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Editorial For this eZine we decided to do something different and for this issue we have gone with the theme on inspiration. We’ve spoken about what inspires us, what inspires you and our usual bits and bobs that we have every month. As well as this, this month has seen us celebrate Halloween, the start of autumn and the clocks going back because we all love an extra hours sleep don’t we? Sadly last eZine we had some bad news, this month we have some amazing news, which I have been waiting AGES to announce. I can say with great pleasure that Amy (GlitterTrashDoll) is now assistant editor with me. Over her short time on the eZine she has shown how hard working she is and how quickly she can get things done, as well as helping me out a lot whenever I’ve not been able to do anything on and for the eZine. I know she will do an amazing job, congratulations Amy! As well as this piece of good news for this eZine we had our new recruits and what an amazing job they have done, I’m so proud of you all! We’ve had them write a little piece each to introduce themselves so please check those out so you can get to know them a little bit more (if you don’t already). We do however wave goodbye to one of our regular editions to the eZine, the shout outs. We decided that they wouldn’t be coming back after this issue and we are going to bring you something new and better! I’m so pleased with how this issue turned out and I hope reading out inspiring stories inspires you to share yours with us in the future. As soon as this issue is published we shall be working on the Christmas eZine, I’m so excited and I’m pretty sure the rest of the eZine team are too! See you then and enjoy the inspiration eZine! Take care, Natalee (editor)

Gathering Threads Hiya! I’m Amy, and as you’ve probably guessed, I’m the new assistant editor on the eZine. I have been a member of the eZine team for a while now and have loved every second, so when Nat asked me if I would like to be the Assistant Editor, I could hardly say no! So far it’s been fun, and I’m really enjoying my new role. I hope to bring a lot to this role and in turn I look forward to the amazing issues we are going to bring you, as we also have some lovely new members of the eZine team too which he recruited recently, and this is their first issue! I am very proud of this issue and of the team and can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks. Whilst I’m here, I’d just like to thank Nat for offering me the position, it honestly means a lot. I do adore RYL and have been here for 5 years now (7 if you include my previous account) and being part of the eZine, amongst other things, makes me feel like I’m giving something back to the site and the community, and helping out where I can – a thank you, if you will. This issue has been one of my personal favourites. The idea behind this issue is Inspirational Things, we decided on this idea because, this time of year what with people going back to school and University, the days getting shorter and the weather getting worse, we will all need at some point, some inspiration and motivation to help us get through those gloomy days and make things seem not so bad. So, this issue we decided on bring you things that can inspire you and make you smile, as well as share with you our personal stories about what inspires us. We have tried to tailor all our usual articles as well as bring in some new ones to help fit in with this Inspirational theme. I have enjoyed helping to create this issue as it has brought many smiles to my face, and I hope it does to you. Enjoy! Amy (assistant editor)

New eZine Members Introductions Before we started this issue we decided as a team that we STILL needed more members and set out to try and get as many as we could, and we succeeded. Congratulations to all the new recruits who made it into the eZine and we've been so impressed with how well you've done on your first eZine editions, can't wait to see what you have in store for us with our Christmas edition! Now I'll leave you to read about the new writers for the eZine, I know I've enjoyed finding out so more about them and I know you will too. ArtOfDeduction: Hi, I'm Ami. I'm 21 and a third year theology student. I'm a Southern English gal living in the peak district and loving life. My friends, both from here and in the 'outside world' mean everything to me and I don't know where I would be or who I would be if they weren't here guiding, loving, supporting and challenging me. I am interested in photography, music (both listening and writing), spending time with people, and sport, especially football. I enjoy seeing people grow and discover and develop their strengths and weaknesses. Tig: Hey, I'm Lottie. I'm 22 and currently residing in a town on the Welsh coast. Much of my time is spent at home with my wonderful kitten, Jasmine, or out walking my incredibly hyper puppy Tilly. Throughout these times I usually have a camera (or iPhone!) handy as I love to takes photographs and where I live makes a perfect backdrop. I enjoy chatting with my friends and feel privileged to know many people across the UK. I also enjoy meeting up with friends and going for an iced tea, even in winter, and nattering away. My interests in life are to do with child care and health care with a goal to doing specialist play therapy in the future. I love to write so spend a lot of time blogging or writing to others which is why I am so pleased to have been able to join the wonderful eZine team. Buttons.: The name is Katy, I'm 20, and taking a break from my university course for my health but hoping to return come April. I love reading and writing, cinema, hanging out with friends and playing with my dog. akita: My name is Andrea and I'm new to the eZine team. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I love cooking, shopping, competitions, dogs and colouring.

Wakeful Dreamer.: G'day, guys. My name's Frankie (well, not really, but it's a nickname I've always wanted, so please feel free to use it). I'm a huge fan of Joss Whedon and Tim Burton, I listen to more music than is probably healthy, and my passion is writing. I'm just finishing my first year of University, having entered into the most ambiguous course I could to save having to make any actual decisions - luckily this year has helped me decide which way I want my life to go, so next year I will be looking into studying animal behaviour or conservation. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work on the eZine team, and I'm sure the site will see a lot more of me in the future. LavaLamp.: Hello! My name is Emma. I'm 22 years old from Surrey, UK and I am currently studying Psychology with the Open University. I live with my partner and her little boy along with our pet cat, Mandy, and our rat, Coral. I love photography and writing poetry as well as listening to music; most people know that I'm obsessed with Florence and the machine. I get way too excited for Halloween, it's my favourite day of the year! I enjoy watching horror films and playing around with makeup ideas and costumes. I am really pleased to be a member of the eZine team and work alongside such a committed group of people. Shine.: I'm Annabelle, I'm 20 and I'm studying Psychology at university. I also work in a supermarket, help out at Beavers, am a Zumba instructor and am in a show in November (which might have already happened by the time the eZine is published!). I love dancing and am incredibly passionate about it, as well as tea - more of an obsession! - and I find working with children very rewarding. Writing is something that I enjoy so I'm thrilled to be working on the eZine team! Lucius.: Hi, everyone. My name is Gabriella, although I have a rather large amount of nicknames, so feel free to call me whatever. At the present moment of writing this, I am twenty-one, and I am in my third year at university, studying Psychology. My plan is simple: we‌kill the Batman. But I digress. I love video games, reading books and writing stories. Anything superhero-related, be it DC or Marvel, I adore. I still believe in heroes. I also love Sherlock, Harry Potter and Supernatural. In my spare time, I am attempting to learn Japanese.

TheHighestDefinition: Hey guys 'n' gals. My name's Laurah and I'm 21 years of age. I'm quite a boring person, most of the time I spend my days working, and sleeping, and working some more. Occasionally I stop for lunch which is always a Pot Noodle. Always. (Except from when it's not). My favourite food is Golden Nuggets (because they taste yee-hah!), I prefer green top milk to blue/red/purple top milk, and my favourite drink is Mountain Dew. In my very rare spare time I read, draw and write. I act like a five year old most of the time, but life's too short to be serious all the time. Spring is my favourite season, The Lion King is my favourite movie, The Hunger Games is my favourite book series & Tabitha Suzuma is my favourite Author. I am awesome. Peace out! Please welcome our new members with open arms, they’ve been amazing this issue and I’m proud of them all! Field Of Paper Flowers

Shout Outs

From - Rawrk, To - Liz Liiiiiz, you are a wonderful human being and I really hope you feel better soon, and when I can I'm going to come up and steal your granny scooter, then we can go to the beach together and have a romantic date for two, as planned. You are an inspiration and I love you lots and lots and lots. xx

To Natalee :P Thanks for letting me be a part of the eZine. Andrea. To all of the uni students Well done on getting through this year and surviving through your exams. akita. To Jodie and Jenna and Nic and Tiff Congratulations on moving in together. I bet you're loving it.

Andrea. To Charlie and Beckie You have made gorgeous babies. Andrea. To Mike I hope everything has cleared itself up now. (ahem) :P Andrea.

From - Claire To TheState- I care, I care, I care. Scooter, are you ready? <3 LavaLamp- Dude, you are so much more amazing than you think you are and I love you lots! <3 Bellatrix- I am so proud of you and want to publicly announce how AWESOME you are, I love that you keep trying even when itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s really hard. <3 Narcissa- Yo homey. Like I thought you might enjoy a jolly good shout out..... So I wrote you a rubbish one instead..... BOOBIES! <3 chinahorse - I literally love you ALL the days and am so proud of how far you have come recently.... I would like to be able to engage in ALL the hugging of you however geographically we have a slight issue so this is a public display of affection for you! <3 Kiran- You make me wee my pants! You are amazingly funny and I love you! <3 fairylights- You are one of my favourite people to spend time with as you are so easy to be around and so flaming awesome! Love you <3 MissAnonymous- You are such a kind and lovely person and I love that we have been spending more time together! If I can ever do anything to help, I will. <3

From Lavalamp.: To Claire (OMNOMNOM) - You have been an amazing source of support and your kindness astounds me time and time again. Thank you for being a truly wonderful friend. To Beckie (Menticide) - Thank you for caring so much about me and looking out

for me despite having so much going on in your personal life. I really appreciate your friendship. To Jo (l.e.g.o) - You are an intelligant, caring, compassionate, good, pure, important person and I know you don't believe me when I say this but you are a great friend and I don't know what I'd do without you. Thank you. To Ami (Artofdeduction) - My beautiful Ami! I wish you could see all the wonderful things I see in you! Words will never express how grateful I am to have known you and have you as a dear friend. I am always thinking of you and praying for you! You are never alone. To kate (Ballerina123) - I'm sorry things have been so hard for you but know, as scary as things are, there are people that care and are rooting for you! Hang in there. To every single member of RYL - Hang on to hope, you never know what wonders are waiting for you right around the corner. If things are difficult for you please know that things will not always be this way. Reach out for support, we are always here for you.

From - Frozen_Inside To - GlitterTrashDoll. A huge shout out to my fellow alien and Tokio Hotel buddy, GlitterTrashDoll, thanks for listening to me go on about them and providing endless news and entertainment on that thread. Ps. Bill is mine! Lol.


Creative Piece I hold the shine deep within my eyes I pray, with every fibre, I'll keep it down and swell my bones with your embrace. The warmth of your song blessed my ears and they stand hungry for the chorus filled to burst with loves sweet music desperate for you to play on. 'Hope' is more than just a word now it's an old friend I grip to for comfort we dance together in the darkest of nights, and he stands true in the brightest of suns. You brought us together when I was stuck in nowhere and we gripped to the edge of somewhere when the stars were stolen from the skies you were never deafened by sound of my cries. Poets write their own versions of love from sweet nectars to blizzards in the snow they spin sickly sweets sonnets in summer time or bitter betrayals of romances left cold. Know in your heart that my love for you will stay fresh and young in my mind because you gave me back the will to try again you gave me a life worth fighting for. LavaLamp.

Supporters Agony Aunt This month, the RYL Supporters bring you our very own Agony Aunt! Every magazine has one, to help with generic concerns and worries and it's something that most of us flick through to see what's going on in other people's minds, as well as considering what we might say to them ourselves! The Agony Aunt is a semi-serious part of the EZine and the Supporters will address any problem that is sent our way. Remember that the Supporters can be reached at We know that the time approaching Christmas can be one of great happiness but also sadness and pressure. The Supporters are available 24/7 via email and try to get on Live Help but that is currently experiencing technical difficulties, as ever, right now. If a problem is deemed to need a more immediate response, one will be given outside the EZine. Just send emails entitled 'Agony Aunt' our way and we'll think of a response and post it in here! Right, so let's get cracking with these emails. We have two this month: "How would I tell my doctor about my mental health problems? We all know that it can be difficult at times to approach a medical professional such as our local doctor with things involving mental health, chiefly because of the stigma that still somewhat surrounds these issues. Reaching out for medical/professional help is often a really good step towards recovery and if you are experiencing mental health difficulties we would strongly advise you to take the leap and try and reach out to your local doctor/school counsellor/trusted teacher. With regards to approaching a doctor, particularly one you haven't encountered before, a lot of people find it easier to write down what they want the doctor to know in advance, so that if they do get nervous during the appointment and forget what they want to say, they have something to reference from. Explaining to the doctor at the beginning of the appointment any difficulties you experience in discussing mental health problems may also be helpful to highlight to the doctor that they need to try and help you feel at ease and be patient." "How do I cope with being gay, when everyone else in the world seems to be straight?

Being gay in a straight world can be very difficult, as with being a part of any minority. The one thing to hold onto is that yes you may differ in sexuality from your friends and family but at the heart we are all the same and just as worthy as each other, regardless of who we fall in love with/have feelings for. Some people in the UK particularly find the charity Stonewall helpful in realising that yes gay/bi/transgendered people may differ slightly from the majority straight population but we deserve equal rights and equal opportunities in every way. It also might be worth looking at the progress we have already made in demanding and receiving equal rights and opportunities with straight people, for example in the UK we now have Civil Partnerships, the right to adopt, the same age of consent as our straight counterparts and laws protecting us from discrimination in the work place. In America gay people can now serve openly in the armed forces and many states now have gay marriage or are considering it. Yes we have a long way to go to end homophobia and achieve true equality, but despite that we have come very far in only a short period of time. If we have achieved this much in the last 10/20 years, imagine what we can achieve over the next decade. Don't feel obligated to use these, just thought I'd rattle off a rough draft for each for your perusal." We hope that these responses have been useful. Please take care of yourselves and remember where we are, should you need a confidential, non-judgemental place to share your feelings. The RYL Supporters

This Month Last Year Although this piece is about this month last year, I feel myself slowly writing and rounding up what has been quite a stressful year. This month last year, was incredibly different to this year. I was working a full time temporary position in a Gadget Shop, pleading silently that we’d stay open at least until after Christmas. The good news is – we did. The bad news is that in February of this year, we finally closed down. However, every cloud has a silver lining and I was only on the jobseekers for one month before finding my new (current) job, at a high street Fashion chain. Last October, I started drawing closer to one of my work colleagues, and although we shouldn’t have, we started ‘something’. I call it something, as I don’t exactly know what it was, but nonetheless for the first time in a while, I started to feel happier within myself. I’m not one for writing about ‘love’, but he was special and for the first time in a while, I felt complete. He helped me attempt recovery from myself harm, and would hold me so tight when I was struggling. The bad news, when our job ended in February, so did our ‘relationship’, and we had to go our separate ways, mainly due to distance. It was during this time that I was going through some scary stuff healthwise also. As some of you know, I suffer from an undiagnosed neurological disorder, which causes me to be in pain 24/7. To anyone reading this who also suffers from chronic pain, I would like to take this moment to give you the biggest hug ever! *HUG*. I took a lot of time off work last October following this, and would spend days curled up in a ball, unable to move, sobbing. I had a lot of tests and scans to rule out many scary possibilities of what it might or might not be, but I spent a lot of time at the hospital. A year later, they still aren’t sure what it is, and I’m on medication (which I might forget to take) but I’m doing a lot better at ignoring the pain, and trying to concentrate on work/home/friends. This time last year, I went to the world famous Goose Fair for the first time. Previously my parents would never let me go to Goose Fair for fear that I might get lost or something. All I remember is running to the bus home, with a giant (and I mean GIANT) Spongebob Squarepants, which I had to sit next to for the remainder of the journey home! I went for the second time just last week, and it was just as awesome. Definitely stocked up on the candy floss & sugar dummies! I also spent a lot of time trying to rid my social anxieties, by going out clubbing with my friends and work colleagues (who, coincidentally, were the same people :P). Every Friday we would start in a gothic/rock pub for a few pitchers, and then go to Loveshack, where they play the most awesome 90’s dance music EVER! I still enjoy a cheeky Loveshack visit

every now & then – however now it’s with my new work colleagues, and sometimes my old ones too! My life has changed dramatically since last October. There has been a lot of low points, such as my current relapse with depression, which I’m attempting to battle on through – but there’s been good points, too. I’ve met new people and new friends and my secure and stable job. & this time NEXT year, I hope to be in a relationship, living away from my parents independently, passing my driving test and learning a new career. Hairdressing is something I’ve always wanted to do, but I need to sit and have an extremely hard think about that. Toodileepip! TheHighestDefinition

Fashion Review – Stay Warm, Look Cool It's autumn time once again! The temperatures are plummeting and the country is preparing itself for the wrath of wintery weather. Some parts of the UK have already experienced snow, and it's only October! To summarise, it's FREEZING! This season, it's all about chunky cable knit, Fairisle print and animal sweaters! I have used my knowledge of working in fashion to conjure up a top 5 must haves to get you through the blustery weather! For the Women;

From left to right; 1. Fairisle Print snood £5, with matching gloves £3 (Primark) 2. Fairisle Print Jumper £10 (Primark) 3. Cream Cable Knit Hat £6.99 (H&M) 4. Maroon Snood £35 (River Island) 5. Panda Jumper £39 (Miss Selfridge) Don't forget the Men;

From left to right; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Patterned Knit Sweater £30 (Topman) Chunky Cable Knit Jumper £29.99 (H&M) Fingerless Gloves £16 (Debenhams) Patterned Snood £18 (Next) Fairisle Print Jacket £18 (Primark)


Moving Forward Highlights

I think that the above photo carries an important message. Recovery is about accepting yourself for who you are and liking the person that you find. In that sense, recovery can mean different things to different people and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s great to see that emulated across the forums. There are so many achievements across RYL that, were they to be listed, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d fill the whole EZine! Every single person on the forums is really quite amazing, even if they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t feel like it all the time. In particular: Shadow-light: I have been doing permitted work while been on ESA for the last few weeks, and today I was offered more hours and I took them. So in 2 weeks I will be coming off ESA. This may not seem a huge thing and I am still nowhere near full time work, but only a few months ago I didn't think I would even manage part time work... and only 10 months ago a 8 hour a week job in a shop resulted in me almost being hospitalised! Even without the work side of things I've realised today that my life has changed dramatically recently... I now have a social life, I am no longer abusing laxatives, I have friends (both on and off line) who are actually supportive and want to help, I am starting to accept peoples help, I am actually taking my meds rather than pretending to and hiding them and then ODing on them, etc... Just in general I am doing a lot better. Of course there are still issues to address (mainly food and alcohol wise) but all in all I have actually made a lot of progress

Pigeon: I self-harmed for 11 years. Now, at 21, I feel as though I am finally done and moving on with my life. I hadn't been on RYL in years despite many slip-ups and mistakes throughout the past few years of recovering. I never thought I could do this and be here to say this but I did it! I was in the deepest and darkest place I could have ever been in and the state I am now in is unrecognizable in comparison to before. I have never been happier. To those who are still recovering- NEVER give up hope! You can do it. You are far, far stronger than you think! May you all find yourselves and true happiness! Jelly Fairy: Just thought I'd pop in with a quick update. Most of you nowadays probably won't recognise me, but a few years ago this place was pretty much where I spent my whole life. I had SIed since I was 11 (2001), and joined RYL back in 2006 (having been a lurker in the days of Ruin). During my teenage years I went through some very rough patches, my SI got worse, and I nearly ended up being kicked out of school because of it. Mental health services majorly failed me, and I felt that I was going to be written off and left to fall down the route of self destruction until I eventually killed myself. However, here we are in 2012 and I can honestly say things are going great!! I've been SI free for about 3 years (other than one very small slip), I've finally found a job I love working in a childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s home, and have met some fantastic people over the last few years. I'm so happy at the moment compared to where I was a few years ago. Obviously the memories of the past never go away, but they do slowly fade and it is possible to move on :) And our very own editor!: Field of Paper Flowers: I'm no longer single. I'm finally with the guy I have been lusting after for months and I feel so happy right now. I've been nothing but emotional about it all due to how I've been treated by guys the past year, which resulted to me relapsing after being free for four years and turning to self harm again. Even self harming really badly of late to try and forget about the worrying going around my head. Now I realise it was stupid and a waste of time and pain for me to do and whilst I don't regret it, I am going to try and stop self harming again. I know I need it but I don't want it whilst I'm with somebody, it isn't fair on them and of course it isn't good for me. It's going to be hard, but I know I need to do this. I don't really want him to know how long I've been a self harmer for and I'm scared he'll see my scars and what I'll tell him they are, but I'll come to that when the time comes.

I'm going to have this place as my positive space to do with me trying to stop and a place I can look back on when I need some positive words and reminders in my life. I feel daft for writing this up but I guess it's nice to be positive as all I have been the past year is negative. Shine.: On a personal note, I’ve agreed to accept help from the CMHT and the Eating Disorders services. It isn’t plain sailing and progress is fairly minimal but at least it’s something! I’ve also started at a new university and have already made some friends, continue to love teaching Zumba and dancing. I genuinely want to beat this so that I can get on with my life and stop being completely depressive! There are so many positives to celebrate around the forums! Keep at it – maybe you’ll be mentioned in the next EZine! Shine.

Inspiration Stories

We can all lose faith in humanity sometimes, whether it's because something bad happened to us, we read something terrible in the news or youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re in shock that someone did something you never thought would be done, or could be done by a human. So, we all need our faith restored and know that there are more good and helpful people out there than the bad and negative ones. So is a website, much like the famous, where people submit embarrassing and stories where you want the ground to eat you up. GivesMeHope is a website which follows the same structure as fmylife but instead people submit inspiring stories of something that has happened to them or someone they know, or stories that give them hope that there that good people are out there and good things can happen to you. The people that do these good deeds or give them person hope, are often strangers just going about their daily business but stop and do something or go out of their way to help someone they don't even know - it can inspire us all to help others, as you never know what kind of difference, whether it big or small, you are going to make on your life, and you never know - it might change your life too. There are ones that will tug on your heartstrings, make you cry and make you smile. Whatever the story, it will show you there is hope out there, for everyone. Here are some of the inspiring stories that people have submitted to GivesMeHope; - "A boy was dying of cancer and needed expensive brain surgery, but his family, broke and desperate, couldn't afford it. His 8 year old sister, Tess, took her piggy bank to the pharmacist in order to buy a 'miracle'. It just

so happens that the right man witnessed the little girls tears at the Pharmacy county; a neurosurgeon. He performed the surgery for free." - "I was walking down a busy street holding a stack of note cards, when a gust of wind blew one of them into the street. I waited for the cards to pass, but there were too many. A stranger walked past and saw my problem, stepped into the street and got my card for me. He then said "Sometimes you just have to stop traffic" A strangers kindness gives me hope" - "Today, my school had a fire drill. I was standing outside with one of the most popular football players, when a down syndrome girl came up to him and wanted to hold his hand because she was scared. Happily, he held her hand all the way back to class. His soft side in front of the boys gives me hope" - "I was cold scared and alone after a night out in a new city, and I couldn't get home. I was ready to run when these 2 guys came up to me on the street, but instead they asked if I was okay, stayed with me until the taxi came, let me share it, paid for my fare and didn't try anything. Dan and Adam, thank you for caring about strangers" - "At school, during lunch, there's a certain table I can't keep my eye off. The table seats 2 down syndrome students, 3 football players and 2 cheerleaders. Every day, the cheerleaders and the football players help the down syndrome students get their food and eat. Their acceptance and kindness give me hope." - "My little sister came home from school one day and demanded that I take her to the library so she could get books on sign language. I asked why? And she told me there was a new kid at school who was deaf and she wanted to befriend him. Today, I stood beside her at their wedding watching her sign "I Do"." - "Today, I was approached by a homeless man asking if I had any change. I only had 2 dimes but I gave it to him anyway. As I watched him walk away, he put the dimes in an expired parking meter of a strangerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s car. Someone who can't afford to buy himself something to eat, but helps others gives me hope" - "Today, our history teacher was telling us about a man who was famous for transporting Jews to safety during the Holocaust. A student in the class said "that's my grandfather", Our teacher began to cry and said "He saved my entire family" Beautiful coincidences give me hope" - "Today, I slipped a letter into my friends locker telling her how I was going to kill myself and I was going to miss her. When I came home from

school, I found all of my friends in my sitting room with DVD's, cookies and balloons with a letter hanging off them listing 437 reasons why I should not die. I cannot stop crying. Understanding friends give me hope" - "Today, I found out about a 10 year old boy who has been harassed by his classmates because he refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance. Why? He says that until gays and lesbians have equal rights, there isn't real 'justice and liberty for all'. Kids with the courage to stand up for other human beings gives me hope" - "Today I was eating at a restaurant where they celebrate birthdays by getting a sundae with a candle to blow out. Every single person was cheering on a 6 year old boy as he tried to blow out his candle. He was hooked up to an oxygen tank. People coming together to encourage success gives me hope" I could have picked so many more, so if you have time, please check out this website It will inspire you and give you hope. So, just remember - don't give up yet, there is hope out there. GlitterTrashDoll

What Inspires Us

For this monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s eZine we decided as a team that we would include things that inspire us. It's coming up to the end of the year and soon we will have our special Christmas edition out (which we're super excited about by the way!). BUT I am getting off topic, so we all decided to introduce the new members of the eZine and let you guys know a little more about the current team we would write out inspiring posts. We hope they inspire you too and we would love to hear if they have and what inspires you! Enjoy! Field Of Paper Flowers: I thought for ages about what I could write my inspiration post on. I have many things that inspire me, but when it came down to which out of two things inspired me the most, it has to be this. As quite a few members of RYL know, I LOVE Lostprophets and if you take a look at my signature on the boards you can see my adorable Ian Watkins gif, as well as all the dates of their gigs that I have attended over the years. I wouldn't go as far as saying that this band is my life, but I wonder sometimes whether I would have a life now if it wasn't for them. When I was 16 I left school to go to college, thinking it would be an amazing part of my life, it turned out to be one of the worst times of my life. I was badly bullied, spoken to and treated like some sort of disgusting creature and thus I got very ill and started to self harm again. I lost my best friend (even though I have her back now) and gained friends who turned out to be cruel people, with

no regard to my feelings at all. I had been listening to Lostprophets since I was fourteen but only their singles and I only ever got chance to hear those when they popped up on the radio or music channels. However before I had gone to college me and my best friend attended a signing to meet them and I had bought two of their albums to be signed during it. I did like the band and that's why I went to meet them, but during the first three months of college I started to listen to their albums Start Something and Liberation Transmission more than ever before and it turned out that the messages behind the lyrics were exactly what I needed at that time in my life. I was terribly lonely and suicidal and their words just seemed to break through those thoughts and told me everything would be okay. Over the years I have gone on to love them more and more, whenever I needed something or someone to make me realise things will ALWAYS be okay I would stick on one of their albums and begin to feel somewhat better. What inspires me with this band is their message, especially Ian Watkins as a person. He doesn't give a damn about what anyone says or does to him, he just doesn't care and he doesn't mind about telling them what he thinks either. A lot of people think he's an arsehole because of this, but I think he's just showing to the people trying to get a reaction that they're wasting their time and I wish back when I was 16 I had done this. The bands amazing words and Ian Watkins tough attitude is amazing and through this band I have become a braver and better person, as well as making some amazing friends and memories along the way. Every time I have met the boys I have told them all how much they have helped me and how much I love them for it. I know if I was in a band, a singer, etc and a fan told me that, I would be so happy! I'll always love this band, no matter what!

Shine: When asked what inspired me, I had to think hard to find an answer. Truth is, there are so many things and people that have been absolutely incredible, it’s tricky to pick just one thing to focus upon. Don’t worry, though, I’ll have a go! Last year, I went to Kenya and India on volunteering experiences. The weeks I stayed there were emotionally demanding and challenging in every single way it was possible to be. When I arrived, I was a nervous wreck, barely speaking to everybody. Travelling as I did was a task in itself because, at the start, my group were complete strangers to me and, generally, a lot older and far more qualified for the teaching that we were supposed to be engaging in. However, when we knuckled down to it, we were so very glad of each other. I remember the first day in Kenya like it was yesterday. I don’t think there was a single person who didn’t shed a tear at the warm and beautiful welcome we received and the wonderful spirit of the people there. Everybody shared their days and how they felt and I think that was a very helpful tool to have as it meant we could ground and express ourselves and I know it was a vital part of my time in Kenya. It definitely helped me cope and I don't think I'm the only one. During our stay, I overcame various hurdles and eventually, ventured into a school alone and I met some brilliant people there. They ensured that I always felt valued and respected and went above and beyond to allow me to be happy. By the end of the week, I felt so comfortable and secure in that environment, I taught a class of 112 about Snow White and description and in India, about food production/distribution. It was lesson and a half because of the lack of English and disorganisation (there are not the same rules about adhering to specific times over there!) but we worked through it. The children were so enthusiastic and dedicated. One child, at the end of my lesson, ran all the way home to get me a piece of fabric as a present. It was given to me in our farewell ceremony and means so much to me. The people were so kind and I think that they showed me a lot. I now feel more able to be tolerant of someone who doesn’t quite think the same way as me and I can bring the caring and energetic aspects of my stays in Kenya and India into many parts of my life. I realised that it is so important to make other people smile and I have maintained that ever since. If I could hop on a plane and go to both those places or somewhere equally fantastic, again, I would, without a blink of an eye. I’d advocate trips like this profusely and, to me, they were the places I really felt at home. I didn’t feel as though I was an outsider, I was included and I finally was able to be myself and,

briefly, I liked the person that I was/am. I didn’t pretend to be something that I wasn’t. I’ll never forget those nights lying on the grass, looking at the constellations and shooting stars, in awe of how stunning it was and how quiet. It was where I felt content and I don’t think I could ask for anything more than that. Thank you to everybody I met there, seriously, I owe you such a lot! We were driving up the country and asked these children to pretend to be lions clearly they obliged! ArtOfDeduction: For as long as I can remember music has been part of my life. My parents both grew up liking different styles of music, my mother was a mod and my father a rocker. From an early age, my brother and I were introduced to many genres of music, and we both fell in love with it. Music has been a constant in my life. I love how in one moment someone can write a few words, expressing their heart, and once it's put to music millions of people can relate and it helps them through similar situations. When I was studying for my GCSE's Bon Jovi had just released their 'Have A Nice Day' album. I was struggling a lot with life and this album helped me through. I was at one of the lowest points of my life and every day I would walk to school listening to this album, at break times I would go off on my own and listen to it, and walking home I would listen to it again. This album became my life line. When the world turned away, music greeted me with open arms and helped me through two of the toughest years of my life. As I've grown up my love of music and how it can capture one moment for all eternity has inspired me to become a lyricist myself. I was always one to write poetry growing up and over the past few years I have developed these poems into songs. I want someone to feel about my music, how I felt about 'Have A Nice Day'. I want that sense of safety, companionship and unity I have with many songs written by my favourite artists to be felt by those listening to my music. Below is the latest song I am writing. It is for my newly married cousin and her husband as my wedding present to them. I wanted to give them something personal which they could cherish forever and this is the way I can express myself completely.

So when I'm asked what inspires me I always say music. It inspires me to be believe in myself, to share my story. Music inspires me to recover and become the best person I can be and experience more things so my words can reach the hearts of others and inspire them too. TheHighestDefinition: With this being my first article for the eZine, I must admit I struggled when I was given the question ‘What inspires you?’. I immediately began wracking my brain, searching for something – anything – to write about. I wanted to write something exciting, something mesmerising. At first, I contemplated my photography work and how I’m inspired to take photos by the everyday stresses that we face in life, then music; and how the lyrics inspire me to battle on through the problems that tend to creep up on us all, but then I realised the answer was probably much closer to home. My inspiration is my mum. It probably sounds cheesy, but my mum means the absolute world to me. Sure, sometimes we don’t get along as we should, and sometimes we argue, but that’s what families are for, right? She is the one person whom I can solely rely on, the one person who’s always kept her promises, and been there for me through thick and thin. When I was really unwell, she talked me into taking walks with the family; joining in with mealtimes and made sure we did simple things, like watch movies together; she made sure that I didn’t fade away. When I was at school, she never pushed me into clubs I didn’t want to attend, extra curriculum activities that I wasn’t interested in. She let me do what I wanted to do, and she only ever told me to try my best. Whenever I didn’t do my best in something, she just told me not to worry and to try again. You learn from your mistakes. She inspired me to never give up, no matter what. My mum is an incredibly strong individual and has inspired me in so many ways, teaching me not to let people walk all over me, and allowing me to stand up for what I believe in instead of taking a backseat, even if nobody else agrees. I’ve learnt to be honest, instead of lying in the hope of keeping others happy, and she’s taught me my morals, my right from wrong. Without her, I’d still be the shy, quiet person I used to be, I would have never found my voice, and I most certainly would never be the strong, confident, hardworking

individual that I am today. P.S, here is one of my photography pieces. To me, it represents that each year is a new start & new friendships will blossom, excuse the pun. [Redemption]: The thing that inspires me most is music. I'm in my second year of a music degree, and other than my set work, the main thing I’ve learnt it that music has no boundaries, or limits. It can take place whenever and wherever, and anyone can be involved. Music is everywhere. Music can be defined as anything, there is no set definition. What IS music? Music has so much power, and it's something that can be embraced. it shows us that we can be whoever and whatever WE WANT TO BE. That there are no limits, and that we can be powerful! LavaLamp.: I think one of the things I find most inspirational in life right now is photography. I love going for long walks in parks and forests, across beaches and the countryside taking in the views that nature has to offer. What always catches my attention are the shapes and colours of flowers and how one plant can appear to look completely different when caught from certain angles. The glistening of the sun when reflected on the sea and the sky painted in rich shades of red as a day draws to an end is absolutely breath-taking and you can’t help but feel comforted by the beauty in a world that often feels so harsh for many of us. There is always a sense of accomplishment when you’re able to capture a glimpse of this beauty on camera so that you can share it with others or look back on it when feeling low. I often get a child-like excitement when I get to go exploring and get lost for hours on end in search of something

pretty to photograph. I enjoy hiding in small spaces and writing poetry or sketching which can be really cathartic. Above is one of the first photographs I took when I moved to a different area after being made homeless. It has really fond memories attached to it because I fell in love with the park near my new house and I still love it just as much over a year later. Thank you for taking the time to read what inspires me. Bigmike: So a few months back I decided to take the step into the world of Trade Unionism by joining a Trade Union (TU), at first I thought this would be something I couldn't do as Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m currently out of work and on Job Seekers but after asking around on many Union Facebook pages I was pointed in the direction on Unite The Union, they have a membership for people out of work, retired etc. As soon as I joined the Union I felt at home and very welcome, I'm forever posting on the Facebook page asking questions and whatnot and I'm always surprised at how helpful the fellow members are. Anyway, my Union inspires me because we all stand up for each other in the union, someone is having trouble in work so we all pitch in and help out with the issue, be it with advice, messages of support/solidarity or going out and standing on a picket line, it's like one big family, yes we don't always see eye to eye on things but at the end of the day we still stand by each other. We don't just help each other either, just a few weeks ago the Public and Commercial services Union (PCS) was out helping/protesting for the homeless, I would like to think that Unions don't just help their members but the community too. And that is what inspires me and has taken up quite a bit of my life and time. Thank you for reading.

Tig: There are a lot of things that inspire me but if I were to pick three things I would say it is primarily my two little cousins, Daisy and Poppy, my aspiration to be a specialist play therapist and certain people that I have met in life. Daisy and Poppy make my life much more enjoyable and worthwhile. To those wonderful girls, I am a somebody and that inspires me to keep fighting towards recovery for them. I don't always see the girls because we don't live near each other at the moment but they are always in my hearts and I have a lot of wonderful things from them. Be it photographs that I have taken of the girls, beautiful drawings from Daisy and cards telling me to get well soon or a cheeky conversation with Poppy on Skype, they are there. They give me so much hope and love. Through every hardship I have known that the one thing that cannot be taken from me is the love that I have for those two girls and their stunning smiles. For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about having a career in either paediatric nursing or specialist play therapy. I love working with children and I think I honed in on play therapy because it can mean so much to that child and their family when a child is so sick or has been traumatised. I know that in order to achieve these dreams I have to recover and that inspires me when things are tough. I cannot imagine a different career, this is all that I have ever wanted to be. I love to learn about things that will link me to this career such as child development, health care and of course, play! If I can make an ounce of difference to a child's life then it will be worth it. Knowing that I can give back from a system that I have needed a lot from is inspirational in itself for me. I have met many people in life that have inspired me. My Mum for being such a strong woman, my friends on RYL who fight for recovery and life each day and so many others. However, I wanted to share the inspiration I have had from three amazing Nurses that I met whilst in hospital. All of the Nurses are wonderful and I am grateful to them all but these three have been particularly inspirational, having invested a lot of time in me. They helped me to believe in myself when I really couldn't. One of them, S, was the first person I ever allowed to hug me as a young adult because I was so fearful. S also told me a quote that I ended up getting tattooed on my foot because it made so much sense to me - Never give up on giving up. Then there is L who listens to my woes but encourages and helps me to find a way through without

being afraid to tell me the truth and then A who can make me smile even when I really don't want too. They inspire me because of their thoughtfulness, kindness and because of the amazing, strong women they are. They are people I aspire to be like through recovery. I'll conclude by saying that there are so many things and people that inspire me so thank you. GlitterTrashDoll: There are several people that inspire me, the first and the biggest influence in my life is my Nan.

(yes, that is baby me!) Sadly my Nan died 2 and a bit years ago, but she was the most amazing woman in my life. When I grew up she was always there for me, even though she had 4 children of her own, plus me and 5 other grandchildren, we had a very special connection and giving that she only lived 5 minute from me for all of my life, I would often spend weekends and evenings at her house - cooking, sewing, knitting, baking and gardening, always at just bonding whether it be playing in the garden or watching television. My childhood from the age of around 11 upwards, was hard. My parents got a divorce and my dad moved in with his now wife and my mum got a new boyfriend whom I didn't get on with and spent many nights arguing with. I didn't know how to deal with this as I had never known anyone to experience it or anything before, as I had a very happy childhood with a close family. This

affected me badly, however my Nan was a constant. She was always there for me, where it was a tearful phone call after school or if it was a weekend at her house. She would always have a listening ear and knew the right words to say. Her solution often was a chat, whilst having tea and toast. And it worked wonders. She inspired me in so many ways, one of the times I will never forget is when her husband, my Pop, was diagnosed with lung cancer and was told he had months to live. The whole family was there - her children and grandchildren. But instead of crying and getting upset, she put on a brave face and told my dad to take me into the garden and play with me. In one of the worse situations in her life, my happiness was at the forefront of her mind, for that - I will never be able to repay her and it breaks my heart I never got to say thank you. I was only young and it's only now, I realize what she did that day. Another day, after an argument at home between my mum and my dad, I packed my bags and got my dog and went to my Nanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s without notifying her or telling my parents that I was going - I just left. My Nan wasn't mad, she opened me with welcoming arms and comforted me, and let me stay the night. When my dad found out where I was, he came to get me but my Nan told him I was staying with her so I was happy, she wouldn't back down and my dad left. I will never forget the many things my Nan did for me, and I could carry on writing forever telling you how many inspiring things my Nan did for me. But I'll stop now, all I will say is I will never stop loving this woman. The next few people that inspire me, are musicians and people in the public eye, which seems to be a running theme here. The first one being, Kat Von D. This woman inspires me because she has come from nothing and fought her way through a male dominated industry to become a successful tattoo artist, and business woman. She has shown me that you can achieve anything you want in life. She has shown me that you don't have to fit in to society's definition and perception of beautiful. She has shown me you can be yourself, whether it be covered in tattoos are not, you can be beautiful and feminine no matter who you are. This woman will never know the impact she has had on my life. I used to look at myself in the mirror and tell myself I wasn't attractive. But this

year, the lady herself, tweeted me telling me I was beautiful and wore a dress from her clothing line well. I have never looked at myself like I did before, again. Hearing that from her, from the woman I deemed to be the most beautiful woman in the world, made me believe it was true. And she will never know how much I thank her for that - one day I hope I can meet her and tell her all of this in person. On a brief end note; I would just like to mention a few others that inspire me. Lady Gaga, for telling you to embrace yourself and accept yourself and others no matter who they are. Her dedication, love and acceptance to all her fans and all the work she does against anti bullying, homophobia and all the other work she does is, to me, very inspiring. I also can't finish this without mentioning Bill Kaulitz. Everyone knows of my love for him and the band, Tokio Hotel. They have impacted my life so much. They inspire me so much and taught me to be myself and it doesn't matter if people don't understand me or don't like how I look or dress - they taught me it's okay to be different. I can never thank them enough. Lucius: The question ‘What inspires you?’ is not necessarily simple, and nor is it black and white. I could write thousands of words describing everyone, and everything, that has inspired me in some way – from friends to a piece of writing. So, after thinking about it long and hard, and narrowing down my options, I have chosen to do not one person, but a group of people: Fictional heroes Fictional heroes come in different forms and different mediums. They are the people that slay the dragon, avenge the world or battle evil. They are often the epitome of good, although not necessarily all the time, for even a hero can use morally questionably methods to protect someone. And they are brave – always ready to, no matter what the cost, stick up for what is right. They allow us to escape as well, even for a little while. With different mediums, I can stop Hydra in their tracks with Captain America, or I can defend Hogwarts with Harry Potter, or I can even run around London with Sherlock Holmes. The choices are endless, and they all have their own morals, and their own messages, but they all join forces on one ideal: never give up. And what isn’t inspirational about that? They are a constant reminder that you should always stick up for your beliefs, and that you should fight for good in the world when sometimes it feels like there isn’t that much to go around. And despite being fictional, there is something distinctly real about them. They often

have a flaw, a health issue (be it physical or mental) or a past that they cannot escape, and yet they try and work through it, and ensure that it does not hinder them to the extent that it stops them doing what they want to do in life, and I think that is particularly a mentality that I hold dear. Fictional heroes are all different shapes and sizes too, from Dr Banner, who turns into an 8ft Hulk, to the 3 ft Hobbits who helped save Middle-earth. And sometimes – sometimes – someone becomes a hero because they need to, and not because they want to. They have no control over it: they just do what must be done. And, from that, they made me realise that anyone can be a hero, no matter what they look like and regardless of their past. If you have the right heart, then you can be a hero just as important as Batman or Iron Man. And not just from saving lives, but by being a kind person and going out of your way to make someone’s day. By pushing through in the face of adversity, because no one has the right to stop you from reaching your dreams. That’s what heroes have taught me. That’s why heroes inspire me. akita: Since moving out of my parent’s house and into my own place in share accommodation in January of this year, I have cooked meals for my fellow housemates that I have never cooked before. Before moving into this place, I have always had the love of cooking for other people, but that has always only been a few simple dishes and baking lots of sweet things like cakes. In the shared house I live in, we each have to take it in turns one night a week and cook a meal for the rest of the people in the house. When it's my turn to cook something, I find that I am cooking meals that I have never cooked before, and am loving the chances to experiment with food and recipes that I never have before, until now. Before moving from one suburb to another, there were only a few types of different cuisine and mostly take away restaurants like McDonalds etc. Since moving to the suburb I am in now, I have found a whole new world of different varieties of foods in restaurants that I wouldn’t have been game to try before, so I am loving the chance to get to try new meals from all kinds of backgrounds. Recently a few of my fellow housemates wanted me to bake something, and I decided to bake Anzac cookies for them. After I had done so, they all loved them so much that I was asked to make more, which I did. It made me happy that people actually like my cooking. One night when it was my turn to cook a meal, I decided to make chicken mince

sausage rolls. It was my first time ever of making such a food, that I was running late with them because I had to make so many. I felt under pressure because they were taking so long to make and to cook and I was being asked how long will dinner be. Then suddenly I had an idea, I thought of make some rissoles with the left over mince to keep people happy and because they would take a shorter amount of time than the sausage rolls would. I managed to get everything cooked and keep everyone happy and fed. The reasons why I love cooking so much, is because I love cooking meals for other people, trying new recipes and learning about what foods I like and what foods I don't like. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m so proud of everyone who wrote something for our inspirations part of the eZine this issue, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve all done such an amazing job and have made me think a lot. Please let us know what inspires you so we can feature it in a future edition of the eZine! The eZine team

Recipes As it's coming into the colder months, I thought for my first article I'd post some recipes that are healthy before we get into the hot and yummy comforting food. Entree

Zucchini fritters with low-fat sour cream and smoked salmon 9 zucchini, grated 6 tbs plain flour 3 garlic cloves, crushed Grated rind of 1 lemon 1 egg, lightly beaten 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1/2 cup (125g) light sour cream 4 slices smoked salmon 1. Place zucchini in a sieve over a bowl, add 1 teaspoon sea salt and toss. Set aside for 15 minutes, then rinse, place in a tea towel and squeeze out all liquid. Combine with flour, garlic, rind and egg, and season with black pepper. 2. Heat oil in a non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Drop tablespoonfuls of mixture into pan and cook for 1-2 minutes each side until golden. Cook in batches, adding more oil if necessary. 3. Stack 2 fritters on each plate. Top with sour cream, smoked salmon and black pepper. Serve immediately.

Main Meal

Beef and lentil slice olive oil cooking spray 2 slices soy and linseed bread 2 small red onions 2 carrots, peeled, trimmed 450g extra-lean beef mince 400g can lentils, drained, rinsed 1 egg white, lightly beaten 1/2 cup salt-reduced beef stock 100g mixed baby salad leaves 1/3 cup Tomato Chutney with Red Pepper, warmed 1. Preheat oven to 180째C. Spray a 5cmdeep, 20cm (base) square ovenproof dish with oil. Place bread in a food processor. Process to fine crumbs. 2. Finely chop 1 onion and 1 carrot and place in a large bowl. Add mince, 3/4 cup of lentils, egg white and stock. Mix until well combined. Press mixture firmly into prepared dish. Bake for 30 minutes or until cooked through. 3. Preheat a grill on high heat. Place slice under grill for 5 minutes or until browned. 4. Meanwhile, thinly slice remaining onion. Peel remaining carrot into long, wide ribbons. Place in a bowl. Add salad leaves and remaining lentils. Toss to combine. 5. Cut slice into four pieces. Divide between plates. Top with salad and dollop of chutney.


Reduced fat Apple Muffins 1 1/2 cups self-raising flour 50g polyunsaturated margarine 1/2 cup caster sugar 1/2 cup reduced-fat milk 1 egg, lightly beaten 425g can pie apple, coarsely chopped 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg 2 teaspoons brown sugar 2 teaspoons toasted oats 6 scoops low-fat vanilla ice-cream 1. Preheat oven to 180째C. Grease 6 x 3/4-cup capacity Texas muffin holes or 12 x 1/3-cup capacity holes. 2. Sift flour into a large bowl. Using your fingertips, rub in margarine until mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Stir in sugar. Combine milk, egg and 1 cup pie apple. Stir into flour mixture (don't over mix batter - it should still look lumpy). 3. Spoon mixture into pan. Finely chop remaining pie apple. Spoon over muffins. Combine nutmeg, sugar and oats. Spoon over muffins. 4. Bake muffins for 30 to 35 minutes for 3/4-cup capacity muffins or 20 to 25 minutes for 1/3-cup capacity muffins or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. Serve muffins warm with ice-cream. akita

Album Review Papa Roach - The Connection Released 2nd October 2012

The Connection is the seventh studio album by Papa Roach. The four piece Californian Rock band have been part of the music industry for almost 20 years. Lead singer, Jacoby Shaddix, described the album as a "rediscovery of the basic elements of Papa Roach... We kind of went back and looked at the history of our band and really thought aboutâ&#x20AC;Ś Creatively, what evolutions have we gone through? When we came in, it was, like, metal and hip-hop and nu-metal, and then we kind of got more into straight-ahead rock and then we added pop elements to our band. So this record just encompasses everything weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve done from the beginning to where we are currently as a band; it just kind of connects the dots of all the elements of our sound over the years."1 "There's some hip-hop, more keyboards than before, sound loops, textures - it's dynamic, diverse and vulnerable. That is Papa Roach. We have never sounded better"2 There is no doubt that all of Papa Roach's albums are heartfelt and written from their very core. The Connection mirrors the lives of all four band members, their emotions, relationships and inner most dark secrets. "Before I Die" is one of my favourite tracks on the album. Shaddix wrote it about his attempted suicide. Jacoby had hit his rock bottom after his marriage fell apart, his drinking problem reached a new low and his life was falling apart as he had vocal problems. Shaddix managed to pull himself back from the brink of death, something which I'm sure we all know is hard to do and he put his feelings into writing this song and album. "I'm out here on my own I'm sick of being here alone I know where I belong But I can't find my way home ...From the valley of the dead I'm hearing every word you said I'm trying to apologize But I can't feel my feelings ... Maybe I said the right things wrong But one last shot was too far gone

But if I can I swear that I Will live for you before I die Maybe I pushed you way too far." - Before I Die The Connection is raw. It is emotional, mainstream in places and ultimately the heart of Papa Roach. I believe this is their best record yet and I look forward to what is to come. With songs such at "Still Swinging" and "Wish You Never Met Me" there is a very mainstream, radio sound. Then there are songs such as "Before I Die" and "Give Me Back My Life" which are more suited to being sung on tour with the fans screaming their hearts out with Jacoby. This album has something for everyone and for those who are fans of Papa Roach, it doesn't disappoint. With catchy drum beats and guitar riffs The Connection is certainly worth the wait. I am inspired by the life of Papa Roach. Despite everything that has been thrown against them, all the obstacles they have faced they have come through even stronger and have this record as proof of that. Music is the heart, pulse, lifeline and connection of this band and it's evident to see in this record how much music means to them. Drummer Tony Palermo, says about the album: [It's] in depth, from the heart... The album as a whole, I think it's just, it's a, pretty complete listening experience. Jacoby says: “What ‘The Connection’ means to us, it’s our connection to the music. It’s the connection of this music to the fans. It’s the connection that we make onstage with our music.” This album is the most personal Papa Roach album to date and one every listener will be able to relate to because of how raw and honest it is. I for one can relate and am very thankful for the bravery and honesty of these four lads. To hear the band talk about the album, watch these two YouTube videos: Part 1 Part 2 1 2


Film Review The Hunger Games based on the novel by Suzanne Collins.

Katniss Everdeen is from District 12. She lives in a world ruled by the Capitol, a powerful government force, never shy of displaying their importance. Katniss has volunteered, ahead of her sister, to become a piece in the annual Hunger Games, run by the Capitol as a warning to the residents in the districts that they mustn’t revolt again, though, to them, it is seen as a celebration. There is one simple rule to get through The Hunger Games: kill or be killed. District 12 has never had a victor. Will Katniss be strong enough to fight through this? Can she win this year’s Hunger Games? The Hunger Games is an action-packed movie that, surprisingly, proves to fit with the novel very well. The movie tugs on your heart strings just as much as the book, whilst making those cogs spin and you will find yourself thinking about this film long after you’ve seen it! It’s definitely worth buying the DVD and having a night in with some popcorn – go on, treat yourself! Avengers Assemble (12) Category: Action, with aspects of Sci-fi and Comedy. Ideal for: Marvel comics, previous Marvel films and people with an interest in superheroes. Trigger factor: References to blood and murder, which some people may find disturbing, and fantasy violence. Rewatchability Factor (Out of 10): 9. It is a film that always gives you something new, whenever you watch it. Be it character development or attention to detail that you did not notice before. Definitely worth rewatching. Overall Rating (Out of 10): 9. Review (No spoilers): Due to the success of the previous Marvel films, such as Iron Man and

Captain America, Avengers Assemble had very big boots to film, and it did not disappoint. In what could have caused a very mismatched and chaotic film, Avengers Assemble focuses on bringing forth a team of extraordinary people to help save the world from an Alien Demi-God, Thor’s brother Loki, and his quest for power. Despite their differences, Tony Stark (Iron Man; played by Robert Downey Jr.), Steve Rogers (Captain America; Chris Evans), Thor (God of Thunder; Chris Hemsworth), Black Widow (Natasha Romanova; Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Clint Barton; Jeremy Renner) must work together in unison to stop Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) and the Tesseract. However, if you were expecting them to all become instantly friends, you will be disappointed. What you get instead is a realistic portrayal of people with very different ideals, and from very different eras, trying to work out their place within the Avengers Initiative. This causes tension between them all, which is intriguing and often amusing to watch, particularly the interactions between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. They must learn that, to save Manhattan and possibly the rest of the world, they must put aside biases for the greater good. Despite its running time being at an impressive 143 minutes, there isn’t a single scene that does not add something to either the plot or character development; each character adds something important to the storyline, even if their purpose isn’t necessarily obvious. There are also some laugh out loud moments throughout, giving the film a more comfortable, energetic atmosphere overall, and making the serious moments all the more surprising and dramatic. The CGI and action scenes are also perfect, and never feel like they are too unrealistic or go for on too long, which is an issue that a lot of action films seem to have. The biggest issue with the film is the imbalance between character’s and screen time. Except for a two-minute cameo in Thor, the character Clint Barton (Hawkeye) is introduced for the first time, but you walk away from film knowing far less about him than the other characters. The same could be said for Natasha Romanova (Black Widow), because, despite having extensive screen time in both Iron Man 2 and Avengers Assemble, who she is as a person is difficult to evaluate due to her lack of back story. Bigger characters, both in popularity and in presence, steal the show completely. It still works for the film, and it adds an amount of mystery, but viewers may need to wait for more Marvel films to truly empathise with Hawkeye and Black Widow. Another potential issue is that people will generally need to have watched at least Iron Man (preferably Iron Man 2 also), Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America to get to grips with the film and the characters, but they are all worth a watch. Overall, this film is wonderful. It will make you laugh, it will make you cheer for the good guys – possibly feel bad for the villains, too – and it

may even make you cry. They are extraordinary people, but they still feel human despite this, allowing the audience to often relate to, and empathise with, at least one character. Except for lovers of romance, this film has pretty much something for everyone. Particularly if you’re a fan of superhero films, then this is one you definitely must not pass up the chance to watch. Short Review: · Plus sides: Great plot, dialogue, actors and has something for pretty much everyone. As with all Marvel films, there is a great mix between action and humour. · Down sides: Not all characters get equal screen time, and you will need to watch the previous films to understand what is going on. Shine. & Lucius.

Random Facts

1 - The first item sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer. A collector of broken laser pointers bought it for $14.83. 2 - Aluminium used to be so hard to produce that it was valued higher than gold. Napoleon III even had his entire fine cutlery made of aluminium. 3 - Before it became PG, the "parental guidance" movie rating was known for one year as GP (for General audience, Parental guidance suggested). 4 - Braces go all the way back to ancient Egypt. In fact, archaeologists have found several mummies with crude metal bands wrapped around their teeth. 5 - Cheerleading was initially an all-male sport. Females were only added to the equation when smaller, lighter bodies were needed for "flying." 6 - The highest spot on earth is not Mt. Everest. If we define the "highest spot" as that which is closest to the moon, stars, etc., then Mt. Chimborazo in Ecuador is an incredible 1.5 miles higher due to the oblate spheroid shape of the earth. 7 - Neil Armstrongâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s astronaut application arrived a week past the deadline. A friend slipped his form into the pile before anyone could notice.

8 - Duct tape was invented in 1942 for use by the U.S. Army as a waterproof sealing tape for ammunition boxes. 9 - Technically, green peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, and tomatoes are all fruits. But don’t try telling that to the U.S. Supreme Court. Per the 1893 case Nix v. Hedden, the court decided that tomatoes were veggies and therefore subject to the vegetable tariff. The Supreme Court’s reasoning? Tomatoes have to be vegetables because they’re usually served with dinner, not dessert. 10 - Cats cannot taste sugar. They do not have sweet taste buds. Bigmike

Makeup Review

Kat Von D in Collaboration with Art of Elysium Kat Von D has spoken a lot about her passion and work with Art of Elysium. For those who don't know the Art of Elysium is a Charity that works with children in hospitals in the US, it provides creative inspiration to children battling serious medical conditions. Kat was introduced to the Charity by one of her painter friends who invited her to come with him to the hospital to draw with the children there. The Art of Elysium is a programme that encourages therapy through art. Kat always thought of art as her saving grace and because she understands what the children must feel like stuck in hospital, so believes that the art will help and bring some joy into their life because in her life whenever she felt sad or alone, art has been her outlet. So, she returned that feeling to the children and feel in love with the charity and helping the children through art. These two palettes Kat has done in collaboration with the charity and the children. The top one is called Kimberly. Together, Kat created the cover and art work for this palette with a young girl called Kimberly, a child at the hospital who is battling a serious illness. They each drew an eye, and on the back, it even includes Kimberly's own signature. The second palette is called Evelyn, Kat created this cover with another girl called

Evelyn - another young girl in the hospital where Kat goes to draw with the children, who is also battling a serious illness. A percentage of the money from each of these palettes goes directly to the charity.

Lush Lush is a brand known for its hand made products that are not tested on animals and use little or no preservatives and packaging and use only vegetarian ingredients. They donate a lot of money to charities and in their last financial year we donated ÂŁ340,000 to small organisations working in the areas of environment, animal protection and human rights. Recently, Lush has brought out their own make-up range called Emotional Brilliance. The idea behind this is that each colour will affect how you feel and your mood. In store, or online you are able to spin a colour wheel and pick the three colours that stand out most to you, without thinking about it. These colours are your colour reading and represent how you are feeling right now. The range includes eye shadow, lipstick and eyeliner. All of these are liquid products in a small bottle with an applicator in the lid. They are very pigmented and the colour lasts. GlitterTrashDoll

Book Review The midwife's confession by Diane Chamberlain This book is a must read for anyone who is a fan of Jodi Picoult, it is similar in tone with a similar stylish mode of writing and so many twists and turns that you will feel as though you have ridden through the book on a roller coaster. The story surrounds a midwife called Noelle and begins with her unexpected suicide. The rest of the book works backwards from this tragic event, using the different voices of Noelle and her two younger friends Emerson and Tara, and their respective families with a focus on their two daughters who are close friends. Slowly the two friends put together the pieces of Noelle's life, blissfully unaware of the chaos their discoveries may well wreak upon themselves and their families, changing their world forever. Meanwhile elsewhere a young girl is dying of cancer for want of a donor. Little do she and her mother know that the key to the puzzle of their lives and to saving her life can be found in a most unexpected place... The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky Trigger Warning! This book deals with mental health issues and parts of the book touch on issues of death, domestic violence and sexual abuse. “ I just need to know that someone out there listens and understands and doesn’t try to sleep with people even if they could have” I just need to know that these people exist. I think you of all people understand that because I think you of all people are alive and understand what that means” This beautiful coming of age story is narrated by Charlie, a shy teen who who exists on the fringes of life. Charlie is a would-be writer and through his letters to an anonymous friend we get to know him and have the privilege of entering into the world of this young man who seems simultaneously naive and wise beyond his years. Charlie’s letters begin on the day before he starts high school and the book charts the experiences of his freshman year as he navigates the emotionally fraught terrain of adolescence. As Charlie’s letters continue we learn that he keeping secret a trauma that has shattered his childhood and now threatens his happiness and even his sanity. This book was a wonderful read. It is exquisitely written and Chbosky so eloquently manages to capture the mixture of pain, joy and confusion that

is a hallmark of many people’s experience of adolescence. Above all though this book is incredibly life affirming. At the start of the book Charlie is a complete observer to life. However he has the good fortune to meet a group of seniors, who despite their own inadequacies value him for everything that makes him unique and accept him for who he is. Being older than Charlie they introduce him to the beauty of the life that surrounds him and through the healing power of their friendships he starts to find the courage to face his inner demons and to enter the next chapter of his life with positivity and hope. After finishing the book I was left with so much appreciation of my friends and the realisation that nothing can’t be overcome with a support of a friend who cares about you. We often spend so much of our lives that we need to be perfect or achieve the next goal on our list to be perfect but this book teaches us that each moment can be special if it’s spent with those we love. Buttons. & Asian Psycho Cripple

Signature Of The Month Every month we look around the RYL forums in search of our favourite signature. This monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Signature of the Month belongs to.. Griddlebone Get back on the road, it's a beautiful day. Pick up all the friends you can find on your way And if you lose direction they'll be there guiding you on.

Fuel up your mind and fire up your heart and drive on. When your days are darker put your foot down hard and drive on,drive on. I aint no abacus but you can count on me. We love the signature because we believe it goes beautifully with our theme for this issue. We think the message in the quotes can be very inspiring and can inspire you to carry on, even if you have a few setbacks along the way, and that as long as you try to succeed you will. We also love the combination of the quotes and the beautiful sunset image that Liv has used. Sunsets are the ending of a day and sunrises are the beginning of a new day, where you can start things fresh. Positive quotes like these can inspire everyone to achieve the best they can be, and to know their friends are always there when you need them. Congratulations Liv. ~ If you want to be in with a chance of being next monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Signature of the Month, then get creative! Remember, it doesn't need to be busy and full of colour to win. It can win because it's funny, inspiring, and creative or just shows off your personality! Remember as well, when it comes to signatures, they also help other members remember who you are because they remember a phrase or a picture in your signature! Have fun getting creative!


Jokes â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Funny Thing about autumn is... Q: What did the tree say to autumn? A: Leaf me alone. Q: What did one autumn leaf say to another? A: I'm falling for you. Q: What did the big furry hat say to the warm woolly scarf? A: You hang around while I go on ahead. A couple goes to an art gallery. They find a picture of a naked woman with only her privates covered with leaves. The wife doesn't like it and moves on but the husband keeps looking. The wife asks: "What are you waiting for?" The husband replies: "Autumn Q. Why did the banana go to the hospital? A. It wasn't peeling very well. A man goes to the doctor and says: 'Doctor, there's a piece of lettuce sticking out of my bottom.' The doctor asks him to drop his trousers and examines him. The man asks: 'Is it serious, doctor?' and the doctor replies: 'I'm sorry to tell you, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.' Two peanuts walk into a bar. One was a salted. Why couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t the pirates play cards? Because the captain was standing on the deck. TheHighestDefinition

Game Review Skyrim (18/M) Category: RPG. Ideal for: Fans of RPG games, but it has elements that most video game fans will enjoy. Trigger factor: This isn’t a nice, fluffy game. There is blood and war. Replay Factor (Out of 10): 8. Seeing as you can choose to be a different character, and follow a different path, there is definitely the pull there to replay it. Overall Rating (Out of 10): 8. Made by Bethesda Game Studios, Skyrim is the fifth instalment of the Elder Scroll series. Like all the other Elder Scroll games, it is set on the continent of Tamriel, but for the first time it is in the Province of Skyrim, the land of a race known as the Nords. The story starts with your character about to be executed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Naturally, you get saved by an unforeseen force, and you are able to travel around Skyrim as you please, as you uncover your destiny and your future. As always, you are able to choose the race/gender of your character: anything from a Nord (essentially a human), to an elf to a cat person (known as a khajiit). You can spend hours and hours perfecting every last detail of your character. From their hair to the shape of their cheeks. You could be a fearless warrior or a small, agile thief. It is entirely up to you. And that’s what makes Skyrim so wonderful. You decide what you do with it. The world is entirely in your hands. You can choose to be an assassin or an honest citizen. If you want to get married, you go for it. It’s up to you. There are, of course, many games that offer these kind of opportunities, but they do not have the same pull that Skyrim does. The little things, such as being able to cook, have your own home and that you need to practise your skills to do pretty much anything all combine together to make it incredibly immersive. The NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) speak to each other without prompting as well, making for a more realistic experience. Add that to the stunning graphics, the amazing landscapes and the great character designs, and you’ve got yourself a game that will help you escape from the real world time and time again. Issues with the previous instalment, Oblivion, such as wooden voice

acting and often stiff movements have been all but eradicated, but the charm of Oblivion is still there, so fans of the game will not be disappointed. The sheer amount of attention to detail and back story is astounding. You could spend hours just reading the various books that are located around Skyrim. It makes you feel as if the fictional continent of Tamriel actually exists, which is not something many games can boast about, and you feel as though you are a part of it. Like any game, though, there are some issues. Whilst it is visually stunning, there are glitches that can often pull you out of the experience. The glitches range from hilarious to potentially stopping you from completing a quest. The PC version is particularly filled with glitches and bugs, although patches have been made to counteract this. There is also a tedium when it comes to going into caves and collecting an item for someone. They are often very same-y, and when you do one after another, it can get boring. But this can easily be rectified by mixing up the kind of missions you do. And there’s so much space in Skyrim that it’s easy to stop doing missions for a while all together and just explore. After all, there are so many things that you can miss just from doing only the most important missions, and so it can often be worth it, and very rewarding, to do some travelling. And with the added expansion packs, Dawngard and Hearthfire, it means that there is even more to do and to explore. Although, for the PS3 players, do not expect these expansion packs any time soon: they’re only out of Xbox and PC. If you haven’t already played this game, I thoroughly recommend. Whether your thing is exploring, fighting or learning magic, you will not be bored. Lucius.

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