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The O2 Arena in London, England, will welcome 16,000 Salvationists for international congress events

they would then come together for one rehearsal and sing like they’ve been singing together for a year. Another thought is that for one of our congregational songs, we would pre-record a soundtrack and then you could go to a place on the website and record yourself singing all the verses of that song in your native tongue, so that when we’re singing it in the arena—if you can’t come to the congress—you can still be represented there in hundreds of squares on a screen. Among those hundreds of squares will be large ones of people we have Skyped in live to sing along as well—and so the whole Army world will be singing together. Through webcasts, two million Salvationists around the world will be able to experience congress as we’re experiencing it. What do you think William Booth would have made of all this? I believe William Booth would have embraced technology years before we have. He would have utilized it in every meeting just as he used the technol-

ogy of his day in his car tours (of the United Kingdom)—that was cutting edge. I believe he would be saying to Salvationists, use the technology for the glory of God—reach people. I think he would be dancing a jig at this congress. What about people who say, “Why do we need a congress?” I remember the first planning meeting we had with General Linda Bond (Rtd). She said, “I believe this is something that God wants us to do. As far as The Salvation Army is concerned, this needs to be our alabaster box that we break and give to the Lord to show him our gratitude for what he has done, what he is doing and what he will do with The Salvation Army and the impact it’s made on the world during the past 150 years.” Congresses on any scale are expensive, but I don’t think you can calculate the benefits. If you come from a small corps you don’t always realize that you are part of something so much bigger. Then you hear how God has moved in people’s lives and how he’s touched them and

transformed them. God spoke to them in that bigger setting like he would not have spoken to them anywhere else. We believe the same is going to happen here and that God is going to reinvigorate the Army and place callings on people’s lives. I am trusting for amazing outcomes. Why would you encourage Salvationists to attend Boundless? There have only ever been seven international congresses in our 150-year history. While there was a congress 14 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia, there is no guarantee there will be another international congress in the foreseeable future. These events are historic and bring the Army together in a way that is unparalleled. There are Salvationists spread right around the world and many of them are serving in small to mediumsize corps and centres. This congress will open all of our eyes to the internationalism of The Salvation Army like never before and help us see that we are part of a family that is almost two million strong. Salvationist • September 2014 • 15

Salvationist - September 2014