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The energy-sustainable Edmonton reflected in the strategy includes: • energy-literate citizens with energy-conserving lifestyles, • world-class energy efficiency in all types of buildings, • world-class energy efficiency in industrial processes, • a strong shift to active and public transportation as preferred modes of travel, • an urban form that is carefully designed to avoid unnecessary energy use and optimize free energy from the sun, • greener electricity for Alberta’s electricity grid and local generating facilities, • a greater portion of electricity produced close to where it is used through district energy systems, combined heat and power systems and renewable and alternative energy technologies, and • increased electrification of Edmonton’s transportation system with passenger vehicles, buses, light trucks and trains powered by clean electricity. In addition to a detailed eight-year action plan, the strategy, proposes general policy directions calling for Edmonton to: accelerate its energy transition efforts; lead by example in City operations; apply a four-stage market transformation approach [including education and outreach, capacity building, incentives and regulations if required]; advocate for province-wide programs and approaches to energy transition; and create a new community


leadership body to oversee Edmonton’s energy transition journey. City staffer Jim Andrais, who helped coordinate the strategy,


notes that energy transition is something that has been happening in our community for years and that we need to look no further than our expanding LRT network, our infill efforts, innovative work that’s happening in Blatchford, downtown and the Quarters, our investment in energy-efficient street lighting and our establishment of a large waste-to-biofuels facility. “This is not day one,” says Andrais. “Rather, it’s the continuation and acceleration of many outstanding efforts, both past and present.”

1 - Artist’s rendering of the Blatchford community, one of the largest sustainable development projects planned in North America. 2 - NAIT solar installation: Solar panels are installed at NAIT as part of a City-funded project. 3 - Century Park: Edmonton’s expanding LRT system is one key to an energy-sustainable city.

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