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Date: 2014

Welcome to Brisbane



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Table of Contents About the IASAQ

A new start information guide aimed at Irish people who are settling in Brisbane. Summery of Contents  Housing market information—rental and buyer information  Schooling information  Settling in Brisbane guide  Medical & Job Search information


Welcome Note


2014 Holidays and Festivals


Weather, Climate & Car Guide


Rental Advice & Info

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Living costs, Public transport, House buying

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Shopping Tips, Markets

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Daily Brisbane Wildlife

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Children 0-5—kindy, playgroups, activities

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Schooling information

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Public vs private schools

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Activities & Entertainment

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Medical & Hospital Information

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Visa, Tax, Employment

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“It takes about 2 years to feel in any way settled and less homesick….” IASAQ—Irish Australian Support Association QLD

IASAQ—Irish IASAQ—Irish Australian Australian Support Support Association Association QLD QLD


The Irish Australian Support Association of Queensland Incorporated was formed some 5 years ago. Is a not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to provide social and personal support to as many Irish/Australian people as possible. The Association offers a wide range of activities and support services, including: * Immigration advice and support, especially to newly-arrived Irish people * Special interest groups such as those for Irish/Australian Mothers (especially to newly arrived families), seniors and backpackers. * Support in times of traumatic and often tragic events and circumstances, such as sudden and/or accidental death, or major injuries * Repatriation of the deceased person and liaison with the Irish family in cases of sudden death, including drownings, victims of murder and fatal industrial accidents * Assisting people who are hospitalised, usually in emergency situations



Welcome To Brisbane Welcome to Brisbane and the start of your new life. Here are a few nuggets picked up along the way that may make settling here a bit easier. It’s very daunting to come all the way across the world to a new country, but at least the weather is great, the economy isn't too bad at the minute, the people are friendly and they speak mostly the same language (with a few oddities). A few less things to worry about! Brisbane can be a bit difficult to navigate because of the snaky river. It does get easier and here are a few tips to position yourself in the city. All the “female” streets (Queen, Ann, Elizabeth, Margaret, Alice) run roughly east to west and the “male” streets (Albert, George, Eagle, Edward) run roughly north to south. The Botanic Gardens are on the southern tip and Central station is on the Northern tip.

* Support fundraisers for these special cases and circumstances related to problematic or crisis issues and circumstances * Networking with the elderly in the community, as well as visits to aged care homes, hospitals and hostels * Seniors’ events including lunches and excursions be they either local, intrastate or interstate * Generally promoting fellowship and social gatherings for everyone * Assistance with legal and court matters Many of these services and events bring Irish people together, whether they are permanent residents or those enjoying short or long term travel (visa holders) to Australia … helping them feel that they have a home away from home and connecting with other Irish people in the local community.

CALL: 1 800.000.0000 TEL:TO 07 ORDER 3391 1300 MOBILE: 0432 087 328

Navigating the city is the easy part. Settling in a new country permanently is the hard

part. The lack of family is defiantly the biggest drawback to moving here. It can and will get lonely here, so here are a few tips that we have found to help you settle a bit more. The first thing is to make sure your head is in the right space. For you to begin to feel at home here (the general consensus is it takes about 2 years so be patient), you need to be committed to staying here. If you always have in the back of your mind that this is temporary and you’ll be heading back home ASAP you’ll be less likely to make as much of an effort to integrate and settle into Brisbane life. Your head will be a in a negative place and your homesickness will be stronger and you’ll be comparing Brisbane unfavorably with home and fail to see all the wonderful things Brisbane has to offer. If you have a goal (residency, buying a house, getting the kids into a good school, good job etc)—then you’ll be working towards something positive which does help alleviate some of the initial bumps you will no doubt face. The key to success in any new venture is keeping positive and active. It is important to have a good mix of friends, both Australian and Irish. The more Australian friends you have, the more “in the know” you’ll be. You’ll also find in Brisbane it’s often who you know that make a difference in the job search, schools, kids etc. While Irish friends are important and comfortable, you’ll find it harder to settle in Brisbane without Australian connections. The other problem to only having ex-pat friends is that ex-pats tend to move around a lot and you friends will change often, making settling that much more difficult. So, how to meet all these Australian


IASAQ—Irish Australian Support Association QLD friends?! (www.bobinoz.com)Australia is full of community activities. Much more than at home. They have clubs, societies, groups galore. So, find what you’re interested in, sports, dancing, music, children, food, wine, travel, and you’ll find a club to join. And while you’ll feel like the outsider to start with, the more you get involved, the easier it gets. The outdoor life is massive here, so enjoy it. Go camping, fishing, boating. Take a day drive to the coast or national parks. Get out of the house and have a picnic in one of the beautiful parks here. Enjoy life. The beaches are tropical, the weather is amazing (even the storms) , the swimming pools are a great day out in the heat. BBQ’s are a way of life. Making Australian friends will be harder because they will already have their network in place and not be as inclined to make new friends. Don’t despair. Keep trying, and you’ll wake up one day realizing you’re living it up. Good luck! A few comments from our contributors: “Personally, If you can I would try to get residency while still in Ireland. It’s worth the wait and extra expense. Being here is too expensive on the 2 year Temporary Visa…” “I found it has taken about 2 years for me to settle in Australia and find my feet…” “The feelings of loneliness are really hard, especially when coming from home where you’re surrounded by friends and family…” “It is so expensive to live here…”


“I love the weather. It’s brilliant to wake up everyday and see blue skies. Even the storms are amazing…”

“The schools and hospitals are fantastic. Very modern and fresh. Great facilities…” “Getting around without a car is really difficult..” “There is soo much to do here for families. It’s great place to raise kids.”

The Queensland Gaelic Football and Hurling Association (QGFHA) delivers Gaelic Football, Hurling and Camogie competitions to over 20 teams in Brisbane, represented from 6 clubs. All games are play at Gaelic Park, Bowhill Road, Willawong. Four competitions are contested over the course of the year – Summer Competition (Feb-Mar), Carpenter Cup (late Mar-May), Queensland League (JunAug) and Championships Finals (AugSept).2013 The Association will introduce, a youth Development Program, This will include Go Games for Children under 12, with fun games in Gaelic football, Camogie, and Hurling, Another group will be set up for the same codes for the over 12 up To U17, anyone interested in helping please contact, president@gaelicfootballqld.com.au



TEL: 07 3391 1300

MOBILE: 0432 087 328

What’s On 2014 -http://www.bnecity.com.au/ http://brisbane.eventfinder.com.au/

Holidays and Observances (Australia) Australia Day (27th Public Holiday)

Jan 01 New Year's Day

Jan 26

Apr 18 Good Friday

Apr 21 Easter Monday

Jun 09

Queen's Birthday (Most Aug 14 Ekka regions)

Oct 06 Labour Day Nov


Duck race, cancer research

International film festival Nov 11 Remembrance Day

Dec 25 Christmas Day

Dec 26 Boxing Day

Brisbane January





Apr 19

Easter Saturday

Apr 25

Anzac Day


Brisbane Festival—Riverfire

Nov 5

Melbourne Cup


G20 Summit—CBD workers only

Dec 31

New Year's Eve



Sunday 26thJanuary on Australia Day , Cockroach Races The Story Bridge Hotel, OzFest, Hamilton Hotel Music Festival. & Australia Day Festival, South Bank Parklands.

Chinese New Year Jan 31st - celebrations taking place in the city's Chinatown district—Laneway Festival. February

A Day on the Green, Concert—Sirromet Winery Feb 2nd Brisbane International Motor Show - early February, an exciting motor show featuring everything from the world of motoring.

International Cricket - one-day event played at the Brisbane Cricket Ground Soundwave festival Sat 22nd. RNA Showground's, 15+’music festival Good Life festival—RNA Showground's, Fri 28th Feb. Under 18’s concert. March

Future Music Festival—Mar 1st.RNA Showgrounds 18+ music festival St. Patrick's Day - 17th March, a celebration of Australia's Irish ancestry April

A Day on the Green—Jimmy Barnes Sunday 30th, Sirromet Winery Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race 18th April - yacht race starting from the Shorncliffe Pier and going to the Queensland coast of Gladstone

IASAQ—Irish Australian Support Association QLD May

Paniyiri Greek Festival West End- 24th & 25th May, a multicultural event showcasing Greek culture

Urban Country Festival in Caboolture on between 4-7 May




TEL: 07 3391 1300

MOBILE: 0432 087 328

Weather/Climate My favorite times of the year are Spring and Autumn. Summer can be a killer if you’re not used to the heat. Its not only the heat, but also the humidity. Winter can feel really cold, especially in the QLD houses, where insulation is almost non-existent.


Definitely scope out places that are shady. The beach is usually too hot in summer to be enjoyable except early morning or late afternoon. Avoid 11-2pm. Always wear sunscreen and a hat. The local pools are brill as they are mostly open air with great landscaping, cheap pricing—so bring a picnic!.


Storm season is Summer. It’s tropical rain and often cyclones and flooding. Be prepared and careful. Hailstones can also do major damage to your car!

 Whale Watching - 1st June to 1st November  2014 Super Rugby—Suncorp Stadium. 12th July August

 Brisbane Marathon. 42.2k. Aug 3rd.  Royal National Agricultural Show 'Ekka' - early August, held at the RNA Showground's. Aug 8th—17th September

 Bridge to Brisbane Race Sep 7th.  Brisbane Riverside Festival - an 6th-27th September arts-themed fest, with

www.bom.gov.au Weather Spring — September — November Summer — December — February Autumn — March — May Winter —

June —

Maximum Minimum

food, entertainment and fireworks, held over 12 days. October

 Brisbane Wine Festival 17th—19th Oct —a popular wine event, with wine and food matching workshops, and numerous tasting opportunities

 Gold Coast Indy 300 - four-day celebration centered around the Indy Car Grand Prix

Oktoberfest - a popular German-themed event staged at the RNA Showground's—beer-drinking festivities, live Bavarian-style music, yodeling, cowbell ringing, a puppet theatre, freshly baked pretzels and dodgems.

Duck race for cancer research. Buy a rubber duck and race it down Brisbane river. Prizes to be won. November

G20 Summit will be the ninth meeting of the G-20 heads of government December

Woodford Folk Festival - 27th December—1st Jan, based some 78 km / 48 miles north of Brisbane, in Woodford


Queensland does not operate on daylight savings time and is always +10 GMT. The country code is +61 and area code for QLD is (0)7. Best phoning times to Ireland. 10 hours behind Brisbane.


29°C / 84°F

21°C / 70°F


29°C / 84°F

21°C / 70°F


28°C / 82°F

19°C / 66°F


26°C / 79°F

17°C / 63°F

Brisbane 5am—9am = Ireland 7pm—11pm


23°C / 73°F

13°C / 55°F

Brisbane 5pm—11pm = Ireland 7am—1pm


21°C / 70°F

11°C / 52°F


20°C / 68°F

10°C / 50°F


22°C / 72°F

10°C / 50°F


24°C / 75°F

13°C / 55°F


26°C / 79°F

16°C / 61°F


28°C / 82°F

18°C / 64°F


29°C / 84°F

20°C / 68°F

Sunrise generally 5am(summer)—6am(winter) Sunset generally 5pm(winter)—7pm(summer)

IASAQ—Irish Australian Support Association QLD




TEL: 07 3391 1300

MOBILE: 0432 087 328


Where to live

Buying a Car

One of the biggest questions facing any new arrival into the country. There is only so much research you can do online. Until you see and live somewhere, it is very hard to tell where you and your family will be happy. Here we have tried to break down some information for you to help you in your decision. Where you live is a very individual thing, but here we have listed areas that are well established, generally are safe and clean and have good reputations. Please look at the blog (address on next page) for people’s opinions on where NOT to live.

Buying a car in Brisbane, there is really one place to go. It’s the Magic Mile in Moorooka. Massive car lots. New and second hand. Credit available. Also look at www.carsales.com.au for car values etc If you buy a secondhand car, beware. To purchase or sell a secondhand car, you need a roadworthy certificate done by a mechanic. Even if a car is issued with a road worthy, it does not mean that the car is free from major faults. The best way to ensure you are making a good buy is to use www.racq.com.au/motoring/cars/car_advice/vehicle_inspections. It costs between $211-$395, but definitely worth it. RACQ also has a comprehensive journey planner and a map showing where the cheapest petrol is located at www.racq.com.au/motoring/cars/car_economy/fuel_prices To register a vehicle, which includes CTP (third party insurance), costs $900-$1,500/year. $330 is the insurance. See www.tmr.qld.gov.au Car insurance: Go to www.iSelect.com.au where you can compare prices from AAMI, Suncorp, Budget, NRMA, RACQ etc. Third party costs $250-$300/year. Comprehensive costs $900+/year. The third party insurance you get here is Third Party Property only. It is very different from Ireland; If the car is legally registered (rego’d), any licensed driver is insured to drive it as when you rego a car, you pay for CTP (Compulsory Third Party Insurance) – it is “personal insurance only” and does not cover car or property. If you have had a suspension from Ireland and have not declared it, your insurance here may be void. Driving license: $64.20 for one year or $143.75 for five years. You can drive on a valid Irish license for the first three months ONLY if you are a resident. You must transfer to a valid Queensland license with the proper form, ID, and current license after that. If you do not transfer, you will lose points. You have 13 points in total; points are transferred to and from other states if you move to/ from interstate and accrue for bike and car driving. See ww.tmr.qld.gov.au for more info. Speeding fines are mailed to your registered address and if they accrue unpaid, your licence will be suspended. Drinking and driving - DON’T do it - there are plenty of RBTs (Random Breath Testing) and if you are in an accident, you will be breathalysed. It may invalidate your insurance.

Car rental: The best car rental from experience has been Hertz, Thrifty and Budget. You get what you pay for.

A few rental Do’s and Don’ts. The rental market is very competitive, so it pays to be prepared. If you see a house you like, be ready. Download an application form from the agent PRIOR to going to the open house. Have a few copies of your ID — passport, residency status, any references, recommendations, employment status or bank account details to hand. It may be overkill, but the less the agent has to do, the more favorably they will look upon you. Also phone the agent 30 minutes before the open house to make sure the house hasn't been taken already. Believe me, it happens! If you LOVE the house, don't be afraid to put in an offer above the asking. The most common lease term is 6 months, but you can get a year. Beware, after 6 months, the agent will usually try to up the rent. Unfortunately, you don't have much say, but don't be afraid to negotiate. They may be just trying their luck. If you are a good tenant, they may be willing to do a lot to keep you. Inform the agent ASAP if anything is broken. Take pictures of the property on entry, and drop copies into the agent of any stains etc. They will request you sign an inspection report. If you have pictures, you have more of a chance getting your bond back. A bond is usually 6 weeks’ rent paid upfront to be held by the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) — you should get a receipt from the agent or direct from the RTA. This is held against any damage done to the property while you are a tenant. This is why it is very important to fill in the conditions report as soon as you move in, and return it to the agent with a list of existing problems. Check the exit policy and fill in the exit report. They will more than likely get you to hire professional cleaners on exit, and you have to show receipts. Double-check things like oil stains on the garage floor, wall stains, dust on fans, clean ovens etc. If, by chance, you are refused your bond back, contact the rental bond authority immediately. Often they will get your money back for you — especially if you have evidence! Because the rental market is so busy here, you will find the standard of housing to be generally poorer than what you are used to. There are a lot of older houses without insulation or air conditioning, so consider that it can be very cold in winter with drafts blowing in and it gets very hot in summer. There will be inspections during your occupancy of the property. This depends on the agent. Usually every 3-6 months depending on your lease. Ensure the house is clean, garden tidy, walls, kitchen and bathroom are tidy. The house doesn't have to be spotless, but you have to show you are looking after it.

IASAQ—Irish Australian Support Association QLD


2 bed


A nnerley (4103) 4.9 km

$ 260 - $ 430/wk

$ 400 - $ 560/wk

B ulimba / Hawtho rne (4171) 3.7 km

$ 380 -$ 700/wk

$ 550 - $ 750/wk

Camp Hill/ Carindale (4152) 5.6 km

$ 300 -$ 480/wk

$ 425 - $ 650/wk

Canno n Hill / M o rningside (4170) 6.9 km

$ 380 -$ 580/wk

$ 430 -$ 580/wk

Greenslo pes (4120) 5.5 km

$ 350 -$ 500/wk

$ 420 - $ 540/wk

Co o rparo o (4151) 4.3 km

$ 320 - $ 470/wk

$ 365 - $ 595/wk

Hamilto n (4007) 4.8 km

$ 400 - $ 720/wk

$ 460 - $ 750/wk

Ho lland P ark (4121) 6.6 km

$ 300 -$ 530/wk

$ 360 - $ 480/wk

M o unt Gravatt (4122) 9.5 km

$ 350 -$ 420/wk

$ 380 - $ 460/wk

M urarrie (4172) 7.6 km

$ 330 - $ 480/wk

$ 350 - $ 480/wk

Tarragindi (4121) 7.3 km

$ 310 - $ 460/wk

$ 350 - $ 450/wk

Yero nga (4104) 5.6 km

$ 300 - $ 400/wk

$ 350 - $ 400/wk

West End (4101) 2 km

$ 300 - $ 550/wk

$ 520 - $ 830/wk

O UT S ID E 10 k m Ro chedale (4123)

$ 280-$ 350/wk

$ 300-$ 420/wk

Springwo o d (4127)

$ 280-$ 330/wk

$ 305-$ 430/wk

Wynnum (4178)

$ 330-$ 420/wk

$ 350-$ 420/wk

M anly (4179)

$ 335-$ 430/wk

$ 380-$ 550/wk



W it hin 10 km o f cit y cent r e Suburb

TEL: 07 3391 1300

MOBILE: 0432 087 328

So uthside

Wit hin 10 k m o f c it y c e nt re Suburb


Daily Living Costs

Where to live RENTING


2 b ed

3 b ed

Albion (4010) 4.7 km


$400 - $550/wk

Alderley (4051) 5.5 km



Ascot (4007) 5.1 km



Ashgrove (4060) 4.3 km

$380 -$450/wk


Bardon (4065) 4.7 km



Chermside (4032) 9.1 km



Fig Tree Pocket (4069) 9.5 km



Enoggera (4051) 6.4 km



New Farm (4005) 1.9 km



Kelvin Grove (4059) 2.6 km



Lutwyche (4030) 5 km



The Gap (4061) 7.8 km



Paddington (4064) 2.6 km



Newmarket (4051) 4 km



Everton Park (4053)



North Lakes (4509)



Victoria Point/Redcliffe (4165)



OU T SID E 10 km

Everything is soo expensive! Preferences: “I personally prefer the Southside because you have at least 4 different ways of entering the city, and I think it’s less crowded and nicer on the south side. More facilities and parks. I’m biased because I live here and am familiar with it—Just a personal opinion! “- Ruth.

This is probably the most common sentence you will hear when talking to ex-pats. Yes the cost of living is higher here, but then so are the wages, and when you get over the $300/week shopping bill, you’ll be well on your way to thinking $40 for a family breakfast is normal.


and www.domain.com.au/ Blog on where NOT to live. www.brisbanism.com/

Property value: www.homeguru.com.au

Sold/Rented House price guides: www.onthehouse.com.au

Rental Tenancy’s Authority—RTA: www.rta.qld.gov.au

Coffee: $3.50-$4.50/cup Bread—$3—$5/loaf Milk—$3—$4 3 liters Eggs—$3.50—$6/dozen

Cost of Living So, What does it cost to live in Brisbane?

Real-estate sites:

Shopping = $300—$350 weekly shop for family of 4 (Coles, Woolies, IGA comparison site. www.checknsave.com.au)

Obviously the costs below are just estimates, and vary from circumstance to circumstance. (According to Bob in Oz) Salaries in Australia were about 31.7% higher than those in the UK, so although the figures are higher, so are the wages—so bear with it, you’ll get used to it before you know it! If you figure on a family of four, the general consensus is that you will need to take home between $5,500-7,500/mth. Obviously this depends on where you live, how you budget, etc, but generally this is what you need to live in Australia. Also don't forget if you are on a Temporary 2 year Visa, you don't get a lot of the assistance you may get on a Permanent Visa. Childcare rebates, Medicare, Family Tax Benefit etc. Cost of living in Australia blog: www.bobinoz.com

Bills: Electricity—$400/qtr for family of 4 (excluding pool) (AGl, Energex, Ergon, QLD Electricity)www.switchwise.com.au Internet/Phone $60—$120/mth depending on plan. Optus, Telstra, Dodo, Skype, iiNet. www.phonechoice.com.au Skype is a wonderful thing and it’s free! Connection fees:$200-$600 Satellite TV — Foxtel is expensive.($2,600 for two-year contract) Optus & Telstra do an entertainment package for an extra $10/mth, including movie down loads. Council rates and water are included in your rental price. They vary depending on the value of your house. (www.brisbane.qld.gov.au) (www.urbanutilities.com.au)

IASAQ—Irish Australian Support Association QLD Public transport—Buses, Trains, Ferry,


Buying a House:

Personally, I thinking making the decision to buy a house in Australia is a So the first thing to do is get a GoCard. good one once you have decided to www.translink.com.au settle here permanently. There is nothThis is really the only way to use public transport ing like being able to decorate your own in Brisbane. If you don't have a GoCard, you will home, or feel like you own something to be paying about 20% more for your travel. Plus give you roots and permanency. Plus as some services don't accept cash, so you may be the rental rates here are nearly equal to stuck. You touch in with the round yellow circle. mortgage payments, it often makes Just press you card to that, and away you go. sense to invest DON’T FORGET TO TOUCH OUT on the However, before buying, definitely rent GoCard. If you don't, you will be charged the maximum for that travel period. You can top up in the area you’re looking at to get a feel for if you want to live there permaat any pay station or some shops. nently. It is also a wonderful novelty to travel to work To buy a house you should look into by Citycat/Ferry. It’s also a great touristy thing to do when friends come to Brisbane. There are getting a mortgage broker. They are free and can broker you a better deal with different zones in Brisbane—see the Translink banks than you can on your own. maps, and you will be charged more to cross these zones. For travel within Zone 1, you will You will also need a conveyancer and a be charged one way $3.05 (GoCard) $4.50 (cash). solicitor. You will need to do a pest To be honest, within Brisbane, it’s very hard to inspection and now the houses have to get around without a car. Public transport is have an energy efficiency rating. often crowded and infrequent. The transport has Stamp Duty is a killer and you will hate very direct routes, and you will have to make to pay it. changes often to get to your destination. The distances are also longer here, and public transAlso when looking at a property, don't port can take a long time. Having a car in Brisforget the ongoing costs of property tax bane is very useful. To plan your journey, go to: $350-$1000/qtr plus water rates $250http//jp.translink.com.au $500/qtr, which you will not have been Citycat, Citylink



TEL: 07 3391 1300

MOBILE: 0432 087 328

Good Shopping Tips There are a lot of stores to choose from, but here are a few that we found to be particularly good when first setting up your home. In Brisbane, they have deals and specials on a Tuesday—Called Cheaper Tuesday, so look out for those. There is also an entertainment book http:// www.entertainmentbook.com.au/ which gives vouchers and discounts on entertainment throughout Brisbane. Spreets, Lifestyle and Groupon are also good voucher sites to check out. Don’t forget Gumtree and EBay for good bargains.

Furniture shopping Tender Disposals, West End & Springwood Super A-Mart IKEA—Slacks Creek Lifeline Supa shops, Woolloongabba, Acacia Ridge, Loganholme. www.opshopbrisbane.com.au Appliance Factory Seconds, 655 Toohey Rd, Salisbury Good Guys—Appliances Spotlight—Bedding, towels, curtains, fabrics

used to paying when you were renting. Food shopping: Woolworths & Coles have 80% of market sewn up. $5 for delivery. Can shop online and collect for free. IGA, Aldi are other alternatives. There are loads of little local fruit shops with cheaper fruit & veg.

IASAQ—Irish Australian Support Association QLD


Markets: Valley Markets—Brunswick St Mall and China Town Mall, Fortitude Valley—every Sat & Sun 8am-4pm. Jan Power Markets—Powerhouse, New Farm, every 2nd and 4th Sat of the mth. Every Saturday, Davies Park hosts the West End Markets from 6am til 2pm The Southbank Lifestyle Markets are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week— arts, crafts, fashion, health, lifestyle. Riverside Pier at the Pier Markets every Sunday from 7am-3pm at Eagle Street Pier Every Wednesday, CBD Farmers Market 9am—6pm—Top of Queen St Mall next to Treasury Casino. Rocklea Market, Sherwood Road—open to the public on Wed, Sat & Sun. Food, flowers.

Clothes Shopping Myer & David Jones—Pricey, but good quality generally. Always have sales on. Coles clothing—good quality, cheap, limited selection. Target—mid range quality and price K-mart, Millers & Big W—Hit and miss , but generally ok quality Barkins—Office & Casual wear Rivers—online and outlets— clothes & shoes

Irish Businesses Purchase Irish produce Annerley Meats – Paul (Irish butcher) - 502 Ipswich Rd, Annerley 4103 (07) 3848 3336 IGA Cannon Hill -Shp2/ 965 Wynnum Rd, Cannon Hill QLD 4170 (07) 3399 3222 Irish Shed Brisbane - 240 STAFFORD ROAD, STAFFORD (07) 38577108



TEL: 07 3391 1300

MOBILE: 0432 087 328

Wildlife you’ll see - Please DO NOT FEED Ok so, Australia has one of the highest concentrations of insects/animals and sea life that can kill and maim you. More than likely, you will never see any of these creatures. Below are the ones you will see on a daily basis. This is a forewarned is forearmed page. Not designed to freak you out.

every attic in Brisbane, and they keep down the rats and mice. Bull Ants: One of the most annoying insects. They are everywhere, though it’s said that if you have black ants, you wont have white ants (termites), so may be a good thing. Their sting is excruciating. Best treated with a bi-carb paste to neutralize the bite. But it can hurt for days after.

Sandflies: The biggest downside to going to the Kookaburra, Crow, Ibis, Lorikeets: All harm- beach. Huge welts after they bite, though you do less birds, but do not feed. They are not afraid of seem to become immune after a while. (Old wives snatching food right out of your hand. repellent—dettol, metho & citronella oil) Magpie: Careful around breeding/nesting seaCockroaches: Although they are harmless, they are sons. August—November. They will dive bomb pretty large and disgusting. Unfortunately, no matyou, especially if you are riding a bike (you’ll see ter what you do, you’ll always have one or two people with zip ties coming out of their helaround. They come out at night, so bathroom trips mets—magpie prevention) are fun! Bush Turkey: You’ll see these randomly walking Mosquitoes: Although there have not been any down the street. They love to dig up your garden cases in Brisbane, just a little farther north, they and make HUGE nests. have a big problem with Dengue Fever. Don’t Blue Tongued Lizard: Small, flat lizard. Harmless, but can give a nip if provoked. They have a black/blue tongue

leave water around for them to breed.

Water Dragons: Harmless, though will bite if provoked. You’ll see them in parks and botanic gardens.

Christmas Beetles: Large beetles. Harmless. Brown/Multicolored. Fly at night.

Paralysis Tick: Deadly to your pets, so please protect your pets using the proper repellent. Harmless to humans.

Fruit Bats, Flying Foxes: Protected. Fly at night, eat fruit. Don’t touch as can carry diseases such as rabies, Nipah virus, Ebola Virus & SARS & start Hendra virus.

Cicadas: You generally wont see these, but you’ll hear them. VERY LOUD.

Huntsman spider: Although scarily HUGE and Possums: Protected. Don’t corner them, they can everywhere, relatively harmless, though they can bite. Will destroy your house if they get in. Often bite, they will avoid you. get into roof space and make lots of noise at night. Get an exterminator to get rid of them. Redback spider: One of the most dangerous species of spiders in Australia, with toxic venom. Red-bellied Black Snake: Probably the most Gecko: You’ll see these everywhere. Completely harmless. They’re good because they eat cockroaches, so love them up. Carpet Python: Although these are large and intimidating, they are harmless, though they can bite. Non-poisonous. They are said to live in

common snake you’ll come across in the bush. It is venomous, but treatable. Best to avoid if you can. THE ONE TO AVOID AT ALL COSTS Eastern Brown Snake: Very aggressive and highly venomous, it is the second most toxic snake in the world. Colours vary, see picture on page 17.

IASAQ—Irish Australian Support Association QLD




TEL: 07 3391 1300

MOBILE: 0432 087 328

Children 0-5 Family Zone


Red back spider

Magpie on attack


Brisbane is definitely a family friendly environment to live in. There are a multitude of activities and entertainment choices to keep you

or in care, and you cant make it to the weekday events, the IASAQ hosts 3-4 annual family days with a view to facilitating Irish community meetings. Contact the centre for more details.

little ones happy. The biggest challenge to Bull Ant

Bush Turkey

support that we rely on to keep us going. This


Paralysis Tick

having a family in Australia is the lack of family

is why building a good network of friends as soon as possible, Australian and Irish, is a good

Termite/White ant Huntsman Spider

Sand flies & bite effect

Roughly it costs $60-$80/day for childcare. The three main ways to go are:

Where to go

1 — Family Daycare. This is where your child is

First thing’s first. Make a stop into the IASAQ centre (contact details at end of the booklet).


Every Monday morning there is a parent’s Christmas Beetles

Fruit Bat/ Flying Fox Possums

Eastern Brown Snake Mosquito

able, and not as structured as a centre. www.fdcqld..org/

centres around. Some are good, and others are

older, there are friends to be made.

not good. Do some searching and go and visit

Get into the swing of things as soon as you


often cheaper. Disadvantages: Few places avail-

2—Childcare centre. There are heaps of these


Red-bellied black snake

Advantages—Small groups, personalized care and

welcome. Whether you have young children or

at the IASAQ centre, so drop in for a chat and a

Water Dragon

minded by a person within their own home.

group where mother’s, fathers, careers are all

Every Tuesday there is a community luncheon

Blue Tongue lizard

be a daunting excursion.

make things easier

port network in place for you to utilize. Carpet Python

Often a necessary evil, childcare in Brisbane can

idea. Here are a few hints and tips that may

There you will find there is a really good supLorikeet


the centre. Advantages—Structured activates, more funding, more play equipment. Disadvantages—Large groups, not personalized, expensive. www.mychild.gov.au/

can. Getting out of the house and exploring this

3 — Nanny/aupairs. There are lots of university

great city will help you feel more at home, and

students. Student midwives etc that are willing

the better you become at navigating around,

to look after your little angels. Pricing can

the more confident and at home you’ll feel.

range between $80-$200/day depending on

If you are both working, your kids are in school

circumstances etc. www.aupair-world.net/

IASAQ—Irish Australian Support Association QLD


Children 0-5


TEL: 07 3391 1300

MOBILE: 0432 087 328

Schooling Information

Kindy: Kindergarten is started usually from

Whale Park, Wynnum

age 4 –5 . It is not compulsory. School age is 5

Alexander Clark Park, Dewar Drive, Loganholme


Glindeman Park, Lawn St, Holland Park

There are two types of kindy. The one affiliated

Calamvale District Pk, Formby St, Calamvale

with a daycare centre and a purely dedicated

Majestic Park, Eva St, Coorporoo

kindy program.


Choosing the right school Obviously our children are the most important investment we can make in our life. So schooling and finding a good school is very important. A lot of people move just to be in the catchment area of a good school. Although academic achievements are not always the best indicator of a good school, they do

Teralba Park, Pullen Rd, Everton Park

indicate a good learning environment.

The government standardizes the program and

Hidden World, Roghan Rd, Fitzgibbon

A few things to note: In public schools, you can only enroll your child the year before they are due

there are approved centres around., though

Orleigh Park, West End

to go to school. You must live in the catchment area of that school to be given first priority. Often

there is little difference . They all teach the same things. The kindy affiliated with daycare will teach the government program, but also offer childcare. They charge $75—$80 /day, no matter how many hours your child is at the centre. You will still have to pay even if your day falls on a Public holiday—so don't choose Monday as a daycare day.

Bulimba Riverside Park, Bulimba New Farm Park, New Farm Playgroups and activities Playgroups. There are tons of these around, and are a great way to meet people in your area. $35/ year membership + attendance fee varies from $2/session www.playgroupqld.com.au/

the secondary schools will look at your child's primary education to determine if they will be accepted into that school. These are the fees that apply to Australian citizens and residents, i.e., Australian tax payers. If you are here on a temporary visa then different fees may apply or you might get a grant. The three main types of school:

Football—Little Kickers. 18 mths+ Brilliant football activities for kids. $16/lesson www.littlekickers.com.au

Swimming: Aquatic Achievers in various parts of Brisbane. .From 3 months +. $20.50/ s usually 4-5 hours a day, and it only costs $40— lesson.www.aquaticachievers.com.au/

  

The 100% kindy program is a 5 day fortnight. It’

$50/day. These are harder to get into, so regis-

Public (state) – run by and funded by government. Private – run privately but subsidised by the government. Catholic – run by Catholics and also subsidised by government

Each public school has an obligation to accept all of the children within its catchment area. If they

is a fee of $10 to register. This does not guar-

Outdoor/Indoor Swimming Pools also offer lessons $4.75 adult entry $3.50 child entry. Under 3’s free. www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/

antee you a place. http://mychild.gov.au/


Kids activities: www.kidspot.com.au

Gymboree. Gymnastics, music and dancing. $16.25/lesson www.gymboree.com.au/

“Voluntary Contributions” and these seem to range from $60 per annum to as much as $1,000.

Parks: The best and easiest way to entertain your kids, and there are some great ones in Brisbane. Here are a few:

YMCA –10 mths—7 years. $12.50/lesson. www.brisbaneymca.org/

Here in Australia, the government realise that your decision to go private is saving them money, so

ter with a few as soon as you can. There usually

Rocks Riverside—Seventeen Mile Rocks Kidspace—Murphy road, Chermside Colmslie Beach, Colmslie Rd, Murrarie

Irish Dancing—Scoil ard rince or Walker Irish School of Dance. www.brisbaneirishdancing.com.au www.walkeririshdance.com/

don’t have enough room, they must find some. If they don’t have enough teachers, they must hire some more.

All public education in Australia is free, but there is confusion because each school can charge a

they effectively subsidise your payments by paying a grant to all private schools who in turn can reflect that in their fees to students.

IASAQ—Irish Australian Support Association QLD


So how much is private education? This is where it could get messy but I have found a way to make this real simple………… Between $800 and $29,000 a year. So as you can see, fees vary wildly. But generally speaking, the older your child the more expensive it gets. Typically the fees are in these bands:

  



TEL: 07 3391 1300

MOBILE: 0432 087 328

Public & Non-Government Primary Public Primary Schools

Prep to year 6. Years 7 to 9. Years 10 to 12

Furthermore, good discounts are available for sending more of your children, if you have them, to the same school. Some payments are tax deductible as well. Catholic schools. Catholic schools are funded in the same way as private schools in as much as they charge a fee to their students and they receive a government grant. But it appears that Catholic schools are substantially cheaper on average than private schools. Expect to pay between $600 and $3000 a year. According to the government, they pump $22.7 billion of public funding into state education (2.2m


students) and a further $7.6 billion into private (independent and Catholic) schools (1.1m students).

secondary schools

http://www.bne.catholic.edu.au/schools-curriculum/Pages/FindaSchoolMap.aspx — A list of all

Based on 2011

catholic schools in QLD area. There are approximately 176 primary and secondary catholic schools

academic achieve-

in QLD.


All Hallows Pri & Sec Girls school— (07) 3831 3100 ($8,000+/year) St Josephs College (Terrace) Pri & Sec Boys school — (07) 3214 5200 (($15,000—$20,000/year) Loreto College Sec Girls school -

(07) 3847 1254 ($8,000+/year)

St Laurences College Pri & Sec Boys School - (07) 3010 1188 ($5,000+/year) Churchie Pri & Sec Boys School - (07) 3896 2200 ($15,000—$20,000/year)

Private Primary

School fees rough summary.


Public (state) schools: $60-$1000 a year. Average $150


Private schools: $800 to $29,000 a year. Average $6,300


Catholic schools: $600 to $20,000 a year. Average $10,200

Plus the cost of uniforms, books and other stuff as previously mentioned Another good Private school link is: www.privateschoolsdirectory.com.au/

IASAQ—Irish Australian Support Association QLD


Public & Non-Government Secondary



Brisbane City Events—www.bnecity.com.au/ Secondary Schools

Visit Southbank: www.visitsouthbank.com.au/ Day’s out Southbank— Museums, water park, restaurants, Saturday markets, cinema, shopping. (www.visitsouthbank.com.au)

Top secondary schools Based on 2011 academic achievements

MOBILE: 0432 087 328

What’s on in Brisbane Activities


TEL: 07 3391 1300

Gold Coast - Sea World, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Wet and Wild, Dreamworld— (buy a season pass for $99/person and get access to at least 3 parks) (www.visitgoldcoast.com) Sunshine Coast—Bellingham Maze, Australia Zoo, Maleny Dairy's, Ginger Factory, The Big Pineapple. (www.visitsunshinecoast.com.au) Mt Cotton Winery, Sirromet—Great day out for adults and kids. Good park. (www.sirromet.com)

Mt Co-otha—Botanic Gardens, and picnic areas. (www.brisbane.qld.gov.au) Tambourine Mountain, wine, cheese, beer, spirits, walks/waterfalls. www.tamborinemtncc.org.au

Bribie Island—swimming, fishing, beach holiday on cheap, golf www.tourismbribie.com.au Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary—You can catch a ferry from Brisbane or drive. Great wildlife park near Brissy, Fig Tree Pocket. www.koala.net Strawberry picking—PYO (pick your own) strawberries. Loads of places—mostly on Bruce Highway to Sunshine Coast. www.strawberryfields.com.au Manly & Wynnum—Good seaside walks, and food. www.manleyaustralia.com.au Beautiful Drives—Somerset Dam, Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious, Toowoomba, Warwick Other Foxy Bean, Woolloongabba—great coffee shop, Irish owned. Azafran, Australian/French modern, Annerley Caravanserai—Turkish restaurant, West End Mondo Organics, West End. Brilliant restaurant and cooking scool Brews Brothers, Woolloongabba—bottle your own beer for a fraction of the cost. Tukka, West End—Native Australian Cuisine. Bring a sense of adventure.

Beach trip advice:  ALWAYS bring, sunscreen, hat, and long sleeved shirt. Sun shade tents are a great idea. Private Secondary

 

Wear foot coverings, shoes flip flops etc—the sand gets VERY hot.

Watch out for jelly fish. There are 3 types of deadly jellyfish Box jellyfish and blue bottle jellyfish and the Irukandji . Box & Irukandji jellyfish first aid is vinegar, blue bottle first aid is ice packs. Jellyfish season is OctoberMay. Wear a sting suit if snorkeling. (Irukandji is in far nth QLD, 2.5cm long

Schools www.bettereducati on.com.au

Box jellyfish

Always swim between the flags—even if it looks quiet, the rips are extreme and it’s so easy to get pulled out to sea. If you do get pulled out, swim parallel to beach until you are out of rip. Do Not try to swim back to shore. Bluebottle jellyfish

and causes death within 2-3 days.)

 

Don’t swim at dusk and dawn—shark hunting time. Stone fish, although uncommon can drive their spine through a shoe, so be careful where you swim. Live in reef areas. Designated swimming areas are fine.

Irukandji jellyfish

IASAQ—Irish Australian Support Association QLD




TEL: 07 3391 1300

MOBILE: 0432 087 328 Age


Hospitals and Emergency

Enjoying your night out; be aware that there is a different attitude by the Police here to public drunkenness and/or being disorderly, on the street or on public transport; you can be arrested and charged and spend the night in the slammer.

Public vs. Private

The Police here have a more stern attitude than at home; do not give them cheek or mouth off at them and obey their directions – they will not hesitate to arrest and charge youMagistrates are becoming less tolerant when foreigners are charged with offences. Not a smart thing to do if you are seeking a Permanent Residence Visa. If you are not legally represented in court it is easy to get a conviction and you can say bye bye to staying here.

Music Jazz Club, 1 Anne St, Kangaroo Point. Brill music nights & good food. Tivoli—Brisbane Exhibition, Fortitude Valley. Small Concert venue, with great artists. Lock & Load Bistro, 142 Boundary St, Brisbane Brisbane Powerhouse Arts 119 Lamington St, New Farm—Live Music most nights and free music on Sundays. Brisbane Riverstage—Music/concert venue. Family Pubs Story Bridge Hotel, Kangaroo Point—Good food and live entertainment Pineapple Hotel, 706 Main St, Kangaroo Point (good food and beer—children's play gym out back) Norman Hotel, 102 Ipswich Rd, Wooloongabba (Great Steak) Breakfast Creek, 2 Kingford Smith Dr, Breakfast Creek. Famous song affiliated. Irish Club, Elizabeth Street, Brisbane Mick O’Malleys, Queens Street.—Live entertainment Brewhouse, Woolloongabba. Boutique beer. Live entertainment Friday & Saturday . The German Club—Great food & Beer. Belgian Beer Café, 169 Mary St, CBD. Great food and beer Adventure/Active Riverlife, Kangaroo Point—great for kayaking, rock climbing on Brisbane River. Barefoot bowls, and any local bowls club. There are at least 20 national parks and dams/lakes within a 2 hour drive of Brisbane. Hiking, camping, biking, 4WD and fishing activities. Lamington NP, Glass House Mountains (Sunshine Coast), Mt Barney NP, D’Aguilar NP, Border Ranges NP, Fraser Island—4WD, camping adventure Stradbroke Island—Camping adventure off Gold Coast Hamilton Island—Camping and holiday destination Morton Island/Bay—Camping, and dolphin adventures. Boasting and fishing. 10 Things to do before heading Home. www.couriermail.com.au 1—Great Barrier Reef—snorkeling or diving. Best from Townsville. 2—Breathtaking Scenic Areas in Queensland— www.couriermail.com.au/life 3—4WD on Beach 4—Bush Walk 5—Visit Amusement Parks on Gold Coast 6—Visit Wildlife Park and take photo with a koala, wombat or snake. 7—Sailing & Fish in Whitsundays and Moreton Bay 8—Whale Watching 9—Eat Australian Wildlife at least once—Crocodile, Kangaroo, Emu 10—Go fruit picking for fun (not work)

For an emergency, the best children's hospitals are Royal Brisbane and the Mater. If you need an ambulance, as long as you are a QLD resident, you do not have to pay. The best maternity units are at the Mater (public & private—they also do midwife visits after birth), the Wesley (private), & Royal Women's (public & private) More can be found at this link www.bubhub.com.au/directory/find/maternity-hospitalsbrisbane 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) is a government medical enquiry hotline 000 is the emergency number. Royal Brisbane The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) is located in the Brisbane suburb of Herston, on the corner of Bramston Terrace and Herston Road, which is approximately a 10 minute drive from the city centre. The main entrance to the hospital and the Emergency Department are both on Herston Road. Mater Mater Misericordiae Health Services Brisbane Ltd, Raymond Terrace South Brisbane, Qld. 4101 Phone: 07 3163 8111

Immunisations There are 3 places you can get your child vaccinated: The GP—($50—$65) Community Child Health Centres (Have to have a Medicare card) www.health.qld.gov.au/rch/professionals/cchs_0-12.asp Council Immunisation Centres (Free) If you do not get your child vaccinated, if/when you get your residency, you may miss out on any family assistance from the government. www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/community/community-safety/councils-immunisationclinics/index.htm

All children aged between six weeks and eight years old, including international and interstate visitors, can use Council's immunisation service. Children who are sick can still be immunised provided the child has a temperature of less than 38.5 degrees. Vaccines are available at Council's children's immunisation clinics.


Disease immunised against Hepatitis B

2 Diphtheria months Tetanus Pertussis Polio Hib Hepatitis B Pneumococcal (refer to note 1) Rotavirus (refer to note 5) 4 Diphtheria months Tetanus Pertussis Polio Hib Hepatitis B Pneumococcal Rotavirus 6 Diphtheria months Tetanus Pertussis Polio Hib Hepatitis B (or at 12 months) Pneumococcal Rotavirus 12 Measles months Mumps Rubella Hib Hepatitis B (or at 6 months) Meningococcal C 18 Varicella months Pneumococcal 4 years Diphtheria Tetanus Pertussis Polio Measles Mumps Rubella

IASAQ—Irish Australian Support Association QLD


Medical for Temporary residence The Australian Government has signed Reciprocal Health Care Agreements with the governments of the Republic of Ireland which entitles you to limited subsidised health services for medically necessary treatment while visiting Australia. Your entitlements As a resident of the Republic of Ireland you are entitled to free treatment as a public inpatient or outpatient at a public hospital and access to subsidised medicines under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme during your visit to Australia. This covers any ill health or injury needing medical treatment while in Australia. To access these benefits you should show your passport at hospitals or pharmacies. You are not entitled to Medicare benefits for non-hospital medical care and you will not be issued with a Medicare card. Medical services not covered by Medicare Medicare will not cover:  medicines not subsidised under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme  dental work and allied health services  treatment arranged before your visit to Australia  accommodation and medical treatment in a private hospital  accommodation and medical treatment as a private patient in a public hospital https://www.medicareaustralia.gov.au/public/migrants/visitors/ireland-nz.shtml

Registering with Medicare. www.immi.gov.au/living-in-australia/ www.humanservices.gov.au. You cannot have a Medicare Card until you are a permanent resident, but you can apply for a Reciprocal Health Care Card from Medicare which entitles you to the medical services above. To enroll you need your passport and the Irish Medical Card. The GP can Bulk bill (bill Medicare directly) or bill you individually. Depending on the clinic, you can choose to pay immediately, or ask them to bill Medicare directly. You will have to pay some of the fee, as Medicare only pays $35 of the fee. Your entitlements Ireland’s health scheme provides benefits for hospital treatment during your stay, but not for private medical services or prescription medicine. What is covered?  Public hospital care is available for a small fee for the first 10 days of your stay in any year and then it is free thereafter. A fee is charged for attendance at out-patient or accident and emergency departments if you are not referred by a doctor. What is not covered?  You will have to pay the full cost of visits to private doctors.  A fee is charged for prescription medicines. After a certain amount has been spent during each month the Health Board refunds additional charges under the Drugs Payments Scheme.



TEL: 07 3391 1300

MOBILE: 0432 087 328

VISA & Tax Information

Visa Information. Let’s be honest. They employ migration agents to plow through the minefield of visa’s, so there is no way we are going to get through all the information here on this page. Here are a few of the most common questions, but please contact the IASAQ for more assistance if required.

while they resolve an immigration matter. overstayed their visa. Click HERE. www.immi.gov.au

Persons who overstay their visa by more than 28 days may become subject to an exclusion period that prevents them from being granted a temporary visa to travel to Australia for Please click HERE to go to the Department of three years. This exclusion period applies Immigration Visa Wizard www.immi.gov.au/ whether they leave voluntarily or not. Even visawizard/ after the exclusion period has finished, the What happens if I loose my job on a person cannot be granted a visa unless they repay any debt they owe to the Common457 visa? Click HERE. wealth, including for costs of removal, or they www.457assistance.com make satisfactory arrangements to repay their You have 28 days to do the following: • debt. Find another employer who is willing to sponsor you and apply for another Subclass 457 visa to work for that new employer. • Can I bring my parents or dependant Apply for another type of substantive visa relatives over? There are 2 types of parent that you may be eligible for. For example, if visa. Contributory and non-contributory. you want to study, a student visa, or if you Contributory takes 2 years to go through and want to have a holiday before returning costs $20,000 per person. A non-contributory home, a visitor visa.• Leave Australia. cost around $4,000 and take 10-15 years to be Generally, the department will issue a Noapproved on the waiting list. More informatice of Intention to Consider Cancellation tion can be found through the (NOICC) regarding your Subclass 457 visa www.immi.gov.au website. You have to be a towards the end of the 28-day period unless permanent resident to sponsor a dependant you have already applied for a new visa. The or parent, and agree to support them financially for the first 2 years. Parents cannot NOICC will allow 5 working days for you to provide a response. Following receipt of apply for an Australian pension until after the response, a case officer will then make a being resident in Australia for 10 years. decision whether or not to cancel your visa, Visa fees and costs can be found HERE. taking into consideration the information www.immi.gov.au provided in your response. If your Subclass 457 visa is cancelled you will become an unlawful non-citizen and may Working Holiday Visa Information and Fact be detained and removed from Australia. Sheets: HERE. www.immi.gov.au

What if I have overstayed my visa?

Information about Living Away From Home The Community Status Resolution Service Allowance. www.lafha.com.au (CSRS) is part of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). It works with people in Australia who have: been granted a Bridging visa E (BVE)

Websites for Brisbane Families

IASAQ—Irish Australian Support Association QLD

Brisbane Kids http://brisbanekids.com.au/


Employment Information

Playgroup QLD http://www.playgroupqld.com.au/ Bub Hub http://www.bubhub.com.au/index.php The Corner at the State Library http://www.slq.qld.gov.au/whats-on/calendar/children

Meeting your visa requirements To work within certain areas you must have certain authorisations/cards. To work with children you must have a BLUE CARD and often a first aid certificate. To get a Blue Card go to : www.ccycpg.qld.gov.au To work on a building site: QLD WHITE CARD. This is to show your have completed work health place safety training. To work where alcohol is being served: you must have RSA certificate which is the Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate www.besttraining.com.au—online cards and training. Getting your ABN: Australian Business Number. Sole Traders, Partnerships, Trusts, Companies and Superannuation funds can apply for an ABN www.ato.gov.au Getting your TFN Tax File Number: You need a TFN to work, to claim benefits, to get superannuation, to get tax back and to do a tax return. Permanent residents and Temporary Visitors can apply online: www.iar.ato.gov.au Check to see if you’re a resident for tax purposes HERE. www.calculators.ato.gov.au

Superannuation: This is a compulsory investment fund that your employer pays into for you, about 9% of your wage. It provides money for your retirement, or insurance if you are ill and unable to work. Salary Sacrifice is when you choose to add more to your super than the 9%. You get tax breaks doing this. Superannuation If you are working in Australia and your monthly wage is more than A$450, your employer will generally contribute an amount equal to 9% of your wage into a superannuation account for you. Temporary residents who work in Australia and have super contributions paid by their employer are entitled to receive their super benefits once they leave Australia. This payment is called a departing Australia superannuation payment (DASP).

Fair work Ombudsman: Pay rates, work conditions, leave loading, Unions, Apprentices, Seasonal Workers, Termination, Industries— www.fairwork.gov.au Centrelink—The dole office. Support and family payments etc. ASDOT (this is help with assessing overseas professionals to work here). Crisis payments can be available in extreme circumstances. www.humanservices.gov.au Employment/Job information: http://joboutlook.gov.au/pages/ default.aspx http://www.myfuture.edu.au/

Brisbane kids markets - http://www.kidspot.com.au/babykidsmarket/ Top 10 Kids activities www.couriermail.com.au Medicare – medical registration www.medicareaustralia.gov.au Great blog on living in Oz: http://www.bobinoz.com/

The Queensland Irish Association in CBD - http://www.queenslandirish.com/ Irish Festival (This site is updated annually) - http://www.irishfestival.com.au/ Australian Irish Heritage Association - http://www.irishheritage.net/ QLD GAA, Willawong - http://www.gaelicfootballqld.com.au/ Immigration Enquiries - http://www.immi.gov.au/ Phone: 131 881 The Lansdowne Club – Irish business networking - http://www.lansdowneclub.com.au/ Brisbane 4EB – Kangaroo Point Irish radio - http://www.4eb.org.au/ Irish Echo newspaper – free at the IASAQ centre.

Disclaimer: - All companies and services mentioned in this booklet are included only because they have been tried, tested and recommended by our parent’s group. We are aware there are many good companies out there but if we are unable to personally vouch for them, we are unable to personally recommend them and have excluded them here. All opinions and thoughts expressed solely the domain of the authors and the IASAQ takes no responsibility for personal viewpoints. If you feel there are glaring errors or we have omitted important information or details, we would like to hear from you. Please contact Rita on 07 3391 1300.

IASAQ—Irish Australian Support Association “if you are having problems or are in trouble, call us; we can guide you.”

Contact: Rita Stott Address: Justice Place 5 Abingdon Street Wooloongabba, QLD 4102

Tel: 07 3391 1300

Mobile: 0432 087 328

Email: info@iasaq.com.au

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