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DVN 2013 US Workshop Presentation booklet

Rochester, MI, January 14-15, 2013

How New Technologies Will Enhance Night Driver Vision

Driving Vision News-Head office : 3 rue Daumier-75016 Paris-France-T:+33(0) 2013 DVN Workshop – General information Location: Royal Park hotel, 600 East University Drive Rochester, MI 48307 Contact: Sue Keels Director of Sales and Marketing Royal Park Hotel Direct: 248-453-8709 Fax: 248-652-8903 E-mail: Dates: Meet & Greet Soirée: evening of Monday, January 14th, 2013, 6:00 PM Workshop: Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 Participants: Automakers and automotive lighting suppliers from around the world, Universities, Regulators. Around 50 companies confirmed their attendance: OEM: Audi, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes, Nissan, Opel, Toyota, VW Tier 1 suppliers: Automotive lighting, Federal Mogul, Grote, Hella, Koito, Magna, Mobis, Myotek, NAL, Sealink International, SL Corp, J.W.Speaker, Stanley, Valeo, Valeo-Sylvania, Varroc. Tier 2 suppliers: AML, Astron-Fiamm, Bayer, Brandenburg, DBM reflex, Docter Optics, Freudenberg, IAV, Mentor Graphics, Optis, Panasonic, Pleiades Instruments, Osram, Philips, Sabic, Sylvania, Seoul Semiconductor, Sonceboz, Zollner. Universities: LRC. Regulators: NHTSA – GRE – GTB Target: To investigate How New Technology Will Enhance Night Driver Vision We're putting special focus on laser-based headlamps, LEDs and OLEDs for front and rear lights, vision sensors and image processing, novel vision systems, and simulation tools. In a very active and full day, we will have a docket of morning lectures and presentations by the best experts of each technology, podium panels, round-table discussions in the afternoon sessions, an exhibition area where suppliers will be able to display their products and services, and a great deal of high-level discussion and exchange of ideas during the welcome evening.

DVN Workshop January 14-15, 2013

Page 2 Docket, January 15, 2013 Morning lectures 8:15 Keynote 1 • Jim Johnson, Valeo Sylvania CEO 8:30 Keynote 2 • Ralf Schäfer and Daniel Stern Feedback from lighting congresses and motor shows during S2-2012 Session 1, Chairman Dennis Novack, Chrysler, Development 8:50 How ADAS can improve lighting systems • John Cooper, IAV 9:10 LED High beam from light guides • John Orisich, Valeo Sylvania 9:30 Matrix beam, Glare Free High Beam • Rainer Neumann, Varroc 9:50 Laser technology in HL applications • Challenge/Opportunity. T.Reiners, Osram 10:10 – 10:40 BREAK Session 2, Chairman Michael Larsen, GM, CTO 10:40 Perspective of OLED applications in Automotive • John Peek, CTO Philips Automotive Lighting 11:00 Maturity of OLED in car applications • Bruno Dussert-Vidalet, CEO Astron-Fiamm 11:20 Simulations, status and future trends • Professor A. Von Hoffmann, University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg 11:40 Current International Harmonisation Activities Related to Lighting Regulation and Technical Requirements • Bart Terburg, GTB Vice president 12:00 Regulatory Impacts of Advanced Lighting Systems • Stephan Berlitz, Lighting Innovation Audi 12:20 – 2:00pm LUNCH Afternoon Panels 2:00 Panel session 1 - Chairman: G. Draper, GTB President Global activities to achieve international harmonization related to lighting regulation. 3:00 Panel session 2 - Chairman: Professor Alexander Von Hoffmann, Nuremberg University How simulation tools could shorten development time while improving performances. Afternoon Round Tables 4:15 5 Round tables in 5 separate rooms • Plastic or Glass lenses with LED, Ralf Schäfer. • New Materials and processes for new lighting systems, Michael Pickholz. • Future of dynamic actuators, Thorsten Warvel. • Standardisation in LEDs, J-P Charret. • Future of OLED technology in automotive lighting, Stephan Berlitz. 5:00 Conclusion

DVN Workshop January 14-15, 2013

Page 3 The benefits of being DVN Gold or Platinium Member Because you are a professional working in a company involved in automotive lighting or driver assistance, you should have access to the full content of DVN tech-watch web site ( covering automotive lighting and driver assistance technologies and events. DVN Gold membership is personal and requires an annual subscription. Companies are entitled to subscribe a Platinium membership which is a multi-user license. Benefits include: • Up-to-date news and views delivered each week on worldwide developments and events in the realms of lighting and driver assistance. Fully archived and searchable. •Broad, deep reports, released monthly, on cutting-edge technologies, company profiles, motor shows, congresses, and regulations— you can't get this content anywhere else. • Fully searchable access to the Driving Vision News database of over 2,000 news articles and over 60 DVN reports. It will also include a downloadable document depository, a Who’s Who section, and a business directory. Sharing and exchanging strategic views amongst the best lighting and driver assistance experts, DVN makes you part of a real community of lighting and DA professionals round the world, with more than 15 global car makers, 18 Tier1 lighting suppliers, and over 40 Tier2/3 suppliers and 10,000 professionals visiting DVN website monthly. Because the internet will never be a substitute for a real-world community, DVN hold workshops and round-table discussions periodically. Lighting workshops have been held at Stuttgart May 2009, at Paris May 2010, and May 2011, at Rochester, USA January 2012. The last workshop has been held in Tokyo, Japan, with more than 130 attendants on July 4, 2012, and focused on “LED lighting technologies”. The two next workshops will be held in Rochester during January 2013 NAIAS and in Shanghai during April 2013 auto show. These DVN Workshops are free of charge and open exclusively to Gold and Platinium members.

To have more information about subscription fees, and receive your personal Username and Password, get in contact with Salomon Berner Email: or Don’t hesitate to contact us if you encounter any difficulty in downloading our monthly DVN reports or gaining access to DVN website content.

DVN Workshop January 14-15, 2013

Page 4 Foreword

2009 Workshop Stuttgart In today's crisis situation, how can lighting suppliers work differently with car makers to develop innovations in techno and cost reduction? 20 attendees

2010 Workshop Paris

2011 Workshop Paris

Strategies for Increasing Sales of Advanced Headlamps 40 attendees

Challenging Tier 2 suppliers about their contribution to lighting innovations 90 attendees

2012 Detroit workshop LED technologies 2012-2020 120 attendees

2012 Tokyo workshop LED technologies for styling, safety and environment 130 attendees

After the success of our three first DVN workshops, Stuttgart in 2009 and Paris in 2010 and 2011, Lighting workshops have been held at Rochester, USA in January 2012 and in Tokyo, Japan, on July 4, 2012, with more than 130 attendants on each opportunity, and a focus on “LED lighting technologies�. Given the tremendous positive feedback from attendees, DVN decided that the two next workshops will be held in Rochester during the NAIAS Auto show on January, 15, 2013 and in Shanghai during the April 2013 auto show, the two main geographical areas where automotive markets are steadily growing in size and increasingly opening to new technologies.

DVN Workshop January 14-15, 2013

Page 5 Introduction to 2013 US DVN Workshop theme and agenda There is a great need in the worldwide lighting community to have more information about cutting edge technologies in a time where there are so many new technologies coming. In the US, traditionally a region with relatively slack interest in car lights, now lighting has become a strong lever not only for styling differentiation but also for safety performance better than the basic legal requirements, and for energy savings. The arrival of cameras brings intelligence to front lights so that the drivers feel safer. DRLs and signal lights create new day and night brand identification. The possibilities of simulation give engineers new ways to develop more projects, helping to solve the increasing engineering workload. The rubric for the workshop is "How New Technology Will Enhance Night Driver Vision". This workshop will present the latest achievements in all these technologies and we've added regulatory topics to the docket. We are now in a global industry where road infrastructure and vehicle mix variance among the world's countries aren't nearly so great as they used to be. Scientifically, it is time to try to harmonise the lighting requirements in North America and those used elsewhere in the world because it is difficult to find any traffic safety data to support national approaches. This workshop also gives new possibilities to Tier 2 suppliers to show their contribution to cutting edge technologies, and offer it to the Tier 1 suppliers. Once again this year our meet-andgreet soirĂŠe dinner the night before the symposium itself has allowed a large exchange of experience, desires, and ideas among North American, Japanese, Korean, and European participants on innovative technologies for automotive lighting.

DVN Workshop January 14-15, 2013

Page 6 List of 2013 DVN Workshop confirmed attendees CAR MAKERS Audi Chrysler Chrysler Chrysler Chrysler Chrysler Chrysler Chrysler Daimler Ford Ford Ford Ford Ford Ford Ford Ford Ford Ford Ford Ford Ford GM GM GM GM GM Honda Honda Hyundai Hyundai Nissan Nissan Opel Toyota Toyota Toyota Toyota Toyota

Stephan William Kyle Donald Dennis Terrance Joe Chris Ralf Thorsten Sleiman Mahendra Steffen Tom Albert Chad Gary David Ketan Tony Diane Arun Mike Al Jeff Brian Elizabeth Tony Darrin Kris Christopher Mamoru Tom Ingolf Daniel Mike Stuart Fumio Jon

Berlitz Grabowski Lucas Lucas Novack Sykes Griffin Gerardy Ackermann Warwell Abdelnour Dassanayake Helwig Partch Ekladyous Clement Henige Brown Desai Aquilina LaHaie Kumar Larsen Pieczynsky Zawacki Skiba Jackson Wang Roberts Telenga Standley Aoki Schumacher Schneider Neubauer Hernandez Würthele Inoue Sander

Lighting innovation System Responsible - Exterior Systems Development Lead - Exterior Lighting Development Lead - Exterior Lighting Development Lead - Exterior Lighting Development Lead - Exterior Lighting Design Responsible - Exterior Lighting Regulatory Specialist - Vehicle Compliance & Regulations Manager Lighting innovations Manager Lighting applications Body manager Exterior lighting Staff technical specialist Lighting Supervisor Lighting Supervisor Technical Specialist Senior Engineer Design & Release engineer –Exterior Lighting Product Design Engineer for Exterior Lighting Ford Exterior Lighting Engineer Technical expert Lighting Exterior Lighting SubSystem Leader Manager Truck Exterior Lighting Lighting Design Engineer Director Exterior Lighting and Bumpers Principal Engineer Principal Engineer Senior Engineer - Engineering Design - Lighting Exterior Trim Engineer Design Department Director Principal Engineer- Exterior design & FEM Engineering Body exterior lighting Exterior Lighting Manager Technical & Regulatory Affairs, Safety Exterior Lighting Manager Exterior Lighting Department Coordinator Exterior Lighting Engineer

TIER 1 SUPPLIERS AL AL AL AL Federal Mogul Grote Grote Grote Grote Hella Hella J.W.Speaker J.W.Speaker J.W.Speaker Koito

Stephane Andrea Gene Ernst Olaf Ralf Arthur Tim Luigi Al Steffen Hans-Theo Timothy Dragan Brad Dr. Masaya

Vedie Stella Spektor Rosenhahn Meyer Wendt Hernandez Brooks Tavernese Bolander Pietzonka Dr. Dorissen Speaker Popovic Kay Shido

DVN Workshop January 14-15, 2013

CEO NA R&D Manager NA Sales Director-NA Innovations Director R&D Technology Manager-Global Lighting Engineering VP

Vice President MKT lighting Member of the Executive Board Business Division Lighting Development Lighting CEO Technical director R&D/AE technical leader Deputy General Manager, Research Lab.

Page 7 Koito Magnaelectronics Mobis Mobis Mobis Mobis Myotek Myotek Myotek Myotek NAL NAL NAL NAL NAL SL Corp SL Corp Valeo Valeo Valeo-Sylvania Valeo-Sylvania Valeo-Sylvania Valeo-Sylvania Varroc Varroc Zodiac-ECE

Dr. Satoshi Chris Sangmin Johnny Goanghyun Rick Robert Richard Jonathan Jerry Toshiyuki Kishore Tom Gary Tatsuhiro Seung Ho Felix Laurent Benoist Jim John Gavin Christophe Rainer Scott Christian

Yamamura Van Dan Elzen Ah Lee Choi Kim Harrington Splant Gibney Cunningham Katsumata Ahuja Poorman King Terada Yang Urbina Evrard Fleury Johnson Oresich Warner Cros Neumann Montesi Tsao

Manager, research lab Director Machine Vision Systems Lighting Engineering Manager Lighting Electronic Senior Engineer Lighting Senior Engineer Lighting Optic Engineer President-CEO Head of Technical Sales department VP Operations & Electronics Development Quality Manager Assistant director of Engineering and product development. Director of engineering General Manager of Engineering Technology Manager-Regulatory Compliance AGM - Design Engineering Managing Director of NA Engineering Center Director R&D director Marketing director, Valeo Lighting Systems CEO Advanced Development Manager Director R & D R&D director Director Business develop. lighting US Business Development Optical Engineer

TIER 2 SUPPLIERS AML AML AML AML AML Astron-Fiamm Astron-Fiamm Bayer Bayer Bayer Bayer Brandenburg Brandenburg DBM DBM Docter Optics Docter Optics Docter Optics Freudenberg Freudenberg GXC IAV IAV IAV IAV IAV Mentor Graphics Mentor Graphics Mentor Graphics US Mentor Graphics US Nichia Nichia

Eric Ludovic Hassan Richard Jean-Eric Bruno Steffen Roy Bruce Jeff Pascal Willi Andreas George Bernard Jens Jan Bruce Christophe Ludwig Torsten John Udo Karsten Christopher Hong Moh Boris Barry Patrick Matthew Shawn

Julien Toulisse Koulouh Gottorff Peugeot Dussert-Vidalet Schmitz Palasek Benda Lockhart Spaniol Brandenburg Bielawny Iatan Caire Fischer Hamkens Nielsen Luciani Neumann Schmidt Cooper Wehner Schulze Hennessy Bae Sabeur Marovic Fowell Ninneman Bankstahl Du

DVN Workshop January 14-15, 2013

CEO R&D Director Innovation Manager Customer support USA VP sales and business development R&D manager Technical & Mkt specialist lighting Vice President – Market Development Manager – Sales and Account Management – Lighting segment Director – Sales, Automotive & Transportation CEO Brandenburg representative R&D manager CEO International Business development manager CEO Docter Optics Executive Manager and VP Vice president CTO Freudenberg NOK Mechatronics CEO Business development Director Exec. VP Vehicle Integration-Germany Senior VP Active Safety and Driving Assistance -Germany Business Unit Director - Vehicle Integration- Detroit Manager Vehicle Systems-Detroit European Automotive Sales manager Product Marketing Manager Automotive & Transportation US Automotive Sales Team Manager US automotive accounts Manager Senior sales Manager Automotive Senior Sales Manager-LEDs

Page 8 Optis Optis Optis Optis Optis Osram Osram Opto Osram Opto Osram Opto Osram Opto Osram Opto Panasonic Panasonic Pleiades Instruments Pleiades Instruments Philips Philips Philips Philips Philips Philips Philips Philips Philips Philips Sea Link Sea Link Sea Link Sea Link Sea Link Sonceboz Sonceboz Sylvania Sylvania Sylvania Sylvania Sylvania Sylvania Sylvania Sylvania Truck-lite Zollner Zollner Zollner

Rick Todd Keith Lynn Charles Marcus Stefan Michael Mike Peter Gary Noriyuki Tyuta Frederic Guillaume Leo John John Alexander Dirk Favian Mark Dennis Adam Mike Scott Randy Michael Victor Jim Herve Pierre David Glen Jonathan Mike Fred Bart Matt Mike Brad Mattias Bernhard Gene

Comiskey Brown Parmentier Martin Branch Graser Seidel Godwin Martens Knittl Schneider Sato Kato Seve Riboud Metzemaekers Peek Opie Kirk Vanderhaeghen De Lima McCauley Samfilippo Vincens Hervey McFarland McFarland Pickhotz Saab Goudie Baour Gandel Hulick Gracia Dunlap Tucker Peterson Terburg Fras Mott Van Riper Kilger Bachmeier Lindberg

Director – North America Manager – Americas West Manager – Americas East Technical Manger – North America Application Engineer Head of SP Strategy and Market Intelligence OLED Marketing Manager Visible LED products director Senior Product Marketing Manager Global Director Automotive Marketing NA Automotive Marketing Manager Product planning-Automotive Lighting Product marketing- Automotive Lighting Managing Director Sales Manager Senior Director Strategy & mkt OEM CTO BG Automotive Regional Product Manager General Manager, Business Unit Automotive LED Director of Strategic Marketing Automotive LED Technical Solutions Manager Technical Solutions Director - Automotive General Manager NAFTA Business Development Manager – OEM Key Account Manager President Program Development Director Lighting development Program Assurance Finance Key account manager, lighting CEO Sonceboz Automotive marketing director Corporate communications NAFTA Automotive LED Systems Product Manager Engineering Manager Engineering Director-Speciality Lighting Chairman SAE Lighting Systems Committee Sales Director Sales Manager Representative USA Supplier Association (TSEI) Senior Manager Director Automotive Sales Representative US


Markus Nathaniel David Geoff Marcin Gary Mike Alexander Salomon Hector Daniel Jean-Paul Ralf

Price Beuse Hines Draper Gorzkowski King Flannagan VonHoffmann Berner Fratty Stern Charret Schaefer

DVN Workshop January 14-15, 2013

Safety Standards Engineer Director, Office of Crash Avoidance Division Chief, Visibility and Injury Prevention President GTB President GRE Chairman of the GTB USA Delegation Professor Professor marketing and sales director General editor Global editor Consultant Consultant

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Feedback from lighting congresses and motorshow during H2-2012 Tokyo DVN Workshop, July 4, 2012: The event was a smashing success, well attended by more than 130 experts from all sectors of the lighting and driver assistance community. DVN published a detailed report on the event. Attendees mainly Japanese, from automakers, researchers, regulators, academics, practitioners, and Tier-1 and -2 suppliers actively participated to the exchanges, panels, and round table discussions. What we retain of this workshop is: - The strong implication of Japanese players presenting and actively taking part in all discussions about new lighting technologies. - The high level of lectures given by VIP, managers in their field. - The importance to conduct harmonisation of regulations in a worldwide market. - The greater influence of styling and styling differentiation with the arrival of LED technologies - The energy saving as a pivotal driver Following Keynote addresses of GTB President Geoff Draper and JASIC research division Executive Director Ushio Ueno, 7 presentations rounded out the rest of the morning's docket. Wolfgang Huhn, Audi General Manager of Lighting and Vision systems outlined the seven most important factors which influence automotive styling and designers. Kamislav Fadel, AL R&D Vice President presented a thorough enquiry into when energy savings will become a pivotal driver in automotive lighting. Olivier Barthomeuf , Ichikoh Research Manager, presented a Bi-LED standard headlamp module and initiating what promises to be an interesting discussion on standardisation. Masaru Sasaki , Koito's Deputy General Manager presented approaches to make LED headlamps affordable. Benoist Fleury , Valeo Lighting Systems' Marketing Director advanced the sensible proposition that styling trends can best be known by scrutinising auto shows; he presented his assessment of lighting on display at recent motor shows in Frankfurt, Tokyo, Detroit, Geneva, and Beijing. Rainer Neumann, Visteon's R&D Director and GTB Front Lighting W.G. President presented the latest results from the newest field tests. Takashi Sato , Stanley R&D Chief with a presentation on headlamp styling and optics. The afternoon docket included panel sessions and round tables: Panel 1, chaired by Geoff Draper, focused on regulations. It was a unique opportunity to exchange experience and opinions within and among the Japanese, Chinese, and European vehicle lighting communities. Panel 2, chaired by Ralf Sch채fer, discussed the future of new light source technologies LED, OLED, and lasers. 3 round tables centred to round simulation, components and materials, mechatronics and actuator-related matters of leveling, AFS, adaptive lighting systems, and electronics.

DVN Workshop January 14-15, 2013

Page 10 Mondial Paris Motorshow, October 2012: Innovative production-car lighting Audi A3, BMW 7, Mercedes A-Class, Ford Mondeo, Seat Leon, CitroĂŤn DS3 Cabrio, Opel Adam, Renault Clio, and VW Golf.

Renault Clio

Volkswagen Golf

Ford Mondeo

Seat Leon

Concept cars Innovative lighting on Audi Crosslane coupĂŠ, Lexus LF-CC, BMW Active Tourer, Peugeot ONYX, Nissan Terra, and Ssangyong e-XIV.

Audi Q2

BMW Tourer

Peugeot ONYX

Panamera wagon

Main takeaway points 1. Thanks to the unlimited styling and appearance-differentiation possibilities of LEDs and related technology and technique, cars presented at this year's Mondial prove there is room for new lighting technologies even in a down-trending market provided they help to reach the hearts of potential customers. 2. Several new important mass market production car models are launched with LED headlamps, namely Ford Mondeo and Seat Leon, now standing side by side with premium BMW 7 Series and Audi A3. We can see a developing picture of the wide variety of designs possible with LED technology. 3. Stylish and advanced HID headlamps outnumber all other front light technologies displayed on premium and midrange cars. HID technology is getting a renewal boost thanks to the arrival of intelligent lighting features more practicably implemented with HID than with halogen, and lower-cost, reduced-wattage HID systems. 4. Stylish LED rear lamps are increasingly prevalent on cars with LED or HID headlamps. 5. Car makers like Ford, Chevrolet, and Volkswagen emphasise the importance of styling, mainly in lighting. Their designers now explain their work with videos using sketches, slides and simulations. 6. Audi are still the primary car maker to push forward lighting as a technological differentiation factor, but Hyundai-Kia also understand lighting is a great lever of perceived value and they invest a lot in it. 7. Several car makers like Renault, Volkswagen, and Opel had their entire exhibition area focused on the presentation of their newly-launched cars. DVN Workshop January 14-15, 2013

Page 11 VISION congress, October 2012: VISION's lectures, night-drive demonstrations, and for the first time technological presentations, combined to make an exceptional congress on new technologies. Around 400 people attended. What we retain of this workshop is: - The high number of attendee, 400. - The high level of lectures given by VIP, managers in their field. - The confirmation of the importance of new technologies as Glare free high beam and marker light, using actuators or matrix beam. - The interest of night drive demonstrations confirming the lectures in field test Best lectures Michael Kleinkes Best In Class presentation with a huge number of prototypes showing the possibilities in signal lights in the future. Hella want to offer a multitude of innovative solutions car makers. Pierre Albou Matrix beam is not any more a dream, but should come to the market quickly. Pierre Albou showed an interesting solution allowing implementing efficiently this new technology. Carlos Elvira Unique headlight in its segment which is not only famous for its design and real novelty but also because it incorporates an exceptional homogeneous lighting at quite a reasonable cost. Ernst-Olaf Rosenhahn Much data explain the influence of the different components, LED, optical system, electronics on CO2 consumption and efficiency. 10W vs 60W for halogen to have 500Lm will be possible soon. Masaru Sasaki A very ambitious way to make LED HL. Key remaining issue is the cost difference between halogen and LED lights. How can we convince end-user to pay more for LED. Rainer Neumann There is a weak influence of the headlamp (halogen, HID, LED) on de Boer rating. Replacing the 2000Lm source threshold for auto-levelling with more objective criteria seems a worthy goal. Thomas Reiners Importance of a better standardisation, hence the great job done by the GTB. Standardization has to be improved in order to improve safety and to decrease the cost. Night-drive demonstrations - The main strong points: • Performance differential with HID or LED is such that driving at night in bad weather with legal halogen headlamps can legitimately be considered dangerous; • LED headlamps have evolved significantly since the 2010 demonstration, and can produce a good light effectively equal to HID in terms of coverage and beam flux, which permits safe driving at night in bad weather; • Glare-free high beam is at long last a dependable, high-performance feature which permits maximum possible seeing range at all times for the driver, even in traffic. Technological presentations 4 presentations from AL, Hella, Valeo, Varroc, ZKW were done. Very interesting presentation from ZKW about the new BMW 7 LED Series headlamps DVN Workshop January 14-15, 2013

Page 12 Hauss Der Technik This one-day symposium is taking place every two years in Berlin and brings together leading German experts. The event is organized by “HAUS DER TECHNIK “, an institute representing different universities. This year the symposium, with 40 attendees, was devoted to the development of LED and ADAS technologies. The overall theme was “Environmental-friendly Lighting Concepts and Strategies for the Future” What we retain of this symposium is: - “Electronic, Dynamic Light “will be the future trend of cutting edge automotive lighting. - Need of engineering resources with the arrival of LED technologies. Standardisation and modularization are the best solutions. - Example of BMW on the consequent brand management. - The support of regulation authorities for innovative solutions is very important.

Striving for harmonization through performance based requirements will be a topic of the future. BMW lecture on laser beam BMW started cooperation with a set maker. Laser light could be concentrated just on the 1 by 1 mm chip. The light is directed on the chip and generates a luminance value 4 times brighter than LED chips. The spot on the chip generates a high temperature and does have a very small tolerance for aiming. The colour homogeneity is a difficulty. For legislation there is a chance to define laser light as a kind of LED light, only the chip and the laser are separated by each other! Audi’s Dr Huhn lecture Audi which lead LED technology are continuously distributing LED headlamps to all models in the future. They will move towards the non-mechanical solutions with LED as Matrix beam. It is electronic light as the software to control the various light functions does have an important role. Dr Huhn also showed new dynamic functions like sweeping DI, Matrix Beam, possible OLED applications as “The Swarm” rear lamp cluster. An overview about energy aspects was included. BMW’s Aulbach reported that BMW will continue to swivel the beam (dynamic bending) both, for Xenon as well as LED glare free high beam. They think they can get better performance and will have lower cost headlamps. VW’s Thamm explained VW are looking for modularization parts in LED for achieving customer satisfaction in terms of replacement, complexity reduction, reasonable cost, and engineering capacity time reduction. Osram’s Reiners lecture explained that Philips and Osram have their individual strategy, therefore a module for LED front lighting will not come that fast. Additionally, a differentiation element on introducing LED headlamps is necessary! First actions in GTB have been started for rear lights and light guide coupling. Hella’s Kleinkes detailed the works on glare free high beam systems and marking light systems, mechanical and non-mechanical. He presented the huge improvements in visibility distances. Mercedes-Benz’s Mai presented results on condensation and ways to avoid or reduce it. AL’s Böbel reported on development speed of HL and the various parameters influencing this. In general, the trend in automotive lighting is clearly shifting to intelligent lighting systems through the combination with ADAS-systems. DVN Workshop January 14-15, 2013

Page 13 DVN vision on future of lighting By Hector Fratty

Since 1966, I have been a passionate participant in the wonderful world of car lighting. Over a professional lifespan of more than 4 decades dedicated to this industry, I've had the opportunity to interact and work with pioneering characters like Pierre Cibié, François Bailly, Reinhard Röpke, Gerhard Lindae, David Moore, and Umberto Candoni, all substantial contributors to the evolution of lighting technology from 1960-1990. In the 1990-2000 timeframe during which electronic lighting ascended, I met visionaries such as Ferdinand Piesch, Martin Winterkorn and Noel Goutard, discussing and predicting the high importance of lighting and related technological developments. Then in the 2000-2011 period, which saw the dawn of intelligent light on earth, prime movers like Wolfgang Huhn, Uwe Kostanzer, Ingolf Schneider, Michael Hamm, Rainer Neumann, Michael Kleinkes, Jean-Paul Charret, Masaru Sasaki, Ralf Schäfer, and others are doing a great job developing, commercialising, and promoting lighting technologies. A lot of new technologies are in progress and GTB President Geoff Draper, notably among many skilled and talented technologists, is doing a great job introducing these technologies in the regulations so they don't fall behind the state of the art. We are now in a period of vast and fast growth for LED technologies with resultant major changes in automotive lighting. LEDs' big benefits of new styling differentiation, energy reduction, and high lighting performance potential—higher than HID for premium cars and higher than halogen for low- and middle-range cars—mean we're in a definite and irreversible shift towards ever greater presence of LEDs on the road. Help of ADAS and mainly cameras which allow to better “see” the environment are generating “adaptive lighting systems” and new functionalities as glare free high beam. I am sure that in the 2020’s, car lights will not be the same as today even in the low and middle range cars. The pace of evolution is unprecedented. Since January last year when we first organized this US DVN Workshop in Rochester, the zooming pace of development and improvement in the field has been such that we are organising this present workshop to introduce OLED and Laser technologies together with new developments in glare free high beam and Matrix beams. .

DVN Workshop January 14-15, 2013

Page 14 Notes

DVN Workshop January 14-15, 2013

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DVN Workshop January 14-15, 2013

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DVN Workshop January 14-15, 2013

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DVN Workshop January 14-15, 2013

Page 18

82 DVN Gold and Platinium members 16 Car makers Audi, Germany Chrysler, USA Ford, Germany GM, USA Honda, US Hyundai, Europe, US Mercedes, Germany Nissan, Japan Opel, Germany Porsche, Germany PSA, France Renault, France Seat, Spain Skoda, Czech Republic Toyota, Japan Volkswagen, Germany

19 Suppliers Tier 1 AL, Germany, Italy. Denso, Japan Farba, Turkey Grote, USA Hella, Germany Ichikoh, Japan Koito, Japan Mobis, Korea Magna, USA NAL, USA Nordic Lights, Finland Odelo, Germany Olsa, Italy SL Corporation Speaker, USA Stanley, Japan Valeo, France Visteon, Germany ZKW, Austria Zodiac, France

7 DVN guests Darmstadt university, Germ Dekra lab, Nederland LAB; France Nuremberg university, Germ Parma university, Italy Rensselaer university, US UMTRI, US

DVN Workshop January 14-15, 2013

39 Suppliers Tier 2 AML Systems, France Astron, France Bayer, Germany Bertrandt, Germany Brandenburg, Germany BrightWay Vision, Israel Com Corp Industry, USA DBM, Canada Delvis, Germany Docter Optics, Germany DSM, Germany Elmos, Germany Eschenbach, Germany Freudenberg, Germany General Electric, USA Gentex, US Goldman & Sachs, UK GXC Coatings, Germany IAV, Germany IDEA Institute, Germany LMT, Germany Mentor Graphics, USA MMM, USA Mobileye, Israel Myotech Industry, USA Mitsubishi Electric, Japan Nichia, Japan Optis, France Optronik, Germany Osram, Germany Panasonic, Japan Philips, Nederlands Ple誰ades Instrument, France Sabic, USA Saia, Switzerland Sealink, US Seoul Semiconductor, Korea Sonceboz, Switzerland Zollner, Germany

Page 19

List of DVN Reports 65 REPORTS ALREADY PUBLISHED including: PSA profile Hella profile Audi profile AL, Automotive Lighting company profile Headlamp adjustment survey DRL, brand signature - April 14, 2009 Valeo Profile - May 26, 2009 LED Technologies - June 30, 2009 Signal lamps as a brand signature - July 28, 2009 Koito Profile—December 15, 2009 Audi A8, Lighting and DA technologies—February 9, 2010 Xenon 25W/LED—June 22, 2010 China lighting market—September 28, 2010 The Wonderful World of Passenger Car lighting—December 21, 2010 Regulations—February 22, 2011 Tier 2&3 contribution on automotive lighting—May 24, 2011 ZIZALA Company Profile—June 28, 2011 Simulations in automotive lighting—July 26, 2011 US lighting market—August 30, 2011 Mercedes-Benz profile—November 29, 2011 LED technologies in Automotive Headlighting— January 3, 2012 Delhi Auto Expo— February 7, 2012 NAIAS auto show— February 21, 2012 2012 US workshop feedback——March 6, 2012 Geneva Motor Show— April 3, 2012 Detroit SAE congress— May 8, 2012 LEDs Thermo-Electrics— June 5, 2012 Interior Lighting— July 3, 2012 DVN workshop in Tokyo— July 24, 2012 BMW and lighting— September 11, 2012 Paris Mondial Motor Show— October 2, 2012 VISION congress — November 6, 2012 December 18—Automotive lighting activities H2-2012 REPORTS TO BE PUBLISHED IN 2013 January 8, 2013 — Lighting and Driver Assistance January 29, 2013—DVN US Workshop March 5 – North America Detroit Auto show April 2 - Geneva Auto Show May 7 – Lighting players in China June 4 – DVN Shanghai workshop July 2 – OLED technology

For more information, DVN Workshop January 14-15, 2013

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DVN 2013 US Workshop Booklet-final edition  
DVN 2013 US Workshop Booklet-final edition  

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