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Awards Brochure Recognising and rewarding excellence in teaching at Salford.

Christina Kennedy Vice President Arts & Social Sciences

Tom Doyle Vice President, Science & Technology Sophie Atkinson Vice President Health & Social Care Caroline Dangerfield President

Introduction from your Sabbatical Officers The Students’ Union Teaching Awards recognise and celebrate excellence in teaching, supervision and support at Salford. All nominations for the awards have come from students at the University. At the start of this academic year, the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and National Union of Students (NUS) launched a joint project focusing on ‘student-led teaching awards’. Students’ Unions across the UK were encouraged to launch awards programmes which were based purely on student opinion and feedback. Here at Salford, we thought this was a fantastic idea! Students often provide positive, highly complimentary feedback to us about their lecturers and supervisors, and as a Students’ Union we can help them tell others about their good experiences. At a difficult time for our institution, it is important to remember the gratitude and appreciation that students feel for their staff and we congratulate all staff members who have been nominated.

Alongside the staff awards, students provided nominations for their student reps, students who volunteer their time to represent the views of their fellow classmates to the University. At the awards ceremony, we will also be presenting reps who have achieved Level 3 in the Rep Academy with their certificates. The Rep Academy is a programme of additional skills and development training sessions and events to assist reps in carrying out their duties. These student reps are the backbone of our Students’ Union, and we thank them for their hard work and commitment. We have been delighted by the level of support and interest in the Teaching Awards from both students and staff at the University, and express our special thanks to Vice Chancellor Professor Martin Hall and Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Huw Morris for their assistance with this important project. A big well done again to all staff and reps who were nominated and shortlisted and many congratulations to our winners.

University of Salford Students’ Union Sabbatical Officer Team

Best Teacher In the category of Best Teacher, we were looking for lecturers who delivered on a range of criteria, from innovative teaching practices to high quality feedback. We received some superb examples of great teaching from students. Listed below are the Salford staff our judging panel felt shone out from the rest.

Zuby Ahmed School of Media, Music and Performance

Liz Lawson School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Work

“I can truly say that this person is the greatest teaching personality that I have had the privilege to study under.”

Lectures are interactive and students are encouraged to express their opinions and debate, ensuring that they are always fully engaged and motivated to think for themselves.

Zubair inspires and motivates his students, going that extra mile to ensure that they have the best chance of success. He has a ‘true passion for the subjects he teaches’ and ensures that students benefit from his comprehensive and up to the minute industry knowledge.

A high standard of feedback is provided which is regular, detailed and guides students forward. His strong rapport with students means they consistently challenge themselves to meet his expectations.

“…no amount of writing would allow us to inform you of what a true inspiration she is.”

encourage independent thinking among her students.

The judging panel were looking for high standards of teaching which engage students and this is an area where Liz Lawson clearly excels. While conveying the significance of her subject matter, her fun and interactive teaching style makes anatomy and physiology more accessible. Liz’s lectures stimulate and

“…he has been the most inspiring teacher I have ever had the pleasure to learn from.”

Charles Mitchell School of Media, Music and Performance

Charles’ lectures are ‘legendary’. He brings music history to life, with humour, enthusiasm and extensive knowledge, making the subject ‘exciting and memorable’ for his students. Rather than play recordings of music, Charles performs each piece live to the

Liz is approachable and friendly with a great sense of humour and someone students know they can turn to for support outside of lectures. Students describe her as ‘kind, caring, considerable and empathetic’.

class, engaging and inspiring those he teaches. His presentation style enables students to relate to composers and better understand the contributions they have made. Students praise the support Charles provides them with: comprehensive notes are available so they can read up on the topics covered and to aid learning, he signposts radio and TV shows and concerts featuring composers that are being studied.

“Expresses genuine enthusiasm for his lectures with a high standard of teaching which makes lectures exciting and engaging for students.”

Graham McDonald School of Computing, Science and Engineering

A passion for his subject and excellent teaching skills see Graham McDonald nominated as Best Teacher by his students. He encourages independent thinking, making them think through problems rather than just supplying

“…she is fair and very challenging, she inspires me and has high aspirations for us.”

Tina Patel School of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences

Students praise the efforts Tina makes to ensure her students have the best experience not only at every lecture, but throughout their University life. She cares about students, their understanding of Criminology and their progression at Salford. Tina manages a student mentoring scheme, which helps new students to settle in.

“I can honestly say that Kathy has had a huge positive influence on my experience at Salford University.”

Kathy Spencer Salford Business School

Kathy’s students value the high standard of teaching she provides, encouraging regular participation to ensure that students are actively engaged in her lectures. Students find Kathy ‘extremely approachable’, she makes a concerted

“Paul is an extremely dedicated lecturer who delivers engaging, interactive sessions which encourage student involvement and prove to be incredibly effective learning opportunities.” Paul Tracey School of the Built Environment

Paul has received many nominations from students in praise of his dedication, innovation and the very high standards he brings to his teaching role. His engaging and interactive sessions

answers. Graham brings what can be dry topics to life with real life examples so students can relate these to the world outside the classroom. Both assessed and non-assessed work receives prompt feedback which is of a high quality and personalised for the student. He also plays an active role in the Physics Society, helping students to meet others who study the same subject.

Tina discusses her subject matter in detail, providing numerous contemporary examples to illustrate points. She is ‘very passionate about the subjects she teaches’ and challenges her students to achieve. Feedback on assessments is ‘very detailed, constructive, comprehensible, and encouraging’. Tina always identifies areas for development, ensuring that all students know how to progress.

effort to ensure a regular flow of communication, providing prompt, helpful responses when contacted. In fact one student comments: ‘I’ve never known Kathy not to reply to an email within a few hours.’ Kathy values student feedback on all aspects of the course she teaches and ensures that this is acted on. As a consequence students have seen positive changes implemented in everything from room sizes to exams.

encourage student participation and consistently prove effective learning opportunities. Discussion is welcomed and students are spoken to and involved. Paul has created innovative memory triggers for difficult to remember cases and produced short films and other media to further enhance the learning experience. He shows a genuine interest in getting to know each and every one of his students and building strong relationships throughout their time at University.

Best Personal Tutor An excellent personal tutor provides consistent high quality and personalised support to their students on a range of issues. The nominations we received for this category show that Salford has many impressive tutors and that students are highly appreciative of their efforts. Our judging panel felt that those below were among the best. “Andy Bowden is one personal tutor in a million.”

Andy Bowden School of the Built Environment

Andy Bowden is an outstanding personal tutor who excels in the support he provides to his students, whether their issues are academic or personal. The students who have nominated him give life changing examples of this support, which have had a huge impact on their University experience. Andy’s help as a tutor is something students say they will never forget.

“Ian Jones has supported, encouraged and directed me. He has been a source of unending information and guidance to me and I have very much to thank him for.” Ian Jones School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Work

Ian met a number of the criteria that the judging panel were looking for when it came to best tutor. He builds strong relationships with his students, maintaining regular contact through face to face meetings and other means.

“Having Sarah in my final year was a real honour and by the end of it I left Salford with a mentor not just an excellent teacher.”

Sarah Jones School of Media, Music and Performance

Sarah Jones consistently goes above and beyond expectations, to ensure her students have the support they need to maximise their potential at University and beyond. She takes a personalised approach,

Andy pays close attention, listens patiently, and is always prepared to do all he can to ensure that students get the help and support they need to progress at University.

His support has made a huge difference to students’ lives and the judging panel were particularly impressed with the impact he had on a student who had previously come close to leaving their course. As a consequence of the information and guidance Ian provided, they were able to complete their course and have since found work in their chosen field. This success is described as being a ‘direct result of Ian’s unwavering faith in me.’

providing help with the areas that really matter to the individual student. This has involved everything from undertaking additional classes to cover specific areas of interest to practicing interview techniques. Sarah builds confidence in her students and helps them identify and focus on what they want to achieve. One former student credits her new job at a TV channel to Sarah’s ‘outstanding knowledge, attitude and nature’.

“Without Joan’s help and support along the way I wouldn’t be in my second year. I couldn’t ask for a better personal tutor.”

Joan Livesley School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Work

The support Joan has provided her students with has seen at least one remain on the course who otherwise would have left. She builds a strong rapport, getting to know her students and providing the guidance they need on both academic and non academic issues.

“...his door is always open to students and he provides brilliant advice, be that course related or not.”

Tim Marangon Salford Law School

Students feel that their success is important to Tim and that he always makes time for them. He prioritises face to face meetings as they allow for greater interaction and students have benefited from the quality advice and support he provides. Tim is approachable and ‘always knows the right thing to say!’

“Pam is a fantastic personal tutor providing amazing pastoral support for her students.”

Pam Sherlock School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Work

The panel were impressed to hear of the personalised support Pam provides her students with, which encourages them to ‘’push ourselves to achieve our goals and try new challenges’’.

Joan is approachable and makes herself accessible to her students, she is ‘always at the end of the phone when you need her.’ Her positive attitude inspires those around her and ‘rubs off on her students.’

As well as helping students to make sense of feedback, he assists in identifying areas where they should take action. One student comments that the positive impact of this support is ‘evident in my results.’ His students’ progression matters and Tim takes care to highlight events, services and other opportunities that may clarify career choices and offer opportunities.

Pam is committed to ensuring students meet their goals and keeps them focussed on upcoming targets and requirements. She helps with what can be onerous paperwork involved in nursing training. Pam is approachable and provides solutions to problems. Her students describe her as ’outstanding’.

Students feel genuinely supported and involved in the educational process.

‘’Neil is very supportive of all students in his personal tutor groups. He is easily accessible, knowledgeable and supportive in issues of academic and nonacademic nature.’’ With regular group meetings organised and a door open for queries, Neil has built ‘very good working relationships’ School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Work with his students who know they can

Neil Withnell

This has included those experiencing life changing events, which she handles thoughtfully, calmly and compassionately.

approach him with a broad range of issues related to life at Salford. He motivates students to take advantage of the opportunities that University brings their way such as international placements and voluntary work. Neil is supportive of the student rep system and encourages students to take on the student rep role to develop their skills and ensure their classmates have a say in their course.

Best Supervisor Undertaking a postgraduate qualification can be a daunting prospect and this is where a great supervisor can make all the difference. Our nominations showed a number of supervisors are setting the bar very high at Salford. Listed below are the staff members who particularly impressed the judges.

Dilanthi Amaratunga School of the Built Environment

Nick Hardiker School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Work

Maria Kutar Salford Business School

“Professor Dilanthi gives her research students a great deal of freedom in their research journeys facilitating them to understand their own strengths and interests in research but always ensures they are on the right track.”

As well as providing academic support to her students, Dilanthi is described as an encouraging force, helping students to improve their research skills and offering opportunities for effective networking. Nominations also comment on Dilanthi’s ability to offer pastoral support when needed, recognising that academic and personal issues are often intertwined. It is this combination of academic, personal development and pastoral support that has given Dilanthi her place on this shortlist.

“Nick is always available and spends time thinking about the problems I am encountering, encouraging me to come up with my own solutions. I am becoming a better analyst and researcher through this process.”

Supervision of part-time students is particularly challenging and a student nominating Nick Hardiker wanted to express their gratitude for his support in juggling the commitments of full time employment and doctoral study. Nick is described as a supervisor who challenges his students and provides encouragement for independent thinking, while also offering constructive guidance within a supportive structure.

“She has consistently pointed me in the right direction, is always accessible as a supervisor and provides excellent feedback on my work and my progress through the PhD.”

analytical skills, and assisting them in refining research skills are hugely valuable parts of the student-supervisor relationship, and Maria is described as excelling in these areas. In addition, one nomination spoke of the help received when obstacles and problems resulted in a dip of enthusiasm and confidence. Maria provided the necessary encouragement and support to ensure the student continued their studies and overcame the issue at hand.

Things do not always go to plan when undertaking PhD study, and a particularly personal nomination for Maria Kutar attracted the panel’s attention. Helping students develop

Ben Light School of Media, Music and Performance

“From day one I have always felt that Professor Ben Light has a fantastic, dedicated and extremely inspirational approach to supervision. Such an approach provides a key motivating force for PhD completion.” Nominations for Ben Light were extremely complimentary, and commented on a range of the criteria for this award. Described as ‘inspiring’, ‘encouraging’ and ‘supportive’,

“My supervisors have helped me relieve the pressure, overcome a lot of difficulties and continuously encouraged me to achieve the main goal.”

The panel were impressed by the nomination for Saihong Li-Rasmussen as a co-supervisor for a PhD student. The nomination demonstrates that a consistent team approach to supervision is greatly appreciated by students, and Dr Li-Rasmussen is described as contributing greatly to the work of students through constructive suggestions and guidance.

“Professor Ormerod has touched my life in many ways since I started my PhD. An avid academic and researcher he has been the sole inspiration towards my PhD research.”

of academic support, he is seen as enthusiastic, dedicated and inspiring, and a number of nominations commented on his innovative and patient teaching styles.

Saihong Li-Rasmussen School of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences

Marcus Ormerod School of the Built Environment

Marcus Ormerod received a number of nominations from PhD students wishing to express their appreciation for his help and support. In terms

“Dr Wu’s enthusiasm and knowledge have driven me forward with my studies. His critical analysis and feedback about my reports are both thoughtful and useful which really impresses me.” Song Wu School of the Built Environment

Ben clearly takes a passionate and personal approach to his supervision which is appreciated by his students. Accessibility is one aspect of the student-supervisor relationship that the judging panel was particularly interested in, and Ben was described as taking extra initiative in this regard. Even when away from the University, students reported receiving advice via email and skype, and commented on the ease with which they could approach their supervisor. This personal touch contributes to an enjoyable relationship between student and supervisor.

The panel were impressed by the nominations for Song Wu, particularly how well he is described as meeting

Students feel that Marcus helps them believe in themselves, he builds their self-confidence, a hugely important aspect of the supervisor role.

the criteria for this award. As well as providing academic support and guidance, students commented on his help with other skills development, particularly those linked to future career prospects. His knowledge of industry, and ability to assist in networking and research skill development are particularly welcomed. Dr Wu’s personal approach has clearly won him the appreciation of his students.

Best Student Rep Student Representatives play a vital role in evaluating the student experience, and ensuring that student views and opinions are listened to and acted on. The nominations received in this category demonstrate the fantastic work reps are undertaking, and the appreciation of their fellow students.

Natalie Dodman Postgraduate, Molecular Parasitology and Vector Biology, School of Environment and Life Sciences

“Not only has Natalie gone above and beyond her duty, she has made every complaint and comment a personal matter and seen it through to conclusion in a professional and efficient manner.” Natalie is a brand new student rep this year, which makes her nomination all the more

“Laura takes all our thoughts into account and takes the required steps to get answers for us.”

Laura Hill Second year Music, School of Media, Music and Performance

Justine Littleboy Mental Health Nursing, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work

Laura is a new student rep, and is spoken of highly by her fellow students and the Students’ Union Sabbatical team. Laura has attended every additional training session offered by the Students’ Union this year and judging from

“Justine is an excellent student rep, she listens to what students have to say and if you have a problem within the university she will endeavour to help you with it and approach the correct department.” Justine is another returning rep who has held the role since her first year of University. Student

impressive. Natalie’s course mates commented that they had experienced unusually complicated circumstances this term, but that Natalie’s commitment to resolving issues and feeding back to the group gave them an active collective voice. Natalie has attended every additional training session offered this year, knowledge she is clearly putting to good use.

her nominations, has been putting her skills and knowledge into practice! An approachable and friendly rep, Laura has shown herself to be committed and passionate in assisting others to gain the most of their student experience.

nominations for Justine focused on her professionalism and efficiency in assisting her fellow students, including during vacation and placement times. Justine has been an active rep, widening her knowledge of sector-wide issues by attending a regional nursing rep event organised by the National Union of Students in 2010.

Robert Midgley Third year Journalism and Broadcasting, School of Media, Music and Performance

Tasila Mwale First year Biomedical Science, School of Environment and Life Sciences

“Rob has been brilliant in helping the entire JAB third years with a multitude of issues this year. He has kept us informed of all student staff meetings and has always been on hand should we wish to speak about anything.”

Robert is a new rep in the school, and is spoken of warmly by the students nominating in this category. His course mates comment that he has helped with a multitude of issues this year and has sought feedback in preparation for staff student committee meetings, and ensured progress is communicated back.

“Tasila always makes sure she knows what is going on, and is always available for a chat.”

and activities. As well as excellent communication skills, Tasila has also lobbied for changes at her staff student committee meetings, and has achieved Level 3 in the Rep Academy. We are delighted to see Tasila shortlisted for this award.

Tasila has proved a truly sociable and approachable rep, something which her course mates value. Making efforts to gather feedback, Tasila made her phone number available to all students at the start of term, and has arranged meetings for the group and encouraged social events

“Overall we have a had a wonderful university experience thanks to Elaine’s help and support.”

Elaine Norton Third year Diagnostic Radiography, School of Health Sciences

Elaine has been a student rep for her entire time at University. An enthusiastic rep with a strong sense of empathy for her fellow students, we were not surprised to find Elaine nominated in this category. Nominations for Elaine

“Amanda has used great skill to not just put across her own view but to both gather and use the opinions of others throughout the year.”

Amanda Wyatt Third year Property Management and Investment, School of the Built Environment

Students on Amanda’s programme believe that their results have been improved this year through her actions and efforts to address issues. Amanda took concerns raised by students to relevant staff and with help from the Students’

focused on both her ability to assist others in specific situations, as well as her regular communication on ongoing concerns, and feedback on programme and school level meetings. In addition to University meetings, Elaine has shown an ongoing commitment to Students’ Union training, attending extra sessions and submitting reports regularly.

Union, ensured that changes were made and immediate benefits felt by students. This proactive approach demonstrates Amanda’s commitment to her representative role.

The Rep Academy This year saw the introduction of an extended training and development programme for student reps called The Rep Academy. The students listed below have all achieved Level Three, which is the highest level within the Academy. These reps have attended training sessions, workshops with external speakers, submitted detailed reports and assisted in raising the profile of Student Representation. Congratulations to our student reps! Muhammad Ahmad

Tham Ha

Tasila Mwale

Mohamed Al Daqs

Malik Hakeem

Efosa Ogbeni

Mohammed Ali

Paul Hambling

Thomas O’Hara

Zain Al-Majdalani

Daniel Hey

Ibukunoluwa Oluwasakin

Annie Anderson

Laura Hill

Olanrewaju Osajare

Jonathan Bedard

Rebecca Hughes

Zakiyya Patel

Carla-Louise Berzolla

Stephen Hughes

Daniel Pechev

Levi Best

Jawwad Ibrahim

Daniel Platt

Hamza Bin Jehangir

Marcin Kalisiewicz

Elisaveta Prodromova

Stephanie Bird

Leah Knightley

Andrew Reid

Thomas Bland

Dimitri Kourtoulos

Anna Robinson

Hope Brownhill

Jekaterina Kuzmina

Laura-Marie Saul

Gundega Busenberga

Jordan Lambert

Rebecca Scannali

Helen Carter

Craig Lewis

Andrei-Cristian Simion

Georgina Cartledge-Worsley

Jeanne-D’Arc Loua

Chaudhry Tahir

Sian Cooper

Victor Maluki

Laurence Taylor

Denitsa Damyanova

Alice McCarthy

Liz Tinsley

Katie Davidson

Asaduzzaman Md

Alexandra Traista

Sonia Ekuase

Prince Mhlanga

Christopher Williams

George Eze

Sameerah Mitha

Christy Wilmot

Benjamin Fisher

Christina Murphy

Tracy Graham

Tendai Muzarurwi

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Teaching Awards  

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