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Sahara Q Shop The Vision Adulteration is a silent Killer. The causes and sources could be varied however the deadly after-effects of adulteration can be seen everywhere in the form of food-borne diseases. Adulteration has seamlessly become part and parcel of our lives. Sahara Q Shop is an initiative to Fight Adulteration and become responsible citizens to nurture a progressive lifestyle for our next generation.

Have you ever wondered why our forefathers lived longer and healthier lives than we do? It is because they shopped pure, and ate healthy. In comparison, how does our present day measure up? Not very favorably, I’m afraid. From daily consumables to food & beverages to beauty & personal care products to technology & lifestyle items, adulteration and malpractice is everywhere. The result? Crippling food borne diseases that often turn fatal – resulting in high medical bills, loss of life, and unending trauma for the entire family.

The connection between quality and a health life is now tested and established by the medical community. As thinking and discerning shoppers, we have to keep our eyes and ears open. As a society, we today stand on the brink of a health disaster. Which side of the purity divide we choose to be, is upto us.

Consumer deserves much better As a guardian of the world’s largest pariwar, and a corporate that puts quality before quantity and values before profit, adulteration has been both a cause of worry and challenge. Indeed, Sahara Q Shop, India’s revolutionary Neighborhood Kirana Retail Venture, was born out of my belief that the consumer deserves much better. Soon, customers across India will be receiving what they genuinely deserve - unmatched purity, fair-price, unending choice and never-before conveniences such as on-time door-step delivery, un-breachable trust and 100% peace of mind‌

A new dawn of quality, health and happiness In their rightful fight against adulteration and injustice, I wanted to stand beside each of my countrymen – whether they be farmers, businessmen or the end consumer. With Sahara Q Shop be assured, therefore, that a new dawn of quality, health and happiness is upon us.

Rewrite the rules of shopping in India

For every Kartavyayogi Karyakarta who dares to dream bigger to become a proud Q Franchise‌ and reap a golden harvest of daily convenience, good health and great profits. I invite you to rewrite the rules of shopping in India. I invite you to take a giant leap into tomorrow‌ with Me.

Sahara q shop the vision