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My Biography (New Chapter 12 of 35)

I never come out open about it over past 35 years, when I was about 7 to 13 years old, they introduced me and opened my eyes, when they woke me up and walked me to the window to look outside window, pointed their finger at the person outside the window about walk into the house, and leaving house, that your dad and brothers, sisters, cousins, uncle... (black man, arab, india, sha, pakistani they also wearing black/red hooded cloak outfit and doing weight training and smiled try embrace me with open arms, I try to stay away push them back, what could I do boxed in) yes I was scared, (I am muslim I can not explain what happened what went on), they holding british passport, try to embrace with open arms and they trying comfort me, they did throw party with irish, scottish, welsh, english!, now im opening up, yes I did have emotions, cried, that not my dad and family, and where did they get the british passport from, where did they get other beautiful!.. children from, also walk into the same house I living in, and standing next to my mum also had holding british passports living under same house, they had many with white friends from ireland, wales, scotland and england waiting around house, outside and they also sat at same table when im about to eat..., I carried on normal, they also introduced me to students at school, college, university almost everyone being friendly to me, however, I always I felt something strange going on, there something not right, I also felt there something strange about their face and when I took close attentions of their eyes, whats behind the eyes..., then followed my mum got pregnant later on during trouble times in house, when white and foreigners came to visit and they suddenly disappeared in hurry!, in between 1-2 years I watch my mum pregnant, I still I felt something was not write, Now to present day, I stay in touch only with my mother, do talk about other family! do they visit her, talked to her, and they doing much better than im doing, they got lot white skin friends and middle east..., im happy for them, i moved away, they asked me to get out of their house, they become wealth and well connected. That the actual story events and incidents that took place. I felt it time to be open about it, share my strange story with everyone around the world, everyone... ... ... sooner else later will know and heard my story. How do I deal with issue/setbacks, I talk to everyone when I need to. yes I now how it sounds.. (draft script) Mr Sajid Pervaiz Fazal

My biography, My Story, Incomplete  
My biography, My Story, Incomplete  

my Incomplete biography. My story,my side of story