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Setting an example for sustainable health care facilities with assistance from Enbridge Gas Distribution: William Osler Health System and PCL Constructors Canada Inc.

top: An aerial view of the new William Osler Health System under construction in Brampton. PHOTO: William Osler Health System. RIght: The new William Osler Health System in Brampton will set the standard for energy performance. PHOTO: William Osler Health System.

In 2017, William Osler Health System will open a new hospital in Brampton that sets the standard for energy performance. Working in partnership with Plenary Health, PCL Constructors Canada Inc., the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care, Infrastructure Ontario and a team of architects and engineers, they participated in the Enbridge Gas Distribution’s Savings by Design™ program to make it happen. Savings by Design™ (SBD) is a natural gas conservation program that helps builders to design and construct energy efficient buildings, through supportive expertise and financial incentives. “We’re trying to reduce expenses, so that 99% of our budget can go to

While the SBD program aims to help builders achieve energy

patient care,” says Ann Ford, Osler’s VP of Facilities & Redevelopment.

performance 25% better than the 2012 Ontario Building Code

“Hospitals tend to be high energy users because they operate 24/7 and

(OBC), Osler and PCL overachieved, making them the #1 per-

utilize heavy duty plant and medical equipment. It’s important for us to

forming healthcare facility to ever participate in the program,

be good corporate citizens and set an example.”

and #2 for participating builders overall.

The new building’s biggest energy saver is heating and cooling, thanks

“Osler and PCL are leaders in energy efficiency and they really

to the integration of a geo-thermal field system (which uses the earth’s

embraced it,” says Mary Sye, Enbridge Marketing & Program

natural core temperature to generate heat) combined with heat recovery

Manager, Commercial New Construction. “It demonstrates to

chillers. Better indoor air quality was also a priority, achieved through

other developers that this could be achieved.”


dedicated outdoor air systems – which is a guarantee that there is always a constant flow of fresh air from outside in individual offices and spaces. The building also makes excellent use of natural light. 28

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