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Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA) By Daphne Davey Making the Connection


ommunication” the twenty-first century buzzword! It comes in all shapes and forms: traditional media to social media to everything else electronic. But the best communication takes place face-to-face. This is where, as human beings, we really make the connection. Our society leans towards separateness. Wherever you go, people are texting or talking on cell phones (as they eat breakfast, walk in the street, ride the bus even while driving). For some, it has become an addiction. “Tuning in” also means “tuning out.” In our therapeutic riding programs, cell phones stay out of the arena. Making the connection with our instructors, riders, and fellow volunteers requires our undivided attention! Safety is of course a first consideration, but tying for first place is Relationships. We have much to learn from our clients with disabilities: the unique qualities, potential, aspirations of each one. Our connectedness with them helps them discover their abilities. We are part of a team, including the horse, helping them to raise the ceiling. When a rider makes the connection with his or her horse, we all get excited. Connecting with each other and with our riders and horses implies not just a commitment to focus, but a generosity of spirit that sets self aside and, in doing so, opens us up to the wonderful possibilities of new relationships. As they blossom in our riders, we are all touched.

Chelsey snuggles up to Ember. Photo by Colleen Hunt.

Your donation to or will make a difference to a child or adult with a disability. For more information, visit and www. Jesse loves to ride at the Joyriders, PEI. Photo courtesy the Joyriders.

Kelowna Riding Club By Jenny Bouwmeester


ith the autumn leaves and cooler weather here the Kelowna Riding club is starting to gear down for the winter. The riding club is still open to riders until the grounds get covered in snow. At the end of September we held a Western Dressage practice day with Sharron Piazza. Western and English riders were welcome to come practice their tests in the Dressage ring and have Sharron give written notes and verbal feedback on their tests. Then riders Equi-Life fall show worked through problem areas with Sharron in order to be more prepared for the next day. The following day we held our fall Dressage Percentage Day fundraiser. These shows are always a great hit and draw riders from both English and Western disciplines. There was a vast array of ages and levels that participated at this show. In October the Equi-Life Hunter Jumper Team held their fall Harvest Hunter Jumper Show. Here riders participate on the flat, over fences, and costume class. This fall Jumper show is a great way to wrap up the end of your show season, and have a little fun dressing up with your equine partner. The team would like to send a special thanks to Scope Equestrian Lifestyle for their generous sponsorship. The club would like to thank all its members and sponsors that have helped us through this past year. It sure was an eventful riding season, and we hope to make next year even more exciting for riders! Check out our website to see upcoming events for 2019. As well, do not forget that earlier birds get a discount on their membership package!

Mellisa on Rosie with coach

Josie on Jandy

Ava on Summer Rain November 2018


Saddle Up November 2018  
Saddle Up November 2018