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The Factor W orkshop


S ales P rofessionals

The X-Factor for Sales Professionals is a highly interactive workshop that examines the real causes of success in selling and helps participants to build a personal development plan based on their performance profile.

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W orkshop


S ales P rofessionals

The X-Factor for Sales Professionals is a highly interactive workshop that examines the real causes of success in selling and helps participants to build a development plan based on their Performance Profile. It explodes the most common myths about successful salespeople and shares the key drivers that lead to breakthrough sales results. Sales professionals who participate in the X-Factor will learn to better leverage their strengths and develop the areas where they have opportunities for improvement. Finally, they commit to maximize their sales potential by implementing a plan of action they created throughout the workshop in their Personal Development Journal.

P r e -W o r k s h o p A s s i g n m e n t Prior to the workshop each salesperson completes an online development assessment tool called the Performance Profile. Managers may also complete an assessment of each participant in the workshop using the same assessment tool. Participant’s use their self-assessment during the workshop as a point of reference in developing their action plan for improving performance.

S e s s i o n I: U n d e r s t a n d i n g S a l e s P e r f o r m a n c e What are your Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement? What should you focus on to increase your sales success?

The first session of The X-Factor Workshop provides an overview of the Performance Profile which measures 18 different dimensions of attitudes, beliefs, values, skills and behaviors that are critical to success in sales. Participants receive their self-assessment reports and engage in several interactive exercises, including their first Personal Development Journal entry—their top three Strengths and top three Opportunities for Improvement.

S e s s i o n II: T h e R e a l C au s e s


Sales Success

 What are the real reasons why salespeople succeed or fail?  What has to happen in order for an individual to increase their sales performance?

In this session we discuss why traditional sales training doesn’t work Participants will learn about the four traits of highly successful salespeople and understand how self-limiting mental boundaries based on our own self image and beliefs impact what we perceive is possible for us to achieve. While product knowledge and understanding of markets are necessary to be successful in sales, they aren’t the main reason why sales professionals succeed. Our experience has shown that sales success has a lot more to do with attitudes, and self-beliefs rather than knowledge and skills. © 2008 Integrity Solutions Holdings LLC.

We also discuss the power of emotions in sales success and explain how mental and emotional conflicts can have a negative effect on sales success and how to overcome them. There are interactive exercises in this session and additional Journal entries are made based on the Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement in their Performance Profile self-assessment data.

S e s s i o n III: C r e a t i n g V a l u e

in your

Sales Process

 Why is it important to develop customer-focused sales behaviors?  What are the success indicators that tell you you’re on the right track?

Participants are introduced to a sales process that is value-driven and promotes a customer needs-focused mindset. In order to create value, a selling process must consistently mirror the buying process of prospects and customers within your market. To establish a competitive advantage you must perform in a manner that identifies you with the client problems you solve, not the products or services you sell. The selling process they will learn helps salespeople to be more customer-focused and look at selling as something you do “for” someone and not “to” someone. Participants review their self-assessment data again and make Journal entries in the form of Action Commitments to improve their performance.

S e s s i o n IV: G e t t i n g


Your Next Level

 Why is feedback essential to increasing your success?  Who should be on your Personal Board of Directors?

In the final workshop session the importance of being receptive to feedback is discussed and participants are encouraged to create their own Personal Board of Directors—a handpicked group of individuals they will seek out to ask for advice and feedback on what they can do to achieve greater success. The final task of the workshop is to guide participants on how to prepare for a Development Discussion with their manager to jointly develop an action plan that includes their manager’s support to leverage Strengths and work on Opportunities for Improvement.

The X-Factor for Sales Professionals is designed to help sales professionals gain greater awareness of their Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement. They create a Personal Development Journal that is their personal road-map to take action toward increasing their success in selling. 

Pre-work for the workshop includes each salesperson completing an online assessment. As an option, their managers may also complete an assessment of each of their salespeople to enrich their Development Discussion.

The workshop also provides participants with insights into the real causes of sales success and explodes the conventional wisdom of the factors many people wrongly believe are the keys to success in selling.

Salespeople are introduced to the concepts and models of our customer needs-focused sales methodology and given tips on how to create a competitive advantage by taking their performance to the next level.

Finally, they prepare for a Development Discussion with their manager. This dialogue is intended to strengthen the manager-employee relationship and insure that both parties are committed to helping the employee increase their success and job fulfillment.

SalesTeam East LLC 309 Fellowship Road, Suite 200 Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 1.866.SalesStars © 2008 Integrity Solutions Holdings LLC.

The X Factor for Sales Professionals  

A highly interactive workshop designed for leaders and sales professionals to become more aware of the real causes of sess in selling.

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