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ICL Meets in Singapore

Global leadership team grapples with urgent issues at international conference

General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox welcome a delegate to the ICL


he Salvation Army’s global leadership team met in Singapore July 19-26 for the International Conference of Leaders (ICL), under the direction of General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox, World President of Women’s Ministries. The conference was attended by leaders of the Army’s 59 territories, commands and regions from around the world, commissioners serving at International Headquarters (IHQ), the U.S.A. national leaders and six incoming leaders who took up new territorial or command appointments following the ICL. The denominational and societal trends and issues considered by the ICL were adherent membership, leadership development, lifestyle issues, impact measurement and accountability. On Sunday, July 20, delegates took part in a public welcome meeting at Singapore Central Corps, which was streamed live through IHQ’s website (video available at The General and Commissioner Cox were marched into the hall by the 16 • September 2014 • Salvationist

which were recorded for review and follow-up action by the International Management Council. Members of the International Doctrine Council and International Moral and Social Issues Council joined delegates on Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss lifestyle issues facing the church today. Tuesday’s afternoon session focused on the new One Army teaching resources produced by IHQ to help Salvationists have a better shared understanding of faith in the 21st century (visit for details). Commissioner Robert Street, who is devising and producing the materials, encouraged delegates to engage with the material and promote its use across the Army world. The General’s One Army Impact Initiative was the focus for Thursday and Friday. The international leader told delegates that accountability and impact measurement could not be separated and that they align with his vision for the Army in the 21st century. Friday’s breakout groups discussed accountability in three specific areas: people, programs, and money and assets. In the final plenary session, the General expressed thanks to the leaders and assured them that conversation would continue through forums such as the General’s Consultative Council, Zonal Conferences, International Doctrine Council, and Moral and Social Issues Council.

Gracehaven Percussion Parade, a group of young drummers who set an energetic tone for the gathering. During the meeting, the General fielded questions in an “Ask the General” segment, which was personal, informative and engaging. The next day, delegates convened as Commissioner Birgitte Brekke-Clifton, international secretary for Europe, spoke about adherent membership, and Commissioner William Cochrane, international secretary to the Chief of the Staff, delivered a paper on leadership development. Following each presentation, the global leaders broke i nto d i s c u s sion groups and then reconvened to share their outcomes and recommendations, Leaders engage in conversation during their time in Singapore

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