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Newsletter Edition 8, March 8th 2018

From the Principal Welcome! Time for a check-up

Coming Events March 2018 Mon 12th Labour Day Public Holiday Wed 14th GISSA Swimming Championships Wed 14th Year 7 in 2019 Scholarship Test Thurs 15thTimor Immersion Information Evening 7pm to 8.15pm Fri 16th Whole of College Assembly Sun 18th Open Day 2018 11am to 2pm Information Sessions: 11.00am and 12.15pm Thurs 22nd College House Athletics Carnival See our website for details A more detailed calendar is on the last page.

Now is an opportune time for students and parents to review the term’s progress. We have progressed past the middle of term one. I encourage parents to discuss with their daughters/sons how well they have established their daily and weekly routines and in particular, the priorities reflected in their routines. Is school work being given the priority it deserves and how balanced is the weekly program of activities? Are good meal routines and routines for those many housekeeping jobs in place? What about her/his sleep routine? It is obviously essential that students have settled into a good routine by now so that as the demands of the school program increase they are in good stead to cope with the assignments and assessment tasks that will be set and be able to maintain the other activities necessary for a balanced life. Being able to set reasonable routines early in secondary school will help students establish patterns that will help them with the demands of the VCE program in their final years.

How can parents help their daughter/son establish a good routine? I am sure you are aware of many ways. I would like to suggest that now might be a good time to discuss with your daughter/son how they think they have commenced the year and ask them about their daily and weekly routines and what they may need help with or what she/he can do to improve her / his routines. It would also be helpful to ask them about the goals they set earlier in the year and whether they think they are off to a good start towards achieving them. It is very pleasing to see many students participating in a range of activities. At Saint Ignatius, we encourage the development of well-rounded young women and men, so we offer a variety of co-curricular activities. Through participating in areas such as sport, the performing arts, public speaking, debating, community service, environment group or social justice group we can see a strong sense of community, fair play, leadership and service fostered as well as the development of many different skills. I suggest that co-curricular involvement is considered in reviewing the term to date. What about joining a debating team or the choir or a sports team? ....continued on Page 2

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In Brief

From the Principal (cont.)

This Page: Continuation of ‘From the Principal’ Page 3: Continuation of ‘From the Principal’ Page 4: Faith Matters Page 5: Open day 2018 Page 6 and 7: House Swimming Carnival Photos Page 8: Information Learning Centre Happenings Page 9: Dr Seuss Day Photos Page 10: School Sports Victoria and Geelong F.C. Student Leaders Breakfast Page 11: Student Representative Council Update and Maths News Page 12: Amazing Hat-Trick in GISSA Tennis Page 15: Saint Ignatius GISSA Tennis Photos Page 14: Canteen Roster and Parents and Friends’ Association Page 15: PFA ‘Entertainment Book’ Fundraiser Form Page 16: Financial Assistance Information for Parents Page 17 and 18: “Exposing kids to challenges helps prevent anxiety in later life” by Michael Grose Page 19: Parish Mass Times 2018 Page 20 to 23: Community Notice Board Page 24: College Calendar

Open Day: Sunday 18th March 2018

On Sunday 18th March we will be holding our annual Open Day (11.00am - 2.00pm; Information Sessions at 11.00am & 12.15pm). Parents and families are most welcome to attend. We will be inviting students to be present on the Open Day to help out. In the past we have been very pleased with the number of students who come along on the day to promote their school - they were outstanding ambassadors for the College. If you know of any parent who is considering secondary schooling for their child, please encourage them to come along on Open Day and apply for enrolment. Applications for enrolment for Year 7 2019 close on Friday 18th May 2018. This closing date also applies in the case of where a sibling is already enrolled at the College.

Excellence award for local scout Congratulations to former student Alex Delaney, Year 12 last year, who recently was presented with the prestigious Queen Scout Award in a ceremony at Victoria’s Government House. I was delighted to attend his badge presentation at the Holy Trinity Hall in Lara last Wednesday evening. The Queen’s Scout Award is the highest award achievable for youth members in Australian Scouts and is rarely earned, being only the second in 2nd Lara Scout Group’s 27-year history. Alex was among six Queen Scouts from the Geelong Region who received the award, each giving more than 300 hours of effort.

His chosen challenges have included a hiking expedition, geocaching, learning to sail and canoe, photography, debating, leadership within scouts and Saint Ignatius College, personal growth and community service. Geelong Region Venturer Commissioner, Ms Julie Gunn said that she was proud of Alex’s efforts. She noted his award had involved exceptional leadership, and commitment. Alex is looking forward to commencing a Town Planning course at RMIT this year. Well done and best wishes, Alex.

College Board members

I recently received a flyer in the mail promoting the ‘2018 National School Boards Week’ which is held in the first week of term three every year in Australia schools. I don’t know under what authority this week is declared. However, the flyer prompted me to think it is important to acknowledge and promote the valuable contribution of our College’s Board. Affirming the valuable contribution of our College Board members was also in the forefront of my mind as I had just attended the Board Retreat at Anglesea from Friday evening until mid-Saturday afternoon. The time spent with the Board members reinforced for me what a blessing for our College that we have such capable, dedicated and committed women and men supporting our College. Our Board members play a significant leadership role. The Board has a valuable advisory role. Members are appointed by the President of the Canonical Administrators to ensure strong governance of the College. They contribute a variety of skills and knowledge to the decision-making processes, seek to enhance their stewardship of the school, work in partnership with the College Executive and ensure the College is focused on and fostering its Vision, Mission and Values. The College Board Members: Tony Frizza Chairperson and past Principal of Emmaus College Fr. James Puppady President of the Canonical Administrators & St Thomas Parish Priest Peter Cooper Xavier College Representative, Director of Burke Hall ....continued on Page 3

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Fr Jim Clarke Parish Priest St Mary of the Angels Basilica Parish Rev Fr. Gerard Healy SJ Representative of Australian Province of the Society of Jesus Lisa Bell Parents and Friends’ Representative Darren Henry Past Parent and Accountant Steve Gibbs Past Parent and Operational Risk Manager Toby O’Connor Company Director - Social Services Sector Fran Kealey Former Director of Teacher Development SICG Marie Emmitt Emeritus Professor of Australian Catholic University Jo-Anne Britt Previous PFA President & Teacher/ Researcher Deakin University Michael Exton Principal David Fitzgerald Business Manager Paul Lewis Deputy Principal (Staff, Identity and Operations) Annette Chidzey Deputy Principal (Teaching & Learning) Michael Timms Deputy Principal (Students) Among the many matters the Board deals with, recent areas that have been on the agenda include the College Masterplan, purchase of additional land, building program, review of various policies, and Overseas Learning Experience (Trips) Program. As mentioned, the Board provides valuable advice to the College Executive. An important area of governance is ensuring the College is enhancing its Catholic Ignatian ethos and identity. The Board Retreat provided a valuable formation opportunity for each Board member to develop their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the Jesuit Education Vision which will better enable them to carry out their role.

Thank you to Jesuits, Fr Gerard Healy SJ and Fr Michael Head SJ, and Board Chairperson, Mr Tony Frizza, for leading the retreat.

Sport at Saint Ignatius Last week, I met with our Sports Coordinator, Mr Andrew Philp, to discuss the sporting program at the College. It was great to hear about the opportunities available, the number of students participating and the level of success being achieved.

Some very commendable achievements to date for the College are: l

GISSA Tennis Champions

l GISSA Years 9/10 Cricket Champions l Surf Life Saving League Girls Team Winners of the independent schools surf league event at Torquay. l Fraser House winning the 2018 House Swimming Carnival. Well done and congratulations to the team members.

We also discussed Mr Philp’s sporting philosophy. I share some of our conversation below by way of promotion of our sports program.

We, unfortunately, didn’t have enough time at the end of the Swimming Carnival to acknowledge the Age Champions.

Mr Philp has a passion for sport.

This will be done at the next full school assembly.

“Above all else provide opportunities. Provide an environment of acceptance where connections are made with each team member and relationships built between coaches and players.” In his 2017 Sport Report, Mr Philp wrote: “I think Coach Norman Dale, got it right in the 1986 movie ‘Hoosiers’…..Coach Dale gives a pre-game speech to his players…. And the most important, don’t get caught up thinking about winning or losing this game. If you put your effort and concentration into playing to your potential, to be the best that you can be, I don’t care what the scoreboard says at the end of the game, in my book we are going to be winners.”

Labour Day Holiday A reminder that next Monday 12th March is a Public Holiday and the College will be closed for the day. Best wishes for an enjoyable long weekend. Best wishes,

Michael Exton Principal

Mr Philp does a great job and, I thank him and the many staff members and volunteers who support the sports program through coaching or managing a team. So far we have had a very busy start to the program with many different competitions and the House Swimming Carnival being held. Well done to all students who participated in these competitions and in particular, I was very pleased with the high attendance rate (same as a ‘normal’ school day) at the Swimming Carnival at Kardinia Pool. There are photos taken on the day on pages 6 and 7 of this newsletter.

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Faith Matters Blessed are those who trust in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord. They shall be like a tree planted by water, sending out its roots by the stream. It shall not fear when heat comes,and its leaves shall stay green; In the year of drought it is not anxious,and it does not cease to bear fruit. Jerimiah 17:7-8

Manna Gum The changing seasons have certainly made an impact over the last fortnight at the College. Ferocious winds have caused much damage here and around the region. Many of our trees have lost limbs or have been pruned by our maintenance staff to limit potential havoc they might cause should they fall. As we move into the final weeks of Lent these things offer us great insight into our journey as we prepare for Jesus’ passion and resurrection. As we were reminded by the floods last year, our College is located in a watershed. However, the Bellarine more generally is poorly drained, swampy and according to the local Indigenous mythology Bunyip country. Because of this feature, there are many remnant habitat sites across the region that have some quite old and spectacular Manna Gum trees: Eucalyptus viminalis. What a wonderful thing to pause and reflect upon. The Manna gum. A large tree, with big, sturdy branches, home to koala and birds of many kinds, offering shade form the sun, providing oxygen and fuel that we can also use. Manna indeed. The Bible is littered with images of strong trees. Some are symbolic. Some are metaphorical and illustrate a prophecy. Some trees are in fact not even trees! The image of the vine in some cases surpasses the attributes of the largest cedar. As we move through Lent, let us pause and consider the Manna gum and what it may teach us about our spiritual life. The Manna gum is a large tree with an extensive root system. To cope with drought, it sends its roots deep into the soil and in so doing also accesses nutrients and minerals that other trees cannot. If located in the right area they can even metabolise gold found in the soil, which is then cycled into the leaves and bark! Because of this vast root system, it grows fast and tall. It has many large branches that help further its growth through photosynthesis. With deep roots, a tree can support large branches. This is true in our lives as well. With deep roots we are strong. Healthy relationships, especially with our family and God nourish us, support us and make us strong. When the storms rage around us and pull at us, we do not fall because we are firmly rooted in good soil. Just like the Manna gum that grows over deposits of gold, we too can offer treasure to the world that may be inaccessible to others. The way we live our lives of faith is a precious gift to the world and all those who we encounter. Our faith-filled lives and our actions bring treasure into the lives of others. By our words and actions, we become a living image of the One who came to save and serve all people.

With deep, healthy roots we also grow fast and have full, strong branches. Our ‘branches’ offer so much to the world. Through our lives, we provide for others emotionally and spiritually through our love, compassion and friendship. Sometimes by just being we sometimes unknowingly provide for people in ways we do not know of! Even the strongest Eucalypt sometimes loses a limb. Although scarred for a period the tree lives on. Often a hollow form that then provides shelter for birds that otherwise wouldn’t be able to nest and breed. Sometimes the limb lost was in fact damaged previously or diseased and in losing the limb, the tree is healthier because of this fortuitous event. As we journey through Lent, we should be encouraged in knowing this. Because it’s true that we all need a little pruning. When we reflect we see things in our lives that need to be removed from our life or at least changed somewhat. When we make a choice to do some pruning, we become healthier and just like the tree we may find that what we leave behind may allow others to grow. Just like the Manna gum we need water from time to time to survive. Although deep-rooted, without rain the strongest tree will not be able to live. Even in drought, the tree is assured that rain will come. Although it must wait, it has established itself well so that it can ride out these seasonal challenges. The source of our rainfall is of course God. When we encounter Him in the mass, in Scripture or others, we are offered the one element vital to all life. This is the most essential component in our lives. We may also observe that God’s goodness is offered to all people equally and without favour. During Lent, we are encouraged to seek out the ‘rain’ in our lives and make further efforts to encounter God in our day. We can be joyous that although we make good use of this gift that it’s offered to all people, maybe we can be the reason another might also be washed clean or their thirst quenched. Over the coming weeks, I encourage you to walk amongst the trees and observe them with awe. They are a gift to us in so many ways. The Manna gum, which provides so much can also teach us many things. Sometimes we need to reach deeper into the things that hold us firm. Sometimes we may need the storms of life or the gardener to prune the things that are not good for us. Sometimes we might just need to sit and be affirmed that although not perfect we provide for many people in unique ways and that we are doing well. In fact, in some ways, we might not realise how valued and loved we are; especially in the eyes of He who creates all things. Yours in Christ, Brendan Nicholls Liturgy Coordiantor

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Open Day 2018 Sunday 18th March

Open 11am to 2pm with Information Sessions 11am and 12.15pm Tours of Facilities Course Information Presentations and Exhibitions Meet our Staff and Students

Saint Ignatius College Geelong is unique in the region as the only co-educational Catholic secondary college where young women and men engage intellectually and work collaboratively as equals. Our students reap the benefits of the time-honoured Ignatian Tradition of Education, which nurtures academic excellence and empowers students to develop Competence, Conscience and Compassion. Visit Download an enrolment application form and view our online College Prospectus. Contact our Registrar for further enquiries:

St. Ignatius. Inspiring me to be a leader.

Saint Ignatius College Geelong 27 Peninsula Drive, Drysdale 3222. T: 03 5251 1136

Enrolments: Year 7 2019 Applications close on Friday 18th May, 2018.

House Swimming Carnival Photos

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House Swimming Carnival Photos

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Information Learning Centre Happenings What a start to the school year – busy with assisting classes with their research needs as well as the WIRED program. To assist with the smooth operation of the ILC, here a few reminders; l The ILC is open from 8am - 4.30pm including recess and all of lunchtime. Student Borrowing l Students require their Student ID card to borrow. l Students can borrow books for 2 weeks, magazines and dvds for 1 week. l Students can reborrow items twice providing they are not overdue or requested by another user. l Students can reserve items out on loan l Students with overdue items are unable to borrow until the overdue item is returned.

Overdue Procedures l Students will receive an courtesy overdue email reminder once an item is 1 or more days overdue. The emails will continue until the item is returned. l

Stage 1 After an item is 2 working days overdue, ILC staff will email Home room Teachers to remind the students to return the item/s ASAP.


Stage 2 After an item is 5 working days over due, an email will be sent to the students, Homeroom teacher and Year Level Coordinator informing them of the overdue item. There will be a consequence of a level one infringement with a new date due set for the return of the item.


Stage 3 After 7 working days overdue, a phone call or email by the ILC Coordinator will be given to parents informing them of their child’s over due item/s. There will be a consequence of a level one infringement with the requirement to return the item ASAP or within 2 days.

l Stage 4 Item/s still not returned after 10 working days another level one infringement is given. This may result in an After School Detention. Leonie Stephenson ILC Coordinator

JESUIT SOCIAL SERVICES ANNUAL FUNDRAISING DINNER Saturday 17th, 7pm Members Dining Room, MCG Please join Jesuit Social Services for an evening of entertainment and celebration of a shared desire to build a just society. Rosie Batty, 2015 Australian of the Year is this year’s guest speaker delivering the annual Frank Costigan QC Address. Rosie, as CEO and Founder of the Luke Batty Foundation is an outspoken and dynamic crusader against family violence. MC Tom Gleisner will preside over a night that will feature insights into the work of Jesuit Social Services, fundraising as well as entertainment to ensure a truly stimulating and enjoyable event. Cost: $175 per person. Tables of 10 available. Bookings: TryBooking on RSVP: by Monday 5th March

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Dr Seuss Day Photos

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School Sports Victoria - Information for Parents Dear Parents, Saint Ignatius College has a membership with School Sport Victoria (SSV) that allows any student an opportunity to trial for a ‘Team Vic’ team that participate in School Sport Australia National Championships. State teams are selected for twenty different sports. This list of sports and age groups is available from the SSV website: SSV uses an online nomination process via the SSV website for all interstate Team Vic representative teams. Parents are responsible for registering their child and for obtaining all details relating to trial dates, times, venues and costs.

The School Sport Australia program of National Championships provides outstanding opportunities for students to participate at national level, representing their school and their state. Please visit the SSV website for further information. Each year a number of Saint Ignatius students trial in the sports offered and are successful in representing their state. I encourage parents and students to make the most of the opportunities offered by School Sport Victoria. Yours In Sport Andrew Philp Director Of Sport

Geelong F.C. Student Leaders Breakfast Twenty-five student leaders recently attended an early morning leadership breakfast at the Potato Shed with several players from the Geelong Football Club. After the delicious breakfast, the players discussed leadership positions they had filled in high school, positions they hold now and the qualities needed to be a great leader. There was also time for students to ask questions of the players.

We learnt how they dealt with balancing football, school work and social commitments during high school.

The program also focused on the “just think” Campaign which the Geelong Football Club created.

Many of the players were fairly young and were able to relate and give great insight and advice.

This was a really valuable experience. Players in attendance included Mark Blicavs, Scott Selwood, Zac Tuohy, Mitch Duncan, Cam Guthrie and several others.

Mark Blicavs addressed the group about the importance of surrounding yourself around the right people and to be careful to think before you act in risktaking behaviour.

Maddie Crothers College Vice Captain

There was quite a lot of discussion centred around the values based culture that has been built at the club. It was interesting to see that there were several similarities between the club and our school.

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Student Representative Council Update As the school year has begun, so has the new year of the SRC Committee.

We are all pleased to announce the following positions of leadership for 2018:

We have already had discussions about what we hope to achieve, and started to plan for the year ahead.


Promotions Officer

Ella O’Brien

Heidi Bakker


Casual Day Co-ordinator

Samuel Salisbury

Madeleine Crothers

This year, the SRC have elected members to undertake specific roles which will help in the smooth running of the committee, and ensure that we all work together. We welcome any suggestions or feedback, and look forward to a great 2018! Heidi Bakker Year 10 SRC Representative

Maths News Mangahigh

Maths Help

This year we are pleased to be using Mangahigh to consolidate student learning for all Years 7-9 Maths classes.

It was great to see many new students at our Maths Tuition session last Wednesday.

Mangahigh is an online maths program that includes a full range of Maths tutorials and games. All activities adapt in difficulty to the ability of the student and encourage learning by application of theory through repetition and practice.

Students can use these sessions to catch up on homework and have maths concepts explained to them in a relaxed and informal setting.

Mangahigh is not just for the classroom – it is a great way to consolidate learning and build skills at home. The teacher may specifically set tasks or students can select their own questions as a revision tool. And there are games!

We are very pleased to have an enthusiastic group of Year 12 Maths students who have volunteered to come along each week to help our junior students.

We look forward to seeing many more students take up this opportunity. Mr Craig Browne is also running Maths Help sessions for all interested Further Maths students on Friday afternoons in the ILC. Please note that students will need to make their own way home at the end of the session. Colleen Boland Maths Learning Area Leader

Maths tuition is available every Wednesday lunchtime in room X05. We look forward to seeing many more students take up this opportunity.

Important Immunisation Dates For 2018 Tuesday 27.03.18 from 9.05am - Year 7: Gardasil 9 dose 1 and Boostrix Tuesday 21.108.18 - Year 10: Meningococcal W Thursday 08.11.18 from 9.05am - Year 7: Gardasil 9 dose 2 A Jesuit Partner School


Amazing Hat-Trick in GISSA Tennis Knowing we had held the title for two consecutive years, the Saint Ignatius A team were pumped to claim victory again at the GISSA Tennis Championships held at Geelong Lawn Tennis Club on Monday, 26 February. The GISSA tournament had three schools participating: Saint Ignatius College, Christian College (Highton & Drysdale campuses) and Kardinia International College. Selecting from a pool of 78 interested students from Years 7-12, we were represented by a talented squad of 18 very enthusiastic and skilled players who were divided into Pool A and Pool B. The matches consisted of two singles and three doubles sets, with the Pool A singles being a best of 3-set and the Pool B being an 8 game set. On arrival, our Captain for the day Josh McPhee (a Yr 10 student with an impressive ranking of 300 in Australia) got the students match-ready with some fitness drills and conditioning exercises. Our match first up was against Kardinia and it was an excellent spectacle of superb shot-making and commendable sportsmanship. Once again, Josh showed phenomenal fitness and precision as he blasted his way to a 6-1, 6-2 win against an opponent who ran everything down and forced Josh to hit some blistering shots. It was joyful to watch this exceptional standard of tennis. Louis Walter had a marathon singles match of nearly two hours, eventually claiming victory at 11-9 in a third set tie-breaker. Despite being in considerable pain with a pinched nerve, Louis soldiered on and grimaced his way through many tough points until finally his penetrating cross-court drive sealed the match. His incredible courage and commitment to his team were an inspiration to all! In the doubles, it was the Year 12 veteran, Steph Golightly who teamed up with the Year 8 gun, Sam Hines, to battle it out in a strongly-contested match, coming out on top with an 8-5 win.

The senior boys combination of Will Pavey and Bailey Ash struck some tenacious opposition and persevered but were unable to convert close games, going down 8-0.

He showed wonderful composure and smart shot selection to endure and seal the match with a 6-4, 6-4 win, giving us a narrow victory (4 sets 33 games to 3 sets 37 games).

The last pairing of Tom Muir and Ben Reid were far too strong and they teamed very successfully to achieve a fantastic 8-1 result, giving Saint Ignatius a winning result of 6 sets -51 games to 2 sets -36 games.

Our doubles contests were not as successful this time round, although the matches highlighted the depth of tennis ability in our students and their positive attitude to keep trying til the very end.

In the Pool B games, the competition was tight and endurance and consistency were needed. Lochie Dwyer showed great thinking and much grit in his singles to achieve a commendable 8-4 result, whilst Abbey McPhee doggedly ran down balls but lost long rallies, going down 8-1. The doubles matches were very even and it was only in the latter games that Kardinia were able to consolidate and claim victory. Well done to Bonnie Symons and Hudson Choong and the second pairing of Audrey Hughan and Alyssa Dickeson who all remained determined throughout and pushed their opposition, securing 8-4 losses. The final doubles combination of Kynan Bond and Zac Dwyer was a confident display of persistence and saw Saint Igantius take the set (8-6) after many skilful rallies and effective volleying by our boys. Yet despite our valiant efforts, we weren’t able to come out on top, narrowly being defeated 2 sets, 25 games to 3 sets, 34 games.

Similarly, our Pool B team faced another formidable round of tough matches and Sam O’Brien and Tom Bothe were added to the line-up. Congratulations go to all players who represented our College in a fantastic spirit and were gracious in both victory and defeat. Our A Team celebrated the hat-trick victory and it was a fitting end for Steph Golightly especially, who played her last GISSA and should be commended for her commitment to Saint Ignatius tennis over the past six years. Always a team player, Steph fought hard, had fun and readily mentored the younger players. Special thanks to all the parents who came along to support their child and our students; to Maddie Clifton for sharing the manager duties and to Andrew Philp for his ongoing promotion of this sport at our College. Finally, to all students for their superb attitude and passion for the game.

Our friendly rivals, Christian College, many of whom our players come up against in Saturday competition, provided the usual outstanding, high-quality tennis that has marked our previous clashes.

It was a pleasure to witness your determined efforts and applaud your success, especially the Pool A team who once again were champions of GISSA Tennis.

Josh was very convincing in his singles and his quick-paced returns, along with many cleverly executed overheads enabled a comprehensive 6-0, 6-1 result.

Deb Hodge Team Manager 2018

Tom Muir stepped up for the second singles (due to Louis’ injury) and unbeknownst to him, his match result would decide the overall victory/defeat.

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Saint Ignatius GISSA Tennis Photos

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Canteen Roster Starting March 12th Monday 12th No Canteen Labour Day Holiday Tuesday 13th M. Dunstan, R. O Haire, L. Vella, Needed Wednesday 14th S Peters, K. James, N. Condon, L. Sitlington Thursday 15th S. Jenkins, M. White, L. Eastwood, Needed Friday 16th J. Marles, S. Hammond, A. Van Den Bosch, M. Kelly Starting March 19th Monday 19th T. Smale, E. Don, T. Kevich, L. Grist, C. Kopec Tuesday 20th L. Tigani, C. Fraim, A. Schneider, A. Quick, S. Twaits Wednesday 21st R. Hay, L. Vella, Needed, Needed Thursday 22nd M. White Friday 23rd E. Stokie, L. Hart, L. Grant, J. Tarlteton If unable to attend, please make sure you get a replacement.

Sandra Woodall Tel: 0417 050 258

Parents and Friends’ Association: Open Day 2018 Sunday March 18th Open Day is fast approaching and once again the PFA will be holding a BBQ to raise money for Timor Leste projects. This is a big day for the College and the PFA - our time to show everyone what we are all about, and we really need your help to make it a success. Thank you to those who have volunteered so far. We still require more helpers for the BBQ and drink sales to help us out with setting up, food service and clean/pack up. Just an hour or 2 is all we ask for. Please use this Sign up link: to register your availability. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact us via our email and we can sign you up manually:

Secondhand Uniform Shop Special Opening Time: Open Day - Sunday 18th March 10:00am until 2:00pm (Only Selling to Existing College Families) Volunteers are still required for the Open Day Roster. Please use this link to register your availability asap. Thank you

The Shop is open on Wednesday afternoons during the Term. 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Pop in for all your Uniform needs, including some new stock items. We are always welcoming new volunteers to our roster. If you are available for 2 hours on any Wednesday please indicate this by using the link We will provide on the spot training.

Pre-Sales are now open for the 2018 Entertainment Book

Brochures are available at the Office or you can pre-order online and receive your free extra page of vouchers. Every sale contributes to our fundraiser. Don’t delay! Purchase today! See the next page for more details and an order form.

New Members are always welcome Becoming involved with this the Parents and Friends’ Association is one of the best ways to meet new friends, and help our College community thrive. We would like to invite you to join us - get to know us, what is going on within the school and voice your ideas or concerns because your opinion and input matters. Our next Meeting will be held on: April 17th - 7.00pm in the Food Tech Room. All welcome to attend. For more information - or to indicate interest please email us at: If you have indicated interest previously, or have not heard from us in a while, please email us with your current address to help us correct this problem.

Be on the PFA email list to hear all the news first! Email us at to get on the list.

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A Jesuit Partner School


 &/EE/>^^/^dE /E&KZDd/KE&KZWZEd^ ǀĞƌLJsŝĐƚŽƌŝĂŶĐŚŝůĚƐŚŽƵůĚŚĂǀĞĂĐĐĞƐƐƚŽƚŚĞǁŽƌůĚŽĨůĞĂƌŶŝŶŐŽƉƉŽƌƚƵŶŝƚŝĞƐƚŚĂƚĞdžŝƐƚ ďĞLJŽŶĚƚŚĞĐůĂƐƐƌŽŽŵ͘dŚĞĂŵƉƐ͕^ƉŽƌƚƐĂŶĚdžĐƵƌƐŝŽŶƐ&ƵŶĚŚĞůƉƐĞŶƐƵƌĞƚŚĂƚŶŽƐƚƵĚĞŶƚ ǁŝůůŵŝƐƐŽƵƚŽŶƚŚĞŽƉƉŽƌƚƵŶŝƚLJƚŽũŽŝŶƚŚĞŝƌĐůĂƐƐŵĂƚĞƐĨŽƌŝŵƉŽƌƚĂŶƚ͕ĞĚƵĐĂƚŝŽŶĂůĂŶĚĨƵŶ activities. It is part of making Victoria the Education State and the Government’s commitment to breaking the link between a student’s background and their outcomes.  DW^͕^WKZd^ΘyhZ^/KE^ &hE;^&Ϳ













&ŽƌŵŽƌĞŝŶĨŽƌŵĂƚŝŽŶĂďŽƵƚƚŚĞ^&ǀŝƐŝƚ ǁǁǁ͘ĞĚƵĐĂƚŝŽŶ͘ǀŝĐ͘ŐŽǀ͘ĂƵͬĐƐĞĨ

Closing Date Completed applications can be lodged with the College from the start of Term 1 (2 February 2018) closing date is 29 June 2018. A copy of your current concession card must be attached to your application.



insights Exposing kids to challenges helps prevent anxiety in later life by Michael Grose

Two important Australian studies released recently support what teachers and mental health experts have been saying for some time: that exposing kids to safe challenges in childhood promotes resilience and better mental health in later life. The results of a study into children’s wellbeing by mental health organisation beyondblue found young people who were able to talk about their emotions and who were exposed to failure and loss at a young age are better equipped to deal with a variety of challenges as they grow. Similarly, findings of a Macquarie University long-term study into children’s mental health found that children who were exposed to safe risks were happier, less anxious and more able to handle every day problems such as rejection, teasing and failure. Both studies point to the need for children to experience failure, to be involved in play with peers and to be encouraged to face their fears rather than avoid them. With one in six Australian children and teenagers experiencing anxiety on a regular basis it’s essential that kids of all ages are provided with the skills and experiences they need to develop mental resilience. Let’s kick off this process with the following five strategies: 1. Encourage kids to spend more time with other children When children spend more time among themselves they rely less on adults to solve problems for them. In fact, when kids play among themselves they take on the authority of adults in their absence. They negotiate about what and how to play. They will often make up the rules of their games, modifying them as they go along and challenging other children’s interpretations. “You’re not playing by the rules” is a common childhood retort, but the important thing to remember is that, left to their own devices, kids will generally resolve such conflict situations more creatively and with more finality than if adults become involved. 2. Help children be good losers and gracious winners In recent years there’s been an aversion to exposing kids to losing, particularly when it comes to the sporting field. Some codes, in an effort to improve the participatory experience for kids, don’t keep scores and give prizes for participation rather than achievement. However, these practices prevent kids from experiencing both the resilience-building disappointment that comes with a loss and the confidence-building satisfaction that comes from winning. More significantly, they prevent kids from refining the art of being good losers and gracious

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winners, both important skills to learn for future development. 3. Encourage kids to talk about emotions and feelings It’s important that children become comfortable with unpleasant feelings such as disappointment, fear and nervousness rather than be debilitated by them. We need to allow children to experience events that lead to unpleasant emotions. We also need to feel comfortable ourselves with our children’s unpleasant feelings. Enabling children to verbalise their unpleasant feelings helps them process and make sense of their emotions. Healthy families and safe classrooms work on the principal that there’s nothing so bad that we can’t talk about it in the right way, but that there are behaviours we won’t tolerate. 4. Model calm and rational thinking High emotions are very contagious. When a child is angry, fearful or upset we can easily feel the same way. It’s vital that we manage the ways that we react to our child’s emotions so that we can provide an effective, empathetic response. The best way to manage our own reactivity when kids are upset is through breathing. Taking a breath gives us a moment to regain control and remain calm. We can then ask questions and logically think our way through the situation rather than catastrophising and letting our thoughts run amok. Adults who model calm, thoughtful behaviours in the face of stress show children and teenagers how to respond in safe, effective ways to stressful situations rather than reacting at an emotional level. 5. Encourage children to become independent problem solvers When adults solve problems for children and young people, we not only increase their dependency on us but we teach them to be afraid of making mistakes and to blame themselves for not being good enough. That’s fertile ground for anxiety and depressive illness. When your child brings a routine problem to you and expects you to solve it (such as leaving lunch at home or sorting out a friendship dispute), step back and invite them to resolve the problem for themselves instead. We don’t want to deter kids from coming to us for advice when they have a difficulty, but we do want to encourage them and teach them to work through their concerns themselves. Stepping back and allowing children and teenagers to experience many of life’s challenges, whether social, academic or physical, can be a difficult thing to do for well-meaning adults. However, part of growing up means that children and young people need to develop the skills and aptitude they will need to manage a range of challenging situations well after they have left the safe confines of school and family. As the research is telling us, the best way for them to do this is to allow our kids to navigate their challenges by themselves, surrounded by supportive, rather then over-protective, adults.

Michael Grose Michael Grose, founder of Parenting Ideas, is one of Australia’s leading parenting educators. He’s the author of 10 books for parents including Thriving! and the best-selling Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change It, and his latest release Spoonfed Generation: How to raise independent children.

We're a Parenting Ideas school

Parish Mass Times 2018 Bell Park Parish

Geelong Parish

Holy Family

St Mary of the Angels Basilica

147 Separation St, Bell Park, VIC 3215 Sunday: 8.00am, 9.30am, 11.00am Croatian, 12.15pm Slovenian 2nd Sunday Only

150 Yarra St, Geelong, VIC 3220 Sunday: 7.30am, 9.30am, 11.00am, 12.15pm Polish, 5.30pm Saturday: 6.00pm Vigil

Ss Peter & Paul’s Cnr Mercer & Malone St, Geelong West, VIC 3218 Sunday: 11.00am 2nd and 4th Sunday only Saturday: 5.00pm Vigil

Holy Spirit Cnr Bostock Ave & Nambool St, Manifold Heights, VIC 3218 Sunday: 11.00am 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays only Saturday: 6.00pm Vigil

Grovedale, Anglesea and Torquay Parish Nazareth 10 Griffith St, Grovedale, VIC 3216 Sunday: 10.30am

St Therese’s 43a Surfcoast Highway, Torquay, VIC 3228 Sunday: 8.45am

Belmont Parish

St Christopher’s

St Bernard’s

72 Bingley Parade, Anglesea, VIC 3230 Saturday: 6.00pm Vigil

74 Fryers Rd, Belmont, VIC 3216 Sunday: 9.00am, 10.30am Saturday: 6.30pm Vigil

Corio and Lara Parish St Francis Xavier 143 Bacchus Marsh Rd, Corio, VIC 3214 Sunday: 10.30am Saturday: 7.00pm Vigil

Meredith Parish St Joseph’s 28 Lawler St, Meredith, VIC 3333 Sunday: 11.00am Alternate Sunday

Sacred Heart

St Anthony’s

70 Hamilton Highway, Inverleigh, VIC3321 Sunday: 9.00am except last Sunday of the month when it will be at Bannockburn gymnasium

Kees Road, Lara, VIC 3212 Sunday: 9.00am

St Brigid’s

Drysdale Parish

2439 Ballan Road, Anakie, VIC 3221 Sunday: 11.00am Alternate Sunday

St Thomas

St John the Baptist

Peninsula Drive, Drysdale, VIC 3222 Sunday: 9.00am

4 Harding St, Winchelsea, VIC 3230 Saturday: 6.00pm Vigil

St Patrick’s

St John the Evangelist

10 - 14 Harding St, Portarlington, VIC 3223 Sunday: 9.00am

24 High Street, Bannockburn, VIC 3331 Sunday: 9.00am Mass in the Stadium last Sunday of the month

St Phillip & St James 1345 Murraduc Rd, St Leonards, VIC 3223 Saturday: 6.00pm Vigil Lumen Christi 66 Kensington Road, Leopold, VIC 3224 Sunday: 10.30am

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The Bellarine Training and Community Hub’s Bi-Annual

13th April to 15th April 2018@ 1 John Dory Drive, Ocean Grove Register by 29th March 2018


Drop off artwork 10th or 11th April 9am –3pm.

6PM to 10PM

For more information, please contact the Bellarine Training and Community Hub on 5255 4294.

Exhibition open Saturday & Sunday from 10am to 2pm Selected artwork for sale

Artworks will include: Sculpture, Photography, Graffiti Art, Graphic Art & Painting / Drawing

Save the Date 1. Thursday 8 March 2018 Maeve Heaney Merging Music and Theology 2. Thursday 17 May 2018 Sarah Afshar Baha’i Faith 3. Thursday 23 August 2018 Fr Richard Leonard SJ ’Why express faith at all?’ 4. Thursday 18 October 2018 Naomi Wolfe Indigenous Spirituality 7.00pm start Celies Dining Room Sacred Heart College

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Monday 19 March 2018


7.00–8.30pm Light supper available from 6.30pm


Moolap & Barrabool Hills Baptist Church 4–32 Province Boulevard, Highton


Please register at: https://michaelcarrgreggparentingforum.


Designed for parents/carers of young people aged 10-16 years

Could $500 help you with high‑school costs? Join Saver Plus and we’ll match your savings, dollar for dollar, up to $500 for school costs. specialist subjects

uniforms & shoes

books & supplies


sports fees & gear

camps & excursions


To join Saver Plus, you must have a Centrelink Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card, be at least 18 years old, have some regular income from work (you or your partner), and have a child at school or attend vocational education yourself.

Dr Michael Carr–Gregg is one of Australias’s highest profile adolescent and child psychologists in private practice. He is also the author of 12 books and is the resident parenting expert on several television and radio programs.


CITY OF GREATER GEELONG PO Box 104, Geelong VIC 3220 P: 03 5272 5272 E:

Phone 03 5278 8122

laptops & tablets

Dr Michael Carr–Gregg exclusively represented by Saxton.

100 Brougham Street, Geelong VIC 3220 8:00am – 5:00pm

Contact Amanda Vernon your local Saver Plus Coordinator

LATEST NEWS: CityofGreaterGeelong




Saver Plus is an initiative of the Brotherhood of St Laurence and ANZ, delivered in partnership with Berry Street, The Benevolent Society and The Smith Family and other local community agencies including Bethany. The program is funded by ANZ and the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Go to for more information.

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Community Notice Board 2018 BELLARINE YOUTH ACTION CREW




THURSDAY 22 MARCH / 4.30PM – 7.00PM


Barwon Heads FNC is proud to be one of ten clubs chosen to field a Seniors Women’s team in the 2018 AFL Barwon competition and we are looking for people to join us on this exciting journey.



Junior Footballers – LFNC welcome junior girls & boys!

Our BHFNC Women’s Football approach is modeled on the successful program the club has in place for its current football and netball teams. In 2018, a newly created role of Director of Women’s Football will join our Committee and work with the Director of Men’s Football and Director of Junior Football to further create an integrated “one club” approach to football.

Our Mission is to be recognized as a competitive, community and value orientated, professional, fun and successful sporting club, equally admired for on-field and off-field achievements and we see Women and Girls Football as integral to our ethos.

CALLING ALL PLAYERS Right now, we are very keen to hear from potential U18 and Senior Women’s players who are interested in playing with BHFNC Seagulls in 2018. If you are interested in getting involved or would like more information, please send an email to and we will get back to you quicker than a stab pass. Thanks to Marcel Berens Sports Photography for the action photos and Paul Kelly Creative for the ….creative!

Season 2018 Is Here We are encouraging junior girls & boys to train with Leopold Football Netball Club – all ages from U09 to U17 Training Nights: U09-U13 Wed nights U12/U15 Girls Wed nights U15 – Pre-season Wed & Fri nights U17 – Pre-season Mon & Wed nights Contact: Junior Football Director –0409 026 965 Junior Secretary – 0400 425 801 Email – Facebook – Leopold Lions FNC A Jesuit Partner School


Community Notice Board Celebrating ,- years and 1.3 million Aussies helping to beat blood cancer in ,-1; Leopold residents Ossie Le Marquand and Phil Hayden joins 20th Anniversary Shave Team Leopold resident Ossie Le Marquand and Phil Hayden will join more than 20,000 Aussies in 2018 as the Leukaemia Foundation celebrates the 20th birthday of the iconic World’s Greatest Shave campaign. Ossie and Phil will join more than 1.9 million extraordinary Aussies of all ages who have helped beat blood cancer over the past two decades by getting sponsored to shave, colour, wax, cut pony tails, banish beards and trim top knots. Leukaemia Foundation CEO Bill Petch is encouraging anyone who has been thinking about shaving for some time to make 2018 their year to sign up. “Whether you have a personal connection to blood cancer or simply want to have fun and raise money for a good cause, we’re asking Australians to join the World’s Greatest Shave for our big 20th anniversary,” said Mr Petch. “With your help we’re aiming to raise $16 million so more people survive their blood cancer.” Money raised will give families facing blood cancer including leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma the free emotional and practical support they need as well as help fund vital research. For the first time, the World’s Greatest Shave is ‘going green’ in 2018 thanks to a partnership with Sustainable Salons Australia. This means ponytails snipped from those taking part in the event will now be turned into wigs for cancer patients, shorter hair clippings will be transformed into compost and floating booms to absorb oil spills at sea and empty cans of coloured hairspray will be diverted away from landfill back into recycled resources. My name: School: My age: Suburb/town: My suburb/town: Contact details: My contact details: My goal:

Phil [typeHayden here] 80 oldhere] ugly and bad tempered [type Leopold [type here] $10,000+

Why I’m we’re taking part Why taking part [Is there a personal connection at your school? A student, teacher, parent or sibling living with blood

I spent 46 years teaching. In that time I lost 4 children from my classrooms to cancer. Over the years I cancer? Do250 you units want of toblood/plasma support someone going through treatment? Justfind likeahaving to helpI know have given and hoped that researchers could cure.. fun Simplistic others? Include anything else that’s special about your school – maybe a student might have really but certainly life expectancy has improved out of sight. long hair and plans to cut or shave! Remember media get lots of approaches – what makes you Where different?] and when I will be making my hairy sacrifice March 17th 2018 we will be at Gateway Plaza in Leopold. We will start at 9.30am. By that time I will have green hair out of respect for the Irishmen in the area and to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Ossie and I have already donated $500 each so we are off to a flyer. Hopefully I will have a face painter to do a patch job on all those who shave or have their hair colored. So bring the kids and some cash to donate. Let’s have some fun!!!

For more information and World’s Greatest Shave images please contact: Gail Heritage from our Marketing and Communications team on 0410 755 514 or

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College Calendar March 2018

March 2018 Monday 12th

Labour Day Public Holiday

Tuesday 13th ATSI Students Excursion Clonard Tuesday 13th Year 11 Studio Arts Excursion NGV Wednesday 14th GISSA Swimming Championships Wednesday 14th Year 11 Building & Construction First Aid Training Wednesday 14th Year 7 / 8 Girls AFL Week 1 Wednesday 14th Year 7 in 2019 Scholarship Test Thursday 15th Year 11 VCAL Excursion Anglesea Thursday 15th Timor Immersion Information Evening 7pm to 8.15pm Friday 16th Whole of College Assembly 10.46pm to 12.32pm College Gym

Tuesday 20th Year 8 Excursion Kryal Castle Tuesday 20th Year 12 Italian Dinner Geelong Wednesday 21st Year 9 Leadership Day Anglesea: Beltran, Thomas & Regis Wednesday 21st Year 7 / 8 Girls AFL Week 2 Thursday 22nd College House Athletics Carnival Landy Field Thursday 22nd ATSI Students Excursion Bellbrae Friday 23rd

Interim Reports available to Parents via the Parent Portal

Friday 23rd Year 12 Media Excursion ACMI and Melbourne Museum Friday 23rd Year 7 Science Incursion Widlife Xposure

Friday 16th Year 12 History Excursion Sovereign Hill

Friday 23rd

Friday 16th Year 9 Marine Science Excursion Marine Discovery Centre

Monday 26th Year 11 / 12 Outdoor & Environment Camp Canoeing - Barmah Forest March 26th to 29th

Sunday 18th Open Day 2018 11am to 2pm See our website for details

Tuesday 27th

Intra-School Surf Camp

Year 7 Immunisation

Wednesday 28th Last day of Classes for Term 1

Monday 19th Year 9 Leadership Day Anglesea: Faber, Regis & Mangin

Wednesday 28th Year 10 Health and Nutrition Excursion

Monday 19th Year 7 Incursion Writing Workshop

Wednesday 28th Year 7 / 8 Girls AFL Week 3

Wednesday 28th Whole of College Easter Liturgy

Tuesday 20th Year 9 Leadership Day Anglesea: Gonzaga, Arrupe & Kisai

Wednesday 28th Parent / Student / Teacher Conferences 4.00pm to 8.00pm

Tuesday 20th Year 7 Science Incursion Widlife Xposure

Thursday 29th

Student Free Day

Thursday 28th Parent / Student / Teacher Conferences 9.00am to 12noon

Look for the Calendar available through the Saint Ignatius College Website: T IGNATIUS COLLEGE SAIN

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Edition 3 March 8th 2018 (hr)  

Saint Ignatius College Geelong Edition 3 March 8th 2018 Newsletter

Edition 3 March 8th 2018 (hr)  

Saint Ignatius College Geelong Edition 3 March 8th 2018 Newsletter