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Application  ภ  Rama Channel ภ +ภ,-ภ+./012,ภ3+145 +8ภภ+9:;<55;=> @AB. C,Dภ@A:EF+/G

 29  2555 -

Education in 2020 by Microsoft Tang Thai Team Insight Google Automation Library ภ :  :B:@5

 The elements

4.;49:. IE EFJ KAA 3 E141

 Solar Walk

>AA591>KAA 3 E141

 Heart Pro 3

>AAM@/,D:.กK :<



 &'()(*&'(+,- ./- ภ1/23 456789



 Paper Making


&?ภ6@- Rama Channel  >>: 1

F>-5@E @;<CB/:@/ UFC.2. A+E;1A0KAA@ภN4@//1.  >>: 2 F>-5@E @;<CB/5RM@AIUCA9II+ ,FKAA SMS Alert >AA KD. 4DภIRK>RC.K :<K+> A+ -B .0WRK+>MM+@. :.I

4/DB.ภ/@ 9B.W K+>5EX0ภ4B.Y C.5X Rama Channel  >>: 3 :/ 59CJ C.F/.F>- FZภC Rama Channel ภ5B:/  FZ ภ 3K Bภ59CJ C.2. A+E;1A0ภ5B5@.IE ,MA1ภ F>--:@/F> :S5EX C@A-EU03B:. True visions -B. 47 K+> 80

ภ+C,D5E F : 3:B, W:2. A+E;1A0 U0KภB

ภ+9BE3F_/, 5,000 I ภ+9BE3F_/ภ8,000 I

K+>ภ+9BEA9I+ภK :< A+ 7,000 I A9II+:@/ UF5EX4104B Rama Channel U0M+-B.:. 0@.W - 2:S@ :<54. : 02-354-7104 (X8. 5) - E-mail : - 5E-1ภI A1W+:/ : True vision -B. 47 K+> 80 - /gAUh4< : - K+>:. Social network : twitter, facebook

H+ 46Fภ6 6 3J /  --ภ-ภL 24 3J

ภ - AMEE (D.-S.) - Mom & Kid (D.-S.) ภ - 52I - Rama Campus - Sharing (IR/B,MUEB51W590) - M+M: M8.M@/,D - Teen Zaa Rama Club - 2A@5KMB./@

- Happy Family (5.-) - 41E@ภ,M 4gE5 () -

MEFภ=< On Tour Smart & Beauty Be Active (5.-) EM@SD<M Health for Life M@/,D5C/

Canon XF305 Small Image Sensor Size Video Camera ,-5RM@A.CB/ กgAJ .I<F>กA/EU0IAK+>-@0 D

Canon EOS C300 Large Image Sensor Size Video Camera  ME>5RM@A.2tN=,

J 4<  A9III+,0A9II+M8.,M200 0B (M-@0M+@. A+)

S- T6U7 S--7)6? 5:UEBK5/.M3+กRU FZ.I<ก15>F+0DกK.ก00@ Dกก+9BEก E.MJI;9ก1D 4E ..A..I<กก>D 5. K+>K BJ 5;=>KMB.F> :S .S.2551

6L.(6. +  -(C+FX

5:EF>2-<4B5@.IEEกก/B5:EB EI/E FZ15>Dก@uA+ K+>ก+9BE:94B.Y WMกEDกก+9BEA9II+15>3UEBE51:;<UEBE

5.U0กE 03B5 CU5UF Y,F+*-F

- 5:ก/ I/EI10:/B vF>---A0+>I/กKAAW D8. 4.R 5KAAxW - 5:5>:I/EI10DกF>--UF5BJI@uA+

CU C.& 6 D&T 5

ThaiPBS S- T6U7@- )F 1. กB4@W.C8W E/@: 15 EกIE 2551 2. ,- ..A. .I<กก>D 5.K+>K BJ 5;=>KMB.F> :SU: .S. 2551 3. 5@05B/กE CB/:5>:A@ :1. FZ 40:30:30 4. EU0DกJN5 5E1459K+>5A Fy+>UEB ก1 2 @+A:

Z4 (4,.I<กก>D 5.K+>K BJ 5;=>KMB.F> :SU: 145 X/1J/0@.514 KC/.4+0A. C C4M+@ก5 ก9. : z 10210 2:S@ :< : 0 2790 2000, 2:5 : 0 2790 2020

 -Fภ2 *2 S- T6U7@- 567DL)F ภ6U ThaiPBS ..  

 1. Content creation 5RI@|EภF>--4.E5B/B/E,ภ5. WMภ EภC8WK+>EI9=J 5.C8W 2. 4.,- ภ=}<F> E1 Accessibility F> E1I/E5EXC.F>--:,-5 5;=>  @~I9=J -/14 (3,- ภ10 M-Power) 3. FZKM+B./EC.33+1415> K+>R 5ภB.ED1;E    1. UEBI/EKIB52::@S< I/E:@W./1:9 J 4< 5I0 145 2. FZ5:ภB,M ภ10ภ@AC.F>--, .5;=> 3. ,- Social Network ,ภF>-5@E @;< 3K B 4. ,MF>--:9ภ- :@/:9ภJIU0E2ภ5K50.I/EI10 Mg3B5U0

5+[H'*ภ,-4\ 6'* '* Flood  ภ10DภJ/>CE+CB/5+:>+@ภ FZ-B/.4ภ. K+>-B/ FZ55E@I4ED904B.Y D8.U0 Mg5J C.WR :B/E

D1.Y  K+>:R.05 Media I/D>,-I/E,M ภ10F>2-<KภB5@.IE  :9ภIEA:A:M:C.4 . EภD@0> AACE+CB/5,MEB  D@0:R FZFKAA Infographic .K1 E-@:KF+.CE+ FZJ ,M.B4B ภD0DR

ภ69 @- 5+[  4104BC@ACE+I/EXภ4. ภ/ภ@A .WR:B/EDภThaiPBS  UEB@Aภ5@A59DภMB/./.I<ภ,0Y I/E FZภ+.C.CE+  RCE+EKF+. FZ5I1F4< (Storyboard)  XB:0 ./ FZภ<4 Animation 3B:. Youtube  :9ภI+1F FZ5:K50.CE+B.A0 UEBU0 FZภ-WRK4BB.,0 ,M3-E

1D=4@051,D ./BD>:RB.U  I+1F 5 Flood E+1C51:;< 20,M:. ThaiPBS 0K+ 5EXRUF,-U0K4BUEB,-B  ภI K+>MERUF4@04BM0@0KF+.,0Y :@W.51W  ,I4:.:EF+/GEI/EI10/BD>:R . ภ/ภ@A vF>-IE hx

Education in 2020 by Microsoft  Fภ6 : CU867 67?X ภC+6&FX-(C 

 89D5]2-4  Touch screen (MD5@E3@5) 3,-FÂ&#x201A;15@E @;<ภ@AIE 1/ 4<20ภ5@E3@5J

MIRAMD -B iPAD, Tablet FZ4  Cloud computing FZ+@ภN=>C.ภ:R.C.3,-.IE 1/ 4<3B 1 :< g4 :,MA1ภ,0A1ภM8.ภ@A3,- 203,MA1ภD>KAB.FÂ&#x201E;:@ ภ ,Mภ@A34.ภ,-.@W  Application FZ2FKภE:U0@AภภKAA,M:R.0/M:: D>D. 204.5RM@A3 ,- M,A.ภ= 5RM@A2FKภEF>9ภ4< Y 4@/B. C. 2FKภEF>9ภ4<

CU Y4 D(,c @- Windows 8    

Windows 8 :R.A Tablets, Laptops K+> Desktops :9ภY B. g/C8WA Windows 8 E Windows App Store ,MhWK +1 I-@ Metro & Touch II4C. Windows

Microsoft Academic Program 

Imagine cup reimagined ภKCB.C@ @~hÂ&#x2020;4<K/<>0@A2+ŕ¸

DreamSpark premium FZ2I.ภ vKDภhÂ&#x2020;:<K/<+1C51:;1Â&#x2021;Â&#x2020;x  MSDN web S</EI/E-B/ M+K+>KM+B.I/E 5RM@A@ภ@~hÂ&#x2020;:<K/<  MSP Microsoft Student Partner 2I.ภC. Microsoft :5.C8W 

51E5.ภ:Rภ1DภEB/Eภ@C.1514@ภS8ภNภ@A:. Microsoft  Faculty connection FZ /gAUh4<5RM@AD<:@/2+ภ,ภK+ภF+M+@ภ54 ภ ภ5 K+> 5EX0/<2M+0 5ภ ภ55RM@A :I22+ C. Microsoft U0204.  MIC Microsoft Innovation Center S<ภ+.C.@ภ@~ A1N@: @~ hÂ&#x2020;4<K/<15> @ภ+.:9 K+>A9I+ภ,K/0/.945MภEhÂ&#x2020;4<K/< :D> CE ,-F>2-<,ภ5.5I</@4ภEhÂ&#x2020;4<K/<,MEBY 

Tang Thai Team : Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012  Fภ6 : j4 )F 5674 j4 )F  @ภS8ภN 4 IDภI=> :I22+55 :SK+>ภ55 (ICT) E.EM10+

20E 0.S59J F+ภ>/.S< = 9; FZD<:F8ภN  FZ4@/K:F> :SU:UFKCB.C@A 10 :E590: = Ih10< F> :S 5 4 +  I/./@+3-> +1S@0@A 1 ภKCB.C@ภKAA ภE>0@A2+ภMicrosoft Imagine Cup 2012 (Game Design: Windows/XNA)  0/3+. ภE9@ภN<F_ Verdant Fantasy :XB:0,FKAA Casual Game h8.3

+BD>U0E5B/B/E,ภFภFÂ&#x2030;. F+ภK+>/.K39@ภN<F_UE (3P Concept: Protect, Plant, Plan) 

j4 )F@k\6Y6 +

Insight Google  Fภ6 : Samuel Cheung, CU86CU 3FJ68XภC+ Googlens mission: 

Organize the worldÂ&#x160;s information and make it universally accessible and useful

Foster entrepreneurship:    

Ideas come from anywhere & everywhere Bottom up culture Flat management structure 20% time Â&#x152; multiple ideas and products emerged

ISTE Technology Standards for Students      

Creativity and Innovation Communication and Collaboration Research and Information Fluency Critical thinking and problem solving Digital citizenship Technology operations and concepts

Why Google cares about education   

Building a foundation of technology and accessÂ? To empower innovative communitiesÂ? And make learning magical for students

Google application for education Gmail @A-5B. E-mail  Docs :R. ภ5A /gAUh4< :R.B/Eภ@M+IU0  Calendar D@04.  4.5 E>AAKD. 4KAA SMS  Sites 5. /gAUh4<.BY 0/4 . -B /1-54B.Y  Google+ KAB.FÂ&#x201E;CE+ E Conference call (5.590 10 I)  FÂ&#x201E;DD9A@E5XA@:R Google app UF,-,ภ ภ5B. 4gEFKAAU0KภB EM/1:+@CKภB K+> Chula Business School 

Automation Library  Fภ6 : H'*&?  J56jภ6 *-

C(-4J4 MU Library D5]j+7j (      

hÂ&#x2020;4<K/<2 h<5- PMB F> :SP@. S5 E3,-UEBภ/B 800 KMB. @~K+>F@AF9.,M ME>5Eภ@AM.5E90,F> :SU: E9B. E4u5ภ+0M.5E90 ภ CX8.CE+B. :B :Eภ@ ,-- MU Library

Y6 ภ6@- MU Library   

MU UniLib 5RM@AM.5E90C0,M|B (EM/1:+@) MU ProLib 5RM@AM.5E90C0ภ+. (/1:+@) MU EasyLib 5RM@AM.5E90C0 +gภ(2. )


I9=J :A :BаЄБ@A2FKаЄБE -1. =1-< MDJNU:K+>Y аЄБD@0аЄБJNKAA Unicode аЄБ,-..B U0/0 g/ DаЄБаЄБ,-.3B /gAA/< h< I/E 5XC.uCE+ I/E:@5E@K+>I/E FZF¬ДDD9A@C. :I22+ DR/51:;1¬ЗаЄБ C,-.UEBDRаЄБ@0 аЄБA=аЄБ>AA.B4B.Y C0/аЄБ@ аЄБD@0аЄБ:@ аЄБ55 :S:9аЄБF> J: аЄБIMCE+EM+FKAA аЄБ -.2.CE+KAAX/ (Permalink) >AA. 1E 41E-B/5@A59аЄБB


Full web/Library 2.0 PHP Programming MySQL Database

67YY  +ภ     

.+.ภ .ภM+@ภu .IMU+< .E-I ./5 >AA. 1E 41E

ภ'6' : 6'*D, S Fภ6 : H'*ภ9ภY, H'H* + 46Fภ6 j+74j8ภภ3. j79 Fภ6 

CUYUr 4 - ( FZ3ภRภ@AJ 4<U: @ภCA:J 4< K+>3I/AI9Eภ5. A.AKE DRภ@0 CU+ + &C?4+ DA Graphic Designer :R. FZ33+14ภ IE- ภภS:.5X ThaiPBS H3.(6.8ภภ1/UX LCTภ6UX ภ5EIE/1-ภM9B4<U: K+>0R.4RKMB. FZ 9ภEภภ.:9/1D@ ภ5:-.

S-S--7)6? 5II/E D1|C. :I22+ 4E-A:Eก CX8.ME0K+/ F„DD9A@EEกE K+>I/AI9EUEBU0  5I:9ก51. :9กB.:,-,ก55 U0KกB F‰2tN= M@.5 1E < /1:9 2::@S< F„DD9A@,IY กg5EX3+145 .U0 h8.@4Eก4B3@A5 

ก66'*D, S-4*- 5s Y4 4-F, )6? B -5:@W.ME0 0B.E/1D=|= 0M+Y E9E M+Y 0 33+14I/80 M+@กDA=C.55E/+-   :B:@4@/  .กB/B4.ก>UDก5 4.ก,-5EกKIBUM MCE+ DกM+Y KMB. @AK+>4@051,D0/4 .  ก.:9/1D@C. ก5:-. Eก3+@ก0@2AกF+กD145R8กC.33+145  K+> ก=.I<ก,-5B.Xก4. 

S-ก6Lkก/ VS S-TC6ก 8 ก35E35ก@>M/B.5กS8กNก@A5;9ก1D FZUFU0IBC.ก O41กEIU:UEB-A05> .M@กM@/ 0@.@WD8.4. 1E:>AAกS8กN I/ 1E 41E551.:5/.E CUF,M4@W.K4B 0gกY EกF+กP„.I/EI10,กA12JI 5  5กS8กNMกD@0,M FZ5;9ก1DกFKAAM8.@W FZ .ก DR FZ4. F+กP„.กS8กN4@W.K4BกM| E/1D=|=K+>EE9EE.ก/.C8W 0กA@ :1. U0 K4B4. Mg WM5>:50K:ก CEU0 :@W.5W กS8กNI/U0@Aก 5@A59DกJI@u0/  ก5:-. D>5@A59K+>3+@ก0@5กS8กN h8.D>E:9/1D@EA,M 33+145I/ 50K:กI/E CUF,ก0/ K+>ก3+145,0Y DR FZ4.S8กN,MX8. I/E FZD1.K+/D8.RกE 5U0 


seminar at Mahidol University


seminar at Mahidol University