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Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GoIRA) Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) National and Regional Resource Corridors Program (NRRCP)

Overview: NRRCP is the NPP flagship program which focuses on developing the critical physical and social infrastructure needed to obtain benefits directly from large scale exploitation of Afghanistan’s mineral resources and indirectly from trade facilitation and other sectors’ Expansion. The program also focuses on developing the social infrastructure, private sector development and skills building with clear links to other NPPs and Clusters.

Goals :  Progressing Afghanistan’s financial independence through strategic and prioritized infrastructure development that enables private sector investment.  Connecting Afghanistan to the region and the rest of the world through promotion of inter-state resource corridors as a means to realize Afghanistan’s natural resource, growth, revenue and employment potential

Objectives: – Development of critical rail, road and –

infrastructure needed to realize Afghanistan’s inherent mineral resources.

 Facilitate the rehabilitation and upgrading of traditional transport and trade links.


ďƒ˜ Maximize investment in the corridor area with focus on extractive industry. ďƒ˜ Ensure sustainability by developing policies, strategies and frameworks encompassing a participatory approach to the development

NRRCP Dimensions Theme Infrastructure (power, road, rail, airport)

Incremental investment to turn private goods into public goods  Build missing infrastructure links  Integrate power, water plants  Effective O&M 

Public financial management  Build capacity to develop and implement policy, law and regulation  Local enterprise development  Local employment across mining sector value chain  Local Skills Development 

“Soft” infrastructure


Livelihoods (clusters, jobs)

Environmental and social

Community benefits sharing  Right of way / land acquisition 

Railway able to carry minerals and general cargo  Jalalabad-Torkham road  Transmission line integration  Road maintenance arrangements 

Management of taxes, royalties  EITI and information sharing  Effective policies and laws 

Public-private skills and supplier development program  Local Content Capacity Development 

Community Development Agreements  Special focus of ARAZI on corridors 

Private Sector Development:  Paves the way for the active contribution and involvement of the local private sector in the Business Opportunities of MoMP via its extraction, development and production sharing Contractors.. (CNPCIW, MCC…etc)  Paves the way for building the the local private sector to be able to compete in the bidding process of MoMP.  Paves the way for PPPs, IPPs…establishment.

In order to facilitate this, we have so far:

Prepared Procurement Mechanism and Guideline for CNPCIW on how to involve local private sector and information sharing about the B. opportunities. In close cooperation with ACCI, ABA, Governor of Sari Pul Province conducted Capacity building programs for the local businesses of Sari Pul, Faryab, Ankhoy, Jawizjan, Balk and Kabul Provinces… Assessment of Local Companies of Sari Pul. Vendors Events and more capacity building programs to come…

NRRCP Key Stakeholders Infrastructure




Environment and Social

CSOs , NGOs Local Communit y Local Governme nt

Development Partners


 Mining Investors  Local Businesses  Vocational Trainings Centers  MoCI, MoUD  ACCI, AISA

World Bank’s Support to Afghanistan Resource Corridors Program -

Full fund of NRRCP, ARCP Program

- Provision of different sector consultancy services - Formulating an RC Strategy. - Support ARAZI in RC initiative - Communication Support to Afghanistan Resource Corridors. - Land Acquisition Compensation Handbook - Capacity Assessment reports on local content development (SME and Skills Development).


Contact: Mr. Abdul Mubeen Shahab Director NRRCP / MoMP Email: Mobile: +93(0) 799 86 5501

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