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the centre of hydrocarbon reserves


distinguished past, thriving future


the next step in energy investment


lusail masterplan


energy city masterplan


inspired by nature


one city, countless possibilities




dedicated team


His Highness the Emir of the State of Qatar Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani




the centre of hydrocarbon reserves

The Gulf is at the centre of a dynamically evolving energy sector, unlocking the potential

some of the largest remaining untapped natural gas deposits can be found in countries

for substantial further development. Already home to over 60% of the world's oil

like Qatar, Iran and Saudi Arabia. As a result, many governments are looking to diversify

reserves and producer of approximately 30%, the region is also set to become a leader

their revenue streams and have begun investing in the natural gas sector and further

in the supply and production of natural gas. As the global community increasingly

infrastructure to prepare for the continuing escalation in consumption.

consumes oil, the development of natural gas is increasingly important. In the Gulf,



distinguished past, thriving future

Strategically located in the Arab Peninsula, Qatar is one of the fastest emerging states in the

to again double in size by 2011, causing average per capita income, which is already one

world. Rapid developments have transformed this once quiet desert into a vibrant metropolis.

of the world’s highest at over $40,000, to reach extraordinary levels.

There is no more visible testament in the progress that Qatar is making than the capital, Doha, which has achieved in two decades what most cities accomplish in centuries.

A five-year energy investment programme is currently underway and will see Qatar become the world’s biggest liquefied natural gas exporter and the world leader in

His Highness The Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani has greatly aided in catapulting

gas-to-liquids production at more than 300,000 barrels a day. Qatar will be the fourth

the country far into the 21st century. The solid leadership of Sheikh Al Thani has enabled

largest petrochemicals producer globally.

Qatar to experience sociopolitical liberalisation, including the enfranchisement of women, a new constitution, elections, and a thriving, open media.

In addition, major infrastructure projects are underway and the private sector is investing heavily in new residential, commercial and hotel space to cater for the influx of corporations,

Yet it is increasingly clear that this is only the beginning for Qatar. The economy is forecast

business executives, professionals and tourists.



the next step in energy investment

Kingdom of Bahrain

The Arabian Gulf State of Qatar Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

United Arab Emirates


Qatar is synonymous with the energy industry. Since its first LNG exports in 1996 the country

Lusail. A development of an unprecedented scale, Lusail will be home to up to 200,000

has continued to invest in the infrastructure of the oil and gas business, with major leaps

people in distinct residential areas. Energy City Qatar will nestle alongside Lusail’s

forward still underway. The next step in that investment is Energy City Qatar. This will be a

corporate, waterfront, marina and entertainment districts.

full-service energy city catering to the specialised commercial, technical and human resource needs of the oil and gas industry in the Gulf region. Energy City Qatar intends

Energy City Qatar will be a regional community with global reach, attracting the most

to accomplish this aim in full coordination and cooperation with the combined resources

significant regional and international players in the hydrocarbon value chain. As the

of Lusail, the meticulously planned extension of Qatar’s capital city, which is being

first purpose built energy centre in the MENA region, Energy City Qatar is a realised

developed by Qatari Diar Real Estate and Investment Company. Together with the

futuristic vision, synergistic with the Qatar government's drive to create a comprehensive,

Government of Qatar, Qatar Foundation, Education City, Qatar Science and Technology

secure home for the Gulf’s energy industry and those who work in it.

Park, and Qatar Petroleum, Energy City Qatar will allow for the transformation of the energy sector’s potential in the entire region and secure a unique place for Qatar in the

Energy City Qatar will bring together national and international oil and gas, service

global energy sector.

industry, infrastructure and other related companies to interact, compete and cooperate at commercial and technical levels. Energy City Qatar will establish Qatar

Located twenty minutes from Doha International Airport, Energy City Qatar forms part of

as a major centre for “above-ground” business activities.


lusail masterplan ritz carlton

north to airport

doha golf club

west bay lagoon

to doha




energy city masterplan


inspired by nature

Energy City Qatar's architectural concept is based on the golden number. The golden

this premise, with the creation of an organised structure that is simultaneously as freely

number is a natural phenomenon that dictates the dimensions of the Wheel of Time.

individual as the life that goes on within its community.

The concept of the design follows organised chaos theory - from the ground level, the leaves, which shade parts of the facility, appear to fall randomly, but an aerial view

Energy City Qatar will also be a natural environment that complements the actions of

reveals the leaves falling in an ordered spiral. Thus, Energy City Qatar is fashioned using

the energy industry to create a responsible and eco-friendly sector.



one city, countless possibilities

Energy City Qatar will provide much more than an “accommodation” for oil, gas, and

viewing facilities, world-class geophysical and analytical facilities, advanced management,

service companies. Its vision is to be a comprehensive and integrated community

supporting infrastructure ports, and specialised storage and maintenance. Energy City Qatar

with all the physical and intellectual resource requirements for the global and regional

will further enhance Qatar’s position on the world energy map, standing shoulder to shoulder

energy sector provided.

with other key energy centres. It will raise the global stakes of the Middle East’s energy sector, taking it beyond its role of controlling over half of the world’s oil and gas reserves.

Energy City Qatar will encompass the core elements of cutting edge technology and finance.

Energy City Qatar will reshape the dynamics of the region’s oil and gas business and expand

It will integrate state-of-the-art communications, high tech data storage, retrieval and

its role in the management of above ground resources.




Oil and Gas Producers Centre

Shipping and Trading Centre

The safe and secure Middle East home to the world’s leading International Oil Companies

This planned centre is designed to:

and National Oil Companies.

help establish new, regional trading practices in crude oil, products and natural gas establish the Gulf region as the critical price discovery hub for crude oil and products

Service Industry Centre It will include office buildings, specialised storage and maintenance services for the oil

Information and Associations Centre

and gas service industry; drilling service, EPC contractors, equipment suppliers and

This centre will include:

fabricators, offshore suppliers and seismic acquisition, and processing companies.

facilities, services, and technology supporting international energy associations state-of-the-art communications facilities and modern conferences facilities

Infrastructure and Downstream Centre This centre will house offices for the main regional and international infrastructure and downstream oil and gas companies.

events Hall - for ceremonial events, awards ceremonies, etc.



dedicated team

Gulf Energy Gulf Energy is one of the frontrunners in the global energy sector. A consortium of global energy experts, Gulf Energy is dedicated to generating innovative high value-adding business solutions in the energy industry and seeing them implemented to the benefit of energy stakeholders worldwide. Gulf Energy’s first endeavour is the US 2.6 billion dollar Energy City Qatar.

Lead Financial Advisor Gulf Finance House A leading investment bank focused on originating and financing infrastructure and economic development projects that make a direct and visible contribution to the economic well-being of the countries in which they are located. Lead Strategic Advisor PFC Energy Acknowledged leaders in Global Energy consultancy and renowned strategic advisors to energy companies and governments across the globe, PFC Energy are the lead strategic advisors for this project. Strategic Partners Abu Dhabi Investment House Financial management and advisory firm in the MENA region. Kuwait Investment Company One of the region’s leading investment companies with easy access to regional and international markets.

Lead Financial Advisor

Lead Strategic Advisor

Strategic Partner

Strategic Partner


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