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7 Safety Tips for Your Hotel Stay Just as you would with your own home, you want to make sure you’re safe in the hotel you stay at. The following are 7 tips to practice while staying in a hotel.

Escape Route First, learn your fire escape route. They are placed in every Norwalk, CT hotel room, usually right next to the door. Locate yours and be sure to learn what you would need to do in case of a fire. Although you won’t likely need it, it’s best to know what would be required of you in case an emergency required your immediate exit. Second, before you turn off the lights at night, put your keys, a hotel key, a flashlight and anything else you would need in the middle of the night on your night stand, just in case you needed to leave quickly. Place a pair of shoes next to the bed too so you won’t have to search for them in the dark. Third, know what number to dial should you have an emergency. You can often get this information from the front desk while checking into your Norwalk, CT hotel. You can also call your operator about that information once you’re in the room. Most operators can be reached at “0.” Fourth, reserve a room above ground. Ask to be placed in the second floor or above. On top of added safety, it’ll give you a nicer view of the Norwalk, CT area, not just of the hotel parking lot. It’s a better experience, even if you have to travel by elevator to get there. Fifth, keep your door locked at all times. Many prop it open thinking they’re just going down the hall for a second so it’ll be just fine.

Valuables and Visitors Don’t prop it open for anything. If someone needs in, they need to have a key or be granted access by you. This could keep many of your valuables safe by simply not giving potential thieves an opportunity. It’s a simple rule with only minor inconveniences, i.e. taking a card key with you when you leave, so it’s worth the effort. Sixth, with that in mind, reserve a room with a safe inside to keep all of your valuables stored in. The codes for these safes are reset and awaiting your personalized password.

Hide your laptops, cell phones, wallets, Kindles, and anything else of value you wouldn’t want hanging around the place while you’re gone. Locking it away is quick, easy, and secure. Seventh, identify your visitor before you answer the door. If someone knocks, check the peep hole first. If you don’t recognize them, ask who they are before opening the door. If you still don’t entirely trust them but think to investigate further, you can slide on your door latch to limit how wide the door can open. Slide that on and then open it up. You’ll only be able to open it enough to see a bit out, but not enough to allow a forced entry. If they still seem shady, ask for clarification or ask them to leave. If they don’t respect your wishes, call the operator immediately to report the issue. These 7 tips will help you have an enjoyable visit wherever you go. Just like your home, car, or trip to work, practice safety and you’ll have peace of mind throughout your trip to Norwalk, CT. Photo Credit: stocker, iboff

7 safety tips for your hotel stay  

Even if something dangerous is unlikely to happen, it's good to know how to be safe while on a trip.

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