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Introduction to Bigfish Folding Bike


Bigfish: freedom starts here / 02/20

Why a folding bike…? • • •

“Why would I use a folding bike?” “What kind of folding bike would I choose?” “What do I need to consider when choosing a folding bike…”

This presentation will give you the reasons to buy a Bigfish!

Bigfish: freedom starts here / 03/20

1. Why use a

folding bike?

1.FREEDOM. Avoid the traffic. Keep the bike with you at all times, park the car and ride the rest of the way, or combine cycling with public transport…

2.THEFT-PROOF. The bike that gives you freedom from bike thieves – it’s always with you, in the car, your apartment, in a bar, or under your desk…

3.QUICK AROUND THE CITY. You’re actually quicker cycling through town, and a folding bike gives you the freedom to combine it with public (or private) transport…

4.CASH-SAVING. Save on parking tickets, fines, fuel costs, congestion charges... 5.STRESS-BUSTING. Statistically proven that cycling is good for your physical and mental health. Much more pleasant and flexible way to get around…

6.HEALTHY. Cycle to work, get your daily exercise, and even exercise at home on Bigfish’s special home-trainer attachment - cycling only 20mins a day makes you significantly fitter and healthier

Bigfish: freedom starts here / 05/20

2. Why Bigfish folding bike?

Bigfish: freedom starts here / 04/20 Firstly because it looks and folds like this‌

Bigfish: freedom starts here / 06/20

Why Bigfish Folding Bike?

New, innovative worldwide-patented folding technology... 1.‘Clip-clap’ folding system means no tools, screwing or dirty hands 2.‘Frame-hinge-free’ fame design 3.Proportions, performance + ergonomics of a normal bike 4.Can be wheeled along with you when folded 5.Folds slimmer than most other folders 6.Shimano Nexus 3 speed HUB GEARS 7.Can even be used at home as a fitness device 8.Eye-catching looks, in 4 cool colours, that appeal to both sexes, young and old.

Bigfish: freedom starts here / 07/20

Bigfact/ nr.1

Clip-clap folding system

The ‘clip-clap’ folding system guarantees quick and easy folding without screwing or tools and without getting your hands dirty. Most folding bikes have screwing parts or require tools. Bigfish has a no-stress quick release system. Meaning it can be folded and unfolded in 10-15 seconds. It’s small enough to take it with you in the car, on public transport, and into shops and restaurants…

101 x 65 x 30cm

Bigfish: freedom starts here / 08/20

Bigfact/ nr.2

No hinge in the frame for stable and sturdy ride

Bigfish doesn’t fold in the frame like the majority of other folding bikes. This keeps the rigidity of the bike, making it more stable and responsive with greater energy efficiency. It also makes the folded bike narrower than most others.

Most folding bikes on the market have a folding point in the frame...

Bigfish: freedom starts here / 09/20 Bigfish out-manoeuvres normal city bikes in busy cities and crowded areas. Bigfact/ nr. 3

Same dimensions as a normal bike

The bike’s dimensions and key positions are the same as a normal bike: the wheelbase, distance between pedals, seat and the handlebars are all standard distances. BUT the small wheels actually make it quicker off the mark, nimbler and more maneouvrable.

Bigfish: freedom starts here / 10/20

Bigfact/ nr. 3

Same dimensions as a normal bike

The result is a comfortable ride. PLUS the the small wheels and 3 speed Shimano Nexus hub gears provide convenience, flexibility and manoeuvrability and the chain will never fall off when you don’t want it to. Diagram shows how Bigfish matches up to a traditional city bike.

Bigfish: freedom starts here / 11/20

Bigfact/ nr.4

Bigfish, from riding to pulling

Wheel the folded bike along with you. Bigfish allows you to actually wheel your folded bike along with you when you walk This is a really unique benefit. It saves your back, saves your clothes. So why carry it unless you really have to?

Bigfish: freedom starts here / 12/20

Bigfact/ nr.5

Bigfish folds flat

Bigfish folds flatter than almost any other folding bike. It folds small enough to enable you to store it just about anywhere. It can be your constant companion: stored under your office desk, on the train, on the bus, in the hall at home‌ You can comfortably put two bikes in the trunk of a mid-sized car.

Bigfish: freedom starts here / 13/20


Slimmer than most folders

Because it’s slimmer, Bigfish fits more easily into your living and working environment and makes it less bulky and cumbersome to transport. other


Bigfish: freedom starts here / 14/20

Bigfact/ nr.6

Shimano Internal hub gears

Bigfish comes with 3 Speed Shimano Nexus Hub Gears as standard. Perfectly configured for city and town riding.

You don’t even have to be pedalling to change gears. Simply shift from 3rd to 1st while stationary! Giving you a head-start over other road users. Hub gears are well protected from damage and compared to external gears need little or no maintenance. The chain will almost NEVER fall off, so you’re less likely to get oily hands or be stuck at the side of the road

Bigfish: freedom starts here / 15/20

Bigfact/ nr. 7

Bigfish as an exercise bike

Optional extra: The Bigfish Hometrainer allows you to get your cycling exercise inside when the conditions outside aren’t cycling-friendly! The magnetic-drive Hometrainer has a sturdy foldable frame and is equipped with handy cable hooks. The ergonomic gear shifter remotely regulates 5 resistance levels. And guess what... It folds too!

Bigfish: freedom starts here / 16/20

Bigfish technical data/

1. Unique, patented folding technology 1. Made in Italy, by Carnielli

Folded size:

101 x 65 x 30 cm

Bike Weight:

12.5 kg


Shimano Nexus 3 speed inner


Alluminium 6061

Wheel size:


Rims, hubs, crank set


Master carton weight:

15.5 kg

Master carton dimensions:

107 x 70 x 31.5 cm

Bigfish: freedom starts here / 17/20 Champagne gold

Metallic pink

Technical data/ nr.2

Colour Options - Four cool colours to suit every demographic

Any other color available on request

Awesome orange

Matte black

Bigfish: freedom starts here / 18/20

Bigfish/ Your constant companion

Keep it safely with you at all times...

Bigfish: freedom starts here / 19/20

Bigfish/ Your constant companion

Whether you’re commuting, travelling or relaxing. Bigfish means better riding, better folding, better looks.

Bigfish: freedom starts here / 20/20 Or

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