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4 5 The 6,400-square-metre building features notable architectural details, each celebrating the skills and workmanship of the organization. The showpiece of the structure is a prominent exposed concrete wall that curves throughout the building, providing visual interest and also speaking to PCL’s extensive concrete abilities. Anchored into this striking wall is an innovative staircase featuring custom brackets that hold glass treads: a simple but elegant gesture. Natural light pours into the building through a generous oculus and clerestory, while a striking rooftop patio takes in the view of the campus, taking special advantage of the facility’s well-loved and lush courtyard. PCL Building One also serves as a model for future projects as a paper-reduced construction project. Using Building Information Modeling [BIM] technologies let the design and construction team to create the project through paper-reduced delivery. The building itself, too, is a sustainable success, designed to LEED Gold standards and taking special consideration of water efficiency, energy efficiency, materials and resources and indoor environmental quality. Ultimately, PCL Building One heralds in modernity and offers an opportunity to redefine an otherwise industrial area. Potential business partners and executive staff alike can’t help but marvel at the technical prowess that the design eloquently expresses.

SPRING 2015 | Alberta FOCUS


Digital alberta focus spring 2015  

Alberta Focus Spring 2015

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