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Dear Contributors,

We cannot say those two words to our contributors enough. Your generosity changes thousands of lives for the better each and every day. This year, thousands of women have been able to get free mammograms and breast care, many on our two mobile mammography coaches that cover a huge, 15-county area. For men, the lifesavers are free prostate screenings. Soon, our new heart and vascular mobile coach will be rolling along. Incredibly, it can detect heart problems in people who have no symptoms. And with their advanced training, our emergency transport nurses can make sure badly injured patients make it to the emergency room in time. These are some of the spectacular ways 21st-century medicine is moving – well beyond four walls. There are also many acts of compassion that, for each patient, loom large. The safety nets of our Angel Fund and Patient Assistance Fund step in when patients cannot afford prescriptions, when they need cab fare to the doctor, and when it’s a question of keeping the lights on.


Fred and Nancy Hutchison Rex Society Donors

Moving to Raleigh in 1981, Nancy and Fred Hutchison quickly set to work putting down roots, raising their children and becoming active members of the Triangle community. Their thoughtful gifts have supported the Rex Cancer Center Angel Fund and the Mammography Assistance Fund for women in need.

Chris Young, Triangle Area Executive, Area Vice President

First Citizens Bank Community Partner

For more than a quarter century, First Citizens Bank has supported health and healing throughout this region through our partnership with Rex Healthcare Foundation. In the community and for its customers, First Citizens understands money isn’t everything. It’s what you do with your money.

Rorik Koster Grateful Patient

Moved by the excellent care he was shown following his surgery, Rorik Koster made his first gift to Rex in honor of three exceptional caregivers: Sarah Hyde, R.N., Heather Johnson, R.N., and Jenny Van Houten, R.N.

Grab My Wheel Philanthropic organization

Founded in Cary, N.C. by cyclists Ron Hamner and David Goodall, Grab My Wheel supports people with cancer and the institutions dedicated to finding the cure. They’re making sure that in the fight with cancer, no one rides alone. Their annual le Tour de Femme has provided $162,000 to the Rex Angel Fund.

Al Terlaje, PT, MPT, COMT, CSCS Rex Co-worker and Rex Society Member

As a physical therapist, Al Terlaje expects his patients to give 110 percent when they see him for treatment. He also believes, through his gifts to the Rex Rehabilitation Fund, he can go above and beyond with the care he provides.

Rex Hospitalists Rex Society Members

For nearly a decade, Edward Hu and Quynh Nguyen have furnished caring unrestricted support so that their help can go where the need is greatest. With front row seats, they have the enviable joy of seeing their gifts make a difference in patients’ lives every day.

Rex Pediatrics of Cary and Holly Springs Rex Society Member A donor every year since 2006, Dr. Flaherty’s generosity supports the tiniest Rex patients of all. His gifts to the Special Care Nursery and the Women and Children’s Fund make sure the newest and most vulnerable among us are aided by the latest advances in technology and care.

J. Taylor McMillan, 1938 – 2012 Rex Legacy Circle

Together, Taylor McMillan, Rex Cancer Center, and his doctor, Kenneth Zeitler, worked to beat the disease that tried, but for the most part failed, to slow McMillan down. The Cumberland County native and Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill wasn’t the type to give in. His career in state government symbolized his love of his native state. Through his legacy gift to Rex, he made sure his habit of thoughtful philanthropy would extend beyond his lifetime.

FOUNDATION LEADERSHIP COUNCIL 2012-2013 Richard L. Daugherty, Chair Mauren G. Alexander Louis C. Arp, III Mary Susan Fulghum, M.D. Richard S. Myers, M.D. Robert S. Thomas Florence B. Winston Sherry C. Worth G. Smedes York

Chad Lefteris and Memory Mitchell at An Evening of Appreciation for Rex Society and Rex Legacy Circle


July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013 Rex Society recognizes donors contributing $1,000 or more in annual support of Rex Healthcare Foundation. Bolded names denote a Rex Co-worker. Ms. Wanda Adams Mr. Sean Agard Mrs. Thomas W.H. Alexander Mr. Dewey E. Alley Dr. and Mrs. John G. Alley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Anderson, Jr. Anonymous Donors Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Arp III Ms. Teresa C. Artis Association of Community Cancer Centers Ms. Teresa Bain Dr. Katherine E. Barrett and Mr. Thomas Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Rich Beale Bell Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. John D. Benson

Mrs. Debbie Betts Bev’s Fine Art Mr. David Blanchard Dr. and Mrs. R. Jeffrey Board Mr. R.J. Bornhofen Dr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Bortoff Mr. and Mrs. Lee Buckner Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Burriss Dr. Linda H. Butler and Mr. Scott Butler Mr. and Mrs. S. Patrick Byler Mrs. O. Jayne Byrd Mr. Weldon Byrd Camp-Younts Foundation Drs. Helen and Woodward Cannon Cape Fear Center for Digestive Diseases, P.A. Drs. Jean and Michael Carter Dr. and Mrs. Steven R. Carter Dr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Carter Chaucer Charitable Foundation Mr. Charles Cheek Dr. John B. Chiavetta and Ms. Rebekah Sparrow Chiavetta Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Chiulli City of Oaks Marathon, LLC Mrs. Bertram Coffer Yvette R. Cook MD Dr. Kenton R. Cook Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Courie Dr. Jeffrey M. Crane Dr. Julie A. Czech Mrs. Amy R. Daniels Dr. and Mrs. Leroy S. Darkes Dick and Marlene Daugherty Davidson and Jones Construction Company, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Davis Mr. Marlon Davis Dr. W. Kent Davis Mr. and Mrs. Fred N. Day IV Dr. and Mrs. Gintaras E. Degesys Dr. and Mrs. Steven H. Dennis Dr. and Mrs. Donald G. Detweiler Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Dimmig Mr. Jason Dubray Duke Energy Dr. William M. Dunlap and Ms. Shawnee Sundquist Dr. Laurie Dunn and Mr. Crawford Crenshaw III Dr. and Mrs. David B. Eddleman Dr. and Mrs. W.L. Wells Edmundson Dr. and Mrs. Randy C. Efird Eisai USA Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Elson Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Esposito, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Falsone Ms. Tracy Farmer Dr. and Mrs. Kirk B. Faust Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Feld

Fight For 1in9, Inc. Finish Strong LLC Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Flaherty Dr. Jonathan Flescher and Dr. Susan Eder Ms. Kathleen A. Flynn Ms. Meryl Freeman Ms. Terri Freidhoff Drs. Mary Susan and James Fulghum Mr. Chuck Fuller Mr. Robert Ganus Grab My Wheel Ms. Christine D. Graves Ms. Michelle Gray Dr. and Mrs. Christian N. Gring Dr. and Mrs. Gary A. Haakenson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hackett Mr. and Mrs. William Hamlin Dr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Harper Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Hauser Dr. Hilary N. Hawkins and Mr. Erick Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Steven Heidecker Dr. and Mrs. Vincent L. Hoellerich Mr. Michael Hoke Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Hollingshead Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hollingsworth Ms. Leslie Hopkins Dr. Edward P. Hu and Dr. Quynh Nguyen Lane and Craig Huggins Family Charitable Foundation Mr. Robert Hull Fred and Nancy Hutchison Fund of Triangle Community Foundation Dr. Mark W. Jalkut and Dr. Eloise Watson Mr. and Mrs. Rickie Jeffries Mr. and Mrs. A. Dale Jenkins Jersey Mike’s of Cary Ms. Darleen M. Johns and Mr. Larry Mackell Mr. and Mrs. Marvin C. Johns, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alan Jurkowski Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Kadis Mr. and Mrs. Dovinder S. Koura Dr. and Mrs. Keith P. Kittelberger Dr. Mark H. Knelson Dr. Kenneth R. Kohagen Mr. Corey S. Kozar Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kozlowski Mr. and Mrs. James M. Kuszaj Dr. William A. Kwan, Jr. Ms. Susan Labarbera Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lacin Dr. William A. Lambeth Dr. and Mrs. Lance E. Landvater Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Lashley Dr. and Mrs. William D. Lee Mr. Chad Lefteris

Dr. Bruce Usher, Jr., Chip Anderson, Judy Anderson, and Laura Usher at An Evening of Appreciation for Rex Society and Rex Legacy Circle Ms. Jessica Lewis Ms. Rhonda Lowe and Mr. Dennis Francis Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Maddox Ms. Elaine Marshall Ms. Diana Massa Dr. and Mrs. Satish Mathan Mr. and Mrs. James H. Maynard Ms. Susan McColl Dr. and Mrs. Damian F. McHugh Ms. Margot McNally Mr. Howard Medlin III Ms. Pam Michael Ms. Antoinette Miller Ms. Claudine M. Miller Ms. Mary J. Mitchell Dr. Thomas J. Monaco, Jr. Dr. Susan G. Moore and Mr. Zack Moore Mrs. Erin K. Moran-Gunter Mr. and Mrs. William Muck Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Myers Dr. and Mrs. Keith V. Nance National Hockey League Foundation Ms. Constance B. Nehls Juliette F. Newcomb Lead Annuity Trust Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Nicholson Mr. and Mrs. C. Howard Nye Mr. and Mrs. Russ O’Dell Drs. Carol and Robert Ornitz Dr. Preeti H. Parekh Mr. and Mrs. Gary Park Mrs. Melissa S. Parker Drs. Alden M. and Stephen F. Parsons Dr. and Mrs. George W. Paschal III Drs. Sonia and Mohit Pasi Dr. and Mrs. Rig S. Patel Ms. Geraldine Peddy Ms. Deanna Y. Perry Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Peters, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Kirk Peterson Dr. and Mrs. Robert Peyton Mr. and Mrs. William F. Pittman Mr. Robert Platt, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Gregory Poole, Jr.

Mrs. Jeanne Poole Mr. and Mrs. Charles Powell Miss Donna Price Ms. Mary Jane Pugh Ms. Kathleen Quattrocchi Dr. Brian S. Quigley and Dr. Leslie P. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. W. Trent Ragland, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Neil A. Ramquist Ms. Arlene L. Redgate Mr. and Mrs. William J. Reese III Ms. Nancy Reifsteck Revlon, Inc. Rex Healthcare Guild Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Ricker Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Riddick Mrs. Isabel Riego Ms. L. Jason Riley Mr. and Mrs. Larry Robbins Ms. Jennifer Robinson Ms. Elizabeth Rochin Mr. Byron Rose Dr. Sarah D. Ryan Drs. Jignasa and Ravish Sachar Ms. Yvonne Schaberg Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schiller Dr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Schwarz Dr. Ronald P. Schwarz and Dr. Mina Levin Mr. and Mrs. William Sherman Ms. Barbara L. Sibley Mr. and Mrs. Larry Simpson Skanska USA Building, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. David A. Smith Dr. S. Wayne Smith Dr. Vincent C. Smith and Dr. Carrie A. Dow-Smith Drs. Laurie and John Sorge Mr. and Mrs. Rick Spong Mr. and Mrs. Billy T. Stanton Dr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Stirman Mr. and Mrs. Lee Stokes Scott and Janet Striegel Mr. and Mrs. David W. Strong Susan G. Komen North Carolina Triangle to the Coast Dr. Julie K. Taber and Mr. Rhett Taber Mr. James M. Tanner Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Tempke, Jr. Mr. Al Terlaje The Hamlin Companies Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Thomas Dr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Usher, Jr. Ms. Cynthia S. Vincent Dr. Keith E. Volmar W. Trent Ragland, Jr. Foundation Dr. Melanie P. Walker and Mr. Franklin Walker Ms. Cynthia J. Wall Dr. Jerry L. Watson and Ms. Anne Siegel Dr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Weber

Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Wehbie Dr. and Mrs. Seth M. Weinreb Mr. and Mrs. Ed White William C. Ethridge Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Williams Carol and Ed Willingham Mr. John R. Wilson Mr. Robert Winchester Mr. and Mrs. Charles Winston Dr. and Mrs. Justin J. Wu Mr. and Mrs. G. Smedes York Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zaytoun Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Zehnder Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Zeitler Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Zellinger

REX LEGACY CIRCLE Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Anderson* Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Anderson, Jr. Anonymous Members Mr. Charles Beaird* Mr. Danny W. Bridgers Cou and Kay Browne* Camp-Younts Foundation Dr. Jean Carter Ms. Rosa Lee A . Cozart* Dr. Jeffrey M. Crane Dick and Marlene Daugherty Mrs. Alice F. Eure* Ms. Pauline H. Goodwin* Mr. Eugene Griffin Hines* Dr. Vincent L. Hoellerich Mary Kate Keith Mr. Edgar R. Lorenz* Mr. John Taylor McMillan* Mr. and Mrs. George A. Moore, Jr.* Mr. Philip T. O’Hara* Ms. Teresa K. Patterson* Mr. W. Trent Ragland, Jr. Mr. Guy W. Richards* Mr. William H. Stephens* Ms. Phyllis S. Wall* Dr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Weber Dr. Annie Louise Wilkerson* Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zaytoun Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Zeitler

Mrs. Bernadette Allington Mrs. Jean N. Anderson Mr. Michael Anglin Anonymous Donors Ms. Diane Asbelle Ms. Rose Auman Mrs. Amy Austell Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Avery Mrs. Lena Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Jim Baldwin Mrs. Kathleen Barker Ms. Rosemary T. Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bartholomew, Jr. Mrs. Jennifer K. Beazley Mr. and Mrs. Jim Beck Mr. Paul Berens Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Blanton Mr. Tate M. Bombard Mr. Justin Bonar Ms. Linda Botzum Mr. and Mrs. Keith Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Brantley Ms. Mayre Brouse Mr. Duncan G. Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. David Bullamore Mr. William Bunting Mr. Peter Burke Mrs. Sherrie Byrd Ms. Gloria Caldwell Mr. Frank M. Carpenter Ms. Angela Carroll Ms. Ellen Carroll Ms. Dawn Carter Ms. Vickie S. Casey Mr. Mario Castiglia Mr. Jim Catlin Mrs. Cynthia Chambers Mr. Kudakwashe Chanakira Rutendo Chanakira Mr. James Chavis Ms. Luisa Chenault Ms. Teresa Cole Ms. Shelley L. Conner Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Corbett Ms. Deedy Cousins Ms. Christy Cox

* indicates deceased


July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013 Our appreciation goes to the following donors making charitable donations between $250 and $999 in which no goods or services were received. Bolded names denote a Rex Co-worker. Mr. Jeffrey Agricola Air Control Mrs. Deborah Akins Mrs. Judith D. Allen

Honored to be recognized among the Great 100 Nurses of North Carolina: Jacqueline Murphy & Helene Zehnder

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Crampton Dr. Amanda R. Crow and Mr. Daniel Crow Mr. Robert Crump Mr. Benjamin Crusenberry Mr. and Mrs. Scott Daugherty Mrs. Kathleen Davey Mr. Gary Davis Ms. Elaine Deverger Ms. Josephine Divine Ms. Francesca Donlan Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Drye Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Duncan Dr. and Mrs. Bulent Ender Dr. and Mrs. Paul E. Enochs Mrs. Kerry Erdesky Mr. Nunzio Esposto Mr. Frank D. Evaldi and Ms. Karen Schlett Ms. Delise Falls Mr. Michael Fender Mr. Steve Finch Ms. Rachel Foster Ms. Lois Fowler Ms. Laurie Freitag Mr. and Mrs. Lars Fryland Ms. Danielle Fuller Mrs. Arisa Fulmer Mrs. Dana Garcia Dr. and Mrs. John A. Garside Mr. and Mrs. Carson Gilbert Ms. Lynette Gold Mr. Marty Gooch Ms. Bertha Green Mrs. Jane R. Green Mr. James L. Hall Ms. Brenda Hardin Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Hardy III Ms. Kathryn M. Hartnett Mr. Thomas Hasley Mrs. Myra Hawkins Mrs. Kerry Grace Heckle Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Hepburn Mrs. Pamela J. Hochmuth Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Anthony E. Honeycutt Ms. Jennifer L. Hulford Dr. and Mrs. Kerry E. Hunt Ms. Aimee Huynh-Khuu Ms. Nancy Jenkins Ms. Danielle Johnson Ms. Janet Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Johnson Ms. Patricia M. Johnston Ms. Cynthia L. Jones Reverend and Mrs. Logan Jones Ms. Sandy Jones Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Jones Mrs. Dunnell Kenney Mr. and Mrs. James F. King III Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kline Mr. Donald R. Kloe Mr. Rorik Koster Mr. Michael J. Toth and Ms. Corinne M. Krupp Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kuzkin

“I look at Rex as not treating the cancer, but treating the patient.” Chuck Holly Mr. Jeffrey S. Legay Mrs. Lori Levy Mr. and Mrs. David Liberatore Mrs. F. Eugene Lilley Ms. Mary Loose Mr. Brian Lowery Ms. Deidre F. Lozares Ms. Debra Ludas Mr. and Mrs. Sean Lumley Ms. Mary Ann Lux Lytal & Reiter Mr. and Mrs. Chris Madsen Mr. Chris Main Mrs. Sara Martin Mr. and Mrs. Roland Massey Mr. Benjamin Mathew Ms. Maressa Mathura Mr. and Mrs. Jacob A. Matthews Ms. Judith Maynard Mr. James McGrody Ms. Rhonda McGuire Mr. John McKinney Mrs. Tiffany McKiver MedAssets, Inc. Dr. Kenneth J. Michau II Ms. Colleen Miller Mrs. Jaime Miller Ms. Rebecca Miller Ms. Sabine Milord Mr. and Mrs. James W. Mink Dr. Ruth Mokeba-Ekangaki and Mr. Abie Ekangaki Mrs. Melinda S. Moody Dr. and Mrs. George Moore, Jr. Ms. Eileen Moriarty Ms. Barbara Morton Mrs. Jane Murphy Ms. DeLina Murray-Bridgers Mrs. Betty S. Mustafa Mr. and Mrs. Robert Newcomb Mr. and Mrs. Mark Newman Dr. Peter C. Ng and Kyong Shin Lee Mrs. Dena Nobles

Mrs. Angela Odham Dr. Oludamilola A. Olajide and Mr. Kehinde Olajide Mrs. Ethel Olorvida Mrs. Shirley Olsen Mr. and Mrs. Joe Palumbo Mr. Jason Papagan Ms. Ruby Parker Ms. Jennifer Paschall Dr. and Mrs. Deepak Pasi Ms. Estela Pestano Ms. Sonya Phillips Mr. Gregory Pittman Ms. Kelli Poe-Jones Mr. and Mrs. Mac Poston Ms. Diane Powers Ms. Joeatta Price* Dr. and Mrs. William I. Procter Mr. and Mrs. Orage Quarles III Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Radding Raleigh Emergency Medicine Associates, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. David A. Rendleman Ms. Chloe Reynolds Ms. Laura K. Reynolds Ms. Glynda Rich Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Roberts Dr. and Mrs. William L. Roper Dr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Rose Dr. Craig N. Rosebrock Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Royster III Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sandridge Mr. Tom Schnittker Dr. and Mrs. Lindsey S. Sharp Drs. Kathy and Tom Shea Mr. Ray Shedlick Mr. and Mrs. Karash Skaggs Mrs. Matilda Smith Ms. Michelle Smith Ms. Henryka Stasiak Ms. Donna Stearne Mrs. Lydia Stepnoski Mr. Robert Stewart Mrs. Charlotte A. Straney Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Strickland Ms. Lynn Styslinger Ms. Jocelyn Teasley Dr. and Mrs. Paul Thananopavarn Dr. Laura O. Thomas and Dr. John Middleton Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson Mrs. Rebecca Thornton Mrs. Marilee Tilley Ms. Norma Tollman Mr. and Mrs. Phil Tracy Tri-Arc Food Systems Ms. Monica Vater Mr. and Mrs. Mark Vaughan Ms. Wanda Vaziri Mr. John Wallace Ms. Dearia Watson-Harris Ms. Sandra Waugaman Mr. Kenneth Weeks Mr. Anthony B. T. Werner

Ms. Sharon Wertz Mr. and Mrs. Tim Winstead Mrs. Chris Young Ms. Marni Zimmerman Mr. Robert L. Zucker


July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013 Each year the Rex Healthcare Foundation receives many gifts in honor of special occasions and extraordinary individuals. These gifts directly support patient care - from purchasing the latest in medical treatment and technologies to continuing education for caregivers. Among those honored were many physicians and Rex co-workers whose outstanding patient care and commitment to excellence is unmatched. John Adams Mr. and Mrs. G. Mark Twisdale Erin Adcock Mr. Gregory Pittman Mr. Irving K. Pittman Air Conditioning Equipment Sales The Hamlin Companies American Asset The Hamlin Companies Sabrina Anderson Mr. Gary L. Anderson Linda Aneretsky Ms. Alice H. Cason Karen Augustin Jacinta Augustin Balfour Beatty The Hamlin Companies Barnhill Contractors The Hamlin Companies

It takes many dedicated volunteers to make the Rex Open a success.

Lula Bass Ms. Jocelyn Teasley

Centurion Construction The Hamlin Companies

BD Technologies The Hamlin Companies

Albert Chasson Dr. and Mrs. John D. Benson

Jean Beaman Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Dillon, Jr.

Mike Childers Anonymous Donors

Brittany Bell Moye Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Moye III

Choate Construction The Hamlin Companies

Best Distributing Company The Hamlin Companies

Amy Ciamillo Mrs. Donna Hartlaub

Jeremiah Boles Ms. DeLina Murray-Bridgers

Clancy & Theys Construction The Hamlin Companies

Firespray International The Hamlin Companies

Winnie Bolton Ms. Cathy Long

Climate Conditioning The Hamlin Companies

Fluor Enterprises, Inc. The Hamlin Companies

Bonitz Contracting The Hamlin Companies

Commercial Air Management The Hamlin Companies

Carol Bradshaw Mrs. Ann Bumgardner

Jeffrey Crane Mr. and Mrs. James W. Mink

Kim Fowler Bell Family Foundation Ms. Carol Rascoe

Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC The Hamlin Companies

Susan Craver Ms. Alice H. Cason

The Bratton Family Mr. and Mrs. Roland Massey

Camille Crawford St. Matthew AME Church Women Empowered Do Pray Together

Jacqui Briggs Anonymous Donors

Cree, Inc. The Hamlin Companies

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Lumley Rex Healthcare Guild Mr. and Mrs. Melvin A. Scott, Jr. Charles F. Eisenbeis Ms. Lori Stephenson Faulkner/Haynes & Associates The Hamlin Companies Christy Fenstermacher Ms. Leann Ishak Pete Finkelstein Ms. Sandra Thomas-Gordon

Tammy Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cartisser Clara Gay Ms. Alice H. Cason Stacey Gilbert Association of Community Cancer Centers

Last year Rex co-workers donated almost $300,000 to support excellence at Rex.

HVAC Products The Hamlin Companies Sara Hyde Mr. Rorik Koster J D Beam, Inc. The Hamlin Companies J M Thompson Company The Hamlin Companies

GlaxoSmithKline The Hamlin Companies

JD Adams Company The Hamlin Companies

Jeff Gross MedAssets, Inc.

Julie Czech Mr. Samuel D. Brandt, Jr.

JJP The Hamlin Companies

H & H Associates The Hamlin Companies

D. W. Ward The Hamlin Companies

Heather Johnson Mr. Rorik Koster

Mary E. Hall Mr. James L. Hall

KBR Building Group The Hamlin Companies

Christopher Burroughs Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Dillon, Jr.

Marlene and Richard Daugherty Mrs. Dolores A. Lindfors

Kim King Ms. Emily Sourisak

Jayne Byrd Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kuzkin

David Peele & Associates Inc. The Hamlin Companies

Erick Hawkins Dr. William M. Dunlap and Ms. Shawnee Sundquist

C&S Properties The Hamlin Companies

Kathryn DePlatchett Anonymous Donor

C. T. Wilson The Hamlin Companies

Philip DiGiacomo III Ms. Jennifer E. Scott

Phyllis Caldwell Mrs. Mary Bridges

Kay Drogos Rex Healthcare HIM

Callis Construction The Hamlin Companies

Duke Facilities Mgmt. The Hamlin Companies

Capital Associates The Hamlin Companies

Laurie Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lane

Holden & Associates The Hamlin Companies

Chad Lefteris Mrs. Thomas W.H. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. J. Steven Phifer Raleigh Emergency Medicine Associates, Inc.

Carlisle Syntec Systems The Hamlin Companies

Jenna Dysart Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Creech

Cherie Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Dillon, Jr.

Michael Lynch Rex Healthcare HIM

Alice H. Cason Ms. Susan Craver

Nancy Earley Mrs. Amy R. Daniels

HVAC Associates The Hamlin Companies

Keelee J. MacPhee Ms. Lori Stephenson

Mayre Brouse Bell Family Foundation Bullard Furniture The Hamlin Companies Stephen Burriss Raleigh Emergency Medicine Associates, Inc.

Nicole Creech Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Creech

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Henderson Ms. Cathy Long Highwoods Properties The Hamlin Companies Karla Hill Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Dillon, Jr. Hobbs & Associates The Hamlin Companies Hoffman & Hoffman The Hamlin Companies

Robin F. Koeleveld Mr. and Mrs. Russ O’Dell L.R. Gorrell Company The Hamlin Companies Andrew George Lane Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lane Lascala Associates, LLC The Hamlin Companies

Marilyn Madrin Ms. Alice H. Cason

Mutual Distributing Co. The Hamlin Companies

Sandra Rearden Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Dillon, Jr.

Joann Small

Mainsource Management The Hamlin Companies

NB Handy The Hamlin Companies

Emily Sourisak Dr. and Mrs. Newton Griffin

Savannah Matthews Dr. and Mrs. R. M. Herring, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Tart Lee Mr. and Mrs. Jacob A. Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Nelson P. Powell Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Roger N. Williamson

NC Advocates for Justice The Hamlin Companies

Rex Healthcare Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Dillon, Jr. The Hamlin Companies

Kelly O. McRae Mr. David McRae Metropolitan Equipment Group The Hamlin Companies Mikels & Jones The Hamlin Companies Kathryn Dukes Miller Ms. Fran Absher Ms. Jennifer Bell Ms. Tennille Boyer Ms. Adriane Brower Mrs. Sherri L. Brown Mrs. Stephanie Jordan Ms. Michelle Mueller Ms. Danielle Pardo Ms. Holly Perrow Ms. Kimberly Anne Talley Mrs. Elizabeth Windsor Mixon Construction Co. The Hamlin Companies Meena Mohan Ms. Barbara Cowperthwaite

Charles Nicholson Mrs. Kathy Stokes Oludamilola Olajide Mr. Gregory Pittman Ms. Laura Woodard Ellen Opoku-Yeboah Dr. and Mrs. Burton E. Anderson Keri Parker Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Dillon, Jr. Stephen F. Parsons Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lane Mr. and Mrs. Barry Patterson Ms. Cathy Long

Bernadette Spong Raleigh Emergency Medicine Associates, Inc.

Rex Healthcare 4-East Mr. and Mrs. Van W. Cuthrell

Stan Weaver Company The Hamlin Companies

Rex Healthcare 4-West: Polly, Bill, Jamie Mr. and Mrs. Mark V. Schaffer

Mary Stewart Anonymous Donor

Rex Healthcare 5-East Mr. and Mrs. John Gallagher Ms. Elizabeth D. Saylor Rex Healthcare 5-East Nurses and Aides Mrs. Jo Pagel Rex Healthcare 6-East Mr. and Mrs. Charles Young Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Zeitler

Irving and Diana Pittman Mr. Gregory Pittman Ms. Laura Woodard

Rex Healthcare 7-East Family of Martha Sykes Mr. and Mrs. William T. Sheppard III

Mary Lou Powell Raleigh Emergency Medicine Associates, Inc.

Rex Healthcare CCU Mr. and Mrs. G. Mark Twisdale

Maja-Lisa Pressley Mr. and Mrs. G. Mark Twisdale

Spectrum Properties The Hamlin Companies

Rex Healthcare 3-West Mr. Raymond K. Jeffries Mr. and Mrs. James M. Kuszaj

Fidelina Penaloza Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hackett Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Dillon, Jr.

Power Secure The Hamlin Companies

Spec Con The Hamlin Companies

Rex Healthcare 3-East Ms. Toya L. Evans

Rex Healthcare Emergency Department Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Fuller Mr. and Mrs. Lance Howden Ms. Jennifer E. Scott

Achieving Magnet status places Rex in an elite group of the top 6% of nurses in the nation.

Tamra Ristimaki Bell Family Foundation Rivercrest Realty Associates The Hamlin Companies Rodgers Builders The Hamlin Companies Sandy Rogers Bell Family Foundation Romeo Guest Associates The Hamlin Companies

David Strong Mr. and Mrs. W. Trent Ragland, Jr. Raleigh Emergency Medicine Associates, Inc. Mr. Joe Vincoli Kay Swann Ms. DeLina Murray-Bridgers Julie Taber Mrs. Kathy Stokes Anthony J. Tackman Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lane Joanna Teske Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Southall Sophia Therit Friends of Blair Therit

Jocelyn Price Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Fuller

Rex Healthcare ICU Department Mr. and Mrs. Lance Howden Mr. and Mrs. William T. Sheppard III Mr. and Mrs. Charles Young

Prime Building Company The Hamlin Companies

Rex Healthcare PACU-East Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Barnett

Saieed Construction The Hamlin Companies

Pylon Commercial Properties The Hamlin Companies

Rex Healthcare PACU-West Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Barnett

Sample Properties The Hamlin Companies

Christie Morgan Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Zeitler

Rex Healthcare PPC RN Ms. Cynthia J. Wall

Lisa Schiller Mr. and Mrs. Jim Beck

Elaine Moriarty Mrs. Jo Pagel

Rex Healthcare PPC Support Ms. Cynthia J. Wall

Lindsey Sharp Bell Family Foundation

Dawn Morrow Ms. DeLina Murray-Bridgers

Rex Healthcare SPRU PreOp Ms. Cynthia J. Wall

Shelco Inc. The Hamlin Companies

Brenda Mullins Ms. Alice H. Cason

Rex Healthcare Special Care Nursery Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lane

Sika Sarnafil The Hamlin Companies

Marlene Twiss Mr. and Mrs. John Gallagher

Barbara Murphy Ms. Vickie Sorrell

Rex Healthcare Staff of Room 6090 Mr. and Mrs. Lance Howden

Sigman Construction The Hamlin Companies

Bruce Usher Mrs. Kathy Stokes

Christy Rhodes Dr. JoEllen C. Speca and Mr. Lukas Jantac

Dedriah Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hackett

Jenny Van Houten Mr. Rorik Koster

Riley Lewis The Hamlin Companies

Skanksa USA The Hamlin Companies

Vanguard Properties The Hamlin Companies

Monteith Construction Corp. The Hamlin Companies Lois Moragne St. Matthew AME Church Women Empowered Do Pray Together Erin Moran-Gunter Rex Healthcare HIM

Helene Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Mark V. Schaffer Susan Murray Ms. Alice H. Cason

Rex Cancer Survivors Day allows patients the opportunity to reconnect with their caregivers

Serena Rowe Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Dillon, Jr.

Nancy Thompson Anonymous Donors Tom Barrow Company The Hamlin Companies Stephen J. Tremont and Staff Ms. Sandra L. Folmsbee Tri Properties The Hamlin Companies Turner Construction The Hamlin Companies T. W. Smith Company The Hamlin Companies

Bradley K. Vaughn Mr. Ted Demetralis Brandy Verton Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Dillon, Jr. Eloise Watson Mr. and Mrs. Russ O’Dell Wake Stone Corporation Officers Mr. and Mrs. Roland Massey


July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013 Every gift to Rex Healthcare has a lasting and personal effect on countless people in our community. Tribute gifts are especially meaningful and we appreciate the many heartfelt gifts received in memory of those held dear.

Ward-Boland Associates The Hamlin Companies

Doris Adams Ms. Frances L. Hare

Weaver Cooke Construction The Hamlin Companies

J. Samuel Adcock, Jr. Dr. Michael Holesh Mrs. Deborah E. Larue Ms. Diane Perez Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rose SAS Institute, Inc. Mr. James W. Waller

Melissa West Ms. Judy Stephenson West Pharmaceutical The Hamlin Companies Kaitlyn Whitlock Mrs. Helen W. Bunton William Realty The Hamlin Companies Samantha Williams Rex Healthcare HIM Nancy Winne Ms. DeLina Murray-Bridgers Flo Winston Bell Family Foundation Lenora Woods St. Matthew AME Church Women Empowered Do Pray Together Mr. and Mrs. Chris Woody Ms. Cathy Long Sherry Worth Bell Family Foundation Jill Wright Bell Family Foundation Chanthep Yang Dr. and Mrs. Newton Griffin Charles Young Mr. and Mrs. Charles Young Joseph Zaytoun Mr. and Mrs. T. Ashford Devane III Thelma Zaytoun Mr. Stephen K. Zaytoun Ken Zeitler Ms. Risa Botvinick Mrs. Martha L. Bouknight Ms. Mary Jane Pugh Mr. and Mrs. Stuart E. Take Zimmerman, Inc. The Hamlin Companies

Janet Pridgen Austin Mr. and Mrs. David N. Detweiler Dr. and Mrs. Donald G. Detweiler Ms. Jan Fry Mr. and Mrs. Steve Murphy Raleigh Radiology Dr. and Mrs. Neil A. Ramquist Rex Healthcare Guild Ms. Patty S. Seitter Dr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Stocks

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Rex Hospital is the only Wake County hospital that ranked above the national average for heart attack patient survival rates, according to Hospital Compare.

Richard Lauffer Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Brantley

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2013 REX HOSPITAL OPEN – CORPORATE CHALLENGE SPONSORS Alfred Williams & Company All American Relocation, Inc. Allied World Assurance Company Alphanumeric Systems, Inc. American Anesthesiology Amerisource Bergen

Raleigh native and winner of the 2013 Rex Hospital Open: Chesson Hadley

Andy Burnette Anheuser Busch Audi Raleigh Bailey’s Fine Jewelry Baker Roofing Company BBH Design Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC Blue Ridge Realty Brady Services Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC Brown Brothers C.H. Robinson Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc. Capitol Financial Solutions Capstone Bank CAPTRUST Financial Advisors Carolina Back Institute Carolina Hurricanes Carolina Vending Cerner Corporation Clear Channel Media + Entertainment Coca Cola Bottling Company Code Electric COECO Office Systems Cranfill, Sumner & Hartzog Curtis Media Group Custom Craft Painting & Wallcovering, Inc. DPR Construction Duke Realty Eaton Electrical, Inc. Enterprise Rent A Car Fairway Outdoor Advertising Fight For 1in9, Inc. Fire and Life Safety America First Citizens Bank First Tennessee Bank Floorscape NC, Inc. Fox 50 TV WRAZ Golden Corral Corporation Golfsmith Greenview Partners Gregory Poole Equipment Company Harris Teeter

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Steel Fab, Inc. SunTrust Bank Teague Campbell Dennis & Gorham, LLP The Angus Barn Time Warner Cable Transamerica Retirement Solutions Triangle Orthopaedic Associates Tri-Arc Food Systems UNC Health Care and UNC Hospitals WCMC FM 99.9 THE FAN Wells Fargo Bank WHR Design Windstream Hosted Solutions WLFL / CW22 WNCN WRAL-FM Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton York Properties Young Moore and Henderson, PA Zurich North America

Frances Bobbie and Courtney Bell and husband Charlie Bell at the 2012 Rex Gala: Wild about Rex.

2012 REX GALA CORPORATE SPONSORS Alphanumeric Systems, Inc. Ambius American Anesthesiology of North Carolina AON Hewitt Ascendient Healthcare Advisors, Inc. BBH Design, PA Courtney Bell and Frances Bobbie BJAC, PA Brasfield & Gorrie Brier Creek Medical Pavilion Carolina Hurricanes Cary Neurology and Sleep Disorders, Inc. Clarity Imaging Technologies, Inc. Coastal Federal Credit Union Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Daugherty/ Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Myers

Digestive Healthcare, PA Duke Energy First Citizens Bank The Freelon Group Group 3 Communications Healthcare Trust of America Highwoods Properties, Inc. HOK Architects Honeywell, Inc. Ricky and Denise Jeffries Darleen M. Johns and Larry Mackell Jones Lang LaSalle Joseph C. Woodard Company K & L Gates Kimley-Horn and Associates Lend Lease Construction, Inc. Ms. Diana Massa Medical Mutual Insurance Co. Medical Plaza at Rex Mims Distributing Company MSA North State Bank Orthopaedic Specialists of North Carolina, PA PMIS, Inc PNC Bank PSAV Raleigh Emergency Medicine Associates, Inc. Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic, PA Raleigh Radiology The Raleigh Wine Shop Rex Cardiothoracic Surgical Specialists Rex Healthcare Guild Rex Heart & Vascular Specialists Rex Pathology Associates, P.A. Rex Surgical Specialists Rex Vascular Surgical Specialists RGG Architects & AME Consulting Engineers RMF Engineering, Inc. Robins & Morton Dr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Rose Brian D. Smith and Amy Flanary-Smith Solara Surgical Partners Mr. and Mrs. David Strong Surgical Alternatives Carolinas, Inc. Surgical Center of the Carolinas, LLC Ms. Cady Thomas Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, PA UNC Health Care and UNC Hospitals Wake Endoscopy Center, LLC Wake Heart & Vascular Associates Wells Fargo WHR Design

Gifts to Rex Healthcare are made through the Rex Healthcare Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3). The Rex Healthcare Foundation can be reached at (919) 784-4424 or

Non-Profit Org. US Postage


Raleigh, NC 27607 Permit No. 1234

Imagine the enormous difference even your smallest gifts make.

You covered the daily bus ticket so a patient could get daily treatments to heal his foot wounds, saving him from amputation. Transportation so patients could get to and from the Rex Senior Center and Rex Wound Healing Centers

actual size! The simplest items can seem a tall order if you’re living in poverty. For our heart patients, you sent home everything they needed to help them get back to normal: a blood pressure cuff, pill box, hearthealthy cookbook and more.

To a chemotherapy patient, anti-nausea medicine is crucial. Your gifts to the Angel Fund gave her the prescriptions, transportation, and financial support she needed so much.

Heart failure care items a patient can take home

Assistance to cancer patients to relieve hardship so they can focus on getting better

From innovative incubators to the smallest cozy caps that help premature babies grow, your ongoing support of this specialized nursery ensures that each year, 450 of our tiniest patients receive gentle, nurturing care in a warm and welcoming environment. Hats hand knitted with love by our priceless volunteers

Rex Healthcare Foundation Gratitude Report 2012-2013  

Annual report for the Rex Healthcare Foundation

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