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The focus of this project is to create a tool that allows artists, designers and architects to create three dimensional forms through physical modeling and have that form replicated as a digital model.

The physical model is mapped to a digital model through embedded ectronics and a microprocessor in each tile.

Reviews of literature have revealed that the current methods for the generation of three dimensional digital forms lies in two dimensional movement with a mouse or trackpad and two dimensional display through a monitor. This spatial displacement fails to give accurate feedback on the volume, surfaces and line to the user whilst the form is being generated.

Through research in to physically making shapes, parametric form generation and observation of how participants generate models through both physically making and digital modeling a new method for generating three dimensional digital models has been developed.

This information is converted to a digital model which can then be refined, scaled or altered using CAD software before being brought back to the physical world through rapid prototyping.

The tool consists of a set of dynamic geometric modeling tiles, where each triangle is able to be manipulated in to a range of shapes and sizes. These tiles can be connected to one another edge to edge to generate information of the point, line and angle of the construction.


Sketching In Three Dimensions  

Exploration in to the creation of three dimensional forms through tangible interaction.

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