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Salford Edition: Monday 12th March 2012


Students' Union Elections:


You can find out all about the candidates who are standing for election by turning to pages 15, 16, 17 and 18. Are graduate media jobs a myth? Robert Midgley investigates on page 29 Martin Lindley reviews SBTRKT at the Ritz on page 4 You can view the pick of jobs and volunteering opportunities in our Employability section on page 31 Jodie Pritchard

Salford students are being urged to vote in the University of Salford Students’ Union elections, which are now open. The elections will decide the students who will lead the Students’ Union in the 2012/13 academic year – the year that tuition fees are set to increase to an average of £8,500 per year. Alongside the elections, two referenda are being held – one to decide whether or not the Union should adopt a drinking policy, and one to decide whether or not the University should make a provision for extra social and study space. The roles that are being decided in the election include the 2012/13 Sabbatical Officer team, who will work full-time, representing students at a University level, leading dedicated Union campaigns, and steering the organisation forward. Student Trustees will sit on Trustee Board meetings, representing students by contributing to the decisions made at a senior Union level. The Student Council will meet twice a semester to scrutinise the work and policy of

the Sabbatical Officers. Following a successful first year, Student Council members will next year focus on setting up scrutiny committees in addition to their council meetings. This year a staggering 47 candidates are standing for election – a remarkable response to the Union’s call for students to stand. The elected students will face new challenges this year, as the University continues to embark upon a radical transformation programme, within the context of a dramatically changing higher education landscape. With fees increasing to £8,500 in September, pressure is mounting on the University to deliver a service to students worthy of that price tag. Current President of the Students’ Union, Caroline Dangerfield, said: “Fees are going up this year and higher education continues to be attacked on all sides by the Coalition Government. “The elected students are really going to have to rise to this challenge. “It’s never been more important for Salford students to vote and make sure that the right students are elected.” This year the student elections are being held in collaboration with the University

o f Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. In addition to sharing this year’s elections logo and branding, the amount of votes cast by each institution will be visible online, introducing a friendly local rivalry to the elections. “I really want Salford to win,” said Caroline. “This is our opportunity to show Manchester what we’re made of.” Voting is now open! It’s quick and simple, and you can do it on Blackboard at To make an informed choice on who to vote for, turn to pages 15, 16, 17 and 18. To decide who’s the best candidate for your personal beliefs, you can use Votematch, a quick and simple personality test. To use Votematch or to find out anything else

about the elections, visit Things I didn’t know before this issue You can find out all about the candidates who are standing for election by turning to pages 15, 16, 17 and 18. Are graduate media jobs a myth? Robert Midgley investigates on page 29 Martin Lindley reviews SBTRKT at the Ritz on page 4 The Sabbatical candidates will be taking part in candidates debates on Monday and Tuesday – find out more information at


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Come Clean on Additional Course Costs Cassandra Ward News Editor This week, NUS have announced a national ‘week of action’, demanding that government ‘comes clean’ on student funding. As well as a national lobby of parliament for national funding issues which is taking place in April, your Students’ Union is using this opportunity to ask the University to ‘come clean on additional course costs.’ In addition to tuition fees, there are a host of other costs associated with programmes and modules throughout the University. The Union is delighted that in response to

campaigning as part of the Salford Bill of Student Rights this year, the University is now advertising all additional costs on its 'course finder' for prospective students. This is fantastic and means that these costs are now 'additional' rather than 'hidden'. BUT... there are still costs that we believe are unfair. If trips, materials, facility charges, CRB checks etc are integral to the programme of study, we believe they should be included in the tuition fee. To help raise awareness of these additional costs, your Union is asking students to complete a quick online receipt, stating how much they have had to pay in addition to tuition fees. I

will also be out and about this week asking students about their experiences, and hoping to collect enough evidence to persuade the University to start covering these extra costs. The online form can be found on

the Students’ Union website at If you have any questions or would like to know more about the campaign feel free to email me at

Islamic Society hold guest speaker event Laura Johnson Editor

On Friday 2 March the Salford University Islamic Society welcomed Hamza Tzortzis to the Lady Hale building on the Peel Park Campus. The event, which was part of a programme of events organised by the Islamic Society for Discover Islam Week 2012, intended to deal with the misconceptions surrounding Islam in Western society. “Islam is not a religion,” said Tzortzis in the opening lines. “It’s a comprehensive way of life – a world view.” Tzortzis sought to prove that Islam dealt with modern problems by addressing the often controversial issues of Islam and Shariah law, women and economics. Through his discussion of Shariah law, Tzortzis claimed that “excessive individu-

alism” had “destroyed our Britain”. He believes that liberal societies have a focus on an “avid materialism” and denounced the kind of “what’s in it for me” egotism which he believes led to such incidents as the riots in August 2011. “This idea of the “self” is divorced from social attachments,” he argued. “[Individualism] doesn’t create a social understanding and it’s not cohesive.” Moving on to discuss women, Tzortzis argued that the idea that women are oppressed within Islam is a misconception. In Islam, he argued, men and women are equal with regards to “spirituality and intellectuality”. However, he denounced the “false prison of equality” which led to women judging men as their yardstick rather than God. “Equality does not mean sameness,” said Tzortzis. “Men and women are not the same, so they need to be treated differently.” Employing an argument that flies in the

face of many feminists who consider economic independence to be a basic women’s right, Tzortzis argued that while it is true that women only receive half an inheritance in Islam, that money is hers to spend or save; men are the ones who have to pay for their families and children. “Women don’t have to pay for their food, or clothes, or even their make-up”, he joked. “Women are protected.” Finally, Tzortzis discussed economics and Islam. According to him, wealth is evenly distributed in Islam. “Overpopulation is a fundamental lie,” he said, pointing to the dichotomy between obese people in America and starving people in developing countries as evidence for this. “Islam prohibits interest as it negates the distribution of wealth. “Liberal capitalism has caused more deaths by debt than a thousand 9/11s.” Fancy joining the Islamic Society? Visit or join their Facebook page.

Editor’s Note Laura Johnson Editor

Last week SalfordOnline reported that the University has taken the “lions share” of a million-pound agreement with Lloyds TSB to fund its Arts building project – only days after Salford Student Direct reported that the University had decided to axe at least 100 jobs in April as part of its transformation project. Clearly, the University continues to believe that shining buildings can compensate for its lack of staff, for its rock-bottom place in the league tables, and for its painfully high tuition fee rates (an average of £8500 per year starting in September). In other news, make sure you get voting in the student elections this week. We’re collaborating with Manchester Metropolitan and Manchester Universities, and the number of votes cast by each institution will be posted online. Even if the University of Salford get confused over where our campuses are located, it would be fantastic if we could beat the other universities and get more students voting at our Union. You can vote on BlackBoard. It’s never too late to start writing for Salford Student Direct – just email

Employability Laura Johnson Your Union Laura Johnson Sport Richard Tree

Analysis Callum Wright

Contact Do you have a news story? Email the News Editor@ c.ward4@edu.salf

Graduates increasingly taking low-skilled jobs, figures show Cassandra Ward News Editor After accruing thousands of pounds of debt and putting in three years of hard work to get your degree, it appears that rocketing numbers of graduates are taking up lower-skilled jobs than they were 10 years ago, new figures suggest. One in five graduates are still out of work and more than a third of recent graduates were in unskilled jobs at the end of 2011. Economic secretary, Chloe Smith contradicted the figures from Office for National Statistics, stating: “There are jobs out there. Take a very clear look at the opportunities available.” But the figures state that over 285,000 graduates over the last two years are still out of work and the National Union of Students say: “This makes grim reading for students and graduates who see their

opportunities limited”. The study also calculated the average wage of graduates at just over £15.18 an hour, easily overtaking the £9 an hour average for non-graduates. They also suggest that the bestpaid graduates are those with degrees in medicine and dentistry, earning an average of more than £21 an hour. The lowest-paid graduates are those with degrees in the arts and humanities, who earn on average around £12 an hour. Examples of jobs classed as low skilled by the ONS include postal workers, hotel porters, machine operators, retailers, and clerical and secretarial occupations. The silver lining if you’re looking for one is that the figures indicate that graduates are less likely to be unemployed than the rest of the available workforce. Universities and Science Minister David Willetts said: "A degree remains a good investment in the long term and is

one of the best pathways to a good job and a rewarding career. "Graduates, like everybody else, are facing tough times but the evidence shows they fare better than non-graduates and their prospects tend to pick up quicker during the recovery." Employment figures for 2011 state that employed graduates stood at 86% at the end of the year, compared with 72.3% for non-graduates. Carl Gilleard, chief executive of the Association of Graduate Recruiters recommended graduates to take up any opportunities of work experience as he believes this to be “invaluable”. “AGR members believe a degree remains a valuable and worthwhile investment, and this report demonstrates this. Graduates are more likely to be employed and have higher average earnings than nongraduates, with median hourly earnings for graduates 70 per cent more than non-graduates,” he added.

Salford Student edges closer to international ambassador prize Cassandra Ward News Editor This week sparks the start of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) and the final hurdle of the Smaller Earth’s ‘Your Big Year’ competition. Salford Student, Sarah Davies is standing in the final and said: “I am so proud to represent not only England and the UK, but I am also the only finalist from Europe. I am extremely grateful to those who have helped and supported me, especially the University of Salford. The final is full of amazing people and I feel privileged to be amongst them.” Your Big Year is an annual competition of which applicants take part in a variety of tasks to win the prize of an around-the-world, all expenses paid trip and become the World Ambassador for Smaller Earth. The GEC is the largest gathering of start-up champions from over 100 countries and they are hosting the final leg of the ‘Your Big Year’ competition, with the overall winner being announced at the end of the week. All of the finalists will have the opportunity at the GEC to meet influ-

ential entrepreneurs and successful business minds, such as Richard Branson and Martha Lane Fox, cofounder of the internet phenomenon The tasks in the competition have so far have included themes of global citizenship, entrepreneurship, human welfare and innovation. This week will spark the final stage of the competition and a new round of tasks, but so far the details have been kept top secret. Sarah said: “We’ve been asked to bring footwear suitable for running about in so I think that’s a clue. The prize will probably include building houses in developing countries and so I’m sure that some of the tasks will be to test how physically fit people are.” As the competition is being hosted in the UK this year, Sarah has been flown to London for the press launch. “They wanted the opportunity to photograph me getting off the plane. I didn’t have far to go and could probably have got the train, but as everyone was flying into Heathrow, they wanted me to as well. I think they felt sorry for me, particularly as next year’s competition final is in Rio!”

03 Salford Edition: Monday 12 March 2012

Antoine Virgaux

The French presidential election is entering its final stages: the first round of voting is on 22 April. Since Nicolas Sarkozy announced his candidature for a second term as the Head of State, the competition is fierce between the current President and the socialist candidate, François Hollande. The confrontation between the right wing coalition and the Socialist Party (PS) is not obvious, considering the remarks made several months ago concerning the economic crisis, immigration or education. It is useful to bear in mind that the French political landscape is naturally diverse and that it isn’t as clear-cut as its British counterpart. For this election, there is no clear candidate in support of the markets and banks, or of the Welfare State. For example, François Bayrou of the centrist Democratic Movement (MD) party suggests a series of austerity measures from his potential administration, his party’s first economic policy since 2007. He poses no threat to the main electoral candidates: in 2007, he managed a mere 18% in the first round and his manifesto was particularly conservative, one of reasons for Sarkozy’s victory. This time, he is credited with approximately 11% of the poll share, which can be explained in two ways.

France is well-known for its patriotic citizenship, and two of the minor Presidential candidates have attempted to reach out to the electorate by presenting themselves as authentic defenders of the French way of life

The first, that a balanced budgeting policy is now present in each of the most significant parties’ manifestos: Nicolas Sarkozy’s Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) party coalition forecasts a zero deficit by 2016, compared to François Hollande and the PS manifesto, which reaches the same target a year later. Another reason for the MD’s decline in popularity is the increase in patriotism and nationalism, which is seen as incompatible with centrist parties, and more in line with the far right National Front (FN) political agenda. France is well-known for its patriotic citizenship, and two of the minor Presidential candidates have attempted to reach out to the electorate by presenting themselves as authentic defenders of the French way of life. Moreover, nationalism is dominated by a strong extreme right, which would reject the euro (such as Nicolas Dupont-Aignan of ‘Arise the Republic’ (DLR) party) but with a strong anti-establishmentarian history: the renewed weight of Marine Le Pen (the daughter of the infamous Jean-Marie) isn’t only due to an increase in intolerance and the desire for more stringent antiimmigration policies, but also the illusion that the FN is offering clarity

How Callum Sees It Eurovision and the New ‘Me’ Callum Wright Analysis Editor Not really helping with the stereotype, I LOVE Eurovision. But I don’t love the show purely because I am a ‘gay man’: I certainly don’t intend to go dressed in a pink feather boa one year (unless of course it is in the colour palette of that season, I jest of course). Although my love of the festival of trashy European Popular Music doesn’t define me, it certainly plays a role in my life. Since I was as young as 13, I have wanted to compère the show (following a French lesson where we were asked to give the temperatures in various countries as if we were weathermen). It still remains a lifelong dream to one day repeat “La Norvège, dix points !”, and may have played a vital role in my decision to take French at university.

Imagine my horror, then, when news was released that the United Kingdom would be sending Engelbert Humperdinck as their form of representation to Baku in Azerbaijan this May. I sincerely do not want to live on this planet any longer. The UK has only won the ESC once since I have been born, and even then it was before I found my love for the competition. Since then we have submitted ballads, ‘jokes’, and rock anthems, all in an attempt to win it once more and host the contest within our country - something that would give me the chance to bring my dream to fruition. Nonsurprisingly, they’ve not worked, which in turn has led

conflict is more straightforward for the electorate as it offers a more direct comparison on a wider range of issues. On the other hand, such direct confrontation can also be negative; in the sense that such a classical head-to-head between socialists and right-wing politicians which are both present in government chambers and institutions can create an increased division in every day society. It can lead to voters refusing to play into the hands of the system, thereby choosing either one or the other, and creating what the National Front has penned the UMPS (a contraction of UMP and PS parties, the two parties of Sarkozy and Hollande respectively). This competition will come to a head on 22 April, according to France’s Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel (our equivalent being Ofcom, the broadcasting regulator): all confirmed candidates (as of 16th March) will get the equal airtime on television and radio. What can we expect from this autonomous stance? François Bayrou could reach new voters through better explanation of his manifesto and a more focussed attack on his main opponent; Marine Le Pen would also be able to regain her party’s dynamism, and Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Left Party (PG)) would also be able to ensure his steady rise in popularity. It is key that the minor parties get such airtime, as was demonstrated by the British Liberal Democrats in the 2010 general election.


The Battle for the French Presidency

within its manifesto; whereas other candidates appear to have revisited the usual over-used proposals of the far right, such as leaving the EU. Nicolas Sarkozy is trying to win round the right-wing voters whose parties fell out of the contest in the first round: however, the continuing strength of Marine Le Pen may prove invaluable by carrying her party through the second - and crucial part of the election. François Hollande is doing the same on the left: the Socialist Party is not an immediate replacement for the far left and communists, but it’s a sure bet that a coalition is on the way if the electorate continue along this voting pattern. Finally, when both Sarkozy and Hollande declared their candidacy, some minor candidates retreated, such as Jean-Pierre Chevènement (Citizen and Republican Mouvement (MRC) party), Frédéric Nihous (Hunting, Fishing, Nature, Tradition (CPNT) party), and Hervé Morin (New Centre (NC) party). This suggests that the new candidates are intimidated by the classical Right/Left confrontation of the major French political parties involved in the Presidential campaign. This clash of the political titans has several advantages: firstly, it allows a wider range of topics to be discussed during their campaigns, compared with those niche parties like the Greens. Whether it be culture, education, health or employment; nearly every subject is a matter of competition between the two giants. Secondly, the Hollande/Sarkozy

NOW BOOKING FOR SEPTEMBER! to many claiming the bias of the other European nations (notably, those of the Eastern variety) meaning we should pull out. Codswallop! It’s just that we’re not performing nor appealing to the other nations – our music is too Americanised for these newly anticommunist, free nations. In this regards, perhaps we’re right in sending Humperdinck – a time warp to appeal the newly developing nations who want to be a part of Europe, and glad we should be that they do! Nevertheless, I don’t foresee us winning this year, and at the same time I don’t foresee my dream coming true (unless France win instead whilst I am abroad for the year). This leads me onto my next point, as I will be set to leave the country at the end of this academic year as part of my degree, we are now looking for a replacement for myself as Comment and Analysis Editor for Salford Student Direct. Please direct all interest in the position to myself at

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ALSO AVAILABLE NOW: 2 Bed Apartment - £69.23 PER WEEK PER PERSON 2 Bed House - £71.54 PER WEEK PER PERSON


Email: Email:

Waterside Student Village, 12 Gemini Road, Salford, M6 6HB




STBTRKT The Ritz – 23 February

Martin Lindley

My friend’s arm reaches around me as she spills a little of her beer, which is frothing from the just-opened can. We’re on the bus, headed into Manchester and this moment of hedonism begins the night proper. We are preparing to see SBTRKT, the London based ‘anonymous’ DJ Aaron Jerome whose music has jumped into the mainstream and landed perfectly. This jump means an increased demand for tickets: as a result the event has been ousted from the local, often referred to as intimate, Islington mill and moved to ‘The Ritz’. Though much larger, the name is certainly a misnomer. You’re inside The Ritz, through the entrance, in a spacious dancehall. There’s a stage at the front, a bar on the right. The room has a hollowed out feel to it, as if the contents had been scraped out with

a knife some years before. It’s your choice to watch the gig from here, or from an inside balcony area which encompasses the dancehall. You head to the balcony. Accessed from back in the entrance, climbing some stairs and through a landing you spot the carpet of the balcony. Looking like it’s survived for the past eighty years it reminds you of a B&B you went to, on a family trip to Blackpool, when you were young. Realising you’ve made the wrong decision, you decide to return to the dance floor. People are steadily filling up the empty space and, though the room is not well lit, you can still make out the odd pretty face. Before the performance beings a blackout curtain drops, and then hangs over the front the stage. A section of the curtain is transparent and cut to into a shape which reads ‘SBTRKT’ with the backlighting from the stage shining through. There’s just enough time for us to buy drinks before the curtain drops proper: revealing masked duo Jerome and Sampha. The crowd heaves and the set begins with Heatwave. Sampha is described as Jerome’s frequent collaborator for the live act: Jerome is on electronic drum kit , DJ decks and sampling. Sampha is on keyboard, singing and triggering vocal loops. It’s an interesting take on how to transfer predominately electronic music from the

Local Talent Issy Allison

Ren Harvieu

computer to something more applicable to a live audience. To borrow a term from Viktor Shklovsky, DJ/producers often struggle to ‘defamiliarize’ the live sound from the bedroom sound; to remove the impression that they are simply pressing PLAY. Four Tet is the biggest victim of this problem; SBTRKT surpass it. With the songs translated into dance floor terms the rest of the evening was in the hands of the crowd; time to fulfil that part of the bargain and dance. And we did a good job… Pleased with everything so far I was disappointed that the gig ended, rather predictably, on Wildfire. It comes down to personal

taste and subjectivity. I’m personally tempted to remove a point from the night because at one point a doorman wouldn’t let me go outside for a cigarette, for no good reason, but that might not be fair. Besides, later I’d go to an after party where I would meet a girl, but that’s another story. Outside I overheard summaries of the night which fluctuated from ‘shit’ to ‘AMAZING’ or ‘would’ve been better at Islington mill’. I’m not convinced it would have been better at the mill, though I’m usually a sucker for smaller gigs, STBTRKT seems to be destined for this larger mass, providing a different kind of circus: a distraction where I’m pleased to have been.


Young Adult Sally Leibovici

Link Confused about how the Union works, or want to know about any of the services the Union offers? Go to

Young Adult is a recently released movie about a dysfunctional middle-aged writer. It was written by the same writer who gave us Juno, and with Juno in mind, you would have expected this release to be along the same lines - but hell no. It is possibly one of the most depressing movies I have recently seen. Charlize Theron plays a ghost writer of some "young adult" book series and she is going through one of the most messed up crises I have ever witnessed on screen. She gets it in her mind that she should return to her hometown of Mercury, Minnesota, where she will try and rekindle a romance with her former highschool beau Buddy (Patrick Wilson), who has just become a daddy. Sick and twisted right? Well everybody seems to be telling Mavis (Charlize Theron) that it is anyway. But the nostalgic promqueen seems to have no respect for anyone or anything except for the elixir in bottles. The ending is a bit too abrupt and when a story carries this much baggage I don't think the generic hour and a half really cut it. The inner decay of this woman is so vast that you sometimes don't even feel sorry for her. She's a 37 year old woman with teenage drama in her mind. The way she sees the world is so out of tune with

Grazia ‘a voice to die for’ The Observer ‘she reveals her remarkable voice, a tender and muscular organ that evokes some of the great divas of bygone years’ At just 21 years old, Ren Harvieu has the most beautiful and angelic voice to come out of Salford. She is truly blessed with a stunning voice and such remarkable talent that is guaranteed to lead her to great success in 2012. Her vocals are sultry, swing inspired and eerie. Listening to her cover of ‘cryin’ by Roy Orbison, I feel numb and it takes me a few minutes to remember where I am once it is over. Her vocals are tender, and effortless. Her latest single released last month ‘trough the night’ reveals her swing inspiration and soul, which makes her truly refreshing for a young girl breaking into the music industry in this century. Her voice takes you into another atmosphere; she is truly one to watch this coming year. Flying out to the U.S Ren was offered a fantastic invitation to record a song with rapper NAS who on hearing her music instantly fell in love with her voice. She was booked for Glastonbury and had many fantastic opportunities under her belt, when an extremely unfortunate incident occurred that led to Ren breaking two of her vertebrae, and losing the feeling in her legs.

reason one would think her whole starting premise was a scene out of Hannah Montana or Clueless ( and even that is not as phantasmagoric as Mavis' perception). In a constant drunken stupor Mavis goes around Hicksville like she owns the place, and what's worse some people even seem to think it, fuelling her on. It is sad, but I really think this movie painted the picture so vividly and is an insight into the real inner workings of some people out there. The complete melt-down scene makes you cringe. You don't know if you're feeling sorry for Mavis or if

you hate her. I personally just wanted to crawl into the screen, grab her by the shoulders and knock some sense into her. Some comments around this movie were made in regards to her character. A lot of girls said they understood what she was going through...I'd like to b**ch slap all of them. What? Really...who can be that screwed up and go about like there's nothing wrong with it in the slightest? If anyone reading this article will eventually see the movie, and if you by any chance empathize with Mavis...I beg of you, bring thee to an

insane asylum and stay there. All in all I liked this movie. Charlize Theron really did a great job in creating one of the most pathetic characters in a long time. I can't say I enjoyed it, because you'd have to be taking Xanax to understand it all, but the movie was good. The ending was a bit too unreal for me, but as a whole the movie was alright. I would never go see it again, but as a one off it would work if one night your loved one happens to be the bottle of Smirnoff and your comfort food is Vicodin.

Thankfully Ren is on the mend and I know we will be hearing so much more of her in the upcoming months. In my opinion she is the voice of 2012 and any of you with decent music taste will most definitely agree. To be perfectly honest, since The Smiths, I did not realise talent like this, would ever come out of Salford again. But Ren has proved me wrong. Very wrong.

15 Salford Edition: Monday 12 March 2012



Muftau Akintoye I’m a 3rd year civil & architectural engineering undergraduate. I’m running in this year’s elections with the hopes of becoming a part of the student council and making a difference within our SU. I always try to assert confidence in all endeavours and I intend to continue this way so that you can be assured that I will aptly and passionately demonstrate your views. I aim to push efforts towards the renovation of accommodation sites, question the effectiveness of our opinions when it comes to improving our courses and challenge the Sabbs to stay true to their promises!

Amy Fairclough

Elliot Johnson

Hi! I’m Amy and I’m running for Student Council. I’ve decided to stand because I want to play a part in help changing student’s lives whilst at Salford. As a first year I have experienced many problems, which I believe could be easily solved if someone just spoke up. So, instead of sitting back and waiting for something to happen, I decided to take charge and stand. I’ll be out and about on campus and in the bar, so if you’ve got any questions just ask! Alternatively, follow me on twitter where I’ll be posting updates (@ARFairclough).

I’m running for student councilor in the Elections. I’m a very keen and energetic 2nd year student studying Environmental Health. I’m a kind, considerate and enthusiastic individual who would be committed to providing fresh and innovative ideas to help advance the Union. With a wealth of ideas and experience I believe I am the right person for the job. I propose to campaign for equality between campuses/clubs and societies, a quicker and more modern I.T. system, a more reliable and effective timetabling method, but above all else, represent EACH and EVERY student, as without YOU there would be no University.

Tracy Lara Graham Almantas Kireilis

Muhammad Ali Aslam John Hart

Holly Brunt

Hello I'm John Hart, I'm re-running for Student Council and am asking for your help to help me represent you. I'm 26 and am in my second year studying Social Work. I lived in Castle Irwell last year and therefore understand the problems that students have with accommodation and I also realise that our complaints are often being ignored. I want to change this and make sure we are recognised as paying customers. I care equally for the academic side of University life and understand certain concerns students have regarding quality of feedback and response times.

Ross Malloy

Liam McLoughlin

Cameron Craigie Hello, I’m Cameron- Current Chair of Salford University Cricket Club and a Second year student studying Property Management & Investment, I wish to stand for student council as I believe it’s a great way to help improve the student experience here. So If elected I will: • Seek to involve student activities groups and societies more in the decision process • Hold a Q&A meeting with students, sabbatical officers and council every other month to help students raise concerns better • Encourage greater communication between both students and lecturers All this and more can be achieved by voting Cameron Craigie

Sonia Ekuase Hi! I’m Sonia a first year Nursing student and I want to represent YOU on the Student Council! As well as being an active student representative I have been exposed to the wide range of issues and concerns facing students on a daily basis, but most importantly it has made me fully aware of the necessary measures needed to ensure your time at university is the best it can possibly be. It is through your voice and your ideas that change can be brought about and I will ensure that I provide a platform to enable this. Not only do

Laura Hill

Rebecca Morgan Megan Hughes My name is Megan Hughes and the reasons I want to stand for council are because I believe I can get my views across to the people that matter and I will try my best to enforce any views that students want to express to the Union’s president or sabbatical officers. I never give up on something I believe in and fight for what I believe is right. I’m guaranteed to put in the effort needed to ensure all of the universities students just like myself, have the opportunity to make the most out of their university life.

My name is Rebecca Morgan, and I’m in my second year of a Human Biology & Infectious Diseases degree here at Salford. I’ve been an active member of the Boat Club as a coxswain, and I’m on the committee as Social Secretary which means I’m pretty good at getting myself heard! I think I could make a real difference as a student councillor to the students here, and I really want to push for a better IT system, greater availability of spaces for students to use and make sure that everyone gets a three week turn around on feedback.

Rohan Nair Ahsan Jawaad

For more info visit:

The Mancunion

Student Council


Salford Candidates : Voting is on Student Portal




17 Salford Edition: Monday 12th March 2012


Vote #1 Sucheta Marne for VP Hello my dear Salford students. I am Sucheta Marne from India. Currently doing my MSc Public Health from School of Health Sciences. Experience- Being a Student Rep of School of Public Health I worked closely with the union and students. It increased my rapport with the fellow students and academic staff. This would be great opportunity for me to make count voice of International students in the union. What I stand for? • Quality Education- Timetabling issues, Assessment feedback, Staff-student ratio, Classroom issues. • University Services- IT services, Library services, on campus cash machines.

Chrissy Patman Name: Chrissy Patman Course: 2nd Year PhD Law College Student Rep for CAS

Ben Hampson This candidate has not submitted any information

"Trust me for student trustee! I have been an Operations Manager for a halal food company, an Assistant Manager for a charity shop and currently I am a first year student studying Business with Economics. I want to get more money in the hands of student societies and sports. I want more extracurricular courses with real-world value. I want the union to continue expand and grow so that it reaches as many students as possible. All this against a backdrop of decreasing funding from the University, therefore finally I will look for more revenue streams for OUR Union."

Heather Lyons This candidate has not submitted any information

Why Me ? I have been a student here since 2007. I completed my Masters here part time as a mature student before embarking on my PhD full time. I also have ADD and autism. I am a qualified solicitor with a business background with over ten years work experience in law firms and business. I would like the opportunity to utilise those skills on your behalf with the planning and direction of our Student Union ! A vote for me will make a real difference !

Vice Presidents Charlene Bridgman Hi my names Charlene but some of you will know me as Charlie, I’m 22 and I’m a 3rd yeard Performing Arts student, I’m also the Chairperson of the Union’s LGBT society, which Is a society dedicated to making peoples voices heard and also giving them a great university experience, so I would like to say I am well experienced at both of these vocations. As a Performing Arts Student I am confident, assertive, open minded and a great public speaker. Vote Charlene Bridgman For Vice President! Building Bridges for Salford Students!

Robin Crosby Zainab Minhas I am Zainab Minhas from The School of Health Sciences standing for the post of a student trustee. I am an international student and as an international student, my pursuits, needs as a student and dreams are the same as yours. If you decide to give me a chance I will do something to make the union a better one. In addition, vital things like student union accounts, IT systems and effective communication across the staff and students will be aimed to be made better and more effective. Voting begins on the 9th of March and it happens through blackboard.

For more info visit:

Rose Hannan A final year Business Management student. Specialising in human resources I have a good understanding and interest in the employability of students, my professional placement year in recruitment and work experience in HR at Salford University enhanced knowledge in the importance of employability skills and work experience, alongside a valued degree. Key Objective- Employability of Students. • Ensure specific employment advice within each school. • Reduce tuition costs of ‘professional placement year’ • Business start up support for final years/ post grads Also- Value for money for courses, the value of your degree (increase position of university ranking) and Public

David Heaton Hi, I'm David Heaton, I'm currently a third year Wildlife student, and I am standing for VP. Sitting on Student Council this year, I have an active knowledge of the work of the Sabbs and the SU. As a member of several Activities Groups, championing their cause is a big issue for me, and as a wildlife student, I am concerned about green issues around the University as a whole, so I promise to petition for more recycling and less waste. I will also lobby on issues of feedback, and the University's computer network. Please, vote me #1 for VP!

Adam Hughes I am the current chairman of the University Hockey Club and have played an active role in helping with activities within the union for the past two year. My main interests focus on enhancing all students experience whilst at Uni, including allowing all students to approach me with new ideas to positively changing their union. I am also strong minded in helping Sports and Activity groups within the union to develop and make members experience better. Additionally, I would also like to improve the social lives of overseas students to make their uni life more enhoyable. VOTE HUGHES!

Joe Kirwin I’m Joe Kirwin and I am running to be YOUR Vice President. I am a third year Humanities student. If elected I will push for the return of the year round 24/7 Library, lobby against module option reductions, promote more SU events at Adelphi, Allerton and MediaCity campuses and campaign against all cuts to Education. Above all else we need to reach out to those students who are not involved. I have had the time of life as an active member of the Students’ Union and want others to have the same experience. Vote Joe Kirwin for Vice President #1

Riain McAuley I’m Ríain McAuley, a second year TV & Radio Student. I’m campaigning to be one of your sabbatical officers next year as I believe I can represent the views of students and make the changes needed to enhance your experience at Salford. You may recognise me from a number of events in Bar Yours or as Manager of Shock Radio, I’m not running for vice president as a politician. I’m running as I believe I can make a positive difference for Salford Students. If you have any questions about my campaign don’t hesitate to ask. Vote Ríain McAuley #1 Vice

Robert Midgley There are countless amounts of students across this university with unhappy experiences, grievances and troubles. Small things at University can make a big effect on students like you. You want the teaching quality you receive to be worth the price you pay. You want an unforgettable, happy, worthwhile experience as you extend your education to higher levels. I can and want to help you achieve those levels and experience those expectations of University. After spending three years here at Salford, I know what it’s like to be you and know what can be improved upon. I can and will help.



Elisaveta Prodromova I am a second year European student in BA Tourism Management. At the moment I am working part-time in the Residential Life Team of Campus Living Villages, where I am responsible for organizing a variety of events for residents in the student accommodation. I am passionate about making a positive impact in Students` Union. I believe that finding the balance between the quality education as a main priority and also developing various skills in a fun and interactive way is the key to make the most of our student life.




This candidate has not submitted any information

Having been Vice President Science and Technology this year I feel I have the experience required to represent YOU once again. The most important part of this role is to DEVELOP THE COMMUNITY within YOUR Union using YOUR ideas to make the most of being a Salford student. To assist with this I aim to: Make YOUR Union RELEVANT TO YOU EMPOWER STUDENTS to make the CHANGES YOU WANT IMPROVE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE by continuing to lobby with the University MORE SOCIAL EVENTS to fit students' needs Ambitious targets to get the CHANGES YOU WANT. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED Re-Elect Tom Doyle

My name is Matt Hoffbrand, I’m standing to become your new Vice President. If elected I can bring my experience of the union as a Trustee, and my managerial experience as an event organizer and Project Manager for BAe Systems and TEDx Salford. If elected I will work to represent the basic rights and needs of students, by removing underlying problems in this University; bicycle theft, slow computer systems in the library and the halls, the distinct lack of cash points and the inequality between campuses. So vote Hoff 4 VP for a University to be Proud of.


Abdullah Mousa

'Hi there! I'm a third year English and Creative Writing student with strong ties to the union through both Student Activities and working for Bar Yours - if elected, I would keep up and extend this commitment to the union, and make it more proactive in ensuring day-to-day student welfare. I will push for greater presence in Adelphi, Allerton and Media City, as well as improving communication between tutors and students. You can follow me on Twitter (@IAmRobinCrosby) or search for me on Facebook - the important thing is that you all use your right to vote, 9-15 March 2012!'

Tom Doyle

Matt Hoffbrand


This candidate has not submitted any information


This candidate has not submitted any information

Hello there! First, think about this: We are more than 20.000 students, all gathered here in the same time, each one unique in his way, each one with a different story. This is amazing if you see it like this. But, still there are a couple of issues that can stand in our way. So I say like this: It’s time that your voice to be heard and it’s time for a change. Your voice could be heard through me and my acts could be seen through your satisfaction. So rise up and leave your mark! We all can make


Ryan Snape

Over the past three years I have been representing students’ views and working closely with the student’s union while studying. Last year you voted me into the Student Council board. Now it’s time to make your voices heard clearer than ever! I’m here to bring some common sense into how the university is run. My policies include: • Better teaching to reflect the tuition fee hike that will be forced into effect. • More and better events and nights at Bar Yours. To emulate the greatness of the Pav. (Those of you who remember it). I’m up to my word limit


Running for the Student Council was never a question; my biggest aim while at Salford is to make this institute better for all current students and future. By being able to actively fight against the issues plaguing the University will allow me to get the students best interests considered in every decision possible. Better IT infrastructures, a must; reducing costs wherever possible, a must; being there for all the students and listening to their problems and working towards a solution, a main priority!

This candidate has not submitted any information


Samuel Runcieman

Sucheta Marne


I am a fresher studying physics, row for SUBC and work part time lifeguarding at the leisure centre. All of this aside I have the time to make your views and ideas heard! What do you want to change about University? What do you think needs to be improved? What will make your time at the University of Salford more enjoyable? Give me your vote and I will ensure the council hear you voice. My aims include improving computer speed, feedback turnaround and price and choice of food on campus. Fresh ideas... From a Freshman... for a Fresh University.

Nicol Herta

Malik Hakeem

Todd Hewitt Oscar Rodmell

Dilip Das


If elected then I promise to the best of my ability to push to build a better university with the following pieces of reform and more: • a stronger and better-resourced student rep system; • a more flexible and responsive Student Council; • mandatory student consultation on any changes planned for courses; • more university support for student media and societies, especially with MediaCity; • a tier of voluntary officers to promote the welfare of more vulnerable students; • and easier access to more university information, with the default attitude that data should be published.

Efosa Paul Ogbeni


Daniel RhodesMumby



Salford Candidates : Voting is on BlackBoard

Student Council


Salford Student Direct















Salford Candidates : Voting is on BlackBoard


Vice Presidents Mishal Saeed "‘’Vote for me and I will make Salford work for you!’’ Some of you may know me as the girl who founded TEDxSalford. I have been working very hard for the university in my time and now I am standing for VP because I believe I have the vision and dedication to lead the student union. If elected, I will work for: a USSU discount card, a bus link to Arndale, equal opportunities in all campuses, inclusivity for international, part-time & post graduate students, a peer teaching society for more academic support and more work experience opportunities."

Daryl Pilling Hi there. My name is Daryl and I want to be your next SU Vice President. I’m a third year student studying Contemporary Military and International History. Before coming to Uni I worked at another Student Union bar where I was a bar manager and worked closely with their sabbatical President. This and last year at Uni I helped set up the Salford Uni Beats and Bass Society which teaches Salford Students how to DJ and produce music. I have also been organizing the Parties at the Pav now for over a year in place of a Salford Uni social

Presidents Christina Kennedy My name is Christina Kennedy, I am the current Vice President for the College of Arts and Social Sciences, and I am running in the election to be President of your Students' Union. If elected I will fight for extracurricular accreditation, fair access to postgraduate study, excellent academic standards, secure cycling provision, the right for students to live in areas of their choice, and for greater transparency and consultation with students on University decisions. I have the experience and enthusiasm to take this Union forward so remember to vote Christina Kennedy, a President who cares, a President who leads.

James Walsh









For more info visit:


How’s it goin ? I’m James Walsh, I’m local to this area, I’ve been at Salford University so long now I’m almost part of the furniture & I know the place like the back of my hand! My aim is to make the Student Union a socialist utopia using my experience of politics & promotion. My priorities are the student experience, fighting cuts to education & services, the environment, quality entertainment, increasing community links & ensuring SU staff & members are treated fairly. Vote James Walsh for President – who’s the daddy ? OM/ELEC TS.C TIO EN N DENTS.COM D U T U /EL S D E R O


Salford Student Direct





29 Salford Edition: Monday 12 March 2012

Photo: Richard Meftah


Graduate media employment myths students. Myself and other third year journalism students, who have appropriate skills and have gathered work experience, replied and were shortlisted to the final stages. After weeks of being told we were shortlisted and a final answer was delayed, we were all informed we were then unsuccessful. I then looked further into those who had been chosen. 30 students had applied, ten, including myself, had been shortlisted and just three had been successful. The three successful students were all sport journalism students

who had applied for the sporting division of the BBC. I do not know the inner workings of whether the BBC had seen four decent applicants, three for Sport and one for Breakfast and thought, what’s the point of setting the Breakfast meet and greet for that one student? Let’s just put those three in for sport. I have come to think that this might be the case. A few weeks ago the University staged a How-Do event at the Media City campus which involved media professionals coming together to celebrate some

See both sides of the fence

hopefully not too soon. I am speaking, of course, that possess faith in the divine, God, Allah, Vishnu, etc. Whatever title or name you choose; life after death is the typical belief when we take our final bow. It must be a comfort - I wouldn’t know, I am an atheist. And I am a growing trend amongst the population. With the ever constant rise of scientific discovery, our grasp on the divine is on the wane. While some people within the scientific community will undoubtedly welcome this I myself see its coming with an amount of trepidation. You see, I know the problem between those that believe in a supreme being, and those that do not. In this case the grass beneath their feet is the greener, while the other side of

Robert Midgley

Going back a week or so, there was an opportunity for a meet-and-greet session at the BBC. It was a chance to meet producers and potential employers in the different divisions such as Five Live, Sport and Breakfast. The opportunity was open to everyone and then when the questions were answered, those who replied would be short listed. The meet and greet session were being held separately for both freelancers and Salford

Nathan Thompson

To those that have lost a loved one, which I suppose will be pretty much everyone that is reading this, this article may have an effect on you profoundly. Or then again, maybe not, maybe you are one of those people that this kind of thing is something that you haven’t thought about much, if so, good luck to you. It’s bound

to hit you one day. You see, practically everyone reading this will have lost someone, a grandparent perhaps, maybe even someone closer that you didn’t expect to lose due to accident or illness. If so I’m sorry, I can’t imagine how painful that must have been. But there are those that manage to take solace in the thought that their loved one is in a better place and that one day they will join them and see them again, although

achievements. As I am a reporter for Quays News, I covered the night and one thing stood out to me. I interviewed an executive staff member from Capital Radio and asked, what graduate opportunities are available at Capital? The answer was of course, lots. I then followed up the answer to say, how many graduates have you actually employed? The answer was then, none, along with a lot of stuttering. I think there is a big myth about graduate employment particularly in the media sector. They say there are opportunities but really, they have no intention of actually employing graduates. Another thing that I have come to understand is apprenticeships. So many companies and corporations have them, such as the BBC.

Especially in media world, apprenticeships tend to mean graduate opportunities. However, in truth, they do not. So many internships and apprenticeships do not allow people with degrees to be hired. These people must only have GCSEs. With graduates coming out of University and going into entry level jobs, the same as GCSE leavers, it leaves me feeling frustrated that GCSE student and college drop outs are able to gain these apprenticeships because they have dropped out of college but those with degrees who have chosen to extend into higher education to get better jobs can’t even get on the career ladder.

the fence does not appeal, in most cases. The main reason for this is that neither side of the fence is willing – on the whole – to acknowledge the grass on the other side but instead only notices the weeds. Followers of religion see science as man’s attempt to control things that are solely meant for the divine. Not only that but each new scientific discovery reduces the amount of things in the world that priests previously could simply answer as ‘God does it’. Thus is God’s influence on Earth diminished, and this is happening systematically. Humanity now knows why we look the way we do, how the basic forces of the planet function and many more things that are being discovered increasingly

frequently. In an attempt to slow this down, many religions have opposed the teaching of certain things in certain schools, such as evolution. This condemnation, of a widely accepted scientific theory, and other such censorship that has occurred throughout history, is this main reason for the scientific communities’ disapproval of religion. With so much enmity, between the two, it is plain to see why so much strife and resentment have grown. I say this though, it is a shame. Maybe one day we will see a change, but I doubt it. But as individuals, as people that know some with faith and some without: be tolerant, and try to see the grass on the other side of the fence.

It leaves me thinking, what graduate opportunities are there?

Link Confused about how the Union works, or want to know about any of the services the Union offers? Go to www.salfordstud



Fashion Update Gemma Jackson

Belly Dancing and Boxing Merger Steph Povey

In an unprecedented move, the Belly Dancing Society and the Boxing Club last week held a skillsswapping session. On Thursday both societies met at the Sports Centre and showed the other what their society was about. The Belly Dancing Society, also known as the Salford Shimmies, showed the boxing society some moves that focused on core strength and moving body parts in isolation. They also then proceeded to

perform some of the dances that students can see at the Shimmies’ upcoming shows and taught the boxers the moves. After this the boxing society showed the shimmies some key movements in boxing that can be used in self-defence as well as to build fitness. James Brown, the chairman of the boxing society said “It was a great session. It was really enjoyable to see what other clubs and societies do. “We were definitely surprised at how enjoyable it was.” The Belly Dancing Society

meet on Tuesday 6-7pm and Friday 57pm at the Allerton Sports Hall and can be contacted on The Boxing Society meet on Thursdays 4-5 at Tom Husband Leisure Centre and can be contacted on They also hold a Wednesday session at Salford City College, Walkden, at 3-5pm which includes use of a boxing ring.

In my view, less is always more. The most simple of prints multiplied along a tshirt or a hoody can lead to much inspiration and this has been presented to us recently even though this brand has gone somewhat under the radar since 1977. BOY LONDON‘s rise to recognition began last year when they launched their online site and just recently its online site and concession within Selfridges last month. Since BOY LONDON's launched it has managed to grace the bodies of many beautiful women in the music industry such as Natalia Kills and Jessie J. It seems that no celebrity is more of a fan however than Rihanna herself who has been styled in London Boy more than once. In her second single, You Da One, from her new album, Rihanna was seen to debut several of BOY LONDON’s pieces, and last week appeared on Jonathan Ross almost head to toe in the brand. BOY LONDON is effortless fashion. The use of tiling their logo, I have a feeling,

is set to become recognizable across the country in the next few months thanks to Rihanna. Some pieces are simplistic but at the same time allow us to use the BOY LONDON item as a staple piece for any outfit and it allows the simplistic vests and skirts to be dressed up and dressed down as Rihanna has displayed so well. However like most London brands it is a case of being overcharged for something in that it is tarred with the brush of being 'celebrity wear' rather than just a t shirt. The overpricing on some of the items is rather irritating as some of the items could be made by your own hands for a fifth of the price. However I believe the tiled items are more value for money and also as I am constantly in leggings when at university I believe that investing money in leggings for me is wise as they are a staple for my wardrobe. So if you did not manage to catch Rihanna on Saturday night why not check out BOY LONDON for yourself at Selfridges or on their website which is m

The Round Up Carl Spurling

Link Do you have a story or an idea to share? Did you have an interesting gap year, did something productive or exotic with your summer, or undertook an interesting work experience placement? Do you juggle university with your children? We want to hear from you! We need pieces of around 500 words about your experiences. Email them to our features editor, Amanda Mace, at

It has been announced. Engelbert Humperdinck will become the oldest act to participate in the Eurovision song contest, at seventy-five, and the British representative this year. Personally I think he is an excellent choice. Relevant, new, exciting and popular are all words which leap straight to mind. Mr. Humperdinck was quoted as saying that it felt right to be joining a proud ‘institution like Eurovision’. He is quite right, any competition which has seen Jedward perform two years in a row alongside a mixed pot of Romanian transsexuals, 24-man topless Serbian dancing troupes and Lordi cannot be called anything other than a ‘proud institution’. In other news Chris Huhne has reportedly hired Harry Redknapp’s defence lawyer. I suppose if you are a lawyer with a track record of getting guilty people off the hook you are going to become very popular with famous politicians. It has been revealed that Rebecca Brooks was lent a horse by the police (force not band)

which was returned in ‘poor condition’. I can only imagine what she used it for and why it was in such a bad condition. I think that should probably be left in the imagination too. The Russian elections have also been scrutinized for being rigged. I am not sure that is actually news. Putin has also been involved in an alleged assassination attempt which was planned to strike him during his drive to work. Some have suggested that his assassination plot story was an attempt to milk sympathy out of the Russian people before an election. It does seem unlikely when it is considered that Putin is driven to work in the middle of an armed cavalcade on completely cleared road, the worst time to try and kill him. It is almost as if it has been made up.

31 Salford Edition: Monday 12 March 2012

Employer Sandhills East Job title Marketing Intern Closing date 30/03/2012 Salary range Paid Additional salary info £12 per hour

Graduate Opportunities of the Week R3i Recruitment Event Idea + 2 Years + U = global business

Lancashire County Council's Technical Graduate Programme

Are you part of the equation? R3i are a company looking to invest in tech savvy graduates, inventors and engineers – turning their smart ideas in to successful businesses. If you meet this criteria, attend our R3i recruitment selection day – there are five great careers available for the right people.

Presentation 28th March 2012 – 1.15pm Lancashire County Council's Technical Graduate Programme has now gone live. Come along and meet the team from Lancashire County Council to find out more on Wednesday 28th March at 1.15pm in Peel 120. You can book your place at The Recruitment Team will give a presentation outlining the opportunities and are then able to offer applicants support in small groups straight after the presentation offering valuable free information advice and guidance on the application process and interview techniques, prior

Wednesday 21 March 1.00pm - 5.00pm Careers & Employability University House Please register your interest online at

Volunteering Opportunity of the Week Employer The Lesbian & Gay Foundation Job title Befrienders for older LGBT people Closing date 16/03/2012 Salary range Unpaid Additional salary info Out of pocket expenses will be provided Job description The Lesbian and Gay Foundation are currently looking for volunteer befrienders who can support and mentor isolated lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people in the Greater Manchester area. The service is designed to provide a safe environment to people who are suffering from low confidence and who could benefit from having one

to one support. We need volunteers who have had experience working with LGBT people, and who can listen and provide support, as well as signpost to other organisations. Experience with working with the older LGBT community would be an advantage. Training will be provided as well as regular volunteer support and access to other training opportunities. Hours: Weekly or fortnightly for up to 2 hours at a time. For more information, or an application form, please contact or phone 0845 3 30 30 30. Please note a CRB is required. The Lesbian and Gay Foundation will pay for and provide this. Person requirements • Reliable and able to commit to regular meetings with your befriender • Friendly and approachable, a good listener • Some experience working with older lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people is an advantage • Some

to applying. The Technical Graduate Programme is open to final year/ alumni students from any discipline. It is a development programme, with the aim to train trainees through professional qualifications/ Masters degree and with on the job experience. Applications will be accepted from Friday 2nd March 2012 – Monday 14th May 2012, with successful applicants commencing their role on the 3rd September 2012. Students can apply now!

knowledge of support organisations for signposting purposes Company information The Lesbian & Gay Foundation is a North West based charity situated in Manchester city centre. It offers sexual health and wellbeing services to lesbian, gay and bisexual people and runs a variety of campaigns against homophobia and prejudice. Accepted degree subjects Location Manchester Greater Manchester North West Additional location details Various Manchester city centre locations Working hours Part-time Contract Temporary

Job description The company are offering a summer intern placement. The goal of the Marketing Internship is to assist in the implementation of circulation strategies and work as a team to ensure customer satisfaction. The student will learn about company products and business objectives as well as shadow other members of the department to gain exposure to distribution strategies. The student will focus on customer service and build relationships with customers, learn and apply different marketing techniques, research prospective distribution locations and contact potential clients. This position offers exciting opportunities to travel and visit with customers. Person requirements Students with the ability to speak French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch or Arabic are encouraged to apply Applicants should willing to work as part of a team and work un aided under their own steam. Accepted degree subjects Any Location Manchester Greater Manchester North West

Date for your diary Wednesday 14th March 2012 College and Health and Social Care Event Allerton Hall 12.00noon – 4.00pm

CV Do’s

and Don’ts Make sure the format of your CV is easy to open for all computers – or at least most of them. There are so many different versions of Word now that some machines can’t access the files attached – it’s best to save your CV as a standard .doc file that any computer can open. Also, be careful with too much formatting – if it’s a highly designed CV for a creative role then a PDF file is a safer option. Source:

Interview Tip of the Week Smile! It suggests confidence. Remember, it is possible that the interviewpanel will also be nervous. As much as they will want to put you at your ease, you can also help them relax. Interviews are not meant to be either punitive or confrontational.


Work Experience Position of the Week

Money-saving tip of the Week

Working hours Full-time Contract Fixed term How to apply Applicants can apply online via the company’s website Alternatively applicants can by sending an up to date CV and cover letter via email to m

Get TV legally WITHOUT a licence If you're happy to watch stuff a bit delayed, you don't need a TV licence for watching on-demand over the net. If your parents have Sky then you can get Sky GO for your laptop - 32 channels, TV and movies on demand, even sports. All free. Get a cable to hook your laptop to your TV and we're talking a lot of free viewing on no spend. If you do have a licence make sure you claim one quarter back for the three summer months you're probably not in your house. Source:

To apply for any of these opportunities or to find out more please visit


Salford 2nds 0 – 3 Chester 2nds Richard Tree

Difficult conditions left this hockey match the only outdoor home fixture of the day, as excessive downpours

Last week’s

Scores This week’s

fixtures Wednesday, 14 March 2012:

Women's Rugby Union Manchester Met 1st 15 - 46 Salford 1st Men's Badminton Liverpool Hope 1st 4 - 4 Salford 2nd

Men's Football MMU Cheshire 2nd VS Salford 1st

Men's Football Chester (Chester) 1st 3 - 2 Salford 1st

Men's Hockey Liv' John Moores 2nd VS Salford 1st

Women's Netball Liverpool Hope 1st w/o v Salford 1st

Men's Football Bangor 3rd VS Salford 4th Men's Football Edge Hill 2nd VS Salford 3rd Men's Football Manchester Met 4th VS Salford 2nd Women's Football Salford 1st VS Edge Hill 1st Men's Football Salford 1st VS Glyndwr 1st Women's Netball Lancaster 2nd VS Salford 1st Men's Rugby Union Manchester Met 1st VS Salford 1st

Men's Rugby Union UCLAN 1st 29 - 3 Salford 1st Men's Rugby Union UCLAN 2nd 106 - 7 Salford 2nd Men's Hockey Lancaster 2nd 5 - 0 Salford 1st Women's Hockey Salford 2nd 0 - 3 Chester (Chester) 2nd Women's Football Salford 2nd v w/o MMU Cheshire 2nd

made the Castle Irwell fields unplayable. The swirling winds battered the Astroturf, slowing the pace of the first period of play. Going into this match the 2nds were sitting in the top 3 of the Northern 6a conference, still in with a shout of promotion at the end of the season. Visiting Chester had an unbeaten record to maintain, but sat below Salford in the table on account of too many draws. Chester took a first half lead, the ball bundled into the net after a goal mouth scramble. It was nearly doubled 10 minutes from half time, but a speculative effort was seen wide by Salford keeper Becky Higginson. She was called into action again to block a late penalty corner. Salford started the second half on the attack, winning a penalty corner. Sammy Ashton carved out a chance but her shot was blocked. As neither side took their chances, the midfielders tried to impose their control on possession, which resulted in a scrappy second half. The visitors gained the upper hand and spent large parts of the second half camped in Salford’s half. A succession of penalty corners for Chester saw them come agonisingly close to getting a second. Vicky Davis repeatedly rushed out to close the angle and keep Salford in the match. Although the defending was brave and disciplined, the host’s inability to completely clear their lines was to come back and haunt them. A mix up between Salford

Photo: Richard Meftah

Photo: Richard Meftah

Sport Women’s Hockey

and the match officials took the defenders eyes off the Chester attacker who ghosted in at the back post. With time and space she placed a carefully measured shot into the back of the next. Salford began to look defeated after going 2-0 down, but Sammy Ashton provided

glimpses of hope as her dribbling carved through the Chester defence. Always finding a way into the penalty area, Ashton was then always crowded out. The visitors sensed victory and defended in much greater numbers. Chester had one final attack of note, when a

counter attack resulted in another succession of penalty corners. Salford failed to clear, and one of Chester’s many long range efforts during this spell found its way into the Salford net. Salford now lie fourth in the table, as Chester rise up to second.

Salford Student Direct - Issue 16  

Issue 16 of Salford Student Direct

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