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Share The Trails Workshop 2015 Review


CBC’s annual Share the Trails workshop was a smashing success, thanks to the entertaining, engaging, and educational feature presentation of the Powell River Experience. Speakers Hugh Prichard, Paul Kamon, and Eagle Walz brought the audience along with them as they toured the Sunshine Coast Trail, exploring the different infrastructure along the way and looking at the communities that the trail runs through. Hugh offered us his experience as a wilderness guide and Outdoor Educator by acting as our workshop guide; navigating us through the combination of presentations, dialogues, and audience activities. Using the tool of audience participation, he encouraged everyone to explore what trails and amenities were available in their own community and then discuss those opportunities with people they only just met.

Lots of positive discussion (and cake!) during the round table portion of the Workshop. Paul inspired the audience with his presentation of the Powell River Story and what the region has to offer. We went on a guided virtual tour of the Upper Sunshine Coast trails and learned of the different trail users that travel this region. Eagle brought to our audience the perspective of the ‘Champion’ of the world class Sunshine Coast Trail. He discussed where the vision came from, what goals they set out for themselves, what challenges and opportunities they faced, and what the best solutions to those challenges have been. A particularly poignant part of the workshop was the 1-degree talk. Hugh spoke of how at 211 degrees Fahrenheit water is super-hot. Add one more degree and it begins to boil. The steam produced from boiling water can power a locomotive, showing us how just that 1 extra 40 • Saddle Up • May 2015

Hugh Prichard acting as the “workshop guide” and speaking about his experiences as a wilderness guide and outdoor educator. degree of effort can have an effect more powerful than we can imagine and can make all the difference in anything we focus our energies on. John Hawkings, newly appointed Director of Recreation Sites and Trails BC, dedicated the afternoon session to the discussion of the Provincial Trails Advisory Body and the recent policy changes regarding BC’s rail trails. The audience broke off into groups and discussed how these changes would affect rail trails near their community. During the discussion everyone was encouraged to come up with questions or concerns to present to John. After an enthusiastic breakout session, John was able to answer each question in turn. Horse Council BC wants to thank the contributions of Hugh Prichard, Paul Kamon, Eagle Walz, and John Hawkings, and a special thank you to Eagle Walz talked about building the Jeremy McCall and Sunshine Coast Trail the Executive at the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC for sponsoring this workshop for a third year in a row and for the incalculable planning and hosting support that made this workshop our most successful Share the Trails workshop thus far. We look forward to planning for next year! If you would like to find out more about this workshop, please visit: or e-mail:

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