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This Man is Heading West! Pierre Cloutier, at age 40, is a self-described “Quebec cowboy.” He packed up all his belongings and with his 2-year-old dog, Eska, he is heading west to build a new life in the Okanagan of BC. Pierre is driving his team of Belgians pulling a tandem of two covered wagons which he built himself.


is trip began November 6th leaving from Saint Barnabe-Sud (east of Montreal, Quebec). He estimates the trip to take him 8 months to reach his destination. His girlfriend of the last five years broke up with him, and after spending that period driving truck for 16-plus hours a day, he quit that job two weeks before she left him. He also worked as an auctioneer and a farrier, but decided as the time seemed right, to sell off all of his farm equipment and put everything left from his life into the wagons and hit the road. His other goal is, as a songwriter, to start up a country band once he gets settled in BC, and hopes that some of his experiences on the road will provide him with downhome song material. The brother-and-sister pair of December 2014 – near Almonte Ontario. Note the rear view mirrors on the horses and the solar panels at the back of the Belgians (Bobby, 12 and Kelly, 11) are second wagon. The panels power caution lights on the wagons. Photo courtesy of used to working and pulling a load, and Pierre is able to make about 25 to ago; heading out to BC to look for gold. And I’m looking for 30 km a day with them currently. While he’s in Alberta, he gold too, just not the same as those people. I’m looking for hopes to buy another pair of trained draft horses to get him my gold. I believe everyone has their own gold they go out over the Rocky Mountains. and look for.” With all the plans he has made for his journey, Cloutier At press time Pierre just left the Zentner Ranch in Cyadmits that many things have been working out for him that press Hills at the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. If you can he never would have predicted, in particular the hospitality provide a rest spot for this group along their route call of Canadians along his journey, as people all along the way Pierre at 819-996-2999 or keep in touch through his Facehave invited him to stay overnight for a meal, and often they book page “Pierre Cloutier, Traversée du Canada a cheval.” will help feed his horses and put them up for the night. We look forward to welcoming him to the Okanagan! “I’m doing this exactly the way people would have 200 years

Pierre and Eska.

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Pierre Cloutier is re-enacting how pioneers would have travelled across the prairies. Here he smiles as the new and old meet at the Dickinson’s farm where he stayed on March 5 in Carlyle SK. Photo: Kelly Running, Carlyle Observer.

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