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An Honest Review Of FAP Turbo FOREX Automated Robot Trading Software FAP Turbo Bot Turbo was relaunched on 25 November 2008, in its newest, updated version. There was so much notoriety during the preliminary of this product launch that literally hundreds and possibly even thousands of units were sold on the very day it was released. What exactly caused this product to become so desirable and a seeming necessity among FOREX traders? Quite simply, the FAP Turbo Bot is drastically superior to all other forms of FOREX robot automated trading software available on the market from then to the current time. Does it actually work? Absolutely! I have been consistently and continuously happy with the performance of FAP Turbo Bot and would, without hesitation, definitely recommend that anyone who is looking into FOREX trading or is currently an experienced FOREX trader to purchase the FAP Turbo Bot – a tremendous aid to your FOREX trading.

FAP Turbo Bot What is so different about the FAP Turbo Bot? ➢ Primarily, the FAP Turbo Bot creators actually use real live trading to prove that their FOREX automated trading system works effectively, and you are able to see the FAP Turbo system trade FOREX in real time on their website. You can also see my results on my website in real-time. Most of the other automated FOREX products available on the market use backtesting reports, which could possibly be altered or enhanced to falsify or hype results, and are drastically different when compared to live trading results. Live trading is performed on the FAP Turbo Bot Turbo Homepage in a small ($370), medium ($2500) and large ($10,000) live account, just as my website is modeled after as well. ➢ Secondly, FAP Turbo Bot offers effective solutions to nearly all of the problems and hang-ups which exist with other FOREX robot software on the market, with little to no exceptions or conditions. The most common problems with other FOREX robot software on the market are that no stop losses are utilized and applied correctly, and that shaky trading strategies like Martingale are used all too often to produce high success rates, which are easier said than are possible to attain. Both of these strategies unfortunately result in seriously high drawdowns that could eventually deplete the capital in your entire account – especially during a big losing streak. On the other hand, FAP Turbo Bot provides you with very low drawdowns, an effective, powerful fixed stop loss strategy, and numerous other updated features that have not ever been seen or demonstrated before in the FOREX automated software industry.

What Does FAP Turbo Bot Turbo Consist Off? Immediately after processing the purchase of the FAP Turbo Bot product, you are taken to their members only area, in which you can download the FOREX trading software with manuals and watch a helpful wide array of training videos. The FAP Turbo Bot includes the following main contents: • The Short Term Trading Strategy The short term trading strategy of FAP Turbo Bot Turbo uses a effective and powerful , profitable scalping technique which trades 4 of the most commonly traded currency pairs in a 15 minute time frame. It is important to note that this is not the type of scalping technique that brokers detest . . . it only needs to perform 1 to 5 trades daily, with very strict and disciplined money management. The short term strategy truly has a lot of “automated intelligence” built in to it, and various customizable filters are used to make sure that only the best trades are executed. Perhaps my favorite – and perhaps the best feature of this system – is what FAP Turbo Bot designates as the “Stealth Mode”, which introduces a false stop loss and take profit targets so as to hide the true values from brokers . . . a perfectly effective and powerful way to prevent becoming a victim of such troublesome FOREX stumbling blocks, such as stop hunting and other shady practices, only perpetrated by brokers. ➢ The Long Term Trading Strategy The long term trading strategy is basically an enhanced and improved version of FOREX Autopilot. There is a long history behind this which is fully detailed and explained on the FAP Turbo Bot homepage, but to keep it brief – the FAP Turbo Bot developers were granted permission by Marcus Leary to modify the FOREX Autopilot source(programming) code to see if it were possible for them to address these shortcomings, and then possibly sell it as a separate product, if they succeeded. The end result is a system that is so much safer and extremely more profitable than the original FOREX Autopilot had ever planned to do. A fixed stop loss strategy was introduced and implemented to limit drawdowns; ALSO, bigger profits are taken from favorable trades, and a host of filters and indicators were added in order to avoid trading during risky and volatile hours and unfavorable trading periods. ➢ Documentation and Training The great thing I noticed instantly is that the FAP Turbo Bot Turbo documentation and training materials are much more detailed and easier to understand than the ones you receive with other FOREX robot automated trading software like FOREX Autopilot. All settings are explained in great detail in the manuals, even ones you do not need to change – there are even videos in the members area to show you exactly how to set up the FAP Turbo Bot to work to its utmost on your computer. Is FAP Turbo Bot Turbo Profitable? The short and long term strategies of FAP Turbo Bot have been extremely successful so far.

The short term strategy virtually never makes a losing trade. If it does the losses are at their bare minimum. The long term strategy makes much bigger profits than the original FOREX Autopilot, but is also safer because of the fixed stop loss parameter and improved trade filters. In the first 24 hours of conducting my trials, trading in my demo account, the FAP Turbo Bot system profited in excess of 500 pips of profit, and profited my $5000 demo account to $6077. This is a truly unexpected and unbelievable result for the first day, and I am excited – looking forward to seeing how it will perform over the next few months to come. Click here to visit my latest FAP Turbo Bot Turbo results. Conclusions and Recommendations After having only tested FAP Turbo Bot for one day, but I was more than convinced that this system will definitely take over the number 1 spot from FOREX Autopilot, and trounce any and all competition from other automated FOREX trading software. It is so much safer to trade with, much more profitable, and if you are considering using a FOREX robot to trade your money, which you should considering the 24/7 nature of the market, then the FAP Turbo Bot should be among your FOREX tools sooner, rather than later. The current price will increase on the FAP Turbo Bot, more than likely, so if you are interested in this product, I suggest that you purchase it as soon as possible at the discounted price of $149(originally $349) to avoid any disappointment in any price increases. Act now, and email me at, and I will send you my personal FAP Turbo Pro settings which have proved very profitable for the past few months. These are the same exact settings which I used to make a lot of money in such a short time using it – and they have remained the same since. After you purchase FAP Turbo Bot, simply send me an email, along with the email you used to purchase FAP Turbo Bot, and I will personally send you my exact FAP Turbo Bot settings to give you a head start. That is how much I personally believe in FAP Turbo Bot, and I know you will do. Click Here To Purchase FAP Turbo Bot

An Honest Review Of FAP Turbo FOREX Automated  

I have been consistently and continuously happy with the performance of FAP Turbo Bot and would, without hesitation, definitely recommend th...