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Latest releases

THE 13th BEAST Malevolent Creation released their new album «The 13th Beast» January 18th, 2019! M A L E V O L E N T CREATION – whose 1991 debut, “The Ten Commandments,” was named one of the Top 100 Death Metal Albums Of All Time by Decibel Magazine in 2012 – was originally formed in Buffalo, New York, but the band soon moved to Florida and became a staple in the state’s burgeoning Death Metal scene. “The 13th



Beast” is their first release since 2015’s acclaimed “Dead Man’s Path” (Century Media), hailed by Metal Hammer as “probably their fastest material since 1997’s ‘In Cold Blood’.” From blasting opener ‘End The Torture’ unto the epic, Bolt Thrower like album closer ‘Release The Soul’, “The 13th Beast” impresses with a diverse yet uncompromising death metal attack that perfectly combines intensity, speed, unrelenting aggression with memorable riffs and catchy hooks.

Lineup Phil Fasciana - Guitars Josh Gibbs - Bass Philip Cancilla - Drums Lee Wollenschlaeger - Guitars, Vocals. Tracklist 01. End The Torture 02. Mandatory Butchery 03. Agony For The Chosen 04. Canvas Of Flesh 05. Born Of Pain 06. The Beast Awakened 07. Decimated 08. Bleed Us Free 09. Knife At Hand 10. Trapped Inside 11. Release The Soul

The Cold Universe The Cold Universe is the new second album of Khaos Labyrinth released January 1, 2019. Some cosmos, some nature, some human, some atheism. Think your head. Instrumental part was recorded during July 2017 in Hertz Studio (Bialystok, Poland) Vocals was recorded during October-November 2017 in Mars Records (Moscow, Russia) Mixed and mastered during February-June 2018 by Slawek And Wojtek Wieslawski in Hertz Studio (Bialystok, Poland)

Lineup SKVLD - Vox, Bass, Keys, Samples BEORN Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Back Vox WATCHER - Rhythm Guitars, Back Vox Sessions: Eugeny Loboda - Drums Art by SKVLD and DAEONEO

Tracklist 1. The Cold Universe 2. The Great Deicide 3. Throught The Ruins 4. Cosmic Alchemy 5. Cold 6. Illusion Of Life 7. Star Princess 8. Depths Without Stellar Light 9. Sarcastik 10. How Often Do We Think About The Planet 11. First Man In Cosmos 12. Rest In Sand



Latest releases

Rotting Christ is a Greek melodic black metal band formed in Athens, Attica, Greece in 1987. They are noted for being one of the first black metal bands within this region. During their rehearsal era in the late 1980s, the band began as grindcore, but quickly shifted to playing black metal with a distinctive touch.



Line-up: Themis Tolis - Drums Sakis Tolis - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Songwriting, Lyrics George Emmanuel − lead guitar, backing vocals Vagelis Karzis − bass, backing vocals

You can listen all album here: https://youtu.be/XxzwMfVkEqI

Rotting Christ released new studio album The Heretics February 15th, 2019. Tracklist: 1. In the Name of God 2. Vetry zlye (Ветры злые) 3. Heaven and Hell and Fire 4. Hallowed Be Thy Name 5. Dies Irae 6. I Believe (Πιστεύω) 7. Fire, God and Fear 8. The Voice of the Universe 9. The New Messiah 10. The Raven 11. The Sons of Hell

Drowned by Humanity

DESERTED FEAR are one of the best and most talented death metal bands from Germany, crafting their vision passionately and merciless since 2008. DESERTED FEAR combine the sound of Swedish death metal with US old school death metal to create their very own, modern sound, without losing heavyness and au t h e nt i c i t y. The band also caused some dropped jaws and destroyed the place on festivals such as Summer Breeze, Party San Open Air and Extremefest.

Line-up Simon Mengs - Drums Fabian Hildebrandt - Guitars (lead), Bass Manuel Glatter - Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)

The fourth Full-length album Drowned by Humanity out February8,2019.

Tracklist 1. Intro 2. All Will Fall 3. An Everlasting Dawn 4. The Final Chapter 5. Reflect the Storm 6. Across the Open Sea 7. Welcome to Reality 8. Stench of Misery 9. A Breathing Soul 10. Sins from the Past 11. Scars of Wisdom 12. Die in Vain 13. Tear of My Throne (rerecorded)



Latest releases

Lineup Alexi Laiho – Guitars & Vocals Jaska Raatikainen – Drums Henkka Blacksmith – Bass Janne Wirman – Keyboards Daniel Freyberg – Guitars

hexed Over the last twenty years, Finland’s CHILDREN OF BODOM have incorporated many different musical styles into their celebrated sound, leading critics and fans to label them as melodic death metal, thrash metal, symphonic black metal, and neoclassical metal. Their enthralling mix of melodic hooks and



instrumental acrobatics have solidified the band as one of the leading voices of music’s new generation.

Tracklist 1. This Road 2. Under Grass and Clover 3. Glass Houses 4. Hecate’s Nightmare 5. Kick in the Spleen 6. Platitudes and Barren Words 7. Hexed 8. Relapse (The Nature of My Crime) 9. Say Never Look Back 10. Soon Departed 11. Knuckleduster Hexed out March 8, 2019

ECLIPSE More than twenty years after their formation in northern Sweden, innovative blackened death metallers DIABOLICAL proves to be more vital than ever and puts forth “Eclipse”, a concept album reflecting on the dark side of humanity that forces the listener to explore his own diabolical side. The album is a tour de force with spitting musical and aesthetic complexity swirling around a dense soundscape of excellently distilled and refined ideas, altogether forming a rare display of musical craftsmanship equaled by very few contemporary metal bands. With nine gracefully raging songs, “Eclipse” presents DIABOLICAL as a mature and sophisticated band on the rise to new heights.

Tracklist 1. We Are Diabolical 2. Betrayal 3. Black Sun 4. Failure 5. Inception 6. Hunter 7. Tyranni 8. The Fire Within 9. Requiem

Lineup Sverker «Widda» Widgren Guitars, Vocals Carl Stjärnlöv - Guitars, Vocals Pär Johansson - Drums Dan Darforth - Bass, Vocals Eclipse out February 15, 2019



Latest releases Lineup Gunnar Thomsen - Bass, Vocals Heri Joensen Guitars, Vocals Tadeusz Rieckmann Drums Attila Vörös Guitars

W i t h Hel, the Faroe Islands’ Týr provide even more irrefutable evidence that they stand at the vanguard of Scandinavian metal. Their eighth fulllength is a collection of ruthlessly melodic and irresistibly compelling progressive folk metal that will immediately resonate with any who



Tracklist 1 1. Gates of Hel 2. All Heroes Fall 3. Ragnars kvæði 4. Garmr 5. Sunset Shore 6. Downhill Drunk 7. Empire of the North 8. Far from the Worries of the World 9. King of Time 10. Fire and Flame 11. Against the Gods 12. Songs of War 13. Álvur kongur

have followed the band at any point over the two decades of their storied career. «Being so close to the album, it’s almost impossible for us in the band to have an objective opinion about it, but my impression is that it’s a more diverse collection that’s also more extreme in s o m e

ways. There are more instrumental passages than on ‘Valkyrja’ (2013), and there are a lot of guitar and bass details,» states guitarist/vocalist Heri Joensen. «I really feel we’ve realized the vision we set out to create all those years ago, and as I listen through the album, I am satisfied with every aspect: the epicness, the intricacy, the melodies and harmonies, and the sheer heaviness of it. I love the whole atmosphere of it.»

Melodic metal merges into mind-twisting modern music. Lilith’s Breed is modern metal with one clear intention: to establish their own sound in Melodic Death Metal. The way it is supposed to be. Formed in 2016 from a project of professional guitarist Christian Attenberger and studio owner Nicolas Keller. Lilith’s Breed unites traditional swedish, demanding technical and extraordinarily innovative elements. The creative offsprings of the primordial demon Lilith incorporate the styles of their great inspirers Amon Amarth,

Arch Enemy, Nevermore and Opeth. Tracklist 1. The Awoken 2. Prologue in Heaven 3. Resurrection 4. Algorithms 5. The Hunt 6. In Your Time of Dying 7. Stormy Waters 8. Eisheth 9. Cambion 10. The Land of No Return

Lineup Philipp Hammelmann Drums Enis Lorenz - Bass, Vocals Christian Attenberger Guitars Nicolas Keller - Guitars Max Schöppner - Vocals



Latest releases

6th Counted Murder formed in late 2011 and after some lineup changes, vocalist Simone Dalamar Paga joined in 2016. The band combines different elements into their h e a v y m e t a l experience including t h r a s h , death and progressive metal, a mixture


that seethes with creativity. Their current album Individual is a concept album about the adventures of a lone serial killer. Album released February 8, 2019.

Tracklist 1. Individual Born 2. Syncopate 3. Scent of Despair 4. Near Death Experience 5. Berserk 6. She 7. Burial Engaged Abuse 8. Cloud Nine 9. Apocalypse in Human Features 10. House of Lies Line-up: Alessandro Ferraris - Bass Andrea P. Moretti - Guitars Marzio Corona - Guitars Gianluca D’Andria - Drums Simone Dalamar Paga - Vocals

Vanir plays a black/death metal infused brand of Viking Metal. Vanir has, since the band’s inception, released three full length albums, spanning from folk metal to a death-metal infused brand of Viking Metal. The themes of the band’s lyrics are still found amongst N o r s e mythology as well as historical interpretations of the deeds of the Vikings. The band however, also has a wish to seek out and expound on the many wars and historical events that have built the

foundation of the world we know today. From the halls of Valhalla to the Germanic battlefields with their bloody battles and fierce warriors, the band’s music has been put together, without

compromise, with a fascination with our common origins, and the blood spilled throughout history.

Tracklist 1. Væringjar 2. Svoldir 3. The Final Stand 4. Ironside 5. Shield Wall 6. Fejd 7. Thor – The powerhead (Manowar cover) 8. Bearer of the Word 9. Ulfhednar 10. Einherjer 11. Gravfærd Lineup Martin Holmsgaard Håkan Vocals Phillip Kaaber - Rythm Guitars Kirk Backarach - Lead Guitars Lars Bundvad - Bass Daniel ‘Luske’ Kronskov Drums Stefan Dujardin - Keys

11 11

Latest releases

Vanum was formed in 2014 as the collaborative project of K. Morgan and M. Rekevics. Drawing from the old traditions of the genre, Vanum play elemental and majestic black metal with an unyielding force and passion, showcasing a sharply focused and dynamic sense of composition marked as much by somber patience as arrogant strength. Ageless Fire is the first to feature the band’s expanded lineup. In


Tracklist 1. War 2. Jaws of Rapture 3. Eternity 4. Under the Banner of Death 5. Ageless Fire 6. Erebus addition to M. Rekevics Lineup and K. Morgan, the band K. Morgan now includes long term M. Rekevics live members E. Priesner E. Priesner and L. Sheppard. In this L. Sheppard radiant and fully realized form, Vanum have crafted an album that builds on the muscular and triumphant nature of previous releases and expands upon it with a sense of mythic grandeur. Released February 15, 2019.

Smoke And Shadows Smoke And Shadows, the debut album from Ethereal Darkness, rewards the listener with a truly stunning hypnotic experience. A conceptual album about how our lives are rivers that just flow into the sea, the entirety of the 8 songs revolves around this idea and provides the perfect listening session for the dark and lonely winter evenings. Melancholic but hopeful guitar melodies, epic atmospheres, mesmerizing drum patterns

and crushing vocals together with thoughtful lyrics that speak about loss, love, acceptance, hope and forgiveness. Lineup Lars

Tracklist 1. Rivers 2. The Dreaming Soul 3. Forgotten Shadows 4. The Light That Fades 5. Apocalypse in Your Mind 6. Shrouded in Mourning 7. Time 8. Flow into the Sea

13 13

Latest releases

STAR-CROSSED The New Zealand project returns with its new fulllength album, the duet consists of Mike Lamb and Mike Wilson both members of Sojourner, this new album tells the dark story of love, loss and mortality, punishing with incessant roars with a dense atmosphere . A powerful launch, listen.


Release date: February 22, 2019 Tracklist: 1. An Empty Throne 2. Away 3. The Longing 4. Celeste 5. Unearthly Burial 6. Fever Dream Lineup Mike Lamb Mike Wilson

Hvisl Stjarnanna Icelandic Black Metal titans Sinmara return with their highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Hvísl Stjarnanna’, released on CD, LP and digital through the veritable German imprint Ván Records. A monument to the group’s namesake dark sorceress goddess, keeper of the baneful sword Lævateinn, ‘Hvísl Stjarnanna’ is bound together thematically by myths relating to sirens, ghosts and malevolent spirits beckoning from beyond. To heed the whisper of the stars is to be transfixed by a dreamlike connection and melancholic yearning for the realm beyond the stars, to be guided by the mediators between the world of the living and the nightside of the dead.

Musically the album sees the band further progress the style previously touched upon on their latest MLP ‘Within the Weaves of Infinity’ which saw the band infuse their chaotic and forceful Black Metal with a melodic richness which harkens back to traditional forebearers of the Scandinavian style. On ‘Hvísl Stjarnanna’ Sinmara reveals a mournful and nostalgic atmosphere and soundscapes steeped in more grandeur than they’ve crafted to date, but yet showcasing serpentine harmonies permeated by the same malefic venom as has come to be expected of the band.

Lineup Bjarni Einarsson - Drums Þórir Garðarsson - Guitars Garðar S. Jónsson - Guitars Ólafur Guðjónsson - Vocals Sigurgeir Lúðvíksson - Bass Tracklist 1. Apparitions 2. Mephitic Haze 3. The Arteries of Withered Earth 4. Crimson Stars 5. Úr kaleik martraða 6. Hvísl stjarnanna

15 15

Latest releases

Comprising 12 monstrous heavy metal anthems that bulge with irresistible melodic hooks, bursts of thrilling savagery and moments of spinetingling dynamic drama, Berserker is the result of the huge surge of creativity and a collective desire to keep moving forward with no compromise. Berserker is an album full of trademark Amon Amarth.


Line-up: Johan Hegg - Vocals Ted Lundström - Bass Johan Söderberg - Guitar Olavi Mikkonen - Guitar Jocke Wallgren - Drums

You can listen all album here:

Amon Amarth released their 11th full-length Berserker May 3, 2019. Tracklist: 1. Fafner’s Gold 2. Crack the Sky 3. Mjölner, Hammer of Thor 4. Shield Wall 5. Valkyria 6. Raven’s Flight 7. Ironside 8. The Berserker at Stamford Bridge 9. When Once Again We Can Set Our Sails 10. Skoll and Hati 11. Wings of Eagles 12. Into the Dark

Månegarm is a Swedish Viking/ pagan metal band that started up in Norrtälje, Sweden, in the end of 1995. Being one of the first bands to incorporate traditional instruments like violin and flute but also female vocals in the music, Månegarm is a pioneer and one of the longest lasting band in its genre. On Fornaldarsagor, Månegarm invite us to a journey through long-lost ancient times. Eight new tracks breathe new life into sagas and tales from a pre-christianized, pagan era that made Scandinavia into what it is today – and those sagas have now been

wrapped in exciting viking metal. Line-up Erik Grawsiö - Vocals, bass Markus Andé - Guitar Jacob Hallegren - Drumms Fornaldarsagor released April 26,


Tracklist 1. Sveablotet 2. Hervors arv 3. Slaget vid Bråvalla 4. Ett sista farväl 5. Spjutbädden 6. Tvenne drömmar 7. Krakes sista strid 8. Dödskvädet

17 17

Latest releases

Lineup Jeff Becerra - Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics Emilio Marquez - Drums Daniel Gonzalez - Guitars, Songwriting Robert Cardenas - Bass, Vocals (backing) Claudeous Creamer - Guitars With the majority of the album written by founder Jeff Becerra and his partner in crime Guitarist Daniel Gonzalez, the new tracks manage to hang on to what all metal-heads hope for with their favorite artists; a consistent sound. It is a guarantee that fans will know immediately upon listening to “Revelations Of Oblivion� that this is in fact, the familiar sound of POSSESSED. Crawling out of a pale inferno of creation, life, loss, and injury, the ensemble has returned to reignite the flame of true Death Metal.


REVELATIONS OF OBLIVION Tracklist 1. Chant of Oblivion 2. No More Room in Hell 3. Dominion

4. Damned 5. Demon 6. Abandoned 7. Shadowcult 8. Omen 9. Ritual 10. The Word 11. Graven 12. Temple of Samael Revelations of Oblivion out May 10, 2019

OFIDIANS MANIFEST ‘Ofidians Manifest’ represents Kampfar anno 2019. 25 years on from their foundation, only willing to release new music if they felt it would surpass all they had done before, it is a condensation of the immense struggles of the last few years. Everything that has been hidden behind the music and the live performances is laid bare, though told in the only way the band can portray themselves, through songs. It is immensely honest yet wrapped in their own folklore, the snake tongues splitting every truth into two deeper truths, every word sung dominated by the weight of all those sung before.

Tracklist 1. Syndefall 2. Ophidian 3. Dominans 4. Natt 5. Eremitt 6. Skamløs! 7. Det sorte

Lineup Dolk - Drums, Vocals Jon Bakker - Bass Ask - Drums, Vocals Ole Hartvigsen - Guitars Ofidians manifest out May 3, 2019

19 19

Latest releases Tracklist 1 Cathedrals of Mourning 2. The Faustian Alchemist 3. Blackened Call 4. Acheron 5. Nam Gloria Lucifer 6. The Crowned Daughters 7. Dark Mother 8. The Werewolf Bride 9. Pantheon of the Nightside Gods 10. Nuns in the Purgatory 11. Maleficarum

PANTHEON OF THE NIGHTSIDE GODS Hailing from With nine tracks and a the abysmal forests running time of 53 minutes, of the mystic North, the album boasts a wellBelzebubs have with progressive twists and matured band that is not afraid possessed a stealthy cinematic soundscapes. to explore hitherto unknown cult status throughout Accompanied by a new depths. Mixed & mastered by their existence. drummer and a three-record- industry legend Dan Swanรถ, Originally summoned deal with Century Media, Pantheon of the Nightside Gods together in 2002, the Belzebubs finally feels fit to also features a fierce roster band has succeeded in take on the (under)world. of guest talent, including the creating a thrilling blend The band originates from likes of Desibelius, ICS Vortex, of melodic black metal, the web comic of the same Skvllcraft <and more. guttural growls and name by Finnish artist J.P. vivid solos, forged Ahonen.


With a career spanning over 20 years, six full-length albums released and hundreds of live gigs performed worldwide, Stormlord is one of Italy’s most celebrated extreme metal bands. The year 2000 saw Stormlord moving to Scarlet Records for the release of their “The Curse of Medusa” EP, and, along with 2001’s second album “At the Gates of Utopia”, these established Stormlord as top metal contenders across the Italian boot, earning them appearances at many major festivals in the process. The sixth album, «Far», has

been released on May 24th 2019, anticipated by the successful single «Leviathan», and sees the band’s triumphant return to Scarlet Records. Tracklist 1. Leviathan 2. Mediterranea 3. Far 4. Sherden 5. Crimson 6. Cimmeria

7. Invictus 8. Romulus 9. Vacuna 10. Levante Lineup Cristiano Borchi Vocals Francesco Bucci - Bass, Vocals (choirs, backing) David Folchitto - Drums Gianpaolo Caprino Guitars, Keyboards, Effects, Vocals (clean, backing) Andrea Angelini Guitars Riccardo Studer Keyboards

21 21

Latest releases

Germany’s Bethlehem have shaped extreme music for the last 28 years as one of the forerunners of socalled depressive or suicidal black metal. After an experimental phase, the group continued on its abrasive path with «Bethlehem» (2016), introducing a new line-up with front w o m a n Onielar (Darkened N o c t u r n Slaughtercult), whose punishing p e r f o r mance have,


by now, become another trademark next to founding member Jürgen Bartsch’s unfailing inventiveness. «Lebe dich leer» («empty yourself by living») bears witness to that: Each song differs from the next, telling its own story while weaving together a sonic cloth of sheer terror. Album released May 17, 2019.

Tracklist 1. Verdaut in klaffenden Mäulern 2. Niemals mehr leben 3. Ich weiß ich bin keins 4. Wo alte Spinnen brüten 5. Dämonisch im ersten Blitz 6. An gestrandeten Sinnen 7. Ode an die obszöne Scheußlichkeit 8. Aberwitzige InfraschallRitualistik 9. Bartzitter Flumgerenne Line-up: Jürgen Bartsch - Bass, Keyboards, Electronics Florian «Torturer» Klein - Drums Karzov - Guitars Onielar - Vocals

Italian grandmasters of orchestral death metal Fleshgod Apocalypse are finding spontaneity rewarding on new album, Veleno. Over the past four albums – previous album, King (2016), floored fans and critics alike – the Francesco Paoli-led trio have planned every step, discussed every note, and ensured every salutation to Paganini, Bach, and Mozart was met with an equally brutal death metal equivalent. On Veleno, which is Italian for ‘venom,’ they needed a change of approach (and pace).

To achieve this, Fleshgod Apocalypse distanced themselves from distraction – lineup changes, tours, and the frustrations of dayto-day life – unboxed the songwriting process, and let the inspiration flow

freely. On Veleno, they’ve matured, blended more efficiently their musical vision, and walked away with 11

songs that sound like a new band with an insatiable prey drive. Tracklist 1. Fury 2. Carnivorous Lamb 3. Sugar 4. The Praying Mantis’ Strategy 5. Monnalisa 6. Worship and Forget 7. Absinthe 8. Pissing on the Score 9. The Day We’ll Be Gone 10. Embrace the Oblivion 11. Veleno Lineup Paolo Rossi - Bass, Vocals (clean) Francesco Paoli - Vocals, Guitars, Drums Francesco Ferrini - Piano, Orchestrations

23 23

Latest releases

In the year marking the 10th anniversary of their reunion, AntropomorphiA have delivered an extreme metal opus that more than maintains the high standards upheld over the course of their storied career. Further building on the monstrous sounds of 2017’s Sermon Ov Wrath, Merciless Savagery lives up to its name, attacking with unrepentant ferocity and holding nothing back.


Released April 5, 2019. Tracklist 1. Merciless Savagery 2. Requiem Diabolica 3. Womb ov Thorns 4. Cathedral ov Tombs 5. Apocalyptic Scourge

6. Wailing Chorus ov the Damned 7. Luciferian Tempest 8. The Darkest Light 9. Unsettling Voices Lineup Ferry FDA Damen Vocals, Guitar Jos van den Brand - Guitar Jeroen Pleunis - Bass Marco Stubbe - Drums

Defragments Of Insanity’ is t h e r e - r e c o r d i n g of Necrodeath’s second album ‘Fragments Of Insanity’, originally released in 1989. This new version succeeds in keeping the original brutality and dark mood of the album intact, yet with the very distinctive approach of the current line-up of the band, the longest-standing in Necrodeath’s illustrious career. Defragments Of Insanity’ follows the release of ‘The Age Of Dead Christ’, the latest collection of original material for Necrodeath, the 11th in their

career, 33 years after their inception into scene.


Tracklist 1. Choose Your Death 2. Thanatoid 3. State of Progressive Annihilation 4. Metempsychosis 5. Fragments of Insanity 6. Enter My Subconscious 7. Stillbirth 8. Eucharistical Sacrifice Lineup Peso - Drums Flegias - Vocals Pier Gonella - Guitars GL - Bass Album released April 5, 2019.

25 25

Latest releases

Tracklist: 1. Initiatio 2. Architect 3. Tide of Plague 4. Mind Transformation 5. Asmodeus 6. Zikkurat 7. The Great One! 8. Gates of Blood 9. Invocation 10. Forgive My Longing, Satan! 11. Strength Beyond Strength (Requiem to Dimebag Darrell) Lineup Casurus - Guitars Sahabial - Keyboards Sulphur - Guitars Iskaald Nazhdaak - Bass Swarm - Drums Demether Grail - Vocals

THE GREAT ONE The band A R C A N O R U M ASTRUM was founded in 2006. In the beginning the musicians positioned themselves as black-metal band. But at the moment their music has transformed to experimental blackdeath metal. Conceptual Russianlanguage lyrics, “tasty”, bright, melodic sound and a hurricane of energy of live performances – these are the basics of Arcanorum Astrum’s


success, and they don’t leave indifferent anybody! Release date: May 1, 2019

IN SPLENDOR BELOW With a history tracing back to the epicentre of melodic death metal in Sweden, OCTOBER TIDE have come a long way and have generated a spark that is strongly felt in the energy of the scene. «In Splendor Below» is the latest addition to their vibrant discography of guitar-driven, emotive death/doom metal art. Album released May 17, 2019. «In Splendor Below» album was mixed and mastered by Karl Daniel Lidén at Tri-Lamd studios (Bloodbath, Katatonia, Breach, Craft). It was produced by Alexander Backlund from Nailvillage Studio (Thenighttimeproject / Letters From Colony) and October Tide. Tomarum av Christine Linde created the cover artwork. Formed in 1995 by Katatonia m e m b e r s ,

J o n a s Renkse (Blo o dbath) and Fred Norrman, October Tide spawned two, now-cult releases, «Rain Without End» (1997) and «Grey Dawn» (1999), before going on hiatus for over eleven years. In 2009 Norrman parted ways with Katatonia, and resurrected October Tide, consolidating the band’s reemergence with a new album titled «A Thin Shell», feat. Tobias Netzell of In Mourning on vocals.

Since then, the band evolved through two more studio albums, «Tunnel Of No Light» (2013) and «Winged Waltz» (2016), both of which featured exceptional guitar work, on top of October Tide’s emotional touch on death metal. Lineup Bjarni Einarsson - Drums Þórir Garðarsson - Guitars Garðar S. Jónsson - Guitars Ólafur Guðjónsson - Vocals Sigurgeir Lúðvíksson - Bass Tracklist 1. I, the Polluter 2. We Died in October 3. Ögonblick av nåd 4. Stars Starve Me 5. Our Famine 6. Guide My Pulse 7. Seconds 8. Envy the Moon

27 27

Latest releases

Old Star Darkthrone, the Norwegian Black Metal legends, marks its 2019 return with a sublime slab of relentless riffing in the true spirit of the underground. Over the course of 30 years, Darkthrone has become a staple of the global Black Metal genre, forging a legacy as one of the most influential bands in its illustrious and often infamous history. Old Star displays a mastery of the art of the riff, with its 6 epic tracks taking in the best of the old school of Heavy and Extreme Metal


combined with a large dose of Darkthrone released the eighteenth Doom channelled through the full-length Old Star May 31, 2019. grime of the underground. Tracklist: Line-up: 1. I Muffle Your Inner Choir Fenriz - Drums, Vocals 2. The Hardship of the Scots (additional), Bass, Guitars 3. Old Star (additional), Lyrics 4. Alp Man Nocturno Culto - Vocals, 5. Duke of Gloat Guitars, Bass 6. The Key Is Inside the Wall Fenriz about Old Star: ÂŤAll in all it is our most 80s album so far and our most metal one to date with drum sound typical for the 80s USA/German market and damned lyrics, which are all written by me. We feel that OLD STAR is the big brother of ARCTIC THUNDER. More solid and with even better riffs.Âť

Outstrider Legendary metal icon ABBATH makes his thunderous return with the new album ‘Outstrider.’ Three years in the making, ‘Outstrider’ proves that the infamous mastermind is one of the genre’s most incisive songwriters. As the furious stomp of the title track, the churn of «Harvest Pyre» and the neck-snapping «Scythewinder» prove, ‘Outstrider’ is a must-have album and ABBATH is indeed the master of the riff. ‘Outstrider’ sees a maturation in sound, delivering a tighter, well-rounded offering from the band as they come into their own identity. The album delivers a full-on aural assault from start to finish with

massive riffage and a robust pocket that are layered with vocals from one of the most identifiable voices in black metal. If you thought ABBATH came in hot with their first record, just wait until you hear this!

Line-up Abbath - Vocals, Guitars Ukri Suvilehto - Drums Mia Wallace - Bass Ole Andre Farstad - Guitars (lead) Tracklist 1. Calm in Ire (Of Hurricane) 2. Bridge of Spasms 3. The Artifex 4. Harvest Pyre 5. Land of Khem 6. Outstrider 7. Scythewinder 8. Hecate 9. Pace ‘till Death (Bathory cover)

Outstrider released July 5, 2019.

29 29

Latest releases

ENTHRONED, a name Black Metal fans are no strangers to. Over the course of the last 25 years, they have pushed the boundaries of black metal and the deepness of the Left Hand Path philosophy further within. The quintet has channeled that dedication into their newest record; a dark and crushing black metal album where cold riffing, blood chilling atmospheres and ritualistic drumming are keys to forging their most mature and accomplished opus to date. Condemned again to channel the darkness into a sonic trip, Enthroned are back with their most reckless


forces within the world’s cultural heritage and its direct relation to the occult. Tracklist 1. Ophiusa 2. Hosanna Satana COLD BLACK SUNS 3. Oneiros 4. Vapula Omega album: «Cold Black Suns». An 5. Silent Redemption ode to the arcane of cosmic 6. Aghoria matter and what holds historical 7. Beyond Humane Greed certainty, our vision exalts 8. Smoking Mirror the manifestation of physical 9. Son of Man 10. Womb of Violence Cold Black Suns кeleased June 7, 2019 Lineup Jeff Becerra - Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics Emilio Marquez - Drums Daniel Gonzalez - Guitars, Songwriting Robert Cardenas - Bass, Vocals (backing) Claudeous Creamer - Guitars

Since 1991 Hate have lived up to their name, responsible for some of the angriest and most ruthless death metal unleashed upon the world. With 2017’s Tremendum they took a step toward a darker, more atmospheric, black metal-oriented style and began exploring Slavonic mysticism, and new album Auric Gates Of Veles boldly continues in that direction. «We wanted to go deeper into the subject, both musically and lyrically,» asserts vocalist/ guitarist ATF Sinner. «We also wanted to record a sharper and better defined rhythm section, a more death metal-oriented one. When it comes to guitar sound, it was meant to be a wall of sonic destruction with dark ambient elements in the background.» To say that they achieved that which they set out to create is an understatement, for Auric Gates Of Veles is a titanic record that is both more organic and dynamic sounding, and may well be the finest of their storied career.

Tracklist 1. Seventh Manvantara 2. Triskhelion 3. The Volga’s Veins 4. Sovereign Sanctity 5. Path to Arkhen 6. Auric Gates of Veles 7. Salve Ignis 8. Generation Sulphur 9. In the Shrine of Veles (PreProduction) 10. Path to Arkhen (PreProduction)

Lineup Adam the First Sinner - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Samples Pavulon - Drums Domin - guitar Tiermes - bass (session)

Auric Gates Of Veles out June 14, 2019

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Arcane Mysteries Melodic Black/Death Metal band from Greece released the second Full-length album Arcane Mysteries May 31, 2019. FUNERAL STORM was formed in 2001 by Wampyrion Markhor Necrowolf under the name Raven Throne


as a one-man-project. The name was later changed for legal reasons, and after several changes, the moniker FUNERAL STORM was chosen. Lyrical themes were set early on, and are heavily inspired by occultism, legends, myths, evil, mysteries, horror, and the Cthulhu mythos.

Tracklist 1. Invocation of the Great Red Dragon (intro) 2. Ego Sum Filius Draconis 3. Martyr of the Lake 4. Wandering Through the Abyss 5. The Necromancer 6. The Necromancer Part II 7. Funeral Storm 8. The Origin of Utter Evil 9. From the Great Deep of the Primordial Waters of Creation 10. Flowers of My Youth (Varathron cover) Lineup Wampyrion - Bass, Drum programming, Keyboards, Vocals (backing) Necroabyssious - Vocals Arcania LVI - Guitars, Keys

With a career spanning over 20 years, six full-length albums released and hundreds of live gigs performed worldwide, Stormlord is one of Italy’s most celebrated extreme metal bands. The year 2000 saw Stormlord moving to Scarlet Records for the release of their “The Curse of Medusa” EP, and, along with 2001’s second album “At the Gates of Utopia”, these established Stormlord as top metal contenders across the Italian boot, earning them appearances at many major festivals in the process. The sixth album, «Far», has

been released on May 24th 2019, anticipated by the successful single «Leviathan», and sees the band’s triumphant return to Scarlet Records. Tracklist 1. Leviathan 2. Mediterranea 3. Far 4. Sherden 5. Crimson 6. Cimmeria

7. Invictus 8. Romulus 9. Vacuna 10. Levante Lineup Cristiano Borchi Vocals Francesco Bucci - Bass, Vocals (choirs, backing) David Folchitto - Drums Gianpaolo Caprino Guitars, Keyboards, Effects, Vocals (clean, backing) Andrea Angelini Guitars Riccardo Studer Keyboards

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Sweden’s Dark Funeral are without doubt one of the most notorious and highly regarded of the Black Metal genre. They epitomize the dark essence that is and always will be at the true heart of the European scene. «25 Years Of Santan Symphon i e s » contains all of the band’s studio albums, l i v e albums, and EPs.


The box also includes an exclusive flag (95 * 95 cm with artwork by Necrolord) and certificate. Boxed set 25 Years of Satanic Symphonies released June 28, 2019.

Discs 1. In the Sign… / Dark Funeral 2. The Secrets of the Black Arts 3. The Secrets of the Black Arts (Unisound Version) 4. Vobiscum Satanas 5. Diabolis Interium / Teach Children to Worhsip Satan 6. De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine 7. Attera Totus Sanctus 8. Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus 9. Where Shadows Forever Reign 10. Live in Buenos Aires 2006 Line-up: Lord Ahriman - Guitars Chaq Mol - Guitars Heljarmadr - Vocals Adra-Melek - Bass Jalomaah - Drums

Temple of Nihil Black Metal band from Russia released the first Full-length album Schadenfreude June 21, 2019. Black Metal band Temple Of Nihil was founded in Kaluga in 2015 by Pavel Guslyakov and Pavel Kurilenko musicians who had long experience in other bands. In the spring of 2016 the band recorded an EP ÂŤSoul ExtremistÂť, which was released in December of the same year by Symbol Of Domination and Narcoleptica Prod. In 2017, drummer

Nikolai Vykhodtsev joins the band. In this line-up the band is working on a recording of the album, which was held at Tyrant studio and Pentagram house during 2017. The conceptual basis of the

album is existential nihilism and the Nietzschean idea of overcoming the human being. Also lyrics of songs a r e

devoted to chaos, death and nothingness. As on the debut EP, Warkhoros did the mastering of the album. The artwork by W.Smerdulak. Tracklist 1. Descending 2. Into the Slough 3. Ode 4. Schadenfreude 5. Snakes in My Skull 6. Htrib 7. Postbeing 8. All Turns to Nihil 9. To Fireburners 10. With Flames and Chaos Lineup Pavel Kurilenko Vocals (backing), Bass Pavel Guslyakov - Vocals, Guitars Nikolai Vykhodtsev - Drums

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Gor Morgul Black/Death Metal band from Italy released the third Fulllength album Elohim June 16, 2019. Gor Morgul is a blackened death metal band born in Villacidro, Sardinia, in 2007. Through the years released two albums («In the Sign of Blackness» in 2010 and «Heresy» in 2015 via Satanath Records & Death Portal Studio) and an EP («Ruins on the Icons of God» in 2013). The new album «Elohim» is born after few years of work on the songs. Lyrics are mostly in English, Ancient Greek and Latin. Everything is about Elohim’s myth. Fast riffs and blast beat up to 260bpm put the


album into a great obscure atmosphere. After 4 years Gor Morgul are back with their 3rd full-length album «Elohim», the second one under Satanath Records and Death Portal. The album is made by eight tracks of extra fast blast beats and atmospheric riffs. Everything concerns with mediterrean and middle east mythology, from the begining of life to the final extinction. Lyrics came after a study in ancient

rites a s reported in some of these songs. Gor Morgul are recommended for the fans of Behemoth, Origin, Belphegor, Gorgoroth. Tracklist 1. I Begin 2. Elohim 3. Portal to Underworld 4. Rising the War for Ashtoreth 5. Atum-Ra 6. Sentinel 7. Lamastu 8. Extinction Lineup Simone «ArcOndA» Piras Drums Leonardo Lantini - Guitars Andrea «Morherdir» Murgia Vocals Marco Soggiu - Bass

Svadilfare Atmospheric Black Metal band from Norway released the fourth Full-length album Fortapte roetter. In the Poetic and Prose Edda, Svaðilfari (Old Icelandic for «The one who makes an unlucky journey») is the male horse that fathers Óðinn’s horse, Sleipnir. In the Prose Edda, it is said that it Sleipnir’s mother is no one else bu Loki/i in the form of a mare. Svadilfare was formed in 2005 by Svartmunin, but set on hold for some years before he picked up the instruments and rewrote some old

songs in 2010. 2012 he released his debut “Den Som Herjer” and one year later “Makt Til Uskyld” and a contract with Naturmacht Productions followed. 2015 “Krig I Kunst” and 2019 “Fortapte Roetter” were released. «Fortapte Roetter» is all about love and war to preserve the Scandinavian heritage with dark and depressive artforms in a minimalistic but epic sense.

Tracklist 1. Tenn flammen paa ny 2. Breidablik 3. Brutalt fortalt 4. Hordalands skimmer 5. Vemodig farvel 6. Fortapte roetter 7. Sjoelvmord Lineup Ildsint Svartmunin - All instruments, Vocals Album released July 13, 2019.

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Tongue Black Metal band from Germany released the second Full-length album What Do We Know of Horror. TONGUE about their new work: «For us, the release of «What Do We Know Of Horror» marks the conclusion of a rather long process which was sometimes easy and sometimes difficult, sometimes exciting and sometimes tedious, and which challenged us both as a band and as individuals. We do


Tracklist: 1. The Secret Shared with Everyone 2. What Do We Know of Horror 3. A Grave Deeper than Any Dug by Mortal Hands 4. I Spit Venom 5. Für niemanden von WertLineup B. - Bass W. - Drums J. - Guitars, Vocals feel, however, that it T. - Guitars, Vocals was all worth it and we can say that we are genuinely proud of what we have achieved together. We love this album and we hope you do, too.»Release date: July 5, 2019

Doom Death Metal band from Spain released the second Full-length album God Has No Name June 5, 2019. Spain’s best kept secret, HEX, return with a pummeling new full length of death/doom metal music with unconventional riffing and delivery. This is mid-paced death/ doom metal that is reminiscent of early RUNEMAGICK, BOLT THROWER, PARADISE LOST, HYPOCRISY and UNLEASHED. But there’s more than meets the eye, as the music is interspersed with exotic riffing, female vocals, interludes and even breakdowns. There’s a certain appeal to their music that makes it stand out from the derivative lot as this doesn’t owe too much to any particular style or band. It’s a cohesive fusion



No Name

o f various influences melded into a sound that Hex can now call their own. With members of experienced bands in the lineup such as VIRULENCY, TOMB, INCURSED, to name a few, the outcome is simply phenomenal. The fiercely titled release ‘God Has No Name’ will go down as the breakthrough album for the band and perhaps even the whole of the current death/doom style with the band’s innovative and thoughtful approach towards it.

Lineup Endika - Bass Asier - Drums Jon - Guitars Adolfo WB - Guitars Jonathan - Vocals Tracklist 1. Thy Kingdom Gone 2. Soulsculptor 3. Worshipping Falsehood 4. Daevangelism - The Dark Sunset 5. Where Gods Shall Not Reign 6. Apocryphal 7. All Those Lies That Dwells...

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Dawn of Infinite Fire Asagraum was founded in the autumn of 2015 by vocalist/guitarist Obscura. Second album has arrived under the ominous (and prescient) title Dawn Of Infinite Fire. This is pure, traditional black metal above all. Asagraum continue to sound fresh among that modern BM landscape, outstripping the prevailing trends and the pretenders who enable them. Dawn Of Infinite Fire sees Asagraum burning with equal intensity in songwriting, execution,


and atmosphere, staying true to Asagraum released the second their original aims whilst pushing full-length Dawn of Infinite Fire their classicist sound further into September 13, 2019. the present. Tracklist: If Potestas Magicum Diaboli 1. They Crawl from the Broken Circle walked a delicate-but-bold 2. The Lightless Inferno balance between aggression and 3. Abomination’s Altar atmosphere, both unapologetically 4. Guahaihoque modern and authentically ‘90s 5. Dawn of Infinite Fire in its sterling black metal, then 6. Dochters van de zwarte vlam Dawn Of Infinite Fire is the sound 7. Beyond the Black Vortex of Asagraum perfecting that 8. Hate of Satan’s Hammer balance, spellbinding the listener 9. Waar ik ben komt de dood across a deceptively vast ninesong / 47-minute journey. Line-up: Obscura - Vocals, Bass, Guitars A. - Drums

Second album from Swedish melodic Death Metal Queens Frantic Amber. Compared to the previous album «Burning Insight», the songs on “Bellatrix” are more developed, complex and brutal with a cinematic touch, each with their own ethnic identity. FRANTIC AMBER started in 2008 as a project in Stockholm by founding guitarist Mary Siebecke, with the intention to play metal with women. Their music can best be described as melodic death metal with thrash, black, progressive, classic heavy metal and

symphonic elements. FRANTIC AMBER continue to conquer stages all over the world with their fierce and powerful live-show and will stop at nothing to share their passion

for music with metal fans around the globe. Bellatrix released August 23, 2019.

Line-up Mio Jäger - Guitars (lead) Elizabeth Andrews - Vocals Madeleine Gullberg Husberg - Bass Mac Dalmanner - Drums Milla Olsson Guitars Tracklist 1. Warrioress Overture 2. Scorched Earth 3. Lagertha 4. Jōshitai 5. The Ghost That Kills 6. Khutulun 7. Hunted 8. Crimson Seas 9. The Black Knight

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Crimson Moon Occult Black Metal band est. 1994 in Southern California USA, relocated to Germany in 1998. CRIMSON MOON began in 1994, when founding member Scorpios Androctonus recorded the self-titled demo as a solo project and began circulating material via tape trading. In December of 2016 Scorpios returned to the roots of CRIMSON MOON’s creation recording the highly acclaimed, and commonly deemed «comeback album» titled Oneironaut. And now the legendary CRIMSON MOON return


is expertly built from punchy second-wave riffs, cathedral-sized hooks, cosmic synthscapes, o r g a n adornments and ritualistic choral MORS VINCIT OMNIA incantations as catchy as they are cryptic. with fourth full-length ‘Mors Tracklist Vincit Omnia’ (death conquers 1. Vanitas all), eight epic tracks of propulsive 2. Altars of Azrael occult grandeur, constructed in 3. Godspeed, Angel of Death homage to Azrael: Angel of Death, 4. Upon the Pale Horse Destruction and Renewal. 5. Parcae - Trinity of Fates This newest set of mystical hymns 6. Mors Vincit Omnia 7. Funeral Begotten 8. Tempus Fugit Mors Vincit Omnia released August 30, 2019 Lineup Scorpios Androctonus - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards Agreas - Guitars Sabnoc - Guitars, Vocals (backing) Blastum - Drums

Mgla is a Polish black metal band. The band was formed in 2000 in Krakow by vocalist and guitarist Mikolaj «M.» Zentara, who is also a member of Kriegsmaschine. The band consists of M. and drummer Darkside, who are backed up in live performances by bassist The Fall and guitarist E.V.T. Following various EPs, Mgla has released four studio albums: Groza (2008) With Hearts Toward None (2012) Exercises in Futility (2015) Age of Excuse (2019) On August 3, 2019 the band revealed that their fourth album would be titled Age of Excuse and released the track «Age of Excuse II» on the No Solace YouTube channel. Age of Excuse was released on September 2, 2019 on the band’s Bandcamp and on CD through their label No Solace, they also announced that the album will be released on vinyl and that they would also upload the album on music streaming platforms in the following days.


The band announced a European tour that would last throughout September in support of the new album, they will also embark on their first Latin American tour on 2020. Tracklist 1. Age of Excuse I 2. Age of Excuse II 3. Age of Excuse III 4. Age of Excuse IV 5. Age of Excuse V 6. Age of Excuse VI

‘Mgła’, is a polish word for ‘fog’, which further extends upon the nihilistic, dark style of both music and lyrics. Lineup M. - Vocals, Guitars, Bass Darkside - Drums Age of Excuse out September 2, 2019

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Throne Behind A Black Veil Death/Black Metal band from Germany released the fourth Full-length album Throne Behind a Black Veil August 2, 2019. Throne Behind A Black Veil sees the Franconian band once again en route to present the ferocious and cold


sound of painkilling black metal altitudes of the 1990s. Much like previous outputs, TOTAL HATE -- known for its luminaries and zealots in the sphere of ancient black metal -- continues the path set forth by bands such as Darkthrone, Urgehal, Gorgoroth, Throne of Ahaz and others.

Tracklist 1. Psychopath 2. Decline of Human Life Part II 3. Thou Shalt Kill (Killing Spree Unleashed) 4. Raven Wings & Witchcraft Spells 5. His Throne Behind a Black Veil 6. Death Raid Apocalypse 7. Lunatic Beast 8. Venomed Seed Lineup Adrastos - Vocals, Music, Lyrics Aer - Guitars, Music Erebos - uitars Lykos - Bass, Lyrics Serrator - Drums

Grima Atmospheric Black Metal band from Russia released the third Full-length album Will of the Primordial August 3, 2019. Grima is two-piece project, which exists since 2014 performing only in studio. It is an atmospheric black metal from Siberia with pagan influence. Their mythology is based on the worship of the elder forest, its power and magic, where the Grima is a supreme god. It is a powerful spirit, who protects only those who lives in a forest, and punishes everyone who does not respect the nature. Their lyrical hero keeps his way through the

impassable taiga forest, and his only hope to survive is to pray to the Grima to have a mercy on him. Tracklist 1. Siberian Sorrow 2. The Shrouded in Darkness 3. Leshiy 4. Instrumental Composition I 5. Enisey 6. Blizzard 7. Howl at Night 8. Instrumental Composition II Lineup Morbius - Guitars, Bass Vilhelm - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

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A f t e r 6 long-awaited years, DEVOURMENT return to form, embodying brutality with their ferocious new album, Obscene Majesty. Featuring d r u m m e r Brad Fincher and Ruben Rosas back on vocal duties a lineup previously o n l y h e a r d on the band’s 1999 landmark


album Molesting the Decapitated, the pioneers of brutal death metal sharpen their blades once again, and unleash some of the most disgustingly heavy slam ever! Obscene Majesty released August 16, 2019.

Tracklist 1. A Virulent Strain of Retaliation 2. Cognitive Sedation Butchery 3. Narcissistic Paraphilia 4. Arterial Spray Patterns 5. Profane Contagion 6. Dysmorphic Autophagia 7. Sculpted in Tyranny 8. Xenoglossia 9. Modum Sui Morte 10. Truculent Antipathy Line-up: Brad Fincher - Drums Ruben Rosas - Vocals Chris Andrews - Guitars, Vocals Dave Spencer - Bass

Deadspace Depressive Black Metal band from Australia released the fifth Fulllength album The Grand Disillusionment August 15, 2019. A descent into the hollowed out void of a dejected soul, rejecting comfort, choking light, foreboding darkness. Deadspace are a band that deliver an emasculating and claustrophobic live assault. Unwanted, uncomfortable, unrelenting and unforgiving. Most of this material is more aggressive but obviously not secondwave enough to label as simply black metal, nor atmospheric enough to call atmospheric black metal.

Tracklist 1. Inhale the Slime 2. As Time Moves Backwards 3. The Funeral March 4. Horrors to Endure 5. Infliction 6. The Seventh Death of a Fascist Sun 7. The Ashes of the World 8. Masturbation Ritual 9. Lungs 10. The Bones Beneath My Feet

Lineup Chris Gebauer - Vocals Herb Bennetts - Drums Thomas Major - Guitars Dan Jackson - Bass John Pescod - Keyboards

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Isole Epic Doom Metal band from Sweden released the seventh Full-length album Dystopia August 23, 2019. ISOLE formed under the name Forlorn back in 1990 with two sole members, Crister and Daniel. After a few years of turmoil, in which the band suffered myriad line-up changes, I Hate Records approached them in 2003. With a newly signed contract and much motivation, the band saw it fit to adopt a new moniker, thus becoming ISOLE.


This is a big album, with big songs and a big sound! Mandatory if you like: Solstice (UK), Candlemass, Solitude Aeternus, (old) Anathema. With their first releases, Isole were able to secure an excellent reputation within the doom metal underground. Then with Bliss of Solitude and Silent Ruins they elevated

their s t a t u s e v e n f u r t h e r . Now with their anticipated return with Dystopia Isole will secure their well-earned position in the doom metal scene. Tracklist 1. Beyond the Horizon 2. Written in the Sand 3. The Beholder 4. You Went Away 5. Forged by Fear 6. Galenskapens land 7. Nothingness Lineup Crister Olsson - Guitars, Vocals Daniel Bryntse - Guitars, Vocals Jimmy Mattsson - Bass Victor Parri - Drums

Weight of Emptiness Doom/Melodic Death Metal band from Chile released the second Full-length album Conquering the Deep Cycle August 31, 2019. Weight Of Emptiness is a chilean band of metal which practice a mixture style in which can be distinguished progressive, death, doom, and black metal. The band has its origins in 2012, when the former members from the missing band Twilight Mist, Juan Acevedo and Alejandro Bravo on guitars and Alejandro Ruiz on vocals, started to make their first compositions. On Twilight Mist they had a career path of

almost 10 years, innovating on progressive metal trends, so decided continuing the legacy, adding actual elements to their music. They established the first formation with David Hernรกndez, bassist which simultaneously takes part of the progressive metal band Morver, and Mauricio Basso on drums, leader of Letargo band, having about 20 years of career, both incorporating a rhythm base full of progressive elements, which make Weight Of Emptiness their unique and avant-garde sound recognized into the chilean metal scene.

Tracklist 1. Conquering 2. Invisible Mind Workers 3. Chucao 4. The Flame 5. Lapse of Insanity 6. Lamentos 7. Eleven Ravens 8. Drainers 9. Lurking Hope 10. Two Tears Alone (Twilight Mist cover) 11. Deep Cycle Lineup Mauricio Basso - Drums Juan Acevedo - Guitars Alejandro Bravo - Guitars Alejandro Ruiz - Vocals Mario Urra - Bass

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Baest Death Metal band from Denmark released the second Fulllength album Venenum September 13, 2019. BAEST are Denmark’s hottest metal export right now and have been followed by Danish National TV during their tour with Decapitated for the primetime documentary series ‘Den Satans Familie’, appeared at ‘Aftenshowet’, won two Gaffa awards in 2019 and played at festivals such as


Tracklist: 1. Vitriol Lament 2. Gula 3. Nihil 4. Venenum 5. Styx 6. Heresy 7. As Above So Below 8. Sodomize 9. Empty Throne 10. No Guts, No Glory (Bolt Thrower cover) Lineup Mattias Melchiorsen Bass Summer Breeze, Ruhrpott Sebastian Abildsten - Drums Metal Meeting, Copenhell, Lasse Revsbech - Guitars Roskilde, Royal Metal Svend Karlsson - Guitars Fest, Eurosonic, Spot! Simon Olsen - Vocals and supported bands like Abbath, Decapitated, Hatebreed, Dying Fetus, Entombed A.D and more.


Darkend Symphonic Black Metal band from Italy released the fourth Full-length album Spiritual Resonance September 13, 2019. The band refers to its music as Extreme Ritual Metal. As stated in «The Canticle of Shadows» booklet, the name Darkend was created by anagramming the Sanskrit word «Rekda’dn», meaning «mist of the elsewhere». DARKEND is Extreme Ritual Art: arcane symphonies exalting ancient ceremonial chants lost in nocturnal remembrances, sulphur riffs engraved on black metal patterns and progressive freedom. At the border between magic and

spirituality, where cults and rituals can wander free in the wisdom of infinity, at the crossroads between life and death. Swallowed by the energy of the ceremony, engulfed by the dense smoke of incense, for DARKEND there’s no difference between good and evil, dream and reality, life and death, for they belong to the unique grandeur of the Universe.

Lineup Animæ - Vocals, Songwriting, Graphics, Art direction Valentz - Drums Antarktica - Grand piano, Orchestrations, Soundscapes, Songwriting Ashes - Guitars (lead) Nothingness - Guitars (lead) Vinterskog - Bass, Cura, Saz, Mandolin Tracklist 1. The Three Ghouls Buried at Golgotha 2. Scorpio Astraea High Coronation 3. With Everburning Sulphur Unconsumed 4. Vessel Underneath 5. Hereafter, Somewhere 6. The Seven Spectres Haunting Gethsemane

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Daemon The most notorious black metal band of all times is back! By the power of darkness and the might of black-hearted will no two Mayhem albums have been or will be the same. Thus, the newest offering “Daemon” is unto itself. It’s not the next chapter but rather the next tome in Mayhem’s authoritative oeuvre. Composed and decomposed with the same lineup—Necrobutcher (bass), Hellhammer (drums), Attila Csihar (vocals), Teloch (guitars), and Ghul (guitars)—that handled


“Esoteric Warfare” and performed Mayhem released the sixth Full-length “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” in album Daemon November 8, 2019. its entirety over the last few years, Tracklist: “Daemon” also isn’t a retrofit 1. The Dying False King of classic songs like “Freezing 2. Agenda Ignis Moon,” “Pagan Fears,” or “Buried 3. Bad Blood by Time and Dust.” That’s what the 4. Malum live album, “De Mysteriis Dom 5. Falsified and Hated Sathanas Alive” (2016), was for. 6. Aeon Daemonium “Daemon” is a chance for change, 7. Worthless Abominations Destroyed for new hells to be envisioned and 8. Daemon Spawn offered. 9. Of Worms and Ruins Line-up: 10. Invoke the Oath Necrobutcher - Bass Hellhammer - Drums Attila Csihar - Vocals Teloch - Guitars Ghul - Guitars

Norwegian Black/Death Metal band started in 1987 by Steinar Sverd Johnsen, Marius Vold and Jan Axel(Hellhammer) Blomberg. When one looks back at the bloodstained history of black metal, the names are as familiar as those of old friends – Mayhem, Burzum, Darkthrone. But in the shadows lurked another prime purveyor of northern darkness. Formed by Marius Vold & Steinar Sverd Johnsen, Mortem was one of the first black metal bands to crawl out of the woodwork in Norway, releasing the highly coveted and brutal Slow Death demo, with Euronymous & Dead of Mayhem acting as producer and cover artist respectively. After the release of Slow Death, the band was laid to rest with members going on to form

and feature in acclaimed titans such as Arcturus and Thorns, both of which would become mainstays in the black metal scene and beyond. “Reviving Mortem was something we had thought about for a long time. Due to increasing

creative differences it was a natural move to drag Mortem out of the ground, and come together with other brilliant additions to the band, to make something evil, fast, and heavy as hell, borrowing elements from

Arcturus and Bathory, It’s old school while being totally unique” Steinar Ravnsvart released September 27, 2019. Line-up Steinar Sverd Johnsen - Guitars, Keyboards Marius Vold - Vocals Hellhammer - Drums Tor Stavenes - Bass Tracklist 1. Ravnsvart 2. Sjelestjeler 3. Blood Horizon 4. Mørkets monolitter 5. Truly Damned 6. Demon Shadow 7. Port Darkness 8. The Core

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1349 was the year the Black Death came to Norway, wiping out 2/3 of the population and ending the Golden Age of Norway. Norwegian black metal titans 1349 have returned with their long awaited seventh full-length: ‘The Infernal Pathway’. The album promises a journey through chaos and madness, darkness and peril, terror and annihilation. 1349 is AURAL HELLFIRE. That has been, and continues to be, the primary concept since the band first rose from the ashes of Alvheim in 1997. After performing a fiery show at Norway’s Inferno festival this year, 1349 started recording in Amper Tone studios and Studio Nyhagen with


engineer Jarrett Pritchard. Thus, ‘The Infernal Pathway’ was born, a sonic parallel to summoning and unleashing the beast of the abyss in all its fearsome, ferocious and powerful splendor. Gearing up for a full U.S. tour in the fall, and a European tour with ABBATH and VLTIMAS in 2020, more events will unfold, making

this a banner year for 1349. Tracklist 1. Abyssos Antithesis 2. Through Eyes of Stone 3. Tunnel of Set VIII 4. Enter Cold Void Dreaming 5. Towers upon Towers 6. Tunnel of Set IX 7. Deeper Still 8. Striding the Chasm 9. Dødskamp (album edit) 10. Tunnel of Set X 11. Stand Tall in Fire The Infernal Pathway released October 18, 2019 Lineup Seidemann - Bass Ravn - Vocals Archaon - Guitars Frost - Drums

The band name is German for «whispers of the dead». In the year 2007 Totleben began writing his first songs, his musical interests bound to his inspirational roots. He had combined the coldness and anger of Black Metal with elements of classical music to create an aggressive and cinematic feel to his compositions. But the music was not meant to be solely instrumental, he contacted his good friend Narbengrund. Since Narbendgrund had a natural talent for writing and performing lyrics he was perfect for the ideas Totleben had in mind and so Narbengrund was made a founding member of the Black Metal act «Totengeflüster» (Whispers of the Dead). The main goal for Totleben and Narbengrund was to create a coherent and sophisticated piece of art. In Spring and Summer 2019 the band recorded their new album „The Faceless Divine“ and signed with Black Lion Records.

The Faceless Divine

Tracklist 1. The Arrival of the Withered 2. On Carrion Wings 3. The Holloe Wanderer (Cursed) 4. The Hunt 5. Affliction 6. Extinct Paradise 7. Grans Us Thy Blessing 8. Vermin 9. Reise eines verlorenen Geistes 10. Requiem 11. Entflamme mich 12. The Hollow Wanderer (Satin version)

Lineup Frostbitten - Drums Totleben - Guitars Narbengrund - Vocals Teufeskald - Bass Egregor - Guitars The Faceless Divine out October 11, 2019

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Ushered Forth By Cloven Tongue

Black Metal band from Sweden released the third Full-length album Ushered Forth by Cloven Tongue September 27, 2019. Blessed by the dark Gods in 2008 Patronymicon brought their uncompromising black metal to this world of scuminfested inhabitants. Through a journey of blood, chaos and violence


they now 11 years later stand stronger and prouder than ever before, presenting their third masterpiece of haunting violent black metal pride. From the fastest blastbeats to the grooving slow-paced haunting riffs and drums that take you on a dark trip to the underworld, while being possessed by the eerie vocals spewed forth. You’ve been warned, Patronymicon attack.

Tracklist 1. Haissem 2. The Funeral of a Passive God 3. XI Kings XI Curses 4. Lightless Flames 5. Womb of Rejection 6. From the Depths of Damnation 7. A Star That Shineth Not 8. Death Itself Lineup N. Sadist - Guitars J. Malice - Guitars H. Sulphur - Vocals M. Feral - Bass Y. Nifl - Drums

In Pain Death Metal band from Sweden released the first Full-length album The Sound of Death September 27, 2019. Swedish Old School Death Metal, straight from the grave. Frozen ground and cold riffs. Voice of the beast, bursting skulls under the pressure. As if someone had filtered the good old Swedish rattle with a bag full of bones, additionally stirred with the darkness, and served in the cold. IN PAIN are true, honest, and believable. They do it in the same way as bands like GRAVE, DISMEMBER,

ENTRAILS, NIHILIST, SORCERY. It is the first long-playing album of the band, whose history dates back to the nineties. It is the perfect essence of Nordic metal with everything that belongs to it. The excellent sound from Tomas Skogsberg, the masterpiece cover art from Chainsaw Design, they didn’t leave anything to an accident.

Tracklist 1. Atrocity 2. Shallow Grave 3. Battle 4. B.T.K 5. It Was Meant to Die 6. Stabbed from the Inside 7. The Shadow from the Ancient Tomb 8. Zombie Front 9. Rise from the Deep Lineup Magnus Wegren Guitars Micke Andersson Bass Mattias Flintberg Vocals Mattias Johansson Drums

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Vorna Folk/Pagan/Black Metal band from Finland released the third Full-length album Sateet palata saavat September 27, 2019. Vorna are a melancholic metal band from Tampere, Finland founded back in 2008. The sixpiece band started first as a melodic black/folk metal but later absorbed various influences from symphonic, atmospheric and melodic metal – now delivering a dark


and majestic performance sung in the beautiful Finnish language. In 2019 Vorna are coming back with full force. Now with over 10 years of experience under their belt and still going strong with the original line-up, the six-piece are bringing their anticipated and carefully crafted third full-length album “Sateet palata saavat”. “Sateet palata saavat” is the most refined and most ambitious Vorna release to date which will redefine the Finnish melancholic metal music for years to come.

Tracklist 1. Ylle kaartuvat 2. Toinen 3. Syvyydet 4. Sydäntalven puut 5. Maa martona makaa 6. Aalloista 7. Virvatulet 8. Tyhjyys on tyyni 9. Sateet 10. Kauas Line-up: Niilo Könönen - Bass Arttu Järvisalo - Guitars (lead) Henri Lammintausta - Guitars (rhythm) Vesa Salovaara - Vocals Mikael Vanninen - Drums Saku Myyryläinen - Keyboards

Haunted by Silhouettes Melodic Death Metal band from Norway released the second Full-length album The Last Day on Earth October 4, 2019. This album-titled apocalyptic schlager signals the beginning of the end, and dives straight into imaginings of humanity’s last day on earth after a fleeting utopian intro. While this pumped up album-opener is a melodic and catchy one, the theme itself is pretty serious. The song aims to make the listener envisage the end, and ask the listener one question; What would you do on the last day on earth? Tracklist 1. The Last Day on Earth 2. Pyroclast 3. Deadlock

4. Death of Janus 5. Mountain of Skulls 6. Stitches 7. Jakta 8. Post-Mortem Portraits 9. Undertow 10. The Well 11. Horns 12. Ghost Heart 13. Before the Last Pyre Ends

Lineup Ola Nilsen Kjøren - Bass Håvard Bustad - Drums Stian Hoel Fossen Guitars Per Kristian Grimsland Guitars Mathias Jamtli Rye - Vocals

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Insomnium Melodic Death Metal band from Finland released the eighth Full-length album Heart like a Grave October 4, 2019. Strange and formidable things may grow from humble beginnings. Back in 1997, in a remote town of Joensuu, beyond the great vast forests of eastern Finland, some teenage metalheads got together to play loud and fierce music, drink beer and have fun. Little did they knew that two decades later they would be saluted as one of the spearheads of their genre, preparing to release their 8th studio album and embark on


branches but the roots go deeper into the black, rimed soil.

another world tour. Consisting of 10 songs and over an hour of music Heart Like a Grave (2019) evolved to be an epic tour de force of Finnish melancholy, drawing inspiration from some of the bleakest tales, lyrics and poems of the north. With four composers in the band the sound of Insomnium is now richer and more versatile than ever before. And yet the essence and core of the music is the same as 22 years ago. The tree grows new

Tracklist 1. Wail of the North 2. Valediction 3. Neverlast 4. Pale Morning Star 5. And Bells They Toll 6. The Offering 7. Mute Is My Sorrow 8. Twilight Trails 9. Heart like a Grave 10. Karelia Lineup Niilo Sevänen - Bass, Vocals Markus Hirvonen - Drums Ville Friman - Guitars, Vocals (clean) Markus Vanhala - Guitars Jani Liimatainen - Guitars, Vocals (clean)

Sammath Black Metal band from Netherlands released the sixth Full-length album Across the Rhine Is Only Death October 7, 2019. Like a war hammer to the head “Across the Rhine is Only Death” is extreme metal which beats you into submission. It provides a grim soundtrack to battle, the total annihilation and raging destruction that war brings. War is no fun. Destruction is not a Satanic gimmick. It is a reality created by humanity. The concept focusses on the final months of World War II, when Germany desperately holds on to

the Rhine as the western border, hence the name of the album. It is the ultimate soundtrack to the nightmare of war on the frontline. Hard to pin down if Sammath belongs into the Death or Black Metal scene, or even War Metal scene. Lets agree it is Extreme Metal, in music, in concept and in attitude. It is not for the weak, but for those made of Krupp’s Stahl! References one might find when listening: Revenge, Angelcorpse, Autopsy, Mayhem, Marduk.

Tracklist 1. Savagery 2. All Lay Dead in the Slit Trenches of Calcar 3. Battletorn 4. Ferocious Mortal Fire 5. Totenhügel 6. Blood Ridden Fields 7. Bitter Fighting Amongst the Dead 8. Across the Rhine Is Only Death Lineup Jan Kruitwagen - Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics Ruud Nillesen - Bass, Vocals Wim van der Valk - Drums, Vocals

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Nile Brutal/Technical Death Metal band from United States released the ninth Full-length album Vile Nilotic Rites November 1, 2019. There’s death metal and then there’s NILE. For Vile Nilotic Rites, the mantra was: if it’s not right for the song, it gets cut. Nothing superfluous or idiosyncratic were allowed to persist on and live through NILE’s new team-based songwriting process. If a part was savage but didn’t fit, out the door it went. But if it was merciless and fit into the overall design of the song, it was kept


and curated. The end result of NILE’s extreme musical vetting was 11 songs, sharp as obsidian blades, heavy as nine Nubian pyramids. Songs like ‘Oxford Handbook Of Savage Genocidal Warfare,’ ‘That Which Is Forbidden,’ ‘Revel In Their Suffering,’ and the title track exhibit the self-made qualities of editorial perfection without losing the fiery passion that

makes NILE’s death metal devastatingly uncontestable. Tracklist: 1. The Oxford Handbook of Savage Genocidal Warfare 3. Vile Nilotic Rites 4. Seven Horns of War 5. That Which Is Forbidden 6. Snake Pit Mating Frenzy 7. Revel in Their Suffering 8. Thus Sayeth the Parasites of the Mind 9. Where Is the Wrathful Sky 10. The Imperishable Stars Are Sickened 11. We Are Cursed Lineup Karl Sanders - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards George Kollias - Drums, Percussion Brad Parris - Bass, Vocals Brian Kingsland - Guitars, Vocals

Ormer Til Armer, Maane Til Hode

Djevel Black Metal band from Norway released the sixth Full-length album Ormer til armer, maane til hode October 18, 2019. A supergroup formed by members/ex-members of Koldbrann, Ljå, Orcustus, Enslaved, Kvelertak, and other projects. «Djevel» means «Devil» in english. The sixth fullength album from Djevel, the uncompromising norwegian band performing Black Metal which sounds like it has been crafted since the 90s until today. With a structure and style far from modern Black Metal, this is how it sounded back in the days, with a raw and unpolished sound, still carefully maintaining melodic sounds and passages

which creates the atmosphere a great Black Metal album needs. The band, consisting of songwriter Ciekals, Mannevond (Koldbrann) and Faust (ex-Emperor, Blood Tsunami) has once again proved their stellar quality, making «Ormer Til Armer, Maane Til Hode» one of this years highlights in the genre. The album artwork is another product from acclaimed norwegian artist Danny Larsen. Lineup Mannevond - Bass, Vocals (harsh) Trond Ciekals - Guitars, Vocals (clean), Vocals (chants) Faust - Drums

Tracklist 1. Ormer til armer, maane til hode 2. Et menniskes hele korpus og legeme 3. Den gang jeg banket paa helvedes tunge doer 4. Dreb dem alle, herren vil gjenkjenne sine 5. Ved Hildr’s haand for Hel 6. Det eders herre lover er mer enn hva mennisket taaler 7. Over svarte skriigende skoger 8. Illoyegd foedt som Satans barn, paa ferd uden spor af menneskeverd

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Ragnarok Black Metal band from Norway released the ninth Fulllength album Non Debellicata November 15, 2019 The band gives us an insight into what went into the making of «Non Debellicata», an album in which RAGNAROK’s entire line-up of founder and frontman Jontho, guitarist Bolverk, bassist Rammr and drummer Malignant, had a significant input: «Our new album, Non Debellicata, is


t h e result of a n extensive process in which all the members of the band participated creatively, both musically and lyrically. We put a lot of work into this album to make it as extreme and violent as we possibly could, pushing the borders of our musicianship and song writing skills. Originally we started out with 20 songs, out of which we rehearsed

16 and whittled it down to 13 for recording. We eventually chose 10 for inclusion on the album, because we wanted to ensure highest possible quality of every song». Tracklist 1. Non Debellicata 2. Chapel of Shadows 3. Sanctimoneous 4 . Bestial Emptiness 5.Nemesis 6 . The Great Destroyer 7. Gerasene Demoniac 8. The Gospel of Judas Iscariot 9. Jonestown Lullaby 10. Asphyxiation Lineup Jontho - Vocals Bolverk - Guitars Malignant - Drums Rammr - Bass

A PYRRHIC EXISTENCE Esoteric Funeral Doom titans ESOTERIC return with the monolithic ‘A Pyrrhic Existence,’ the collective’s first new album in eight years. Their undeniable power and time-warping arrangements are unparalleled even by doom metal standards, taking on an almost psychedelic hue at times here. As each of the six songs in this 2CD set roar to life, including the 27+ minute epic «Descent,» the gravity swallows’ listeners up as they are pulled into their depths. ESOTERIC are, quite literally, one of metal’s heaviest bands, and the somber ‘A Pyrrhic Existence’ is further proof of their mastery. Regarding the new record, the band comments: «’A Pyrrhic Existence’ is an

album that deals with some of the darkest sides of the human psyche and the harsh realities of existence. The concepts of the lyrics deal with death, suffering, tragedy, lies and the breakdown of the human psyche. The title is a reference as to how existence can be perceived as something that inflicts so much devastation on the survivor, that it becomes tantamount to defeat. The music is a progression from previous albums, and is of an extremely psychedelic and experimental nature. It can be likened to a vicarious journey through the twisted passages of the broken mind.»

Tracklist 1. Descent 2. Rotting in Dereliction 3. Antim Yatra 4. Consuming Lies 5. Culmination 6. Sick and Tired Lineup Gordon Bicknell - Guitars, Keyboards Greg Chandler - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards Mark Bodossian - Bass Joe Fletcher - Drums Jim Nolan - Guitars, Keyboards A Pyrrhic Existence released November 8, 2019.

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Horrizon Melodic Death Metal band from Germany released the third Full-length album World of Pain November 29, 2019. The German Melodic Death Metal band HORRIZON was founded in the year 2005. This is the album for fans of bands like Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, At The Gates, Dark Tranquility.


Lineup Martin Gerloff - Vocals (formerly guitars) Franz Riemann - Bass, Vocals (backing) Peter Gedert - Guitars Robert Witzel - Drums Michael Bach - Guitars Andy Gillion (Mors Principium Est) guitar solo on Reborn.

Tracklist: 1. Once in a While 2. Sentenced to Death 3. Where Am I? 4. World of Pain 5. Haunted by the Past 6. Ancient Wisdom 7. Dying God 8. Lost 9. Why? 10. Reborn 11. Endless Rain

INTO THE CATACOMBS OF FLESH Fleshcrawl Death Metal band from Germany released the ninth Fulllength album Into the Catacombs of Flesh November 29, 2019. FLESHCRAWL came to life in spring 1987 by Stefan Hanus and Bastian Herzog. The band was initially known as Morgรถth, but changed their moniker to Suffocation in 1990. They were forced to change it again in 1991 (to Fleshcrawl), because of the US band of the same name. Lineup Bastian Herzog Drums, Vocals

(additional) Sven Gross - Vocals Oliver Grbavac - Guitars, Vocals (additional) Manu Markowski - Bass Slobodan Stupar - Guitars

Tracklist 1. Into the Catacombs of Flesh 2. Mass Obliteration 3. Ossuary Rituals 4. Funeral Storm 5. Grave Monger 6. Chained Impalement 7. Law of Retaliation 8. Obliteration Bizarre 9. Red Streams of Sorrow 10. Of Frozen Bloody Grounds 11. Suffer the Dead 12. Among Death and Desolation

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Crest of Darkness Black Metal band from Norway released the eighth Full-length album The God of Flesh December 6, 2019. Ingars’ brainchild Crest Of Darkness was conceived in the midnineties when his former band Conception was still at its peak. As opposed to Conception, the idea behind C.o.D. was unquestionable a product of Ingars’ passion for sheer sonic brutality and devotion to the satanic ideology according to Anton LaVeys’ Church Of


Satan and the Satanic Bible. The contents of C.o.D.’s lyrics clearly reflect Ingars’ beliefs as well as his deep admiration for vampirism. CREST OF DARKNESS moved the barriers again with “The God Of Flesh”, the new full-length album from the Norwegian Black Metal veterans, and present the heaviest, darkest and most personal album of their career with a band at its 110%. “The God Of Flesh” is a new classic of a band marked by an integrity and a personality that is hard to come by. Now they have reached the point: this is the evil, this is the beast, this is the dead.

Tracklist 1. The God of Flesh 2. The Child with No Head 3. Endless Night 4. The Spawn of Seth 5. Forgotten 6. Euthanasia 7. Blood 8. Godless Evil Eyes 9. Salvation in Hell Line-up: Ingar Amlien - Vocals, Bass Rebo - Guitars (lead), Guitars (rhythm) Bernhard - Drums

Helleborus Symphonic Black Metal band from United States released the second Fulllength album Saprophytic Divinations December 6, 2019. Like the enigmatic & deadly winter flower from which the project takes its name, the ancient Greeks called the Helleborus “the plant of fauns”. Heavily influenced by the Orphic Mysteries, traditional w e s t e r n witchcraft & folklore. The band pushes the exploration of orthodoxy black metal into the uncharted territory of

sensual duality with a focus on occult herbalism & sexual mysticism. Tracklist 1. Celestial Grave 2. Alraun Ghost 3. Verum Fidei 4. Devil’s Garden 5. Juniper Shrine 6. Decaying Observer 7. Nocte Amans 8. Blakulla’s Meadow 9. Saprophytic Divinations

Lineup Jerred C. Houseman Guitars, Songwriting S. Wyatt Houseman Vocals, Lyrics Brent Boutté - Drums Ian Horenman - Bass

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Officium Triste Death/Doom Metal band from Netherlands released the sixth Full-length album The Death of Gaia December 13, 2019. Dutch death/doom metal legends Officium Triste, who have been around for 25 years, are back with their sixth full length album titled ‘The Death of Gaia’. They’re only wiser with age, for the music is just as evocative as always if not more this time around, with better arrangements and variations spread across the album. Their music has this gentle yet overwhelming approach that will leave you in complete tatters by the time it’s done. It’s beautifully hinging on this balance they’ve perfected over decades

70 70

between plaintive melodies and wretched heaviness. Additional instruments such as piano, violin and cello have been brought in and even several guest vocals to lend to this an epic air, further entrenching their mastery over this form of poignant music. For this album they’ve employed the services of Chris Smith (Grey Aria Design Studio) for the vibrant artwork and of Greg Chandler (Esoteric) where mastering is concerned, ensuring that everything is done just the way it was meant to be. ‘The Death of Gaia’ is the pinnacle of the band’s illustrious career and sets new standards even now for others to look up to.

Tracklist 1. The End Is Nigh 2. World in Flames 3. Shackles 4. A House in a Field in the Eye of the Storm 5. The Guilt 6. Just Smoke and Mirrors 7. Like a Flower in the Desert 8. Losing Ground Lineup Martin Kwakernaak - Keyboards, Guitars (acoustic) Gerard de Jong - Guitars Pim Blankenstein - Vocals Niels Jordaan - Drums William van Dijk - Guitars Theo Plaisier - Bass

Pagan Reign Folk/Pagan Black Metal band from Russia released the seventh Fulllength album Art of the Time December 1, 2019. Art Of The Time is a monumental work dedicated to the art of creation and the accumulation of knowledge based on the age-old cultural archetypes of the harsh and mighty north. The album reveals the theme of the infinity of art and time as mutually generative phenomena. The art of the time is a universal process that underlies the human civilization. Creativity is timeless as a source of culture and development. The music was performed in the familiar style with the abundant use of folklore instruments and the multilayered construction of compositions typical of Russian classical music of the late 19th century. The album received a completely new sound.

Heavy guitar riffs are intertwined with the magical sound of flutes and mandolines, aggressive and clean vocals will delight a wide variety of fans of heavy music from black to progressive metal. Tracklist 1. In Gods We Trust 2. Art of the Time 3. ะกult of Blizzard and Fire 4. Rising Hearts 5. Eternal Saga of Glory 6. Path to the North 7. Voice of the Legend

Lineup Orey - Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Guitars (acoustic) Vetrodar - Guitars (lead), Guitars (acoustic), Bass, Wind instruments, Vocals (clean) Dimosthen - Drums Aurora - Flute, live folk instruments Voron - live bass

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Hecate Enthroned Melodic Black/Death Metal band from Manchester, England released the sixth Fulllength album Embrace of the Godless Aeon January 25, 2019.Line-up Nigel - Guitars Dylan Hughes - Bass Andy - Guitars Pete - Keyboards Gareth Hardy - Drums Joe Stamps - Vocals Tracklist 1. Ascension 2. Revelations in Autumn Flame 3. Temples That Breathe 4. Goddess of Dark Misfits 5. Whispers of the Mountain Ossuary 6. Enthrallment 7. Silent Conversations with Distant Stars 8. Erebus and Terror


Asenheim Black/Pagan Metal band from BadenWürttemberg, Germany released third full-length album Tristan January 31, 2019. Tracklist 1. Der letzte Tag des Sommers 2. Der freie Geist 3. Illusion 4. Weiße Strände 5. Zuhause 6. Die ewige Jagd 7. Tristan Lineup Tiwaz - Vocals, instruments Valfor - Drums

Son ov Leviathan Symphonic Black/Death Metal band from United States Son ov Leviathan released the second Full-length album Luciferian Misanthrope February 1st, 2019. Tracklist 1. Supplication ov the Void 2. I Am God, I Am Lucifer, I Am Thee Eternal Lord ov Breathing Flame 3. First Breath ov the Cloaked Daemon, Dying Gasp ov the Villainous 4. Extracting the Venomous Fangs ov Religion 5. Luciferian Invocation Upon the Empyrean Throne ov All Enlightenment 6. Conjuring and Enchantment 7. Baphomet Aria 8. Helvegen Lineup C.L. - All instruments, Vocals

Asphodelus Doom/Death Metal band from Finland released the album Stygian Dreams February 15th, 2019. This album contains seven songs of sorrowful ‘Gothic’ Doom/Death Metal of the gloomiest kind. This forlorn manifesto showcasing the band as one of the most interesting acts in the genre today. The Finnish trio music formula comprises early Katatonia, Anathema, My Dying Bride and Tiamat influences, yet keeping a distinctive feature in their sound. Don’t be fooled by the somewhat clean riffage and melodic solos, they are just a wishful thinking before the whole thing sink down again in the gloomy pit. Harsh and melancholic screams enhance the hopelessness of the whole thing, throwing tuneful keyboards in their desperate sonic cauldron, heightened by a good hint of finnish renowned “masennus” (read, depression). Cover artwork doesn’t need to be presented, used with kind permission of The Leicester Galleries. Line up – J. Filppu - Bass, Guitars, Vocals V. Kettunen - Drums J. Väyrynen - Guitars

Onirophagus Doom/Death Metal band from Spain released the second Full-length album Endarkenment (Illumination Through Putrefaction) February 19, 2019. Onirophagus was born in September 2011 in order to play doom/ death under the musical influence of bands like My Dying Bride, Ophis, old Anathema, Katatonia, Autopsy, Asphyx, Immolation, Incantation, Paradise Lost, Hypocrisy and Evoken among others. Line up – Lineup Uretra - Drums Moregod - Guitars Paingrinder - Vocals Grindmad - Bass Desecrator - Guitars Shogoth - Guitars Tracklist 1. Endarkenment 2. Book of the Half Men 3. Dark River 4. Dystanasia

Antre Atmospheric Black Metal band from United Kingdom released the first Full-length album Void February 22nd, 2019. Antre is born from - and exists - in the place we all retreat to in moments of despair. The lyrical concepts explored on Void draw from stories and narratives that evoke feelings of internal human darkness and destruction. Those claustrophobic thought patterns are punctuated by moments of clear reflection, expressed in the stripped back, acoustic tracks. Drawing on a wide range of influences in particular black metal as well as death metal, thrash and hardcore to create an atmosphere which is more claustrophobic, savage and intense than ethereal, Antre is a representation of the inner dark place in all of us, the dark cave in our souls and the anger and rage that manifests itself there. Line up – Patrick MacDonald Vocals Dan Oldcorn - Bass Barry Chadwick - Drums Chris Marsland - Guitars Donny Hopkins - Guitars

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Black/Doom Metal band from Germany released the first Fulllength album Animist February 22, 2019. Animist is a gorgeous display of three harrowing tracks using only analog devices and was meant to sound as pure and organic as possible. The album’s unique black-and-white handdrawn cover art was inked by Chadwick St. John (Grafvitnir, Svartsyn, Arckanum, Night of the Living Dead 3D: ReAnimation), who also contributed intros to the album’s emanations. Tracklist 1. Hex 2. Blade of Heresy 3. March through Ruins


Atmospheric Black Metal band from Russia released the second Full-length album A Journey into the Unknown February 23, 2019. This album tells the story of a researcher who went into the unknown wilds of space, where he faces a choice: life or knowledge. The album includes 6 tracks, immersing in the state of immersion in the unknown, awareness of the miracle of new knowledge, taking risks, taking the possibility of death and eternal rest. The PLANETSHINE project was created by Sergey Andrievsky in January 2015. The vital forces of the project feed dreams of stars, distant galaxies, knowledge of the universe.

Valtari Melodic Death Metal band from Australia released the third fulllength album Origin Enigma February 24th, 2019. Melodic extreme metal that mixes all the best elements of Scandinavian melodic death metal (Before The Dawn, Insomnium, Amon Amarth, Dissection) with a uniquely Australian perspective. This album has diversity, intensity and integrity - Come see for yourself! Line-up Marty Warren - Everything Tracklist 1. Oblivion 2. Your Enemy 3. Blinded 4. All for You 5. Origin Enigma 6. Taste Your Victory 7. Memories Fade 8. Forever 9. Towton 1461 10. The Great Unknown

Awakening Sun Melodic Death/Thrash/ Groove Metal band from Lithuania released the third Full-length album Into the Light March 5, 2019. Awakening Sun is an international 4-piece band from Lithuania and Holland. The album was written and recorded as a live set kicking in hard and never stopping to rock until the last note hits. Lineup Levis Abramovas - Bass Ernestas Skripkiūnas - Vocals, Guitars (lead) Kev - Drums Narvydas Žukauskas - Guitars

Meadows End Symphonic/Melodic Death metal band from Sweden released the fourth Fulllength album The Grand Antiquation March 8, 2019. Meadows End is a hard hitting act that emphasizes on a heavy groove combined with orchestrated atmospheres and mesmerizing melodies.

Malhkebre Black Metal band from France released the second Full-length album Satanic Resistance February 25th, 2019. Malhkebre is the messenger, His messenger. Since 2002, the word of our Lord has been propagated by the sonic terrorism of four militants totally devoted to His cause: members of the sectarian organization “The Apostles of Ignominy.” Their art, which could be described as orthodox Black Metal, is a profession of faith, an act of resistance to all forms of morals and humanism. Here a pagan and bucolic Satanism is out of the question…no snow-covered forests, only emaciated, charred stumps; no white wolves except as carcasses rotting in the sun of a nuclear winter… Lineup Shamaanik B. - Drums Messiatanik Armrek - Guitars Eklezjas’Tik Berzerk - Vocals Silmaeth - Bass Tracklist 1. Résiste 2. Déflagration divine 3. L’appel 4. Insane idolâtrie 5. Join Our Cause or Perish 6. Black Art macht frei 7. Calibres de bénédiction 8. Prie le Seigneur et la vermine crèvera 9. Veni, Vidi, Vici

Syrictus Death Metal band from United States released the first Full-length album Anticosmia February 26, 2019. Syrictus is the death metal brainchild of Erik Stenglein (Northless, Ara). Composed, performed, and produced entirely by Stenglein, the sound recalls the more avant and yet grooving death metal stylings of his primary influences like Gorguts and Morbid Angel, but with an obvious nod to modern technical death masters such as Spawn Of Possession. Lineup Erik Stenglein - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums A

Herbstnebel Atmospheric Black Metal band from Germany released two Full-length albums Inner Catharsis Pt. I and Inner Catharsis Pt. II March 4, 2019.

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Ascensions Fall Black Metal band from Australia released the fourth Full-length album Her Majesty Dethroned March 27, 2019. The album is a plethora of Symphonic and Melodic black metal entries with the addition of dark and heavy Blackened Death Metal arrangements accompanied by Black Metal shrieks and Death Metal growls. Line-up Liam Mohor All instruments, Vocals Tracklist 1. Arrival of the Iron Crown 5. Arise the New Highness 6. Lands of the Cursed North 7. Northhammer 8. Feeble Screams from the Sacred Chambers 9. Lands Where Shadows Roam


The Prophet Melodic Death Metal band from Russia released the fourth Full-length album Essence March 27, 2019. Tracklist 1. Essence (Intro) 2. From the Endless Vortex 3. Defeated by the Demons 4. Emerald Eyes 5. Blackword 6. Dreamside Areas 7. World of Pain 8. Flying 9. Time 10. Grand Deliriozo Part I 11. In the Dying Sunset

Nordjevel Black Metal band from Norway released the second Fulllength album Necrogenesis March 29, 2019. Tracklist 1. Sunset Glow 2. Devilry 3. The Idea of One-Ness 4. Black Lights from the Void 5. Amen Whores 6. The Fevered Lands 7. Nazarene Necrophilia 8. Apokalupsis Eschation 9. Panzerengel

Lineup DezeptiCunt - Bass Doedsadmiral - Vocals Dominator - Drums Lineup Destructhor - Guitars, Vocals Doctor - Guitars, Vocals (backing) Bathone - Bass Raziel - Drums Jo Sound - Guitars

Orpheus Omega Melodic Death Metal band from Australia released the fourth Full-length album Wear Your Sins March 29, 2019. Formed in 2008, Orpheus Omega is a 5-piece Melodic Death Metal band from Melbourne, Australia. Their formative sound was based on the early Gothenburg melodic death metal movement but has evolved over the years into a truly unique entity within and outside the Melodic Death Metal genre. Tracklist 1. Lighthouse 2. In Time 3. Suffer 4. When Hope Gives Way to Reason 5. Insinerate 6. Unblinking 7. Swim in the Black 8. Wash It All Away 9. Distorted World 10. Wear Your Sins

Ellende Atmospheric/Melancholic Post-Black Metal band from Austria released the third Full-length album Lebensnehmer March 29, 2019. The band’s name comes from a Middle High German adjective originating from the West Germanic *alja-landja-, which can be translated as «being out of the (/one’s) country». In the sense of «exiled», this took on a negative connotation over time, reflected nowadays in modern German elend, i.e. «miserable». Ellende is strictly Lukas Gosch’s solo-project. All other people involved are session/live musicians only. Tracklist 1. Intro 2. Augenblick 3. Die Wege 4. Ein Stück Verzweiflung 5. Der Blick wird leer Line up – 6. Liebkosung des Eiswinds Matt Themelco - Drums 7. Du wärst eine schöne Chris Themelco - Guitars (lead), Leiche Vocals 8. Atemzug Joao Goncalves - Guitars, Line up – Vocals (backing) Lukas - Guitars (rhythm Keswick Gallagher - Keyboards & acoustic), Bass, Drums, Nathan Mesiti - Bass Vocals, Piano, Songwriting

Devourer Black Metal band from Sweden released the third Full-length album Dawn of Extinction March 30, 2019. Devourer is a Swedish black/extreme metal band from Sandviken, Sweden, founded by multi-instrumentalist John Falk in 2002. Their music is full of cold emotions and aggressive atmosphere and the lyrics revolves around death, the human psyche, a misanthropic view of the human collective along with occult and esoteric topics. Tracklist 1. The Sculpting Hands of Doom 2. Beast of Famine 3. Nihil 4. Redemptive Suicide 5. Evighetens Bila 6. Narconemesis 7. Conjuring the Cleansing Inferno 8. Of God’s Ruins Line up – John Falk - Guitars, Bass, Vocals Fredrik Håf - Vocals

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Xaon Symphonic Death Metal band from Switzerland released the second Full-length album Solipsis April 12, 2019. XAON. An elusive name born amidst Switzerland’s highest mountains. Never quite fitting in any of the numerous galleries metal has to offer, drifting through the extremes whilst juxtaposing finesse and vehemence from an unworldly orchestra, endlessly exploring the vast echoic gloominess of the human mind. Lineup Vinc - Guitars (lead), Songwriting, Samples Rob - Vocals


Ravenpath Symphonic Death/Black Metal band from Germany released the second Full-length album The Raven’s Wisdom March 30, 2019. Tracklist 1. Intro 2. Harbinger 3. MyPrivacy.com 4. No Warning 5. Is It Worth 6. Left Behind Massive Walls 7. The Tale of Spectator and Conspiracy 8. The Raven’s Wisdom 9. A Change in the Darkness 10. Ray of Hope 11. Past of the Future Lineup Daniel - Drums Marcus - Guitars Torsten - Guitars, Bass Marcus - Piano Ronny - Vocals Rico - Bass

Clouds Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal band from United Kingdom/ Romania released the fourth Fulllength album Dor II April 5, 2019. The music is dedicate to departed ones, loved ones who now, are no longer amongst us. Dor II including guest vocals from Kathrine Shephard (Sylvaine), Kayla Dixon (Witch Mountain), Caleb Bergen (Sleepwalkers) and Mihai Ilie (Abigail (Ro)). Line-up Alex Costin - Bass Luca Breaz - Drums Xander Coza - Guitars Indee Rehal-Sagoo - Guitars Daniel Neagoe - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards Irina Movileanu - Violin Tracklist 1. Buried in Sand 2. Unravel 3. Closeness 4. Hollow 5. Shadows

Deiphago Black/Death Metal band from Philippines released the fifth Full-length album I, the Devil April 30, 2019. DEIPHAGO are arguably the most violent band on the planet, as well as one of the most envelope-pushing. HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present DEIPHAGO’s highly anticipated fifth album, I, The Devil, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats. Lineup Sidapa - Guitars Voltaire 666 - Vocals, Bass Erick Mejia - Drums

Cirith Gorgor Epic Black Metal band from Netherlands released the seventh Full-length album Sovereign April 5, 2019. The band’s name is taken from The Lord of the Rings. «Cirith Gorgor», called the Haunted Pass, is the point where the mountain ranges of the Ered Lithui and the Ephel Dúath meet to the northwest of Mordor. Formed in 1993 in the Netherlands. Playing brutal yet sophisticated black metal ever since. No trends, just hatred and ideology! Formed in 1993 in the Netherlands. Playing brutal yet sophisticated black metal ever since. No trends, just hatred and ideology! Lineup Levithmong - Drums Marchosias - Guitar Satanael - Vocals Waldtyr - Guitars - Bass Valefor - Guitars Tracklist 1. Funeral March for Modern Ades Numen Man Symphonic Black/Death 2. Hellbound Metal band from Italy 3. Sovereign released the first Full-length 4. Luciferian Deathsquad album War May 10, 2019. 5. Deathcult The sound built around 6. Legio Luporum simple, but very direct 7. Dominion rhythms, as well as classic 8. Manifestation of Evil Black/Death Metal riffs, 9. Blood and Iron composed in a modern way.

Dark Legacy Symphonic Death Metal band from Sweden released the second Full-length album The Rejects March 29, 2019. The history of Dark Legacy goes back to 1996. Musically Dark Legacy went into darker territories and the sound can describes as symphonic death/black metal. Lineup Jens Fredriksson - Bass Jonas Hoffman - Drums Mikael Dagobert Keyboards, Guitars Daniel Tjernberg - Vocals Daniel Reese - Guitars (rhythm) Mikael Tjernberg - Vocals

Vargrav Black Metal band from Finland released the second Full-length album Reign in Supreme Darkness April 26, 2019.

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Khaospath Black Metal band from Sweden released the third Full-length album Gospel of the Serpent Tongue May 29, 2019 Line-up Hellcommander Vargblod Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards Döden - Bass Gheist - Drums Gothmog - Guitars Tracklist 1. Evangelium Lingua Serpentis 2. Wolves of Khaos 3. In Black Thorns Crowned 4. Bleed for Satan 5. Ars Magica Khaotica 6. Hex of Inferno 7. I Am the Black 8. Circulum IX 9. Demonic 10. The Call of Death


Vananidr Melodic Black/Death Metal band from Sweden released the second Fulllength album Road North May 31, 2019. Vananidr playing black metal with melodies and influences from scandinavian folk music. Tracklist 1. Cold Dead Skin 2. Melancholy March 3. Bleak and Desolate 4. Drowned in Hells Fire 5. Raining Fire 6. Plains of Desolation 7. Shadow of the Past 8. Beneath the Glimmering Surface 9. Introduction to Ancient Powers 10. Ancient Powers 11. Purgatory Lineup Anders Eriksson Guitars, Bass, Vocals

Wormheart Black Metal band from United States released the first Fulllength album Wings of a Celestial June 2, 2019. Wormheart is the blooddrenched knife in the grave of your childhood dreams--the fire that burns in the cold, dead silence beyond the stars. Tracklist 1. I Too Will Be a Shadow 2. Cosmic Dysphoric Dissolution 3. Lord of Ruin 4. Delusion and Endless Night 5. Denizens of Nine 6. Centuries of Blood and Fear (Wormtongue’s Revenge) 7. The Black Dragon’s Bastard 8. Wings of a Celestial 9. Funeral March for a Lightless Wanderer (Outro/The Execution) Lineup Sarnath Wormheart - Guitars, Lyrics Errol the Faceless Wraith Vocals, Drums

Maelstrom Aeterna MeloDeath Metal band from United Kingdom released the first Fulllength album Hellweaver June 1, 2019. Maelstrom Aeterna is a collaboration of some of the cream of the UK’s and Swedish underground Melodic Death Metal talent, featuring past and present members of Bloodshot Dawn, FuryBorn and The Deathisodes! Many months were spent writing, programming, orchestrating, tweaking and then mixing and mastering at Alex’s studio, evolving them into the living, breathing vortex that is, ‘Hellweaver’! Tracklist 1. Fallen Accretion 2. Vultures Embrace 3. In the Absence of Light 4. Hellweaver 5. Affection Flame 6. From the Dark 7. Beyond the Relay 8. The Ghost Within 9. Terminal Creation 10. End Game 11. Chronicle 12. For What We’ve Become 13. Hellweaver (Piano Rendition) Lineup Alex Loader - Guitars, Songwriting Nick Richardson - Guitars (lead), Songwriting Isak Asplund - Vocals, Piano, Drums, Lyrics Guests Appearances: Ollie Roberts (Metaprism), Matt Powell, Oscar Wahlqvist (Archaea) Andy Gillion (Mors Principium Est)

Eternal Rest Death Metal band from Australia released the third Full-length album The Picture of Hatred June 7, 2019. ETERNAL REST are a death metal act from Brisbane, Australia. Intense and uncompromising, the band demonstrate a prowess and sound that is comparable to high profile death metal acts such as NILE, BEHEMOTH and DYSCARNATE. Tracklist 1. Sanctuary Alight 2. This Will All End in Violence 3. Obscured Faith 4. The Will of Death 5. Chained to Nothing 6. The Painted World 7. The Picture of Hatred 8. Water Me Not 9. Walk with Me 10. Awaken, O Fury Lineup Anthony Postlethwaite Bass Mick Hunter - Drums Jake Kaiser - Guitars Shanon Davern - Vocals

Winter Eternal Black Metal band from Greece released the second Full-length album Realm of the Bleeding Shadows June 1, 2019. Winter Eternal formed in April of 2011 by Soulreaper. W I N T E R ETERNAL, although not innovating, surely are highly noticeable because they capture the essence and the emotion of old school fantasy melodic Black Metal, having, at the same time, admirable technical integrity. Tracklist 1. Futile Quest 2. Realm of the Bleeding Shadows 3. Darkness Guides Me 4. The Promise 5. Embrace the Old Ways 6. The Secrets of Time 7. A Tearful Song 8. Monument to the Ruined Age Lineup Soulreaper Guitars, Bass


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Manipulation Death Metal band from Poland released the fourth Full-length album Mind Control Ultra June 10, 2019. Tracklist 1. Instruments of Change 2. Worshipers of Mirage 3. Slaves of the System 4. From the Inside 5. MK-Ultra 6. Limits 7. Energy of the Universe 8. The Skull with Acid in Eye 9. Room 216 10. Trample the Weak 11. RFID 12. Tale Told by an Idiot Lineup Rado.Slav - Guitars Bysiek - Bass Kriss - Drums Vulture - Guitars Kret - Vocals


Dark Doom Melodic Black/Death Metal band from United Kingdom released the second Fulllength album The Journey June 12, 2019. Dark Doom returns once again with another offering of melodic atmospheric black metal. The tortured shrieks and dread filled instrumentation bringing a sense of impending doom and misery, which guide you through the five epic tracks from one of the UK’s best upcoming extreme metal bands. Tracklist 1. Spectre 2. Sigil 3. Portal 4. Ancient 5. Wilderness Lineup Alex Wills - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Synthesizer

Nocturnes Mist Black Metal band from Australia released the fourth Full-length album Marquis of Hell June 13, 2019. The flame of 90’s black metal burns with ferocity and hellfire against midnight’s depths. Symphonic nocturnes haunt night skies as the fleeting mist encircling a raging pyre of pure malice, darkness and Black Metal. Formed in Adelaide in 1997 Nocturnes Mist embodies the spirit of 90’s Black Metal combining ferocity with symphonic darkness. Tracklist 1. Abyssus 2. Eyes in Fear 3. Cursed 4. War Machine 5. Wolves of Satan 6. Marquis of Hell 7. Summoning 8. Treacherous Ways Lineup Ominous - Guitars (lead) Deceiver - Vocals Inferus - Guitars (lead) Zy - Drums, Anunnaki - Bass Grotesquery - Keyboards

Frijgard Pagan Black Metal band from Switzerland released the third Full-length album Chapter Zero June 14, 2019. On June 14th 2019 Frijgard released their third album CHAPTER ZERO. The lyrics on this LP changed from german to english which fits the story of the album. Soundwise the tracks on Chapter Zero unveil new facets of the band while carrying on with Frijgard typical Heavy and Black Metal riffs combined with captivating acoustic melodies. Overall Frijgard’s lyrical themes are inspired by nature, historical events, science fiction, paganism (early songs) and fantasy. Tracklist 1. Blazing Ark 2. Blurry Horizon 3. Falling Stars 4. Crimson Skies 5. Haven 6. Red Lines Crossed 7. Aftermath 8. Tilia Lineup Sandro - Bass, Vocals Michael - Guitars Alex - Guitars Maxi - Drums

Worsen Black Metal band from United States released the first Full-length album Cursed to Witness Life June 14, 2019. After several years of silence, North Carolina black metal entity WORSEN returns with the long-awaited follow up to 2014’s Blood EP in the form of a violent and somber 40 minute full length album called Cursed to Witness Life. Worsen mastermind and sole member Rick Contes speaks further on the new album:«Just like previous releases, all vocals and instruments were recorded and/or programmed by me. For me this ones a pretty personal and cathartic record, so I wanted to put my best effort forward and cut no corners. It’s something I started alone that I needed to finish alone.» Lineup Rick Contes - All instruments, Vocals Tracklist 1. Open Grave 2. Aspirations Rusted Shut 3. Weakened World 4. A Blade in the Dark 5. Cradled by the Cold 6. Cursed to Witness Life 7. Haunting My Mind

Plague Melodic Death Metal band from Netherlands released the first Full-length album Dead Is the Day June 14, 2019. Tracklist 1. Bubonic Masterpiece 2. Dead Is the Day 3. Satan. Lord of the Underworld 4. Instant Inferno 5. Erection Divine 6. Brothel of Death 7. Serpent of Old 8. Nameless to the Void Lineup Robin van Stigt - Bass Jeroen van Hagen - Drums Stijn van Hagen - Guitars Bram van Kerckhoven - Guitars Joeri van Riel - Vocals

Ashx Raw Black Metal band from Costa Rica released the first Full-length album Until the End June 15, 2019.

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Batushka Black Metal band from Poland released the first Full-length album Hospodi July 12, 2019. This is album of Bartłomiej’s version of Batushka.. Tracklist 1. Wozglas 2. Dziewiatyj czas 3. Wieczernia 4. Powieczerje 5. Polunosznica 6. Utrenia 7. Pierwyj czas 8. Tretij czas 9. Szestoj czas 10. Liturgiya Lineup Bartłomiej «Bart» Krysiuk - Vocals Paweł Jaroszewicz Drums


Warthrone Black/Death Metal band from United States released the second Full-length album Crown of the Apocalypse July 4, 2019. Epic Symphonic blackened death metal FFO: Old man’s child, early Dimmu Borgir, early Cradle of Filth, Marduk, Setherial. Featuring Sarah Jezebel Deva on backing vocals and other guest appearances by members of Dying Fetus, GWAR, Nader Sadek, Witch-hunt and Cystic Dysentary! Tracklist 1. The Eyes of Kings 2. Crown of the Apocalypse 3. The Beast That Ascendeth 4. Seven Eyes Seven Horns 5. The Blood of the Prophets 6. Upon the Golden Altar 7. Apollyn 8. As Pillars of Fire 9. Unto the Face of Serpents Lineup Erik Sayenga - Drums, Guitars, Vocals Kristel - Keyboards, Bass

Donarhall Atmospheric Black Metal band from Germany released the fifth Fulllength album Helvegr June 25, 2019. Donarhall is an instrumental black metal one-man project from the far north of Germany. All music was composed, played and mixed by Gnev (Nihilisticon, Urschmerz, Delens Humanitas). Helvegr consists of eight soundtracks, each with its own character and poem. And this time Eugen again remained true to his principle, having created the album without vocal accompaniment. Tracklist 1. Byrdh 2. Vinda 3. Hyrr 4. Heimr 5. Vagr 6. Sunna 7. Natt 8. Liflat Lineup Gnev - Everything

Rogga Johansson Death Metal band from Sweden released the second Full-length album Entrance to the Otherwhere July 19, 2019. ROGGA JOHANSSON is the eponymous band of the unheralded death metal legend who’s responsible for masterminding other bands such as PAGANIZER, REVOLTING, THE G R O T E S Q U E R Y , NECROGOD and many others. This here is his solo project and he’s created some of the best music you’ll hear where classic Swedish death metal goes. He’s found a way to incorporate searing melodies without compromising on the trademark heaviness, and it’s a balance that few have managed to pull off in recent times. Tracklist 1. The Re-Emergers 2. Till bergets puls 3. When the Otherwhere Opens 4. Giants Walking at Night 5. As Evil Seeps Out 6. Berget vaknar 7. Entrance to the Otherwhere 8. A Journey into Fear 9. In the Grip of Garpedans Lineup Rogga Johansson - Everything Brynjar Helgetun - Session drums

Man Daitõrgul Black Metal band from Spain released the second Full-length album Gosk e’ Vidʒera July 19, 2019. Man Daitõrgul means Fortress of the Thousand Towers in Ancient Baaldro, a language created by Nagh Faëre for the novel he’s writing. Music and lyrics are based on the history and mythology created for the book. All lyrics were written in Baaldro excepting verses in VII, in Old Persian (and Horna’s cover, which keeps the original lyrics in Finnish). Tracklist 1. Gosk e’ Vidʒera I 2. Gosk e’ Vidʒera II 3. Gosk e’ Vidʒera III 4. Gosk e’ Vidʒera IV 5. Gosk e’ Vidʒera V 6. Gosk e’ Vidʒera VI 7. Gosk e’ Vidʒera VII 8. Kuoleva lupaus (Horna cover) Lineup Nagh Ħvaëre All instruments, Vocals

Varanger Melodic Death/Pagan Metal band from United States released the first Full-length album Dark Traditions July 23, 2019. Varanger (pronounced Veran-gar) is an extreme metal band from the Central Florida area. The band incorporates many different musical styles into its music which creates a massive sound, captivating melodies and an unforgettable performance. From death and speed metal to blackened and folk sounds, Varanger’s melodies capture the spirit of early historical battles while the band’s lyrics focus on the trials and tribulations faced by Northern Europeans in the 9th century. Tracklist 1. Varanger 2. Fly Ravens, Fly! 3. Sahti 4. 10 Years Time 5. Curse of the Swamp 6. New Stars to Follow 7. Hadrian’s Wall 8. Fields of Misery Lineup Cyn Bakeeff - Bass James Whitehurst Drums Tyler Futrell - Guitars, Vocals Angel Colon - Guitars Fred McCarthy Keyboards

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Blackhelm Melodic Death/Black Metal band from Australia released the first Full-length album Dark Clouds of the Inferno July 26, 2019. Line-up Tim Anderson - Bass Matt Cleary - Drums Cam Wilson - Guitars (lead) Mika Kohlman - Guitars Rob Widowmaker Vocals Tracklist 1. One Thousand Years 2. Banished and Powerless 3. The Infinite Void 4. Of Serpent and Stone 5. Carving a Titan 6. Embrace the Ravenous 7. Ghost in the Flame 8. Dark Clouds of the Inferno


Black/Death Metal band from Brazil released the first Fulllength album Khásma July 30, 2019. In the fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien, Khazaddûm was an enormous underground complex in north-western Middleearth. Tracklist 1. I Lust 2. He Who Fights Fiends 3. Khásma I (Floating) 4. Dol Amroth 5. The Penitent 6. Celebrimbor 7. The Call 8. Flood 9. Khásma II (Falling)

Mylingar Death/Black Metal band from Sweden released the second Full-length album Döda själar August 2, 2019. ‘Mylingar’ is the plural of ‘myling’. In Scandinavian folklore the word «myling» indicates a wandering ghost of an unbaptized child. Savagery in musical form takes a further step toward total sonic annihilation with ‘Döda Själar’, the culmination of a bestial trilogy from the eccentric intensity called Mylingar. A tempest of whirlwind blackened death metal barbarity and animalistic filth, unrelenting in its intent to rend flesh from bone and inflict torment. Tracklist 1. Obalansen 2. Nedstigningen 3. Offret 4. Bländningen Lineup 5. Mållösheten Gothmog - Bass Noatún - Guitars, Vocals 6. Giftet 7. Förlusten

Nocturnal Departure Black Metal band from Canada released the first Fulllength album Cathartic Black Rituals August 7, 2019. The album’s ten relatively compact tracks (which include a discombobulating prelude that’s part weird electronica and part monstrous recital), have been produced to deliver hard-hitting, heavyweight rhythmic power, scorching vocal mania, and riffing that itself has heft as well as a distorted fuzziness. The relative clarity and naturalness of the production allows the vibrancy of the bass and the cymbals to surface, and brainspearing leads to dart and slither through the mauling heaviness of the surrounding sounds. Tracklist 1. The Incantation (Intro) 2. Dismal Existense 3. Ritualistic Vomit 4. Astral Transcendence 5. Mental Abyss 6. Ethereal Enlightenment 7. Cathartic Black Rituals 8. Monolithic Decay 9. Morbid Existence 10. Insidious Strangulation Lineup Illartha - Bass Kryptys - Drums Funeror - Vocals, Guitars

NTIZKVM Black/Death Metal band from Philippines released the first Full-length album Genocidal Supremacist Kvlt August 11, 2019. NTIZKVM is about misanthropic supremacy, literal genocide and the extreme non conforming terrorism. The killings started on 2017 and is continuing. Genocidal Supremacist Kvlt can be found on cassette tape through Iron Front Productions or through the band directly. Limited copies exist, get them before they are all gone. Tracklist 1. Annihilation Absolute 2. Legacy ov Mass Murders 3. Wardemons Descent 4. Institutional Serial Murderers 5. Ultra-Fasci 6. Imminent Withdrawal ov Cowards 7. Nekro Totalitarian

WarTroll Folk/Death Metal band from United States released the second Full-length album Frozen Hordes August 14, 2019. From far beyond the eastern hills... through the icy moors of the frozen north and the scorching sands of the southern wastes... the trolls have come. Feasting, drinking, and drinking and feasting... Crushing all in their path... Tracklist 1. Frozen Hordes 2. Oathstone 3. Ice Mammoth 4. To Devolve 5. Sorrow 6. Meadhall Mishap 7. Valkyria 8. Death March (Settle the Grudge) 9. Silver Tower 10. Foehammer

Lineup Nvklear Warhead - Bass, Vocals (backing) Sauron 88 - Drums Zkvmkiller - Guitars, Vocals

Lineup Tomas Thundersong - Bass G o r e b a s h Hammerhand - Drums Dagathor Fleshrender - Guitars Thorruk WarTroll Guitars, Vocals

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Deadwood Lake M e l o d i c / Atmospheric Black Metal band from United Kingdom released the second Full-length album Immortalised in Death August 16, 2019. Tracklist 1. Visions from the Faded Years 2. The March of Time 3. Immortalised in Death 4. Guidance 5. My Ashes Will Remain 6. Alone I Fly 7. Drowning Reality 8. Vigils Lineup Ryan Wills - Guitars Bruce Powell - Vocals, Bass Tom Warren - Vocals, Drums


Bastard Grave Death Metal band from Sweden released the second Full-length album Diorama of Human Suffering August 16, 2019.

Funeral Oration Black Metal band from Italy released the second Full-length album Eliphas Love August 16, 2019. 23 years (!) after their debut album ‘Sursum Luna’, Italian iconoclasts are back with a new album: ‘Eliphas Tracklist Love’. 1. Drowning in an Ocean For the good, this long switch-off of Bile from the active music had at least 2. Diorama of Human the positive aspect to have them Suffering preserving a pretty much original and 3. Transubstantiation into unique sound, distant from all trends Feces coming and going in this music scene. 4. Inner Carnivore Tracklist 5. Life in the Sewers 1. Intro 6. Translucent Visions 2. Furor eretico 7. Madness of Creation 3. Anatema di Zos 8. Non-Functioning Pile of Rot 4. L’abisso 9. Stench of Infection 5. Marcia funebre Lineup 6. Tregenda Maria - Bass 7. Vuoto mistico Peter - Drums Lineup Andreas - Guitars Luca M. - Drums Daniel - Guitars Luca La Cara - Guitars, Rille - Vocals Keyboards TheOldNick - Vocals

Sublime Eyes Melodic Death Metal band from Norway released the third Full-length album Corrocean August 23, 2019. More brutality, more melody, more groove and more energy. The sound is more epic and powerful than before, where Sublime Eyes have taken the best of the first releases and injected new inspiration to make the metal crowd tremble all the way to their raised metal horns. Tracklist 1. We Must Unite 2. Beneath the Black 3. Left in the Dark 4. Med Tiden Gror 5. King of Suffering 6. Follow the Brave 7. Ocean Cries 8. Dark Waves Lineup Remy Dale - Drums Tom Arild Dalaker - Guitars Jan Terje Vinningland Guitars (lead) Arvid Tjelta - Vocals Jørn Håvard Helseth - Bass

Noen hater oss Black Metal band from Norway released the second Full-length album Bastarder September 4, 2019. NOEN HATER OSS was formed in the year 2016. It began as a one man project, based on the ideas and visions of multi instrumentalist Raum. The name “Noen hater oss” was inspired from the John Ajvide Lindqvist 2008 novel, “Menneskehavn”. The lyrical concept revolves around the darker side of norwegian folklore and nature, old superstitions and the fear and wonder of something we can not see with our eyes, only with our hearts. The musical genre in which they dwell can best be described as black metal, plain and simple. Lineup Raum - Guitars, bass, drums Morlock - Vocals Vocals Tracklist 1. Bastarder - Intro 2. Den sorte byrde 3. Flammenes rov 4. Lucifer natt 5. Skumringstanker 6. Den døde gjesten 7. Mot pandemonium 8. Fra vugge til grav 9. Kalde ord

Raventale Black/Doom Metal band from Ukraine released the ninth Full-length album Morphine Dead Gardens September 5, 2019. It’s a 60-minute long concentrated atmospheric funeral doom metal album, full of empathic melodies, catatonic viscosity and ether saturation. «MDG» will make a listener embark on a slow journey through the withering gardens of melancholy, soporific dormancy of ashen landscapes and cernuous boughs, clouded mind and cherishing mirages. Tracklist 1. As an Empty Shell 2. Lorn and Deserted 3. This Forsaken Place 4. In the Bitter Pain 5. Morphine Gardens Lineup Astaroth Merc Everything

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Omophagia Death Metal band from Switzerland released the third Fulllength album 646965 September 6, 2019. Tracklist 1. Intro 2. 646965 3. Evolve 4. Pride Before Fall 5. Radicalized 6. Mortal Dissociation 7. Narcissus 8. First Light 9. Nothing Special 10. Absolute Zero Lineup Bartłomiej «Bart» Krysiuk - Vocals Paweł Jaroszewicz Drums


Warbell Melodic Death Metal band from Poland released the second Full-length album Plague September 13, 2019. That’s the simplest way to describe their music! The music of Warbell is melodic, but very powerful with characteristic female growl. Tracklist 1. Dualmind 2. Every Storm 3. Plague 4. The Fallen 5. Wolfpack 6. The Flames of Truth 7. Dethronement 8. Wheel of Life 9. Icaros 10. Marcenary’s Fate 11. The Passenger Lineup Erik Sayenga - Drums, Guitars, Vocals Kristel - Keyboards, Bass

Formicarius Black Metal band from United Kingdom released the second Full-length album Rending the Veil of Flesh September 13, 2019. Album consists of nine new tales from history’s darkest pages, the most harrowing of nightmares and the endless void that lies between the stars. Tracklist 1. Beyond the Veil of Flesh 2. Dieu Et Mon Droit 3. Within the Depths 4. Early Will I Seek Thee 5. Inherit Our Sickness 6. The Fourth Horseman 7. Stalker Among the Stars 8. Crimson Plague 9. O Dread Impaler Lineup Hægtesse - Bass, Vocals Nazarkardeh - Guitars (lead) Lord Saunders - Guitars, Vocals Morath - Keyboards

Blood Red Throne Death Metal band from Norway released the ninth Full-length album Fit to Kill September 13, 2019. Norwegian death metal kings, BLOOD RED THRONE, celebrates 21 years in the scene and Mighty Music released their 9th album, Fit To Kill, with following live shows to support their best album so far. The band was started by still remaining member, Daniel «Død» Olaisen, when he played in Satyricon in the 90’s. They have done big festivals as Wacken, Hellfest, Bloodstock, 70.000 Tons of Metal and many more. Tracklist 1. Requiem Mass 2. Bloodity 3. Killing Machine Pt. 2 4. WhoreZone 5. Skyggemannen 6. InStructed InSanity 7. Movement of the Parasites 8. Deal It or Die 9. End Lineup Freddy Bolsø - Drums Død - Guitars Ivan Gujić - Guitars Yngve «Bolt» Christiansen Vocals Stian Gundersen - Bass

T h e Agonist Melodic Death Metal band from Canada released the sixth Full-length album Orphans September 20, 2019. More extreme, more melodic, more exciting and simply larger than life: The Agonist are back! “Orphans” is a true monster feeding on melodic death metal, metalcore and almost rocking moments. The music is only right when it can be translated from the stage to The Agonist’s rabid fanbase. So, expect to see The Agonist in 2019 and 2020 all over the world. And be fully ready to hear the full brilliance of Orphans. Tracklist 1. In Vertigo 2. As One We Survive 3. The Gift of Silence 4. Blood as My Guide 5. Mr. Cold 6. Dust to Dust 7. A Devil Made Me Do It 8. The Killing I 9. Orphans 10. Burn It All Down Lineup Chris Kells - Bass Danny Marino - Guitars Simon McKay - Drums Pascal Jobin - Guitars Vicky Psarakis - Vocals (lead)

Bryan Eckermann Melodic Black/Death Metal band from United States released the fifth Full-length album Zychodia September 21, 2019. Bryan Eckermann Guitarist of Wings of Abaddon, Scars of the Flesh, Producer at Bonespill Studios. Tracklist 1. The Journey to Enceladus 2. Cell 913 3. The Omega Virus 4. Zychodian Winter 5. Call of the Abyss 6. The Armageddon Code 7. Empire of the Pheks 8. Lunar Tides 9. Escape from Glyl 10. The Arrival of Zyrn 11. Transmigration Protocol 12. The Human Dominion 13. A Portrait of Desolation Lineup Bryan Eckermann Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals

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Verheerer Black Metal band from Germany released the second Full-length album Monolith October 4, 2019. Line-up MYR - Bass KRZ - Drums SMN - Guitars LKS - Guitars BST - Vocals Tracklist 1. Intro 2. Monolith 3. He Who Sowed the Poisoned Seeds 4. The Fatalist 5. The Eskapist 6. He Shall Reap a Thousandfold 7. Serpent Grave 8. Theios Aner & Irrisio


Saxorior Melodic Black Metal band from Germany released the eighth Full-length album HEM October 4, 2019. Tracklist 1. Ursprung 2. Land aus Stein 3. Hexenpest 4. Blutregen 5. HÜllentor im Schäfergrund 6. In Waldes Flur 7. Hussiten 8. Pan Dietrich 9. Ewig Gang Lineup Kai-Uwe Schneider Vocals, Guitars Matthias Eschrich Vocals, Guitars Frank Nitzsche Keyboards Tom - Bass Andy - Drums


Gutgrinder Death Metal band from Colombia released the second Full-length album Maelstrom of a Blasted Paradox October 1, 2019. Death metal band from the city of Cali. Born from the idea of David Medina to create strong and powerful music with three members mixing elements from different genres like death and black metal and an explicit theme in his lyrics. Tracklist 1. The Blasted Paradox 2. Lodge of Assassins 3. Enslavement 4. Virgins Blood Ritual 5. Lord of Lewdness 6. Charred Flesh 7. Breeding the Abomination 8. The Treason 9. Merciless Punishment Lineup Saul Muriel - Drums Luis Cuartas - Guitars David Medina - Vocals (lead), Bass

Venomous Melodic Death Metal band from Brazil released the second Full-length album The Black Embrace October 9, 2019. Venomous was founded in 2012 by the guitarist Gui Calegari, but only in 2016 it established its current lineup and began writing its first studio album. The band’s range of influence spans from traditional heavy metal to contemporary metal music, mixing melodic guitar lines with extreme vocals. Tracklist 1. The Orchard 2. Event Horizon 3. Penitence 4. Duality 5. Heirs of a Dream 6. Zumbi 7. Black Embrace 8. Rise 9. Redemption Lineup Alexandre Bonal - Bass Lucas Prado - Drums Ivan Landgraf - Guitars Gui Calegari - Guitars Thiago Pereira - Vocals

Profanatica Black/Death Metal band from United States released the fifth Full-length album Rotting Incarnation of God October 11, 2019. Formed by three former members of Incantation on June 9th, 1990. One of the first wave of American black metal bands, PROFANATICA have purveyed primeval blasphemy on nigh for three decades. ‘Rotting Incarnation of God,’ their latest album and first with Season of Mist, vomits forth a most vulgar strain of black metal ejaculate. Tracklist 1. Liturgy of Impurity 2. Prayer in Eclipse 3. Broken Jew 4. Washed in the Blood of Lord 5. Sacramental Cum 6. Mocked, Scourged and Shit Upon 7. Tithing Cunt 8. Rotting Incarnation of God 9. Eucharist in Ruin 10. In My Kingdom Lineup Paul Ledney - Drums, Vocals Adam Besserer - Guitars Richard Olsen - Bass

Gatecreeper Death Metal band from United States released the second Full-length album Deserted October 4, 2019. The new album, a furious mix of snarling guitars and driving, rhythmic pummeling takes death metal from its 80’s Floridian roots and 90’s Swedish expansion straight into the here and now. Tracklist 1. Deserted 2. Puncture Wounds 3. From the Ashes 4. Ruthless 5. Everlasting 6. Barbaric Pleasures 7. Sweltering Madness 8. Boiled Over 9. In Chains 10. Absence of Light 11. Anxiety Lineup Sean Mears - Bass Matt Arrebollo - Drums Eric Wagner - Guitars Chase H. Mason - Vocals Jack Maniacky - Guitars

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Latest releases

Abigail Williams Atmospheric Black Metal band from United States released the fifth Full-length album Walk Beyond the Dark November 15, 2019. Tracklist 1. I Will Depart 2. Sun and Moon 3. Ever so Bold 4. Black Waves 5. Into the Sleep 6. Born of Nothing 7. The Final Failure Lineup Ken Sorceron - Vocals, Guitars


Paganizer Death Metal band from Sweden released the new Full-length album The Tower of the Morbid October 27, 2019.

Denial of God Black Metal band from Denmark released the third Full-length album The Hallow Mass October 25, 2019. At long last, legendary black metallers return with their LONGawaited third album, The Hallow Tracklist Mass! The Hallow Mass was preceded 1. Flesh Tornado by the short ‘n’ sweet The Shapeless 2. Apocalypse Writings Mass EP in June, which stoked the 3. Cannibal Remains fires for yet more new recordings 4. Drowning in Sand since 2012’s Death and the Beyond. 5. Redemptionless To say that this album is massively 6. They Came to Die anticipated and very long overdue 7. Rot Spreads would be quite the understatement! 8. Beneath the Gauze Tracklist 9. The Tower of the Morbid 1. Hallowmas 10. Purge the World 2. Undead Hunger 11. Demented Machines 3. The Shapeless Mass 4. The Lake in the Woods Lineup 5. Hour of the Worm Rogga Johansson - Vocals, 6. A Thousand Funeral Guitars 7. The Transylvanian Dream Matthias Fiebig - Drums Lineup Martin Klasén - Bass Azter - Guitars, Bass Kjetil Lynghaug - Guitars Ustumallagam - Vocals, Lyrics (lead) Galheim - Drums

Horrocious Black Metal band from Turkey released the third Full-length album Depleted Light and the Death of Uniqueness October 25, 2019. In this debut full-length Horrocious points the egoism and ambition of the divinity and his spatial prison in the thearchia light of his orders when he wanted to be respected, and prepares the ground for an endless struggle. true power of the Lucipherian energy above the spiritual light and embraces infinite sinfulness by rebelling against the incomprehensible secret uniqueness trapped in sanctity. Tracklist 1.Light Belongs to Our Heresy 2. Upon the Fallen Worlds 3. Corruption of Existential Structure 4. Inevitable Vortex.. Swallowed Divinity 5. Perceived Integrity of Lord 6. Hidden in Infinite Chaos 7. Everlasting Fractal Luminiscence 8. Reborn from Energy.. Sublime Demons Lineup Godslayer - Guitars Tyrannic Profanator - Vocals Erhan Kabakçı - Bass Goatperv_ - Drums Can G - Guitars

Necronomicon Black/Death Metal band from Canada released the sixth Full-length album Unus October 18, 2019. With an attack honed by three decades of toil and triumph, Montreal’s NECRONOMICON deliver vicious death metal that harnesses both ultramodern extremity and the dark magick of their name. On their new album ‘UNUS’, the veteran trio build on their deathly assault with ruthless blackened riffing and epic stabs of orchestral glory. Stand-out tracks like «Paradise Lost» and “Singularis Dominus” illustrate that NECRONOMICON are a world-class death metal band, and that the stellar ‘UNUS’ is their finest moment yet. Tracklist 1. From Ashes into Flesh 2. Infinitum Continuum 3. Paradise Lost 4. The Price of a Soul 5. Singularis Dominus 6. The Thousand Masks 7. Ascending the Throne of Baator 8. Fhtagn 9. Cursed MMXIX 10. Vox Draconis Lineup Rob the Witch - Vocals, Guitars, Bass Divider - Drums

Suidakra Melodic Death/Black/ Folk Metal band from Germany released the new Full-length album Echoes of Yore November 15, 2019. SuidAkrA is a Celtic Metal band from Germany founded in 1994. The name „SuidAkrA“ is founder Arkadius Antonik’s first name written backwards. After 25 years of bandhistory and 12 studio albums, SuidAkrA has become a flagship in the German metal scene. Tracklist 1. Wartunes 2. The Quest 3. Havoc 4. Morrigan 5. Rise of Taliesin 6. Hall of Tales 7. Pendragon’s Fall 8. Banshee 9. Warpipes Call Me 10. Lays from Afar Lineup Arkadius Antonik - Vocals, Guitars, Orchestrations Sebastian Jensen - Guitars, Vocals (clean) Tim Siebrecht - Bass, Vocals (backing) Ken Jentzen - Drums

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Latest releases

The Great Old Ones Post-Black Metal band from France released the fourth Fulllength album Cosmicism October 22, 2019. The Great Old Ones are deities in the H. P. Lovecraft fantasy universe. Tracklist 1. Cosmic Depths 2. The Omniscient 3. Of Dementia 4. Lost Carcosa 5. A Thousand Young 6. Dreams of the Nuclear Chaos 7. Nyarlathotep Lineup Benjamin Guerry Guitars, Vocals Léo Isnard - Drums Aurélien Edouard - Guitars Benoit Claus - Bass Alexandre «Gart» Rouleau - Guitars


Cryptic Brood Death/Doom Metal band from Germany released the second Full-length album Outcome of Obnoxious Science November 22, 2019. Tracklist 1. Biting Through Flesh 2. Harrowing Hallucinations 3. Mantled with the Stench of Death 4. Wading Through Remains 5. Slaves of Hypnotic Commands 6. Ferocious Torment 7. Outcome of Obnoxious Science 8. Haunted by Nightmarish Visions 9. Interlude 10. Coated with Human Skin 11. Relish in Ecstasy Lineup Steffen Brandes - Drums, Vocals Michael Lehner - Guitars, Vocals Dennis Butzke - Vocals, Bass

Frostmoon Eclipse Black Metal band from Italy released the seventh Full-length album Worse Weather to Come October 25, 2019. The perfect soundtrack for your lifeless and sleepless nights since 1995. Founded in the Autumn of 1994 by Claudio Alcara, Frostmoon Eclipse is one of the oldest established black metal bands on the Italian scene, mixing melodic acoustics with old school black metal. Tracklist 1. I See the Void 2. A Room, a Grave 3. All Is Undone 4. Sunken 5. Brother Denial 6. Sleep 7. Song to Darkness 8. Resignation Lineup Gionata Potenti - Drums Lorenzo Sassi - Vocals Claudio Alcara - Guitars Davide Gorrini - Bass

Nifrost Viking/Folk/Black Metal band from Norway released the second Full-length album Blykrone October 18, 2019. Nifrost, one of the upcoming forces of the unstoppable norwegian Folk/Pagan Black Metal scene. In 2005 NIFROST was formed in Jølster in Sogn og Fjordane, an area of Norway famously known for sognametal bands such as Windir and Vreid. The second full-length album as a natural progression from their debut album, their sophomore new fulllength album will explore even darker themes and more ferocious sounds. Tracklist 1. Prosesjon 2. Blykrone 3. Slaatten 4. Arr 5. Tvihalden 6. Varden 7. Daudsvon 8. Gamling 9. Kongestol 10. Klander Lineup Kjetil Andreas Nydal - Bass, Vocals Jørn Ståle Norheim - Guitars Eyvind Jolm Aardal - Vocals, Guitars Henrik Nesse - Drums

Xoth Death/Black Metal band from United States released the second Full-length album Interdimensional Invocations October 18, 2019. In the year 2014, four musicians from different regions of North America came together in the Pacific Northwest to create Xoth, a band that captured their love of space, science fiction, Lovecraftian horror, and most importantly SHRED. Featuring ex members of Phalgeron, Warbringer, and Lecherous Nocturne, Xoth can be likened to a blend of Bal-Sagoth, Vektor, Absu, and Obscura Tracklist 1. Casting the Sigil 2. Mountain Machines 3. Back to the Jungle 4. Unseen Abductor 5. Haruspex 6. Plague Revival 20XX 7. The Ghost Hand of God 8. Melted Face of the Soul Lineup Ben Bennett - Bass, Vocals Jeremy Salvo - Drums Woody Adler - Guitars, Vocals Tyler Splurgis - Guitars, Vocals (lead)

Nihilism Death Metal band from France released the second Full-length album Apocalyptic Fate November 22, 2019. French death metal band Nihilism founded in 2009. They released their first six track demo EP Twelve Thousand in 2011. A few years later, in 2014, the split LP Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed with Dehumanize was released. In 2016 Nihilism released Beyond Redemption. Tracklist 1. Slaves of the Sacred Rites 2. A Wall 3. Akatheeb 4. Rip 5. Apocalyptic Fate 6. The Sin’s Cost 7. Fateful Rite 8. The Human Shrine 9. A Bunch of Bones 0. Custom of Shame 11. An Impetuous Choice Lineup Sebastien Pasqualotto - Guitars Stephane Hubert - Bass Sebastien Scherrer Vocals Sebastien Guillaume Drums Jules Kicka - Guitars

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Latest releases

Avslut Sun of the Dying Black Metal band Doom/Death Metal from Sweden released band from Spain the second Full-length released the second Fullalbum Tyranni November length album The Earth 29, 2019. Is Silent Tyranni - Nine new monstrous November 29, 2019. hymns that explore a SUN OF THE DYING more aggressive and Doom / Death Metal misanthropic spectrum band from Madrid, of Avslut! with its roots planted in Line-up groups of the 90s like My D. - Bass Dying Bride, Paradise O. - Drums Lost or Anathema and C. - Vocals influences of more E. - Guitars (lead), Vocals current bands like (backing) Shape of Despair, Ahab S. - Guitars (rhythm) or Swallow the Sun. Tracklist Tracklist 1. Tyranni 1. The Earth Is Silent 2. Stigens ände (Intro) 3. Likvidering 2. A Dying Light 4. Allt förgås 3. A Cold Unnamed Fear 5. Den eviga flamman 4. Orion 6. Underjordens apostlar 5. When the Morning Came 7. Pestens lärjungar 6. Monolith 8. Dråp 7. White Skies and Grey 9. Ändlöst slaveri Lands


Ofdrykkja Depressive Black Metal band from Sweden released the third Full-length album Gryningsvisor November 29, 2019. Ofdrykkja was born out of chaos. Eight years ago, three darkness consumed men seeked to ventilate their seemingly endless pain. Tracklist 1. Skymningsvisa 2. The Swan 3. Swallowed by the Night 4. Ensam 5. Wither 6. In i natten 7. As the Northern Wind Cries 8. Herr Mannelig 9. Våra minnens klagosång 10. Köldvisa 11. Grey 12. Gryningsvisa Lineup The Associate - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Electronics Drabbad - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Electronics Pessimisten - Vocals

Arkona Black Metal band from Poland released the seventh Fulllength album Age of Capricorn December 13, 2019. Formed in 1993, the band record-on-record continually ascend to the next level and this emphatic 7th album builds a new world from their distinctive sonic elements: nihilistic rage, strident power, masterfully integrated filmic orchestration and vicious slabs of whiteout riffing where emotive melodies are beaten into corruption. ARKONA are the place where the lightless spirits of second and third wave Black Metal assume modern form in an all too relatable maelstrom of degradation and disquiet, alienation and anger, hypnosis and horror. Tracklist 1. Stellar Inferno 2. Alone Among Wolves 3. Age of Capricorn 4. Deathskull Mystherium 5. Towards the Dark 6. Grand Manifest of Death Lineup

Verthebral Death Metal band from Paraguay released the second Full-length album Abysmal Decay December 27, 2019. Verthebral it’s a death metal band originally from Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, founded by guitarist Daniel Larroza at September 2013. The sound of the band is strongly influenced by death metal bands from the 90’s added to their own style of playing death metal. Tracklist 1. Ancient Legion 2. The Art of Perversion 3. Abysmal Decay 4. Isolation Room 5. Coronation of Envy 6. Absence of a God 7. Sweet Home Illusion 8. Obsidian Tears 9. My Dark Existence 10. Testimony of Hate

Lineup Cristhian Rojas - Bass, Vocals Lineup Denis Viveros - Drums Khorzon - Guitars, Samples, Daniel Larroza - Guitars Vocals Alberto Flores - Guitars

Asenheim Black/Pagan Metal band from Germany released the fourth Fulllength album Der Geist des Krieges December 13, 2019. The lyrical themes of Asenheim are about paganism, death, Paranormal experiences and other personal stuff... Tracklist 1. Erwachen 2. Auf Drachenschwingen 3. Dunkle Konigin 4. Breath of Fire 5. Schattenwolfe 6. Ritt durch den Runenwald 7. Undank ist der Welten Lohn 8. Der Geist des Krieges Lineup Tiwaz - Vocals, instruments Valfor - Drums


Nechrist - Guitars Zaala - Drums Drac - Vocals, Bass

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