e t: er a al B nt N ra T au a New rest Thanks to 45 combined points from new additions Martell Webster and Michael Beasley, the Minnesota Timberwolves The O2’sthe Entertainment AvenueinisNBA thrilled to welcome in a defeated Los Angeles Lakers Europe Live London new addition for 2011: Armadillo Café & Grill. at The O2 on 4 October. Armadillo is inspired by including the very best Stars watching courtside, Chriselements Moyles, of James Southern – food, music, art to and, Corden, CescCalifornia Fabregasand andSanta AshleyFeCole, were treated an most importantly, The including food is made fresh to order, evening of great NBAsun! action, a six-minute stint using ingredients areBryant, bursting flavour, including from Laker superstarthat Kobe stillwith on the comeback street burgers,during seafood, flat the dough pizzas, trail afterplates, knee surgery, which former MVPsuper salads, andLamar toasties, andfor world famous had a stealsandwiches and assist to Odom a thunderous buttermilk pancakes that are too good to miss. dunk for the first two points of the game. The first half The drinks are equally mouthofwatering. Fresh juices, was tight, finishing 56-55 inasfavour the Lakers. During cream floats and shakes, cocktails, beersthe and thecoffees, secondice half, chants of “Kobe” rained down from a great range ofthe wines are allNBA available depending how stands, imploring five-time champion to playon a few yourminutes, taste buds you. more but guide he was not able to do so. Undaunted, Find Armadillo in unitasnine of Entertainment Avenue, the sell-out crowd roared the young Timberwolves put serving food and drinks throughout the day from together an explosive third quarter in his absence to take breakfast to dinner. a commanding lead and eventually defeat the two-time defending NBA champion Lakers 111-92. meal atEurope Armadillo worth onof IfWin you a missed NBA Live, then become£40 a part page call 0208 293 7720 to our Inbox Or NBA history when the New Jersey Nets take on the Toronto book a table Raptors in the league's first ever regular-season game to be held in Europe in March next year. TickeTs for The London nBA GAmes on 4 And 5 mArch 2011 Are on sALe viA venue or By cALLinG 0844 856 0202

Proud matters at The O2

The o voTed BesT live Music veNue of The Year

Proud has further added 2 to its expanding empire this year, taking over the massive 2,600 capacity superclub previously known as matter. Re-branded as Proud2, their New Year’s Eve party was a sell-out success, injecting the venue with a renewed lease of life and imprinting the brand’s signature off-beat style throughout the venue. Proud2 will be a luxurious, experience-led club, which offers the kindThe of glamour LAprestigious or Las Vegas nightclubs. Taking O2 cameusually out onfound top ininthe London Lifestyle Awards the venue’s current industrial look as a backdrop, it juxtaposes high on 7 October, winning London Live Music Venue of the Year. Sally end Davies, design details, such as at studded clad bars and 60s modernist , collected the award presented by Event Director The O2brass chandeliers, with dramatic piecesand reminiscent the View London. Famous statement faces, the press London’s of influential elite Hollywood Regency era. attended the inaugural awards ceremony in their best frocks and suits Toatensure they are clubbers across London, the glamorousaccessible Riverbankto Park Plaza to celebrate theProud capitalwill city. provideJason their Gale, own transport system, running until 6am. A proven a member of the judging panel and creator of success the on New Year’s Eve, this includes Buses running regularly to London Lifestyle Awards saidRoutemaster “The O2 is constantly pushing boundaries several destinations at £2 ticket and 150 taxisThe waiting true andLondon impressing Londoners anda visitors to London. O2 is aoutside.

world class venue that all the top acts want to be performing at and Keep eye on next month fordeserved more London so a weclose are delighted to Venue reward them with the much information or visit Live Music Venue of the Year award.” 2


prse izecti po opnat th hea eO d2



There are only a handful of pop stars famous enough to be known only by their first name and Kylie is one of them. Chatting to Kara Simsek about the inspiration behind her latest tour, why she loves performing in London so much, and what she’s learnt from more than two decades as an international pop icon, the pint-sized starlet gave fans a sneak peek into her forthcoming show at The O2 2

section head


PerformanceS will be held at the o2 on: 7, 8, 9, 11 & 12 April Tickets are available via telephone on 0844 856 0202 or visit

or the last 20 years, Miss Minogue has been thrilling fans with her unique blend of bubbly electro-pop. During this time she’s transformed from the girl next door to the sleek and sophisticated siren we know today. A master of reinvention, she’s kept audiences on the dance floor – and edges of their seats – as she pushes creative boundaries and keeps fans guessing what she’ll do next. So here it is... Kylie, we’re so excited about your forthcoming tour! What can fans expect from your five shows at The O2 in April? A dazzling spectacular…I hope! The show takes its cue from the title of my album, Aphrodite so we begin with mythological references. It will be pure escapism, with songs from all the eras of my music.

How will Aphrodite – Les Folies be different from your previous tours? Each tour I do represents where I am musically and personally at that time. I’ve now been in the business for more than 20 years, so for this series of concerts I want to celebrate. To this end, I’m putting all I have into this show to make it a magical experience. I want the audience to feel pure pop escapism and to feel they can reach celestial heights. Wow, it sounds like it’s going to be your most spectacular show yet! It’s ambitious! But I think a pop concert should be. It will be the biggest show I’ve ever done. How have your live shows evolved over your career? They have changed in so many ways, but I think the most important change has been in my level of experience, and understanding what a show is. It’s complex and fascinating, which is why I’m still compelled and passionate about performing in this way. Some of your fans have probably been coming to see you perform since you first started out. How does it feel to have that level of loyalty? I love the relationship that I now have with my audience, we’ve really grown together. One of the major attractions of your live shows are to see the series of stunning costume changes and amazing set designs that are synonymous with your concerts. What is the visual inspiration this time? Inspiration is taken from the glamour of film and stage musicals of the ‘30s and ‘40s, Busby Berkeley synchronised choreography, the showgirls and chorus line of Les Folies, amazing modern art and pop culture references, and gods and goddesses. How was your last visit to The O2? I absolutely love playing at The O2. It’s a fantastic venue, both for the audience and for all of us backstage. You might be Australian, but as far as we’re concerned, you’re a Brit! How special is it for you playing in London? Of course, it’s especially exciting being in my adopted hometown, and to play in one of the most musically forward and exciting cities in the world. As an artist, you’re also really forward thinking, you always think of ways to keep your tracks fresh and up to date. Will you be releasing an acoustic version or remix of Aphrodite? Can fans expect to hear the tracks on tour? I love putting some acoustic moments into my show, they really balance the extravagance and scale of an arena spectacular. n

Kylie pop trivia • Aphrodite is Kylie’s 11th studio album. It debuted at number one in the UK charts, exactly 22 years after her first UK number one hit. • In case you wondered, her first UK number one hit was I Should Be So Lucky, which spent five weeks at the top in 1988. Since then, she’s sold over 60 million records all over the world! • Kylie holds the record for the most played female artist on UK radio over the last 20 years. • To date, Kylie has had 42 consecutive UK hits, none of which failed to peak in the Top 20. An incredible 32 of these were in the Top 10. • Since 1989, Kylie has been nominated for 12 BRIT Awards and won three - oh and presented and performed at the ceremony. • In 2008, Kylie received an OBE for services to music. She’s also received similar awards in France for her services to French culture.

Kylie credentials • Kylie has previously performed at some pretty special events. In 2000 she was a highlight of the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympics, and in October 2010 she performed in front of the Sphinx and Pyramids in Egypt! • Madame Tussauds has created four waxworks of the pop princess – only Queen Elizabeth has had more made. • Kylie started out as an actress. Since initially appearing in Neighbours as Charlene Mitchell, she’s lit up the silver screen in films including Street Fighter, Moulin Rouge! and The Magic Roundabout (she was the voice of Florence). • As well as her famed Neighbours days, Kylie has also appeared in an episode of Doctor Who. • Kylie’s little sister Dannii is best known for being a judge on The X Factor – but she too used to be a pop and soap star. Now that’s a family with star quality! • Despite her big stage presence, Kylie is only a tiny 5”1. • Kylie has launched five different perfumes, and also designed her own lingerie range, Love Kylie.


Don’t miss

My World of beliebers

most searched for e on r be m nu e th e nce, becom rls He’s flirted with Beyo illions of teenage gi m of ts ar he e th on ld dw ow-stopping My Wor person on Google, an sh s hi gs in br er eb Bi Justin across the globe. Now this March tour to The O2 arena


anadian megastar and heartthrob Justin Bieber has a lot to be happy about. Few 16-year-olds can boast worldwide sellout tours, as well as accumulating an entourage akin to the size of the average primary school. Being surrounded by screaming girls whilst being transported between interviews and performances has become part of teen sensation Justin Bieber’s life. He saw a meteoric rise to fame after posting his videos on YouTube as a way for his family to track his progress in a small-town singing competition. Now hailed as the website’s biggest ever star, the young singer gained fans the world over before a signing war between Usher Raymond and Justin Timberlake was finally won by Raymond, and Bieber became a fully fledged artist signed to Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG). Having already been likened to Michael Jackson, Bieber has achieved stardom beyond his wildest dreams. His Twitter account has amassed over 6.5 million followers, and the YouTube channel where it all began now has more than 100 million views, making him the most viewed artist in YouTube’s history. Justin Bieber has even had a whole dictionary created for him by his fans – or ‘Beliebers’, as they are known. ‘Bieber Fever’ was certainly far more contagious than most illnesses we read in our newspapers in 2010, and it was a pandemic that swept every country he landed in. Last year saw the pint-sized pop star perform for American president Barack Obama and, as well as presenting at the Grammy Awards, he is also the only artist to have had all of his singles in the Billboard Top 100 at the same time. Moves to strengthen the teen dream’s grip on young hearts across the globe have now seen him put his name to a Wallmart nail varnish. An unusual addition to his merchandise empire, the 15 strong set of nail colours created hysteria and sold out across the board within days – despite him not even wearing nail varnish himself. With such an ever-growing and immense fan base, it’s no wonder that Bieber’s My World tour has also grown to an unprecedented size. The world tour began on 23 June 2010 and, with rarely a day off, continues long into 2011 with his final gig planned for 21 May 2011 in Brazil. Of the 108 scheduled performance dates, thirteen are in the UK, of which three are at TheO2 arena in London. Unsurprisngly tickets are in high demand. Despite being in the middle of an all-consuming tour, the Bieber juggernaut shows no signs of slowing. Fans will be treated to an onscreen spectacular like never before this April, when Justin comes to the silver screen.

My World 3D will give fans instant access behind the scenes of his tour so far along with footage from the performances they’ve attended, and cameos from the likes of Miley Cyrus and Jaden Smith. Usher, Miley and Jaden aren’t his only celebrity friends, though. Bieber has been collecting an A-list inventory of buddies not only through his charming personality, but of course also through his music. He has been joined onstage by the likes of Boyz II Men, Ludacris, Shaquille O’Neal, Akon, Soulja Boy and Bow Wow, as well as singing live with Will.I.Am, Sean Kingston, Drake and Taio Cruz. This year has already seen the star collaborate with Kanye West and Wu-Tang Clan rapper Raekwon on a remix of Runaway Love, and the rumour mill says he’ll also be working Chris Brown and country band Rascal Flatts’s singer, Gary LeVox. Album number three, My Worlds Acoustic, was released last November. It proved beyond doubt that the onset of adulthood isn’t getting the better of him and that his “excellent voice coach” is guiding the boy into a bonafide man of the charts. Not that Bieber is taking his success for granted. His superstar status means he is in a position to give something back, and as a way to show appreciation to fans and to God, Bieber donated a portion of proceeds from the album to Children Miracle Network. Speaking about the acoustic collection, Bieber explained: “I wrote [one of the songs on his album] Pray thinking I wanted to help others and I feel like I have a responsibility to do so. What is the point of doing all this if you can’t make a difference in others’ lives? This album is a gift to my fans and the money raised from it allows us all to help out.” Not content with ruling the hearts, charts, the big screen and the radio waves across the globe, the teen idol is now said to be trying his hand at television, with a cameo appearance in an upcoming episode of Glee. As the man of the moment settles into his reign as the Prince of Pop, the little lady who is following hot on his heels on the stairway to stardom, Willow Smith, has been confirmed to support him on the UK leg of the My World tour in March 2011. This will be the first time both Justin Bieber and the 10-year-old daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have toured the UK. Signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label, Willow has taken hold of the world with a Bieberesque grip - her debut single Whip My Hair is already an international anthem. With two juggernauts of the tween market on the same stage at the same time it’s no wonder extra dates at The O2 arena were added almost as soon as the tickets went on sale. Catch Justin and Willow on March 14,16 and 17 2011. n

Performances will be held at the o2 on: 14, 16, 17 March Tickets are available via telephone on 0844 856 0202 or visit


ction hea

se iss Don’t M d

Heartbeats I

rish trio The Script have enjoyed one hell of a musical apprenticeship. A few years ago, they arrived in LA armed only with some tentative connections and shedloads of burning ambition. They followed up their multi-platinum, eponymous debut album with Science & Faith. The band hit The O2 in March on their first ever arena tour. We chatted with drummer and multi-instrumentalist from the band, Glen Power. What are you doing now? We were shooting a video today and I had some free time this afternoon, so I went to the gym. I’ve only just started going, but playing more and more on stage takes it toll, and you have to prepare yourself for the physical challenge of going out there and playing every night. It’s not like when we first started, we’d go on the road without any preparation.

How are you feeling about your upcoming UK arena tour? We can’t wait, it’s going to be phenomenal. We’ve learnt so much touring the world and we’ve been lucky enough to go to some amazing places, like Australia and New Zealand. After being a support act for so long, it’s great to finally have our own live show. We’ve earned it and want our fans to experience it. They won’t be disappointed!

The Performance will be held at the o2 on 26 March Tickets are available via telephone on 0844 856 0202 or visit


recording. We’re lucky because Danny, Mark and I still have a really strong creative chemistry. Songs come quite easily for us, but Science & Faith is really an argument for love conquering all in the face of doubt. Is it fair to say that a lot of your songs are about relationship angst? Yeah, our music’s a snapshot of our lives and we went through a lot of crap while writing it. Our songs definitely reflect that. Obviously sometimes we pretend, though! Through all the songs on the album there’s a strong message of hope. Do you get many fans writing in to say they’ve experienced the same? It’s mad, the bulk of the people who approach us on the street or in a restaurant have got a story about what one of our songs meant to them. It’s quite hard to get used to. One guy told us he’d just got back from the Gulf and our song Before The Worst meant so much to him, because his wife had cheated with his best mate when he was away. It was a terrible story and you think, what do I say?

Were you pleased to have sold out The O2 Dublin in less than 40 minutes? That was unbelievable. It was the moment I realised how things had changed for us and how far we’d come. To have that support from Irish fans especially, in our home town – it was just incredible.

During your time in LA, you managed to work with many of the top R&B producers. How did you end up meeting them? We just pursued our heroes and a lot of it was the gift of the gab. I swear to God it was the Irish charm! We’d find out which parties they were going to, work out if we had a friend in common, and talk ourselves into that situation so we could meet them. Hustling was a huge part of our growth as artists – it played as big a part as the time we spent in the studio.

Was working on second album Science & Faith a challenge after the 1.8 million selling self-titled global smash of a début? To be honest, we just got on with the writing and

What can fans expect from your show at The O2? We’ve developed the live show so much in terms of production, and we’re all training hard for a really amazing night! n



lyrics and love

Spanish heartthrob Enrique Iglesias talks us through the events that have shaped his career ahead of his one-night-only show at The O2 this March


The Performance will be held at the o2 on 25 march Tickets are available via telephone on 0844 856 0202 or visit


omantic balladeer Enrique Iglesias prayed as a child to become a popular singer, but his superstar father Julio, who’s sold over 260 million records in 14 languages, never knew about his young son’s ambition. When Enrique was old enough to make an audition tape he sent samples to record companies under a pseudonym, afraid of prejudice in light of his father’s stature in the recording industry. Talent and desire won out for Enrique, and he signed a recording contract exclusively on his own merits, secure in the knowledge that he succeeded on talent and charisma, and without the use of his surname. The popular singer and songwriter settled into his career, confident at his ability to establish name recognition as Enrique, through his personal musical style and appeal. Recently the Spanish hit maker sang a toned-down version of his raunchy track Tonight at The American Music Awards. “I thought it was a strong statement to say in a song, but it’s fun,” Iglesias said on the candid lyrics of the song. “It’s probably what a lot of guys and girls think about at times, but they don’t have the guts to say. It’s pretty straightforward. Music has become

so direct and you can say whatever you want, which is cool. At the end of the day, it’s just a song, you don’t have to take it seriously. You can have fun with it.” Iglesias described latest album Euphoria as being “like nothing I’ve ever done before. It taps into so many different styles of music. It’s been really exciting for me to experiment and explore new territory.” Guests on the album include Akon, Nicole Scherzinger and Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Wisin and Yandel. He describes working with Usher as “really fun” and wrote Heartbeat especially for Pussycat Nicole. But it is Lionel Richie, who features on his new single I Like It, that particularly enthuses him. “I really look up to Lionel. He is amazing. He is a great songwriter but also a good person too. He is very humble for someone of his stature.” “I’m not a heartthrob. If you saw me in high school, you wouldn’t say I’m a heartthrob. Having a hit song, the minute you’re famous, you’re a heartthrob. I know you don’t believe me, but I honestly don’t consider myself a heartthrob.” “I had no luck with the ladies. I was going to prom with this girl that I really liked and she said that she

had decided that she wasn’t gonna go with me. It was devastating,” he explained. “When you’re in high school and a few weeks before prom the girl you’re going with says no, it’s awful. At the time, my whole world came crumbling down. I probably did cry. I hate to admit that now, it’s kind of embarrassing. Such a wuss.” However, Iglesias insisted that he still had fun at the dance even without a date. “I went to my prom alone. I know it sounds awful, but I went with my friends. I had a good time,” he said. “For all you guys out there: It’s okay to go to prom by yourself. You don’t need a date.” Evidently having no problems with the ladies any more, the celebrated singer met his other half, Anna Kournikova on the set of his own music video for Escape, in which she starred. He also revealed that his girlfriend of almost a decade only occasionally helps him with his music by giving feedback, saying, “She listens, but it’s hard for her to be impartial. I truly go by what I feel and then I talk it over with the record company. If I talk it over with the people closest to me, I know I’m going to make mistakes because it’s difficult for her to be objective.” Despite clearly being

devoted to his long term partner the star revealed that he’s still not quite ready for children. He explained, “I don’t feel like I am I am ready for children at this moment but who know maybe six months from now I will, maybe 16 years from now I won’t”. For now Iglesias appears to be fully concentrating on his ever-growing career and, with his show at The O2 just around the corner, we for one are grateful! n


• Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler was born on 8 May 1975. • He has sold more than 60 million records worldwide. • He has notched up 12 top 20 hits with tracks including Hero, Do You Know and 2009’s Taking Back My Love. • He’s hugely popular in India - 30.6 per cent of all Enrique’s downloads are from the subcontinent.


n at tio se Oncly eO d2 Th hea



For the first time ever, The Royal Ballet performs in a UK arena when Romeo and Juliet takes to The O2 stage


Performances will be held at the o2 on: 17, 18 and 19 June Tickets are available via telephone on 0844 856 0202 or visit


he Royal Ballet will pirouette out of its glittering home in Covent Garden, and head down the river for a unique production of Romeo and Juliet at The O2 in June, the first time the world-famous company has performed in a UK arena. In November, two of the ballet’s stars heroically stripped off layers of coats, jumpers, scarves, leggings and gloves to dance in the bitter cold outside The O2, to announce that they will be joining musicians and sports stars by appearing here. To encourage a wider audience to come and see the show, up to 2,000 specially-priced £10 tickets will be available for every performance, sold on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Dame Monica Mason, director of The Royal Ballet said, “I am thrilled we have the opportunity to perform at The O2 and to introduce our work to so many new people. Romeo and Juliet is one of the greatest ballets in our repertory, and it will be both exciting and challenging to present it in this vast venue.” There will be four public performances, and a special matinee for schools, at which principal dancer Mara Galeazzi will dance Juliet. The full Royal Ballet cast at The O2 will also include acclaimed dancers Carlos Acosta, Tamara Rojo, Alina Cojocaru, Johan Kobborg and Edward Watson.

The company will take all its sets and costumes from Covent Garden, but will make some concessions to newcomers to the art form. Filmed introductions, created by the Ballet Boyz, will bookend the scenes and cover the scene changes, which will have to be done by old-fashioned brute force because The O2 has no rig to fly in scenery. Rock god-style, the diminutive dancers will become giants on the screens during their performance. The show should be big enough to fill even the cavernous spaces of the arena, with Romeo and Juliet boasting a cast of 70, the full Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, plus extras, actors and child performers – up to 200 entertainers in all. The production will be staged in association with impresario Raymond Gubbay, who was responsible for presenting The O2 arena’s first opera, Carmen, in May. “After we did Carmen, the first opera here, it seemed a natural. I thought it might take a very long time to negotiate with the Royal Ballet, but they were up for it immediately”, said Gubbay. “Ballet is not elitist, but to many people who have never ventured there, Covent Garden can seem quite intimidating”, added Dame Mason. “This is a chance to take what we do to a whole new audience; it is exactly what we should be doing”. n

live sport at the O2

Polo Loco Thursday 24 February 2011 will mark the first time that polo has been played at The O2 arena, so put your preconceptions aside and join in the 21st century polo party!


Gaucho INTERNATIONAL Polo will be held at the o2 on 24 Feb Tickets are available via telephone on 0844 856 0202 or visit


fter years of being the peceived as the preserve of the elite, polo is finally establishing itself as a fun-filled day out for all the family. This February’s Gaucho International Polo at The O2 arena promises to create an authentic festival feel, with great entertainment, live music and, of course, the legendary sport itself. Adapted for its new surroundings, even the way the game is played has been given a high-energy twist to match The O2’s world-renowned atmosphere. Arena polo is a truly exciting form of sport played on a reduced size pitch and with only three players per side, rather than the usual four. The result is a fast-paced and exciting game that has never been easier to follow. What’s more, thanks to the compact indoor pitch and intimate feel, you’ll never be too far away from the action. As well as the stunning game itself, Gaucho International Polo will offer an experience like no other. Arriving at the arena from 2pm, guests can browse the retail village, quaff champagne, or even have a go themselves in the purpose-built have-a-go polo area. The huge space will be filled with activities, fashion shows and live music, ensuring all attendees can make the most of their polo adventure. The first game of the day - a top class exhibition match - will take place at 5pm, ahead of the international game between Scotland and South

Africa at 6.15pm (perfect for those who aren’t lucky enough to have the day off work). Leading up to the main event, 7.30pm will see four mystery celebrities – led by two professionals – battle one another on the pitch. This will be no slap dash affair, however, as the chosen celebrities will be spending this summer with the ‘David Beckham of polo’, Nacho Figueras, in deepest Argentina, where they will learn to play in order to raise funds for their chosen charities. After the lighthearted fun and games, the real competition begins. The Churchill Cup match between EFG’s England and their old adversary, Camino Real’s Argentina is the most important game ever to be played on British soil, and promises to be an intense, no-holds-barred battle royale to be crowned champions. Of course, no polo event is complete without a players’ after-party. Gaucho International Polo is no exception, with a huge celebration full of lavish drinks and celebratory fun lined up. This being The O2, partygoers will not need to venture far. One of the exclusive 2,500-capacity clubs will be where the players can be found after the tournament, as they host an after-party fitting of such a unique tournament. n

Buy Our Heroes a Drink A cool drink at the end of a hard day at the office is one thing, but quite another when you’ve spent six months on the frontline. And how much better must it taste when it’s been bought by a member of the public saying thanks for what you do? Everyday stories from Afghanistan put the lives of our troops into sharp focus and remind us just how hard life is out there. The British Forces Foundation exists to help boost their morale, and we’re asking you to put a little in the kitty as a way of saying thanks. In association with a number of Pub Companies and Breweries we have sent a token, representing one free drink, to every one of the 23,000 troops on operations, away from family and loved ones.

Show your support Text and buy one of our deserving heroes a welcome home drink. If they walked into your local – you would!

Text ‘HEROES’ to 70099

Text messages cost £3 plus one message at your standard network rate

From most users BFF will receive over £2.90 from each text donation with a minimum of £2.40 received dependant on your network operator. **Donations from handsets registered in UK and Northern Ireland only. The British Forces Foundation Registered Charity No: 1075109.

Make your music work

BA (Hons) Music Production for Media £8,000 Scholarships available At Ravensbourne, right on the doorstep of The O2, you will learn to write music for a range of media, how to make the most of new and emerging technologies, and how to understand the music needs of various industries including television, radio, gaming and web-based technologies. You will also learn how to protect your music across all media. You’ll leave the course with the skills to become a creative entrepreneur prepared to make your music work for you. Validated by City University, London

Ravensbourne... is supporting young and emerging artists when they need it most - at the start of their music careers.

- Robert Plant, lead singer of Led Zeppelin

F i n d o u t m o r e a t w w w. r a v e . a c . u k / v e n u e

Image : NBAE/Getty Images


Enraptured by

the Raptors

This March will see The O2 arena transformed into the stage for one of the world’s most spectacular sports – NBA basketball!


he O2 arena will host an epic two-day double-header that pits the New Jersey Nets against the Toronto Raptors for a cross-continent clash. As the countdown to these huge matches begins, we caught up with the Raptors’ coach, Jay Triano, to find out just what London is in for. “It’ll be a good one because we’re fighting for a play-off spot and climbing in the standings now. It will be two very important games for us.” The games may only comprise two out of the massive 82 they play per season, but a win in a foreign continent can do a lot for team morale. “Any win is fantastic but it’s going to be neat playing in another continent; the value for our players to be able to play away and in such a great venue is very important,” Triano added. Winning is clearly the only thing the Raptors are focused on, as he explained that the team will practise right until the last minute. “We have a lot of games to play between now and when we come to London, but it will be a very interesting week for us. We’ll have to prepare when we’re on the aeroplane and over the couple of days that we are there.” The coach’s obvious firm faith in his team extends further to a strong confidence in the NBA as a whole.

“I’m sure the NBA will do it right over in London, and I’m sure it will be as much of a success there as it is out here,” he explained. “The regular crowds and the regular interactive things we do means it’s not just about the game, there’s a lot going on.” The half-time shows and time-out entertainment are two of the reasons NBA basketball has become more than a sport and morphed into one of America’s biggest tourist attractions. “It’s what makes it such a popular game for so many people in North America, and they’re going to want to show that to the people in London,” Triano explains. The Raptors’ half-time show sees the Raptors Dance Pak (a troupe of athletic female gymnasts) along with their very own DJs the 4Korners Raptors Soundcrew take to the court to wow the crowds. Away from home soil the two teams are going to have to rely on diehard fans and British supporters to recreate the world-famous atmosphere that matches held stateside generate. “Basketball is a very intense game. There’s a lot of cameraderie beforehand, but as soon as the ball gets thrown up and it’s the start of the match, that’s when the true passion and the competitiveness is brought out in everybody.” So all that’s left for UK fans to do is to pick a side to support and start cheering! n

Performances will be held at the o2 on: 4 & 5 MARCH Tickets are available via telephone on 0844 856 0202 or visit


on e at vti Lic se eo d2 th hea

Entertainment This April will see the daddies of the fighting game, WWE RAW and sister program SmackDown, return to the UK and bring their unique brand of organised chaos to The O2

R PerformanceS will be held at the o2 on: raw: 18 april SmackDown: 19 April Tickets are available via telephone on 0844 856 0202 or visit


AW made an instant impact with its American audiences back in ’93 when it broke boundaries with its live audience recording format. Previous popular wrestling shows were taped on sound stages with small audiences or at large arena shows, but RAW’s live formula, ground breaking cinematography and all-action commentary gave the audience sudden involvement they had never had before. This fresh way of watching televised wrestling created an atmosphere never before experienced by the viewing public, and pushed the sport to the forefront of the nation’s mind. Ruuning alongside RAW is SmackDown - supposedly famous wrestler The Rock’s show, as he claims the name is derived from his catchphrase “laying the smackdown”. A sister show with just as much tension and even more characters to follow, it has been a viewing hit since ’99. With superstar athletes, spectacular pyrotechnics and gripping storylines, enthusiasts gather from around the world to be part of WWE’s unique atmosphere, and the UK is no different. Sky still attracts a huge number of viewers each week for their broadcast of Late Night Raw and Late Night Smackdown, and the live shows guarantee to have fans flocking in their thousands. With a cast strong enough to get any WWE enthusiast’s pulse racing, The O2 arena will play host to an unparalleled selection of SmackDown and WWE RAW royalty. Confirmed on the RAW honour roll will

be legends such as 15-times champion John Cena and his long-time sparring partner Randy Orton. The history behind Cena and Orton began in ’06 and continues to be fraught as they persist with their constant battle for titles, but Orton has found an ally in the struggle in The Miz, who has also had famous feuds with Cena. Also amongst the touring RAW crew are our very own home-grown English wrestler, Wade Barrett and Irish reigning King of the Ring, Sheamus. Representing the RAW girls at The O2 this April will be the Mexican beauty, Melina. Over on the SmackDown side, 43-year-old Kane is set to dominate the show as his glittering career, including 16 championship titles, shows no sign of slowing. He is a three-time world champion; having won the WWF Championship once, the ECW Championship once, and the World Heavyweight Championship once, making him the first person ever to hold all three WWE world titles and a true legend in the ring. Another old-school hero in the SmackDown arena making an appearance at The O2 will be Edge, one of only two wrestlers (Kurt Angle being the other) who has held every current male Championship Belt in WWE. All 34 stone of ‘The World’s Largest Athlete’, Big Show will also be descending on the ring, alongside the up-and-coming superstar Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP). Rounding up the acts for the main event will be a true rose amongst thorns, Kelly Kelly. In the past Kelly Kelly has worked as a wrestling manager for The Miz, but will the previous allegiances still stick fast when they come to The O2 arena in London? We can’t wait to find out! n









nve tinoli tmca base o eaed 2 athth


to life It’s been more than 70 years since he made his first appearance in DC Comics, but this year we will experience Batman in a way no one ever has before; in the flesh, up close and personal...


PerformanceS will be held at the o2 From 24 aug to 4 sept Tickets are available via telephone on 0844 856 0202 or visit


s well as being an entirely new concept, Batman Live is an brand new story, written exclusively for the stage, promising to present us with acrobatics, pyrotechnics, stunts, super villains and screeching Batmobiles. On a 100ft-wide, 60ft-deep stage, the stars of the show will depict Batman’s struggles with a multitude of villains in front of a giant video wall, which will flash panels from comic strips and wow audiences with staggering special effects. But of Batman’s vast array of enemies over the years, who can we expect to see him do battle with on stage? No Batman storyline would be complete without his most infamous nemesis: The Joker. He is rumoured to have been a failed chemist who tried to make his name as a comedian but, when that failed too, he turned to crime. After a freak accident that saw him fall into a vat of toxic chemicals, his skin was bleached pure white, and his hair turned bright green. The Joker was born. These old sparring partners have been duelling it out for so long they almost seem to know each other’s every move, but that doesn’t stop them constantly seeking new ways to outdo each other. Sneak peeks at the Batman Live set designs have shown a hot air balloon the size of the entire set that we hear will be the scene for an onstage disaster featuring the hilarious loser. Could this finally be the end? As the old saying goes, ‘hell hath no fury like an insane woman in love with an evil psychopath’. Enter The Joker’s evil moll, Harleen Quinzel, otherwise known as Harley Quinn. After she fell for The Joker whilst working at the Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane, his spell quickly fell over her and Quinn became as crazy as him. Joining him in his lifelong quest to rid Gotham City of Batman , Ms Quinn brings her considerable intelligence, enhanced strength and

stamina, superior handto-hand combat skills and, of course, a wicked sense of humour. We’re expecting breathtaking onstage moves from this manical maid. However, Harley will not be the only villainess to grace The O2 arena stage this year. Selina Kyle, internationally famous cat burglar and jewel thief better known as Cat Woman, will be competeing with professional thief Pamela Isley, aka Poison Ivy for stage time. Whereas Cat Woman is famed for her expert gymnast abilities paired with stealth skills most felines would envy, Poison Ivy’s natural pheromones enable her to exert control over anyone she chooses. Despite having these four formidable rivals onstage, life doesn’t

get any easier for the Caped Crusader. The Batman Live audience will also witness the enigma that has been part of DC Comics since 1948, The Riddler. Completely obsessed by puzzles and his own intelligence, getting away with crime has never been enough for this habitual offender. His need to send hints to the police about his activities has continued to get him into trouble since he chose his life of crime, but fooling Batman gives him a bigger kick than any loot ever could. As well an impressive array of classic villans, Batman Live also features one of the newest additions, Arnold Wesker. Orphaned as a child, Wesker repressed his anger so deeply that he developed multiple personalities. Wesker finally snapped and killed a man, and was committed to the infamous Blackgate Prison. There he ‘met’ Scarface, a puppet that had been whittled from the wood of a gallows. In Scarface, the ventriloquist found an outlet for the most twisted of his personalities. Upon release from Blackgate, the two became inseparable and together they have made a lasting mark on Gotham City, and given Batman a run for his money time and again. The final baddie our hero is set to come up against this August is the mummy’s boy turned bad; The Penguin. Bullied at school and ostracized by his family, rejection caused him to snap and seek solice in the underworld. The Penguin rose up to become one of Gotham’s top criminals, pitting his wits against Batman time and time again. In keeping with his family’s tradition of wealth and class, The Penguin prefers formal attire even when indulging in criminal activities, donning a top hat, monocle and waistcoat. This sense of

style extended to Penguin’s business ventures when he opened up the hottest club in Gotham City, the Iceberg Lounge. Despite claiming to have relinquished crime and struck out as a legitimate businessman, Penguin’s nefarious nature and criminal connections mean Batman can’t take his eye off him for a moment. With this never-before assembled cast of characters featuring every big Batman name in DC Comics’ history, the stage is set for one of the biggest live shows The O2 arena has ever been a part of. n

All images : BATMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics 2

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Page 1



Central location next to Canary Wharf, iconic architecture and extensive luxury leisure facilities make Prime Avenue the prime residential investment opportunity in London today.

PRIME LOCATION: Next to Canary Wharf financial district and four luxury retail malls PRIME ARCHITECTURE: Designed by Skidmore Owings and Merrill, master planners of Canary Wharf PRIME SPECIFICATION: Custom designed kitchens, luxury marble bathrooms, full height windows, luxury flooring PRIME FACILITIES: Concierge services, valet parking, 24 hour security, retail and restaurant PRIME LEISURE: Health spa and gymnasium with swimming pool, sauna, steam and hydrotherapy pool PRIME TRANSPORT: Next to Crossharbour DLR station and short walk to Canary Wharf underground PRICES FROM ÂŁ245,000


Baltimore Wharf Marketing Suite 6 Baltimore Wharf London E14 9AQ

Tel: 0808 118 3551

Visual Arts

This year, the British Music Experience at The O2 gives guests a once in a lifetime opportunity to talk face-to-face with the photographers and designers behind music’s famous imagery. Elizabeth Stokes takes a look at what’s in store for 2011... the famous photo agency, Camera Press Ltd where he honed his skill and became one of the most important British music photographers in history. He has photographed the likes of Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Small Faces.

half term hotspot: BRITs Extravaganza SATURDAY 19 TO SATURDAY 26 FEBRUARY Head down to The O2 this half term for an exclusive BRITs special that will give guests the chance to collect a customised BRIT Award, film an award winning acceptance speech and upload it to YouTube. On Thursday, attendees will be able to work with an industry professional to create a personal show stopping show reel.

visual identity 2011 calendar: Rock Photography with Paul Slattery Thursday 17 February Slatterly took his first picture in 1975 at the Lyceum when he should’ve been studying for exams. A chance encounter with Lemmy from Motorhead meant that the life of a rock and roll photographer became a reality and he has since become one of the most respected in the industry picturing the likes of Oasis, The Clash and The Stones Roses.

Graphic Design with Brian Cannon Thursday 3 March Not only is Brian Cannon a designer, photographer and art director, but he also has band management and music video direction to his name. In the ‘90s Cannon’s influence over the visuals of Brit Pop changed the face of British music forever. He has designed covers for number one albums for the likes of Oasis, The Verve and Ash. Two of Cannon’s record sleeve designs - Definitely Maybe and This Is Music featured in Q Magazine’s The Hundred Best Record Covers Of All Time list published in 2001.

Rock Photography with Gered Mankowitz Thursday 10 March Displaying a natural eye for photography, at 15 Gered Mankiwitz was quickly offered an apprenticeship at

Rock Photography with David Redfern Thursday 24 March The internationally renowned founding father of British rock photography, David Redfern began his stellar career in the jazz clubs of the 1960s and is still travelling the world photographing bands today. He is responsible for some of the most inconic pictures of The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Dusty Springfield, Miles Davis and Ella Fitzgerald.

Rock Photography with Andy Willsher Thursday 31 March Receiving recognition for his Outstanding Contribution at this year’s NME Rock Photography Awards, Andy Willsher is one of the country’s premier rock photographers. Joining the NME in 1993, he has snapped some of UK’s leading artists, most famously capturing the moment Thom Yorke smeared his face with ice cream at Milton Keynes Bowl.

Art and Design with Roger Dean and Storm Thorgeson – Thursday 7 April This duo of internationally renowned designers have between them designed album covers and logos so well known their creative style alone has become symbolic. They have created album covers for the likes of ELO, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Mars Volta, The Cranberries and The Pretty Things. n

For more information or to book, visit:

NEW for 2011 POP UP CAFE The British Music Experience now provides customers with a Pop Up Café which is open daily selling a selection of refreshments suited to nourish every wannabe rock God and his entourage.


nor ct tio e xcfa thse ved ea hli

Tour De Fame

As one of the biggest TV shows of 2010, the X Factor has also given us some of the most recognisable characters of the last year. Ahead of the final nine’s big shows at The O2 this March we caught up with Ms. Controversial herself, Katie Waissel

F PerformanceS will be held at the o2 on: 2.30pm & 7.30pm, 19 MARCH

7.30pm, 20 march Tickets are available via telephone on 0844 856 0202 or visit

ew things warrant the title of phenomenon, but there’s no denying that the X Factor has certainly earned its stripes. As Pop Idol’s bigger, stronger and more successful brother, the X Factor culture has gripped the world over. Whether it’s with our own country’s contestants, or potential pop stars overseas in shows like American Idol that are keeping us locked to our screens, Mr Cowell has certainly found a formula that works. This year, fraught with scandal and controversy, has been one of the most explosive seasons to date. With huge style changes (remember when Storm Lee arrived at the live shows with that hair?), half-finished auditions, voting conspiracies, tears, tantrums, rumoured romances and one very bold granny, it’s no wonder viewing figures peaked at an astonishing 17.7 million during its final show. Now that Matt Cardle has been crowned the king of 2010 reality television and been sworn into the X Factor hall of fame, it’s time for

their first pop star test – a gruelling 37-date tour. With such a high-profile year for the television show, the tour promises to be just as gripping as the final nine acts take to the stage for a visual spectacular. Hitting The O2 arena in March will be Matt Cardle, Rebecca Ferguson, One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Mary Byrne, Katie Waissel, Wagner, Paije Richardson and Aiden Grimshaw. Ahead of the notorious nine’s first big gig, Venue caught up with arguably the show’s most controversial character ever, Katie Waissel. She was the ‘Marmite’ of 2010 who battled more criticism than any other contestant, and after facing four bottom two sing-offs, Katie left in week eight, narrowly missing out on the semifinals. With her trademark chirpy persona and tenacious positivity, she told us about her tour excitement. The tour is fast approaching, how are you feeling about it? I’m so excited! I love performing live and being able

to do that with so many thousands of people in front of you, and in amazing venues, is just such a dream.

A Rich Girl and she does the rapping bit. I would love to perform that!

So you’re not feeling daunted by it all? No, not at all. I’m just like “ahhhhh”!

You were known for changing your appearance each week over your time on screen. Is the costume design something you’ve been a part of for the tour? We haven’t had a chance to look as far as costume design yet, but I’d love to have the opportunity to play around with them. I love to change my style and my hair is now blonde again! I feel more of my character when I have blonde hair, I can rock out and be alive.

You’ve been playing a lot of more intimate gigs since leaving the X Factor, do you feel like the show prepared you for the arenas? I am definitely pumped. I love performing anywhere, whether it’s to two people or 200,000 people. I’ve been doing gigs since I was 18 (Katie is now 24) and being on the stage is where I feel most comfortable; it’s like I feel free up there. The O2 is such a huge venue, could you ever have considered yourself playing there before the show? Oh my god I’m so excited for The O2 arena! I went there for Prince and it was unbelievable. I couldn’t have ever even imagined playing there one day. Obviously I dreamt about it, but I couldn’t actually visualise that I’d be playing at The O2 one day; it’s amazing. Have you got anything in particular that you want to do for your part of the gig? I just really want to make a show of it and entertain. I want to run around, come down from the ceiling, throw balloons, crowd surf...just everything. We don’t know how much input we have yet, but I’ll be happy with anything, to be honest. The creative team behind the X Factor are so great, we all feel comfortable leaving the ideas to them. What kind of music can we expect? It’ll be songs from the show, it’s what people watched and it’ll be what they want to see. I’m really excited about it and I have my songs, but I have to keep them a secret for now... Any hints? They’re the ones that were the most fun! What would you ideally like to be singing up there? I’m really hoping we can do duets or collaborations on stage. Me and Cher have this joke duo called Gweve (Gwen Stefani and Eve), where we sing If I Was

What would be your ideal stage show? Well, when I go and see someone perform I want to see them sing, but I also want to see a show so I like the elctro-glam and the rock; something a bit more edgy on stage. Several of the dates have both an afternoon show and an evening one. How are you going to keep up with the schedule? I don’t know yet. I think the adrenalin and the excitement will keep me going. It’s part and parcel of the career so you just have to get on with it. As well as that, we’re not solidly on stage for the entire two hours ourselves, so that makes it makes it a bit easier. How are you going to cope being around each other for such an intense period of time? We all really get on. We haven’t had a chance to hang out since the end of the show because we all live in different parts of the country. We do all talk though, whether it’s on Twitter or on the phone. What are you most looking forward to in your future? Well, at the moment I’m currently writing. I play the guitar and piano so I can get really creative with the writing side of it. I’m testing out my new material at small gigs, and hopefully soon I’ll be able to release a record. The whole idea of being signed is kept under wraps from us, so I’m just enjoying focusing on my writing and getting songs together. I’ll be creative and I’ll let the business people take care of the business side! n


It may still be chilly outside, but remember, the Spring months are just around the corner... Stylist Jennifer Kyte delves deep into the style files for this season’s trends – from biker chic, to floral prints, it’s all about the feminine look with a twist



1Biker Babe

T his season the biker chic look is going to be huge, with leather studded jackets popping up all over the catwalks. But if you still want to keep it girly, this pink leather jacket is ideal.

Dusty Pink Leather Jacket, £65,

2The Bag for All Occasions

T his is one of those items you don’t know whether to class as smart or casual – so the simple answer is, use it for both. Team it with a pair of jeans and boots when you’re out at the shops, or glam it up for the evening – a perfect ‘one-bag-fits-all’.


White Maria Tote, £55, by Linea at House of Fraser

3Don’t Forget the Bling

 ccessories make an outfit, and this gold chunky bracelet A is right on-trend this season. Team it with a simple black dress and gold killer heels to create a striking look.



Gold-Plated Chunky Bracelet, £15, M&S

4Work Wear

 ight in keeping with the ‘70s glam, this dress is a mustR have style for the workplace. It’s designed to create the high-waisted skirt and blouse look, and it will not only be flattering, but also keep you looking glam and sophisticated.

White 2 in 1 silk dress, £170, Episode at House of Fraser

5Must-have Jeans

E very season jeans play their part, and this year it’s no different. Skinny jeans are still hugely popular, and a slight flair adds to the ‘70s glam, so grab yourself a pair as a must-have for the coming months.


Crafter Skinny Cuff, £34.99, Republic

6Minis Are Back

 iniskirts have taken a back seat for a while, but this Spring M they’re back with a vengeance. With the classic Springtime return of floral designs, this skirt would look great teamed with a simple white vest to create a perfect look.


Belted Gathered Culottes, £35, Lipsy

7Sky-high Heels

L ook sophisticated and sexy in these purple suede shoes from Office. The almost Moroccan-inspired shoe will get you noticed, and if the style doesn’t, the noise they make definitely will.


Money Bags, £85, by Office

V alentine’s Va Va Voom Whether you’re a married couple, have hooked up a hot date or are out to snag that special someone, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to look your fabulous best. Keeping you up to date with the latest beauty must-haves, we’ve put together our essential six-step guide to keep the ladies of The O2 arena looking lovely this Valentine’s.



1 Softly softly

S oft skin is a must. Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is formulated to have the same balance of oil and water as your skin’s natural composition.

£15.00 by Clinique

2 Wake up puffy eyes


Y  ves Saint Laurent’s Flash Touch Wake-Up Eyecare Wand promises to refresh tired eyes in a single click. Deliciously fresh, this ultra-light emulsion reduces signs of fatigue in a flash and smoothes the entire eye contour area.

£24.00 by Yves Saint Laurent

3 Big hair, big impact

B  ed Head Superstar Queen for a Day blow dry lotion creates stylish, volumous hair quickly. Don’t let the winter weather mess with your look!

£11.30 by Tigi


Statement smokin’ eyes


T he classic smouldering smoky eye is the ultimate frame for any party peepers. Benefit’s Smokin’ Eye kit also comes with an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to getting them right time after time.

£28.50 by Benefit Cosmetics

5 Kissable lips


M  ax Factor has extended its Lipfinity Lip Tint range to include two new kiss-proof shades. The Lipfinity Lip Tint Pen is now available in two gorgeous nude hues, Marshmallow and Nice n’ Nude, to create the perfect pared-down beauty look.

£7.99 by Max Factor

6 It’s not all about aesthetics...

You  may look a million dollars, but no perfect look is complete without a signature fragrance. Eternity is the perfect Valentine’s scent, having been inspired by the ideal of lasting love, romance and intimacy.


£27.00 by Calvin Klein


London Hairdresser of the Year 2010-2011 Canary Wharf 020 7513 2660


their Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo always has a way of looking effortlessly cool, both on and off stage. Using his signature hats, he teams it with a smart ‘50s inspired look, looking almost gentlemanly at the same time as setting a laidback trend. Recreate his look for a fraction of the price ahead of his shows at The O2 arena this February.

2The Trousers

Simple suit trousers are just what is needed to make this look complete.

Get yours from Jeff Banks for just £36, available at Debenhams

1The Jacket

Simple, black and tailored is all you need for the jacket. Keep it unbuttoned to look just as dapper as Ne-Yo.

3The Shoes

Smart yet comfy, Ne-Yo knows what shoes look best to rock his outfit. These match his style perfectly.

Timothy Everest Shoes, £65 by Marks and Spencer

You can grab yours for £299 at Ted Baker


The Trilby It’s the look he always carries, and just slightly angled off the face gives him that sexy, mysterious look.

Pick one up for yourself for just £18 by Linea, at House of Fraser

5The Shirt and Tie Combo

Make sure your tie always looks perfect with ready-to-wear shirt and tie combo. A simple shirt and skinny black tie will have people questioning if you’re actually the R&B singer.

White shirt with skinny tie, just £16 from George at Asda




This month we are listening to... Chase & Status No More Idols Label: Universal Music Release Date: 31 Jan

As key players in the recent monumental rise in popularity of mainstream dubstep and drum and bass, Chase & Status are now ready to deliver an album that has been hotly awaited for well over a year now. The second offering from Saul (Chase) and Will (Status) is a 15-track barrage of quality, radio-friendly, yet beautifully gritty tracks featuring huge names from all areas of music. Guest vocals come from feature artists such as CeeLo Green, Dizzee Rascal, Plan B and Tinie Tempah, whilst the duo also honour stars of the future, such as the up-and-coming Maverick Sabre and the BBC Sound Of 2011 nominee, Clare Maguire. Fans of the first album are sure not to be disappointed, whilst we’re certain the album will also gain the drum and bass heroes an army of new supporters.

Other albums out this month...

Label: 679 / Atlantic Release Date: 7 Feb

Label: Atlas / A&M Release Date: 7 Feb

Label: columbia Records Release Date: 21 Feb

The Streets

James Blake

Computers & Blues

James Blake

Glee: The Music Vol 4

Mike Skinner returns this month with his final album as The Streets, Computers and Blues. As a perfect parting gift, the album is as irresistibly box-fresh as his game-changing ‘02 debut Original Pirate Material. In the course of this infectiously upbeat, hit-packed offering, the sound of The Streets manages to go back to basics whilst still expanding in new directions. Set over 14 poignant tracks, Skinner manages to maintain his trademark mixture of heartfelt ballads next to tongue-incheek tunes during this goodbye speech.

Coming second only to Jessie J’s huge smash Do It Like a Dude in this year’s Brit Awards Critic’s Choice accolade, James Blake is set for huge things in 2011, starting with his first full-length, eponymous release. Blake’s lead single, Limit to Your Love, perfectly demonstrated the singer’s faultless voice as well as garnering comparisons to Imogen Heap. Having already caused a stir with three previous mixtapes, his debut is being closely watched by both the underground music scene and the radio playlist pickers alike.

Since the runaway success of the TV series last year, the world of Glee has gone stratospheric, with the now-famous cast all over our screens and tabloids, and appearing in spectacular live shows at The O2 this June. Fans of the small screen spectacular need not wait with baited breath by their television sets each week, however, as this month sees the release of their fourth album. Featuring favourites from the Britney Spears episode, as well as already popular Glee covers such as Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’s Empire State of Mind.


Glee cast

S E M A G zone Ryan Cope singlehandedly finishes a war in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood before going back to the Cold War in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Ezio Auditore da Firenze fought hard to rip Renaissance Italy from the grasp of the vile Borgia (a family of secret Templar Knights) and now he must take the fight to the country’s heart – Roma. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is the follow-up to the much-enthused and venerated Assassin’s Creed 2. Brotherhood continues the intricate and tortuous story of contemporary assassin, Desmond Miles. Able to enter a machine that allows him to re-live his ancestor’s memories, Desmond becomes his ancient relative, Ezio, in order to find a secret weapon in the present to help with the Assassin/Templar war. While Brotherhood doesn’t drastically change the AC2 game play, it does continue to produce an excellent well-scripted story with deep and endearing characters. Assassination options are more varied than ever and just as thrilling to execute, especially with the added feature of the brotherhood, which allows players to recruit and train fellow assassins. Multiplayer is new to the franchise and is an extremely competitive and adrenaline-pumping experience. The only thing that lets it down is the ludicrously long load times when finding a match. Overall, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is a beautiful piece of historical fiction that smoothes over the rough edges of AC2. 9/10 Available on Xbox 360, Playstation 3

Call of Duty: Black Ops Classed as one of the most anticipated games ever and part of a long-running, highly successful series, Call of Duty: Black Ops lives up to the hype that has preceded it. Set during the Cold War, players will take control of several characters, but the main protagonist is Alex Mason, operative of the fabled American SAD/SOG unit, Black Ops. Sent behind enemy lines to Cuba, Vietnam and Russia, Mason must uncover the secret behind a series of numbers that are the key to a terrorist attack on the US. Black Ops is a typical COD game – if you’ve played one, you’ve played them all – but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing since the action is explosive, fast-paced and dramatic, especially so in Black Ops. Players will wield a huge variety of weapons and equipment as they blast through thoroughly enjoyable, cinematic, over-the-top set pieces. The multiplayer builds on that of Modern Warfare 2, with new killstreaks, weapons, attachments, customisation and in-game currency; Black Ops creates a much more rounded and rewarding competitive online experience that is utterly addictive. Overall Black Ops is the pinnacle point of the Call of Duty series, continuing the same formula that millions already love. 10/10 Available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS 2

See as many movies as you like, from just




a month

Apply online or ask at the box office for details

*Minimum subscription of 12 months. See subscription form for full terms & conditions. £16.50 per month applies to Cineworld Fulham, Haymarket, Shaftesbury Avenue & Chelsea.

CI0150_A4_UNLIMITED.indd 3

2/11/10 11:42:44

DVD zone DVD of the month Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps Certificate: 12 Release Date: 7 Feb director: Oliver Stone

Despite his initial attempts to warn Wall Street of the forthcoming economic downturn and stock market crash, no one in the financial world believes Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), due to his past conviction for financial crimes. As the global economy teeters on the brink of disaster, a young Wall Street trader, Jacob Moore (Shia LaBeouf), partners with the disgraced former Wall Street corporate raider on a two-tiered mission: to alert the financial community to the coming doom, and to find out who was responsible for the death of Moore’s mentor.

Other DVDs out this month...

Certificate: 15 Release Date: 7 Feb director: Ryan Murphy

Certificate: 12 Release Date: 14 Feb director: Robert Schwentke

Certificate: 12 Release Date: 7 Feb director: Burr Steers

Eat Pray Love

Charlie St. Cloud


Author of the original best-selling memoir and self-appointed protagonist, Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) has everything a modern woman is supposed to dream of: a husband, a house, a successful career – yet she finds herself lost and searching for her true passion in life. Newly divorced, Liz risks everything to change her life, embarking on a journey around the world that becomes a quest for self-discovery.

Charlie St. Cloud (Zac Efron) is overcome by grief at the sudden death of his younger brother Sam (Charlie Tahan). So much so, that he takes a job as caretaker of the cemetery in which his brother is buried. But when a girl comes into Charlie’s life, he must choose between keeping a promise he made to Sam, or going after the girl he loves. Nominated for the Teen Choices Summer Male Movie Star Award, Efron continues to win the hearts of girls around the world.

Frank (Bruce Willis), Joe (Morgan Freeman), Marvin (John Malkovich) and Victoria (Helen Mirren) were once the CIA’s top agents, but the secrets they know just made them the agency’s top targets. Now framed for assassination, they must use all of their collective cunning, experience and teamwork to stay one step ahead of their deadly pursuers and stay alive. The team embarks on a cross-country mission to break into the top-secret CIA headquarters.



We take a look at the latest film releases

Certificate: 12A Release Date: 28 Jan director: Clint Eastwood


Certificate: TBC Release Date: 11 Feb director: Kelly Asbury

Gnomeo & Juliet

As a meeting of minds, Hereafter tells the story of three people who are touched by death in different ways. George (Matt Damon) is a reluctant psychic who prefers not to manipulate the gift he has been given, while Marie (Cecile De France), a French journalist, has a near death experience that opens her eyes to the world around her. When Marcus, a London schoolboy, loses the person closest to him, he desperately needs answers. Their lives are forever changed by what they believe exists in the hereafter.

The greatest love story ever told, starring garden gnomes! Shakespeare’s revered tale of star-crossed lovers gets a comical, off-the-wall makeover in this animated adventure. Garden gnomes Gnomeo (voiced by James McAvoy) and Juliet (voiced by Emily Blunt) have as many obstacles to overcome as their quasi-namesakes when they are caught up in a feud between neighbours. With plastic pink flamingos and lawnmower races in the mix, can this young couple find lasting happiness?

Certificate: tbc Release Date: 4 Feb director: Rowan Joffe

Certificate: U Release Date: 11 Feb director: Eric Brevig

Brighton Rock

Yogi Bear (3D)

Set in 1964, Pinkie Brown (Sam Riley) is a notorious Brighton thug. After carrying out the murder of his rival and successfully fooling the police into believing it to be suicide, only naive waitress Rose (Andrea Riseborough) can prove that it was murder. Instead of killing her, the two form a close bond. However, with his gang beginning to doubt his ability, he starts to become more desperate and violent. Also starring Helen Mirren and the late Pete Postlethwaite.

Everyone’s favourite basket-stealing bear comes to the big screen in this live-action/CG animated adventure in 3D. Jellystone Park is losing business, so Mayor Brown decides to shut it down and sell the land. Yogi (voiced by Dan Aykroyd) and his pal Boo Boo (voiced by Justin Timberlake) will be tossed out of the only home they’ve ever known, and must join forces with their nemesis, Ranger Smith, to stop the park from closing forever.

Certificate: TBC Release Date: 4 Feb director: Alister Grierson

Sanctum Academy Award-winning director James Cameron serves as co-writer and co-producer of this high-definition 3D feature concerning a father/son deep-sea expedition. The situation becomes life-threatening when the crew descends to uncharted depths to explore the underwater caves that stand as one of the last frontiers of earthbound exploration. Stripped to their most primitive instincts, the frightened duo struggle to overcome one of the most punishing and unforgiving environments on the planet.

Certificate: TBC Release Date: 16 Feb director: John Whitesell

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son The third instalment of the hilarious Big Momma’s House series sees the return of FBI agent Malcolm Turner (Martin Lawrence) and his cross-dressing alter ego, Big Momma. This time, Turner heads to an all-girls performing arts school with his stepson, Trent (Brandon T. Jackson), after Trent witnesses a brutal murder. Posing as Big Momma and Charmaine, the disguised duo must find the killer before he finds them.

Certificate: TBC Release Date: 18 Feb director: Greg Mottola

Certificate: 15 Release Date: 21 Jan director: Darren Aronofsky


Black Swan

Two sci-fi geeks, Graeme Willy (Simon Pegg) and Clive Gollings (Nick Frost), go on a pilgrimage to America’s UFO heartland, accidentally meeting an alien named Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen), who has been living at a top-secret military base for the past 60 years. For reasons known only to himself, Paul decides to escape the compound, hop on the first vehicle out of town and takes the stunned pair on an insane road trip that alters their universe forever.

Starring Natalie Portman, Vincent Cassel, and Mila Kunis, psychological thriller Black Swan depicts a production of Swan Lake with a wicked dark twist. When ballet dancer Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) wins the lead in Swan Lake her dream is fulfilled. However after an unexplained rash and vivid hallucinations, Nina’s paranoia takes over and suspects understudy Lily (Mila Kunis) of foul play. With the Chemical Brothers taking over parts of the soundtrack, Black Swan is a truly twisted modern classic.



A pair of tickets to the X Factor AT The o2 arena on 20 MARCH


s the final nine participants and hopeful pop stars of the future embark on their arena X Factor tour this March, we’ve got a pair of tickets to present to one lucky winner. The seventh series of The X Factor became the talking point of the nation last year, and now fans of the show have the chance to see their favourite acts perform live. Taking over The O2 arena on 19 and 20 March will be the final eight contestants: Rebecca Ferguson, One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Mary Byrne, Katie Waissel, Wagner, Paije Richardson, Aiden Grimshaw and the soon-to-be international star, winner Matt Cardle. For your chance to get your hands on the complimentry tickets, just answer the following question:

At what position did winner Matt Cardle’s debut single chart?

To enter visit Closing Date: 1 March. Prizes will go to the first entry draw. There is no cash alternative. Editor’s decision is final. Competition subject to The O2 prize draw terms and conditions. These can be found at


WIN WIN A day at the Gaucho International Polo including a meet and greet with the players


n celebration of The Gaucho International Polo, we are offering two lucky winners not only a pair of tickets each to come and see the action live on Thursday February 24 but also the opportunity to meet the players themselves. With a party atmosphere that has been tailored to suit all ages, Gaucho International Polo tickets allow you either to treat a friend or bring your own little budding polo player along. With live music, a luxury retail village, food and drink stalls and a have-a-go polo area, this all-day (and allnight, if you can hack it) important sporting event has something for everyone. As well as experiencing this unique spectacle, the winners of our tickets will also be introduced to the stars of the show, the players. For your chance to win one of the two pairs of tickets available, answer this simple question:

How many players take part in arena polo?

To enter visit Closing Date: 21 Feb. Prizes will go to the first entry drawn. There is no cash alternative. Editor’s decision is final. Competition subject to The O2 prize draw terms and conditions. These can be found at


Live life to the full at the ultimate riverside address Royal Arsenal Riverside SE18, is one of London’s most exciting riverside communities, where facilities for residents include a 24 hour concierge, gym, open space, car club and Young’s pub and dining. The latest phase, The Warehouse No.1 Street, offers stylish warehouse living with all the convenience and benefits of a new build home, combining smart contemporary interiors with architecture that reflects the heritage of this unique location. Stylish touches include exposed brick detailing, and each home has a balcony or terrace.

1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Prices from £245,000 Sales and Marketing Suite and Show Apartments open 7 days a week. 10am – 6pm and until 8pm on Thursdays. For information call 020 8331 7130

Our vision for your future

Prices and details correct at time of going to press. Photography depicts typical interior at The Warehouse. Computer Generated Image depicts The Warehouse No 1 Street and external photography depicts Young’s pub and dining at Dial Arch and Wellington Park at Royal Arsenal Riverside.


Bar Restaurant

Before or after your show, enjoy the huge variety of bars and restaurants under The O2 roof

Unit No.2:

Unit No.13:

Unit No.22:

Unit No.3 and 29:

Unit No.14:

Unit No.23:

Unit No.5:

Unit No.15:

Unit No.24:

Unit No.8:

Unit No.16:

Unit No.25:

Unit No.9:

Unit No.17:

Unit No.26:

Unit No.11:

Unit No.20:

Unit No.27:

Unit No.12:

Unit No.21:

Unit No.33



What’s On


The O2 February Tuesday 1st Voice in a Million The O2 arena

Wednesday 2nd Usher The O2 arena

Thursday 3rd Usher The O2 arena

Friday 4

Sunday 13th

Friday 25th

Basketmouth and Friends – Lord of the Ribs indigO2

Teena Marie indigO2

Thursday 17

Ne-Yo The O2 arena Teena Marie indigO2


Usher The O2 arena

Friday 18th Usher The O2 arena

Saturday 19th


Tony Christie indigO2

Saturday 5



Supercross 2011 The O2 arena 30 Years Celebration of Brit Funk indigO2

Monday 7th Roxy Music The O2 arena

Thursday 10th Premier League Darts The O2 arena The Three Degrees indigO2

Saturday 26th

Sunday 27th Serious about Street Dance 2011 indigO2

Russell Howard The O2 arena


Sunday 20th

Friday 4th

Russell Howard The O2 arena The Great American Popular Soulbook feat. Gary U.S. Bonds plus Ben E. King indigO2

NBA Games The O2 arena

Monday 21st

Tuesday 8th

Usher The O2 arena

Boyzone Brother Tour The O2 arena Mary Wilson and the Chi-Lites indigO2

Thursday 24th

Saturday 5th NBA Games The O2 arena

Gaucho International Polo The O2 arena

* All performances correct at time of print. For the latest event listings visit



What’s On

The O2 indigO2



Friday 25th

Thursday 7th

Enrique Iglesias plus special guest Lemar The O2 arena

Kylie Minogue The O2 arena The Magic of The Beatles indigO2

Saturday 26th The Script The O2 arena

Thursday 10th

Monday 28th

Plan B The O2 arena

Elbow The O2 arena

Friday 11th

Tuesday 29th

Westlife The O2 arena Chas & Dave – Together Again – Gaucho Meal indigO2

Elbow The O2 arena

Saturday 12th Westlife The O2 arena

Monday 14th

Wednesday 30th Taylor Swift The O2 arena

Thursday 31st Peter Kay The O2 arena

Justin Bieber The O2 arena


Wednesday 16th

Friday 1st

Justin Bieber The O2 arena The Dubliners indigO2

Peter Kay The O2 arena

Saturday 2

Friday 8th Kylie Minogue The O2 arena

Saturday 9th Kylie Minogue The O2 arena

Monday 11th Kylie Minogue The O2 arena

Tuesday 12th Kylie Minogue The O2 arena

Friday 15th Jamiroquai The O2 arena

Monday 18th WWE Presents Raw & WWE Presents SmackDown The O2 arena


Tuesday 19th

Thursday 17th

Peter Kay The O2 arena

WWE Presents Raw & WWE Presents SmackDown The O2 arena

Justin Bieber The O2 arena

Sunday 3rd

Wednesday 20th

Saturday 19th

Peter Kay The O2 arena

Andre Rieu – Rescheduled The O2 arena

X-Factor Live The O2 arena

Monday 4th

Saturday 23rd

Sunday 20th

Peter Kay The O2 arena

The Orb, 808 State DJs & Lone, plus special guests indigO2

X-Factor Live The O2 arena










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Venue - February 2011  
Venue - February 2011  

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