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Grand Canyon Helicopters 5 Reasons You Should Book Your Flight In Advance By Sabine Warner | One of the most prevalent questions I get from travelers is, "Should I secure my Grand Canyon helicopter trip upfront?" My response is always a resounding "Yes." As well as the fact that demand for these trips exceeds supply, listed below are five more great reasons to lock in your seats as soon as possible: Sunrise and sunset flights in many cases are overbooked. This is the time the canyon really comes to life, and travelers who have done their homework know this. Cancellations are uncommon, especially during the summer months (high season). Morning flights are the most enjoyable and offer the utmost flexibility. The air is smoother in the a.m. and visibility is at its best. Canyon weather conditions are fickle; if there's a re-scheduling, those at the top of the queue fly first. Choppers hold only six people. This limits the supply of seats. Further, these aircraft require a correct distribution of weight - an individual weighing between 275 and 300 pounds may be required to purchase two seats. Days are shorter in fall and winter. This impacts the total number of flights available. Also, this is "low" season, a time when tour companies decrease the number of flights they run. It's more affordable. Book on-line in advance and you will save an enormous wad of cash in comparison to the retail/rack rate with which you'll get slammed IF you successfully purchase a same-day flight at the heliport. The rule of arranging your Grand Canyon helicopter tour in advance applies whether you exit from Las Vegas or the South Rim. For Vegas travelers, helicopter tours only visit the West Rim and the Las Vegas Strip. To do the South Rim, it's essential to take a 45minute airplane journey and change to a helicopter. West Rim tours include: 1. Landing at the base. Descend 4,000 feet to the base. Exit the aircraft and check out the ancient floor. Champagne toast included. Upgrade to include a no-rapids rafting tour.

2. The Grand Canyon Glass Bridge. Land at Grand Canyon West. Access the "glass bridge," an extraordinary structure that hangs 70 feet over the edge and lifts you 4,000 above the Colorado River. 3. Standard air tour. Fly over the Lake Mead Reservoir, Boulder Dam, a Joshua Tree forest, and the Mojave Desert. U-turn over the Grand Canyon West. Upgrade to include a Vegas Strip flyover. South Rim flights, which leave from Grand Canyon Airport in Tusayan, AZ, situated just outside the gates of the National Park, fly above the Kaibab Plateau and straight into the Dragoon Corridor before going back at the North Rim. For the best flight, upgrade to an EcoStar 130. Canyon helicopter tours are incredibly popular with visitors to Las Vegas and Arizona. To enjoy this aerial adventure, I highly recommend you purchase your trip upfront. Seats are in short supply, especially during sunrise and sunset flights. The great thing is getting to the start of the line has never been simpler. Just log on to the Internet and RSVP. Then kick back and experience the Grand Canyon the way it was supposed to be experienced. From the air! #30#

Grand Canyon Helicopters5 Reasons You Should Book Your Flight In Advance  

This article lists 5 reasons why it's critical to RSVP Grand Canyon helicopter tours from Las Vegas or the National Park.