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LONDON, ONT.—London Citadel celebrates nine new junior soldiers. From left, Mjr Wil BrownRatcliffe, then CO; Owen Mitchell; Mackenzie Franche; JSS Joyce Hawkins; Cameron McLeod-Voakes; Harrison Franche; Lauren Brooks; Ivy Moyles; Matthew Foote; Bernie Doars, colour sergeant; Brooke Bourne; Maya Clarke; and Mjr Catherine Brown-Ratcliffe, then CO.

MONTREAL—Montreal Citadel enrols seven senior soldiers and one adherent. From left, Lt Vilma Ramos, associate CO, Spanish ministries; Andrea Melissa Fernandez Fajardo; Sergio Acevedo Rodriguez; Andrea Aceros Gutierrez; Telma Edith Fajardo Brahona; Col Eleanor Shepherd, CO; Garry Garland, holding the flag; John Fredy Morgho Moreno; Liliana Andrea Silva Benavidez; Alejandrina Yamilet Corea Rivera; Luis Fernando Gamero Escoto; and Mjrs Brian and Anne Venables, DC and DDWM, Quebec Div.

TORONTO—Lisa Brown and Taline Polimeneas confirm their calling to serve others as they receive community care ministries training certificates at Scarborough Citadel. From left, Mjr Denis Skipper, then CO; Lisa Brown; Taline Polimeneas; CSM James Dolan, holding the flag; and Alison Moore, assistant ministry director.

ARNOLD’S COVE, N.L.—Front, from left, Lt Kim Chan, CO, enrols Rosalind Doon and Effie Wareham as senior soldiers at Arnold’s Cove Corps. Sam Guy is holding the flag.

WORDS OF LIFE SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER ISSUE NOW AVAILABLE! Take time with the Father daily as you meditate upon his Word. Ask Jesus to interpret his Word and speak to your heart. Open yourself to the Spirit as he brings inspiration.

SALMON ARM, B.C.—Four people receive certificates at New Hope CC for completing “Meet and Greet” emergency disaster services training. From left, Louis Boda; Brian Antler; Cpt Sheldon Feener, CO; and Norma Schaffer.

Montreal Citadel for the World Come Back to Our Future Be part of the opening and dedication of the new Montreal Citadel October 11-12, 2014 With Colonels Mark and Sharon Tillsley Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries 6620 Monk Boulevard, Montreal For more information: 26 • September 2014 • Salvationist

Concluding the 2014 “Love” series for Words of Life, this edition’s theme is “Amazing Love.” What love we see in the Old Testament—shining through Ezekiel’s visions; also as God works in the lives of four minor prophets, Joel, Jonah, Habakkuk and Malachi. In the New Testament we witness God’s love in Paul’s letters to the Philippians and to Timothy, as well as the letters from Peter and John to God’s people. Guest writer Major Kapela Ntoya takes us on a “holiday journey.” We close with Jesus’ magnificent Revelation, then a glimpse into the Christmas story. During this time together in God’s Word, may we all experience his amazing love in a new and profound way. $6.99 plus shipping and handling The Salvation Army Supplies and Purchasing • 416-422-6100 •

Salvationist - September 2014  
Salvationist - September 2014