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Your Say Check out what other reps are saying about their experiences and share your stories with us by getting in touch… “A really heart-warming aspect of the Course Rep role is feeling that students are able to approach you about anything. It’s nice to know they are confident enough to reach out, whether it’s in person, or just a single text. I feel proud that I can be an approachable role-model for others. Many students reached out about their issues with deadlines, or concerns with lectures and Blackboard for example. I was able to bring these issues to light in the SSLC meetings, and the staff members present were able to push for these changes! The active involvement with my cohort (whereby I had to listen to their concerns/issues then appropriately deliver them within meetings with staff) has had a huge impact on my communication skills and my confidence. I also feel that the role has increased my interpersonal skills, making me more professional and sensitive to the things that matter most.” Anonymous response from the 2019 Annual Impact Survey

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“From participating in meetings and chairing my own section of them, to communicating with fellow students in a reasoned and polite manner, my role of Academic Rep has allowed me to grow as a person and provided many skills which will enhance my CV.” …………………………………. “I believe the Course Reps are trusted to be a good source of knowledge and I enjoy being part of a group of Course Reps that fight for change and answer peoples queries” …………………………………


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The Reading Rep Issue 26  

The Reading Rep Issue 26  

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