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Ron Cunningham’s

with The Rite of Spring and George Balanchine’s Rubies

October 24 - 26, 2013 • 7:30pm October 27, 2013 • 2:00pm The Firebird is Sponsored by:

Season 59 : Beauty, Bravura & Brilliance Rubies is Sponsored by:


Carinne Binda Cunningham’s 25th Anniversary

Ron Cunningham’s

November 2, 2013 • 1pm & 5:30pm November 3, 2013 • 1pm

Season 59 • 2013 - 2014 The Company Artistic Directors Ron Cunningham & Carinne Binda Artists Lauren Breen Ava Chatterson Alexandra Cunningham Kaori Higashiyama Sarah Hicks Isha Lloyd Katie Miller Amanda Peet Maggie Rupp Evelyn Turner Lauryn Winterhalder Oliver-Paul Adams Alexander Biber Stefan Calka Dylan Keane Christopher Nachtrab Richard Porter Richard Smith Alex Stewart Maté Szentes Rex Wheeler

Apprentices Julia Feldman Karina Hagemeyer Iver Johnson Larissa Kogut Jarrett Reimers Karen Wing

Trainees Carrie Lebel Christine Nankervis Solana Tanabe

Beauty, Bravura & Brilliance Carinne Binda Cunningham’s Celebrating

25th Anniversary

Message from the Artistic Directors Dear Friends, Welcome to the 2013-2014 season honoring Carinne’s 25th anniversary as Artistic Director. Pulling out all of the stops, we have assembled an astonishing array of innovative works that will leave you breathless with their diversity, beauty, and brilliance. Our October series celebrates the genius of Igor Stravinsky with his sophisticated music for Rubies, mythic Firebird, and ground breaking Rite of Spring. For the first time ever, we are producing two series in the Fall. Less than one week after the curtain falls on our Stravinsky series, we bring you the full length Cinderella, seen around the world by over 30 million viewers! In February, we celebrate Valentine’s weekend with the return of a Sacramento favorite, Trey McIntyre’s Wild Sweet Love. Sharing the program devoted to amore is Edwaard Liang’s passionate Wunderland and a world premiere by Ma Cong, one of the nation’s most sought after choreographers. In March, we encore The Great Gatsby with live music by Billy Novick's Blue Syncopators. Get in the Roaring 20's mood two weeks earlier at our fabulous Glitz & Glamour Gala prohibition party. Modern Masters pays tribute to Apollo, the seminal masterpiece by George Balanchine, along with our commitment to fostering new works by three California women choreographers. Throughout the season, the Sacramento Ballet is at the center of the action with our in-studio performances, events, and parties, such as Inside the Directors Studio, Beer & Ballet, Tapas & Tutus, the Sugar Plum Fairy Tea and much, much more. Visit our website often at to keep up to date with all we do. Your generous support enables us to reach out into the community and share the beauty and brilliance of dance. Thank you! Sincerely,

Founder Barbara Crockett Ron Cunningham & Carinne Binda Artistic Directors pg. 1

A Message From the President Nancy Garton Board President Sacramento Ballet is beautiful and brilliant – Welcome to the 59th Season of the Sacramento Ballet. This year we are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of our Co-Artistic Director Carinne Binda Cunningham. If you have seen us before, you know of her talents and her dedication to the Sacramento Ballet. If this is your first performance, you are in for a treat. We hope you will come back again and enjoy our dancers and the beautiful choreography staged by Ron Cunninigham and Carinne Binda Cunningham. The 2013-14 season contains an eclectic mix of classics, modern choreography, a new World Premiere, and a reprise of Ron Cunningham’s dynamic interpretation of The Great Gatsby. The holiday tradition of The Nutcracker will include several performances with live music by the Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra. There are many ways to support the Ballet – volunteer, buy a ticket, invite your friends, attend a special event or write a check. As you know, the Arts always give back. The Ballet is one of our community jewels, perhaps a “Ruby”.

Table of Contents Message from Artistic Directors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Message from Board President. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Rubies (October 24 - 27). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 The Firebird (October 24 - 27). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Rite of Spring (October 24 - 27). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Cinderlla (November 2 - 3) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

The Board of Directors and the entire company would like to thank our donors and sponsors at every level for their continuing and generous support of our artistic endeavors, allowing the Sacramento Ballet to bring the art of dance to you, our schools and our community.

Artistic Directors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

Please take a moment in the lobby to introduce yourselves to our Board members who will be wearing name tags. We welcome your perspective!

Family of Supporters. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23

Artists. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

Special Thanks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25

We think 2013-14 repertoire has something for everyone!

Send a Child. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Administration & Production Staff. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26

Ron Cunningham’s

with The Rite of Spring and George Balanchine’s Rubies

Photo by Jay Mather

The Firebird is Sponsored by:

Rubies is Sponsored by:


Rubies George Balanchine's

Rubies is Sponsored by:

Music, Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra, by Igor Stravinsky Choreography by George Balanchine© The George Balanchine Trust Staged by John Clifford Costumes after Karinska Scenery by Elizabeth Merwin Lighting by Steve Odehnal

October 24 - 27

World Premiere, New York City Ballet: April 13, 1967 Sacramento Ballet Premiere: February 11, 1992


Alexandra Cunningham

The inspiration for the full-length ballet

Christopher Nachtrab

Ava Chatterson

Jewels came from a meeting with

the Mr. Balanchine and Claude Arpels,

famous jeweler. Jewels is considered the

first full-length abstract ballet and used three different composers, representing: emeralds, rubies and diamomds. The ballet Rubies is often performed as a single divertissement.

Lauren Breen Julia Feldman or Karina Hagemeyer Kaori Higashiyama Katie Miller Dylan Keane

Lauryn Winterhalder Maggie Rupp

Sarah Hicks Evelyn Turner

Maté Szentes

Rex Wheeler

Richard Smith

Music by arrangement with Boosey & Hawkes company, publisher and copyright owner The performance of Rubies, a Balanchine® Ballet, is presented by arrangement with The George Balanchine Trust© and has been produced in accordance with the Balanchine Style® and Balanchine Technique® Service standards established and provided by the Trust. The George Balanchine© ballet presented in this program is protected by copyright. Any unauthorized recording is prohibited without the express written consent of The George Balanchine Trust© and The Sacramento Ballet. Costumes courtesy of Texas Ballet Theatre


The Story While hunting, and in quest of adventure, Prince Ivan Tsarevitch is suddenly blinded by the appearance of a magical Firebird soaring across the night sky. Pursuing her into an enchanted garden, he captures her near an exotic tree laden with golden fruit. The Prince grants her freedom with the ransom of one of her magic feathers. The Firebird promises to return in his hour of greatest need and employ her magic in his defense. To summon her, he need only

Photo by: Jay Mather

wave the magic feather.

A host of beautiful maidens descend into

October 24 - 27 The Firebird

the garden and the Prince immediately falls in love with the gentile Tsarevna, the most beautiful of all. She warns him of the evil Koschei who holds them captive and turns into stone all who dare enter his sphere. Without warning, hordes of Koschei's grotesque dominions spew into the garden intent on claiming

One can only imagine the tumultuous impact the Ballet Russes

a new victim. In desperation, the Prince

must have created with the premiere of Michel Fokine's exotic

summons the Firebird who magically

The Firebird in Paris during their 1910 season. The Firebird

appears to deliver a weapon for the

was Stravinsky's first ballet score and its exquisite music

Prince to defeat the supposed immortal

launched his meteoric career, which ultimately canonized him

Koschei. The spell is broken and to all

as one of the greatest composers of all time. The Sacramento

under his demonic sway, freedom is

Ballet pays tribute to the historic importance of this early


masterpiece by retaining its original concept and style, but with choreography by Ron Cunningham.

The Firebird disappears into mythology as Prince Ivan Tsarevitch and Princess Tsarevna are united in a ceremonial wedding. All pay homage to the Prince and Princess as benevolent sovereigns over all the land.

pg. 5

presents Ron Cunningham's

The Firebird is Sponsored by:

Choreography by Ron Cunningham Rehearsal Assistance by Brik Middlekauff Scenery by Mark Haney Costumes by Theresa Kimbrough and Nina Pinkard Props by Kerri Warner Lighting by Steve Odehnal World Premiere, Ballet Russes: Paris, June 25, 1910 Sacramento, Ballet Russes Restaging: April 7, 1995 Sacramento Ballet World Premiere: October 16, 2001

The Firebird Prince Ivan Tsarevitch Princess Tsarevna Koschei, The Evil Sorcerer

Kaori Higashiyama Richard Porter Isha Lloyd Christopher Nachtrab

The Enchanted Princesses

Lauren Breen, Ava Chatterson, Julia Feldman Karina Hagemeyer, Katie Miller, Evelyn Turner Maggie Rupp, Lauryn Winterhalder

Koschei's Dominion

Alexander Biber, Sarah Hicks, Iver Johnson Dylan Keane, Larissa Kogut, Carrie Lebel Christine Nankervis, Jarrett Reimers, Richard Smith Alex Stewart, MatĂŠ Szentes, Solana Tanabe Rex Wheeler, Karen Wing

Wedding Celebration

Lauren Breen, Ava Chatterson, Julia Feldman Karina Hagemeyer, Katie Miller, Evelyn Turner Maggie Rupp, Lauryn Winterhalder Alexander Biber, Iver Johnson, Dylan Keane Jarrett Reimers, Richard Smith, Oliver-Paul Adams MatĂŠ Szentes, Rex Wheeler

Sets and Costumes coutesy of Nolan T'Sani


October 24 - 27 Rite of Spring

Rite of Spring presents

Ron Cunningham's

The Ballet Russes’ premiere of Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring in Paris on May 29, 1913 was the epic theatrical event of the 20th century. The combination of Stravinsky’s dynamic music and Vaslav Nijinsky’s radical choreography was so ahead of its time that it literally caused a riot in the theatre. From the first few bars of music,

Sacre du Printemps

Music by Igor Stravinsky Choreography by Ron Cunningham Rehearsal Assistance by Brik Middlekauff and Christopher Nachtrab Scenery and Costumes by Mabel Astarloa-Haley Lighting by Steve Odehnal World Premiere, Ballet Russes: Paris, May 29, 1913

the theatre was a din of pandemonium

Sacramento Ballet Premiere: March 28, 1996

and the local Gendarmes had to be called

in to restore order among the elite of Paris. Stravinsky became famous for his

Shaman Priestess Sacrifice

Firebird, championed for his Petruska,

and notorious for his Rite of Spring. The

opening night of Rite of Spring, one

hundred years ago, firmly established Igor Stravinsky as the father of 20th century modern music.

Lauren Breen Sarah Hicks Christine Nankervis

Ava Chatterson Kaori Higashiyama Maggie Rupp

Alexander Biber Alex Stewart

Stefan Calka Lauryn Winterhalder Oliver Paul Adams Julia Feldman Larissa Kogut Evelyn Turner

Dylan Keane Maté Szentes

Karina Hagemeyer Katie Miller Karen Wing

Richard Smith Rex Wheeler

Composer: Igor Stravinsky Our fall repertory of Rubies,The Firebird, and The Rite of Spring pays tribute to the genius of Igor Stravinsky, the father of modern music. Igor Stravinsky was born on June 17, 1882, in Oranienbaum, Russia. He was raised in St. Petersburg by his father, a bass singer named Fyodor, and his mother Anna, a talented pianist. In 1909, the Ballets Russes' founder Sergei Diaghilev invited Stravinsky to orchestrate a few of Chopin works for the ballet Les Sylphides. The job was a catalyst for Stravinsky's commission of The Firebird, a collaboration with choreographer Michel Fokine. The ballet turned Stravinsky into a household name. His fame was reinforced with his 1911 production of Petrouchka, and the Paris premiere of Rite of Spring in 1913. When WWI started, Stravinsky was forced to leave Russia for Switzerland. He moved to France in 1920 and to the United States in 1939. He died on April 6, 1971, in Manhattan, with more than 100 works to his name. pg. 7

RAS. Proud sponsors of creativity, dedication and innovation. Medicine, like art, requires long training, practiced technique and a combination of innovation and creativity. At Radiological Associates of Sacramento, we’ve pursued breakthroughs in diagnosis and treatment since 1917 by blending innovative science with creative thinking, giving us a true appreciation of what goes into a successful performance. We applaud the Sacramento Ballet for its commitment to enriching lives.

916.646.8300 | Serving Our Community Since 1917

Ron Cunningham’s

Meet Cinderella and the entire Cast at our

Cinderella Ball (An elegant Children’s party)

Photo by Jackie Pinto

Sunday, November 3 • 3:30pm at The Sutter Club Tickets: $30 each

The Story Act I As the curtain opens, we discover Cinderella dressed in rags cheerfully performing the drudgery of unending chores. Her ungainly Stepsisters are busy embroidering a shawl to be worn at the spectacular Royal Ball to be held this very evening. In a flurry of excitment, a couturier arrives with outlandish clothes for the ball and a dance master futilely attempts to teach social graces to the Stepsisters. A quiet moment of tenderness shared with her father is interrupted by her mean spirited Stepmother. Cinderella reveals her goodness by showing kindness to an old beggar woman in need of food. The beggar magically transforms into

Photo by: Keith Sutter

Cinderella's Fairy Godmother and, with the fairies of the Four Seasons, prepares Cinderella for the Royal Ball. The Keeper of the Hours warns Cinderella to return by midnight or her finery will revert to rags.

November 2 - 3 Cinderella

Act II The Royal Ball is in progress as elegant couples waltz in the glittering palace. The court is entertained by the antics of the jester as it eagerly awaits the arrival of the Prince. The ungainly Stepsisters provide unintentional amusement to the sophisticated gathering. Cinderella's sudden arrival dazzles the court

Choreographer's Notes

with her natural grace and beauty. Time seems

Cinderella is perhaps the most familiar and popular of all fairy

to stand still as the Prince and Cinderella

tales. There exist over 300 known tales of Cinderella from stories in many foreign lands. The Cinderella which I originally created for the Boston Ballet in 1976, has been seen by audiences around the

instantly fall in love. Lost in the magic of the moment Cinderella has forgotten the hour and at the stroke of midnight, the Keeper of the Hours enchants the palace. The Prince, upon

world and broadcast over Chinese National television to an estimated

awakening from the spell, finds only a tiny glass

audience of over 30 million viewers.

slipper as a clue to his beloved.

My goal in choreography for Cinderella was to create a ballet


satisying to both children and adults through the richness of

The melancholy Prince, accompanied by his

imagination. I have combined and adapted the elements of many versions of the tale and added a few inventions of my own including

Jester, searches his realm for the owner of the tiny slipper. The Fairy Godmother, in her guise as the beggar, directs him to the home

a tattered trunk containing all of Cinderella's meager possessions

of Cinderella. Cinderella's Stepmother, never

and a portrait revealing the Fairy Godmother to be the spirit of her

one to miss a social opportunity, insists that

unknown mother. A beautiful starlit night provides a backdrop as the

her improbable daughters try the tiny slipper.

Four Seasons prepare Cinderella for the ball. The unicorns that draw

The Prince discovers Cinderella among the

her coach to the palace are pure fantasy. At the center of all fairy tales

ashes and is transformed with joy. Cinderella's

is a truth which resonates for all time, for all ages, and for all hearts.

guiding light, the Fairy Godmother, prepares a royal wedding with the entire kingdom in attendance to wish the lovers "Godspeed" and "happy ever after."

pg. 10

Music by Sergei Prokofiev Choreography by Ron Cunningham Staging by Carinne Binda & Ron Cunningham Rehearsal Assistance by Brik Middlekauff Costumes by Theresa Kimbrough and E. Virginia Williams Scenery by Lawrence Samos Lighting Design by Steve Odehnal World Premiere - Boston Ballet - November 13, 1976 Sacramento Ballet Premiere - November 3, 1989

ACT I Cinderella's Kitchen


Alexandra Cunningham

Stepsisters Stepmother Father

Richard Smith and Rex Wheeler Nina Baratova Michael Separovich

Couturier His Assistants

Dancing Master Violinist

Alexander Biber Julia Feldman, Karina Hagemeyer Richard Porter Alex Stewart

Forest of the Fairies

Fairy Godmother Fairy of Spring Fairy of Summer Fairy of Autumn Fairy of Winter

Season Cavaliers Butterflies

Keeper of the Hours

Clock Dwarfs



pg. 11

Katie Miller Evelyn Turner or Karina Hagemeyer Isha Lloyd or Julia Feldman Lauren Breen Lauryn Winterhalder Oliver-Paul Adams, Maté Szentes Dylan Keane, Alexander Biber Kaori Higashiyama, Maggie Rupp, Sarah Hicks Karina Hagemeyer or Carrie Lebel Julia Feldman or Larissa Kogut, Karen Wing Alex Stewart Ashlynn Bell, Leopold Dippon, Nikole Farina Abigail Goehring, Mariah Hill, Danielle Hoffman Josa Madeline, Jackson Margolis, Clara McNat Marisa Peterson, Grace Salado, Collette Madden or Charlotte Sheya Christine Nankervis, Larissa Kogut or Emily Tan Haley Majernik, Audrey Mathias Mackenzie Deems or Annabelle Wang Eva Pogue or Sabrina Bell Mary Katherine Neal or Stella Kinney Dylan Corcoran or Lorraine Callesen

–– Intermission ––

ACT II Palace of the Prince


Alexandra Cunningham

The Prince

Stefan Calka


Companions of The Prince

Christopher Nachtrab Oliver-Paul Adams, Dylan Keane Richard Porter, Maté Szentes

Princesses Isha Lloyd with Lauren Breen, Kaori Higashiyama Lauryn Winterhalder, Evelyn Turner Court Ladies Julia Feldman, Karina Hagemeyer, Sarah Hicks Larissa Kogut , Carrie Lebel, Christine Nankervis Maggie Rupp, Karen Wing Court Gentlemen Oliver-Paul Adams, Alexander Biber, Cameron Eggers Iver Johnson, Dylan Keane, Jarret Reimers Alex Stewart, Maté Szentes Herald Pages

Mathew Middleton Leopold Dippon, Jackson Margolis

–– Intermission ––

ACT III The Search The Prince and Jester

Cinderella's Kitchen Cinderella, The Prince, Jester, Stepsisters, Stepmother, Father

The Royal Wedding Cinderella, The Prince Entire Company and Students from The School of the Sacramento Ballet


Bring Your Cinderella Ticket to the Ballet Box Office

Get 20% OFF The Nutcracker Ron Cunningham’s

The Nutcracker

December 7 - 23, 2013 - Various Times Community Center Theater

Bring your ticket to the Sacramento Ballet Studios before December 4, 2013: 1631 K Street, Sacramento CA 95814 (M - F, 10am - 1pm, 1:30pm - 3pm)

20% Discount applies to adult tickets to any performance of The Nutcracker in selected sections only. Children’s tickets (under 12) are a set price as listed, up to 50% off regular priced tickets. There is no additional discount taken on Children’s tickets or Section 2nd Tier M-N. For your convenience, Community Center Theater ticket prices include a mandated $3.00 per ticket facility fee. Proceeds go to the restoration of the Community Center Theater.

pg. 12

Ron Cunningham’s

at the Community Center Theater December 7 - 23, 2013

Evening and Matinee Performances Select Shows with Live Music Performed by: SACRAMENTO


Meet the Sugar Plum Fairy and the entire Cast at our at our annual

Sugar Plum Fairy Tea Sunday, December 8


Individual: $18 - $90 Call: 916-808-5181

(Community Center Theater Box Office Mon - Sat: 10am-6pm)


Tickets: $30 each Photo by Jay Mather

The Nutcracker Sponsored By:

Ron and Carinne have been in the vanguard of forging creative partnerships with their fellow arts organizations

Artistic Directors Ron Cunningham Carinne Binda Under the artistic vision and creative leadership of husband and wife team, Ron Cunningham and Carinne Binda, the Sacramento Ballet has risen to national prominence for its artistic excellence and outstanding work in the community. Serving with distinction for 26 years, they have transitioned the company from a small regional ballet to an integral centerpiece in the rich cultural tapestry of Northern California.

Having enjoyed extensive international careers as performing artists, Ron and Carinne have brought a wealth of experience, knowledge, and

for many years. They have fostered outreach programs to over 40 different social service agencies, and full emersion education programs for children at risk in elementary, middle, and high schools. Together as a team, Ron Cunningham and Carinne Binda embody the Sacramento Ballet’s mission statement to engage, inspire, and educate through the powerful vehicle of dance. In recognition of their 25 years of service to the community, Ron & Carinne were the recipients of the

creativity to the Sacramento Ballet. They have added over 50 world

2012 Lifetime Achievement

premieres and 50 Sacramento premieres to the repertory, including 18

Award from the Sacramento

masterpieces by the great George Balanchine. Ron Cunningham has

Arts & Business Council.

created or staged over 75 of his original ballets to define the company’s

They are the first Artists to be

aesthetic with signature works such as: Romeo & Juliet, A Midsummer

recognized in this category.

Night’s Dream, Alice in Wonderland, Hamlet, Carmina Burana, Dracula, A Streetcar Named Desire, Etosha, and many others. Ron Cunningham’s The Nutcracker incorporates 500 children each year, making it the largest cast of children in a professional production anywhere in the world. Together, they have invented dozens of initiatives designed to deepen, broaden, and diversify audiences with innovative programs such as Modern Masters, Beer & Ballet, Inside The Director’s Studio, Living

Barbara Jackson Artistic Directors’ Underwriter

Sculptures, Red Hot Valentine Nights, and the Capital Choreography

Barbara first became involved with The Sacramento Ballet

Competition. In 2007, the company made its first international tour to

as an audience member over 18 years ago, attending not

the People’s Republic of China receiving accolades and praise in both

only performances at The Community Center Theater, but

Shanghai and Beijing.

also regularly attending in-studio previews, brown bag lunches and Beer & Ballet performances at the Ballet’s Studio location. We thank her for her patronage and ongoing support.

pg. 15


Oliver-Paul Adams

Alexander Biber

Alexandra Cunningham Kaori Higashiyama

Lauren Breen

Stefan Calka

Ava Chatterson

Sarah Hicks

Dylan Keane

Isha Lloyd

Katie Miller

Christopher Nachtrab Amanda Peet

Richard Porter

Maggie Rupp

Richard Smith

Alex Stewart

MatĂŠ Szentes

Evelyn Turner

Rex Wheeler

Photos of the Artists courtesy of

Keith Sutter Photography The official photographer of the Sacramento Ballet

Lauryn Winterhalder

pg. 16


Julia Feldman

Karina Hagemeyer Iver Johnson


Carrie Lebel

Larissa Kogut Christine Nankervis

Jarrett Reimers

Karen Wing

Solana Tanabe

Apprentices and Trainees Underwritten By

Mr. Thomas McCauley

The Next Generation Fund Nurturing artistry for decades to come

Did you know that each year, the School of the Sacramento Ballet provides more than $50,000 in Financial Aid and Scholarships to young artists in training? You can help support the aspirations of these rising stars by a donation to our Next Generation Fund. For more information, visit our website:

Free Class! Offering Ballet classes from Creative Movement to the Pre-Professional Level: Ballet Technique • Pointe • Boys Class • Stretch • Tap • Contemporary Lyrical • Musical Theatre/ Tap • Tutu Toddlers • Teen - Adult Ballet Still Enrolling for Fall Semester Please call 916-552-5800 x100 to schedule your FREE class (Applicable to new students only) School

Trey McIntyre’s

with Wunderland by Edwaard Liang and a World Premiere by Ma Cong

at the Community Center Theater

February 13 - 15, 2014 • 7:30pm February 16, 2014 • 2:00pm

In-Studio Event

Red Hot Valentine Excerpts from the February production, with a focus on all things ‘love’ly!

Saturday, February 8 Tickets: $25 each

Tickets: Individual: $19 - $70 Call: 916-808-5181

(Community Center Theater Box Office Mon - Sat: 10am-6pm)


Photo by Jay Mather

Wunderland is Sponsored by: CWL Associates LLC. Ma Cong World Premiere Sponsored By: James Hargrove

Great Dance, Up Close!

Shanghai Ballet – The Butterfly Lovers Thu, Oct 31

Ballroom with a Twist Fri, Nov 1 – Sun, Nov 3

Luis Bravo’s Forever Tango

Fri, Jan 3 – Sun, Jan 5

Hover Space Printz Dance Project Wed, Jan 22

Moscow Festival Ballet – Swan Lake Tue, Feb 4 – Thu, Feb 6

Savion Glover – STePz Wed, Mar 12 & Thu, Mar 13


Fri, Mar 21 & Sat, Mar 22

Sacramento Ballet – Modern Masters featuring George Balanchine’s Apollo Fri, May 15 – Sun, May 17 I 916-608-6888 10 College Parkway, Folsom, CA 95630

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Great Gatsby

Glitz&Glamour Gala The

Photo by Martin Vo, CineCrown Photography & Filmmaking

Gauranteed to be THE party of the year!!

Saturday, March 15 • 7:00 pm

at Sacramento Memorial Auditorium

Sponsored By

Once again we will turn the Memorial Auditorium into Gatsby Glitz & Glamour! An all-inclusive party and fundraiser for the ballet!

Tickets: $250 To purchase individual tickets or table Sponsorship, Call the Ballet Box office: 916-552-5800 x2 or email our Ticketing Coordinator:

Produced By

Supporters The Sacramento Ballet gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the loyal supporters whose contributions enable the Company to provide Sacramento audiences with the very best of classical and contemporary dance as well as a vast variety of education and outreach programming. Underwriter's Circle

Producer's Circle

Nancy Garton & W. Kent Palmerton

Wayne & Shari Eckert

($30,000-$99,999) Anonymous

($5,000-$9,999) CWL Associates, LLC

Anonymous Wendy Stevens Keith Sutter Photography Sally & James A. Thomas Elizabeth Treanor Drs. James Wells & Patricia Will Jill & Dan Zerkle

Choreographer's Circle Thomas E. McCauley in memoriam Helen McCauley

Sponsor's Circle ($10,000-$29,999)

Capital Athletic Club Jim Hargrove Interface Engineering

McClatchy Company Foundation Mrs. James McClatchy Anonymous

Dr. David Gunther, DC Hemispheres Arts Academy Dr. Richard Jones & Dr. Lydia Wytrzes Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous The Party Concierge Pecorelli Productions Robert, Beth, & Katie Post Gary & Abby Pruitt Sacramento Convention and Visitors' Bureau

Jon Stevenson James & Nancy Wedick Dr. Richard & Ursula Wertz Foundation Dr. Alan Zarembski, DC

Director's Circle

Sacramento Ballet is funded in part by the Cultural Arts Awards Program of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission with support from the City of Sacramento

The Sacramento Ballet Guild Sacramento Press

Your Partner in Giving

pg. 23

($2,500-$4,999) John & Christine Allen Capital Physical Therapy Robin Collins Claudia & William Cummings Lisle & Jeanne George Sarah Hill & Mariah Hill Josh Horowitz & Patti Baggett The Kamilos Family Dennis H. Mangers & Michael Sestak Steven & Niko Mayer Judy Mikacich & Sean McNatt Elaine Myer Paragary Restauant Group Kathy & Ashley Payne Metropolitan Arts Partnership Sacramento City Council District 4 SMUD

($1,000-$2,499) E. James Archer Peter A. Baldridge Carinne Binda Cunningham bitSync Corporation Brad & Annette Braddon-Walker Gregory Brott, MD Carole Cory & Jan Stevens Crandell Family Charitable Fund Curtis & Sallie Dair & Family Mary C. Doak Patti Donlon John & Agneta Dupen Exxon Mobile Foundation Annette Feldman Griff Field Rick Frey Alex Gunn M.D. & Rhonda Canby Diane Gunsul-Hicks Jack Hamilton Albert & Elaine Hellenthal Designated Arts Fund Law Form Pro Greg Hoyt Ernest & Muriel Johnson Howard & Joaquina Johnson Joseph & Anne Kelly Drs. Richard Latchaw & Sheri Albers John Leggett George & Anwylyd Lian LowBrau Bierhall Lois MacNeil Eileen McCauley & Dennis Main Mr. & Mrs. Frankie McDermott Paul S. Kao & Sue Ann Meloy Burnett & Mimi Miller Diane Miller Frank & Susan Nachtrab Anonymous Photoimages - Gail Nelson Catherine Pike Claudia M. Richardson

Allyson Sage & Patrick Romano J. Sallee Jacqueline Savoy & Jack Ramsey Elaine Silver Dale Stark Phil & Jan Stohr Joanna Summerhays Kaya & Mary Tuncer Dick & Shipley Walters Terence Wayne Bennett Williams Richard & Judy Wydick

Patron's Circle

($750-$999) Stephen Bick & Jill P. Slater Dr. William Bronston & Lisa Levering Jeff & Ida Clair Randy & Liz Coleman Ken Fry & Alyssa Paoletti Steve & Carol Goldberg Betsy & Mike Inchausti Joy Mench Jeffrey J. Schwarzschild Jim & Janny Separovich Fred & Petra Wynbrandt

Benefactor's Circle

($500-$749) Linda Allison Bacon & Butter Larry Booth Eric Douglas & Susanna Cooper Frank & Arlene Costello Patricia Estopinal Michael & Anita Felix Molly Fling Marci Friedman Erin Fujii R. Dale Ginter Krista Hart Zheyla Henriksen Cy & Marsha Holmes Jacob Hosler Allie Huberty Jeff & Deborah Hunt Michael & Jane Jonsson John & Gayle Killey Kit Kirkpatrick John & Joan Krizman Bob & Lizz Lagomarsino Bob Leonard Kim Lyon Col. William & Solange MacLean

Frank Martinez Frank & Elizabeth Meyer Marcy Meyer Sheldon & Nancy Moore Claudia Morales Karen & Maggie Murrell Muse Makeover Anna Neville Deon Shortz Sandra R. Smoley Shirlee Tully United Way California Capital Region Jim & Mary Wagoner

Supporter's Circle ($300-$499)

Ezra & Beulah Amsterdam Troy & Judith Armstrong Sally Bergen, Lura Franzella & Nancy Snyder Thomas Breckon Margaret Carol Brown Peggy Bussell John & Inge Carroll William & Roseanne Chamberlain Erin & Kandi Chong Stephanie Coleman Terri Colosimo Barbara Hays Cook Nancy Cordano David & Linda Coward Christopher Cunningham Elizabeth B. Dubin Janelle & Kenneth Fallan Cheryl Fuller Joan Gherini Gene & Karen Grijalva George Grinzewitsch Jr. Randall & Holly Haight Glenn & Helen Hakanson Rene & Michael Halverson Henrik Jul Hansen & Donna Pozzi Dale & Shirley Harry John & Janis Hartranft Ann J. Hurd The Cotton Club Kristopher Karge Michael & Claudia Kitka William & Ann Kohl Silverado Stone Design, Inc. David & Rita Larson Dennis Leary Robert Lucas Margaret MacDonald Jim & Shirley Markle Charles McDonnell & Kristie Bobolis Lilia McFarland Chuck & Mary McLean Tobey Mraz Tim & Sally O'Hara Katherine Olney & James Glassel Tim Parker & Kim Christmann Mary C. Reed Randy Roberts & Rachel Tooker

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Thank You:

to the Ballet You can introduce a child to the magical world of ballet by contributing $20 per child to support Sacramento Ballet’s Send a Child to the Ballet program. Send a Child to the Ballet often gives children their first experience at a live performance, broadening their perspective of the world and helping them see beyond their front door to a world of possibilities. Last year, more than 1,700 children from 34 different social service groups and schools had the opportunity to attend a performance through the Send a Child program.

Where your money goes: 2012- 2013 Recipients

Anna Kirchgater Elementary Boys and Girls Club Alkalai Flats Breakthrough Sacramento Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento Empowerment and Leadership Enrichment Ethel Macleod Hart Senior Center Fathers and Families Foster Hope Sacramento H. Allen Hight Language Academy of Sacramento Luther Burbank High School Pioneer House Rosa Parks Middle School Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center SCUSD Adult Education Program Sierra Forever Families St. John's Shelter for Women and Children True L.I.F.E. Veteran Tickets Vista High School Washington Elementary Washington Neighborhood Center WEAVE William Land Elementary Wilton Rancheria Indian Tribe Womens Empowerment

Contact Sacramento Ballet’s Outreach Coordinator for more information: pg. 25

(916) 552-5800 x102

Airgas Dry Ice Michelle Alexander George Balanchine Trust Alexander Biber, Photography Barbara Bonebrake Claudia Bradley California Musical Theatre Capital Athletic Club Capital LiveScan Capital Physical Therapy Gil Caravantes & Commerce Printing Bryan Chatterton Commins HVAC Ralph Davis John de la Vega Diana Duncan Ginger Edwards Karen Finerman Ron Fong For Art's Sake Digital Gear Judy Goldbar Golden Gourmet Glen Gorman & G3 Media Works Ted Grebitus Jim Hargrove Hawthorn Suites Hot Italian Rick Jones Kennedy Gallery Scott Klier Jill Lane Doug Lehrman Andrea Lepore Richard Lewis Edwaard Liang Garry Maisel Dennis Mangers Tony & Michelle Martin Jay Mather Trey McIntyre Kevin McNeil Katie Miller, Videography Neal Family Mark Otero Michelle Odell JE Paino & Ruhstaller Beer Kathy Payne Mike Payne Natalee Pecorelli Dave Pier Jackie Pinto Photography Kevin Riley Sacramento Opera Sacramento Philharmonic Sacramento Region Community Foundation Sacramento Theatrical Lighting

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Ron Cunningham’s

accompanied by live music from Billy Novick’s Blue Syncopators with George Balanchine’s Allegro Brillante

Board of Directors


President Nancy Garton Principal, Garton & Associates 1st Vice President Frankie McDermott Director, Customer Services, SMUD Treasurer Jeffrey T. Clair Partner, Moss Adams, LLP Secretary Beth Post Lecturer, UCDavis Members John L. Allen VP, Senior Financial Advisor The CALGroup/Merrill Lynch Ben Ilfeld Principal, Ad Glue Linda Davis Guild President Jeffrey Dorso, Attorney Pioneer Law Group Stuart Eldridge President, Capital Graphics Inc. Louise Burda Gilbert Administrative Law Judge, CUIAB Robert Lucas Principal, Lucas Advocates Richard Rich Principal, Mosaic Development Partners Suzanne E. Rogers, Attorney Law Offices of Suzanne E. Rogers Jeffrey Schaff, Attorney State Farm Kerry Wittlake Taylor Community Activist Barbara Crockett, Founder

Executive Director Gregory Smith Bookkeeper Cathy Fleter Marketing Director Mimi J. Kent Marketing & Design Coordinator Amy Gallina Rossi Enhancement Manager Sara Stout Education & Outreach Coordinator Vanessa Bautista Box Office Coordinator Heather Wallace House Manager Mike Payne Events Coordinator Natalie Pecorelli

Ballet Studios & Box Office 1631 K Street Sacramento, CA 95811 916-552-5800

The School

at the Community Center Theater Photo by: Keith Sutter Photography

March 27 - 29, 2014 • 7:30pm March 30, 2014 • 2:00pm Live Music for The Great Gatsby Sponsored By: A Generous Donation from an Anonymous Donor


Individual: $19 - $70 Call: 916-808-5181

(Community Center Theater Box Office Mon - Sat: 10am-6pm)


Follow us:

Production Production Manager Caitlin Sapunor-Davis Wardrobe Supervisor Theresa Kimbrough Wardrobe Assistant LeeAnne Larsen Accompanists Karen Hunt Nicolai Prisacar Children’s Coordinator Marla Quinn

Fall Production Lighting Designer Steve Odehnal Head Carpenter Mark Mauricio Head Props Tina Cahill Head Electrician Lawrence A. Murdock Head Sound Randy Palmer Head Flyman Michael Perry Stagehands Members of I.A.T.S.E Local #50 Wardrobe Members of I.A.T.S.E Local #874 Director Carinne Binda School Principal Melanie Haller School Administrator Marla Quinn

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The Firebird / Cinderella Program