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MelcoJet Direct to Garment Printer

personalizing the world

Introducing the all new MelcoJet for 2010


set, print on light & dark cotton PLUS light colored polyester products

New MelcoJet Features: • Print on light and dark cotton/cotton blend fabric. • Print on light colored polyester fabric. • Print on a wide variety of products, not just t-shirts! • Generation II Print Head. A special coating reduces the frequency of maintenance procedures. • Uses the same ink cartridges as the original MelcoJet. • New user-friendly LCD display control panel. • Auto print head maintenance—set it and forget it. • Improved speed and print quality. • High resolution capability for photo-quality prints. • User-friendly MelcoJet printing software. • 30% to 50% higher production rate.

Download orders from your LiveDesigner website‌

The New MelcoJet

is the most technologically advanced direct to garment printing business solution. To help you hit the ground running, the new MelcoJet comes packaged with a free LiveDesigner Suite print website. Combine this powerful direct to garment printer with a slick eCommerce website (which includes a built in t-shirt designer) and you've taken two giant steps towards adding major profits to your garment decoration business.

To your MelcoJet print software‌

LiveDesigner Suite is your very own online store complete with products, designs, shopping cart and built-in online t-shirt designer. Take print orders straight from your LiveDesigner website directly to your MelcoJet printer.

Now print to your MelcoJet printer on light & dark cotton or light colored polyester products.


easy steps

design, print & heat press (and a little imagination)


create your design


prepare the MelcoJet & press PRINT


heat press

MelcoJet Apparel Printer offers many opportunities to entrepeneurs. Low capital requirements, an easy-to-learn production method, high efficiency, trends toward casual and sportswear, and demand for customized apparel—all these factors converge to provide unprecedented business opportunities with your MelcoJet Apparel Printer.

MelcoJet Advantages

Ideal for Many Applications

• Designed for optimal apparel printing

• Garment decorating business

• Consistent and superior ink flow

• Complement to screen printing, sublimation

• Clean bulk ink cartridge system

• Variable graphics and text printing

• Full ink saturation in a single print pass

• Micro runs, short runs or production runs

• 15 level ink flow volume control

• Corporate, marketing and team shirts

• Vibrant colors resist fading

• Promotional and special event shirts

• Print table for easy loading and unloading of garments

• Fund raising, group and souvenir shirts

• Adjustable table height per garment thickness

• Dresses, blouses, aprons, pillow cases, head gear, baby items, etc...

• Prints on a wide variety of materials • Portable and light weight, short setup times • Manufactured and supported in the USA

MelcoJet Inks MelcoJet inks are environmentally friendly water-based pigmented inks, specially developed for optimal apparel printing. MelcoJet inks have a high optical density to assure vibrant colors. The inks are highly resistant to fading from washing and sunlight. Black shirt prints last longer, wash after wash, thanks to advanced MelcoJet white ink technology. The color processing system provides 16 million colors to accurately show design details and provide superior print quality.

Bulk Ink Cartridge System The bulk ink cartridge system used in MelcoJet printers is more than just a convenient way to supply ink. It is an integral part of MelcoJet’s superior ink delivery engineering. Our Closed-Loop Ink Delivery System provides exceptional ink flow and prevents air pockets and foam from developing within the system. Replacing empty cartridges is simple. When the printer displays “Ink Out”, just pop in a new cartridge — no syringes or mess! And, best of all, switching to dark garment printing is a breeze.

The Importance of Good Ink Flow Apparel printing demands more ink flow than any other inkjet application. For good ink flow at higher rates, a Closed-Loop Ink Delivery System with sealed ink cartridges is essential. Considerable engineering has gone into MelcoJet printers to ensure consistent ink flows. This high-tech ink delivery system means less maintencance, less downtime, and greater profit margins for your business.

Black Garment Printing and 8 Ink Channels For black fabric jobs, you can quickly install four white ink cartridges. After the completion of black shirt jobs, you can easily revert back to an all CMYK ink configuration. For those who have substantial amount of dark fabric printing business, you may simply keep the system in a CMYK + White ink configuration at all times. This configuration is good for both white and black fabrics.

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Since 1972, Melco has been the industry leader for complete embroidery business solutions in the home-based entrepreneurial and commercial markets. In addition to the AMAYA line of professional embroidery equipment, Melco offers: • DesignShop V9 embroidery and digitizing software • MelcoJet Apparel Printer • LiveDesigner eCommerce solutions • Embroidery machine parts and supplies • Technical support & training • Leasing for embroidery businesses of every size Melco is the only company that engineers and manufactures embroidery equipment and related software in the United States.

MelcoJet Apparel Printer Specifications MelcoJet 2010 Printer Models

Universal Printer (for garment printing)

Printing Method

Direct to Garment Inkjet Printing

Printhead Technology

F-Mach Generation II teflon coated for reduced maintenance

Ink Delivery System

Sealed Ink Cartridges

Garment Handling

Shuttling Print Table

Printing Table Size

31.72 cm x 40.64 cm (12.5" x 16.0")

Table Height Adjustment

Up to .8" (2.03cm)

Printer Size W x L x H / Weight

76 cm x 86 cm x 38 cm (29.8" x 33.7" x 14.9") approx. 37kg (82 lbs.)

Ink Type

Water-Based Pigment Ink

Ink Color / Ink Supply

4 Colors (CMYK) + White Inks

Ink Channels / Nozzles

8 Channels, 180 Nozzles per Channel, total of 1,440 Nozzles

Printing Resolution

Up to 1,440 x 1,440 dpi photo-quality

Printer Software and ICC Profiles

Windows® XP, Vista® and Windows 7® platform, MelcoJet 2010 Driver Program provided with printer RIP Program for Black Garment Printing is OPTIONAL

Printable Substrates

100% cotton, cotton blends, polyester, rayon, nylon, and spandex

Operating System Requirements

Windows® XP, Vista® and Windows 7®


61°F (16°C) to 90°F (30°C) humidity 45-80% RH, non-condensing


USB 2.0

Power Consumption

1.0 A (maximum), .15 A (idling)

Power Supply

AC115V 50/60Hz (US), AC 220V 50Hz (Europe and other)

Melco Jet Brochure  

Melco Jet Printer Brochure