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MUSIC CONCERTS & NIGHTLIFE May 24 - June 6 How to use the listings: Venues are listed alphabetically by day. For complete listings and detailed information on venues visit www. Send us your listings:





Friday May 24 Café Rosenberg 22:00 Lost Dog (Hundur Í Óskilum) Dillon 20:00 The Wicked Strangers Gamli Gaukurinn 21:00 Meik Harlem 22:00 Jordan & Pippen Harpa 15:30 Stravinsky’s 100th Anniversary in Dance 18:30 Queer Choir Hressó 22:00 Rokktríó Jóns Ólafss Kaffibarinn 22:00 Már & Níelsen KEX Hostel 21:00 Reykjavík Music Mess Lebowski Bar 21:00 Jesús Prikið 20:00 Thizone/Egill & Bjössi Volta 21:00 Reykjavík Music Mess

Saturday May 25 Bar 11 21:00 Valdimar Live Radio Show Café Rosenberg 22:00 KK & Maggi Dillon 22:00 Ofvitarnir, Saytan and Skerðing Gamli Gaukurinn 21:00 90s Party! Glaumbar 22:00 Basic House Effect Harlem 22:00 FM Belfast DJs Hressó 22:00 Hunang/DJ Fúzi Kaffibarinn 22:00 FKNHNDSM Lebowski Bar 21:30 Biggie Prikið 23:59 Árni Kocoon

The Killer Quartet

Bömmer 2013

Kaffistofan | June 7 | 20:00 Bömmer 2013 proudly features some of Iceland’s most promising up-and-coming bands and rappers for a total downer of a party. Coming together to perform in one epic show, Pink Street Boys, Knife Fights, Lord Pussywhip, and $h∆man $h∆warma guarantee angst and bad vibes all the way. The best part about this indie rock sausage fest? Free admittance. That means more money in your wallets and more beer in your stomach. Enjoy! JW

29 May

Sunday May 26 The Culture House 17:00 ‘Beauty Promised’ Guitar Trio Harlem 20:30 NBA Night Harpa 20:00 Routeopia Piano Bus 20:00 Witold Lutoslawski Centennary Celebration Kaffibarinn 20:00 Hryndjandi & Kristinn Pálsson Lebowski Bar 21:30 Haraldur Einarsson Prikið 20:00 DJ Gangreen and Dungeon Massive

Monday May 27

The FinesT sandwiches in downTown oF Reykjavík

Harlem 20:00 New Wave Night Harpa 20:00 Sonor Ensemble & Guðrún Jóhanna Ólafsdóttir Kaffibarinn 20:00 DJ Pilsner a.k.a. DJ 2.25 Lebowski Bar 21:30 Anna Brá

Tuesday May 28 Café Rosenberg 22:00 Edgar Smári and Band Harlem 22:00 Wonderism Harpa 20:00 Pearls of Icelandic Song Kaffibarinn 20:00 DJ Katla Lebowski Bar 21:30 Biggie Prikið 20:00 Súr Berndsen

Wednesday May 29 Café Rosenberg 21:00 Earthlings & Best Buddys Harpa 20:00 Pearls of Icelandic Song 21:00 Jussanam Band-Brazilian Jazz Kaffibarinn 22:00 Atli Katnill Lebowski Bar 21:30 Haraldur Einarss Volta 20:00 Elliot Rayman

Rio to Reykjavík

Jussanam Band Harpa | May 29 | 21:00 Brazilian jazz singer Jussanam has an uncanny ability to induce transnational collaboration. Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, she moved to Reykjavík in 2008 and in 2011 became an Icelandic citizen. Since bringing her Brazilian sound to the far North, she has worked with musicians and composers from Iceland, Sweden, and the USA. Her second album, ‘Rio/Reykjavík’, was released to high acclaim. Jussanam’s band features Icelandic musicians and welcomes the summer with warm, sexy beats from Rio. SS Glaumbar 21:00 Reggae Night with DJ Cyppie Harpa 20:00 Iceland Symphony Orchestra Hressó 22:00 Live Hip-Hop Night Kaffibarinn 22:00 DJ Hendrik

Lebowski Bar 21:00 House Band Loft Hostel 20:30 Ylja Prikið 20:00 Houskell

Reykjavik Museum of Photography Exhibitions all year round ADMISSION FREE

Thursday May 30

sandholT BakeRy · laugavegi 36 - 101 Reykjavík Monday - FRiday 7.30 - 18.15. saTuRday 7.30 -17.30. sunday 8.30-17.00

Café Rosenberg 22:00 Fleetwood Mac Tribute Concert Dillon 22:00 Desibel Night Dolly 22:00 RVK Soundsystem’s Reggae Night

GRÓFARHÚS 6th Floor Tryggvagata 15, 101 Reykjavik Opening Hours: Mon–Thu 12–19 Fridays 12–18, Weekends 13–17

The Reykjavik Grapevine, Issue 6, 2013  
The Reykjavik Grapevine, Issue 6, 2013  

The Reykjavik Grapevine, Issue 6, 2013