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On The Cover


Why did you choose this career? Why did you choose this specialty?

The driving force behind my decisions was a desire to give back to the community and leave a lasting legacy. This encapsulates the belief that life is not solely about self-preservation, but also, about enhancing society through altruism and contribution. The goal is to give hope to the hopeless and health to the sick, thereby, creating a better world.

Tell us about your background as a Doctor, education and experience. What are your specialties/ expertise? What unique skills do you possess?

I have 20 years of experience as a medical doctor. After graduating with Honors with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, I attended medical school at Midwestern University and graduated with a Doctorate degree in Medicine. I, then, completed an Internal Medicine internship at Eastern Virginia Medical School, followed by a three-year residency training in the specialty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Univer-

sity of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. I am a Board Certified Physiatrist with expertise in bones, muscles, nerves, the brain, spinal cord, rehabilitation, and comprehensive pain management. Many of the patients I treat have had trauma, stroke, severe disease states or injuries, and I help them recover. I am also a US Air Force Flight Surgeon. I took additional training at the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, and I provide care to patients in the military. Oh – I am a karate expert. I have owned a Dojo, and before becoming a doctor, I was a minister.

If you were to describe yourself as a Doctor in three words, what would they be, and why?

If I were to encapsulate my identity as a doctor in three words, they would be Caring, Expertise, and Dedication.

Caring is at the heart of my practice because I deeply empathize with my patients. I understand the profound impact that a lack of care can have on an individual, and I strive to ensure that no one under my care ever feels that way.

Expertise is my commitment to providing the highest standard of care to my patients. I believe that they deserve nothing but the

best, and I continually strive to enhance my knowledge and skills to meet their needs. Dedication reflects my passion for my profession. It’s not just a job for me, but a commitment to the people I have pledged to treat. It transcends the confines of a typical job and resonates more as a calling.

What do you like most about practicing medicine, and why?

It’s the opportunity to witness someone who was told she wouldn’t recover from a trauma, prove the naysayers wrong and see her walk again. It’s to alleviate pain and see the smile on a patient’s face. It’s the warmth of a grateful patient’s hug. These experiences are what motivate me to rise each morning. I know I’ve touched and impacted lives through God’s hand. It’s dynamic and gives me a profound sense of purpose. I have no doubt about why I am here on earth.

What aspects of practicing medicine do you find most challenging, and why?

It’s witnessing a young person die needlessly, or seeing someone pass away unfulfilled, fighting to live just a few more days to make up for what they perceived they could have done while they were well. Even though death is a natural course of life, it’s still hard to lose someone you have gotten to know.

What is your philosophy with medicine and treating patients?

My philosophy in medicine and treating pa-

tients is to treat my patients the same way I would want a doctor to treat me.


challenges do you feel physicians are facing today?

Physicians are dealing with burnout and facing the challenge of patients who believe they know more simply by looking up information on “Google.”

What are some of your greatest accomplishments?

While I have received numerous honors and awards, their significance to me has lessened as I’ve matured. Now, my greatest accomplishments are the cards and pictures I receive from my patients. A letter with the words scrawled, “Thank you for caring,” is what truly counts for me.

How do you keep current with your medical training and licensing?

I never stop learning. I read a lot.

How do you build rapport with patients in your care?

By genuinely listening to them and caring for them. It is all about my patients.

Questions about Your Character and Personality:

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

As an ENTF, I embody a unique set of traits that define my personality.

I am receptive to new ideas and experiences, a characteristic commonly found in individuals with the ENFJ personality type. My reliability is a cornerstone of my personality, providing a sense of dependability to those around me.

Passion permeates through my life, fueling my interests and enabling me to live a fulfilling life.

My altruistic nature drives me to make a positive impact on others, while my charisma allows me to naturally draw people towards me.

However, I tend to be overly idealistic at times, setting high expectations that reality may not always meet. My intensity and determination are rarely in short supply, pushing me towards my goals.

Compassion is one of my greatest strengths, making me overly empathetic at times, but this often leads me to take on other people’s problems as my own, a habit that can leave me emotionally and physically drained. Despite this, I continue to strive for balance, using these traits to navigate the complexities of life.

What travels have you taken, and what exposure to other cultures have you had?

I have extensively traveled across continents, including Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and North America. I am fortunate to have relatives and friends scattered all over the globe, enriching my travel experiences. I was born in a place that is an epicenter of culture, which has greatly influenced my worldview and understanding of diverse cultures.

Selecting the path of becoming a doctor has been the utmost rewarding decision. It has brought me immense joy and fulfillment to have a role in the healing arts, along with the opportunity to connect with wonderful individuals through patient care.

Abraham Moreno

River City Rage

Abraham Moreno is the celebrated author behind the powerful inspirational thriller “River City Rage” - a vivid supernatural saga delving into the unseen spiritual warfare raging around us. While spending over two decades as an educator and spiritual mentor, Abraham drew upon his passion for storytelling to craft this gripping, uncompromising novel during his first year as a Pre-K teacher.

In addition to his inspirational literary talents, Abraham is a celebrated poet, having won the 2024 Ekphrastic Poetry Contest in San Antonio. This summer, he’ll embark on a nationwide tour, holding book signings and readings that allow audiences to experience the transcendent depths in “River City Rage.”

Prior to recently retiring from education, Abraham served as an early childhood teacher, administrator, counselor and adjunct professor.

Always the avid life coach, Abraham loves hugs, superheroes, playing outside with his friends, and most importantly, hitting the coffee shops with his partner in crime and daughter, Madeline. When he’s not traveling the world, you can find him instructing Pre-K/Kindergarten students in the superhero arts and working on the sequel to River City Rage. The downtown San Antonio area is where Abraham and Madeline call home. You can visit him online at

How long have you been writing or when did you start?

I’ve been writing since I was 13 years old. In 8th grade, I wrote an assignment as a poem and my teacher read it in front of the class. That’s when I knew I was a writer. I started off writing poetry and then it evolved into short stories and eventually novels.

What, to you, are the most important elements of good writing?

The most important elements of writing are purpose and heart. You have to have a solid purpose for writing anything with meaning. If you don’t then you’ll never finish. The most critical part of writing is heart. Putting feel-

ings and emotions into writing will captivate an audience. The more readers can feel what the characters are feeling, the more invested in the story they’ll be.

What book (or books) are you currently reading?

I am currently reading a YA novel called Monsters in the Mirror by A.J. Hartley.

What author in your genre do you most admire, and why?

I would have to say the author I most admire is Pastor Levi Lusko. One of the best books I’ve ever read is called Through the Eyes of a Lion, which is part memoir part sermon. It really resonated with me on a spiritual level, and it is exactly as the subtitle states: Facing Impossible Pain, Finding Incredible Power.

Do you see writing as a kind of spiritual or therapeutic practice?

Absolutely! Writing is therapeutic in general, and for me, it is definitely a spiritual practice. If I’m not writing 4-5 times a week, I feel unfulfilled and unbalanced, especially since my stories are faith based. I always like to say that my writing is part of the “mission” to further the Kingdom.

What do the words “literary success” mean to you? How do you picture it?

I have always said that if I can help just one person because of this story, then I have accomplished my mission. It’s not about money or fame or becoming a bestselling author. If this book moves, it’s because God is moving it. Spreading faith, hope, and love for God’s glory. That’s what literary success means to me.

If you had to describe yourself in just three words, what would those be?

Inspired. Loving. Passionate.

What is the most satisfying quality about being a writer?

I would have to say there are a couple of satisfying qualities. The most important is being able to express my faith creatively. I’ve always loved stories, whether it be books or films. A good story is one where the reader is emotionally invested with the characters, and I write with that in mind. When people come up to me and express how much they “felt” a certain chapter or how a specific piece of dialogue resonated with them, or how the story helped to inspire them, those are the most fulfilling moments for me.

As a writer, what motivates you?

God is my ultimate motivator. Writing has become my new ministry in which to help others. Giving God all the glory and furthering the Kingdom is the ultimate plan.

What do you want your literary legacy to be?

Simply put, I would hope that my literary legacy is one where I did my best to inspire

people and that I gave it everything I had, to make a difference in the world through the art of writing. When the sun sets and I think about facing God, I hope that I am welcomed home with the words, “You did good. You gave it everything you had, and you used your gifts as much as you possibly could.”

River City Rage Synopsis:

The temptation of darkness…

Fending off the infectious evil he swore to fight against has brought Abraham on the brink of becoming an agent of darkness. Following the events in Los Angeles, he finds two things certain: victory comes with a price and darkness never takes a day off.

The presence of death has led Abraham to a sinister place where feelings of guilt, anger, and post-traumatic stress surround him as he struggles to re-ignite the fire of faith.

While his shadowy path remains unclear, he must find the strength to deal with the forces of darkness that threaten to overtake his heart and soul.

In the process of battling an unseen adversary, and on the verge of total self-destruction, his faith, his sanity, and the love of his life hang in the balance. With the aid of spiritual advisors near and far, the struggle to restore hope is more than he bargained for as enemies multiply without warning. The battle for good is one that Abraham must fight within in order to vanquish the darkness as unlikely heroes emerge, from the past and future, that change his life forever.

The journey takes him from the streets of San Antonio to the bright city lights of Las Vegas, where he searches to regain the way, the truth, and the life.


Who/What inspired you to become a writer (Author)?

Well I guess you can say my wild imagination, as a child I had so many different stories in my head and over the years as I got older it just evolved over time and later transitioned to pen and paper. What do the words “writers block” mean to you?

Something that happens randomly that you try to avoid at all cost!

What is your favorite childhood book? The Stinky Cheeseman and Other Fairly Stupid Tales

What advice would you give to a writer working on their working on their first book?

Take your time with the creative process do not rush it. Let your imagination create the stories and the words will flow.

What books did you grow up reading?

The Hank the Cowdog books, Harry Potter, and The Hobbit

If you didn’t write, what would you do for work?

A nurse which I’m currently in school for!

If you had to describe yourself in just three words, what would those be?

Perfectionist, Comedic, and Selfless

If you could be mentored by a famous author, who would it be?

Steven King

How would you have improved as a writer if you could go back to your childhood or adolescence and do things differently? To stop procrastinating and just put the pen to the paper

Brooklynn Chandler Willy, JD RFC CDFA


t: (210)-530-1292



20650 Stone Oak Parkway, Ste 100

San Antonio, TX 78258

As a business owner, understanding and evaluating your eligible deductions, commonly referred to as business write-offs, is essential for minimizing taxable income and optimizing your tax strategy. By identifying and leveraging available deductions, you can lower your tax liability and keep more money in your pocket to reinvest in your business. Here’s a comprehensive guide to business write-offs to help you navigate the complex landscape of tax deductions. Qualified Business Expenses

The first step in utilizing deductions is identifying qualified business expenses that are necessary and ordinary in the course of conducting your business. Common deductible expenses include:

•Operating Expenses: These include rent, utilities, office supplies, and maintenance costs necessary for running your business.

• Employee Compensation: Wages, salaries, bonuses, and employee benefits such as health insurance and retirement contributions are generally deductible.

• Professional Services: Fees paid to attorneys, accountants, consultants, and other professional service providers are deductible business expenses.

•Travel and Meals: Business-related travel expenses, including transportation, lodging, and meals, are deductible. However, there are specific rules and limitations regarding meal deductions.

• Marketing and Advertising: Costs associated with advertising, marketing campaigns, website development, and promotional activities are deductible.

•Equipment and Supplies: Expenses for purchasing or leasing equipment, machinery, furniture, and other business assets are deductible, either in full or through depreciation over time.

Home Office Deduction

If you operate a business from your home, you may be eligible for the home office deduction. This deduction allows you to deduct expenses associated with the business use of your home, such as a portion of your rent or mortgage interest, utilities, insurance, and property taxes. To qualify, you must meet specific criteria regarding the exclusive and regular use of a designated area of your home for business purposes.

Vehicle Expenses

If you use a vehicle for business purposes, you can deduct related expenses such as mileage, fuel, maintenance, and depreciation. You can choose between using the standard mileage rate or deducting actual expenses, depending on which method provides a greater deduction. Proper record-keeping is essential to substantiate business use and mileage.

Health Insurance Premiums

Self-employed individuals may be eligible to deduct health insurance premiums paid for

themselves, their spouses, and dependents. This deduction is taken on the individual’s tax return and can include premiums for medical, dental, and long-term care insurance.

Retirement Contributions

Contributions to qualified retirement plans, such as SEP-IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, or solo 401(k) plans, are deductible business expenses. These contributions not only lower taxable income but also help you save for retirement.

Tax Preparation and Filing Fees

Fees paid to tax professionals or software used for tax preparation and filing are deductible business expenses.

Education and Training

Costs associated with continuing education, training programs, seminars, and professional development related to your business may be deductible.

Bad Debts and Losses

If you experience bad debts or losses related to your business, you may be able to deduct them as business expenses.

Depreciation and Amortization

For certain business assets, such as equipment, machinery, and property, you can deduct depreciation or amortization expenses over time to recover the cost of the asset.

Start-up Expenses

Expenses incurred before the start of your business, such as market research, advertising, andorganizational costs, may be deductible as start-up expenses. These deductions are subject to specific limitations and requirements.


Investment advisory services offered through Queen B Advisors, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor, which does business as (d/b/a) Texas Financial Advisory. Insurance products, tax preparation services, and estate planning services are offered through Texas Insurance Advisory, Texas Tax Advisory, and Texas Estate Advisory, respectively, all of which also do business as Texas Financial Advisory. Insurance products, tax preparation, and estate planning are offered separate from investment advisory services. Neither Queen B Advisors nor Texas Financial Advisory offer tax or legal advice. IRS Circular: Pursuant to requirements imposed by the Internal Revenue Service, any tax advice contained in this communication (including any attachments) is not intended to be used, and cannot be used, for purposes of avoiding penalties imposed under the United States Internal Revenue Code or promoting, marketing or recommending to another person any tax related matter. Please contact us if you wish to have formal written advice on this matter.

Summer of Business

It’s hard to believe that summer is here, and with much uncertainty across the country, it’s anyone’s guess whether business will sizzle or cool off this summer. Let’s break it down and see where the thermometer might land.

First off, let’s talk about the sizzle. Summer is synonymous with vacations, outdoor activities, and a general sense of leisure. This translates into booming business for industries like tourism, hospitality, and outdoor recreation. Beach resorts, amusement parks, and ice cream shops are gearing up for their busy season. People are itching to break free from the confines of their homes and embark on long-awaited adventures. So, if your business falls into any of these types of categories, get ready to ride the wave of summer excitement!

But what about the flip side? The cooling off? Well, not all businesses thrive under the scorching sun. Some industries experience a dip in demand as consumers shift their focus from shopping to sunbathing. Retailers not selling summer fashion might notice a slowdown in foot traffic. Additionally, with people spending more time outdoors, indoor entertainment venues like movie or performing arts theaters might see a decline in attendance. Fluctuating markets and global tensions are casting a shadow over the sunniest of seasons.

However, all is not lost for businesses in the “cooling off” camp. This could be the perfect opportunity to get creative and pivot your offerings to align with summer trends. Think pop-up shops at recreational areas or themed events to draw in customers seeking relief from the heat.

So, will business sizzle or cool off this summer? The answer likely depends on your industry, adaptability, and a little luck. But

A Graphics, Web & SEO Agency Serious About Big Results. (210) 375-0000


Jennifer Delgado, President/CEO of Stability Staffing and Consulting

Stability Staffing and Consulting provides clients with qualified personnel to support the diverse workforce. We proudly commit to serving veterans and focus on assisting job seekers in theirjourney for employment.

Our reputable clients consist of private, State, City of San Antonio, and the Department of Defense.

We specialize in providing disaster and

emergency response teams for public health emergencies andresponded to the pandemic by deploying teams throughout the State of Texas.

The best part of Stability Staffing is our commitment to the local community in San Antoniothrough volunteer and contribution efforts which helps supports education and mental healthawareness.

Our mission is to supply professional staffing to our clients with qualified personnel to

support the diverse workforce. Our unique knowledge to successfully recruit and retain temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire personnel attract a wide spectrum of professionals. Providing career opportunities to the highest caliber of all specialties throughout the United States.


Stability Staffing & Consulting (SSC) maintains national operations in our headquarters in San Antonio, TX, and specializes in a wide range of professional recruitment services for professional and allied healthcare personnel and administrative and clerical professionals.


Our temporary solutions offer clients access to a growing database of pre-qualified personnel for flexibility and control of your contingent workforce. We are able to deliver high-quality personnel who possess all the necessary skills, experience, and qualifications.

SSC’s in-house recruitment, selection, and qualification processes ensure that we can meet any volume of personnel requisitions in the short term, long term, and as immediate requirements. Our process is designed to deliver actively engaged employees who will provide value to any client from day one. Our service will cover all state & federal taxes, workman’s compensation, payrolling expenses, and onboarding which will help reduce operating costs, free HR manpower and provide employees quicker and more efficiently.


Our temp-to-hire option is designed to give our client’s the peace of mind of hiring fulltime employees without the financial and operational risks, by eliminating potential bad hires. Temp-to-hire allows you to evaluate a temporary employee’s performance, work ethic, customer service skills, and cultural fit before extending a full-time offer.

SSC’s temp-to-hire service gives our clients a flexible hiring option so you can bring in expertise only when and where you need it. You will be able to evaluate a possible new hire without regret or disruption in daily operations and narrow down talented candidates without having to go through a large number of bad hires.


SSC’s direct hire option helps to reduce the costs and time associated with recruiting. Our stringent sourcing processes mean you will only receive verified candidates who are ideal matches based on job qualifications and a demonstration of proven past performance.

We have the right resources in place for professional, nationwide placements across a wide range of specialties. With direct hire services from SSC, you will be able to cut advertising costs and eliminate unqualified applicants that flood in from job postings. Our searches are quick, streamlined, and effective. A member of our team will be with you every step of the staffing process in order to truly understand your company’s corporate values, culture, goals, and objectives.

The Silver Lining of the Open Road with Porsche Carrera GT #304”

Embark on a journey this summer with a masterpiece of automotive heritage, the Porsche Carrera GT, chassis number 304 of 1270. Clad in a striking silver metallic over dark grey, this Carrera GT is not just a vehicle, it’s a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and the allure of the open road. Originally cherished by Jack Crown, a renowned California collector, this exquisite machine found its seconde home within an esteemed Collection in San Antonio.

Beneath its polished exterior roars a potent 5.7-liter V10 engine, delivering an exhilarating 605 horsepower. This powerhouse propels the Carrera GT from zero to sixty mph in just under four seconds, with a manual transmission that offers a raw, tactile connection to the road—every gear shift a testament to the thrill of driving. The car’s carbon fiber monocoque and subframe enhance its agility, allowing precision handling through every curve.

Further ensuring stability at high speeds, the Carrera GT’s aerodynamically engineered rear wing gracefully rises to provide necessary downforce without compromising the sleek aesthetics. Complementing this are the advanced ceramic composite brakes, which provide formidable stopping power essential for the spirited drives that beckon in the warmer months.

To preserve its illustrious paintwork and interiors from the rigors of time and the elements, Vault Auto Services has meticulously applied a premium ceramic coating to this iconic roadster. This protective layer not only amplifies the vehicle’s gloss but also offers a hydrophobic surface that keeps the Carrera GT looking pristine, repelling water and dirt effortlessly.

As it sits proudly as a highlight of The Collection, the Porsche Carrera GT continues to symbolize a passion for exceptional automotive craftsmanship and the spirit of adventure. This summer, let the Carrera GT take you beyond mere destinations and into the realm of extraordinary experiences— where every drive is a celebration of legacy and luxury performance.

At Vault Auto Services, we’re honored to maintain this remarkable vehicle, ensuring it remains ready to captivate and inspire, whether on display or in motion, fulfilling its destiny as a beacon of automotive excellence.

NPower: Empowering Futures Through Tech Education

Veterans, military spouses and young adults encouraged to apply for this no cost tech training program

NPower, a national tech-focused nonprofit, has recently expanded its footprint to San Antonio, offering a transformative opportunity for military veterans, their spouses, and young adults aged 18-26. With a mission to create pathways to economic prosperity by launching digital careers for young adults from underserved communities, underrepresented women, and military-connected individuals, NPower’s program in San Anto-

nio has quickly become a beacon of hope for those seeking to embark on a career in technology.

At the heart of NPower’s initiative is Tech Fundamentals, a 20-week metrics-driven, market-based skills training and job placement program where trainees delve into essential tech fundamentals and earn valuable certifications that open doors to lucrative career paths. What sets NPower apart is its commitment to accessibility – the program is completely free of charge, yet its benefits are immeasurable.

Graduates from past cohorts have witnessed a staggering 394% increase in earnings, a testament to the program’s effectiveness in propelling careers forward.

However, NPower’s impact extends beyond tech training. Recognizing that wraparound support is crucial for success, trainees have access to a suite of social services ranging from transportation and childcare assistance to technology resources. Moreover, the program offers remote learning options, oneon-one mentorship for resume building and job applications, and soft skills development through mock interviews and other in person activities.

The San Antonio office owes its success in large part to its partnership with catalyst funder USAA. This financial support enabled NPower to establish a Tech Fundamentals program in Greater San Antonio- further expanding its Texas footprint. Alumni of the program graduate with the skill set of an IT professional with 1-2 years of experience, possessing the requisite technical expertise, workplace competencies, industry certifications, and professional connections needed to enter and thrive in the growing tech

industry in San Antonio, thereby achieving economic prosperity for themselves and their families and enabling them to meaningfully reinvest in their communities. NPower is also a registered training provider with the City of San Antonio’s Ready to Work initiative.

Samantha Coleman, the site director of NPower in San Antonio, emphasizes the organization’s dedication to its trainees’ success, stating, “We are here to address the needs of our trainees and set them up for success in the ever-evolving tech landscape.”

Her words encapsulate NPower’s ethos of empowerment and support, ensuring that every individual who walks through its doors has the tools and resources needed to thrive.

As NPower gears up for its next cohort beginning in early August, applications are now open for aspiring tech professionals ready to embark on a journey of transformation. For those eager to seize this opportunity, visit for more information and to start the application process.

End Summer Hunger

Summer is the hungriest time of the year for the 1 in 5 children who rely on school meals, but you can help. Your gift will be MATCHED, up to $250,000, by the Arby’s Foundation.

That means your gift today will go twice as far to help kids get the meals they need this summer and throughout the year. Please give today.

What We Do



Every kid needs three meals a day to grow up healthy, happy and strong. But today in America, too many children are missing those meals.

Here’s how No Kid Hungry is changing that.

Feeding Kids at School Schools do more than teach our children - they also feed and care for them. We’re making sure every student starts the day with a healthy breakfast.

Volunteers handing out meals in the summertime

Feeding Kids in Summer

For children who rely on free meals at school, summer can be the hungriest time of year. But we can help.

Feeding Kids at Home

The best way to feed kids? Make sure their parents have the resources they need to care for their families.

(800) 969-4767


Hi my name is Bria Elise Escobar. My initials are BEE. I will always “bee” myself. I am energetic and kind. My everyday goal is to make someone laugh or smile. I believe that my acts of kindness can make someone’s day or potentially save their life. I will always “bee” smart. I am currently a sophomore at the University of Texas at San Antonio studying Digital Communications. My degree has a focus in Marketing and Business Management. I plan on furthering my education at The University of Texas to get my masters degree from Moody College of Communications. I can’t tell you where I see myself after graduation yet because the sky’s the limit for me. I will always “bee” a woman of faith. I would be lying if I said life has just been a piece of cake. Everyone goes through their struggles, regrets, and failures. If you extend an arm out to Jesus he will pull you up and bring blessings to your life. I go to church every Sunday at a small student parish called Saint Anthony’s. I will always “bee” a busy bee. Currently I work at Nordstrom as a sales associate. I am new to the job, yet so far I am loving it. If you need a bra or some spanx come and see Bria in the Lingerie department! (or just ask for Bria I can shop with you in any department) With my knowledge as a former pageant queen and current signed model, I also work as a modeling coach for my mother’s agency, Missy’s Model Management. I show the youth that confidence starts with how you walk. I love seeing these kids walk out of my class with more than just some modeling knowledge, but wisdom that they can take with them into their everyday lives. I also get to call myself a social media influencer because of my following that continues to grow across all my social media plat


forms. Being an influencer has allowed me to work with some big brands and important people. When I first moved to San Antonio I decided to try out for UTSA cheer. I knew it would be a challenge but I was up for it. Continuing my love for cheer was important to me. I told myself I want to keep cheer in my life for as long as my body can do it. I made the team and had a wonderful year cheering on the Roadrunners. Even though I will not be cheering another year at UTSA I am so grateful for all the memories and the amazing people I got to meet along the way. I will always “bee” a hard working women. Now this I didn’t do on my own. I have had some excellent role models. My mother and grandmother. I wouldn’t have the drive I have if it wasn’t for these women being my example of how to be successful but always keep a balance. You will always need three F’s, Faith, Family, and Friends. Everything is just a plus but always keep a good balance and never get caught up in the beehive we call life.


Photography by Robert Vargas Jr. Portsbyrob
Bria Elise Escobar
Makeup and Hairstyles by Sydnee Uballe
Extensions and Haircolor by Cynthia Garza


Model of the Month

Emily Trevino embarked on her modeling journey 1.5 years ago, where she has learned a lot about the industry since. Graduating from San Antonio Christian School, attends school at The University of Incarnate Word, pursuing her passion for Interior Design. Apart from school and modeling, she enjoys traveling, shopping, eating at The Cheesecake Factory and hanging out with her friends. She sees modeling as not only a job but a hobby that she has grown confidence and self love through. Growing up she always struggled with being insecure about her height and felt that she always was the odd one out and did not look like the other girls her age. Many people would ask her if she ever considered modeling and told her she should do it. With the help of her parents, she found a modeling agency to join but struggled to balance modeling with school and basketball and never signed with the agency because covid started to shut everything down. Senior year of high school she decided to start her modeling career but wanted to find the right mother agency for her. Her cousin recommended Lari Nelson and she immediately set up a meeting with her. As soon as Emily met Lari, she fell in love with her agency and joined Nelson Fashion Group. Two weeks later with little experience in the modeling field, Emily attended The Model and Talent Expo where she met some of the best Agents not only around the US but also internationally. Here she was able to learn more about the industry and what the agents were looking for. She learned how she could update her portfolio, how to walk correctly, and how she could be a better model. Since Expo, she has been in several shows and photoshoots and even got to be in a couple local commercials. None of this would’ve been possible without Lari. She is beyond grateful to be apart of The Nelson Fashion group and hopes to get signed with more agents in the future so she can do things outside of Texas.

Grab your chilled mugs, Blue Bell® releases new

A&W® Root Beer

Float Ice


There is a new way to enjoy your favorite root beer float.

A&W® Root Beer Float Ice Cream from Blue Bell® arrives in stores beginning today*. The newflavor is available in the 23 states where Blue Bell products are sold*.

A&W Root Beer Float is a creamy vanilla ice cream swirled together with an A&W Root Beer flavored sherbet.

“We received many requests for an A&W Root Beer Float Ice Cream,” said John Neal Robinson, Blue Bell general sales manager.

“After the huge success of Dr Pepper Float Ice Cream last year, we were ready to work together on another delicious flavor.

We recommend enjoying a few scoops in a chilled mug just like your favorite root beer.”

A&W Root Beer Float is available in the half gallon and pint sizes through 2025.

If A&W Root Beer Float is not sold where you live, Blue Bell does ship its products nationwide.

complete list of products now in stores, visit Follow Blue Bell on Facebook, Instagram and X, formerly known as Twitter.


Founded in 1907 in the small town of Brenham, Texas, Blue Bell Creameries is a top-selling ice cream manufacturer in the United States despite being sold in only 23 states. No matter how much the market grows, Blue Bell maintains its top-quality standards. With production facilities located in Brenham, Broken Arrow, Okla. and Sylacauga, Ala., the company offers more than 40 ice cream flavors as well as frozen snack items and health claim products.

You can purchase A&W Root Beer Float Ice Cream and many more flavors at

For more information about Blue Bell and a


JINYA Ramen Bar

JINYA Ramen Bar Unveils Summer Blockbuster Flavors with June Chef’s Specials

Fast-growing ramen restaurant chain premieres new dishes that deserve a “close-up”

While the Hollywood movie-makers bring out the biggest movies of the year in summer, JINYA Ramen Bar is launching its own superstar dishes for the season. Created by Vice President and Executive Corporate Chef Kazuya Takebe and available system-wide from June 1 through August 30, these new summer dishes include:

• Ebi-Katsu Bun – Steamed bun stuffed with shrimp cutlet, cucumber, iceberg lettuce, pickled cabbage with JINYA’s original spread sauce.

• Spicy Maze-Men – Zero broth, all flavors! Extra thick noodles dressed, mixed with Umami bonito sauce and egg yolk. Topped with pork chashu, kimchi, seasoned egg, green onion and white onion. Garnished with shredded bonito flakes and shredded nori (dried seaweed).

“Summer is a great time to showcase our fresh ingredients in new and innovative dishes,” said CEO and Founder Tomo Takahashi. “From the savory ebi-katsu bun to the spicy mixed noodles in our maze-men, our commitment to creating new dining experiences for our customers is always our top priority.”

At JINYA, experience ramen like it’s meant to be – with thick, rich broth in perfect balance with flavorful noodles. Discover a wide array of authentic toppings, from tender pork chashu to shrimp wonton. Then, elevate

the experience further by pairing it with tapas or a craft beer. JINYA is ramen culture, where the relationship between broth and noodles is serious but delicious business.

For more information, please visit https://

About JINYA Ramen Bar

Founded in 2010 by Tomo Takahashi – who was named among the most influential restaurant CEOs in the country in 2022 by Nation’s Restaurant News – JINYA Ramen Bar has nearly 60 restaurants with multiple new locations in the pipeline. JINYA’s focus on kaizen – the Japanese practice of continuous improvement – means its guests will always experience the best ramen out there. From the water used to prepare its broth to the special aging process that its noodles undergo, JINYA pays meticulous attention to everything that goes into its guests’ bowls. JINYA also operates bushi by JINYA, Robata JINYA, LBD Japanese Bar and Lounge and JINYA Ramen Express. For more information, visit and follow JINYA on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. To learn more about JINYA’s franchising opportunities, visit

Temperatures are rising, cicadas are singing, and the pool is calling. Want to relax with a great glass of wine this summer? Here are some of our favorite summer sips offered by premiere Texas vineyards.

It’s officially rosé season! Kuhlman Cellars 2022 Hensell Rosé has notes of hibiscus, watermelon, and peach. This refreshing wine is a blend of Sangiovese, Cinsault and Grenache. With lovely acidity and notes of honeydew and strawberry, this is the perfect wine to sip in the pool all summer long.

Looking to add a little sparkle to your summer? Characterized by a bedazzling pale coral color and subtle, elusive aromas of cranberry, cherry, strawberry, and rose petal, Heath Sparkling Wines 2020 Adoration is a luxurious rosé sparkler. Textbook in style and ideally served at a cool temperature of 38-45 degrees, this sparkling wine has bright fruit flavors, lively acids, and a crystal clean finish that begs for another sip.

Grape Creek Vineyards 2022 Texas Cuvée

Blanc is an expert blend of Viognier, Albariño, Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Pinot Grigio. First produced in the early 1990’s, it’s easy to see why this white blend is a fan-favorite in the Lone Star State. The nose boasts aggressive aromas of Meyer lemon, grapefruit, apricot, and pear complimented by white carnation and lemongrass. Full-bodied and well-balanced, the wine is brisk and clean with an invigorating finish. A serving temperature of 45 degrees best allows the fruit to showcase the bright acidity. Try this exceptional white wine with grilled lobster tails, clams, or summer vegetables.

Grilling ribeye for a summer BBQ? Invention Vineyards 2021 LB is a fantastic red blend consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Malbec. Named after the Left Bank of the Gironde Estuary in Bordeaux, which is planted primarily with Cabernet Sauvignon, this blend is an opulent medium-plus garnet in color with layered aromas of blackberry, black currant, mocha, coffee, and leather dominate the nose. The palate transitions gracefully from front to back, with well-integrated fruit, acid, oak, and tannin. This ideal serving temperature is 60-65 degrees, making it the perfect summer red.

No matter if you love rosé, sparkling wines, or a classic Cabernet Sauvignon, these Texas hill country vineyards have something for everyone. Make plans to enjoy the vines, sunshine, and hospitality on the Texas wine trail this summer.

An intriguing, southern-inspired destination for relaxing suppers, slow weekend brunching or a meeting hub for business lunches and happy hour.

At Ida Claire, we believe in keeping things fresh and our new seasonal menu is heating up the summer vibes!

Dive into our Grilled Peach and Goat Cheese Salad – a vibrant mix of sweet and savory that screams summer or get hooked on our Seafood Pasta, a celebration of ocean flavors in every bite.

Our bar is also shaking things up with exciting seasonal cocktails. The Spanish G&T is a zesty twist on a classic, perfect for those sultry summer nights. The Lavender Haze is a floral-infused beauty that’s as stunning as it is delicious. And don’t miss our showstopper, the Watermelon Sugar Hi, crafted with Delta-8 seltzer – a refreshing, edgy treat that’s set to be the season’s sensation.

Ida Claire is turning up the heat and cranking up the cool with these thrilling new additions, all with our uniquely Ida vibe. Get ready to make your summer unforgettable.

Reservations can be made at www.ida-claire. com.

7300 Jones Maltsberger Rd, (210) 667-2145

Dine-in · Outdoor seating · Curbside pickup

Scooter’s Coffee® Reaches 800 Locations Nationwide, Offers Giveaways to Celebrate

Coffee, best known for its “Amazing People, Amazing Drinks…Amazingly Fast!®” is excited to announce its 800th location which will open at 10515 Taylorsville Road in Louisville, Ky.

“Today, here at Scooter’s Coffee, we are thrilled to celebrate the opening of our 800th location,” Joe Thornton, CEO of Scooter’s Coffee said. “With a system comprised primarily of franchise owners, it is exciting to see the brand grow and to see franchisees realize their dream of business ownership. As we now operate in 30 states, we look forward to having more people enjoy an amazing coffee experience with us.”

The 800th Scooter’s Coffee drive-thru location is locally owned and operated by Jamie Stapleton and Joshua Johnston. Under the company name iHeartCoffee, Stapleton and Johnston now own and operate eight Scooter’s Coffee locations in the Louisville, Ky. area.

“The incredible support from our customers has been heartwarming and has enabled us to give back over $30,000 to our non-profit partners and employ over 100 people since we opened our first store on Dixie Highway two and a half years ago,” Stapleton said. “We are deeply grateful to the people of Greater Louisville for their unwavering support.”

Scoot on Around™ to any Scooter’s Coffee location nationwide and you might score big! 800 lucky customers who scan their Scooter’s Coffee mobile app will be randomly selected to receive $25 in mobile app credit. Keep an eye on Scooter’s Coffee on social media for additional special giveaways for exciting prizes and mobile app credits to redeem for free drinks and food at any Scooter’s Coffee location. Connect with Scooter’s Coffee on Facebook and Instagram to join in the fun!

Scooter’s Coffee is a drive-thru franchise that has been serving world-class coffee for more than 25 years. Its signature drink is the Caramelicious®, and the menu features an array of specialty espresso beverages, fruit Quenchers™ and smoothies, SCOOOT! Energy™ Infusions, hot and cold brewed coffee, baked-from-scratch pastries, savory breakfast options, kids’ combos and much more.

Scoot On Around™ to one of our 800 locations nationwide by visiting scooterscoffee. com or by downloading the Scooter’s Coffee mobile app to find a drive-thru near you.

Summer is here! With it comes the end of school, summer vacations, and oh yes: Mental Health Awareness. While you likely didn’t think of that part, it is equally as important as the fun in the sun.

Mental Health Awareness highlights the fact that in this country of 350 million people, approximately people live with a one or more mental health disorders. Since 1949, organizations like the National Alliance on Mental Illness have provided information, resources, and support to bring awareness and attention to the issues surrounding mental health disorders. Several organizations have been involved in research to treat these disorders as well. According to the National Institute on Mental Illness (NAMI. org) 1 in 5 adults are diagnosed with a mental illness condition every year, but only 50 % of these people receive any type of treatment. Half of people living with mental health issues start to show signs by the age of 14, and of those missed, 75% of people are diagnosed by 24. NAMI reports that onset of mental illness to treatment is at least an 11-year-delay.

The delay in treatment can be this can be for a multitude of reasons:

Financial difficulties, Stigma, Lack of access or availability of providers, Transportation issues, Internet issues, Culture, Denial, Family enmeshment

Any one of these things can make seeking mental health care difficult. So what can we do?

Many programs do offer grants or sliding scale to low cost healthcare, and some of these are even offered through nonprofits or schools. Organizations like Open Path provide sliding scale directories for people in need of psychotherapy assistance.

Stigma is something that starts with people talking about mental health and how it is real, and okay to talk about and seek health.

There are many excellent Telehealth providers to help if transportation is an issue. If lack of internet is an issue, the public library will often allow people to rent out a room for board meeting/internet access.

Culture plays a huge role in stigma, which is why it is important that organizations and providers talk to people about their culture and experiences to walk them through culturally sensitive healthcare.

Family enmeshment can also prove difficult when it comes to seeking out healthcare, but the truth is that one’s healthcare is not anyone’s business, so no one is owed the patient‘s information. It’s confidential, and it’s HIPAA.

Denial is a big issue I see. I often tell my patients— not seeing one of us providers doesn’t mean the issue or diagnosis is not there. It is there, but without a label for it, one cannot get the proper treatment for it. It’s like someone saying the don’t want to see a doctor because they don’t what a diabetes diagnosis— it’s still there anyway, but without the diagnosis, you can’t get insulin and absolutely will get severely sick or worse. Getting evaluated for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan is key to overall positive outcomes.

In closing, if you suspect you or someone you love has a problem with mental health, the time to be seen is now.

TIPS to exercise safely in the SUMMER HEAT!

Don’t eat right before you head out Wait, what? Doesn’t our body need fuel to move? Yes, that’s true. A light meal is a great idea — just put an hour between eating and your workout in the heat. “It takes blood and energy to your gut to digest the food and that makes more body heat — not what you want when you’re already hot,” she explains.

If you had a heavy meal like a cheeseburger, she says, you’ll want to wait two to three hours before your hot outdoor exercise, since that fat- and protein-rich meal will take even longer to move through the digestive process.

So should you eat after that hot run? NO. Hydrate right away, but wait until you’ve cooled off to eat, since digesting food will delay getting your body back to its usual temperature.

Protect your skin – it’s the body’s cooling system

The skin is an “amazing self-cooling apparatus,” says Leonard. “Your skin and subcutaneous tissues are incredibly designed to move warm blood away from your core to keep your vital organs cool. Any damage to your skin or the underlying tissue prevents your body from being able to air condition itself.”

If you must exercise when the the sun is high, dousing yourself with water, as this jogger did last month in steamy Washington, D.C., could help cool you down. To protect your skin, start with sunscreen, he says. And consider wearing loose, lightweight clothing that blocks the sun, and include a hat. “The head has a large body surface area for cooling, and a hat provides shade so that area stays cool,” he says.

Hydrate before, during and after exercise Dehydration can really sneak up on you. The best defense against dehydration is a good offense. “Make sure you are drinking water at least an hour before you head out to exercise,” she says, adding to keep drinking while you’re working out.

How do you know if you’re dehydrated? “Check the color of your urine,” says Leonard. “That’s the best gauge for internal status.”

Try more heat-friendly forms of exercise Get Off The Couch Baby Boomers, Or You May Not Be Able To Later Yoga is also a good alternative, she says, because it is really beneficial from a fitness standpoint but doesn’t take quite as much energy as running or riding your bike.

Choose early mornings, evenings or shady routes “That midday sun can add as much as 20 degrees or more to the actual air temperature,”. “You really have to be careful about that.”

If you’re set on that noon run, at least consider moving your normal run in the sun to a shadier route where you can stay cooler easier.

all the above but also confusion, vomiting, seizures, cardiovascular collapse or passing out and a lack of sweating.

The first step to help anyone who exhibits symptoms of heat exhaustion or heatstroke is to get them to immediately stop what they are doing, Remove the soccer player from the field, tell the hiker to sit down, get the tennis player out of the sun.

If symptoms point to heatstroke (especially anything neurological like confusion), they need to be taken to an emergency facility right away.

Ease up in the heat and acknowledge your limits

When you exercise even in perfect conditions, there’s a lot of competition among different body parts for oxygenated blood. “Your body is trying to send blood to your heart to keep it moving and to your skin to cool you down and to the area of the body you’re exercising,”. “And you only have about five liters of blood, so it can really put a stress on your cardiovascular system. That’s on a good day.”

Along with those with preexisting conditions, children, and the elderly — particularly if they’re not regularly active — need to be especially careful when exercising in heat, because their ability to regulate their body temperature is less efficient.

Most important: Listen to your body Often a workout in the heat at the beginning of summer is more difficult than in the middle because your body hasn’t adapted to the heat yet. It will adapt to higher temperatures over time. But listen to what it’s telling you because the physiological message — to ease up, rest, or cool down — might be different at different times of the day or season. “Some avid exercisers say, ‘we’re tough’ and go through any discomfort,’”. “But there are [some serious warning signs] they shouldn’t ignore.”

REFERENCE NPR health news

Know the warning signs of heatstroke and heat exhaustion, and what to do

The warning signs of heat exhaustion include fatigue, extreme thirst, nausea, headache, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, muscle cramping and just a general sense of lightheadedness.

The warning signs for heatstroke include

The Emergence of Integrative Medicine: A Holistic Approach to Healthcare


As dissatisfaction with the insurance industry and the current algorithmic approach to healthcare increases, a newer model of health care has emerged to become the new standard of care. Integrative medicine, a healthcare approach that combines conventional Western medicine with evidence-based complementary therapies, has revolutionized the way we approach health and wellness. This emerging field, pioneered by Dr. Andrew Weil in the 1990s, emphasizes the importance of addressing the whole person - body, mind, and spirit - in the healing process. Another pioneer, also known as the father of Integrative Medicine, Jeffery Bland Dr. Jeffrey Bland is a well-known healthcare leader who has spent over 40 years improving human health.

• Founder of the Functional Medicine movement

• Founder and President of the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute

• Co-founder of The Institute for Functional Medicine

• Author of best-selling books and over 120 peer-reviewed research publications

• Known for his work in science-based nutrition and immuno-rejuvenation

• Respected thought leader, educator, and mentor in the healthcare industry

The Need for a New Approach

Conventional medicine, with its focus on pharmaceuticals and surgery, was criticized for its limitations in addressing chronic diseases and promoting overall wellness. The need for a more comprehensive approach led to the emergence of integrative medicine, which seeks to merge the best of both worlds.

Defining Principles

The Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine outlines eight defining principles that guide this approach:

• Patient-practitioner partnership: Collaboration between healthcare providers and patients.

• Whole-person approach: Consideration of physical, mental, and spiritual factors.

• Combining conventional and complementary methods: Using the most effective interventions.

• Natural and less invasive interventions: Prioritizing gentle and non-invasive treatments.

• Evidence-based practice: Grounding in scientific research.

• Health promotion and disease prevention: Emphasis on wellness and prevention.

• Practitioner self-exploration: Encouraging healthcare providers to embody the principles.

Modalities and Therapies

Integrative medicine encompasses various modalities, including:

• Acupuncture

• Mind-body medicine

• Massage therapy

• Yoga

• Herbal medicine

• Nutrition and wellness coaching

• Meditation and mindfulness

Education and Research

The Andrew Weil Center, established in 1994, offers educational programs, research initiatives, and clinical practices that pro-

mote integrative medicine. The center’s goal is to make integrative care accessible worldwide.

A New Era in Healthcare

Integrative medicine represents a significant shift in healthcare, acknowledging that health and wellness encompass more than just the physical body. As this approach continues to evolve, it is likely to become the standard of care, providing individuals with a more comprehensive and compassionate healthcare system.

Metabolic Syndrome Overview

Metabolic syndrome is a group of disorders that occur at the same time and increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. These disorders include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

Having just one of these disorders doesn’t mean you have metabolic syndrome. But it does mean you’re at higher risk for serious illness. And if you develop more of these disorders, your risk of complications, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, increases even more. Metabolic syndrome is becoming more common, and up to one-third of U.S. adults have it. If you have metabolic syndrome or any of its components, radical lifestyle changes can delay or even prevent serious health problems from occurring.

Apple-shaped and pear-shaped bodies. The body of patients suffering from metabolic syndrome is usually apple-shaped; that is, they have wide waists and support a lot of weight on the abdomen.

Having a pear-shaped body (body that carries a lot of weight on the hips and has a slimmer waist) is not thought to increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other complications of metabolic syndrome.


Metabolic syndrome is closely linked to overweight, obesity, and lack of physical activity. It is also linked to a condition called insulin resistance.

Under normal conditions, the digestive system breaks down the food you eat and transforms it into sugar. Insulin is a hormone generated by the pancreas that helps sugar enter the cells to be used as fuel.

In people with insulin resistance, the cells don’t respond normally to insulin, and glucose can’t enter the cells as easily. As a result, blood sugar levels rise even as your body produces more insulin to try to lower blood sugar.


A lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle can prevent the conditions that cause metabolic syndrome. A healthy lifestyle includes:

- Get at least 30 minutes of physical activity on most days

- Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and whole grains

Limit salt and saturated fat in your diet

- Maintain a healthy weight

- Do not smoke at MedNatura we help you recover your health and well-being with #frecuenciasrife

Beach Body Ready

We are quickly approaching and it’s time to transition into summer time activities. We begin our Spring Clean Diet and compliment it with our in season workout plan to transform into that Beach Body Ready physique. (Refer to last month’s article (“The Spring Clean Diet”)

I shared some valuable and empowering quality information to help guide you in choosing the proper foods that heal and build your body.

Diet is 85-90% on how your body will look and feel to maintain and build muscle while burning fat. Choose lean proteins and a mixture of fibrous carbohydrates.

Good carbohydrates will replenish your glycogen stores to refuel the muscle cells with energy. .

This article compliments last month’s article with some fat burning workout suggestions on the fastest way to burn body fat, lean up and tighten up.

When working out choose the agonist and antagonist muscle to keep your body in balance while burning fat.

Agonist is the primary mover muscle going right into Antagonist – muscle working against primary mover muscle.

Supersets, trisets and giant sets are my favorite and the fastest way to reach your fitness goals.

Superset – two exercises in one set

Triset – three exercises in one set

Giant set – 4-5 exercises in one set

For upper body – example; chest press (agonist) working pectoralis major, anterior deltoids and sitting back rows (antagonist) working upper, mid, lower trapezius and rear deltoids.

For lower body – example; leg extension (agonist) working quadriceps and hamstring curls (antagonist) working hamstrings

Superset – two exercises in one set

Bench press - back rows

Dumbbell presses - wide grip military pulldowns

Bicep curls with curl bar - lying tricep extension with curl bar

Shoulder press - bent over rear deltoid lateral raises

Do two exercises one after the other with no rest then rest 30 seconds then do another superset

Leg extension with lying leg curl

Squats with sitting leg curls

Leg press with hyperextensions

Do two exercises one after another with no rest then rest 30 seconds then do another superset until you finish 4 – 6 sets of each

Triset – three exercises in one set

(upper body)

Chest press – military pulldown – shld press Dumbbell chest press – dumbbell bent over rows – bent over lateral raises (lower body)

Leg extension – sitting leg curl – walking lunges

Leg press - lying leg curl – reverse lunges

Do the three exercises one after another with no rest then rest for 30 seconds then do another 3 exercises until you finish 4 – 6 sets of each.

Giant set – 4-5 exercises in one set (upper body)

1 - sitting chest press

2 - sitting back rows

3 - shld press

4 - rear push downs

5 - bicep curls

6 - triceps pushdowns

Giant set (lower body)

1 – squats

2 – lying leg curl

3 - calves

4 – leg extension

5 – sitting leg curl

6 – calves

7 – walking lunges

You go from one exercise to the next without rest until the last exercise 7 then rest for 30 seconds then start over with 1-6 until you finish 4 – 6 sets of each I’m here to guide empower and inspire you to begin transitioning and transforming your body and mind with the right mindset!!

Your Health is your Wealth and a body in Motion stays in Motion!! Let’s get started!! Your Health is an Investment not an expense!!

Call NOW for a Fitness Evaluation 210 –452 – (SKIE) 7543

Always check with your doctor before you begin any new diet or workout plan.

Skie Molinar – CEO & Founder of SKIES THE LIMIT Wellness & Fitness Clinic

210 – 452 – SKIE (7543)

Senior Fitness Editor for SA Monthly

Contributing writer for Angel Rising Magazine ISSA Master of Fitness Sciences

Associate in Physical Therapy

Professional Pilates Instructor for Health Care Professionals

A4M Anti-Aging & Sports Medicine Certified Empire Who’s Who honored member

Motivational Speaker

Acting / Modeling

CIO Global Influential Women in Fitness 2023

Reference: Skie Molinar



Two Childhood Sports Enthusiasts Unite to Launch

“Slobberknocker Sports” Podcast The fastest growing podcast in Texas

The fastest growing podcast in Texas April 4th 2024

Childhood friends and sports aficionados, Dylan Lieck and Turner Rymill, are thrilled to announce the launch of their highly anticipated podcast, “Slobberknocker Sports.” Combining their lifelong passion for sports with their engaging personalities, the duo aims to deliver insightful commentary, lively debates, and entertaining anecdotes to sports fans worldwide, as well as special guests.

Growing up playing sports together, the two have shared a deep-seated love for sports since their early years and have always dreamed of collaborating on a project that would allow them to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with others. With “Slobberknocker Sports,” they have transformed this dream into reality, offering listeners a dynamic platform to delve into the world of sports like never before. Their gifted humor and knowledge of sports is unmatched as they share details, stats, and analysis on players, teams, and coaches rivaling even ESPN and other major sport network reporters.

The weekly podcast promises to cover a wide range of sports topics, from the latest headlines and game analysis to historical moments and personal experiences. Whether discussing the intricacies of a game-winning play, breaking down coaching moves, or play calls, they guarantee to keep listeners entertained and engaged throughout each episode.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey together and share our passion for sports with fellow enthusiasts,” said Dylan Lieck. “Slobberknocker Sports will explore every aspect of the sports world, and some entertaining spin off topics, offering our unique perspective and inviting listeners to join the conversation. While most big sports shows tend to discuss only the most popular top-

ics, our goal is to create an interactive platform to allow our listeners and fans to have a voice in the topics we cover.”

The duo is currently gaining endorsements for the show and the audience has grown weekly. It is quickly becoming one of the most watched sports podcasts in Texas. Unlike a great deal of sports podcasts on YouTube, Slobberknockers offers a vastly different perspective.

The launch of “Slobberknocker Sports” comes at a time when the demand for high-quality sports content is at an all-time high. With their extensive knowledge, infectious enthusiasm, and unwavering camaraderie, Lieck and Rymill are poised to make a significant impact in the podcasting arena.

“We want ‘Slobberknocker Sports’ to be more than just a podcast – we want it to be a community where sports fans can come together to celebrate their shared love for sports,” added Rymill. “Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, there’s something for everyone on Slobberknocker Sports.”

Listeners can tune in to “Slobberknocker Sports” by subscribing on YouTube to the channel, @slobberknockersports. The show is also available (in audio only format) on all major podcasting platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon Music with weekly episodes released every Tuesday. Be sure to follow Slobberknocker Sports on social media (@slobpod on Instagram and Twitter) for updates, behind-the-scenes content, and exclusive announcements. For media inquiries, interview requests, or partnership opportunities, please contact:

Dylan Lieck

Slobberknocker Sports Network 210-836-8820

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and how you came to start the Slobberknocker Sports podcast?

Dylan: Turner and I first met back in middle school, when we both attended Saint Pius X Catholic School. We played a number of sports together growing up including basketball, baseball, and tennis, and became good friends during our time at SPX. That was nearly 18 years ago, and we’ve remained close friends to this day, continuing to watch sports together nearly every weekend.

For years we’d sit in the gameroom at my dad’s house growing up watching games on 5 TV’s at once, and talking sports all day. Oftentimes there would be a lot of people over at the house watching with us, and we constantly heard our friends tell us how entertaining we were together when talking shop. We never really thought anything of it, because that’s just what we had always

done. However, about a year ago when I decided to step away from coaching after seven years of coaching high school basketball, I knew I couldn’t possibly remove myself from sports entirely.

That’s when it dawned on me that it would be a really cool idea to develop my own sports podcast. Within a minute of pondering the idea, I knew exactly who I was going to ask to do the show with me: Turner (AKA Uncle T). It didn’t take much convincing to get him on board, and within a couple months we had the show up and running. It’s been a blast so far, and we’re looking forward to continuing to build our show. Turner: Yeah and it didn’t take much convincing for me to say yes to do the show. The way Dylan pitched it to me is we’d just be talking in the gameroom about sports like we normally do, just with cameras and mics on us.

What inspired the name “Slobberknocker Sports” for your podcast?

Dylan: My dad (AKA “Big Dog”) would always have this saying when we saw a big hit in a football game. He would say “that’s a Slobberknocker, Dave.” I actually never knew where he got it until recently. But, apparently it was a quote from the old Converse Judson High School (a high school in the San Antonio area) football coach from an interview on News 4 San Antonio with David Chancellor. When we were trying to come up with names for the show, that was something that was a part of our football watching experience for years. It just felt like the right name for the show.

How would you describe the overall concept or theme of your podcast to someone who hasn’t listened to it yet?

Dylan: I would say we are a sports talk show that incorporates a large amount of humor, entertainment, and ridiculous situations into our show. We wanted to stray from the path of a general “debate” format show like some of the bigger national sports talk shows. Instead, we wanted it to feel like a more relaxed environment. Imagine you are sitting in a room watching sports with your friends, talking sports and drinking beers; that’s kind of what we were going for. I would also add that we cover a wide variety of topics across the sports world. We definitely focus a lot on football and basketball (both pro and college), but we also cover a number of other sports including baseball, women’s basketball, golf, tennis, the UFL, and more.

What sets Slobberknocker Sports apart from other sports podcasts in the market?

Dylan: I think the coolest thing about our show is that you’re getting raw, uncut discussions about sports topics from two great friends who watch all the games together. I think most guys who get into their 30s have wives and kids and it becomes difficult to hangout and watch sports the way they did when they were younger. But we’ve maintained a really good relationship for over 18 years, and to this day we spend multiple nights together each week hanging out and watching games. I believe our viewers really enjoy that dynamic. I like to imagine that our viewers feel as if they are in the room talking with us when watching an episode, rather than just being talked at, which is how it feels when watching most major sports talk shows. We really want our viewers to feel like the can relate to us, because they can. I have a background in coaching, as I spent 7 years as a high school basketball coach, and both Turner and I played multiple sports all the way through high school. But, what qualifies us to talk about our topics is that we are sports junkies. It’s our favorite thing to do, and we spend a TON of time watching, reading about, and researching sports. And I believe that is relatable to a lot of people.

Turner: I would say our relaxed setup is very appealing to our viewers. We definitely have a set of topics that we want to discuss each show, and Dylan and I do a lot of research in preparation for each show. However, we aren’t afraid to tail off into other topics that arise naturally during the show, similar to the way you would when watching a football game with your buddies.

Content and Format:

What types of sports do you cover on Slobberknocker Sports?

Dylan: Our show covers a wide variety of

sports including football, basketball (both men’s and women’s), baseball, hockey, tennis, golf, and more. That said, we spend a large portion of our show on the NFL and College Football from August to February, and as football winds down we tend to shift more towards the NBA and College Basketball. Again, we try to do multiple segments per show where we spend time on other sports as well.

Turner: As of right now we release one show per week, and each show is around 90 minutes, so it can be tough to cover everything from an entire week across all sports in that amount of time. However, our goal is to get to two to three shows per week, where we will be able to cover even more topics and spend a significant amount of time on other sports as well. We have had a few guests on our show thus far, but our goal is to eventually have one guest per week. Once we get to that point we will have guests from all around the sports world.

Can you walk us through a typical episode of Slobberknocker Sports? What can listeners expect?

Dylan: Well for one you’re going to get a lot of entertaining content over a 90-minute span. Turner is probably the most personable, quick-witted guy I’ve ever met, and we obviously have great chemistry together. So, we are constantly going back and forth on the show. We often start with our San Antonio Business of the week, where we shout out a local business from our home city. We love San Antonio, and we want our viewers and listeners who live here to go out and support small business owners from our city. Turner: I kind of touched on this already, but we are very relaxed in our structure, and that allows us to naturally flow into all of our topics. We tend to start with the biggest sports stories from the previous week. Then we just go through a discussion of

each topic the same way we would if Dylan and I were watching a game together on the weekend.

You can definitely expect us to cover the How do you approach balancing analysis and entertainment in your podcast episodes?

Dylan: It’s pretty easy with our chemistry and because we know each other so well. We know the topics we are going to cover, and we spend a significant amount of time researching those topics, but by simply going through our agenda and having a discussion the entertainment comes naturally.

Turner: Yeah I would agree. Creating entertaining content is definitely not an issue for us. Although sometimes Dylan does have to reel Big Dog and I back in if we’re on a rant. Are there any recurring segments or features that listeners can look forward to?

Dylan: As I mentioned before, we have a weekly San Antonio “Shout Out” segment where we promote locally owned, San Antonio Businesses. Additionally, during football and basketball season we almost always recap the previous week, before going into a breakdown of all the major games for the upcoming week. We also do a pick section for the games each week. Our viewers enjoy that because they can follow our picks and see if they can beat our record for the week. We also have a recurring segment where my dad (AKA “Big Dog”) comes on the show to give his rant of the week, as well as some hot takes. I can say that is quite an entertaining segment because of how ridiculous he is.

Turner: We also have a relatively new segment where we show the best thing we watched from the previous week in sports. Sometimes it’s a spectacular play from a local high school athlete. Other times a funny clip we saw on TV in a major sporting event. That segment tends to be quite entertaining

and our viewers have really enjoyed that addition.

Guests and Collaborations:

Do you plan to have guests on your podcast? If so, what type of guests are you interested in featuring?

Dylan: We have already had a few guests on our show. A few months ago we had coach Jason Brown, the former head coach of Independence Community College, and the star of the hit Netflix reality show “Last Chance U.” To have that big of a guest be willing to come on our show this early in production was really cool. We also had a former local sports radio host, Jeff Vexler, come on the show as well. In the future we’d like to have guests on more frequently. As far as the type of guests, our goal is to have a variety of guests, from local high school athletes, to coaches, to professional athletes. We’re excited about having guests on the show more frequently in the near future.

Are there any dream guests you would love to have on Slobberknocker Sports in the future?

Yes that one is easy. Matthew McConaughey. I’m a big Texas Longhorn fan, especially Longhorn football. And Matthew McConaughey is the king of the Longhorns and the “Minister of Culture” at the University of Texas. He’s also my favorite actor. It would be awesome to have him on the show to talk some Longhorn football. Turner: I’m surprised Dylan didn’t say Russell Westbrook. That’s his favorite athlete by far. I mean he literally named his golden retriever Westbrook after him. But, I would have to say Victor Wembanyama would be my dream guest to have on the show. I think all us San Antonians think he’s going to be the best player in the NBA very soon. It would be awesome to get him on the show

at some point.

Audience Interaction:

11. How do you engage with your audience and incorporate listener feedback into your podcast?

Dylan: We really try to encourage our viewers to use the comment section on YouTube to leave us feedback. They often suggest topics for us to cover or tell us what they liked or disliked about each show. We love to hear from our viewers, as it helps us determine what things to cover to keep them engaged. I also make all my social media available to our viewers and that allows them to directly message me at any time. Are there any particular topics or questions that your audience frequently asks about?

Dylan: I tend to get a lot of questions about sports betting, as that is something I do on the side as well. I have my own website where I post my picks each day to help our viewers and others make money betting on sports. We also get suggestions for specific topics, which oftentimes pertain to the Dallas Cowboys and the San Antonio Spurs (due to our location).

Turner: Yeah we get a lot of questions about the Spurs, since we’re from San Antonio and they are a team we cover pretty frequently.

Personal Touch:

What personal experiences or insights do you bring to Slobberknocker Sports that make it unique?

Dylan: As I mentioned before, I spent most of my adult life as a high school coach. I started coaching high school basketball when I was still in college, and after I graduated I continued coaching up until less than a year ago. Coaching for that long allows me to look at teams from a unique perspective.

How do your own backgrounds and friendship influence the dynamic of the podcast?

Dylan: I have touched on this throughout the interview, but Turner and I have been good friends for over 15 years and that allows us to have a unique chemistry when we are on camera together. That chemistry is something that is hard for two people to build unnaturally. So having that as our base makes the show run really smoothly and allows us to play off each other really well. Turner: I would agree. The way we interact on camera is the exact way we interact in real life. Sometimes we will spend over ten hours together in a single day watching games, so doing an hour and a half together each week is pretty easy for us.

Future Plans:

Where do you see Slobberknocker Sports going in the future? Any exciting plans or developments on the horizon?

Dylan: We’re currently in talks with a few pretty big brands for some possible sponsorships. As a small upstart show it can be difficult to get big time guests on the show. However, gaining sponsors will really allow us to extend our reach, promote our show, and get major guests on the show. I’m really excited about our future and I’m determined to continue building our brand to become a household name.

Do you have any aspirations for branching out into other forms of content beyond the podcast?

Dylan: Actually we are currently working on creating a few additional channels under the Slobberknocker Sports Network. One industry I’ve been a part of since a young age

is sports betting. With a lot of the major sports leagues partnering with the biggest sportsbooks in the country, as well as the legalization of sports betting in numerous states, sportsbetting is absolutely booming in this country and all around the world. So one of our biggest side projects right now is creating a channel dedicated to all things in the sports betting world. We have a couple of really great analysts and experts that have joined the team and we’re excited to bring that new channel to the public soon!


Finally, is there anything else you’d like our audience to know about Slobberknocker Sports or yourselves as hosts?

Dylan: I just want to say that it is really difficult to start anything from scratch, let alone a podcast in the current climate where literally everyone has their own podcast. Getting support for our show through subscribers, comments, and social media interactions is incredibly important for our growth, as it allows us to obtain new sponsorships and build our brand. If you check out our channel and enjoy our content, subscribing and interacting with us through those various platforms is incredibly helpful. I believe we are unique in the sense that we are not looking to get rich from our show; we truly do this solely because we enjoy it and we want to share our experiences and opinions and provide entertainment for our audience. Every view, every like, every comment helps!

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Dylan and Turner. We’re excited to learn more about Slobberknocker Sports and wish you continued success with your podcast!


Following are a few tips for buyers in 2024:

1. Clean up your credit

It takes a few months for any improvements to be applied to the credit bureaus, so make sure you’re planning ahead. The better your credit score, the better rate you’ll have on your home loan, and subsequentially save money over time.

2. Decide your wants and needs in a home

Make a list of the things you want and need in a home, specific to your family, in order of importance. Once you start touring homes, you can eliminate the properties that don’t align with your list.

ownership is the down payment. Depending on the type of lending that works best, your down payment will end up being anywhere between 3% and 20% of the purchase price of the home. Saving for a down payment, as well as other costs that may be incurred during the home buying process is always advised.

4. Search for the right agent and lender

Finding the right real estate agent and lender for you is important, as you will be in contact with each for the duration of the home buying process. Make sure you find an agent with whom you’re comfortable. Sit down with them and get clear on what you’re looking for in a home. They will then take that criteria and set up tours of similar homes that align with your wants and needs.

5. Make an offer on desired properties

When you find a home that meets all (or most ) of your wants and needs, make sure you put an offer in. Waiting may result in another buyer getting their offer accepted. Then you are starting over with finding another property that works for your family .

3. Save for your down payment

There are many costs involved in purchasing a home. One of the primary costs of home-


Scott Felder builders prides themselves in carefully crafted homes for people. They have “risen through the ranks to become one of the largest producers of quality, move-up homes in Austin and San Antonio.”

Walking into a Scott Felder home is exciting as you can see high quality craftsman work. It’s true, they offer innovative designs and custom features. This can be seen throughout the house.

Legendary Realty has chosen to partner with this builder and offer high quality homes in Fair Oaks Ranch and Boerne as well as other San Antonio Locations. We are excited about the possibility of working alongside a builder that cares about quality and making the customer happy about their future home.

If you have any questions about this builder or any other builder, feel free to reach out and we are happy to service your needs in real estate.

The Best Strategy for Buying a Home in a Higher Interest Rate Environment and Refinancing for Greater Buying Power In a higher interest rate environment, buying a home can seem like a daunting task. With mortgage rates on the rise, potential homebuyers may feel discouraged or uncertain about their ability to afford a new home. However, with the right strategy and approach, it is still possible to make a smart and successful home purchase even when interest rates are higher. Additionally, by considering the option to refinance when rates are lower, you can potentially increase your buying power in the future. Here are some key strategies to consider when buying a home in a higher interest rate environment and planning for a

Future refinance:

1. Improve Your Credit Score: A higher credit score can help you qualify for a lower interest rate on your mortgage. Before starting the home buying process, take steps to improve your credit score by paying down debt, making timely payments, and avoiding new credit inquiries.

2. Shop Around for the Best Rates: Even in a higher interest rate environment, mortgage rates can vary among lenders. Take the time to shop around and compare offers from different lenders to find the best rate and terms for your mortgage.

3. Consider Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMs): In a rising interest rate environment, an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) may be worth considering. ARMs typically offer lower initial interest rates compared to fixedrate mortgages, which can result in lower monthly payments in the early years of the loan. However, it’s important to carefully consider the potential for rate adjustments in the future and ensure that you can afford any potential increases.

4. Make a Larger Down Payment: A larger down payment can help offset the impact of higher interest rates by reducing the amount of the loan and the overall interest paid over the life of the mortgage. If possible, consider saving for a larger down payment to secure more favorable loan terms.

5. Negotiate with Sellers: In a competitive housing market, buyers may have less negotiating power when interest rates are higher. However, it’s still important to negotiate with sellers to secure the best possible deal. Work with your real estate agent to craft a strong offer and negotiate terms that are favorable to you.

6. Be Realistic About Affordability: With higher interest rates, it’s important to be realistic about what you can afford. Take the time to carefully assess your budget, including potential mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs.

Avoid stretching yourself too thin financially and aim for a home that fits comfortably within your budget.

7. Lock in Your Rate: Once you’ve found a favorable mortgage rate, consider locking it in to protect against potential rate increases before closing on your home. Rate locks typically come with expiration dates, so be sure to finalize your mortgage application and complete the necessary steps to secure your rate. In addition to these strategies, it’s important to consider the option of refinancing your mortgage when interest rates are lower in the future. By monitoring market trends and taking advantage of lower rates, you can potentially refinance your mortgage to lower your monthly payments, reduce the overall interest paid, or even access additional funds for home improvements or other financial needs. By buying a home now in a higher interest rate environment and planning for a future refinance when rates are lower, you can strategically position yourself to maximize your buying power and financial flexibility. With the right strategy and approach, it is still possible to achieve your homeownership goals even in a market with higher interest rates, while also planning for potential future opportunities to optimize your mortgage terms.

Best Regards,


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The Other Driver is Lying!

It’s bad enough to get into an automobile accident when it’s someone else’s fault, but it’s even worse when the other driver lies and tries to blame you. If you find yourself in this position, the first thing you should do is stay calm. This can be very challenging, especially since you have just been involved in a crash that likely shook you up. The second thing you should do is consider the following:

The Most Important Thing is to Make Sure You’re Ok

People tend to minimize their injuries, but If you need medical assistance, don’t hesitate to ask. An ambulance can usually be there in a short period of time. They aren’t free, but your health and well being are worth the cost. At the very least, it wouldn’t hurt to let them check you out. Neck and back injuries are very common, but you may also have a concussion and not even realize it.

Follow Up with a Medical Professional

Get checked out by a medical professional at your earliest convenience. This is especially true if you refuse medical treatment at the scene. It may not be something that you feel you need, but err on the side of caution and get checked out.

Check to See if There Are Any Witnesses

The more witnesses you have supporting your side of the story the better. You don’t want to be in a situation where it’s your word against the other driver. This isn’t always possible, but if it is, make sure to get the witnesses contact information and let the police know. Some people won’t want to get involved, but others won’t want to see the other driver get away with something either.

Call the Police and Make Sure They Get Your Side of the Story

Call the police and ask them to send someone to make the report. Have them come in person. Don’t take their offer to do the report over the phone. If you are able, convey your side of the story as clearly as possible to the reporting officer. The police often separate the drivers involved in the crash, and you won’t know if the other driver is being truthful with police until you get the report.

Take Pictures

Pictures are worth a thousand words. The more photos supporting your side of the story the better. If you are able, take as many pictures as safely possible.

Check to See If There Are Any Cameras in the Area

Government owned cameras can be challenging, if not impossible, to get. Check for privately owned cameras in the area that may have caught the accident. Other places to check are gas stations, apartment complexes, stores, nearby security cameras. Many of them have wide angle views that can record a wider area than you think.

First and foremost make sure you and anyone else on the the scene is not hurt. If they are make sure help is called. While most of us do our best to avoid these situations, sometimes it’s unavoidable. Don’t assume that the other side is going to tell the truth. As I have seen in my years of practice, they often don’t. Just make sure to protect yourself so that in the end, the truth prevails.


Press Release

Laura Linda Announces New Music Video Filming in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

TX/US/MX (June 2024) – Laura Linda proudly announces the production of her upcoming music video for her latest hit, “Por La Playa,” set against the stunning backdrop of Playa Del Carmen

The artist teased fans on social media with behindthe-scenes glimpses of Bonita Productions’ work, including scenes on a private yacht and a cameo by international actor Andrew S Cortez

“The production was a complete success in the beautiful city of Playa Del Carmen, featuring incredible talent like Andrew Cortez,” says Lorena Monroe, Executive Producer at Bonita Productions.

This project highlights Laura Linda’s enduring creativity and her commitment to her Tejana roots Fans eagerly await the video’s release, which promises a captivating visual and auditory experience

In May 2024, Laura Linda received a Lifetime Achievement Award, recognizing her decades of contributions to the industry. She was also a top-five nominee for Best Female Vocalist of the Year, with her Texas All Star Band nominated for Best Tejano Group of the Year. Notable artists such as Patsy Torres were also honored.

“I am honored to return to San Antonio for this Lifetime Achievement Award,” says Laura Linda.

Since the early 1990s, Laura Linda has captivated audiences with her versatile talents, blending country and Tejano music. Her journey from a young artist to a legend is marked by passion, resilience, and dedication.

After taking a break to earn her bachelor’s degree, establish a dance studio, and build a family with her husband Luis Escalante Jr. and their daughter, Laura Linda resumed performing live in 2022. She has reclaimed her place as Tejano music royalty.

“Laura’s support is incredible,” says manager Luis Escalante Jr. “We are excited to continue her reemergence journey.”

In 2024, Laura Linda kicked off a US-Mexico tour, performing at major Texas music festivals and other significant events Her music continues to evolve, bridging cultural divides and uniting fans

Follow Laura Linda’s 2024 tour at www LauraLinda com

Press Contact:

Desiree Serna

Philanthropic & Public Relations LLC

Bonita Productions

Direct: (210) 833-6979

Desiree@satxsolutions com



CEO and Music

Veteran Chris Lieck Returns to his Roots as a “Rocker”

Chris Lieck, a seasoned veteran of the music industry, began his musical journey at the young age of nine. He lived, slept and dreamt of music from the time he was a kid. His first band REGENT signed with the manager promoting The Who in the UK and later The Sex Pistols. At age 17, Chris’ second band, The Kids, recorded a record

that to this day has been licensed over 7 times on records throughout the world. They also sold out the Broadway Theatre to 1000 screaming fans and made a mini-film about the concert that ended up on Showtime. “We were attracting more attention than bands that had been on the scene for 10 years yet we were only together for 7 months.” Chris Lieck

By the time he was in his 20s, , his talent and passion had already led him to form four bands, taking him on a whirlwind tour across the globe. Among these bands, KID CURRY and KK WILDE stood out, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide and even clinching the number one spot on MTV. As a member of KK WILDE, Chris recorded 3 albums, leaving an indelible mark on the 80s Sunset Stip rock music scene. “We were able to make records, tour and come back to LA and headline the Strip at the most magical time in the history of Hollywood. Returning to his roots in San Antonio, Texas, after his Hollywood adventures, Chris founded Tejas Records. Under his visionary leadership, Tejas Records rapidly became a powerhouse in the music industry, boasting an impressive roster of 23 Grammy-nominated artists, 2 Grammy winning artists, as well as numerous Billboard and BMI awards. For 25 years, the label thrived as an indie beacon, fostering the careers of many talented musicians.

But Chris’s ambitions didn’t stop there. He established the world-class Chris Lieck Studios, a state-of-the-art facility that became the hub for his expanding empire. Over the years, Chris launched four more companies within the studio complex, including three

companies and two record labels.

Despite his numerous achievements, Chris’s 80s band KK WILDE quietly evolved into an underground phenomenon over the past two decades. Their records saw a resurgence in popularity and sales, driven by a devoted fan base that celebrated their music with fervor and a story out of a Hollywood script about a fight over money with one member. “It’s kind of overwhelming for us as we all loved those old records and saw ourselves as viable Superstars then.” Chris Lieck This growing enthusiasm culminated in 2022 when several record labels made enticing offers to the band. So in 2023, Chris reunited with his good friends and bandmates, Steve Scott and Brian Black of KK WILDE and signed with FNA Records, embarking on a new chapter in their storied career. In 2023, Chris and the band returned to the studio to record a new 11-song album titled “Hellraisers & Vampires.” This project included a re-recording of their iconic hit “Cocaine Cowboy” alongside ten new tracks. Reflecting on the experience, Chris shared, “I do hundreds of tracks a year, songwriting, playing all the instruments, and producing for other artists. This year is about my project and my band, and I am being selfish for the next 12 months. I have never had more fun than I did making this record in 2023 and now releasing it in 2024. We did seven

videos in two days, interviews for XM, Hulu, and indie networks about our story. We hired Thoughtcast Films to ensure quality. This is a major deal for me in the fun category; I call it a 10 out of 10.”

“Hellraisers & Vampires” is a nostalgic tribute to the wild escapades of Chris and his crew in the 1970s. With its anthemic 80s rock sound, the album captures the spirit of youthful rebellion and midnight drives along the coast in their Black and Red Trans Ams. “Hellraisers” is an 80s record made in 2024. I love the songs. This is what I was born to do,” Chris enthused. “Yes, we will tour most likely, and I plan to make one more record. I am enjoying this journey and taking it as far as it will go.”

Chris Lieck, also known as Kris Kurry, continues to thrive as a CEO, rock producer, and industry leader sharing his talent with other artists. His unwavering love of music and his relentless pursuit of artistic excellence have cemented his legacy as a true leader in the music business.

The Black Keys have been around since 2001. Which really isn’t that long ago, but given how much the world has changed since then, it feels like a time long gone. Their music, rock/ blues, seems to also reflect a different time period. A period where childhood friends could form a band in their garage, practice together, actually play instruments, and maybe play some shows together at a local bar. Given how much not only music has changed, but society in general, it seems those days are long gone. Todays world seems to be dominated by rap, and overly produced pop music. Even what was previously considered to be alternative music has either disappeared entirely, or blended into a mass appealing pop sound.

The Black Keys, although not that old, were born of a different period. To me, what sets them apart is that there are only two guys in the band, Dan Auerbach, singer/ guitarist, and Patrick Carney, drummer. They have other musicians that support them on stage, but the only true members of the band are these two. They are childhood friends from Akron, Ohio that went to school together, and lived around the corner from each other. They used to ride to each others houses on their bikes, something that seems unheard of in todays world. For various reasons, they each shared a passion for blues.

Their friendship would go on to last de-

cades, and their band would go on to have great success. Throughout their career they would release eleven studio albums (soon to be twelve), be nominated for fifteen Grammy Awards, winning six, including Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Album. They would go on to play at some of the biggest venues around, including Madison Square Garden and headlining Cochella. At one point they were described as “one of the best rock n’ roll bands on the planet.”

Their music, in my opinion is what I would call no frills rock and blues. It’s is rich, soulful, sometimes hard hitting, and their lyrics simple. Their formula for music works, in a big way. They were two of the keynote speakers at this year’s South by Southwest Music Festival. They were promoting the release of their new documentary “This is a Film About the Black Keys” and their soon to be released new Album Ohio Players. They sat down with a crowd of a few thousand SXSW goers and talked about where they’ve been, how they got here, and where they are.

They were interviewed by Rolling Stone senior writer Angie Martoccio. Carney, the more vocal of the two, told the story of how the two met, and their struggles getting started. Listening to them talk, it sounded like it has been a very, very long and difficult path to get to where they are. From their first road tour in a smelly mini van (funded my money they earned from mowing lawns in the hood), to driving to another state for a show just to have it cancelled. They seemed to have endless stories of struggle. They talked about staying in hotels so dirty their sheets were stained in blood, to others that were right out of a horror show.

They come across as having somewhat of a laid back mentality, however their work ethic and body of work, demonstrates the opposite. When you look closer at the band you see what they were willing to go through as a result of their a passion for making music. Auerbach, in the interview, discussed the joy he felt from the early days of making music, and getting addicted to the feeling you get from “creating something from nothing.” They were so determined in fact, that the reason they don’t have a bass player is because they couldn’t find anyone “willing to go through the same amount of bullshit” as they were in order to succeed.

They went on to discuss certain pivotal points in the band, a few of which included purchasing four track, and eight track recorders at different periods in their formation. They discussed the respect and inspiration they felt from the 90s artist Beck, and how he helped them in the early days by having them open up for him during his Sea Change tour. They discussed opening for the iconic, alternative band Radiohead, and getting paid one million dollars per show at Coachella two weekends in a row.

You get the sense however, that artistically speaking, they didn’t really need to be ultra successful in order to be creating good music. In fact, they discuss somewhat of a feeling of selling out when they made one of their most popular songs “tighten up” which appears on their album Brothers. They said that it was the first song that they could recall making where they made it because they thought it would be “catchy” and something that people would like. Prior to that, it seems they just made music that they felt like making, regardless of what others thought.

When they got bigger, their producer told them that their songs needed to be faster to be more appropriate for the arena crowds that they were now filling. As a result, they made the rock album El Camino and popular songs like Lonely Boy and Gold on the Ceiling. Carney and Auerbach say that it’s fun playing these songs live, but you sense that they didn’t always feel this way.

The big success they would have from their albums Brothers, El Camino and Turn Blue would lead them to essentially wreck their personal lives, and cause them to completely burn out. As a result they effectively broke up in 2015, with both artists pursuing other interests and projects.

They reconnected a few years later after Aubach send Carney a picture of a dreary Akron sunset, and have since released new material. Their soon to be released album Ohio Players is a collaboration, something they have never done. Every track is a collaboration with other artists, some of which include Noel Gallagher from Oasis and the artist Beck.

I have to say, seeing them play live is an experience. I had the opportunity to see them at two separate shows on back to

back nights at SXSW showcases. The first was at Mohawk Austin, and featured songs from their album Delta Kream. It was a great performance and somewhat laid back. They ended the set with a a great cover of the Marvin Gaye song I Heard it through the Grapevine. The second show was at Stubbs BBQ and featured songs from a good portion of their discography, including the hits. It was a larger crowd and a bit high energy. When I watched them perform, especially their opening track “I got mine” it was very apparent that they were very deserving of their success. I’m not sure I have ever, or will ever see a rock performance that good.

At the SXSW conference Carney said that the new album Ohio Players, their new documentary “This is a Film About the Black Keys” and them revisiting SXSW on two different nights, reflects their new attempt to grow, try new things, this time with some balance. I hope they find it, and I’ll be looking forward to the next time they’re around.


A Voice of Inspiration and Resilience in the Music Industry

In the bustling world of music, stories of perseverance and dedication often stand out as shining examples of what it truly means to pursue one’s passion against all odds. Amanda Davey’s journey is one such tale, marked by resilience, faith, and an unwavering commitment to her craft.

A Christian singer-songwriter, Amanda’s path to musical success has been far from conventional. Marrying at a young age and raising seven children might have deterred many from pursuing their dreams, but for Amanda, it only fueled her determination to make a mark in the music industry. Despite the demands of motherhood, Amanda found solace and purpose in her music. Drawing inspiration from her faith and life experiences, she began writing and recording songs that resonated with audiences on a deeply emotional level. Her innate talent and unwavering dedication soon caught the attention of music enthusiasts, paving the way for a remarkable career trajectory. With over 20 recorded songs to her name and six singles on Spotify garnering hundreds of thousands of listeners, Amanda’s musical prowess has undeniably made its mark. Collaborating with acclaimed producer and songwriter Chris Lieck has further propelled her career forward, setting the stage for an exciting chapter in her musical journey.

A testament to her rising prominence, Amanda’s recent single, “Be The Change,” has been met with widespread acclaim,

affirming her status as an artist on the rise. But her ambitions don’t stop there. With plans to release a staggering 16 songs in the next 24 months, Amanda is poised to captivate audiences worldwide with her soul-stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

Beyond the confines of the recording studio, Amanda’s passion for music extends to the stage, where she shines as the lead singer and performer for the Christian Family Church of San Antonio. Her upcoming tour of Africa in September 2024, in support of the church, underscores her unwavering commitment to spreading positivity and inspiration through her music.

In addition to her musical endeavors, Amanda is set to grace screens with three music videos in the next 12 months, further solidifying her presence in the industry. Coupled with appearances on various shows to promote her latest single, “Shine Your Light,” Amanda is poised to captivate audiences across diverse platforms, sharing her message of hope and resilience with the world. Balancing the demands of family and career is no small feat, but for Amanda Davey, it’s a challenge she tackles with grace and determination. With an unwavering resolve to share her music with the world, Amanda is a shining example of resilience, faith, and the transformative power of pursuing one’s passion against all odds. As her journey continues to unfold, one thing remains certain: the world is ready to hear Amanda Davey’s voice, and it’s a voice that promises to inspire and uplift all who listen.

How has your upbringing influenced your journey as a Christian artist, especially considering your early exposure to music?

I grew up in a Baptist church. I was singing the Hymns with harmonies from a very young age. It was my favorite part of church. Getting involved with the youth choir opened my eyes to the world of ministry outside of my little church building. I travelled the state of Texas performing in church musicals. By junior high I was fully involved in choir until I graduated. I performed in high school musicals, and competed in vocal competitions. I Started college on an operatic scholarship, to become a music teacher. But ultimately, I felt more natural on the stage. Not behind a desk. Then I settled in and got married. Seven beautiful children later, God said it was time to get back to what he wanted me to do for him. Spread the Gospel truth.

With a busy family life and a burgeoning music career, how do you find the balance between nurturing your family and pursuing your passion for music?

It is hard work. I have invested hours upon hours on these projects, praying and trusting in the Holy Spirit’s direction. I have had a few tears of frustration, but found growth through it all. I have involved my family in my journey in the hopes that they understand you have to work for things. Things don’t always come easy. But there is reward in the end. And just as importantly, that it is never too late to start. No matter how old you are, Keeping leaning towards the mark and follow your dreams and visions.

Your recent single, “Be The Change,” has garnered widespread acclaim. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song and what message you hope listeners take away from it?

My inspiration for this song comes from my mother. My husband’s mother. But she took me in as her own from the beginning and never made me feel any less. She lived with us for a few years. Every morning we would get up and have coffee and the word. She has so much wisdom. I have learned so much from her. This song represents all that she has consistently reminded me to be like. She would walk around the kitchen with her hands raised up in the air, all 4’10” of her. Tapping her feet and dancing around the room giving God glory! How mighty he is in all that he’s done for us. “God is doing a mighty, mighty, thing”! I hope that everyone who hears this song finds connection with it and hears what the word says. Let the Holy Spirit guide you. Let him show you how to be a light. He gives you strength to be wise to lead others to christ. So if we want change, we need to be that change.

Collaborating with Producer/Songwriter Chris Lieck seems to have been a significant step in your career. How has this partnership influenced your music and approach to songwriting?

Working with Chris has been a pretty awesome experience. His gift in music is remarkable. I have been very blessed to be able to work alongside him. He has taught me and is still teaching me the intricate details of music making, writing , producing, and mixing tracks. He listens to my visions and helps me to build upon them. I love the rock n roll sound, with electric guitars, upbeat drums, and songs with energy. He understands that because of his background. So together we have blended the sounds of classic rock with words that represent our christian belief.

You’re on the verge of releasing 16 songs in the next 24 months. Can you give us

a glimpse into what listeners can expect from these upcoming releases?

These upcoming releases are powerful and prophetic. They were written by the Holy Spirit, with wisdom and truth. Some were through personal growth and victories. But ultimately giving God the glory first for all that he has done. The music is influenced by the words and the emotion of each message. We serve an amazing God!

As a Christian artist, how do you infuse your faith into your music, and what role does spirituality play in your creative process?

Music is my direct line to his peace. No matter what I am going through at that moment, good or bad, if the song is written well, and mixed well, and the lyrics send a message that I can connect with, I am in his presence. There I find freedom, peace, answers, healing, discovery, revelation knowledge, and wisdom. There is also joy, and in that joy I find strength. Strength to grow in every situation and become wiser and better through it all. God is so good.As a worship leader, I learned that I cannot expect others to be ushered into his presence if I cannot go there myself. So I press in at every opportunity.

Touring Africa in September 2024 sounds like an incredible opportunity. What are you most looking forward to during this tour, and how do you anticipate it will impact your career?

It is an opportunity for me to do exactly what I am supposed to do. Meet people, and share the gospel truth about our savior in Christ and our father in heaven. I pray that every person that hears these songs will be able to connect somehow and find themselves changed.

Balancing family and career can be challenging. Can you share any strategies or routines that have helped you manage both aspects of your life effectively?

LOL! I have a large white board in my kitchen that shows everyone’s schedule each day. The children have their designated education time with tutors, our music lessons and studio time, and church activities. My husband and I also own a successful business, by the grace of God. It has been a blessing for us so that we can have the freedom and time to be able to cultivate our gifts and become a blessing for others through music. We all stay very busy. But I believe that all of us will share our own testimonies to the world with our gifts, as we were designed to do. So we are all learning and growing together.

You’ve mentioned that your children are all musicians themselves. How has their musical talent influenced your own journey as an artist?

Everybody has to start at the beginning. Everyone picks up a guitar for the first time and strums their first chord. No matter how old they are. If you are inspired to learn how to do something then lean towards that mark and figure it out. I want to learn as much as I can so I can be better.

Reflecting on your musical journey from singing at a young age to now, what have been some of the most significant milestones or moments that have shaped your career thus far?

Now that I understand my purpose, music has a whole different meaning for me. Being able to hear the songs that have already been recorded and some released, and seeing how it affects others when they hear it, I am motivated to keep going. Every song

is just as important as the last one. Every opportunity to get the message out keeps me leaning towards the mark. Having the privilege to lead worship on the weekends and knowing that I am doing what pleases God, is an honor. I am ready for whatever God has for me in the future. I want to hear “well done, good and faithful servant”.

The Mariachi Extravaganza Summer Camp Recital

is a culmination of the weeklong Mariachi Extravaganza Summer Vocal Camp where aspiring mariachi vocalists hone their skills in mariachi voice with esteemed mariachi vocal instructors including Octavio Moreno, Vanessa Alonzo, Jonathan Palomar and Alexa Posas.

The Mariachi Extravaganza Summer Camp is an offshoot of the Mariachi Extravaganza best known for attracting top-tier talent in its highly competitive national group and

With The Robert Cray Band

On December 1st, 1973, at The University of Delaware’s Lane Hall, George Thorogood & The Destroyers played their first show ever. “We had the place rockin’,” George says. “We thought, ‘maybe we’re onto something.” Five decades, 15 million albums, and more than 8,000 perfor-

mances later, few bands can still rock the house like George Thorogood & Destroyers. And for Thorogood and his long-time band, their Bad All Over The World – 50 Years of Rock Tour will be a celebration like no other.

“We’ve never gone out of style,” George says. “Our heart and soul have been in this from day one, and the fans recognize that. That’s why we’re celebrating our first half-century by throwing the biggest and baddest rock party ever.

Let’s Sing Taylor

A Live Band Experience - is the ultimate tribute to the music of Taylor Swift. We can show you incredible things, including the most faithful and lively covers of Queen Taylor’s expansive and sacred catalog. Taking the country by storm, we’re bringing the communal experience of celebrating Taylor’s music in a live setting to Swifties near and far.

So, let the games begin. Calling all Swifties to sing your hearts out and sport your Taylor inspired attire. You can show up at our party any time.

Swiftie party

Stop by the Swiftie Pre-Party before the show for a night full of fun and excitement! Enjoy cocktails and mocktails, play games, and get creative at our bracelet-making station. It’s the perfect way to warm up for an unforgettable tribute to Taylor Swift!

Graham Russell & Russell Hitchcock met on May 12, 1975, the first day of rehearsals for “Jesus Christ Superstar” in Sydney, Australia; they became instant friends with their common love for The Beatles and, of course, singing.

After the shows’ performances at 10:30, they would play pizza parlors, coffee bars, and nightclubs with just one guitar and two voices. They quickly gained a reputation for great harmonies and for original songs that Graham was constantly writing.

Clive immediately signed Air Supply to Arista Records and in 1980, “Lost in Love” became the fastest selling single in the world, leaping to the top of all of the charts. Now Air Supply was on their way. The second single was “All Out of Love,” and that went up the charts even quicker.

Seven top-five singles later, Air Supply at that time had equaled The Beatles’ run of consecutive top five singles. The albums Lost in Love, The One That You Love, Now & Forever, and The Greatest Hits sold in excess of 20 million copies. “Lost in Love” was named Song of the Year in1980, and, with the other singles, sold more than 10 million copies.

Timeless Tanglewood

Looking for a family-friendly lakeside getaway? Tanglewood Resort has it all; the renowned golf resort is perfect for the whole family, including your furry friends! The spacious villas with full kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, and separate bedrooms are dog friendly. Bring your golf clubs, board games, and swimsuits and get ready to dive into fun at Tanglewood Resort.


The resort has recently undergone a series of renovations the last few years, including three brand new pools. A new indoor lap pool is perfect for year-round fitness and the newly refurbished outdoor pools feature water slides, pergolas, fire pits, and a Tiki Stage with live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

Tanglewood offers complimentary water aerobics classes three days a week and is just minutes away from beautiful Lake Texoma with all sorts of boat excursions, lakeside picnics, an island to explore, and premiere fishing.


Golf legend Arnold Palmer and acclaimed architect Ralph Plummer masterfully designed Tanglewood Resort’s 18-hole championship golf course. The 7,000-yard course boasts pristine Bermuda fairways. Most notably, Tanglewood was one of the first golf courses in the country to install eco-friendly Diamond Zoysia grass to its greens.

Too stormy to play a full round? Tanglewood recently added an indoor golf simulator to the clubhouse, perfect for rainy day putting practice. Don’t forget to grab lunch at the 19th Hole Grill.


Tanglewood’s Tower Whiskey Bar is one of the best sunset views in all of north Texas. The tower has sweeping views of Lake Texoma. It’s

a sight for sore eyes as the sun sinks into the lake, painting the sky orange and red. Catch live music on Friday and Saturday nights and enjoy a whiskey tasting or one of Tanglewood’s signature craft cocktails.


There are all sorts of special events at Tanglewood Resort, such as murder mystery dinners, Taco & Tequila Crawls, holiday brunches, and much more. Be sure to check the events calendar when you’re planning your trip.

There’s live music every weekend in the Tower as well as in Tanglewood’s romantic speakeasy and occasionally on the main stage by the pool. You can also catch family-friendly movies being screened all weekend long by the indoor pool.

No matter if you’re traveling with the whole family, golfing with the crew, or planning a girl’s trip, Tanglewood Resort has something for everyone. Learn more and plan your trip at

The Best Ways to Celebrate San Antonio in the Summer!

In a city as exciting as San Antonio, narrowing down your options can be challenging. The places you can eat, drink, and celebrate are endless!

Emily Reynolds Bergh, Founder of R Public Relations, works with many exceptional San Antonio-based businesses and has a great sense of how to spend a day in the city. Here, she shares some of her favorite San Antonio spots in the Summer!

Where to Dine

There’s no question about it–San Antonio has a stellar restaurant scene. Here are a few great places to make a reservation this Summer!


For a high-end dining experience along one of San Antonio’s most iconic walkways, make a reservation at Boudro’s. “Boudro’s is a Texas bistro that’s been in business since 1986, so the team there knows a thing or two about great hospitality,” said Reynolds Bergh.

Enjoy a table along the River Walk’s bank and bask in the warm sun as you savor a

prickly pear margarita, a crowd favorite, or select a bottle from the restaurant’s extensive menu; Don’t skip the tableside guacamole presentation. The executive chef at Boudro’s expertly combines the traditions and history of South Texas with the finesse found in the world’s finest restaurants to create a wholly unforgettable dining experience.

Davila’s BBQ

Take a road trip to Seguin, Texas, where the iconic Davila’s BBQ is just 40 minutes outside the city center. Barbecue is a sacred language with many dialects, and the South Texas flair of Davila’s barbecue speaks like no other. Showcasing balanced sweet and smoky heat with a distinct Latino influence, menu items like the Pulled Pork Tacos and the Smoked Brisket Burger are characterized by Native American cooking techniques and native plants of the region.

Davila’s boasts a rich history starting with Raul Davila, the family patriarch, a butcher who went to local businesses to sell his homemade sausage. With encouragement

from a restaurant owner in Seguin, he opened Davila’s BBQ in 1959. The secrets used today to create the famous rubs, potato salad, and sauce of Davila barbecue originate from Raul. He passed those techniques on to his son Edward, whose mission was to make every guest at the restaurant feel a part of the Davila family. Edward passed on his passion for hospitality and his father’s smoky secrets to his son, Adrian.

Now a third-generation pitmaster, Adrian has taken the Davila family name to the nation. Where his father and grandfather dedicated their lives to building the business, Adrian’s mission is to share it. The only thing left to do is for you to stop in and try it!

What to Do

Activities to do this Summer!

Prestige MotorSports

For a truly one-of-a-kind experience, a membership to Prestige MotorSports. Nestled in the heart of San Antonio’s automotive aficionado community, Prestige Motorsports is a quintessential haven for luxury car enthusiasts. As the premier automotive social club in the area, Prestige Motorsports offers a distinctive blend of opulent experiences, top-tier vehicles, and a vibrant community that exudes prestige at every turn.

From the moment members step into its exquisitely designed clubhouse, the allure of automotive excellence surrounds them. Within this exclusive haven, the luxurious viewing lounge provides a space to admire vehicles representing the pinnacle of automotive craftsmanship. Adjacent to it, a state-of-the-art F1 simulator awaits, ready to transport members to the thrilling world of motorsport. And let’s not forget the

full-service bar, where stories and camaraderie flow as smoothly as the finest engine oil.

But Prestige Motorsports is more than just a sanctuary for machines; it’s a thriving community where connections are forged and friendships flourish. The engaging lineup of events, from exhilarating drive days to exclusive watch parties, offers a tapestry of experiences that transcend the realm of four wheels.

Meander on the River Walk

When was the last time you spent leisurely hours strolling the River Walk? Slow down this June to a casual stroll by the water. Be sure to visit your favorite shops and restaurants along the way for the full “treat yoself” experience.

Where to Stay

Options, options, all of them grand. Here are two exceptional places to book a room this Summer!

Hotel Emma at Pearl

Situated in the historic Pearl Brewery, this hotel has transformed a 19th-century brewhouse into an emblem of sophistication. As the only AAA Five Diamond hotel in Texas, Hotel Emma prides itself on combining the charm of its historical roots with modern luxury.

From its meticulously designed rooms and suites to its exceptional dining experiences, Hotel Emma caters to those who appreciate attention to detail and a personalized touch. The hotel’s amenities, including a rooftop pool and a well-curated library, enhance each guest’s stay, ensuring comfort and exclusivity. With its notable architectural beauty and impeccable service, Hotel Emma has earned accolades worldwide.

Edward Anthony Luxury Estates

Pack up the car with your favorite snacks for an all-day getaway and rent out one of Edward Anthony Luxury Estates’ nearby

properties. Choose from stunning homes in Fredericksburg and Kingsland, then enjoy exploring the Texas Hill Country without worrying about returning to the city the same night.

InterContinental San Antonio Riverwalk

Besides June, you can look forward to later in the year, too, as Reynolds Bergh highly recommends this 21-story property along the River Walk that’s coming soon. It boasts incredible views and features 390 rooms, including 20 suites, 18,000 sqft of meeting space, and a Club InterContinental lounge. The InterContinental San Antonio Riverwalk will offer direct access to the landmark pedestrian promenade and easy access to a water taxi-landing zone. The hotel will also house four unique

on-property restaurant and bar concepts poised to become new neighborhood favorites. These include a ground-floor American brasserie, a sociable third-floor rooftop pool and cocktail oasis, a grab-and-go all-day café and coffee shop, and a luxurious lobby bar with an extensive cocktail menu. There’s something for everyone! The Intercontinental San Antonio Riverwalk is now accepting reservations for arrivals on or after November 1, 2024.

Whatever you decide to do this Summer, these options offer the perfect opportunities to reconnect with loved ones and make lasting memories. After all, that’s what Life is all about!

Summer in Bastrop

Dreaming about summer vacation destinations? Bastrop, Texas is about an hour and a half away from San Antonio and is known as “the most historic town in Texas.” Bastrop has a charming downtown full of shops, art galleries, quaint restaurants, festivals, live music, and historical markers proudly displayed throughout the downtown area; you’ll find over 130 historic buildings in the downtown area alone.

Want some peace and quiet? Bastrop State Park has over 6,000 acres to explore with trees thought to have originated during the Ice Age! Bastrop also has excellent hiking trails such as Old Cart Paths, Pine Warbler Trail, McKinney Roughs Loop Trail, and El Camino Paddling Trail. It’s the perfect place for hiking, swimming, canoeing, picnicking, and one of the most popular local pastimes: birding. Bastrop is home to over 366 bird species, and Texans travel from all over to enjoy the beauty of the birds. McKinney

This summer, Bastrop will bring the Harriet Tubman: The Journey to Freedom sculpture by Wofford Sculpture Studio to the Kerr Community Center. The powerful traveling 9-foot monument celebrates Tubman’s heroic journey to rescue enslaved people in the 1800s. This piece has traveled the country since 2020 and has been exhibited in many prominent locations, but it has never traveled to Texas. Bastrop is proud to bring this iconic sculpture to the Texas Hill Country. Art lovers should also check out the Lost Pines Art Center featuring a gallery, traveling exhibits, a meandering sculpture garden, and free admission.

Celebrate Independence Day at Bastrop, Texas’s second annual Big Bang Celebration! This free event takes place on June 29th at Fisherman’s Park. Enjoy a festive atmosphere with live music, delicious concessions, and exciting activities throughout the day. The grand finale is a dazzling fireworks display lighting up the night sky at dusk. Don’t miss this chance to gather with friends and family for a patriotic celebration in Bastrop!

Wondering where to stay? Nestled on 405 acres along the Lower Colorado River, Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa is pure Texas luxury complete with a pristine 18hole golf course and epic outdoor pools. The resort offers horseback riding, archery, fire pits with s’mores kits, and a lazy river. The best part? The resort is dog friendly so the whole family can enjoy the fun, even your four-legged family members!

No matter if you want adventure, relaxation, history, culture, or water fun, Bastrop has something for everyone. It’s the best kept secret in Texas!

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