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Dorcas wants to provide a Brighter Future for children in her village

You can help her

Dorcas has been teaching at kindergarten level in her village since she left school. She never trained as a teacher. She struggles to control the children but can’t leave for training because she needs the money. Dorcas knows it’s not fair on them that she can’t deliver the education they need for a Brighter Future, but what choice does she have? Seventy percent of kindergarten teachers have never received any formal training. With Sabre’s Brighter Futures programme, Dorcas can begin in-service vocational teacher training, making her a better and more confident teacher and enabling her to reach for her qualifications, whilst giving the children an experienced teacher that can help deliver them a Brighter Future.

Please log on to the Big Give website at 10am today and get your donation matched by the Big Give Sponsors. With Gift Aid we can even increase your donation by a further 25%. All you need to do to help us build a Brighter Future for school children in Ghana is donate via the button below.

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The Big Give Day Two  

Dorcas wants to provide a Brighter Future for children in her village. You can help her.